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Archived Sex Stories

Best Friends


*********Best Friends**********

"Come on," she pleaded. "Just stick it in there!"

"I'm trying," I responded, breathlessly. "It just
doesn't want to go in."

Cameron was sprawled out on the bed with her platinum
blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, showing off the
dark roots. Anxiously, she waited for me to slide the
large shaft home.

After being apart for nearly two months, this was a
much-anticipated meeting. "Come on," she moaned
again. "You're fucking killing me here!"

"That's it," I said, no longer hiding my frustration.
"I give up." I dropped the large metal shaft I had
been holding for the last 15 minutes. "I didn't come
over here to help you put your furniture back
together. Get your dad to do this shit when he gets

"Good," she said with a smile. "I'm starving. Let's
order some chinese food to go with that wine."
Cameron hopped off the bed and led the way back

It was the first weekend of summer break, and the two
of us were celebrating a reunion or sorts. Cameron
and I had been friends for as long as I could
remember. We grew up together, and had been nearly
inseparable since the beginning of high school. Over
the last nine months, we had each been away for our
first year of college. Although we talked on the
phone several times a week, this was our first time
hanging out together since Easter.

We ordered our chinese food, and a half hour later we
sat in the living room eating and watching television.
Cameron had been depressed all week after finding out
her parents wouldn't be around on her first weekend
home from school. She had found out on the previous
Saturday that her father's company was sending him to
New York from some meetings. Since her mom and sister
had never been, he took them along. Knowing that
Cameron had always been uncomfortable home alone, I
had volunteered to keep her company. I had known her
parents most of my life, and they were comfortable
with the idea, so I had dropped in on Saturday
afternoon with a couple of rented movies and some
cheap strawberry Mad Dog, Cameron's drink of choice in
our youth.

The two of us sat eating and drinking, barely watching
the movie as we shared college stories and the latest
gossip about kids from high school. Although we each
had a solid year of partying under our belt, it still
didn't take long for us to get drunk off the cheap
malt liquor.

We had been joking around and talking for a while,
when she asked "So, you still haven't met any
interesting girls at school?"

"You know me," I responded, "I've had some fun, but
there's no one to replace you."

"Finding all the pretty girls and breaking their
hearts, as usual?" she asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," she smiled..."It's just you know how you either hang around the sluts, or you find
some cute little innocent thing, coax her into bed,
and then break her heart with some other girl."

"Oh," I responded. She had described my M.O.
perfectly, and suddenly I wanted to change the
subject. "How about you?" I asked. "Have you been
out giving some college guys the thrill of their

"I've dated a few guys," she answered, "nothing
serious, but I think you knew that."

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Oh, you know why..."she said.


"Babe," she began in a serious tone, "We've been
friends forever, and we talk about almost
everything...but there are still some things we never
talk about."

"Like what?"

"Like the rumors that always went around high school"
she said. "I've heard the ones about me, and some
about you, and I know you must have."

"I don't know what you're talking about." I responded,
but inside I knew what she was going to say.

"Don't bullshit me," Cameron said. She began to
imitate a snooty female voice "I heard that Cameron
Valance is a dyke." And, in a deep male voice
"Cameron doesn't put out for anyone...I bet she's a
carpet muncher." Again. using the snooty voice. she
said, "I heard she got caught eating out some other
lesbo at a party."

"Oh, that rumor," I said. "Yeah, I've heard all of
them, but I never said anything about it because I
knew it was bullshit. I mean, I know you fooled
around with Jennie Milano at that party. I know you
did lot's of stuff with girls, because you told me.
But I've never thought you were a lesbian. You went
out with guys in high school all the time, and talk
about cute actors and stuff." It was the first time I
could remember lying to Cameron about something
serious. Oftentimes I had wondered if she might be
gay, but had never brought it up, feeling it might
ruin our friendship. After all, if she was gay, it
didn't really matter.

"But you also knew I never fucked any of those guys in
high school" she responded. "And I think you knew
when you asked earlier me that I didn't fuck any guys
at college either."

"So what?" I answered, "Lots of people don't have sex
until later in life. That doesn't make you gay."

"You're still afraid to ask," she said. "But I'm not
going to be a bitch and make you say it. I'm not a
lesbian. At least I don't think I am. I see guys I
think are hot, but when I've started fooling around
with a know, making out, him touching me,
trying to feel my breast...I just don't get turned on
by it. But I still think there is a guy out there for
me, but for now, I'm happy fooling around with's just easier, and I enjoy it."

"Well, I've got nothing else to do tonight." I said
joking. We both laughed. Suddenly a thought popped
into my head. "What rumors were you talking about
regarding me?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing," she said..."Just about your thing."

"What thing?"

"You know, about your thing," she giggled.

"No, I don't know, what thing?"

"Come on...don't make me say it" she pleaded.

"Cammie, I honestly don't know what you are talking

She looked at me with frustrated eyes as she sighed.
Then she blurted it out. "About your have
some great, big, giant cock."

I stared at her in shock. I had honestly never heard
many rumors about it. "There are rumors about it?" I
asked, stunned.

"You really don't know? I've heard as long as 14
inches, and as big around as my wrist. All the girls
talked about it...several of them asked me if I had
seen it, since they knew we were friends...the girls
that didn't take me for a dyke that is."

"I can't believe girls talk about it."

"I can't believe you didn't know," she said. "I mean,
honestly, you're cute, and you're funny and great when
someone gets to know you, but at first, you are
awkward around girls, and how many did you sleep with
in high school?"

"I don't know," I answered, "a few."

"A few," she giggled. "Just counting the ones you told
me about, it was over 10 during our last 2 years.
That's more than a few. And, baby, I'm your best
friend, but you're horrible at flirting. Didn't you
ever wonder how you got to so many?"

Honestly, I had never really thought about, and I told
her so. I knew I was decent at flirting with shy
girls, but with the popular girls I was always been
nervous, yet I had managed to bed quite a few of them.
I had always thought that they found the nervousness
endearing. Cameron told me that she had even heard of
girls targeting me out, to see if the rumors were

I blushed a little. "Well, it's really not that big
you know. It's between 9 and 10 inches, and about
this big around," I said, holding my fingers up to
show the girth.

"God," she responded, "I've never seen one up close,
but, honey, I've read, and that's a lot bigger than
the average, isn't it?" I nodded. "Something like that
would rip me apart!"

"You'd be surprised," I answered.

Cameron giggled. "How do you even fit something that
big in your pants? How do you wear shorts?"

"It's really not that big of a deal," I said. "Do you
want to just see it?"

"No. No, I don't." she laughed, and then paused.
"Well, yes, kind of. I've never seen one, and I'm
curious, but no, I shouldn't. No .I don't want to,
unless you want to show it to me...but I
shouldn't...and I don't want to take advantage of
you...I'd have to pay you back some how. Maybe show
you my boobs?"

"You don't have to pay me back. It's no big deal." I
stood up in front of Cameron and unzipped my jeans,
and unbuttoned them. I pulled them down a bit, as
well as my boxers, and gently pulled out my penis.
The whole time she kept telling me I didn't have to do
it, she was just being silly because of the wine, but
when I got it out, she stopped talking. My penis hung
in front of her in it's flaccid state, almost seven
inches long, and above average girth.

"Holy shit," was the only thing she could say at
first. "And that gets bigger when your horny, right?
It's kind of silly looking, but sexy in a way."

It was about this time that I realized that if it
hadn't been for the alcohol, I never would have just
whipped out my piece. Even with my buzz, I was
starting to feel a little weird, like a piece of meat.
Here I was, with my pants down standing in front of a
woman, with my genitalia exposed, being looked over in
a very clinical fashion, like a dog being judged at
Westminster Abbey.

Cameron was still talking, but I wasn't paying much
attention, I was starting to become to embarrassed.
"It's so weird," she was saying, "So ugly, yet in some
way beautiful. I'll bet it's heavy, you must get a
workout carrying this thing around." Without thinking
she reached out and wrapped a hand around my penis,
and hefted it a couple of times like a dumbbell.
"Yeah, heavy."

I barely heard her last comment. From the minute her
hand touched me, a jolt shot through my body, starting
deep inside my testicles. I knew right then that we
had both drank too much, and that things were going to
far, but I couldn't stop the physical reaction -- My
penis was beginning to get stiff in her hand.

For some reason, I had never...NEVER...thought about
Cameron in a sexual manner. Once I had a wet dream
about her, and instead lusting after her the next day,
I was just nervous. I had never considered hitting on
her, or having sex with her. I guess our friendship
had prevented the basic lust feelings I had for most
women from surfacing. I later found out she had never
thought about me in a romantic or sexual way either.

Cameron still held my penis in her hand, seemingly
unaware of what was happening. She was asking
questions, but I didn't answer. For the first time in
my life I was seeing the woman in front of me in a
very different light. She
was no longer Cammie, my best friend and confidante,
who may or may not
be a lesbian. She was Cameron, an extremely
attractive blonde 19 year
old, who had my cock in her hand, and was making it
very happy.

As Cameron began to realize what was going on, she
looked up at me with surprise, still holding my penis
in her hand. I looked at her face, and realized she
was beautiful, and wondered how I had never seen it
before. Her hair was long and straight, pulled back
in a ponytail. It had a very fine texture, and was
dyed light blonde, almost white, although I could
still see her dark roots. Her face was perfectly
round, and very pretty, with fair skin, a cute little
upturned nose, and pretty pink lips. Her eyes were
vibrant green, and her lashes long and dark, even
though she was wearing no make-up. Looking down, I
realized her body was very slim and fit, no doubt from
playing soccer in high school, and her breasts were
very ample on her tight frame. Her skin was like
alabaster--pale, smooth, but not pasty. She was
wearing a white, short-sleeved, knit top that zipped
up the front, and left her flat stomach exposed. Her
black athletic shorts seemed to cling to her muscular
thighs and ass. Almost instantaneously I became rock

"What's going on?" she asked, and giggled nervously.

