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Batman And Robin


Batman and Robin 1

by Steve

NOTE: This story takes place in the DC comics world of Batman, not the
movies'. In the DC comics world, (The accurate one) Dick Grayson left
Batman to become Nightwing. Then Jason Todd took over as Robin, but was
killed by the Joker. Then Tim Drake took over as Robin, and that is where
it stands at the time of this story. This is also after Bruce Wayne
returned as Batman after Bane broke his back. The only real inconsistency
is that Batgirl is still Barbara Gordon, and she is still the same age as
Tim Drake. And though Tim Drake is only like fifteen in the comics, in my
story he is about twenty-two or so, as is Barbara.
A dark haze hung over Gotham City. It was late and most of the city was
asleep. Batman stood atop a building looking out over the barren city.
Robin stood next to him, doing the same. The both looked so valiant in
their rubber costumes, perched high above the sleeping city.
"Do you see anything?" Batman asked, carefully scanning the
streets below.
"Nothing, I think it's time to turn in," Robin said. He was tired
and wanted to get home and get to bed.
"One more sweep," Batman replied. He always very thorough, and
that annoyed the hell out of Robin.
"Come on Bruce, it's three o'clock in the morning for christ's
sake!" Tim said, raising his voice.
"There!" Batman shouted, pointing down to a lower building's roof.
Within a second, he was gone, already swinging towards the building. Robin
grabbed his rope and did the same, sighing as he did so.
Batman landed on the roof and crept slowly towards a shadowy
figure who appeared to be looking through a skylight into the building.
Robin crept slowly behind Batman, keeping his distance for now.
"Little late to be out isn't?" Batman asked to the shadowy figure.
The figure jumped at the sound of his voice, catching it off guard.
"Jesus christ Bruce!" Batgirl said, holding her chest and
breathing heavily, "You almost gave me a heart attack!"
"What are you doing here?" Batman asked as Robin walked up behind
him, seeing Batgirl.
"Hey Barbara!" Tim said, almost surprised to see her.
"Hey Tim," she replied, ignoring Batman.
"Why are you here?" Batman repeated.
"I got a tip that this department store we're on top of is going
to get robbed," she said, returning her attention to the skylight.
"Who would rob a department store?" Robin asked sarcastically.
"Petty criminals," Batman answered in his usual monotone voice.
"They take the jewelry," Batgirl added, "Wait, here they come."
Batman crouched next to her, seeing four men run into the room, all
carrying automatic weapons. They headed towards the large jewelry case in
the middle.
"Let's go," said Batman, hastily jumping through the window and
landing in the center of the room. The thieves all looked right at him,
and ran for the door.
"Not just anyone can jump through a window with that much flair,"
Robin joked.
"Let's head em off at the door," Batgirl said, running to the edge
of the roof. She latched herself to a pipe with some rope and repelled
down the building, with Robin not far behind. Batgirl hit the ground and
took off running to the back exit of the building, where the thieves would
likely exit. Robin hit just after her, and took off to the front.
Robin rounded the corner and saw one of the guys running out the
front door. He gave chase and eventually caught up with him, tackling the
man in mid-air. Robin quickly got up, as did the burglar. Robin crouched
in a fighting stance as the man took a swing at him. Robin grabbed his
fist and twisted it hard, hearing the man's elbow break as he did so. The
man fell to his knees and screamed in agony. Robin kicked him hard in the
face, knocking him unconscious. He lifted the man's body up over his head
and carried him back to the scene of the crime, where he saw Barbara tying
up the other three. Robin threw the man on his shoulder next to the
others. Barbara added him to the pile.
"Where's Batman?" she asked, wiping her hands together, quite
pleased with herself.
"I though he was with you," Robin said, baffled.
"Oh shit," They said simultaneously. They ran back into the
building quickly, calling out his name repeatedly.
"Batman!" Robin shouted over and over again.
"Oh my god! Tim over here!" Batgirl called out in horror. Tim ran
to her side and gasped and what laid before him. Batman was lying in a
pool of blood, clutching his stomach tightly.
"Get me to the batcave," Batman said shakily, barely able keep his
eyes open.
"Shit, grab his legs," Tim commanded. Batgirl complied, lifting
Batman into her arms.
"Where is the batmobile?" Barbara asked.
"About a block or two from here," Robin responded. They carried
Batman out of the store and out onto the street. The nearly ran to the
batmobile, struggling to keep Batman in the air the whole way.
"You're going to be just fine," Barbara said to Bruce, trying to
comfort him.
