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Beach Encounter by Alessia Gerini


Author: Alessia Gerini Title: Beach Encounter Summary: Two fifteen-year-old
girls meet on school vacation and fall in love. A first time story.
Keywords: ff, 1st, rom

This story is involves things sexual between girls: Children at varying
ages are allowed to watch sex on tv Or go see sexy Hollywood movies girls (in my country) may legally have full sex at 16 with boys or girls. But,
if you are in the USA you most definitely can't read about it until you are
21 years of age in most jurisdictions. So if you're too young don't read
this, if you do you'll go blind (or something) If you're an adult and
shouldn't or don't like reading about sex, why are you sill here?

As I hold the copyright I hold the right to allow this to be posted
elsewhere so if you want to, ask me at but totally free
websites will be permitted to post it - I just want to know where; fair
enuf? ASSTR and Nifty are welcome to post the story on their sites.

All of my stories are archived at Any
comments are appreciated at - they are my motivation for
writing for your pleasure - the good, bad, ugly, whatever; I read and reply
to them all. Oh, you can comment in my guest book too :-)


Original version "Firsts for Two" by Alessia Gerini Copyright (c) 2000
This is a major revision by Alessia Gerini and PeeJ (c) 2002

Any spelling, grammatical or any other errors are PeeJ's, not mine.
Don't blame me, blame him. You can contact him at . . . oh, well, never

{ff, first, rom, true} POV: Amy, 1st person, past tense.

Beach Encounter


One day I spotted a girl of about fifteen, my own age, jogging along the
white sandy beach. At this short distance I could see she had an angelic
face and a nice body, and I wondered who she was.

I hung about on the beach kicking up the sand as I watched the figure
jogging away from me. I wondered if the she would return. The silver
gulls squawked and squabbled overhead as I paddled my feet in the shallow
water and retreated as little waves threatened to wet me. The water was
quite cold. I kept glancing in the direction the girl had gone and then
noticed that someone was coming back along the beach. I kept my eyes on
the approaching figure until it became apparent that it was her.

As she drew closer she gave me a smile of recognition that I quickly
returned. She called out in a cheerful but deep well-modulated voice, "Hi,
you new around here? "

I smiled and replied in a similarly cheery voice, "Yeah, I'm new here."

The other girl evidently detected my North American accent straight off.
"Well, you're a long way from home, aren't you?" she enquired.

"Right again. You Aussies are quick," I quipped and grinned back.

Laughing she said, "Yeah, we are. Mind if I crash here for a bit?"

"Sure. Are you on a vacation or do you live close-by?"

"I'm on school holidays and I live only a couple of blocks away. How
about you?"

"Me too; I've just moved in - two houses down there. We've come here
from Vancouver, Canada." I pointed to our really nice one-story cottage,
one typical of the beachfront area. It had four bedrooms, a living room, a
family room, two bathrooms, etc. of a good size that seemed almost
standard from those I'd seen.

I had moved to Shoalwater Bay a few weeks previously, and after helping
my mom and dad unpack all the boxes and arrange the furniture, I had
wandered down to the nearby beach. Not having any friends in my newfound
surroundings, I was a little apprehensive about the immediate future, and
how I would get on in Australia. On meeting Alessia things were stating to
look much better.

"Oh, right, you're not a Yank then," she laughed and continued, "I hope
you like it here. You're really handy to the beach. Do you run or swim

"Sure, both. By the way, my name's Amy."

"And mine's Alessia. Good to meet you."

We were now sitting on the warm dry sand staring out across the calm
stretch of sea to Penguin Island where fairy penguins nest. The light
easterly breeze at our back occasionally blowing our hair over our faces
kept us cool as we chatted to each other. I noticed Alessia looking me
over, just as I was doing my own checking out. Alessia was a bit taller
than me at about five-foot-seven I guessed and had a fuller figure but was
really trim and athletic. Her shoulder-length hair was a reddish brown
that looked great against her slight mid-winter tan. I had no tan but long
brown hair and then stood five-foot-six inches tall. My skin was milky
white but it brought out the colour of my big blue eyes.

alessia and i had hit it off on sight. It was the beginning of the
mid-year, winter school holidays and it was one of those sunny, warm winter
days Shoalwater Bay oftentimes has in July, ones I was to enjoy for about
two-and-a-half years.

I remember that fondly. I had met a girl who was to be in my class at
the local school. She was fit and intelligent too, and, just like me, one
of the tops of her class. She was probably a nerd by North American
standards not into drugs or anything like that. But she was very friendly;
indeed, I found her to be beautiful, natural and feminine.

By the end of our chat on that first day Alessia had invited me to go
over to listen to music at her home.

"Come on over to my place and I'll ask if it's okay. You can meet my
mom 'n' dad, too," I said.

We went and met my mom, and after her being charmed by Alessia and
checking with Alessia's mom, I went over to her house that evening. I took
care not overdress but didn't want to be too casual either. After going
through my wardrobe several times I chose sneakers, jeans and a nice
blouse. I topped that off with a denim jacket and pale dusty-pink lipstick
to match my blouse, and pretty underwear that for some inexplicable reason
I had felt compelled to wear. I really did want to favourably impress
Alessia and her folks.


Looking back on it, that evening was lovely. Alessia and her folks were
so friendly. We played our favourite CDs in Alessia's bedroom, talked
heaps about Canada and Australia. About all sorts of interesting stuff we
both liked.

After that we started jogging and hanging out a lot together, like going
to the movies and things like that. That way I met quite a few of the
local kids who Alessia knew.

Some time later, after going home to Canada, I fondly remembered those
holidays, swimming in the backyard pool at Alessia's, lying in the warm sun
on the good days. Alessia, and even her mother, hardly ever wore a top
when swimming in their pool but covered themselves with a towel as soon as
they got out. At first, I couldn't bring myself to take mine off. A
trauma I'd been through might have put me off, I don't know. It might have
been my upbringing -- that's the most likely explanation.

At first, I thought they were a bit weird, lovely, but eccentric. After
a couple of weeks, though, I was taking the semi-nudity for granted. Come
to think of it, I decided I liked it. To me it was naughty but nice to be
able to just look at my friend like that without having shame or guilt
hanging over me. Alessia's mom too, had given me no reason to feel
uncomfortable, and I liked her very much.

Adriana, Alessia's mom, was very pleasant and natural with me. Neither
of them suggested that I should follow their lead and go topless for a

Alessia had introduced me to her friends at school who teased me about
my accent, but mostly they had accepted me without any real problems. My
basketball prowess had especially impressed everybody interested in the
game, and I quickly became one of the starting five in the under-sixteen
school team. Alessia wasn't all that good at basketball but loved playing
the game and as the second tallest girl in the team, she got some court
time too.

Anyway I digress; at the time I mused about just how close the two of us
had become in the five weeks since we met. I missed my B.C. friends and
Vancouver, but in so many ways meeting Alessia had softened that wrench. I
had come to Australia to avoid splitting up the family, not just because my
father had been offered a good job here.