"I'm so sorry, Cammie...I just...I can't help it."
All I could think about now was having sex with my
best friend. What would she be like? What did she
look like naked?

"I'm so sorry, and embarrassed Cammie." I said. "I
would leave, but I no how nervous you get alone at
night, and I don't want to do that to you. I do think
you should just go to bed now, and I'll sleep in here.
I just don't trust myself. I can't think straight
right now, and I don't want to do something stupid.
Something that might piss you off, or embarrass me, or
somehow ruin our friendship." Cameron had a queen
sized bed in her room, and normally I just shared it
with her when I slept over, but in this situation, I
knew I would end up trying to have sex with her. I
had always been weak in the face of temptation, as too
many of my past girlfriends had learned.

"Are you serious?" she asked. I just nodded in
response. "Wow, you really don't have much control
over that thing. I guess that's why you can't hold a
relationship together."

"Probably so," I answered, thinking back to all the
girls I had never meant to hurt, but somehow I still
had. I had never been able to turn down sex starting
with losing my virginity to Ashley Welch, while dating
someone else. My penis was still throbbing, and for
some reason I hadn't even considered putting it up
yet. My head was still filled with images of Cameron
and I having sex right there on the living room floor.

"What if I told you I didn't want to sleep alone
tonight?" Cameron asked.

"Cammie, honey, I told you, I don't trust myself. I
can't control myself right now. At this second, I
can't stop picturing the two of us going at it."

"Well then, why don't we just do it?"

"Do what?" I asked, confused.

"What do you think?" she responded. "Fuck." I think
my jaw hit the floor at that instant. I was
completely shocked...I stammered, trying to find
words. After a few seconds, she started talking.
"Listen, I just told you that I've fooled around with
guys, and never even been aroused. Well, right now,
looking at you standing there with a hard on, knowing
you are fantasizing about me--I don't know--I just
feel something. I mean I'm not all horny right this
second, but I feel
something, like the feeling I've only had with girls
before." I still didn't know
what to say. "Look, I've been waiting all this time
for the perfect guy to give my virginity too, and it's
built up so much now that I'm never going to find him.
With you, it's someone I know I care about."

"But Cameron, I don't want to fuck up our
relationship. You're my best friend and I don't want
to ruin that. Like you always point out, my
relationships don't end so well."

"We're too good of friend to let that happened" she
answered. "And besides, what if my first time with a
man is bad? Then I may never try it again. With you,
at least I know it will be good. Your penis size
wasn't the only thing I heard from the girl's in high
school." She giggled, and it was infectious, and with
that, all the tension was broken. I sat down next to
her on the sofa, and put my arm around her shoulders.
Our eyes locked, and I was lost in those vibrant,
blazing green eyes. Damn, she was beautiful I thought
to myself, and all these years I've taken it for
granted, never even noticed. We stared at each other
for what seemed like an eternity, and in that moment,
I knew , we both knew, that our relationship was about
to change forever, and that there was no turning back
at this point. I lifted a hand and gently caressed
her cheek with the back of my fingers, then I leaned
in and kissed my best friend on the lips, softly at
first, but our slips slowly parted, and we began to
embrace, totally lost in each other. Delicately, I
traced my tongue along the top of hers, and finally I
pulled away, slightly sucking her top lip. We sat
staring at each other, both of us a little ruffled and
breathless. It was quite obvious from my still exposed
penis that I was very turned on, and I could sense
that Cameron was as well.

I allowed my eyes to roam her body once more. Her
nipples were protruding slightly through her knit top,
and I noticed I could see a hint of a green bra
through the white fabric. I watched her slightly
exposed stomach expand and contract, and her bosom
heave, as her breath came in quick gasps. I marveled
once more at how I had taken her looks for granted for
so long. I realized she was perfect, and at that
instant I no longer just wanted her, I NEEDED her. I
needed her like I had never needed a woman before. Not
just for sex, but for fulfillment. I needed more than
just her body, I needed her soul. I needed to
possess this girl I'd known most of my life, who had
some how become a woman while I had my back turned.

I gently took her hand in mine, and let my first two
fingers slide up her arm. "Oh shit, Cammie...I need
you so bad...I need this," I whispered, my voice on
the edge of quivering.

"Then take me," she whispered back, her voice husky,
and filled with lust. "Take me...Take me now." She
paused, and leaned in and kissed me gently on the
lips. "Tonight, right now, you own me" she whispered,
her voice filled with emotion, her eyes locked onto
mine, "Maybe you always have."

I was overwhelmed with emotion. Part of me felt like
I was going to cry tears of joy. Part of me was
confused. There was something else,
perhaps? But mostly, I felt the need, hers as well as
my own. Hungrily, I lurched forward, wrapping my arms
tight around her body, as she did the same to me. We
kissed deeply, both of us in a frenzy. We parted, and
gently I began to pull down the zipper of her top,
slowly revealing her breasts, supported by a beautiful
green satin bra. I could tell just from her cleavage
that they were very perky, definitely a C-cup, and a
very nice shape. Her top fell open, and between kisses
she removed my shirt. Slowly, she slid her hand
across my bare chest, and down my stomach, and then,
while looking me in the eye, wrapped it firmly around
my stiff cock. I couldn't help but to gasp.

My movements became slower, and more deliberate, as I
reached over and unbuttoned her shorts. I unzipped
them slowly, revealing gorgeous green satin panties.
I'd seen her panties a thousand times in the
past...she usually slept in them and nothing more that
a long t-shirt.. but I had never had this reaction
before. They drove me wild. Even before I got her
shorts down, I could see they were damp. I could see
dark little pubic hairs through them, and the smell of
her sex flooded my nostrils. She stood up so I could
get her shorts off, and I noticed
how they hugged her body, and what a cute, tight
little athletic ass she had. For the hundredth time
that night, I wondered how I never noticed before. I
jerked her shorts down in one quick moment, and began
to run my tongue up her inner thigh. I stood up in
front of her, and she slowly peeled away my clothing.

Again, she wrapped one hot hand tightly around my
throbbing organ, and
pulled me towards her, using it like a leash. "So is
this what most girls do?" she asked, as she proceeded
to slide her tongue along it expertly, teasing me. A
chill shot out from the base of my spine as I was
overtaken with pleasure. Gently, she slid her hand
from base to tip, every now and then licking it,
providing lubrication. I knew I couldn't take much of
that. I hadn't been this horny, or eager to cum since
I was 16. Slowly, I pulled away, and dropped to my
knees in front of her. I hitched my fingers in the
waistband of her panties, and began to slide them
down. They were tight, and the clung nicely to her
perfect round ass. As they came down, I was slowly
treated to the sight of a thick patch of dark brown
pubic hair, and eventually her vagina. By the time her
panties reached mid-thigh,
the smell of her need was enough to almost knock me
flat. The panties themselves were absolutely
drenched. I ran my nose along them, taking in her

After the panties hit the floor, I joined her on the
couch. I sat next
to her and began to kissing her neck and nibbling on
her ear, as I coaxed my
first two fingers inside of her. I used my thumb to
rub her clit, and my pinky to rub the area below her
vagina. Cameron threw her head back and closed her
eyes. Her breathing became incredibly shallow. "Oh
shit. Please don't stop" she whispered. "It feels
too good."

Using my free hand, I loosed her bra, which clasped in
the front. Her breasts popped free, and they were
every bit as enticing as I knew they would be.
Gently, I took turns caressing each of her nipples,
turning them into rock hard buds, before I began to
roll them with my lips, and flick them with my tongue
as I continuously slid my fingers in and out. "I'm
going to cum." she panted, barely audible.

"What was that?" I asked

"I said I'm going to fucking cum," she burst out, as
she desperately pulled for air. Her hips began
pressing hard into my fingers, and for the first time
she really began to moan. "Oh shit...oh shit" she
panted at first, and then it became a shout, over and
over. Seconds later, a wave of pleasure went through
her body, and she shook all over, incapable of words.
After that she opened her eyes. "How does it feel to
be the first man to give me a big O?" she giggled.

"Good," I answered..."but not nearly as good as it's
going to feel to be the first man to cum inside of
you." We both laughed for a minute, and then I asked
if she was ready. She nodded, and I helped her lay
down on the couch, before mounting her. She lay on
her back looking up at me, her shirt and bra still on,
hanging open.

"Be gentle," she whispered. "It's supposed to hurt on
your first time." I promised her I would be, as she
took my cock in her tiny hand, and guided it to her
entrance. Gently, I began to slide in. I felt her
hymen resisting me, and that drove me wild. How many
had I already broken in my life? I couldn't even
count at that point. Being as tender as possible, I
applied the necessary force, and pushed though.
Cameron gasped slightly, and her eyes were watering,
as I gently began to stroke in and out. The sensation
was incredible. She was very
tight. At first, I couldn't get all the way in, but as
I continued humping her, I eventually began to feel my
balls touching her body.

I pushed slowly for the first five minutes, then I
began to build up speed. "It hurts," she whispered,
but she told me not to stop. We were both beginning
to moan now. We were quiet at first, but the volume
quickly increased. Shortly, her moans turned into
screams of joy, and I knew she would come again soon
"Fuck me," she started to pant. "I feel so good."