"It's right back here," Robin said, turning down a dark alley.
They ran through the darkness, Barbara having no idea where she was going
because of the lack of light. "Doors," Robin said. A sound of hydraulics
filled the air and from the darkness, Barbara saw the batmobile, its door
sliding open slowly.
"Get his legs in first," Barbara said.
"OK," replied Robin, rotating Batman so she could slide in his
"OK," slowly set him down," Barbara directed as Tim laid Batman
gently into the back seat of the car..
"He's in, let's go," Robin said frantically. He jumped up into the
front seat and started the car. "You coming?"
"Me?" Barbara questioned.
"Yes you, now come on," Robin urged.
"I really shouldn't," she said nervously. She really didn't want
to go to the batcave without Batman saying so himself. He was very anal
that way.
"Just come on," Robin said impatiently. Barbara thought about it
for a second and realized that Tim wouldn't leave with out her, so she
jumped in the car.
"Fine, let's go," she said.
They drove for what seemed like hours, Batman moaning and groaning
in pain the whole time. Barbara was really starting to get worried about
Bruce's condition. He didn't sound good and the longer he went without
treatment, the worse he was going to get.
"Who will fix him up when we get there?" Barbara questioned.
"Alfred will," Tim said casually. He didn't seem to be too worried
anymore. Barbara was almost annoyed by his calmness.
"How much longer?" Barbara asked impatiently.
"Give it a second," Robin said, chuckling slightly. Suddenly,
Robin swerved off the road and headed down on a narrow path through the
woods. Straight ahead was a large piece of rock.
"You might want to turn," Barbara said.
"No I don't," Robin said wryly. He pushed a button on the console
and the rock began to slide apart slowly.
"Cool," commented Barbara. The car flew through the boulder and
down a long corridor, before finally winding up in a large, open room,
which quickly flooded with light as they entered it. The car came to a
halt and Robin quickly jumped out. Barbara sat in the car for a moment,
taking in the beauty of the batcave.
"Come on," Robin said, lifting Batman from the back seat.
"Sorry," Barbara said. She jumped from the car and assisted Robin
in carrying Batman to a table on the far end of the cave.
"Oh dear! What happened?" Alfred gasped as he walked into the
"Bruce got shot, I think," Robin said.
"You think?" Alfred questioned.
"He's bleeding from his stomach," Robin said, moving aside as
Alfred walked by him.
"Oh my!" Alfred said, "Come then, help me get this suit off of
"Sure," Robin said solemnly. He and Barbara helped Alfred slide
the body armor off of Bruce before he made them leave.
"You'll only be in my way," Alfred said, they both knew it was
true, so they left the room. And wandered through the cave.
"Want some coffee?" Tim asked as he pulled the mask from his eyes
and deposited it onto the ground carelessly.
"Sure," Barbara said, doing the same, only keeping her mask in her
"First, I have to get out of this suit, so just give me a minute,"
Robin said, taking off his cape next.
"Me too," Barbara said.
"We have some clothes you can change into if you like," Robin
"No, I'm fine like this," she said, "Is there a bathroom in here
"Yeah, follow me," he said. He led her through the cave and up a
flight of stairs to a door, which turned out to be the back of a giant
grandfather clock in Wayne Manor.
"Nice house," Barbara said.
"Too big," Tim sighed, "I get lost a lot." They both laughed
momentarily, before continuing through the living room. "The bathroom is
the first door on the left," Robin said, pointing down a hallway.
"Thanks," Barbara said. She walked into the bathroom and shut the
door behind her. This bathroom was bigger than her living room. "I wish I
was this rich," she said to herself.
Barbara carefully removed her suit, placing each piece of it on
the counter as she removed it. When she was done, she was clad only in a
pair of tight fitting cotton shorts and a cotton sports bra. The shorts
came to her mid thigh, so she felt comfortable wearing them outside, and
the sports bra wasn't too revealing either.
Barbara splashed some water on her faced and grabbed her clothes
and went back out to the living room where Tim was sitting on the couch
drinking some coffee. He had removed his suit as well, and didn't put
anything else on either. He wore only a pair of boxer shorts, leaving his
muscular top half naked. She gasped softly when she saw him. She never
realized he was that built. She found herself oddly turned on by him. Even
though Tim was in the same year of college as she was, she always found
him a lot younger than herself. It was mainly because he was always with
Batman. And next to Batman, anyone looks like a kid. But now, Barbara
began to appreciate Tim's virile young body.
"Your coffee's on the table over there," Tim said, pointing to the
table in front of her.
