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Beach Babes


Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this...

Author's Note: Boris Ludmenkov gave me permission to write this story in
the 'May I Show You Something's' universe... it was this incredibly hot
story that sparked 'Beach Babes' and although you don't need to read
Boris's story to understand it, I do recommend it.

Special Thanks: To 'jdw' for his help in proofing this story.

'Beach Babes' by JR Parz


Heather and Jade had just finished up their freshman year at Penn State
and life couldn't have been any sweeter for the two young college co-eds...
especially when their rich parents spoiled them with a vacation down in
Boca Raton, Florida.

Heather was the wilder of the two... epitomizing the term 'beach babe'.
She had long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and sported a killer tan all over
her curvaceous body. Jade, on the other hand, was naturally dark due to
her Greek heritage. She wore her jet-black hair short...very 'chic' like
and possessed emerald green eyes.

It wasn't an especially hot day, but it was humid and the beach was
already swarming with activity. Heather giggled as she walked; taking in
every admiring glance that came her way... Jade was simply too preoccupied
with finding an open spot... which she did find about one hundred yards
down the beach. "Oh...darn. I left the suntan lotion in the back seat of
the car." Heather complained.

"How could you forget something like that?" Jade asked, rolling her

"Must be the blonde in me." Heather giggled. "I'll run back up to the
car and get it."

"Please don't run Heather... you know what those do when you're
walking, never mind running." Jade responded with a grin.

Heather giggled again... she loved her 'D' cup boobs... and especially
loved how they bounced up and down with her every movement.


Heather was about halfway up the beach when she bumped into someone...
knocking the person down. She had been looking at a stud to her left and
hadn't been paying much attention. "Oh...I'm sorry." Heather said to the
guy sprawled out before her.

"Don't worry that pretty head of yours... in fact, you can bump into me
with those, anytime." the man replied, gesturing towards her chest.
Heather blushed and went to move around him. "Uh... before you go... may
I show you something?"

Heather thought it was the least she could do since she just knocked the
guy down. "Sure." she responded.

Heather took a moment to check him out and saw that he wasn't at all
what she'd normally go for... way too skinny to start with... although he
did possess a pleasant face. The guy handed her a card with a big red letter 'A' on it and when she flipped it over to look at the other side,
she thought that maybe this was some kind of joke... But then suddenly
something shifted inside of her and looking at the card became the most
important thing in her life.

Heather wasn't sure how long she stared at the card... but when the guy
took it away from her, she felt a sudden loss... wishing she could have it

"So, what's your name?" The guy asked with a smile.

"I'm Heather." Heather replied.

"Are you here alone?"

"No. My girlfriend is with me." Heather answered... slightly surprised
as to why she would offer this information.

"Your girlfriend? As in platonic girlfriend... or girlfriend,

"Look mister, I'm not gay and Jade isn't either."

"Jade... hmmm... pretty name. Is she as beautiful as her name?"

"She's very pretty..."

"Pretty as you?"

"We look very different... I'm blonde, she's brunette... I wear my
hair long... she wears it short. I also have bigger boobs." Heather
replied... then wondered why she would tell him this? "Well... nice
meeting you but I have to go."

"Oh don't go... and let me add that I love your big round boobs."

Heather blushed when he said this and reddened further when the guy
emphasized the point by dropping his gaze to look at them.

"Anyway... I'm happy to hear your girlfriend is pretty because it'll
make things easier."

"Huh?" Heather responded and just as she was about to ask him what he
meant by that, he cut her off. "Heather... You find me the most
attractive guy you've ever seen and would love to have sex with me."

Heather's eyes lit up! Just who the hell did this guy think he was?!?
But then suddenly she felt a slight dizziness and when she collected
herself, she suddenly saw the guy in a whole new light... and was he ever
a hunk! Vivid images of them fucking played all along her mind and she
could feel herself lubricating where she stood! Heather felt more on fire
that second than at any other time in her life and wished more than
anything that he would fuck her!

"Ah yes... I just love it when you girls get like this...
Incidentally, where were you headed?"