As I continued to drive into her, Cameron kept
pleading for more. It didn't take long until I felt
her give. She stopped thrusting, and her body nearly
collapsed, as she shivered. Her eyes closed, and her
mouth went in to a grimace. She shouted out a string
of profanities the likes of which I had never heard
from her. The sounds and sight drove me wild, and I
felt myself letting go, as I shot spray after spray of
my hot load up inside her. I couldn't remember the
last time I had came so hard.

Afterwards, we just lay there, looking at each other,
my penis still inside of her. We didn't say a word,
we just ran our fingers over each other's body. Time
seemed to stand still for us, and minutes seemed like
years. Finally, the two of us got up, and went to her
deck out back. She sat on my lap, nude, with a
blanket wrapped around the two of us as we smoked an
old joint she had brought back from school. We hardly
said a word, both of us lost in our own thoughts, but
the silence was comfortable. After we finished, she
leaned her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes,
and the two of us sat there for an hour, without a
word, before we slowly began to kiss again. We moved
to her bedroom, and still without talking, the two of
us made love between her sheets before falling asleep
nude together, in each other's arms.

I hadn't bothered to notice what time sleep had fallen
on the two of us.
I knew it had been late when our fateful conversation
was started, and
it was even later by the time we had finished our
second bout of love
making. On top of that, the sex had been exhaustive,
on both the
physical and emotional level. For me, the emotion was
something new.

Cameron was the first sexual partner I had ever really
cared about. The
thought was kind of shocking to me. For someone who
had just
completed his freshman year of college, my experience
was considerable.
Cameron's estimate that I had slept with ten girls
during our last two
years of high school was a little conservative, and
when you added on
my first two years of high school, and my college
experiences, the
number was rather large. But still, I couldn't recall
having an
emotional attachment to even one of them. Sex, in my
view, had been
like a conquest. In most of the cases, that had been
fine for both
parties. When we climbed in bed, we both knew it was
just for fun.
But then, there were the others. The good girls who
had fallen in
love, or at least thought they had, only to have their
innocence stolen
from them, and their heart carelessly broken. But
that wasn't entirely
true. For each heart I had broken, I had left a scar
on my own. The
scars faded, but from each one, a small piece
remained, small enough
to forget about most of the time, but the scars were
still there, and
every once in a while, they hurt.

It was close to eleven in the morning when I first
woke up. The sun was
shining brightly through her bedroom window, and rays
of it fell on
Cameron's nude body. She was still soundly asleep,
slightly curled up
on her side. Her light blonde hair, no longer in a
ponytail, glistened
like gold, and I couldn't resist running my fingers
gently through it.
She stirred for a second, and sighed softly in her
sleep. In the
night, the sheets had pulled away from her body,
leaving her totally
exposed. I studied her body in silent awe, once again
shocked that I
had never noticed it before. Her skin was extremely
fair, but not
pasty, and softer than satin to the touch. Her
breasts were very round
and perfect a shape as I had ever seen,
with gorgeous pink
nipples the color of a tongue. They were both erect
at the moment, and
I had to fight the urge to touch them. Her entire
body was slender,
and very toned, and her curves were very womanly. I
gently slid my
hand down her hip, and around the curve of her ass...
the most perfect
ass I had ever seen. Nice. Tight. Round.. It was
the kind of butt that
women's clothes were made to show off, and that men
loved to have their
hands on. Finally, I looked at her vagina. It was
surrounded by a
nicely trimmed thick thatch of dark brown hair. The
vagina itself was
very visually pleasing, and I enjoyed looking at it. I
leaned towards
her, and softly kissed her cheek, and she woke
briefly, and smiled at
me. Then she turned and put her arms around me, and I
lay with her,
and drifted back into sleep.

It was early afternoon the next time I woke up. The
sun had apparently
continued on it's path through the sky, as it was no
longer shining
into the bedroom window. Looking over, I noticed that
Cameron was no
longer in bed, and after a few seconds I heard her in
the other end of
the house, softly singing along with the radio. I
stumbled out of bed
into the bathroom and cleaned up a bit, and then laid
back down. The
memories of the previous night were vivid in my mind.
It had been
surreal, and I was amazed it had happened. For a few
minutes I
imagined having a real relationship for once in my
life. Cameron and I
got along tremendously, and the sex had been
extraordinary. But my
delusions only lasted for a few seconds before my
brain returned to
normal. To me, monogamy was the scariest word in the
English language.
The thought of not being able to have sex when I
wanted, with whomever
I wanted frightened me. Then a thought occurred that
frightened me
even more. What if I wasn't able to get out of this
situation with my
friendship intact? A relationship was the last thing
I wanted, but losing Cameron's friendship would be a
nightmare. I had other friends
from high school, of course, and new friends at
college, but no one so
close, and I knew that the type of relationship Cammie
and I had shared
before last night took years to build. Ideally, our
friendship would
go back to what it had always been, with the added
bonus of the
occasional toss between the sheets, but somehow I knew
that wasn't
going to work for her.

A cold sweat was starting to form on my body when I
heard her footsteps
coming down the hall. I closed my eyes and feigned
sleep as the
bedroom door opened. Carefully, I kept one eye
slightly opened to see
what was going on. Cameron was standing in the
doorway of the room
with her hair still down. She was wearing a very
short satin nightie.
It was basically white, with a very light pastel blue
floral print. It
had spaghetti straps, and the hem was trimmed with
white lace. It was
evident that she wasn't wearing a bra, but her breasts
still stood
firm, and I could see the outline of her hard nipples
easily. I was
actually shocked to find out that she owned something
like that. In
the past, she had always slept in oversized t-shirts
and panties.

Slowly, she walked towards the bed. "Wake up, sleepy
head" she called
gently. I stirred slowly, acting as if I was just
waking up. "I made
you some breakfast, baby." She pulled the sheets off
of me, revealing
my tall naked body. My large penis lay limp across my
leg. "But
first," she began, "I thought you might like a little
dessert." She
climbed into the bed slowly, and lifted her nightie
slightly so that
she could straddle my legs, exposing a beautiful pair
of pastel blue
satin panties, with lace trim. The satin felt nice on
my bare legs,
and I could already feel her heat emanating through
the thin material.
"I think I know just the thing to wake you up," she

She leaned forward, placing her hands on my chest, and
kissed me deeply
on the lips. The soft satin nightie rubbed against my
cock, and caused
it to stir. As she sat back up she carefully drug her
nails down the
length of my torso, finally stopping at my waist.

She began to slide her hands up and down the length of
my inner thigh,
just barely grazing my balls each time, causing me to
get hard quickly.
She began to talk to me, as she took my scrotum in her
left hand and
began to massage it. She twirled the index finger of
her right hand in
my dark pubic hairs. "Do you like what I'm wearing?"
she asked. I
nodded. "I'm glad," she responded. "I don't own that
many pretty
night things, but I thought you would like this one."

Slowly, Cameron began to slide her hand up and down my
lengthy cock,
quickly bringing it to attention. She did it in a
very nonchalant
manner as if she had years of experience. "Last night
was amazing,"
she said. "I'm not just talking about my first
time...I'm talking
about it being with you." I laid on my back listening
to her talk,
finding it hard to pay attention as she continued to
caress my
throbbing member. "I know this is going to be a
little weird as first"
she continued, "But I really think it will work." Her
petite hand
still slid up and down my shaft, but I was no longer
distracted. I
wanted to hear what she was saying at this point. "I
mean, neither one
of us has been much good at relationships, but we've
always maintained
our friendship, and it's been great. And then last
night... well, last
night was magnificent. I loved every moment of being
with you...every
second you were touching me, and fucking me. We've
been here right
under each other's noses for so long....I know it's
going to work."

Even though she never said what "it" was, to me it was
plainly obvious
that she assumed we would have a relationship. Part
of me was
overjoyed...perhaps this was what I had been searching
for all along.
Unfortunately, that part was in the minority. The
rest of me was
scared, and I immediately tried to figure out if I
could possible get
out somehow, and still have our friendship. These
thoughts were still
rapidly running through my head, when Cameron decided
that stroking me
was no longer good enough. Slowly she leaned forward,
allowing the
front of her gown to fall with gravity, which
permitted me a nice view
of her breasts. Stopping her hand in the middle of my
cock, she
carefully guided the head of it into her mouth. In
that moment, every
thought in my head vanished except for the dirty ones.

Cameron began to slide my rigid cock in and out of her
mouth, slow at
first, but with increasing speed. With each downward
stroke, she was
able to take in a little more of my length. I reached
my hands down
and pulled her long blonde hair back, keeping it out
of her face. She
looked me in the eyes, and attempted a small thank you
smile, but the
bulbous head of my penis prevented it. With each
little flick of her
tongue, shocks went out through my body. At first, I
was amazed that
someone who had never touched a cock before the
previous night could be
so good, but then it dawned on me that Cammie had done
plenty of sexual
things with other women, and maybe the art of pleasure
wasn't all that
different. She continued to slide her lips up and
down my large shaft,
keeping her big green eyes firmly locked on my brown
ones the whole
time. It was amazing the way she had complete control
over me.