"Thanks," she said softly, still staring at his massive frame. Tim
looked up at Barbara for the first time, almost dropping his cup when he
"Wow!" he said.
"Excuse me?" Barbara said in that wonderful feminist tone.
"I was expecting you to have more clothes on, that's all," Tim
said. He stared quite obviously at her near naked body, running his eyes
up her long, smooth legs, to her flat stomach and over her enormous breasts until finally reaching her beautiful face, her green eyes staring
back at him with a disappointed look in them.
"You could be less obvious you know," Barbara said, disgusted with
him. She like the fact that he was enjoying her body, but she didn't like
the way he was doing it.
"I'm sorry, you just look really good," Tim said in awe.
"Thank you, but could please stop staring?" she asked.
"Admiring," Tim corrected her.
"Oh." she said, acting as though he had just enlightened her.
"OK, I'm done," Tim said, taking his eyes off her body and
directing them to her face.
"That's better," she said. She lifted her coffee off the table and
sipped it, almost spitting out what was in her mouth, "Jesus christ! How
much sugar is in here?"
"Not much," Tim said.
"Let me taste yours," she said, walking over to him and grabbing
his cup from his hand. "Bleck! This is worse!"
"I didn't put nearly as much into yours as I did into mine" Tim
said, giggling slightly at Barbara face.
"How can you drink that?" she asked.
"I don't know, I just do," he said.
Barbara took a seat next to Tim, leaning her head back far and
sighing. "I'm really tired," she sighed.
"Me too," Tim said, sipping more from his cup. Then they heard
someone coming up the stairs from the batcave. They both ran to the clock
and waited. The sounds got closer and then the wall opened, Alfred
stepping into the room carefully.
"How is he?" Tim asked desperately.
"He is fine," Alfred said calmly.
"Can we see him?" Barbara inquired.
"No, he needs his rest. Why don't you wait until morning?" Alfred
"Fine," Tim said. He walked back over to the couch and sat down
again. Barbara followed suit, sitting next to him once again.
"Who's are these?" Alfred asked, holding up Tim's suit.
"Sorry," Tim said, taking the clothes from Alfred.
"And these?" Alfred asked, holding up Barbara's suit.
"Sorry," Barbara said, taking the clothes from his hand.
"You already fit in perfectly," Alfred joked to her.
"Well, I'm going to bed," Tim said, standing up and yawning.
"Me too," Barbara added.
"I'll show you to your room then ma'am," Alfred said.
"No, I can do it. It's on my way up anyway," Tim said, motioning
for Barbara to follow him up stairs. She got up from her chair and bid
Alfred goodnight before following Tim through the hall.
"Here it is," Tim said, opening a door and turning on the light.
Barbara looked in and saw a huge room, twice the size of her apartment,
all to herself.
"Thank you very much," Barbara smiled.
"If you need anything, I'm right across the hall," Tim said,
"One last thing," Barbara said.
"What is that?" Tim asked.
"This," Barbara said. She reached up onto her tip toes and gave
Tim a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you," Tim staggered, surprised by her actions, "But don't I
get anymore for being cute?" he joked.
"Almost forgot," Barbara responded. She reached up again, but this
time, she kissed him full on the lips and wrapped her hands around his
neck. Tim grabbed her waist gently with his hands, pulling her closer.
Their kiss lasted a few minutes or so, both of them groping and feeling
the other.
"I'm that cute, huh?" Tim joked as he released his lips from
"And then some," Barbara joked, wiping the lipstick from his lips.
"Well, I'm headed to bed now," Tim said, giving Barbara one last
kiss before walking across the hall to his room.
"Don't I get to spend night with you?" Barbara asked as Tim turned
the knob of his door. He spun around quickly and saw Barbara standing
there, smiling beautifully at him.
"You mean that?" Tim asked, making sure before he continued.
"You tell me," Barbara said, lifting her bra over her head and
tossing it into her room. Her pert breasts rolled out into the light. Tim
stared at the big round nipples as they jiggled wonderfully.
Barbara was usually not this forward with men, but Tim seemed
different. She wanted him like she had never wanted anyone before. Though
at the time she didn't like him staring at her, she was now feeling very
horny because of it. She now liked that Tim was looking at her, mainly
because she thought he was so attractive, and to have an attractive person
be attracted to you is a wonderful feeling.
Tim said nothing, just grabbed Barbara in his arms and kissed her
passionately. Barbara responded with her tongue, swirling it gently in his
mouth. His hands carefully felt their away across Barbara's naked torso.