One of my uncles had raped me, but he had been caught by my mom after I
had wriggled free of the hand which he had gagged me with, and I had
screamed blue murder. I had hated his raping me more than anything else I
could remember. He had actually taken my virginity from me. I hated him
so much it hurt.

The family had not wanted the police and courts involved, so when the
company's Australian job and been offered around, my dad had taken it.
That sleaze of an uncle got off, and I was pissed off with the lot of them.
If my folks believed me then I thought they should have dragged him through
the courts. I didn't hate them for not taking it further, I understood why
but couldn't agree. At least he got a good hiding from my dad and uncles.


After a few weeks at school we were really tight buddies and did
everything together, studied, played, flirted with boys - just everything;
we were best friends. I was crazy about her and loved being with her.

One Saturday Alessia invited me over for the day, not for the first
time. I was excited when Alessia told me her folks would not be there for
much of the time. To have her all to myself for a whole day sounded
fabulous to me.

I agreed of course, and turned up at eight-thirty in the morning to find
that Alessia's dad was working up town in the city, and that Alessia's mom was going to town to do some shopping, and then they were to meet friends
at the airport, then go to a restaurant. They wouldn't be back until very
late. We knew they were not going to be around until way after midnight.

When I arrived that morning, Alessia's mum, dressed in a wrap-around
sarong, let me in and called Alessia. Alessia just walked out of the
bathroom totally nude, in full view of the kitchen where I had been taken.

She called out, "Come down here to my bedroom, Amy."

She turned, towel in hand, winding it around her head and beckoned me.
It was done so naturally, but being unused to such open nudity, I didn't
know whether to be embarrassed, look away, or quite what, so I just stood
there watching that gorgeous body until it disappeared though the doorway
to her bedroom. My family was not prudish, but they were not so openly
naked around our house. It was only in the bathroom that nudity was
commonplace, and not that abnormal within my family but not elsewhere in
our house.

Adriana told me to go on down to Alessia's room. Not knowing what else
to do, I did as suggested and found Alessia standing by her dressing table
in just a pair of black Rio bikini panties with the towel still around her

Alessia was going through a small pile of CD's, looking for what she
said was her favourite band, 'The Sweet Blue Midnight's', a Western
Australian Jazz/Blues group. My eyes could not tear themselves off
Alessia, and that was not like me at all. Yet I was drawn by her
sensuality. I had been taught not to stare, but she was as totally
unconcerned by her nudity as her mom had seemed to be.

My guilty feelings at staring eased considerably even though I knew she
had noticed it. Somehow Alessia's offhanded manner relieved my
embarrassment - if that's what it was, but I felt something different,
something intangible. Something new, something disturbing: I was having
odd feelings for my friend.

I had been right in my assessment of her height, but Alessia's breasts at thirty-six C were much fuller than my own perky, upturned thirty-four
Bs, but I was still filling out. In fact, Alessia's figure was just about
perfect in my eyes. She was gorgeous! I found it exciting seeing her nude
in her bedroom. Only her and me -- I thought she was sexy -- but I was
getting feelings other girls say they got about boys. I couldn't deny it
-- it was a strong feeling, but Alessia was definitely not a boy! Ever
since my uncle had half raped me I'd really gone off boys a lot. It
worried me that I had boy-type feelings for Alessia. Indeed, it terrified
me! It was supposed to be wrong! What would she do or say if she found me

Alessia found the CD she wanted, put it in the player, turned it on,
adjusted the volume, and turning to me, said, "See if you like this. It's
new." Then she said when she saw me looking, "Oh, I'm sorry if I
embarrassed you, we are naturists here, and even though we only met a few
weeks ago, I feel like I've known you forever. I did tell you didn't I?"

"Yes, you did but in all these weeks I've only seen you in the
change-room at school. Not so close like this."

I tried to act naturally, but it was disturbing. I wanted to touch her,
to feel her skin. But I couldn't do that . . . not only would it have
been wrong, Alessia might have totally freaked out -- then what?

"And you are embarrassed? You've seen me by the pool, haven't you?"

"Yeah, I have too. You really have a great body and gorgeous boobs. Do
you mind me saying that?" God, what did I hear myself say? That wasn't me
-- it was the naughty little girl imp who sits on my shoulder telling me to
do or say dumb, stupid things -- tell her to shut her face!

"No, I like it. And I bet your boobs are fabulous too."

"Not like those," said that little imp girl on my shoulder -- although
the words came from my mouth. I blushed excitedly; I'd said something dumb
again. My eyes were drawn to her body once again. I kept sneaking looks
at her boobs and not just checking sizes with mine. it was those, amongst
other things, my conscious mind refused to acknowledge, that i wanted to

I knew it was wrong the way I felt. She was my best friend, nothing
more. What would she think of me if she thought I wanted -- wanted what?
My mind refused to even put into silent words my sub-conscious thoughts.
My emotions for her scared me; thoroughly petrified me. That little bitch
on my shoulder knew what was way deep at the back of my mind, but for once
that day I kept her lewd mouth shut.


From the bedroom I looked out over the pool to see Adriana, Alessia's
mom, come through the door from her bedroom and dive into the pool -- stark
naked! I watched fascinated my imp not allowing my eyes to look away.
Adriana had such a beautiful, slight body, firm with perky upturned boobs and upward pointing nipples; even her pussy was bikini shaved in a
triangle, and she was in her mid-thirties and had hardly any boob droop. I
watched her swim around for a few minutes. Wow, my mom's good looking, but
Adriana was 'drop dead' gorgeous for a mom of a fifteen-year-old.

Alessia joined me at the window wearing only her Rio bikini panties,
"She is lovely, huh?" Alessia put her arm around my shoulder saying, "Let's
join her. It's a gorgeous sunny day."

I immediately became very aware of Alessia's smooth, cool arm and hand
touching me; it felt good, very good. "But I didn't bring my bikini," I
said, wondering if I really could get naked in front of these two.

Just as if Alessia had read my thoughts she said, "C'mon, I dare you.
Come in without them."

That little girl on my shoulder suddenly blurted out through my mouth,
"Oh, heck, why not. You're on!" I felt a quiver of trepidation and a
really odd excitement start deep within me. I had now committed myself,
but only to let Alessia and maybe Adriana see me, nothing else.

Alessia grabbed the body lotion that included sun block, and was waiting
for me by the door just as her mom got out, who grabbed her towel and
started drying herself. Rather tentatively I took off my shirt and skirt
while Alessia urged me to hurry, although what the rush was for, I had no

To undress like this was like doing a striptease for Alessia; it felt so
strange, but it also felt sensual. For the little tart on my shoulder the
whole scene was erotic and naughty. Beneath everything I was enjoying it,
albeit, with my upbringing and background I knew it would be considered
wrong, and I didn't doubt it. It was also very challenging for me; I was
so timid and anxious, but my mind and body were responding to this weird
behaviour I had started.