Finally, with one last upstroke, she freed my cock
from her lips with a
soft smacking sound. She shot me a quick, mischievous
smile, which
made my heart thump, and my stiff organ throb even
more. "Holy shit, I
loooove your big cock" she said. The voice she spoke
in was so
different then the one I was used to. It was soft,
sensual, throaty,
and filled with lust. It made me think of her as
nothing but a cock
hungry slut, and I eagerly wanted to fill that hunger.
"I hope I never
have to see another dick," she began, "Because I don't
thing I'm ever
gonna find something to compare to this hunk of meat.
making me so wet." She pressed her spread legs down
firmly on my
thigh. I could easily feel how damp her panties were,
and I could feel
her heat coming through them. "Can you feel how
fucking hot you are
making me?" she asked. I nodded. "Can you see how
hard my nipples are
through this flimsy little gown?" Again, a nod. "Do
you want me to
take it off so you can see my breasts? So you can
touch and kiss
them?" Another nod from me. Being as sensual as
possible, she reached
down and slowly pulled the gown up over her head.
When her arms reached
full extension, she dropped the gown, and just sat
there for a second,
holding her arms skyward, in a gorgeous, sensual pose.
Then, she
brought her arms back down, and used her hands to push
her tits
together and up, framing them for me.

I was thunderstruck. I had never imagined Cameron
could be this way. I
had been with tons of girls, some of the very sexual,
but very few
could top these carnal acts. She took my hands and
guided them to her
breasts, and nipples. The girl who had took my
virginity so long ago
had done the same thing to me. "Do you like feeling
my titties?" she
asked. I was speechless. I just nodded again.
Cammie had never been
an especially good girl, but her dirty talk now far
surpassed the
usual, and it was incredibly erotic to me. She slid
up my body,
placing her damp, panty covered crotch right on top of
my throbbing
bone. She leaned forward slowly, and like a mother
nursing her young,
pulled my head up, and held it to her breast.
Eagerly, I took her left
nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. She
moaned like a
porn star and told me how good it felt. "Do you feel
how wet you've
made me?" she asked again. "Do you feel my wet little
panties on your
big, monster dick?" I just nodded again, it seemed to
be the
appropriate thing to do, and it was probably all I was
capable of. "Do
you want to see my little secret? Do you want to see
my hot little
pussy?" More nods.

Slowly, she climbed off my body, and instantly my cock
ached from the
missing sensation of her weight. She stood up in the
bed, and still
straddling me, she leaned forward, dangling her bosom
in my face. She
took my hands once again, and hooked each of my index
fingers in the
waistband of her panties. Slowly, I pulled them down,
revealing first
her dark bush, and then her pleasing vagina. As I
pulled the panties
to her ankles, she stepped out of them. The smell of
her sex filled
the room instantaneously. She turned around and faced
my feet, showing
me that perfect little ass, then she dropped to her
knees, with each
leg on an opposite side of my prone body, and then she
was on all
fours. She slowly backed up, waving her wet vagina in
my face. Not
needing her guidance for the moment, I reached up, and
cupped my hands
around her scrumptious ass cheeks. I pulled her
towards me. The
pungent smell of her sex filled my nostrils, as I
slowly began to run
my tongue around the lips of her vagina. She moaned
loudly, and told
me not to stop. I began to flick my tongue at her
clit, as she
squealed in delight. She backed up farther, forcing
my face between
her thighs. As I continued to tease her clit, she
began to lick my
cock up and down, from base to tip, while blowing on
it softly.

I continued to tongue fuck her vagina until I could
take her teasing no
more. In a quick movement I jumped up and through her
on her side.
"Mmmm" she moaned. "Do you want to fuck me? Are you
going to fuck me
now?" I didn't bother to nod now. Expertly, I
repositioned my best
friend on her hands and knees, and lined my dick up
with her waiting
hole. I slid into it easily. I reached one hand
around, and rubbed
her clit, and used the other to gently pull her hair
back. At first I
tried to fuck her slow, but as she began to pant, then
moan, then
scream, I lost control. In seconds I was pounding
away inside of her,
fucking her as fast and furious as I had ever fucked
before. It didn't
take long for her to reach her climax, and seconds
later I released gob
after gob of my hot semen inside of her.

The two of us collapsed in a heap, our limbs
intertwined, and our
tongues in each other's mouths. We were both drenched
in sweat, and
the room smelled strongly of sex. When Cammie caught
her breathe, she
began to speak once more. "Holy shit that was
amazing. I know I'm
going to love this...fucking your all the time, and
when we're not
fucking, hanging out, and doing stuff like we always
have...but being
more than friends."

With effort, I hid my fear, and agreed with her. It
was obvious now
that I was trapped, and there was no going back. It
was either going
to be a relationship, or nothing with Cameron, and
although I knew a
relationship was destined for failure, I wasn't ready
to give her up
yet. "You're right, Cammie" I said, "this is going to
be a fun

During August of 1996, the only thing most Atlanta
residents thought
about was the Olympics. I didn't have that luxury.
For me, almost
every waking moment was spent with Cameron, my former
best friend, and
current lover. When I wasn't with her, I constantly
thought of ways to
get away from her, while leaving our friendship in

By the time the closing ceremonies had rolled around,
it had been almost
two months since that fateful night when I had
stripped her down for
the first time, and made love to her on her parents
couch. As amazing
as the sex between us had been, for the most part, I
regretted the
change in our relationship.

That's what was going through my head, as the two of
us pulled up into
her driveway late in the afternoon. I was happy to
see that her
parents were not home. Despite my mind numbing fear
of being in a
relationship, I really enjoyed our sex life. I was
very proud of the
fact that I had taken a nineteen year old virgin, and
made her into a
nymphomaniac. Since our first night together we
fucked almost daily,
and it wasn't uncommon to have sex two or three times
in a day. Her
mind was adventurous and imaginative, and both of our
bodies were more
than willing. We had nearly been caught by her
parents, or mine, on
countless occasions, and we'd put our selves at risk
more than once in
a public place.

"Looks like your parents aren't here," I said, as I
reached over and put
a hand on her knees. I slid the ends of my fingers up
the leg of her
loose soccer shorts, touching the edge of her cotton

"Yeah, they went out to dinner and a movie," she
responded. Gently, I
began to rub her vagina through her panties. "You're
disgusting," she
said, giggling. "Look at me, I'm a mess!" She was
right. I had spent
the afternoon watching her play in a soccer game for a
recreational league. Her bleach blonde hair was
pulled back in a pony
tail, and looked very limp, and her body was coated in
sweat and dirt.
"Besides," she continued, "We don't have much time to
get ready for the

"I'm ready now," I responded. "And how long can it
take you?"

"It takes time for a lady to reach perfection," she
answered, gracing me
with a playful kiss on the cheek. I was a bit upset
that it wasn't
something more.

"You are always perfection," I replied with my best

"Thank you, and nice try," she answered. "But you
still have to wait,"
she said, giving my cock a light squeeze through my
pants. She jumped
out of the car and headed for the door to her house.
Reluctantly, I

Personally, I would have been just as happy to miss
the party and spend
the rest of the evening between her sheets, but that
was pretty
unlikely. First, her parents would be home at some
time, and that
would not please them at all. Second, we had both
actually been
looking forward to the party for some time. It was
being thrown by a
guy named Reggie Jones who we had went to high school
with. His parents were extremely wealthy, and he had
a large house with a swimming pool.
Reggie's parents had rented a suite with some friends
downtown so they
could attend the closing ceremonies for the Olympics,
and then stay out
all night partying. The party was certain to be a big
high school
reunion, and it would be nice to see old friends.

We walked in to Cameron's room and I sat on the bed,
watching her gather
her stuff to take a shower. "Do you think your
parent's will mind if I use their restroom?" I asked.
"I just want to comb my hair and wash my
face while you get ready."

"They probably wouldn't say anything to you," she
answered, "But I'm
sure my mom would bitch at me about it. Just use mine
while I'm taking
a shower." She pulled off her jersey, revealing a
tight navy blue
sports bra. "Just promise me you will not try to get
in the shower
with me. We really are in a hurry."

I sat ogling her body for a second before responding.
"I don't think I
can make that promise."

"Seriously, you have to," she said, a bit frustrated
with me. I was
still staring at the body I had seen and touched a
hundred times that
summer. Her breasts had such a perfect shape, even in
the sports bra,
and her stomach was so taught and flat. Against my
better judgment, I
promised not to interrupt her bathing.

I followed her to the bathroom, and watched her step
into the shower,
and slide the door closed. The glass was glazed, but
I could still see
every detail of her magnificent body, as she first
removed her shorts,
and then her panties. Finally, she took off the bra,
and cast all the
items out onto the floor before turning on the water.
I tried to go
about my own business, but as steam started to fill
the room, it was
impossible to concentrate.

I turned and sat on the counter top, and began to
stare at the shower.
Cameron was leaning forward under the stream of water,
letting it soak
her stringy hair. As she stood back up, and began to
work the shampoo
in, I was afforded a great view of her profile. For
some reason, just
being able to see her outline, and not the details,
was incredibly
erotic. I could see her long hair, cascading to her
shoulders, and her
cute little nose. Her breasts were nicely shaped, and
they jostled
about as she continued to massage her head. Most
impressive was her
ass. Her back arched in nicely from her shoulders
downward, but her
tight little ass stuck out perfectly. It was high and
round, and at
that moment, I lusted for it.

I could feel my dick getting stiff in my tight jeans,
as fantasies began
to play in my mind. I pictured myself silently
opening the door to the
shower, and slipping in behind her, both of us totally
nude. Quickly, I
grasped her body, and lay my stiff cock tightly in the
crack of her
ass. At first, she would protest that I was
interrupting her shower,
but seconds later I would have her hands against the
wall as I entered
her vagina from behind, and began to fuck her standing
up, letting the hot
water poured off our nude bodies, while her perky
breasts swung in rhythm
with the fucking.