Heather smiled with downcast eyes... twirling her long blonde hair with
her fingers. "I forgot my suntan lotion and was going back to the car to
get it."

"How could you forget...never mind. I have some lotion...wait here and
I'll go get it for you."

Heather gazed at the guy's ass the whole way. Saw him reach into a bag
and pull out a bottle...and was that another card?!? Heather felt a thrill
shoot through her at the possibility... and when he returned, she asked.
"Is that another card?"

"Yes Heather, but this one isn't for you... its for your girlfriend."


"And I'd like for you to show her the card, okay?"

"YES! Of course I will! I'd do anything for you!" Heather exclaimed.
She felt absolutely thrilled at the prospect of pleasing him.

"Great...lead the way."

"Okay." Heather giggled... feeling especially proud to be seen with
him... he was such a 'hottie'.


"Hi Jade! Would you believe my luck? This... this cute guy here is
loaning us his suntan lotion."

Jade had been day dreaming and was momentarily startled. "Oh... that's
nice." she stammered... looking up at the guy.

"Hi Jade... Heather told me how beautiful you are...and I'm pleased to
say she didn't exaggerate."

Jade wondered who this guy was and why Heather appeared to have fallen
for him. "Thank you." she responded... and then turned back to Heather
and saw that she was motioning for her to take what she had in her hand.
Without thinking, Jade took the card and saw a big red letter 'A' on the
front of it... then she turned it over... and felt a strange peace wash
over her. Suddenly, looking at the card became the single most important
thing in her life.

Jade wasn't sure how long she looked at the card, but her awareness
didn't return until she heard the guy's voice. "That's long enough
Heather... Take the card from Jade and give it back to me."

Jade didn't resist as Heather took the card from her, but she did feel a

"Heather, have Jade stay here and be quiet until after I'm done talking
to you."

Jade wondered why this guy was telling Heather to tell her things...and
just as she was about to ask, Heather said. " quiet and stay
right here... I'll be right back."

This was too much! How dare they treat her like some child! Jade tried
to say something but much to her surprise, she couldn't talk! And when she
tried to get up, she found she couldn't move! What was going on!?! Jade
looked over at Heather and could tell her friend was enamored with the
guy... She just stood there, breathing real hard, which made her tits jiggle up and down, giggling like some love struck high school girl! Jade
tried to hear what the guy was saying but she wasn't close enough. Then
she saw Heather lean up and kiss the guy which prompted him to wrap his
arms around Heather and grab himself some ass! Heather was letting this
guy treat her like some sex toy! 'What would possess Heather to act this

"Heather... what's going on?" Jade asked after the guy left and Heather

"I think I'm in love." Heather mumbled, dazed-like.

"You're in love??? You just met the guy! How can you be in love with

"I don't know...everything happened so fast. I...I just feel this need
to be with him... I can't help it. I've never felt so drawn to someone
like this before in my life."

"What did he say to you? What's his name?" Jade asked.

"His name's Michael and he wants us to join him for dinner tonight. He
gave me his address." Heather beamed.

"Well...there's no way I'm going and I don't think you should either...
at least not yet. Get to know him better." Jade stated.

"No, Jade... he wants us to come over for dinner... we have no
choice." Heather replied.

"Oh...and why is that?" Jade asked with a smirk.

"Because... because you want to come with me... You want to make sure
he's the perfect gentleman." Heather responded.

Then suddenly Jade did want to go... "I... I... well I guess if
you're going, someone has to look after you... I... I wouldn't want him
taking advantage of you." Jade replied...surprised that she suddenly felt
this way.

"Oh Jade, you're the best... It's settled then... now lets get some
sun and make use of that suntan lotion... put some on me first, okay?"

"Sure." Jade responded while they both moved down to the blanket.

"Untie my back..." Heather whispered, stretching out on her stomach.

Jade untied Heather's bikini top and then poured the lotion onto her
back... Slowly, she began rubbing it into her skin.