Alessia was watching me but apparently thought nothing of it at all, but
for me the modesty I had been taught and knew as the norm, made this an
anathema. Well perhaps that was too strong but definitely not the done
thing. Such intimacy was very new to me and I was trembling; no, it wasn't
fear anymore; not anything I understood; but I felt aroused. No, not that,
well yes damn it, it was, but why aroused? The warming, fuzzy feeling at
the pit of my stomach was unmistakable, and my nipples were hardening
embarrassingly. The little tart on my shoulder was now making inroads into
my conscious mind.

"Damn it Alessia, its cold."

"Nah, it's not. Its sunny and warm here." Alessia replied turning to
look straight at me.

"Oh, I see why you think so," said Alessia grinning. "You look fabulous
like that, WOW! Very sexy." she teased, but I consciously sensed very
tangably something I had not felt about her before. I couldn't put words
to it. Though I was now as sure as I could be of my attraction to her, but
was she feeling like I did? I had no idea. I then realised maybe it was
not the first time I had felt attracted to a girl either, but never to one
who had become like a sister, and not with someone I had got to know so
intimately. I had simply dismissed the feelings before as aberrant - awful
nightmarish fantasies, but was what I felt awful? The little tart said,

Adriana calling to Alessia broke the awkward moment. "I've left some
bread, salad and cold chicken for your lunch, but you could get a pizza for
dinner tonight or there's braised steak and veggies you could nuke in the

"Um, can Amy stay over?" yelled Alessia.

"Yes, sure, there's plenty."

"Well, would you please ring her mum to ask if it's okay?" called

"Okay," came the reply. After a quick phone conversation Adriana called
out, "That's fine girls; behave yourselves. I've got my mobile phone if
you need anything. I'll leave some money for a pizza!" Adriana laughed.

Alessia called "Wait a sec," and ran down to hug and peck her mom good-bye on the cheek to thank her.


We were to be alone for the whole day and evening. And now all night!
We went out poolside and I quickly dived in wearing only my panties: I had
decided I could not go in completely naked.

Alessia after slipping off her Rio's, had a quick swim, and then lay on
one of the poolside lounges, this time stark naked.

I swam a bit longer then sat next to Alessia, drying myself holding my
towel around me. I looked at Alessia lying there with her eyes shut,
completely uncovered. I noticed that Alessia shaved her bikini line. It
was not much more than a one-inch strip that finished just before
disappearing between her legs. I wondered if she shaved right underneath.

Then I too lay back on my lounge pushed up next to Alessia's. I slipped
the towel down my body and lay half naked next to her.

I felt impish, free, fresh and sexy.

Alessia pushed herself up on an elbow and saw me with only the towel
covering me from the waist down to mid thigh. She didn't make a big drama
out of it, but a smile decorated her face. She said, "You feel comfy like
that? She continued, "Good, 'cause you look great. Beaut' boobs and a
great bod' - you'll pull 'em in, honey."

Before I collected my brain's numbed thoughts she asked me to rub some
lotion on her back. In a sort of daze I remembered the rush that hit me as
I smoothed the lotion on her soft, muscled back. I felt flushed and hot
and that tingling in my lower tummy returned. I was glad Alessia was face
down and her head sideways with her eyes closed, where she couldn't see me
blushing. My little imp was in her element.

Alessia told me later that she too went all 'funny', but loved my hands
on her so much she didn't want me to stop.

Alessia rolled over and sat up to put the lotion on her legs and front.
Her nipples were proudly erect and looking at herself she quipped, "Yep, it
is cold isn't it." Not that she needed to look; I could tell her breasts were telling her in no uncertain terms that she was aroused by my touch.
It was the first time I had seen her even close to being embarrassed. I
thought it was so spine-tingling that I could do that to my friend but also
really weird. I didn't know what to think of it so to my tart's disgust I
changed the subject.

"Yeah, I told you that a while ago. What about me? It's okay if I get
burned, is it?" I scolded her light-heartedly.

"Okay, okay, where do you want it?"

"On my back, of course, where else?"

"Just asking," said Alessia with a smile, "Roll over then."

Alessia had been lying face up bearing all to anybody who looked, but it
was only me that could have seen her. I did, of course, look at her much
to my tart's delight - I imagined her sitting there grinning, but of course
she was the devilish imp in my mind taking me over. And I was weakening to
her. I said, "Can't someone walk in the front door?"

"Nope, it's dead bolted; can't get around the sides of the house either.
We have fixed this area so nobody can see or get in."

Alessia squirted the lotion on and took ages to cover my back massaging
it in. I remember I found that massage so erotic that I pretended I had
gone to sleep. My nipples were so hard and my panties so wet after that -
but not from the pool. My body had felt the 'electricity' of Alessia's
palms on me and it had sent my mind reeling in a way I loved but did not
yet fully grasp. I did understand that i loved it and her.

I wondered further about my feelings for Alessia. They were more than
the love of one's best friend. This was a different kind of love. It must
be like I knew her mom and dad were in love, but Alessia was a girl - there
was no escaping that fact! Could I be 'in love' with my best friend?
Could this be? Not me. No, not me; I'm not like that. It's wrong no
matter how it's put, but I did love Alessia, I knew it and I still wanted
to touch her. I was scared of this. What if Alessia freaked out? What
then, oh god what would she do? Dump on me for sure, she'd kick me out,
maybe tell everyone at school. To just tell her might be disastrous, but
damn it, I did love her and I wanted to show her how much, but I just
didn't how.

I contemplated my dilemma, my feelings muddled. I tried to deny what by
now I knew had to be true. The devil on my shoulder urged me to follow my
instincts, not social conventions. A great help she was NOT!

In the meanwhile we both lay in silence for ages. I didn't know what to
say. Eventually she offered me a cool drink that I immediately accepted.
When she'd gone inside, I finished putting the lotion on my front and had
just finished and covered my rock-hard nipples with the towel as Alessia
reappeared with two glasses of juice.

"Have you tried this? It's orange and mango."

"No, I haven't," I said,

"It's great, especially with Cointreau and ice. It's popular with my
parent's friends at our cocktail parties."

"You mean like when my folks came over last Saturday night?" I said

"Yeah, they seemed to enjoy themselves," said Alessia, and she
continued, "I was handing out drinks and hor d'oeuves. I love those
parties; I get to wear a real sexy dress. I'll show you later. I might
even let you try it on."

"That sounds real cool. I'd love that, " I said enthusiastically.

Alessia smiled and finished her drink and went inside and changed the
radio station to get the week's 'Top 40'.

"Hey, Amy, have you ever seen Playboy or some of those kinds of magazine
- and read the hot stories they have?"

"Well, um . . . er, I . . . but, yeah. I found a pile in the folk's
bedroom when we were back home. I read some, why?"

In hindsight, I guessed that Alessia had decided to see just how I would
react to sexy stuff. She probably wanted to see if I felt like she did. I
think she too felt confused, nervous and unsettled, but not like I was, but
of course, I'm guessing. Reflecting on it later, I am sure Alessia had
started looking for opportunities to test me.