Sitting on the counter, I realized I had become rock
hard, and I was
sweating a little bit. I knew that if I didn't get
out of there soon,
I was going to break my promise to my girlfriend.
Cameron and I had
got along great all summer, without a single major
argument, and I
didn't want to have our first one tonight. Despite
every instinct in
my body (and especially my swollen cock), I walked out
of the bathroom,
and sat on her bed.

As I sat there, I could hear the water running, and
see the steam
drifting from the bathroom. The fantasy began to play
in my head once
again, and I closed my eyes and let it play. Without
thinking about
it, I leaned back on the bed, and began to softly
stroke my stiff penis
through my pants. Over and over in my mind I saw the
two of us
standing nude in that shower, as I briskly pounded
away inside her
vagina. I was so lost in my reverie; I didn't even
hear the water

"Are you still awake in there," I heard her shout.

I quickly jumped up and opened my eyes. From my seat
on the bed, I
could see just inside the bathroom, as far as the
counter. Cameron was
not in that area, and I was relieved that she hadn't
see me
masturbating on her bed. I quickly answered that I
was awake. My dick
was still harder than ever, and I could feel a bit of
pre-cum on my
underwear. Without looking out, Cameron walked over
to the mirror, and
began to mess with her hair and makeup. The sight of
her drove me out
of my mind.

Cameron stood in front of the mirror, wearing a flimsy
silk dressing
gown. It was knee length, white, and trimmed with
lace around the
openings. It was barely held closed by a silk belt,
not even knotted.
The material was so thin that I could see the outline
of her white panties
beneath it. She wasn't wearing a bra, and the soft
material showed the
outline of her breasts perfectly. I could even see
her hard nipples
poking through it. "You're fucking torturing me..." I
muttered under
my breathe.

Cameron stuck her head out the bathroom door
momentarily and called out
to me. "Did you say something?"

"Nothing," I responded. "Just that I'm going to the
living room to
watch tv while you get ready." I started to leave the
room, and as I
walked down the hall, I couldn't shake the images of
her out of my
mind. In addition to my shower fantasy, I saw myself
sliding her robe
up, and bending her over the counter to fuck. My hand
found my stiff
cock once more, and I stood in the hallway stroking
it. I unzipped my
pants and pulled it out, marveling at how hard it had
become. I leaned
against the wall and began to jerk off fiercely when a
new though
popped into my head.

I turned and started heading back to Cameron's room.
The logic made
sense as I ran it over in my mind, my cock still
hanging out of my
pants. I had not promised not to disturb her, just
not to interrupt
her shower. Her shower was over.

Standing outside her bedroom door, I quickly removed
my shirt, pants,
and finally my underwear. As silently as possible, I
moved to the
bathroom door. Cameron was leaned over the sink,
applying lipstick.
She had already dried her hair, and it was pushed back
in a headband.
As she leaned over, her robe hung open, and looking in
the mirror I had
a clear shot of her left breast. Her right breast
still strained
against the soft fabric of the robe, and I could see
her nipple was
still hard. As she leaned a bit farther, her ass
stuck out perfectly.
Silently, I stepped in behind her, and wrapped an arm
around her waist.

Her first reaction was to jump. She was obviously a
bit surprised. When
she realized what was going on, she began to ask me
what I was doing. I
pulled her tightly to me, letting my hard cock press
firmly against her
back. With one hand, I turned her head to face me,
and began to kiss
her slowly and passionately. Looking in the mirror,
the sight was
quite erotic. My nude muscular body behind her
slender scantily
clothed one. I held her tightly, and began to gyrate
my hips slightly,
enjoying the feel of my cock rubbing against her robe.

Slowly, I began to slide my right hand up her thigh,
under her robe,
touching the lips of her vagina through her satin
panties. She moaned
softly as our tongues began to intertwine. I reached
inside her robe
with my left hand, and softly removed her right
breast. I rubbed my
fingers gently around her hard pink nipple, as I
watched everything in
the mirror. Her eyes were still closed, as she
responded to my kisses,
and her body seemed to give in to my will.

Gently, I continued to stroke her exposed nipple and
the surrounding
area with my finger tips. I worked the fingers on my
other hand into
the gusset of her panties. I knew every inch of her
body, and I easily
found her swelling clitoris, and began to rub it. She
sighed softly.
"That feels good," she whispered. My only response
was to keep
touching her with my hands, while my tongue and lips
met with hers. I
slid her panties completely aside, and began to slowly
slide two
fingers inside her moist vagina. I removed my left
hand from her
breast, and used it to lift her robe, and then line
the head of my
stiff cock up with her entrance.

"Not here," she panted, as I continued to finger her.

"Yes," I responded. "Right here. In front of the
mirror, against the

"No," she answered. "I don't want to do it standing
up. Let's move to
my bed." She opened her eyes now and looked up into
mine. "I promise,
I'll make it worth your while," she said with a
taunting smile.

At that moment, I didn't care if she made it "worth my
while" or not. I
just wanted it bad; needed it even. I used my hand to
spread her
legs, and started pushing the tip of my swollen member
inside her.

"Please," she pleaded with me. "I like making love in
my bed, and we
don't get to do it that often." Her statement was
true. Although we
had been very sexually active all summer, we very
rarely fucked in her
bed. Cameron's mom was a teacher, so she was home
during the summer
days. Most of our love making sessions took place at
my house, or in
the back of a car, or at my childhood fort in the
woods. I could still see my
earlier fantasies of doing in on the counter, but I
honestly didn't
care where we did it at the moment, as long as I could
get off soon and
put out the fire in my loins. I decided it was always
a good policy to
keep your girlfriend happy, and slowly removed my

She smiled at me, obviously happy that I had given in
to her desire.
Cameron took my hand, and let me back into the
bedroom. She turned
down the sheets on her bed, and told me to lay down.
I lay on my back
watching her, as she stepped away from the bed.
Slowly, she turned her
back to me, and made very deliberate motions as she
untied the belt on
her robe. I watched it fall open and my whole body
began to tremble
with anticipation. Sex with Cameron was always good,
but I couldn't
remember anticipating it so much since our first night
together. The
feeling was very similar to the one I got when I was
finally about it
to make it for the first time with a girl I had been
working on for a

Still facing away from me, Cameron slowly began to
slide the robe off.
She did it excruciatingly slow, making an amazing
tease. First, her
bare shoulders were revealed. Then her shoulder
blades, and upper
arms. Slowly, the robe slid further and further down
her sexy back,
revealing her small waist, and the soft curves of her
torso. Finally,
it was all the way off her arms, and she held it that
way for a second,
before dropping it to the floor, revealing her tight
little ass,
concealed in a pair of white satin panties. She stood
there for a few
seconds, just shaking her perfect butt, knowing how
much I enjoyed
looking at it, then she crossed her arms over her
chest, hiding her
nipples, and slowly turned to face me. Again, she
flashed me her
naughtiest smile. I was so entranced by her that I
didn't even notice
that I was stroking my cock again.

Slowly, she slid her hands up her body, still managing
to shield her
nipples with her arms. She removed the headband from
her hair, letting
it fall down to frame her pretty face. In one quick,
movement, she ran her fingers through her hair and
shook her head,
making her hair go wild, and exposing her perky breast
at the same
time. When she stopped, she smiled at me again, and
hooked each of her
thumbs in her panties, pulling them down just enough
that I could see
the beginning of her dark brown pubic hair.

It was easily one of the sexiest things I had ever
seen in my young life. Here I was, lying completely naked in my
girlfriends white
cotton sheets, with my cock aching in my hand, and she
was standing in
front of me like some naughty goddess. Her blonde
hair was wild and
sexy, her breasts totally exposed, her green eyes were
filled with
lust, and her lips were bright red from the makeup,
and smiling right
at me. She wore nothing but those tiny panties, pulled
down enough to
suggest the naughty prize they were barely concealing.

For a minute, I couldn't speak. I couldn't even
think. The only thing
going through my body was the most primal of urges.
Finally, I was
able to muster up a few words. "Get over here, you,"
I said hoarsely.

Slowly, Cameron approached the bed. "But what do you
need me over here
for?" she asked playfully. "I've got to get dressed
for the party." I
grabbed her wrist, and gently pulled her close to me.

"Take those off," I whispered, nodding at her panties.
I felt like a
Neanderthal. I was consumed with lust, totally
incapable of being a
romantic, or considerate lover.

"What? These?" she asked, as she slid her panties
down. She pulled
them down her long legs, and flung them at my face.
They wreaked with
the smell of her sex. She climbed into bed with me,
and wrapped her
tiny hand around my thick penis. "I don't think you
are ready for me
yet. You don't seem hard at all," she teased. She
started to get up,
and walk to the bathroom. At that point, I couldn't
take the teasing
any longer. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to
me with force,
but still having enough sense about me to be gentle.
I put her on her
back in the bed, and positioned myself between her
spread thighs.
Without pausing, I slipped my cock inside her.
Halfway on the first
stroke, but I was quickly in to the base. She moaned
eagerly, as I
positioned myself above her, and began to pump. Our
eyes were locked
on one another, as she wrapped her arms tight around
me, pulling me
closer to her body. I began fucking without abandon,
as she buried her
nails in my back.