Barbara whimpered softly when he found her breast, pinching the nipple
delicately under his fingers.
"That feels great," Barbara giggled into Tim's mouth.
"Why don't we finish this on the bed?" Tim suggested. Looking
rather happy now, Barbara pulled Tim over to the bed. She flopped back
onto it and giggled loudly.
"Having fun?" Tim asked.
"I'll be having more in a minute," Barbara said naughtily,
pointing her head at Tim's growing erection.
"I hope so," Tim said, pulling his shorts down to his ankles. His
boner popped free from its restraints, pointing directly to Barbara's
smiling face.
"Bring that here," Barbara said, beckoning him with her finger.
Tim walked to the bed and sat down next to her, grabbing her in his arms
and kissing her erotically. Barbara broke from Tim's lips and laid back on
the bed, lifting her ass into the air so Tim could remove her shorts. He
reached out and gripped the cotton shorts and pulled them from her thighs,
revealing her neatly trimmed red bush. Lovingly, Tim kissed his way up
Barbara's body, paying special attention to her tits.
"You're so beautiful," Tim said to her, feeling kind of lame
afterwards. Luckily, Barbara didn't even hear him, she was moaning far too
"Oh Tim! Fuck me please!" she moaned. Tim looked up from her chest
and right into her eyes. They stared at one another for a moment before
Tim situated himself between Barbara's legs. In one quick movement, Tim
was deep inside of Barbara, her juices allowing him to slide in easily.
The next five minutes were comprised of Tim's long hard strokes
and Barbara's siren like cries. The feeling Tim was giving her was unlike
any other she had ever felt, or maybe it had just been so long since she
had had sex with anyone but herself that she forgot what a man felt like.
No matter what it was though, Barbara knew she was going to climax soon
because of it, and she loved it.
"Harder! Fuck me harder!" she cried. Tim complied and sped up. He
listened to the sound of his balls slapping hard against Barbara's ass as
he pumped her harder than he thought possible. Though focusing mainly on
his dick's actions, Tim still took the time to kiss Barbara's heaving tits from time to time, sending her into a fury of shivers and soft moans.
The thought of pregnancy flashed quickly through Tim's mind as he
unloaded his seed into Barbara's womb. He shot only once before pulling
out and spraying the rest across her stomach. Barbara hardly noticed until
she felt Tim collapse on the bed next to her. She was too preoccupied with
her own pleasure to realize that Tim was totally spent now.
"That was so great baby," Barbara said lovingly while running her
hands through Tim's hair. He raised his head slightly off the pillow.
"Yes it was," he said, collapsing once again to the bed. Tim
didn't want to be a stereotypical male and fall asleep directly after sex,
something he usually gets around, but this time it was too powerful. There
was nothing that could have stopped him from falling asleep right then.
Barbara got up from the bed and searched around the room for
something to clean herself up with. She hoped to find something in the
closet, and she did, the bathroom. Grabbing a towel, Barbara cleaned
herself off and thought about what just happened. She grinned. Even though
Tim was asleep in the other room, she still found him wonderful as a
lover. She wished he were still awake, to hold her, to touch her, but he
wasn't. Barbara only found this trivial now. He was so great in bed, who
cared if he fell asleep afterward.
Barbara crept silently back into the room, shutting the bathroom
door quietly. She crawled into bed next Tim, kissing him on the cheek as
she did so.
"Good night," she whispered. Her arm came to rest across his chest
and she sank slowly into a beautiful dreamscape.
"Wake up beautiful," was the first thing Barbara heard when she
awoke. She opened her eyes groggily and saw Tim lying next to her brushing
the hair from her face gently.
"What time is it?" Barbara asked sleepily.
"Seven o'clock, your class doesn't start for two hours," he said
softly, caressing her face gently.
"Good, more time to spend here with you," she said, smiling and
placing her hand on top of Tim's, guiding it across her face smoothly.
"I'm sorry I fell asleep so quickly, it's just that you took so
much out of me," Tim laughed. Barbara joined in Tim's laughter before
grabbing the sides of his face and kissing him softly.
"That's for last night, and this is for being darned cute,"
Barbara said, disappearing under the covers. Tim was about to lift the
blankets to see where she had gone when he suddenly felt her wet lips
encircle his flaccid dick. Thoughts reminiscent of the night before
flashed through Tim's head. If nothing else, Barbara was a wonderful cock
"Oh that feels so good," Tim mouthed, the words barely escaping
his lips. He felt his erection grow to its full length, expanding within
Barbara's skillful mouth. She was almost gagging from the size, but she
kept it under control, sucking him in and out skillfully, giving him more
pleasure than he thought possible from a blow job.