"I found some here too; I read them. Do you wanna have a look? I think
I do."

I grinned at Alessia, thinking about how I fantasised and masturbated to
quite intense orgasms after reading some of the stories and looking at the

"Um . . . okay, if you want to."

"Only if you do too," said Alessia, "I've already said I'd like to."

"Okay then. Thanks."

Alessia went inside, coming back out a couple of minutes later with
several copies of Playboy. She handed one to me. I knew it had a girly
story in it as I had seen it before, and guessed Alessia had to. I said
nothing, wanting to re-read it anyway. This one was about a
sixteen-year-old girl babysitter who seduces the mother of a young teenager, and an eleven-year-old she had already seduced.

Alessia opened one and idly flicked through it admiring the girls,
glancing at me, no doubt watching me for any reaction. She glanced again
as I studied the magazine saying nothing except a few "Oh, my god's." The
tension in me grew. I was feeling hornier and hornier, especially as
Alessia's nipples had been somewhat erect for a while. Could it be that
Alessia was also horny; it seemed she was? But I could not know if I was
influencing her: Imp said it was me, however, there might have been many
other reasons I figured. Why was I even contemplating these things? I
tried to block Imp from my mind.

After half an hour or so I closed the magazine and blurted out, "Phew,
hot. Can I have another drink Ale, maybe with some of that Cointreau you
said they liked?"

"Yeah, you naughty girl. Anything good in that one? You took your time
reading it."

Alessia got up to get the drinks, "I'm gonna have one too."

I said with a hint, "Yeah, there was one story I liked. About a
babysitter." Imp was delighted by it and pressed me to be more forward, I
held her in check, just!

We had both sampled our parents' alcoholic drinks before, and had
confided in each other earlier about this. Alessia poured out a good two
fingers in each glass with a couple of big ice cubes, topping them with the
juice from the fridge. Alessia carried them back to her bedroom doorway
overlooking the pool. I guessed my panties were wet in my groin, in fact,
I knew they were, I could feel it. Feeling embarrassed I decided to dive
in the pool to cover my damp patch.

"Come into my room. That's too much sun for you; you'll get sunburn, "
chirped Alessia, just as I hit the water and coming up at the other end of
the pool. My panties' elastic couldn't keep them up, leaving them down
below my knees and left me not knowing whether to try to pull them up or to
remove them entirely.

Alessia laughed as I got out of the pool struggling to pull them up.
"Leave them off now, silly. I'll find a dry pair for you. C'mon inside."

"Damn it," I thought to myself, but I held the wet panties in front of
myself, covering my discomfort, and to save my embarrassment, ran around
the pool to Alessia's room.

Alessia had gone to the shower to wash off the pool chemicals, stepping
out as I entered. "I'll blow dry my hair while you wash yours," said
Alessia; I obliged.

When I had towel dried my hair, Alessia handed me my drink and took my
wet panties.

"I'll put these in the dryer. Hey, do you want to try on my hostess
dress now?"

"Like this? Nude?"

"Sure, why not? You can't wear a bra under it anyway, it's built in."
retorted Alessia grinning widely. We both drank a good swallow of our

"Um . . . aaah, yeah, okay."

I was excited; Alessia got what she called her hostess dress off its
hanger. It was getting a bit small for her, Alessia had said, but it would
be a little big for me but not by much. It looked fabulous with its
skirt's slits that looked very long, a low back and open front. My pulse
throbbed faster as I looked at it. Imp was besotted and soon had my
nipples standing proudly.

I sensed Alessia's eyes roaming over my body; I quivered, Imp was
thrilled but I'm sure then I was wishful thinking. Now I'm not so sure.
In any case Alessia spread out the dress leaving the waist open for me to
step into, "Okay, stand in here and pull it up; I'll do up the zipper and
the hook and eye for you."

I put my right leg through the waist and then followed it with my left
leg. I then stood up carefully holding my balance leaning my hand on
alessia's shoulder. It was lovely. The dress i figured would fit quite
well. My boobs filled the inbuilt cups that made me feel really wicked.
Imp was truly over the moon and she was exhilarating me. i stood there
holding the dress against my front with one hand grining at alessia.

"Now a toast to the sexiest looking fifteen-year-old spunkiest chick in
the world," said Alessia, clinking her glass on mine, and taking a good
swig of her drink; I followed suit spurred by my impish mindset that had my
conscious mind reeling in defeat.

"Aah . . . ," we both exclaimed!

"God, Amy, you'll look fabulous when it's on properly. Put on the shoes
I wear, they'll fit nicely."

Alessia got down on her knees and found the shoes for me, and again
holding her bare shoulder for balance feeling her muscles moving beneath my
hand; her cool skin soft. With butterflies in my stomach from her touch I
slipped my feet in. My slim legs slipped out through the slits up the
sides of the full-length skirt, which, to me, looked great. The sleeveless
dress was open from the collar down to its waist with a gap of an inch or
so. The zipper started well over halfway down the back and its back had a
much wider gap exposing my back. It was going to be obvious I wore no bra
when tthe collar and zipper were fixed. My Imp was beside herself in
feeling so sensuous although then I didn't recognise that feeling as such.

Alessia stood up slightly to my left, her bare beasts nearly touching
me. Her gorgeous face not more the six inches from mine. I turned from the
mirror towards her. She had gripped my waist for balance as I raised my
arms up to hold the collar. Our eyes met and we held eye contact for
longer than usual that the circumstances warranted. I melted as she
transfixed me, her face in my personal space. I thought she was about to
kiss me. My knees felt weak under me. My heart beat a little faster. Imp
had me throw my years of my up-bring into the garbage can.

I had looked at her rather full lips: they looked delicious. My imp had
told me to lean closer and kiss her. But I couldn't bring myself to
actually do it: I was so tense, almost petrified but excited in a way
incomprehensible to me. I looked at her lips again. Oh, god, they were
parted slightly and full, and pink, and just a little shiny with dampness.
Her breath seemed to cover my face with a delicate film of sensuousness.
Did I want to kiss her? Did I? Imp did!

Before I could answer my thoughts she spoke softly, "Turn around and
I'll check it's on properly."

I watched her luxuriant mouth move as her sweet breath wafted across my
face. My knees weakened more and trembled as I dragged my eyes from her
mouth as I turned away from her. Then her fingers touched me as she
fiddled with the collar followed by the zip. She was trembling; I
distinctly felt her hands shake. Even her breathing had become uneven and
faster; I was absolutely certain of it.

"It's on properly, no problems, nice and straight and you fill it like
it was made for you. You look fantastic Amy," she breathed over the back
of my neck.

She was so close but seemed a mile away; but I could sense her presence.
I could smell her, hear her breathe, her aroma was in her room pervading
everything. It filled me, it thrilled me; it kept me spellbound. I was
completely under her magical charm. Her breath swept around my neck
carrying me to an unworldly place where I'd never been but a world I loved
as she said, "Okay, now take a walk but take care in those shoes."