"Mmmmm, don't stop," she panted. "Oh please, don't
stop." Her moans
became more rapid, and more audible, as I went in and
out, faster than
I had previously thought possible. I was barely even
aware that her
nails were imbedded in my flesh, as she began to moan
out my name. It
didn't even take two minutes before her body began to
quiver in
anticipation of orgasm. She shook sporadically
beneath me, as her arms
clenched me tighter. As she came, I stopped for a
second, and we
embraced, and kissed each other again and again. "Oh
shit, you're
amazing," she whispered, before guiding me over on my
back. She
straddled me, my cock impaling her, as she began to
bounce up and down
on it. Eagerly, I pushed up inside her, trying to use
our combined
momentum to reach new depths. The thrill of watching
her ride me was
driving me wild. I loved watching my cock slide in
and out of her, and
watching her tits bounce up and down with her body. I
loved the
filthy, dirty things she whispered during sex, that
were so
uncharacteristic of her normal persona. Most of all,
I loved the way she
moaned, as another orgasm approached, and the way she
threw her head
back, and closed her eyes, as she concentrated on
pleasing me.
Suddenly, she leaned forward and opened her eyes, as
she told me she
was about to cum. As her body began to give in to the
pleasure, she
reached behind her and squeezed my balls. Instantly,
I lost control
and felt my own orgasm. My eyes rolled back, but the
vision of my
beautiful girlfriend was still imprinted on them, as I
enjoyed the
sensation of her touching me, and the much needed
release as I began to
cum inside of her.

Almost immediately, she collapsed on top of me. The
two of us kissed
passionately, and whispered nice things to each other,
and then kissed
some more. We laid that way for what seemed like a
blissful eternity,
before Cameron finally rolled off of me. "Well," she
began, "I guess
I'm going to need another shower now."

"I guess so," I responded. I remained in the bed,
while she returned to
the bathroom, and I heard the water begin to run once
more. I kept
thinking to myself that I must be insane to want out
of this
relationship, but nevertheless, the longing for
freedom was still
there, as I drifted off listening to the shower run.

I couldn't have been asleep for too long, because when
Cameron woke me
up, I was still covered in a light coat of sweat from
our earlier
activity. She was standing over me, and the light
from the setting sun
shined through the window and over her shoulder,
making her look like a
fallen angel. At that moment, Cameron was gorgeous
enough to take my
breath away. I couldn't remember waking up to a more
divine sight in
my short life. She was dressed now, obviously almost
ready to leave
for the party. Her long light blonde hair was pulled
back in a pony
tail with a pink scrunchie, but she had obviously
taken the time to
curl the ends first. She was wearing a tight pink
button down blouse,
with 3/4 sleeves, that hugged her petite, muscular
body, and her
perky breasts. The blouse was unbuttoned enough to
hint at her
cleavage, and it was not tucked into her slinky, knee-
length gray
skirt. Her lips were nicely emphasized with red
lipstick, the only
makeup she ever wore, and a pair of heels finished off
her outfit.
Cameron didn't dress up that often, but when she did
it was well worth
the wait on my part. The sight of her, combined with
the musky smell
coming from the white panties laying next to my head
that I had
stripped from her earlier was enough to make my worn
out cock begin to
stir again.

She said something to me, but I was so lost in my
admiration that I
didn't catch it. "What?" I asked, still a bit dazed
from my nap, and
the overwhelming sight of her.

"I said, 'Hurry up and take a shower, and put your
clothes back on',"
she replied.

"Okay," I answered. "But come here first," I said,
grasping her small
hand, and pulling her towards me. I kissed her hand,
and attempted to
pull her down into the bed with me. She kissed me
lightly on the lips,
and I reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse,
revealing the
beginnings of a lavender bra.

Quickly, she opened her eyes and stood up. "Oh no,"
she began. "We
don't have time for that again."

"You know, Cammie," I said, trying to be serious,
"They say when you
don't make 'time for that' anymore in your
relationship, problems start
to arise." I knew there was not much of a chance of
getting her back
into bed before the party, but I was trying to charm
her nevertheless.

"Well," she answered, smiling down at me, "I think we
used up enough
time doing 'that' already. By the time you get
cleaned up, we'll be
pretty late for the party."

"Fuck the party," I responded. "Let's just spend the
night alone
together. You look too good tonight for me to share
you with other
eyes." In my mind, I knew that was actually really
looking forward to
seeing all my old friends, but, for the moment at
least, my "other
head" was doing the thinking for me.

"Well, thank you for the complement," she said, "but I
know you've been
looking forward to this as much as I have, if not
more, so we are not
going to miss it just because you're getting all hot
and bothered. Hot
and bothered, AGAIN, that is." She paused for a
second, and pulled on
my arm, forcing me to sit up. "Besides," she began,
"If we get to the
party early enough, and make all our rounds, we might
be able to make
it into one of the bedrooms before they are all
taken!" As I stood up,
I pulled her close to my body, pinning my soon-to-be
erect penis
tightly between our firm bodies. I managed to get
another button on
her blouse open, giving me a nice view of her breast
in her tight bra,
before she stopped me again. While flashing her
wicked smile, she gave me a light kiss, slapped me on
the ass, and pointed me towards the shower. I
couldn't help smiling from her earlier comments.
I wondered who enjoyed our sex life more, Cameron or

As I stepped into the shower and began to clean off, I
thought about
what she had said. Parties thrown at the Jones house
were known for being a lot
of fun, but they were also known for being a regular
fuck fest. His
parents owned a huge house, with six bedrooms, not to
mention countless
other rooms that party goers could lock themselves in
for privacy. The
house was on a large piece of property with a lot of
wooded areas, and
they also had a small pool house out back, so even
when the rooms were
taken, couples had a lot of places to wander off too.
The end result
was that rather than leaving the party and going off
somewhere to have
sex, people ended up hanging around longer and fucking
on the property.
It also made it easier to hook up with a random
partner than at a
normal party, since it was easy to find a private
place and let things

I got out of the shower and started to dress as I
replayed some of the
better nights I had spend at Reggie's house. I had
first went to a party
there my sophomore year in high school. The house had
already become a legend at school due to his older
brother, Richie. Now that we were in college, I
assumed the tradition would continue with Randy, the
youngest Jones boy. Over the year's, the pool house
had become my favorite place to take a girl. I
had lost my virginity to Ashley Welch there when I was
15, and I had taken part in a threesome there at the
end of my senior year with Emily Wagner and a
girl named Jennie Milano who went to another school.
Incidentally, the
rumors that had spread around high school about
Cameron being a lesbian
had been fueled when she had been seen coming out of
the same pool
house a year earlier with Jennie. As far as I know, I
was the only one
that knew for a fact that the two of them had sex,
besides the
participants, but that hadn't stopped the rumors.

But tonight would be the first time I had ever taken
Cameron into the
pool house. It was actually the first time we had
been to a party
together since we had changed our relationship. The
thought of having
sex with her there was making me hard again. The pool
house was the
"private place" most on display at Mike's house, and
when people
went in there, pretty much everyone knew what was
going on. I think
that's why it was my favorite. I kind of enjoyed
being in the public
eye, like an exhibitionist, who wasn't really showing
anything. I knew
with the way my girlfriend looked tonight, every guy
there would be
jealous. I could see myself already, sliding my hand
up her taut legs,
beneath her tight skirt. Unbuttoning her blouse and
bringing her hard
nipples into my mouth. The images continued to play
through my head as
I finished dressing, and the two of us got in the car
to leave.

Cameron decided it would be best if she drove, since
she knew my
tendency to drink heavily at social functions. As she
sat down in the
driver's seat the hem of her skirt pulled up past her
knees, affording
me a nice view of the lower half of her sexy legs.
The skirt had
matching slits on each side, and the way she sat
forced them open. As
she backed out of the driveway, I was greeted with a
nice view of her
thigh. Almost immediately, I had my left hand on her
right leg. I
began to massage her lower thigh gently, as she drove
to the end of the
street. Cameron moaned softly, obviously pleased by
my touch.

"Are you sure you want to go to this party?" I asked.
"I mean, we could
still just turn around....Your parents are still out,
but I think we
could find something to entertain us for a few
minutes." I slid my
hand further up her leg, pushing her skirt up with it,
and revealing a
black slip skirt. I squeezed her thigh tightly in my
hand, released,
and squeezed again. I noticed that her breathing
patterns were
starting to match the rhythm of my hand.

"You know we aren't going to do that," she said. Her
voice came out
much deeper and sexier than usual. "C'mon...we'll
just spend a few
hours mingling, then we can meet in the pool house and
I promise I will
fuck you like you've never had."

"I don't know if that's good enough for me," I
responded, teasing her
with my voice, as I began to rub my fingers along the
gusset of her
panties. Slowly, I pushed the material aside and
began to touch her
pussy lips.

"Listen, what time is it now?" she asked, still trying
to drive the car.
"It will be ten by the time we get there," I answered.
As I began to
tease her clitoris with my finger tips, she had
trouble keeping her
eyes on the road.

"So," she began, before having to stop and re-gather
her thoughts. I
was beginning to fuck her now with two fingers. "So,
we get there at
ten, and by midnight, we have sex."

"That's not good enough for me," I answered.
"Eleven." My fingers were
now starting to build up momentum inside her.

"That's too early," she protested.

"You're right," I answered, "We don't want to do
anything too early." I
started to pull my hand out from under her skirt.
Quickly, she
released the wheel of the car with one hand, and
gripped my wrist with
surprising strength.