Then, as quickly as it had started, it ended. Barbara appeared
once again next to Tim in the bed, giving him a little kiss as she
resurfaced, but her hand stayed firmly wrapped around his cock.
"That was so good, please don't stop," Tim begged.
"I don't plan on it, I'm just taking a quick break," she said.
Barbara laid there motionless for a few seconds before jumping up and
throwing the covers from the bed. Before Tim knew what was going on,
Barbara mounted him gracefully, resting her hands on his chest.
It took Tim a few seconds to realize what he was now doing, but
when he finally did, he did it well. He took Barbara by the waist and
started thrusting upward violently, slamming his prick deep into her.
Barbara matched each of his thrusts with an equally forceful downward
movement. The sound of their flesh slapping together rang throughout the
house, as did their urgent cries of passion.
"It seems as though Master Tim has found himself a new friend," Alfred
said dryly to Bruce, who was sitting next to him at the kitchen table,
reading the newspaper.
"How lucky for him," Bruce said, laughing to himself.
"Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me harder!" Barbara cried out as she
threw her head back and let her orgasm course through her. She hadn't
climaxed from just plain sex in years.
"I'm with you baby," Tim said, pulling her off of him just in time
to shoot his load across her stomach, watching a little drip on him.
Barbara smiled and giggled softly as she bent over to kiss Tim. He
had the same grin on his face.
"Bruce!" Tim said, running down the stairs at this sight of his
mentor, alive and walking.
"Good morning Tim," Bruce said modestly.
"So you're OK?" Tim asked, knowing the obvious answer.
"Yes, I'm fine. So where's your new friend?" Bruce asked, almost
laughing as he did so.
"You mean Barbara?" Tim asked, blushing slightly.
"Who else? I could hear you all the way down here," Bruce laughed,
patting Tim on the back heartily.
"Thanks," Tim said, taking it as a compliment, but still blushing
"Good morning guys," Barbara said cheerfully, walking into the
kitchen wearing one of Tim's shirts and pair of his boxer shorts.
"Nice attire," Bruce commented. Barbara spun around and looked at
Bruce, who was smiling uncontrollably. Then she looked at Tim who was
blushing terribly.
"Oh God," Barbara said bashfully. The covered her face with her
hands and sat down at the table, embarrassed beyond belief.
"Well, I have to go now. See you tonight Tim. And I'm sure I'll be
seeing a lot more of you Miss Gordon," Bruce smiled as he grabbed his
briefcase and headed for the door.
"Oh my god," Barbara repeated over and over again.
"It's OK honey," Tim said, sitting down next to her and putting an
arm on her shoulders.
"I just feel so cheap now," Barbara said shamefully.
"Why?" Tim wondered.
"Because Bruce knew we had sex, I just feel so cheap, like I was
that obvious that he heard us," Barbara said, burying her head into Tim's
"Don't be embarrassed, so he heard us. Who cares?" Tim said.
"I care! I always tried to uphold this good girl image to
everyone, and now."
"You destroyed that image last night in my mind," Tim joked.
Barbara laughed a little.
"I just hope he doesn't tell anyone, it's going to be bad enough
having to face him, but all of his friends too," Barbara said.
"Bruce wouldn't tell anyone," Tim paused for a moment, "Is it that
bad let someone know that we had sex? Are you ashamed?"
"No it's not you," Barbara assured Tim, "It's just the sex in
general. I don't like to be looked at as a slut."
"But you're not," Tim comforted her. The two didn't say another
word. Tim just held her in his arms.

Batman and Robin 2

It has been two weeks since Tim and Barbara's night together. Since then,
they have started dating. Batgirl has also been out with Batman and Robin
a lot lately. Barbara got used to Bruce knowing about her and Tim, and it
didn't seem to bother her much anymore. She just accepts it.
"Where is my bra?" Barbara asked to a still half asleep Tim.
"I have no clue," Tim said, rolling over in bed and putting a pillow over
his head.
"I can't leave without my bra and I have a class in half an hour," Barbara
yelled at him. She looked frantically through the room, throwing things a
side in the process.
"You don't have to have a bra," Tim said, knowing she would insist
that she did.
"Yes I do," she said firmly.
"Here it is!" she shouted, from under the bed, "Good bye honey,
see you tonight," she said, kissing Tim on the cheek and racing out the
door. She had learned to navigate her way through Wayne Manor quite well
in these past few weeks.