Did I still want to kiss her? I didn't get to fully think about it as
she guided me towards the door. My heart pounded in my chest as I walked
out heading down the passageway, wobbling on the high heels, carrying my
drink. Alessia followed, ready to catch me if I fell. I headed for the
full-length mirror I'd seen near the front door.

Alessia caught up with me and held my hips telling me to take slow,
shorter steps and not sway my hips so much. Oh, my god, she was touching
my hips again, it was wonderful.

Alessia said, "Come back to my room, Amy, I'll do your hair and put a
bit of makeup on you."

"But I wanna see me!"

"I've a full length mirror in my bedroom. You'll sprain an ankle if you

"Oh, all right," I said taking the last of my drink. My hands had
become sweaty. I was in heaven on earth. My imp had come back and
sensitised my body. Alessia's hands were like magic on me but stirring the
pit of my stomach and my nipples rigid, stimulated by the and the cloth
shwishing over them.

Alessia had finished her drink too. "Another drink Amy? I'll risk my
folks catching me."

The spell partly broken I replied, "Yeah, okay. It's good stuff that."

"Okay, stay there. It'll only take a second."

"Right. I'm not planning on leaving just yet," I laughed.

I was both feeling good and uninhibited as the Cointreau took effect. I
then realised that Alessia seemed almost normal and that she was, at least
in my company, quite naturally unrestrained though her tenseness did show
when we were so very close in her bedroom. I wondered how she felt. Was
she feeling as I was? And anyway, what was it that I had felt then? I was
not at all sure. It all felt surreal but so wonderful. I had felt light
headed, as if floating on a cloud. Imp behind all this niggled at me, 'you
love her more than anything.' I knew Imp was right.


Alessia mixed the drinks then guided me back down to her bedroom.

"Okay, stand here."


As we chatted about the music, using her dryer Alessia dried my hair.
She brushed it dry and silky smooth. She pulled a ponytail up and slipped
a loop of my hair through a pretty silk scrunchie, setting my hair high on
my head. Then she put on a touch of eye shadow to match the dress's deep
purple, finishing off with eyeliner pencil and a slightly mauve lipstick.

We both sipped on our drinks while she was busy fussing with me.
Alessia touching me had made me feel wonderful and close to her. The hot
fuzzy feelings I had for her had strengthened further, and I just wanted to
hold her. Alessia's attention had stirred in me what seemed to me to be a
love I couldn't have possibly imagined for anybody, especially my best

Weird I thought, but was it really? Imp on my shoulder said it was
great and that being touched by Alessia was just fine and so were my
feelings for my friend. As Imp hadn't been wrong all day I now trusted

For most of this time Alessia was standing in front of me, wearing just
the Rio's that she had slipped on when giving me a dry pair of old panties.
By the time she had finished fixing me up, I was almost mesmerised by the
firm breasts swaying so close to me. I was wet again, and I caught
Alessia's delectable aroma wafting through the air. I was aroused.
Alessia pulled the sliding wardrobe door across and moved behind me. I
gasped at my image in the mirror. Even if I said so myself I looked twenty
years old and fit to kill.

I walked slowly from side to side, my slim but well-shaped legs showing
above mid-thigh. My slightly puffy areolas had shrunk, but my nipples were
bursting proudly erect, throbbing unmercifully and were now sending
unmistakable signals to my pussy that I was no longer able to ignore. I
swayed and bent over to see if my creamy boobs could be seen through that
long, but not that wide vee-shaped open front. On a few occasions I could
see all but my nipples. Now I found this sight exciting whereas before
this morning I would have been horrified. The soft cloth on my breasts felt great against my skin. My areolas and nipples rubbed on the cloth
stimulating them further.

"Oh, god, it's so sexy," I exclaimed excitedly, laughing nervously with
Alessia trying not to notice the arousal that I could see was plainly
written on my flushed face reflected in the mirror. I did notice that she
was bit flushed also. Had she seen my boobs inside the dress?

I find seeing illicit things thrilling, especially sexy things. The
lure of the forbidden for a teenager, an adventitious teen, is almost
irresistible. I found seeing most of my boobs through the front of the
dress exciting and although they were my own boobs I saw in the reflection
I knew Alessia might have seem them: It was her that gave me the buzz I
felt. Of course I didn't know if Alessia saw anything, but it did make me
wonder whether seeing the same sorts of illicit things also thrilled her. I
hoped so!

After more than just a few minutes I came down a little and Alessia said
that I needed to be careful with the dress, and so perhaps that was enough,
as she had another 'little dress' to try if I wanted to.

"Oh, do I have to?"

"Yes, please," insisted Alessia. "I can't risk this one getting
damaged. I'll help you take it off," Alessia said, moving behind me again
as she took a last look in the mirror.

"Okay, take it off, honey." Alessia rested her hands on my neck while
undoing the hooks on the choker; I could feel she was trembling again. I
stiffened at her touch, while she managed to run the back of her hand down
my spine. Then lower, and holding the zipper tag and seemingly ensuring
her hand stayed in contact with my back, she gently pressed the back of her
fingers onto my spine and slowly pulled it down. I nearly screamed in
delirium at the feeling of sexual electricity generated within me, but I
didn't realise what I was experiencing. But I did know it was breathtaking
and that it was caused by Alessia's hand.

My eyes were closed, while goose bumps sent shivers all through me. I
shrugged off the dress and let it fall and stood there nude knowing Alessia
would be able to see me in the mirror. I no longer worried about her
seeing me. In hindsight I think I wanted her to look at me although I was
really nervous about exposing myself to her. I felt oddly thrilled by my
nudity. Then as Alessia put her hands on my hips, she very softly brushed
her lips back and forth over my bare neck breathing over me. Imp whispered
to me, "Excellent girl, you're doing well!" I melted once again.

As I slipped off the shoes, kicking them into the wardrobe, I sighed
deeply, "Oh, Alessia, I love you," involuntarily voicing my thoughts. It
was no more than softly whispered.

Alessia snapped out of her dream, stammering, "G . . . god, Amy I . . .
I'm sorry . . . I . . . didn't mean to upset . . . y . . ." Then I think
my words hit her.

She looked wide-eyed into the mirror - a frightened look. My eyes
looked intently back at her, my eyes a little glazed, "Oh, Amy, please . .
.?" her voice railing off as I closed my eyes sexily.

Alessia whispered, "Love me? Oh, Amy, I love you too."

"Oh, god, Ale . . . yes, yes, god, I thought I would die if you had . .
. freaked out. I do love you . . . " my voice trailing off. I had now
said it to her, my love, and she's said she loves me.

Alessia's eyes softened to a dreamy look and she smiled at me. I
returned her smile somewhat sheepishly. Alessia kissed my neck, here,
there, everywhere and it was so delightful. She said afterwards I tasted
like a princess should, my aroma exhilarating, and my skin incredibly soft.
She slid her hands around my taut tummy. I rejoiced in her softness. The
intense sensations made me quiver enchanted.

