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Believe It


Adult Material Not Intended For Minors

I Cant Believe It

by Drifter

(email Drifter at

As Jack maneuvered his car onto the freeway, his mind was certainly not
on where he was headed. As his small car reached the speed limit he
pressed harder on the accelerator. He flew by other cars on the road one
after the other as he gained even more speed... then not sure how long he
had driven like this, as if waking, he glanced down at the speedometer and
saw he was doing 95. Muttering under his breath, he lifted his foot off of
the pedal. The car slowed, passing fewer and fewer others, and then took
the first off ramp. He recognized where he was and unthinking, turned down
a country lane, soon stopping, overlooking a small lake.

"What the hell am I going to do?" he said out loud to no one.

His mind refocused on the problem as he rethought. I can't believe it,
yet I know it's true. Jill is messing around with someone else. For the
first time since I met Jill, and married her, I am feeling jealous...
suspicious... no... knowing that my lovely wife of 8 years is having an

Jack Cartwright stared unseeing over the lake before him. The evidence
had been there for weeks. Jill getting home late from work, the phone
calls he had overheard her part in, with the soft voice, the tender tone,
the words that could be interpreted several ways. The new clothes, more
mod, certainly sexier. The many nights she had said she was out with his
sister shopping as he lay tormented. His gut wrenched as he lay his head
on the steering wheel and wept.

Soon he asked himself, "Why?" again out loud.

But he knew why. He had been ignoring his wife... badly. The job had
consumed him for the last six months. And everything with his darling Jill
had been "put off". The long walks, the long talks, the dating they had
continued even after they had been married for some time. Even the sex had
become less and less and he couldn't remember when he had been there for
that even. Lately he just dragged himself home late and collapsed after a
warmed over dinner. Day after day, week after week....

"No damn wonder you dummy." he thought. He knew Jill needed to be loved
in all of the many ways they had come to enjoy, Not just the sex, although
that had been so good. Jill had been eager to experiment with him and they
had tried about everything two people could do. Every fantasy either of
them could think of had been acted out.... too many to list.... But more
than sex, Jill needed to be held and loved. To be talked to and listened
too and courted, So many ways he had let her down.

"OK... you screwed up big time...but now what? What the hell can you
do now?" he voiced

Was it too late? Had she fallen in love with someone else? Was it over
for them? He fervently hoped not. He truly adored his wife. And he knew
that she too, at one point, had loved him just as much. Did she still?
How could she and do this?

Then he thought, How could I do this? Love her so and ignore her so?
No job is worth losing her. But too late? Knowing she has been
unfaithful, that she has "known" another man, let another man do to her,
all the special things they had discovered together. Do I still want her
after that, want what we had? Can I ignore what she has done?

And he knew the answer. He knew he still wanted her. He would always
love her. No one could ever take her place. No one could come close to
satisfying him at everything in his life like Jill. He had found his
perfect soul mate and treated her badly. And she had strayed. Ok he could
deal with that.., maybe,. if it had just been the attention... the sex.
But what if she loved him whoever it was? NO... that can't be... please
say it can't be.... and what if she refuses to stop seeing him?

Later he drove slowly back to their home. It was now mid afternoon. He
had left his office abruptly after reading the typewritten note and had
just wandered around the city aimlessly. The note Jill had dropped out of
her briefcase that morning as she left for work. He had been on his way
out too and he scooped it up and stuck it in his pocket without thought.
She had hugged and kissed him as always and they climbed in their separate
cars and left. At his office he had read it. On top of his other present
suspicions, any doubt was now gone as he read the flowing message:

My Darling Jill,

I can't begin to tell you what the hours we have

spent together mean to me. I just want more and

more of you. You have been so wonderful to me.

I will love you forever

Now as he read it again in their home his reaction was different. The
feeling he was about to throw up was gone. Now he was analytical. There
was no signature. There didn't have to be. Did it really matter who she
was seeing behind his back? His thoughts were now, how do I win her back.
He had won her love once before, could he again?

He picked up the phone and ordered a dozen long stemmed yellow roses,
her favorite, sent to her office and another dozen to their home, to be
delivered within the hour. He looked at his watch and knew she would be in
the staff meeting at that moment and left the message on her phone mail,

"Hi darling... I know I have been too damned occupied

with my office lately but no more. If you are free tonight

I will pick you up at home at 6 for dinner at Antoines. If I

don't hear from you at my office I will see you then."

Antoines was a very upscale restaurant, also Jill's favorite. He
showered and put on his dark blue suit, another of her favorites. He
checked his messages, knowing if she had called it would be there by now.
After making his way through a dozen business calls the ending beep
sounded, she hadn't called.