"Tim, your breakfast is getting cold," Alfred said from the
"I'll be down in a minute," Tim mumbled from under his pillow.
"Yes sir," Alfred spoke, walking back down to the kitchen. He
turned on the stove and reheated Tim's bacon and eggs just Tim came down
the stairs, rubbing his eyes.
"Morning Alfred," Tim said groggily, falling lazily into his
"Good Morning Tim, did you sleep well, or whatever it is you do in
there," Alfred spoke wryly. It was a joke, but Alfred said it so
seriously, that one could never tell.
"Yes I did, thank you very much," Tim said, glaring at Alfred as
he set his plate down in front of him and left the room. Tim pulled the
paper across the table and began to read it as he hungrily devoured his
meal. He saw an article that caught his eye.
"World's biggest ruby to be shipped into Gotham today," he spoke
aloud to make sure he was reading it right. He wondered why the papers
printed such valuable information, it only helped the criminals out. He
hoped Bruce had read the article as well. It said the ruby would arrive at
the museum at 4:00 this afternoon. He looked at his watch. It was a little
before noon. Tim quickly finished his breakfast and headed for the
To Tim's surprise, Bruce was already down in the cave, and not at
work. He was reading something on the computer.
"Are you worried about the ruby coming In today too," Tim asked as
he walked over to Bruce.
"Yeah, right now I'm trying to decide who would have the most gain
from it, so we can know who to be prepared for," Bruce said, staring with
a perplexed look at the screen.
"Who have you got so far?" Tim inquired.
"The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin , Two-Face, anyone really,"
Bruce said, slamming his hands down in frustration. He ran his hand
agonizingly through his hair.
"Well, let's go check it out!" Tim yelled in his 'Let's go kick
some ass!' voice.
"That is probably our best option right now," Bruce concluded,
standing from his chair. He and Tim walked into the next room, dawning
their costumes for their little excursion.
"See anything over there?" Robin asked, obviously frustrated as he
hung his head low and dropped his binoculars to his side. He and Batman
hung up high in the rafters of the museum. From where they were, they were
able to see outside to the loading docks below.
"Nothing yet, but then again, the ruby has not arrived yet,"
Batman replied.
"They're late," Robin noted. According to his watch, it was
already 4:15.
"Here they come," Batman said, motioning for Robin to follow him
down to the floor of the room.
"The ruby or the bad-guys?" Robin asked as they climbed to the
"Both," Batman said, throwing open the door to the loading docks .
Robin followed quickly behind. As he rounded the corner, Robin saw
something he found highly ironic. The workers were cowering in the truck,
as Catwoman and the Joker fought over ownership of the ruby.
"I was here first clown," Catwoman growled as she swung her foot
at the smiling man.
"Too bad, kitty, It's mine," the Joker said, dodging her leg and
countering with a wild swing of his tightly clenched fist.
"You're out of your league clown," Catwoman said, connecting her
fist with the Joker's jaw. He cringed to the ground, blood spurting from
the wound inside of his mouth which the punch had opened. She gave the
Joker a swift, hard kick to the face, knocking him unconscious instantly.
"Give it up Selina," Batman said, making his presence known to the
"Shit, what are you doing here," Catwoman pouted.
"We're here to stop you," Robin broke, sounding corny as usual.
Catchy dialogue wasn't his strong point.
"Now you wouldn't do something like that, now would you?" she
asked sexily.
"Give up now, I don't want to take you forcefully," Batman tried
to reason.
"Well, I guess," she said, walking closer to Batman. Robin stood
about five feet behind him, his hand on a throwing star stuck in his belt,
ready to throw it as soon as Catwoman tried something funny.
"Slowly," Batman urged, Catwoman creeping towards him seductively.
Batman knew she had something planned, she would never give up this
easily, and he was ready for her. Luckily. As she came within a few feet
of Batman, Catwoman pulled her whip from behind her back and lashed him
across the chest, exposing the naked flesh of his chest. A few drops of
blood even dribbled out.
"You bitch," Robin screamed, launching his throwing star at her.
Being as nimble as she is, Catwoman jumped out of the way and even had
time to laugh at his futile attempts to harm her.