By holding me, her breasts pressed into my back. "Oh, my god, I had no
idea," whispered Alessia breathily in my ear as I felt her hard nipples on
my hot skin. I took Alessia's hands in mine, holding them to me for a
while, then I moved her hands upwards, guiding them.

"Neither did I, neither did I; god you feel great," I purred quietly to
my Alessia.

Alessia was still kissing my neck and shoulders. I could feel our bare
legs touching. Glorious, she's glorious, I marvelled.

My skin, where it touched her felt like nothing I'd ever felt before, it
was so soft but sent my knees trembling, weak. Weird it was, but so
astounding and truly magnificent.

She gently nibbled on my ear lobe, breathing into it saying, "I love
you, Amy, you're wonderful."

I had been slowly guiding Alessia's hand upwards and now I had her hands
at my breasts. I pressed Alessia's hands to cup me; she must have heard me
catch my breath in a sharp gasp. The sensation for me both was
exhilarating. We both cried out together, my passion rising rapidly.

Alessia found her thumbs over my arrogant, hard nipples. She stroked
them lightly, eventually and cautiously pressing them onto her forefingers,
where she rolled them between her fingers. The feelings I received from
this were extraordinary and seemed to trigger tingly sensations in my
pussy. My emotions had me soaring across a shimmering sea of love and

I sighed, the sound coming from deep within me, an almost animal-like
sound, slightly startling Alessia. I loved Alessia feeling my breasts,
stroking and rolling my long, thin, hard nipples. The pleasure it
delivered was incredible and for Alessia it must have been gratifying to
hear my moans of delight whenever she gave them little tugs. The
sensations were unbelievable. I didn't want her to stop - ever.

"Alessia, I had no idea you, you a girl, could do this to me. I have
never thought of loving a girl till you . . . oh, yes, the girls in the
mag did this stuff. I . . . I got wet just thinking . . . of you," I
panted but continued, "but please, Alessia . . . I . . . was taught this
is wrong, we should, we must stop . . .!"

"I will if you really want to, but I don't want to stop," Alessia
whispered in my ear taking her hands away. That tortured me. I needed her
hands back where they had been they had felt so wonderful. I didn't want
her to stop - that was my rational conscious talking. My Imp told my
conscience to piss off. No chance of stopping this, everything feels so
right, it can't be wrong!

Quivering with desire, I turned to face her. She looked wonderful but
very apprehensive - tears were forming in her eyes. Her face was ashen and
she looked into my eyes searchingly; worried, scared. I'd never seen
Alessia cry before and she must have been crying because of me. Unable to
contain my concerns I threw my arms around her neck to pacify her, to
reassure her, to lay bare my love for her, to hold her closely as the tears
ran down her cheeks.

"Oh, god, my sweet Alessia, I can't stop. I love you!"

I started crying too. I managed to murmur almost incoherently, "I don't
want to stop, and I'm not strong enough to stop now, though I know I
should. But I do love you and it feels so right!"

"Will it be forever for you? No turning back. I will love you
forever," Alessia breathed in a low teary and wavering voice, and the
poignancy wasn't missed. Alessia's hands went to my hips. I revelled at
the feel of her silky-smooth hands once more.

I retorted, "I hope so, but I want you. I don't care . . . it feels so
wonderful, it can't be wrong."

"I don't know. I don't know, but for me it's gorgeous being with you
and especially like this," Alessia said as she took my face in her hands
and making eye contact again as though she was searching my mind or looking
for a sign. We were so close, two, perhaps three inches apart. And my
urge to kiss her was imperative. I moved to answer her unspoken question
and brushed her lips with mine softly at first, but soon firmly and our
tongues met and we kissed passionately.

Our tongues were seeking out each other's, quickly intertwining. We
broke for a moment, then lips kissing again, mouths and tongues seeking,
probing, and sucking joyously. It was mystical; magic personified. My
mind, body and spirit were as free as a sea breeze but bound in a web of
gossamer love.

Alessia's hands feeling my hot skin aroused me beyond belief. I felt
myself getting wet in the groin, and the feeling of Alessia's soft skin all
over my front, pressing breasts to breasts, was sending my blood rushing.
My heart beat faster, and my breathing quickened. I noticed Alessia was
breathing faster and then she bit my shoulder hard, but not so that she
drew blood. Even the pain delighted me. It felt like pure passion on
Alessia's part - I briefly wondered if she knew what she'd done.

I panted, "Harder, harder, bite me, suck me, kiss me."

I did not let my arms slip from Alessia's neck; I leaped out of the
dress, leaving it on the floor behind me. I jumped up wrapping my legs
around her hips. I pushed her back towards her double bed and slowly I
slid down her body. Alessia all the while kept biting my chest lustfully
and playfully.

She tried to hold my smooth, taut buttocks but was losing the battle.
While I started suckling, kissing and nibbling on Alessia's right breast,
areole and nipple I gradually slid towards the floor.

Alessia started throwing her head from side to side, moaning, "Ohh,
geez, god, suck there, suck them off, it's fabulous, so hot, do it Amy, do
it to me."

At this point both of us lost control and together with any remaining
inhibitions, each lusting after the other. Alessia slumped backwards onto
her bed, her breasts flattening out and lolling sideways. She dragged me
on top of her. I gorged on the two full breasts each in turn, and with my
other hand kneading and squeezing the one not being suckled or nibbled.
Alessia was being ravished; she threw her head back and from side to side
in a delirious frenzy of exquisite joy. "Oh, Amy, oh, yes, yes, ooh,"
Alessia howled. She groaned aloud and threw herself at my inexpert, but
highly charged mouth and tongue.

After awhile Alessia lifted me up and above her, and holding me up took
my breast into her mouth and sucked hard, very hard. I squealed in
surprise and delight, my face flushed, watching as Alessia took it in to
her mouth, all of it, until I felt her teeth in my chest, her tongue
swirling over and around my breast and my nipples, the sensation
magnificently sending me into a lustful desire I'd never thought possible.

"Oh, don't stop, don't stop. Oh, my god. Alessia, you're so hot, god,
I love it. Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, yes, yes."

I put my hands on the bed, taking my weight, twisting my body from side
to side as Alessia switched breasts. Then I pulled my knee up, next to and
touching her side, followed by the other straddling her. Raising myself on
my knees, I moved myself slowly back and forth, rubbing my wet panties against Alessia's mound. We instinctively arched towards each other, eyes
glazing over again, our breathing rasping in ever shortening gasps. As if
the two of us were one, as Alessia lifted her hips I grabbed her panties and pulled them down. I'm sure Alessia took my initiative as a clue and my
panties were similarly pulled off.

Erotically grinding our bellies and mounds together, both of us were
sent into a sort of prone, erotic belly dance. The sensations, as we
forced ourselves onto each other, will never be forgotten. Sweat dripped
from me, it trickled down between my breasts.