"God Jade, you should be a're hands feel fucking
incredible." Heather cooed... and damn-it all if becoming a masseuse
didn't suddenly seem like a great profession to Jade... and just as she
was about to ask Heather if she really meant it, Heather suddenly surprised
her by turning onto her back. "Could you do my front?"

"Heather! People will see you!" Jade exclaimed...looking around to see
if anyone was watching them.

Heather was still giggling and whispered. "I want you to give my tits the works...and you're going to enjoy every second of it!"

Jade was stunned that Heather was exposing herself... sure, she knew
that her friend loved showing them off... but never had she'd ever done
this before! Then without realizing it, Jade had the suntan lotion in her
hands and was squirting it onto each one of Heather's tits. And then she
began doing something that she'd never done before... and that was rubbing
the lotion into another girl's tit!

"Oh Jade... your hands feel heavenly." Heather moaned.

"I can't believe I'm doing this... It isn't right... I really should
stop." Jade blushed.

"I bet you're starting to feel aroused, aren't you... I bet you want to
touch me down here... don't you." Heather whispered.

Jade was stunned that Heather would think this... she knew damn well
that she wasn't gay... the very idea of two girls getting it on had always
grossed her out...but then suddenly she began to feel... aroused? 'This
isn't possible!' Jade screamed at herself. How could she be feeling this
way towards another girl?!? Jade wished she could stop...but something
compelled her to continue... and she couldn't resist.

Now they were both breathing hard and Jade felt out of control. Slowly,
like she was possessed, she moved her hand underneath Heather's skimpy
bikini bottoms and ever so lightly, grazed her fingers across Heather's wet
lips... Heather cried out while Jade gasped and just when she was about to
dip her fingertips inside her friend, Heather commanded. "Stop!"

"WWWhat's wwwwrong?" Jade stammered with ever increasing embarrassment.

"Michael said that I could tease you and get you hot, but we can't have
sex until later on." Heather replied.

Jade couldn't believe what she had just done... nor what she just
heard! "What do you mean, Michael said that you could tease me!?! Jade
asked in confusion.

"Don't worry about Michael... Let's switch places so I can put some
lotion on you." Heather stated.

And just like that, Jade no longer worried about Michael... and was
helping Heather retie her bikini top... then switched places... this time
Jade stretched out onto her stomach. If Heather thought that she was going
to expose herself like she did, she had another thing coming! Jade felt
Heather straddle her... just below her buttocks... and blushed when she
realized how vulnerable her ass was to Heather's touch.

"You have such a fine ass Jade... but of course you know this." Heather

"Thank you." Jade replied... not wanting to pursue this line of
conversation. What had ever possessed her to feel that way towards Jade?

Heather then bent over and whispered. "I bet you'll feel even hornier
at my touch."

And the second Heather began rubbing the lotion into her skin, Jade lit
up like a flame! And no sooner had Jade began squirming with desire,
Heather slipped her hand underneath her bikini... then ever so lightly,
grazed her fingers along the crack of her ass... Jade exploded with an

"You are a horny one... aren't you? Did you enjoy it?" Heather asked
in a sweet innocent voice.

"I...I needed that." Jade blushed... still feeling the tingling warmth
from her orgasm mixed in with the embarrassment from the way she was

"Michael said no sex, but I guess as long as I don't finger your pussy he won't be upset... and since you'd love to cum again and he never said
anything about not masturbating, feel free indulge yourself."

Jade blushed... She did want to cum again... so very, very bad...
despite just having an orgasm. Never in her life had she felt hornier!
Jade reached underneath her body and slid three fingers deep inside her wet
pussy... She groaned while paying with her slippery clit and then cried
out again to another orgasm.


Jade sat quietly in the passenger's side... Heather drove... they were
going to Michael's. Strangely, there seemed to be a role reversal and
there wasn't anything she could do about it... Heather was in charge
now... and she... well she felt strangely submissive.

She still couldn't believe what she'd done on the beach. 'How could I?'
she asked herself. She had gotten off twice! Once from Heather touching
her ass and the other from masturbating!