"Don't stop!" she said, a hint of anger in her voice.
I just sat
staring at her without response. "Okay, you shit!"
she burst out.
"Eleven thirty." I smiled at her, and we both
couldn't help laughing.
I slid my fingers back inside her wet vagina, and
began to stroke,
faster in faster. Without warning, Cameron jerked the
car to the side
of the road, and slammed on the brakes. "Don't stop,"
she panted.
Frantically, I begin to move my fingers at a lightning
pace. Seeming
not to notice the passing traffic, Cameron leaned back
against the
driver's side door, and lifted her legs towards me.
She spread them as
far as the tight skirt would allow. As she began to
moan and cuss, I
continued to finger fuck her. I could tell her orgasm
was coming fast.
I paused for a second, and pulled her wet lavender
panties off over her
shoes, throwing them on the floor board. After that,
it was only a
matter of seconds. Her whole body began to quiver and
shake, as
delightful moans and jaw dropping epitaphs spilled
from her mouth.
When it was all over, she jumped up and pulled me to
her tightly,
smothering me with kisses as if I were about to leave
for war. Over and
over again, she swore that she would "repay me in
full" later that

Before pulling back onto the road, she reached for her
panties. Quickly
I blocked her movement, and picked them up myself.
They were tight
bikini panties...lavender satin, with ornate lace
trim, and they were
soaked. I held them up between us, and we both could
not help inhaling
the strong odor of Cameron's sex. Before she could
grab them, I pulled
them away, and stuff them in my pocket. "This will
keep you from
forgetting our meeting at the party," I said. She
protested for a
minute, but gave in when she saw that she couldn't
sway me. After
looking in the mirror to make sure her hair and makeup
were not out of
place, she pulled back on the road, and headed for the

The next hour or so was rather uneventful. Upon
reaching the party,
Cameron and I had mingled together for a while. I had
hoped to be able
to tease her uncovered pussy a few times when no one
was around, but
her skirt was long enough to make it impossible to
slide my hand in for
a quick feel. After a while, we went our own ways to
reunite with old
friends. Before leaving, I reminder her of our eleven

Casually, I walked about the party, greeting all of my
old friends,
seeing which girls were still hot, and introducing
myself to the girls
I didn't know. For a while, I think that part of me
that dreaded
relationships took over my mind, because I was
flirting with every
thing in a skirt. At about 11 o'clock, sanity
prevailed for a brief
second. A voice in the back of my mind whispered
"This is how it
always starts," and I knew the voice was right.
Almost every serious relationship I had been in had
ended with my infidelity. It usually started the same
way. Put me in a social situation, mix in a little
alcohol, and an attractive girl, and if
somehow sex managed to work it's way into the picture,
I would jump at
the opportunity. The bitch of it was, of all the
times I had been
caught, none of them had really upset me. There had
been several cases
where I felt bad that a nice girl had gotten her heart
broken, but I
could only remember a few occasions when I was sad to
see the relationship end.

But with Cameron, the situation had become different.
With Cameron, I
had depended on her friendship for years, well before
we had become a
couple. Without a doubt, I would welcome any chance
of ending our
romantic relationship, and returning to "just
friends", and it wasn't
as if some inner conscience was telling me that
'cheating was wrong.'
The only thing that was making me stop and think was
the fact that I
couldn't handle losing her friendship. I could do
without all the
boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, and even though she was
great in bed, I
would always prefer a multitude of partners over one.
But I did need
someone to talk to when I felt like shit, or when I
was proud of
something I had done, and Cameron had always been that
person. For
that reason, I listened to that voice at around
eleven, and decided to
stop flirting, and go hang out in the pool house and
wait for my

I walked down the path to the pool house, went inside,
and turned on the
television. It really was a nice little place. The
pool house was a
small brick building, with a door that opened on a
kitchen. Just past
the kitchen area was a small sitting area with a
television, and a
bathroom was off to one side. Almost as soon as I
turned on the TV, I
heard the door swing open. "You're early," I called
out without
turning, "Couldn't wait to blast off on the love
rocket again?"

"I didn't know I had an appointment," a female voice
answered, "But I am
always ready for the love rocket," she said with a

Surprised, I quickly spun around. Standing in the
doorway I saw Karen
Webb. As always, she looked fantastic. "Oh shit,
Karen," I began, "I
thought you were someone else."

"Oh, were you supposed to meet someone here?" she
asked, smiling

"No. No, not really," I answered. "I was just joking

"Then what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I just got a little bored," I answered. "I said
'hello' to everyone,
and I felt like just sitting down for a while."

"You never said 'hello' to me," Karen replied. "And I
KNOW you saw me."
"Yeah, but you were with Dipshit," I responded without
thinking. "Oh,
I'm sorry," I quickly apologized. "I didn't mean to
offend you if you
came with Dipshit or anything."

The dipshit I was referring to was William Bell. Bill
Bell to his
friends, but just Dipshit to me, or sometimes Dumbass.
There wasn't
any single incident I could point at for the reason
why Dipshit and I
hated each other. It was just something that had
always been there,
and that I had no desire to change. Usually, we tried
to be polite to
each other, but inevitably, one of us always ended up
pissed off. It
was just good fortune that a physical confrontation
had never taken
place between us.

"Well," Karen answered, "I am with him. We're kind of
dating, but it's
nothing serious. Just a little summer fling, that
will be over when
school starts back."

"But don't you two go to the same college?" I asked.
"Does he know it's
over in the fall?"

"Yes, we do go to the same school...the same one as
your date," she
answered. "And, no, he probably doesn't know, but I
don't really give
a shit. I don't run into him much at school, and I
don't have much
interest in maintaining high school friendships my
whole life anyway.
Plus, he's not a very good fuck."

"Holy shit, you fucked that dumbass?" I asked.

She just cocked her head and gave me a look that
seemed to say "Do you
really have to ask?" Karen wasn't exactly known for
being a choir
girl. Pretty much every guy she had dated had scored,
as well as
several who had never been on a date with her. I was
a member of the
second group.

"He's actually not that bad in bed," she said, as she
stepped out of the
shadows, and towards the couch. "It's just that I've
had better."
Karen winked at me as she finished speaking. She had
never been to
fond of subtlety. She walked around the couch, and
sat down next to

For the first time, I was able to get a good look at
her, and I was
overwhelmed. Karen had always been an attractive
girl, but somehow
going away to college had improved her. Several of
the girls at the
party had gained weight during their freshman year,
but it looked like
Karen's body had become tighter. She was about five
foot six, with
dark brown hair that came past her shoulder. She had
a really cute
face, and nice full red lips. Her figure was like an
hourglass. Karen
was incredibly curvaceous, with large breasts, a tiny
waist, and great
hips and ass. All of this would make any guy chase
her, but what
really drove me wild was her eyes. Karen had huge
brown doe eyes, that
seemed to make her face look extremely innocent.
With the way she
dressed, and acted, it was incredibly appealing to me.

On top of her natural beauty, Karen was dressed to
thrill on that night.
She was wearing a long sleeved, button down blouse,
with black and
white vertical stripes, and solid white collar and
cuffs. The blouse
was incredibly thin, and it was easy to see her black
bra through it.
Her skirt was short, tight, black leather, and she was
wearing black
silk hose and high heels. Nobody had ever dressed
like that at a high
school party, and it wasn't often that I saw outfits
like that at
college. As she sat next to me flirting, I felt a
stirring in my

Desperately, I tried to steer our conversation away
from sex. "So, I
heard you are in a sorority?" I asked. "I'm surprised
they let you
dress like that."

"Yes, well, it's the naughty sorority," she responded.
Gently she
placed her hand on my thigh, and began to rub it
through me jeans. "Do
you think I look naughty?"

"Listen, Karen," I began. "I don't think we should be
doing this...
we're both here with dates."

"So?" she responded. "When has that stopped you
before? It certainly
didn't stop you from cheating on that little girl last

Christina Ellis was the "little girl" she was
referring too. She had been my
date to our senior prom, and I had snuck off to fuck
Karen during the
evening. It wasn't one of my proudest moments.
Still, as I sat here
thinking back on how bad I had felt afterwards, I
couldn't help but
remember what a great fuck Karen was. She wasn't the
best partner I'd
ever had, but she was very animated in bed, and a
great time. The prom
experience was the only time I had screwed her, but I
had also been in
the room while she had sex with a friend once, and I
had gotten a blow
job from her years earlier.

Now, it was her turn to do the pushing. "C'mon,"
pleaded Karen. "Nobody
has made me squeal like you did since that night.
Plus, think how much
it will piss Bill off if he finds out, that should
motivate you some."

While looking me in the eyes, she gently began to
squeeze my dick
through my pants. It was obvious to both of us that I
was succumbing
to her charms. The world seemed to be in slow motion,
as she leaned
towards me, and we began to kiss. I felt my arm slide
around her back
and pull her tightly to me. With my last ounce of
will power, I
managed to break the kiss. "We can't do this," I

Karen told me not to talk, as she unbuttoned my pants,
and removed my
stiff penis from it's prison. As she coiled her hand
around my
erection, each fingertip seemed to send electric
shocks through my
entire body, driving me wild. She leaned closer, and
traced my ear
with the tip of her tongue. "Just lean back, and
close your eyes," she
whispered. "You don't have to do least
not yet. I'll
get us started, and then it will all be my fault, and
you won't have to
blame yourself."

Somewhere, deep down inside, I knew that her argument
didn't make any
sense, but I allowed her to persuade me. She kissed
me once more, and
then slid off the couch, and onto her knees. She
knelt before me,
still gripping my cock tightly, and looked up at me
with those big
innocent eyes. I knew then that I was weak, and that
any chance of me
resisting was gone. Still staring at me, she slowly
unbuttoned her
blouse, revealing a lacy black bra, pushing her ample
cleavage towards
me. "I don't want cum on my blouse," she explained,
as she massaged my
balls gently with one hand. My eyes locked on hers as
she leaned
forward and kissed the tip of my swollen cock.