Alessia too, had droplets of sweat forming all over her. We both
glistened in the late morning light, our breathing coming in even shorter
bursts. I directed my eyes into Alessia's looking at her face, her
expressions; I sensed that my intensity of emotions were being
reciprocated. She looked at me, her mouth open softly moaning, she smiled
at me before she closed her eyes again.

I felt her body stiffening, burning hot, and I sensed she was about to
get off into what I was certain was going to be a totally mind-blowing
orgasm. I thought my weight on her mons could make her come. All she
could say was, "Shit, Amy, Amy, Ohhhh!"

I lifted myself off her asking, "Can I kiss you? Like down there, like
the girls in the mag?"

Alessia would have agreed to anything. I would have bet millions she
was aching to come, but this was out of a dream, she nodded, grinning

"Ooh, yes, Amy, yes."

I slithered down Alessia, licking off the salty sweat. As I passed over
her belly button, I gave it an especially good licking, twirling my tongue
around it, in it. Alessia was already wildly excited, and I was teasing
her. Naive I might have been, but I wanted to watch my love enjoy
everything I did to her, I wanted this to last for as long as possible.

Alessia was begging me, "Ohhh, please, please, Amy."

I pushed myself between Alessia's legs moving my face and tongue to
nuzzle her soft thighs. The aroma of a woman's love lubricant, the musky
aroma compellingly drawing me to it, filled my nostrils. My lover let me
into her inner private sanctum by opening her knees for me.

My wet lips grazed her labia to be greeted by the smooth, skin of her
pussy, completely hairless. I was surprised by its smoothness, the
silkiness of her pussy. I ran my hands down her inner thighs, feeling
them, caressing them. The firm muscular thighs with the tendons barely
stretched, but were so beautifully taut under my hand. The skin was
wonderfully warm and flawless. Alessia groaned long but softly, and
started noticeably shaking. She was grabbing the sheets in her fists and
was pulling on them.

Unsure of myself but desperately wanting to taste Alessia and then to
bring her to an ultimate climax, I ran my lips and tongue up and down her
labia. The taste was scrumptious, indescribable. The feeling of her
arching, shaking and groaning, gave me confidence. How anyone's pussy juices could taste so wonderful, had never occurred to me before.

I just knew Alessia's juice did taste delectable, and I wanted it.
More, much more! But my inexperience made me scared of rejection, scared
of being too . . . geez, I didn't know what, scared of something,
something forbidden.

However, I did what I wanted to; Alessia had done nothing but indicate
she loved me. And what I was doing to her was gorgeous, that she loved it,
wanted it, wanted me to bring on an orgasm, that above all she wanted me. I
ran my tongue down Alessia's pussy lips all the way along her slit, Then
into the inner lips. Then I went all the way and inside her. I was
astounded at the feeling of her muscular pussy walls, her juiciness, the
taste of her and her squirming. She locked my head in with her thighs and
then her fingers threaded in my hair encouraging me, pulling me closer.

Alessia squirmed, "Oh, shit, god, Amy, yes, yes, god yes."

My face, wet with her juices, I drove my tongue deeply into her. The
moaning became louder. Her hips pushed against my tongue and face
hesitantly, yet surely, slowly thrusting. There was no lingering doubt in
my mind anymore. I loved Alessia's cries and movements. I was giving
Alessia extreme pleasure with the ultimate to come. I swirled my tongue
inside deeply, pulling back then deep again, sucking hard all the time;
Alessia's juices flowing quicker, were getting lapped and sucked up by a
greedy me and I loved doing this to her: to give her such pleasure was

Alessia cried out, "Amy, god, god, you're fantastic, get me, please,
Amy, make me come. I gotta come!"

I pulled back a little to look up at Alessia's lusting, loving, begging
face. It was contorted with unbridled passion. Alessia had got herself
onto her elbows to watch but had been in such ecstasy she had thrown
herself about with her eyes shut and hadn't seen much. She raised herself
when I looked, her eyes burning but begging me to continue. I grinned at
her with my dripping face. She pleaded, "Oh god Amy, please no more
teasing, please just do it for me?"

Again my tongue slipped into and through Alessia's labia to tease out
her clitoris, to find it throbbing, thrust out of its sheath, and as big
and hard as a dried bean. As I touched it with my tongue, she gruffly
gasped from deep within. I flicked it three, four times and sucked it as
hard as I could, scrapping my teeth over it. It was right at that moment
that she lost it. Her body stiffened in an exquisite spasm that slammed
her into an ongoing orgasm. She had exploded, squirting her orgasmic
juices into my mouth, and all over my face. I hung on until she fell back
with a final groan of passion fulfilled.

"Ooh, geez, Amy, oh my god, my princess, Amy."

Alessia was breathless; I wriggled up to hold her, kissing her face,
stroking her back and arms. Alessia weakly grinned, kissing me gently.

"Amy, that was unbelievable. That was mind-blowing, lights blazing in
my head, mountainous waves of ecstasy crashing through my mind and body.
God, I love you."

We clung together for a few minutes.

"Amy?" queried Alessia.


"I want to do the same for you. Right now. Please!"

A big grin split my face, "You'd better or I'll die. The look on your
face, wow, it must have been wild. Anyway, I need you badly."

Alessia kissed me, softly at first, quickly building to a very
passionate one. Alessia rolled me onto my side, and then she gently
touched my skin with her fingertips. She continued kissing me wildly. Our
breathing quickened. Alessia started wiggling down me and cupping my
breasts, kissing down my chest, taking the wonderful, firm soft flesh in
her hands.

It felt so good to me and it was fun to feel her fingers run smoothly
over my breasts to my areolas, then gently but firmly take each nipple
between her fingers stroking along them, all the while watching my face.
She leaned over, kissing each nipple before sucking them, suckling them. I
knew then what I'd done to Alessia. It was not innocent, it was
full-blown, albeit, inexperienced lust and absolutely wonderful.

Alessia must have been turned on by my soft moans and glazed eyes;
kissing under my breasts, she ran her wet, soft tongue down to my belly
button, where she circled it. Leaning around further, turning her body,
she ran her tongue over my flattened tummy to the top of my far thigh. She
would have seen how wet my deep-pink, swollen labia were and I knew they
would have been giving off an unbelievably sexy, musky aroma.

She pushed her face in to get to my pussy, kissing the top lightly,
hesitantly, but even in my excitement, I started to recognise that Alessia
was copying stuff from the morning's story. She licked just inside the top
of my nether lips . . . . Then, as if on springs, my legs shot apart.

"Alessia, I'm so happy; you're gorgeous; what you're doing to me is
absolutely . . . god, yes," I squealed loudly as the tip of Alessia's
tongue penetrated to my clitoris, snaking over it. Alessia took my clit
between her lips, sucking on it with her tongue squashed out, sawing back
and forth, over and around it.