'Why is this happening?' she wondered. All Heather had to do was tell
her something...and she did it...or 'feel' something and she felt it. How
was this possible? The only thing that she could figure out was that it
had to do with the card. She remembered how Heather was the one that
showed it to her...not Michael. "Heather...something very strange is going
on... Something is making us act and feel things we normally wouldn't."

Heather glanced over at her and burst out giggling. "Michael told me
you would say this... he was right! He's always right! Don't be

"Okay." Jade replied...and she wasn't.

Heather pulled into the parking lot of the Hyatt Hotel.


Heather wasn't sure how long she looked at the new card, but just like
the last time, she felt a great sense of loss when Michael took it away.
And upon seeing Michael, she swooned... dropping down to her knees.
Michael was everything... he was a god. She worshipped the ground he
stood on... She NEEDED him more than life... Craved him like she's never
craved before... and she cried with joy at knowing that she was his slave.
"Stand up and strip... you are not allowed to wear clothing in my
presence." Michael told her in a stern voice.

The command rocked her very soul and she quickly stripped. She blushed
when she realized she was leaking.

"Come with me." Michael stated and Heather followed him into the other
room. "Hi Jade." Michael said.


"Heather! What are you doing!?!" Jade cried out at seeing her friend
stark naked. Heather merely smiled in response and got down to her knees.

"Before you join your friend in your new life of servitude... I thought
I'd give you a rare privilege... I thought... why not tell you what's in
store for you before it happens." Michael smirked.

"What did you do to her!?!" Jade cried.

"I showed her a special card... which has turned her into my own
personal sex slave... Her every desire is to please me... and in a
minute, I'm going to instruct Heather to show you the very same card...
and this will turn you into her slave."

"Why are you doing this?" Jade asked... strangely without fear.
Heather had eliminated that emotion from her earlier.

"Mainly because you two are incredibly beautiful."

"What's next?" Jade asked... wondering how to escape.

"Eventually, you two will be shown a third card that will complete the
process. You two will then become our newest 'Beach Babes'...and be flown
to our private beach for the remainder of your vacation."

"So that's it... we're sex toys until we grow old."

"Yes and no. You see, the great thing about our conditioning abilities
is the fact that you will still finish college... start and have
careers... and act very much the same towards your family and friends. The
only thing that may strike them as strange is the fact that you aren't
allowed to have boyfriends... which means you won't be getting married.
Unless a client wishes to purchase themselves a 'trophy wife' and you're
lucky to be selected... then not only would you be married to the client,
but everything that happens in your life from that point on would be his
choice... which even includes having children. In the meantime, though,
don't worry about becoming pregnant because we give you special shots twice
a year."

"I'm not going to allow this to happen... I'll talk... I'll fight
you." Jade stated.

"No you won't... not possible... and it isn't like anybody will become
suspicious, either. You see... your role as a beach babe is a summer
thing... that way you'll never have to come up with an explanation for
strange disappearances. Sure, there will be those occasions where you'll
entertain clients up there in Pennsylvania... or where ever you happen to
end up residing... but your conditioning encourages you to be discreet...
so unless you want people to see you act like a slut, you'll have nothing
to worry about."

Jade couldn't believe what she was hearing... it was mind boggling to
think that these people had so much power. They even changed her sexual
orientation! "Why have you turned me into a lesbian?"

"Well, a more accurate label would be bisexual... It's part of the
standard programming and we do this for your benefit... This way you can
enjoy sex with all our clients... male and female. And yes... we have
female clients... and don't ever expect because they're female that they
will help you... they know the repercussions and have no desire to join
you. We also place our slaves in pairs and you'll be interested in knowing
that if you hadn't been Heather's beautiful girlfriend, we would have
paired her with some other girl. We also learned that all we need to do is
control one of you... I keep Heather in line and she in turn keeps you in
line. And by the way, with the exception of us privileged ones... you
won't be allowed to have sex with anyone other than Heather and your

"This... this can't be happening." Jade responded.

