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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Bathroom Delight [Part 2] - (NewsRadio > mf)
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"Are you serious?" Katherine said, glancing around to make sure
no one was eaves dropping on their conversation.

"Completely, it had to be ten inches at least," Beth said, a big smile
on her face.

Dave exited his office and walked by the two women on his way to
the bathroom. They both starred at him funny, but he thought nothing of it.
He didn't think Beth would tell her about yesterdays events, but he couldn't
be totally sure. Dave walked into the bathroom and washed his hands
before he was going for lunch. He splashed some water on his face then
grabbed a paper towel to dry himself. He turned to leave when he
suddenly saw Katherine blocking his path.

"I want to see the ten inch wonder," she said sexily.

Katherine pushed him back against the wall and started kissing
him. She took off his coat and shirt before Dave knew what was
happening. Katherine paused a moment and took her own blouse off, her
large C-cup tits hanging loose. They kissed again before Katherine
unzipped Dave's pants, letting them fall to the ground. She felt Dave
squeeze her tits before he began to lick her nipples. Katherine glanced
down and saw Dave's dick bulging against his boxer shorts.

Dave felt Katherine reach down and free his ravenous cock from
its prison known as his boxers. He saw her pause a moment and stare at it.
She reached out with one hand and gently stroked it. Meanwhile, Dave
unbuttoned Katherine's pants and had them off. Her red bikini panties were close behind, exposing Katherine's pink cunt. Dave spun Katherine
around so her back was to the wall, and gently grasped her thighs. He
hoisted her up and set his cock right under her cunt. With all his strength,
he lunged upward while lowering Katherine.

Katherine shrieked as she felt the giant cock penetrate her soft
pussy. It thrust up higher into her, stretching her cunt to new limits. She
felt the dick rise farther than any before, until she could feel Dave's balls
pressed against the outside of her pussy. It filled her more than any dildo
ever had. Then Katherine felt the friendly giant leave her pussy only to be
shoved back in a moment later.

Dave couldn't believe how tight Katherine was. She was tighter
than Lisa and Beth combined. He thrust up inside her for the third time
and her pussy was still trying to accommodate him. Dave began to nibble
on Katherine's ear lobs and got a great reaction. She moaned and squeezed
her pussy until Dave thought he'd explode right there; but he held back
with all his strength.

Katherine felt herself about to climax and pushed her body over
the edge. She worked her hips and wiggled her butt. She orgasmed once,
gushing her lovely juices out; then a second time as Dave kept fucking
her. He kept thrusting his giant cock up inside her, sliding easily in and
out now because of all the juices.

Dave felt Katherine come and he felt her juices come pouring out
onto his cock. He pulled back and almost slid out because of the immense
lubrication. Then he thought for a moment, and pulled his cock right out
of her. Turning her, he pushed her face first into the wall then lined up his
cock again. He thrust his massive beast up Katherine's tight ass, causing
her to let out a scream.

Nothing this big had ever been in Katherine's ass, and after the
initial pain came wave after wave of pleasure. Dave's giant dick forced its
way deep into Katherine before retreating back then advancing again.
Katherine's enormous tits rubbed against the cold tile wall, stimulating her
nipples. She guided one of her hands back down to her clit and began
rubbing herself.

Dave thrust up into Katherine's glorious ass one final time then
blew his load. Stream after stream of warm cum gushed into Katherine's
ass, some pouring out and dribbling down her thighs. Dave watched
Katherine masturbate, her back still towards him. He pulled his wet cock
out and gently pushed her towards the sink. Katherine hopped up and
spread her legs, revealing her soaking wet pink pussy. Dave dove into her
pussy head first.

Katherine felt Dave's wicked tongue lash out at her soft clitoris.
She felt him gently part her cunt lips and lick every spot of her wet pussy.
His wonderful tongue showed his skill as he played up and down her cunt before settling on her hard clitoris. He repeatedly lashed at it until she
came. Her pelvis shook and fluids gushed from her cunt. Katherine
hopped off the counter and got onto her knees, gently massaging Dave's
cock to full attention.

Dave felt his cock enter Katherine's warm mouth and he felt like
cumming right there, but he held off. Her thick red lips locked around his
shaft as she took him in deeper. His head reached the back of her throat
and she almost gagged, though she stopped herself. Dave could feel
Katherine's tongue sliding up and down his giant moist shaft. Her hot
breath wreaked havoc on him as he resisted the urge to launch his load.

Katherine cupped Dave's balls with her left hand and began to
gently knead them. She suddenly felt Dave's hands on the back of her
head, forcing her onto his cock. Before she knew what was happening,
Dave bucked his hips, let out a little groan, and fired what remained of his
sticky load deep down Katherine's throat. She swallowed it all up then ran
her tongue over his cock, cleaning it of any remaining juices.


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