"You can't stop me junior," Catwoman said, drawing her whip back,
ready to strike. Behind her, the Joker regained consciousness, seeking
revenge. He quickly drew his gun and fired. Being the maniac he is, he
shot the gas tank of the truck, blowing it to small pieces. Catwoman was
thrown from her feet, landing on top of Batman, who also was on the
ground. The drivers weren't so lucky. They became crispy critters. As for
the Joker, he ran away laughing, just pleased that someone at least died
for his troubles. And the ruby, still in one piece, as it was stored
safely in a solid steel case.
"Are you OK?" Robin asked, running to his fallen mentor's side.
"I'm fine, but Selina." Batman looked down at the woman in his
arms. She had blood streaming down her forehead, coming from a cut on her
"What should we do with her?" Robin asked.
"Take her home, make sure she is OK," Batman concluded.
"Why don't we just drop her off at a hospital?"
"The cops will get her then."
"And what is wrong with that?"
"She is just a lost soul, she is good, if given chance to be."
"You still have a thing for her, don't you?" Robin laughed
"Let's get out of here," Batman said, picking Selina up in his
arms and heading for the batmobile. They left behind the blazing inferno
that five minutes ago was a truck and two nice drivers with families. All
of it gone.
"Where am I?" Selina said drearily. Her head throbbed terribly,
blurring her vision. She didn't recognize her surroundings, so she assumed
someone had taken her captive. She prayed it wasn't the Joker. Oh how she
loathed that man. She clutched her head and attempted to get up, but fell
back down to the bed quickly.
"Well, look who's awake," Batman sighed as he walked to Selina's
"Who is that?" Selina asked, reaching her hand out in his
"It's me," Batman said, wanting her to find out for herself.
Selina found the figure that stood in front of her with her hand.
She ran it across his stomach and stopped as she hit his utility belt.
"It's you," she said spitefully.
"You have a serious wound on your head. It would be to your
benefit to stay lying down," Batman suggested.
"Why do you care about me?" Selina asked.
"Because, Selina, I think you're a good person still," Batman
said, "You just need a little push towards a new life."
"And you think you're going to give me that push?" she said
"I'd like to try," Batman said.
"What is It with you Wayne? You think that you can change me? You
think you are some high and powerful man that can do what he wants? You're
wrong," Selina threw at him.
"Just hear me out," Bruce tried to clam her down.
"No, I don't think you understand," Selina said, clenching her
fist tight, ready to strike. She stood up to lunge at Bruce, but her
dizziness got the better of and sent her flying to the floor.
"Careful now," Bruce said, picking her up from the floor and
placing her back on the bed. She felt sleepy now, so she closed her eyes.
She felt Bruce kiss her on the forehead just as she slipped into a
peaceful slumber.
Selina dreamed of wonderful things during her little nap. She
thought of being rich, of having it all. And also in her dream, she saw
herself with Bruce Wayne as her lover. She had always thought he was cute,
but so did every other woman in Gotham City. She knew he was attracted to
her, but she just never thought anything of it, he was rich and famous,
and Batman. She was a wanted felon, middle class, and the Catwoman. They
just never fit together in her mind. But now after the concern Bruce had
shown before she fell asleep, Selina thought that maybe there was a chance
for them. Then conscious began to flood into her head, and soon she was
opening her eyes.
She was no longer in the batcave, but in a Victorian style
bedroom, one of the many in Wayne Manor. There was a glass of water and
some aspirin on the table next to her. She downed the aspirin quickly,
leaving the water untouched.
"Well look who's up," Tim said, walking in the room with a big
grin on his face.
"Screw off junior," Selina said bitterly. She was in no mood to
deal with him.
"That's no way to talk to the people who were nice enough to save
your life and give you a place to stay," Tim smirked.
"What do you want?" Selina demanded.
"I was coming up to make sure you weren't dead or anything, but
you seem to be doing fine."
"Yeah, I'm fine, now please leave me be."
"Fine, I'll see you at dinner then," Tim said happily, loving to
piss her off.
"Whatever." Selina said, throwing her head back into the pillow.
She sighed and nodded off once more.
Selina was woken by Bruce tapping her on the shoulder. He led her
down to the dining room, where Tim and Barbara sat at the table. Selina
had a little bit of trouble walking at first, but nothing too bad.
"Don't we just look so happy tonight?" Tim mocked. Selina gave him
the stare of death, her eyes blazing though him like he was nothing.
"Leave her alone Tim," Bruce jumped in, not wanting Selina to jump
up on the table and behead his faithful sidekick.
"Yeah, play nice with the other little girls and boys," Barbara
joked. Selina gave her the next evil glare.
"You play nice too," Bruce said to Selina and Barbara.