He left hurriedly right after the roses were delivered to the house,
wanting to be gone when she got home. As he drove around, there was an
hour to kill, a new thought hit him. He spun the car around and headed to
the new destination. Parked now, he was glad they were still open. The
ring Jill had been admiring was still in the window. A solitaire diamond
dinner ring.

When he drove off he patted his coat to feel the ring box. It had taken
a few minutes to size it. She would love it. But was it all too late?
What if she needed the new him the way Jack needed her?

It was time. He pulled into the drive of their home and walked to the
front door, ringing the bell. This was how their dates started. Now he
stood there nervous as a kid on his first date.

She opened the door shortly and when he saw her he felt his breath stop.
She stood there and posed just like she always did. She had on a long
cocktail dress that almost reached the floor. It was a second skin over
her delicious form, his favorite dress. Low cut in front, it exposed a
large expanse of rounded flesh. Jack knew if she moved just right her tan
areola would peek up at him. It was so damned sexy. No wonder other men wanted her. How could they not?

Bowing from the waist and smiling at this beauty, Jack offered his arm.
She slid hers into his and he felt her large breast brush his arm. He felt
the familiar stir and he wanted her so bad. Again he asked myself how he
could have let things go so far? He opened the car door for her and she
slid in. As she did the slit in her skirt revealed her long delightful
legs. He glanced at them as if he had never seen them before.

As he got in the car she slid over close and kissed his cheek and said,
"I loved the roses... both at the office and at home? Have you been

He smiled at his love. At that moment nothing seemed different. He
tortured myself wondering what she looked like in bed with "him"? Wondered
how she could be so duplicitous? She seemed to act as if nothing had
happened. He started the car and backed out answering her question,

"Only in that I have treated my love badly, that damned job just ate me
up... for awhile... but no more darling."

Her eyes glistened and twinkled and seemed to return the love he felt
for her.

Antoines was magic as usual. The food was superb, the service elegant.
After dinner the music was soft and slow and as he held her on the dance
floor, he knew she could feel his excitement. Feel him grow against her as
he anticipated what lay ahead. At least what he hoped for.

She snuggled closer in his arms as the song continued. Her body melted
into his at every possible place and he could feel her excitement match his
own. Her head on his shoulder, her lips on his neck, and she kissed him as
he squeezed her tighter. He wanted to somehow absorb her now.

The music stopped and she walked toward their table. He stared at her
cute little ass as it swayed leading him anywhere it wished. As he sat he
reached into his pocket and opened the box sitting it in front of her. She
glanced down, did a double take and then gasped,

"Oh no, you didn't. It's so beautiful but way too expensive"

He shushed her and picked up her small delicate hand and eased the ring
on her finger. She held it up and her eyes were damp as she turned her
hand back and forth enjoying the light as it twinkled off of the diamond.

"I love it," she said, "And you. Thank you sweetheart."

The moment was perfect until the dark side of his mind flashed on her in
bed with him again. The images flashed of her nude with this faceless man as he made love to her in one position after the other.

He cleared his head again as he heard her say softly,

"Take me home darling... I want you..."

And he thought, how can she want us both?

In the car his head spun. He wanted her as badly as he ever had, the
dark visions flashed in his head over and over and he just became more
heated for her.

At home she whispered, "Give me ten minutes"

He waited, watching as she gracefully climbed the stairs. He was so
hard he thought it would break. Then she was back at the top of the stairs
and she dropped his robe to him and disappeared again.

He collected it and his clothes rapidly became a pile on the couch.
Nude, he slipped into the robe and imagined her just as he was. Surely it
had been ten minutes and he climbed the stairs.

She stood beside their bed in her matching robe. He wondered if she had
entertained her lover here. He stepped forward and kissed the hollow of
her graceful neck. She sighed. His hands roamed lightly everywhere. Just
lightly touching her through the robe... then untying it and sliding it
off of her soft shoulders as his lips followed the robe until it fell to
the floor around her feet. He glanced over into the mirror and saw her,
the two of them, in profile. She was gorgeous. Her breasts full and
upturned, her nipples swollen and sensitive.

He couldn't take the vision in fast enough. Her tiny waist exploding
into sensuous hips, cute ass and rounded tummy. Her mons slightly raised,
the hair trimmed. As difficult as it was, his eyes left there and met her
green eyes as they looked into his own. The look of love, of lust, of
wanting stared back at him.

He turned her facing the mirror and he stepped behind her looking over
her shoulder as his man pressed into her rounded ass. He kissed her neck
again and they watched in the mirror as hands, now his hands, slid over her
rib cage feather light.... hit the rise of her breasts and almost not
touching them followed the twin contours up and around, bypassing the
nipples as she moaned softly, twisting trying to find contact on her
petulant nipples.... needing that touch... that added sensation.