"It is... but it really isn't so bad once you get used to it... and as
far as keeping your new lesbian relationship with Heather discreet, that'll
be up to Heather. The first to go under is always the dominant one in
these relationships. Incidentally, it was her doing that had you
masturbating out in public today... and it will be her doing if you live
openly as lesbians or stay in the closet."

Jade blushed. "How big is this group you belong to?"

"I'm one of many recruiters that work for 'Them'. Every year we come
down here to... well, I guess you could call it 'shopping'... We select
you based on your beauty... show you three cards... and then ship you off
to our private resort. And you'll be happy to know you're not there
alone... You'll be joining a staff of over one hundred other 'Beach
Babes'. In fact, before the summer is over, we expect to have collected
over two hundred of you."

Jade realized that she was already being referred to as a 'Beach Babe'.
If she was to fight them, she had to know what she was dealing with.
"Who's 'Them'?" she asked.

"The ones who control everything... The Secret Controllers... Our
Lords and Masters... They've discovered a way to incorporate subliminal
commands through print, media, radio and especially television. These
subliminal commands are triggered when you look at the patterns on the
card... The process is fail safe... unless of course you're a hermit and
living out in the woods."

"But why three cards? Isn't one enough to control us?" Jade asked.

"Very perceptive Jade. The first card does compel the victim to do and
feel as their owner commands... and that would suffice if that were all we
wanted. The second card renders a slave like devotion twenty-four seven...
and the third card instructs you in your new role. We call it a
three-stage plan. You see, clients will have the option of activating your
slave mode through a simple phrase."

Jade looked at Heather, who was still on her knees. "Is she even aware
what's going on?"

"Oh yes. She may not be able to act out or talk freely in this stage,
but she's all there. As soon as she's seen her third card, she'll regain
her free will but have a brand new set of values."

"Are you going to keep us here long?" Jade asked.

"For a week anyway... part of my benefit package as a recruiter... but
don't worry, I'll instruct Heather to make sure that you enjoy me as much
as she does."

"You're a disgusting pervert." Jade stated.

Michael smiled at her and then turned to Heather. "Heather, get up and
take this card... show it to our sweet Jade."

Jade watched as Heather got up... took the card from Michael... and
approached her. She knew exactly what this card was going to do to her...
yet she still felt incredibly aroused at the idea that she was being
allowed to look at it. Heather now stood in front of her and handed her
the card... Jade automatically brought it up to her eyes and...

VII. Epilogue: (One month later on Pleasure Beach)

Both girls agreed that the only real set back of their new existence was
'knowing' that they didn't have a choice. Jade couldn't help the intense
sexual attraction and love she felt for more than Heather
could prevent the feelings she felt for her. Of course, Heather was the
more dominant one in their relationship and took advantage of every
opportunity. In fact, Heather didn't even allow her to voice an opinion
when it came to how they'd act when they went back home. Jade would have
preferred a discreet relationship... at least in the beginning, but
Heather already told her that they were going to declare their love right
from the start.

Right now they were eagerly licking each other's clit...and basking in
the feelings and taste of each other's pussy. They loved to fill their
mouths up with each other's cum.

"Girls." a deep voice interrupted.

They were on their blanket, naked, and enjoying a sixty-nine session.
Jade looked up from Heather's crotch and smiled. "Hi handsome..."

"I'd like to join you two." The young man stated.

Jade squealed and quickly repositioned herself in order to present her
ass to the man. "This hole isn't taken at the moment...would you like to
fill me?"

Heather giggled.

"Actually, I would prefer a blow job... from the both of you." the man replied with a smile."

Both Heather and Jade immediately stopped what they were doing and got
up on their knees. The man walked over to them and the girls quickly slid
his bathing suit down. "Oh my... aren't you big." Heather giggled...
licking her lips. Jade quickly moved her mouth down onto the man's knob
while Heather took care to lick along his shaft. The guy groaned. "God...
uh... I... I... just love these newwwwww 'Beach Babesss'."

The girls giggled and continued to lick...

The End.

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