Dinner went slow. No one really spoke too much. Bruce would try to
make conversation, but he would only receive quick answers that resulted
in nothing. Selina just stared around the table, sizing everyone up, more
or less. She came to the conclusion that Barbara and Tim were sleeping
together, just by the way they looked at each. She also concluded that
Bruce was genuinely concerned with how she felt, and that comforted Selina
strangely. She felt at peace for the first time a long time.
"Would you like me to help you back up to your room?" Bruce asked
Selina set down her wine glass and nodded, a smile streaking
across her face. She placed her hand in Bruce's and rose to her feet. She
gripped onto his shoulder tightly as they made their way through the
house. She knew she could walk fine, but she liked the attention, and that
fact that Bruce was willing to do this for her.
"Here you are," Bruce said, helping Selina into her bed.
"Thanks so much for all of this Bruce," she sighed as she situated
herself into her bed.
"I'm glad to see you're finally beginning to appreciate all of
this," Bruce replied, pleased with Selina's new attitude.
"I'd even like to repay in some way," Selina smiled slyly.
"Oh, and how is that? Not with stolen money I hope," Bruce joked,
but Selina didn't laugh. She just continued her sly smile. Bruce's
experience told him something was wrong, but before he could react, Selina
lunged for him, but instead of attacking him, she kissed him, deeply,
passionately. At first, Bruce was taken aback, but now he was into it,
wrapping tongue around Selina's and stroking her long, black hair.
"Was that satisfactory?" Selina whispered into Bruce's ear after
pulling her lips away.
"Definitely," Bruce nodded. Though Selina had stopped, Bruce
wasn't about to. He had dreamed of this for so long and now he was so
close. He couldn't just let it end. So he began kissing down Selina's
neck, licking and sucking little moans out of her. Selina wanted this to
continue, but she wasn't sure how Bruce was going to react, but now it
seemed he was fine with it.
Selina wasted no time, throwing her shirt to the floor. She wore
no bra, so Bruce had perfect access to her ample tits. Showing no
hesitation, Bruce began to suckle sweetly on one of Selina's breasts. She
put her hand under it and lifted it closer to Bruce's mouth, reveling in
the pleasure that his tongue was bringing her.
The minutes went by and Bruce kept his lips on Selina's sensitive
little nubs. She moaned happily, and combed her fingers through Bruce's
hair. The sheer joy of having someone to talk to was thrilling Selina, but
now she had someone who could talk to her and make love to her, so she was
rather pleased with the moment. That, and the fact that Bruce was licking
so wonderfully, that Selina could already feel herself getting a tad wet.
"Oh Bruce," she cried out, "Make love to me now!"
Bruce didn't say a word, just pulled himself away from Selina and
pulled off his pants quickly. His cock fell from its restraints and stared
directly at Selina, who was now licking her lips, just waiting to get him
in her. She motioned him with her finger, wanting him closer to her. Bruce
obliged at stepped up to Selina as she splayed her legs wide for him,
pulling the rest of her clothes off as well. Bruce stared gloriously at
the thatch of blonde hair between Selina's legs, knowing he would know
what it felt like all too soon.
"Oh god! Just put it in me now!" Selina cried at the sight of
Bruce's more than average cock. It was standing up straight, just waiting
for its journey inside of her. Bruce stepped up to Selina and grabbed her
thighs with his hands as he positioned his prick in front of Selina's
drooling hole. With one quick motion, Bruce was inside of her, which gave
Selina a great needing to scream out in ecstasy.
Bruce pushed and slammed himself into Selina, feeling her buck
under his ministrations. His legs began to tire from the pressure that was
on them, so he eased himself on top of Selina gently, making sure not to
stop his rhythm in the process. Selina needed this so badly. It had been
so long.
It wasn't long before Bruce felt himself coming close to his
finale. Bruce wanted it to last longer, but there was absolutely nothing
he could do.
"Uggghhh!!!" Bruce muttered. Selina clenched her pelvic muscles
tight around Bruce's spurting cock. She felt his warmth flood inside of
"Ohhh!!!" she screamed. She loved the feeling of a guy cumming
inside her. Bruce loved cumming. It all worked out for the better.
Bruce rolled off of his new found lover and flopped down on his
back next to her. Selina nuzzled her head into his shoulder and threw her
arm over his chest, smiling brightly the whole time. Bruce wrapped his arm
around her shoulder and leaned over to kiss her on the forehead.
"So are you really going to turn over a new leaf?" Bruce asked.
"For you, anything," Selina said, rubbing her hand slowly over
Bruce's soft penis.


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