He kissed her small ear and laved it with his tongue. She sucked her
breath in sharply as he hit that sensitive organ. His hands dropped and
ran through her light pubic hair. He could see her hard clit peeking out
from the hood. His finger flicked over it and then was gone as she thrust
her hips forward to relocate the now absent finger.

His rigid pole pressed against her, upward against her outer labia as it
slid between her legs. He saw the head of it in the mirror and watched as
her hand moved and caught it. As she spread the natural lubricant he was
producing around on the head, it was his turn to gasp and squeeze her to
him harder. How could he ever have risked losing her.

Now he turned her sideways to the mirror. Their profiles reflected two
lovers in high excitement. He put her hands on the large bedpost of their
huge four poster bed. She understood and wrapped both hands around the
post as she bent forward, spreading her gorgeous legs at the same time.
They both looked into the mirror. He met her eyes and said,

"I love you more tonight than ever."

As he found her wet opening and the head of his rod entered her, just
the head, the look on her face made all the effort worthwhile. Her mouth
shaped a silent "Oh", then as he pressed deeper she groaned and he heard a
soft, "Yes."

Then she said, "Oh Jack darling, yes, take me, I love you so much. I
have missed you so. . . Do me hard please baby. . ."

She loved to be taken roughly. For all of her exquisite beauty, she
wanted to be taken roughly. He thrust the rest of the way in, banging into
her cervix and she gasp . . . "Yes darling, yes."

Jack went a little crazy, pounding into her so hard she had difficulty
standing but she only cried out, "More please, more, I love it like that."

As she lay sound asleep nestled to him after, Jack stared at the ceiling
wondering what he was going to do. Could he just leave it alone, give her
the attention she deserved and continue as if nothing had happened. He
really didn't know if anything had happened. What was he going to do?

The next morning he awoke before Jill. She was so beautiful and angelic
looking as she lay there in their bed. He showered and dressed and moved
to the kitchen and started breakfast. He knew the coffee aroma would wake
her, even on a Saturday morning. As he sipped his coffee he pulled the
note out of his billfold and read it yet again:

My Darling Jill,

I can't begin to tell you what the hours we have

spent together mean to me. I just want more and

more of you. You have been so wonderful to me.

I will love you forever

It now had a familiar ring to it. He thought about showing it to Jill
and asking her about it directly. Would that drive her away? He had to do
something. It was all he thought about.

He heard her coming down the stairs and slipped the note into his shirt pocket. She had on a thin silk robe that hugged her curves like it loved
them as much as Jack did. She slid her arms around his neck and kissed him
deeply. Then in a husky voice she said,

"You were so wonderful last night. Please don't hide that man from me
ever again."

Jack knew he had to end the charade, as much as it was going to hurt them both, it had to be done. He asked her to sit down. She did and he
placed a hot cup of coffee in front of her. She blew him a kiss and

Jack stood across the room, he breathed deeply to fortifiy his courage
and said,

"Jill ... are you having an affair?"

She looked shocked,

"Of course not, what would make you ask such a question?"

"Please don't lie to me, that would be too much I.. I found a note from
your lover. It fell out of your briefcase and I picked it up."

She had the puzzled look on her face for a moment, then her appearance
changed. She smiled briefly and then her face became almost stern.

"Last night, dinner, our date, the ring, all of that because you thought
I was having an affair?"

"Yes.... I found the note, I know I have been working way too much, I
guess I couldn't blame you, you need and deserve more than I have been
giving. I could live with you having had sex with someone else, I only
hoped I could win you back. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost
you. I love you even if you have had a lover. But you have to give him
up, I can't ever let you go."

"May I see the note?"

Jack fished it out of his pocket and placed it in front of her. He
blanched as she said,

"Yes I recognize it Jack. But I am afraid you will never be able to
stop me from loving this man. I am sorry but he is everything to me. I
could never give him up."

The tears came in Jack's eyes as he digested what she said, he was too
late, she had found a new love. Jill saw his tears and rushed to him,
holding him close and kissing his face all over. Jack was confused to say
the least. Jill kissed his lips,

"Jack, my poor baby, all that time, all that worry that I was with some
other man. Look at that note carefully and tell me you don't recognize it.
You wrote that to me long ago in an email, just after you had proposed to
me and I had accepted. I have carried that note with me ever since. I
take it out often and realize how lucky I am to have a man like you. I
didn't know I had dropped it. I am so glad you found it. If I lost it I
would die. My darling, not you, or anyone else, will ever stop me from
loving the man that gave me that note that lovely day.

the end


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