I went into a long moan saying, "Oooooooooh, hell, oh, god, Alessia,
god, aaaaahh ... oh, yes."

Alessia leaned over further, her breasts rubbing on me, and feeling so
good. She got as much of her body touching me as she could, and let go of
my clit and sunk her tongue, slowly but deeply, into my velvet wetness,
wiggling and pushing her chin over my clit. She stayed swirling her
tongue, sucking, tasting and licking for a few minutes, still on top of me.
All the while I was moaning my appreciation louder, thrusting my hips in
joyous abandon, and making every endeavour to get as much pleasure from
that gorgeous tongue and mouth as humanly possible. Alessia started moving
her whole body over, with me revelling in her sweaty breasts rubbing on me.

I hoped Alessia loved my love juice as much as I had loved hers. My
best guess is that she did by the way she sucked and licked me. I felt
myself tensing up and my back arching again. I felt the fabulous
sensations building up in my body. I was definitely close to my first
orgasm. It was sensational, exquisite and it was from Alessia making love
to me. Oh, god, she was wonderful, such a gorgeous friend and a wonderful

She murmured something about my taste being like a musky pink
grapefruit, and I was producing just as much juice and in ever-increasing
quantities. She sat up, straddled me, and I felt my breasts squash under
her as she ran her hands over my tummy and down my thighs to feel the calf
muscles. Everything perfect, everything so sexy, it was totally erotic,
and hardly surprisingly, this was my idea of heaven.

I was now begging Alessia to make me come. Oh, my god, I had done this
to her, how cruel of me. Alessia pushed her hand under my leg and quietly
and quickly slipped her long fingers into my drenched pussy, spreading her
adjacent fingers, widening my labia lips to expose the throbbing,
fit-to-burst clitoris. Alessia started moving her finger slowly in and out
of my velvety wetness, increasing in speed and depth. I smiled as my eyes
glazed over, throwing my head back in abandonment. Alessia then leant,
face down, to give me the same ecstasy I had so recently given her.

My heart raced again, my breathing quickened, I gasped time and time
again as Alessia fingered me, as she sucked and tongued that hard bean, the
ultimate pleasure centre. Flicking it, running her tongue over it until
soon my back and body started tensing again as I readied for an orgasm.
All of this I'd experienced during masturbation but that was not even close
to how much better it is when someone else does it to you. Alessia gently
bit on my clitoris, sending the pleasure centres in my brain into extreme overload.

I let out a wail expressing the intensity of my building climax,
heralding my ultimate release. For me it was incredibly intense. An
indescribable and unintelligible set of mutterings poured forth, as my body
stiffened, muscles tensed, and jerked my toes curled tight. I spasmed in
my ecstasy as my climax overtook me for ages. I nearly passed out. Slowly
it began coming to a halt as my series of orgasms subsided. Such
wonderful, unbelievably exquisite gratification I had ever experienced by
far. I had Alessia to thank for that.

I let out a huge breath, "Ooh . . . mmph," before going limp. Alessia
released my clit from her grip and she squirmed to kiss my mouth with her
drenched face. She was letting me taste my love juices while comforting
and cuddling me with soothing touches, kisses and hugs, as we came down
from our acute highs.

Alessia and I spent the next minutes just in exchanges of deep love and
affection. Touching a cheek, fondling a nipple or a breast and swapping
loving smiles. I felt so sexy: god, she was too and I loved her so much.

Alessia offered to get drinks or food, but I just wanted to be held for
a while. I sensed the exhausted Alessia was grateful, and she leaned over
me, kissing me with her lips brushing over my neck. I enjoyed the
sensations that cuddling Alessia brought to me. I could not stop
marvelling at the sensations Alessia had just given me. I guessed it was
pretty much what I had given her. I hoped so.

In the intimacy that follows such intensity we swapped stories, kissing
and holding each other, not wanting to lose the moment. I think we both
felt fabulously alive, but emotionally drained. Our sweat cooled me but it
brought out the aroma of her skin that was very heady for me then and I lay
there enjoying it. It was odd to me that even though I had just been blown
away by Alessia, I still wanted her; I wanted more.

We clung to each other lovingly for a long time before drifting off to


The next thing I became aware of when I woke up was that Alessia was
asleep beside me. I wanted Alessia again, but waited to see if she
awakened by herself.

I judged by the sunlight that it was early afternoon. I realised that I
must have been asleep for maybe only ten minutes or so. The pungent aroma
of our lovemaking immediately assailed my nostrils stirring memories and
responses in both my mind and body.

I rolled over from my back to see that Alessia was still sleeping. She
was facing me, her hair somewhat dishevelled, but to me she looked
beautiful anyway. Her naked, uncovered body looked absolutely stunning. I
was also naked, but now totally at ease with my nudity. In fact I couldn't
think of anything better right then. I was also feeling calm and relaxed
about our morning's activity. I felt no guilt at all; I was in love with
her, my Alessia!

My gaze wandered over to Alessia as I remembered our lovemaking, our
first time ever. Alessia's breasts were the full round kind, medium-sized
brownish-pink areolas with thick, short nipples. One breast was slightly
squashed on the bed, the other lying over on its side, and a part of it
being propped up by the arm that was underneath, her hand under her face.
Her top leg lay bent up and over mine.

I could see the strip of hair on Alessia's mound that I now knew topped
her almost hairless womanhood. I'd discovered that she had no, or at
worst, the finest of hair on her pussy's labia; I found that very sexy and
promised myself I would get rid of mine if I could. Although I hardly had
a very bushy pussy I had lots compared to Alessia. I wanted to lean over
and touch what my eyes feasted upon.

I waited somewhat impatiently for Alessia to wake. The sight and aroma
aroused warm feelings within me because of my friend, and now my lover. I
loved the feel of Alessia's leg on me, and what it revealed of her body. I
had not had such feelings about any girl until then. With my darling
Alessia it was different, so natural. My hand wandered over my skin. I
was delighted by its erotic messages.

At first, I thought maybe I'd dreamt the unbelievably intense orgasms
I'd had that morning, but not after seeing Alessia next to me. Neither of
my experiences with boys had come even remotely close to either receiving
or giving such exquisite pleasures such as I'd had that day.

My nipples had sprung proudly erect, the tingling in my groin growing
noticeably as my thoughts continued. It felt good, really good, and now
what I wanted desperately was to touch her, but she looked so peaceful

I leant over and carefully removed some stands of hair from her face and
mouth. My left breast brushed against her arm, sending shivers through me,
bringing up goose bumps and a rising emergency within me. I felt I must
wake her soon, for the desire for more of her had again started burning
within me. Very gently I ran my fingertips along her knee and thigh,
making her stir. She moved her leg, rubbing it a few centimetres up mine,
sending a thrill through my body.

She woke, grinned at me and said in a sleepy, soft voice, "You are my
darling now, isn't that right?" I leaned over and kissed her saying, "Yes,
my darling, I'm yours."

Alessia Gerini Copyright (c) 2002 22


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