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*Becoming a Bitch*

From the ride of the car I can tell we have pulled onto some kind of
unpaved road. Presently we stop and you allow me to raise my head; it has
been in your lap for the length of the drive.

As we step out of the car, you motion for me to accept my collar and
leash; my eyes get big but I comply, lifting my hair out of the way for you
to install this manifestation of your ownership.

"Heel, bitch."

I fall into place beside and slightly behind you, excited at this
'public' display even though I have seen no other people on the grounds.
We seem to be on a small ranch. We head towards some buildings I assume to
be stables. I nearly stumble at this realization and am yanked back into
position by your firm hand on my lead.

We enter the cool semi-darkness of the barn. The air is full of smells;
horses, sweet hay, not unpleasant sweat. You lead me to the back and into
a small paddock.

"Strip, bitch. Now."

You watch with glitteringly stern eyes as I disrobe. I stand before you
naked except for my collar and leash. I notice your attention shift and my
eyes follow yours to a place behind me. A man has appeared at the door of
the paddock. I blush deep scarlet, ashamed of my exposure. It is only
when he hands you another leash and turns to leave that I really notice his
companion; a very large, very muscular dog.

I turn to you in almost a panic and am greeted by seeming disdain; I
know not to protest or do so would bring harsh punishment. I
have given myself to you to use as you see fit, after all. My eyes widen
as the dog approaches me; a big male. I notice his cock and balls swaying
beneath him. Something has aroused him... and as his nose goes straight
for my crotch, with a shudder of excitement, I realize it might be me.

I squirm as he nuzzles my sex and I feel your hands on my shoulders,
turning me. I look into your eyes as you push down on my shoulders,
forcing me to my knees in the clean, sweet smelling straw. I stifle a
small moan as I drop to my hands and knees, in effect, offering myself to
the dog.

Legs slightly parted, I look up at you then over my shoulder. I
capitualte. He sniffs at me again and gives me a lick, clear from top to
bottom along the crack of my ass. Suddenly I feel his paws pressing down
on my lower back, scratching me as they slide into position underneath me,
locking me in place.

I face front, breathing now ragged. You are now kneeling in front of
me, your sex loosed from your slacks, engorged and rigid, betraying your
excitement. You pull my leash, forcing me to look into your eyes. I
concentrate on you, knowing I will have to if I am to succeed in this
submission you are demanding.

You push your cock against my lips and I take you in, desperate for the
distraction. I see you watching the dog, watching me be mounted, waiting
for him to enter me....

I feel his long, red cock slide between my legs, poking my belly. I
feel my body adjust automatically to accomodate him, almost by instinct
acting like what I am: A bitch.

Thinking the word gives me jolt of pleasure, straight from my cunt to my
brain. You are more excited now, I can feel you. You pull your cock from
my mouth and move so you can see better...I flush at your witness to my
shameful excitement.

I close my eyes and lower my shoulders to the ground. I feel his furry
underbelly rub across my ass and move my hand to guide his long, slender,
hot to the touch cock home.

I'm about to be fucked by a dog. Oh god.

Unable to control the animal, a slight miscalculation occurs and I feel
his cock slam into my ass. I startle and attempt to move forward but there
is no escape now; the dog begins his staccato pumping immediately and I am
caught between forepaws. I am helpless under your excited gaze and his
excited humping. All I can do is take it, let him ride me to completion.

You are back in front of me. Your cock spreads my lips again. I
understand immediately that you are going to ride me to completion from the
front. Your hand wraps itself in my hair as you watch my ass rape in
progress...You fuck my mouth.

The excitement is too much for me. I am going to climax, and hard. I
feel the power showering off of you in waves and know you are also close. I
have no idea what to expect from the dog as he hammers away at me....I
come. Again. Moaning around your cock I come yet again and I feel a change
in the dog's rhythm.....Insticntively I know he is getting close. I feel
You stiffen and a low roar issue from your lips, then, you erupt, filling
my mouth and throat. I swallow convulsively, taking all of you. The dog shudders, slopping drool across my back and then dismounts nonchalantly.
This is nothing to him....just another breed bitch to fuck. His due,
nothing else.

It is done. I realize what you have done; you have established a truth.
Now when you call me "bitch" there can be no doubt. You have demostrated
very literally that that is my new reality.

I am your bitch.


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