"Your dick is soooo big," she whispered. "It makes me
so hot. I can't
wait to feel it inside me....inside me pussy." Her
filthy talk was
driving me wild. The whole time, she kept those
innocent eyes locked
on my own. She started licking my cock, trailing her
tongue from base
to tip, and back down again. I reached down and
pulled her hair back,
holding it out of her face.

"Please," I whispered..."Please do it." At that moment
I didn't even
know Cameron existed. Karen smiled coyly, and then
took the head of my
cock between her ruby red lips. She sucked on it
gently, making my
body tingle with need. As she continued to massage my
balls with one
hand, she tightly gripped the base of my dick with the
other. At first,
she bobbed her head slowly up and down my long shaft,
but she quickly
began to build speed. She moaned constantly as her
hand began to work
the base of my shaft, and her lips and tongue teased
the top half.
Every few stroked she would flash those eyes at me, or
pause to tell me
how much fun she was having. I could tell she wanted
me good and eager
to fuck her, but I had other plans. I grasped her
head tightly, and
began moving my hips in rhythm with her mouth. I could
feel my balls
getting tighter, as I ached for a release, and
suddenly it was there.
For a brief second I felt like I was invincible as I
shot my load down
her throat. Karen was caught a bit by surprise, and
jerked her head.
My cum dripped onto her exposed bra and cleavage
before she could get
her mouth back around it. When I was finished, I
collapsed back into
the couch.

For a minute, Karen just stayed on her knees, smiling
up at me. Her
hair was a bit of a mess, and my cum was puddled on
her tits and bra.
"I'm going to the bathroom to clean off," she said,
finally. "You
caught me by surprise. I was just trying to get you
hard so we could
fuck." As she walked to the bathroom, she called
back. "You get your
rest, because in a minute it's payback time." I
mumbled something in
response, and just sat there in a daze, enjoying the
moment. I was oblivious to the world, until I heard
the door open.

As soon as I heard the hinges creek, I felt like I'd
been hit by a bolt of lightning. I looked at the
clock. It read 11:45. Cameron was supposed to meet
me at 11:30. How could I have been so fucking stupid?

I turned around to confirm my what I already knew.
Cameron was closing the door behind her. I noticed
once again how good she looked, and my mind was
ravished with guilt. Cameron walked around the couch
to greet me.

"Sorry I'm late," she said apologetically. She
glanced down and saw my semi-erect penis protruding
from my pants. "Wow! I guess you got started without

I didn't know what to say. Cameron didn't wait for an
answer. She began pushing her slinky skirt up, and
straddled me. "I can't believe you took these" she
said while patting the pocket that held her panties.
"I have been so wet all night. Every little breeze
seemed to go right up my skirt and tickly my pussy."

The skirt was pushed all the way up around her waist,
and her bare vagina was exposed. She started rubbing
it against my cock. Despite the peril I was in, my
penis responded. It apparently had a mind of its own.
"Your awful quiet," Cameron said. "I hope you aren't
angry at me. "I promise to make it up to you." She
pulled untucked her pink blouse from her skirt, and
started unbuttoning. Her bra was lacy purple, and
matched the panties I had taken from her in the car.
It clasped in the front, and she opened, revealing her
perfect orbs. She smiled at me wickedly, then grasped
my head and put it between her breasts, shaking them
back and forth like some stripper in a seedy
nightclub. My cock was not rock hard, and she
continued to trail her wet vagina over it.

That's when everything fell apart. The bathroom door
swung open, and Karen steeped out. Her pinstriped
blouse was still open, and her large breasts were
nearly busting out of her lacy black bra. "Damn," she
said. "You got your cum all over…" she stopped mid-
sentence as she looked up and saw Cameron. "Oh shit,"
she muttered.

Cameron stared at Karen wide eyed, and then looked
back to me. She must have felt foolish, sitting there
with her tits out and her crotch exposed as the put
the pieces together. "You fucking bastard," she said
looking at me. She jumped up and fumbled with her
bra. She buttoned her blouse haphazardly, misaligning
the buttons in the process.

"Cammie, wait!" I said.

"Don't you fucking come near me," she screamed. Tears
were running down her pretty face. "You fucking shit.
You fucking shitty shit." She stormed out the door.

I stopped long enough to put away my piece and zip up,
then I followed her. She was moving quickly. She had
already made it to the side of the house, and she was
going towards her car. Amazingly, no one at the party
had even noticed. I rushed to catch her. I grabbed
her arm just as she opened the car door. "Cammie
wait. I can explain" I said.

She wheeled around quickly and slapped me with her
free hand. "Fuck you," she said. Then she screamed
it. "Fuck you! How can you do this to me? Why the
fuck did you do this?" She pushed me away with
surprising strength and got in the car. She shot me a
menacing look before pulling out of the driveway and
speeding off.

I sat down in the grass, stunned. I replayed the
events in my head, and wondered how I could have been
so foolish. It wasn't the first time I had cheated on
someone, but I still didn't understand why I did it.
I was there for about ten minutes when Karen walked
up. Her blouse was buttoned now, and tucked back into
her leather skirt. She looked worried.

"How did it go?" she asked.

"Take a guess," I responded.

"I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?" she asked.

"Can you give me a ride home?" She told me she could.
Her car was parked on the street, and we walked over
to it. She had opted not to tell her date she was

We got in the passenger seat and I covered my face
with my hands "I can't fucking believe this," I

Karen put a hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong?" she
asked softly.

I looked at her like the was a dumbass. "Are you
fucking kidding me Karen?" I asked angrily. "Did you
somehow forget what just happened?"

"No," she answered calmly. "I didn't forget anything.
You got caught cheating on your date? So what! How
many times has that happened to you now? A few
right?" She paused, but I didn't answer. "Plus,
there are all the times you've fucked around and
haven't been caught. Why is this a big deal? This is
what you do. It's always been what you do. I'm sure
my date will find out and be pissed, but I don't care.
Sleeping around is what I do. Nobody's going to make
me feel bad about it." She paused again to catch her
breath. "Besides," she said softly. "It was just
Cammie. You two have been friends for years. It's
not like it was a real date. It's not like that
little blonde trophy date last year at the prom that
you ditched so we could have sex."

"You don't understand, Karen," I said quietly.

"Holy shit," she said softly. "You really cared about
her didn't you? I thought the two of you were just
together out of convenience, like Billy and I."

"No," I said, trying to preserver my 'bad boy'
reputation. "I didn't care about her." Karen didn't
say anything, she just gazed at me intently. "Well,
maybe I did," I said. "I don't fucking know anymore."

Karen leaned over and hugged me softly. "It's okay,"
she whispered. I was suddenly overwhelmed with
depression, and I placed my head on her shoulder. Her
blouse was cool and silky, and her long dark hair
smelled like apple blossoms. She held me close with
her arms, and even though I knew it was wrong, it felt
very right. I moved my lips to her throat and kissed
it softly. Karen started rubbing my back and I kissed
her neck again. She pushed on my shoulders, causing
me to sit up, and our eyes locked together. As I
gazed into those big brown pools, I wondered again how
someone could look so innocent, yet be so naughty.
Her full red lips seemed to be calling me. I leaned
in and tasted them. They parted softly, and our
tongues met. Instantly, I was hungry for her. I was
still overwhelmed with guilt, and I desperately wanted
to be accepted by someone.

I wrapped my arms around Karen's slender body, pulling
her to me, crushing her large breasts against my
chest. We were hot for each other as we kissed
hungrily. "Karen, let's finish what we started," I
said. "If I'm going to cheat on my girlfriend, I
might as well not do a half-assed job. I want to fuck

"Sure," she said. "Let's get out of here."

I grabbed Karen and pulled her into my lap. "No. I
want you right here. Right now."

"But there are people everywhere," she protested.

I slipped my hand beneath her leather skirt and rubbed
against her pussy. "Right here. Right now," I
repeated. She pushed her skirt up so she could
straddle me, showing off a pair of tiny black panties.
I went for the shirt and started to unbutton it. The
windows were starting to fog up, so I didn't notice we
had drawn a crowd.

Suddenly, the driver's side door swung open. "Who the
fuck is in my girlfriend's car?" a familiar voice
boomed. I recognized the stocky, jock torso even
before Billy Bell stuck his head into the car. He
gazed directly at me. "What in the hell are you
doing?" He looked up and saw Karen. "What the hell
are you doing with him?" he shouted. "Get out of the
car. I'm going to kick your ass."

Billy and I despised each other, and had argued on
many occasions, but a physical altercation had never
broken out. I had never been much of a fighter, but
at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to take all
my frustrations out on Billy's skull. I pushed Karen
aside and opened the passenger door to the car. "You
don't want to fuck with me, Dipshit," I said. "I'll
fucking ruin you."

I could hear Karen calling in the background, telling
me he wasn't worth it. Pleading with me to get back
in the car. Billy was a large, muscle-bound guy who
had been a wrestling star in high school. I wasn't
sure if Karen just didn't want up to fight, or she was
scared that I would get my ass kicked. I looked at
him over the roof of Karen's little Jetta. "I will
fucking ruin you," I repeated.

That seemed to push him over the edge. I noticed
quite a crowd had gathered as Billy raced around the
hood of the car. He looked like a charging bull as he
set his sights on me. I stepped a way from the car as
he approached rapidly. At the last second I side
stepped. I stuck out my leg as he passed, tripping
him. He fell down hard, and I wheeled around and
kicked him in the stomach. "You want some of me,
bitch," I shouted.

Billy's face was bright red and he was trying to catch
his breath. There was no doubt that he was angry, and
he probably would have killed me if Karen wouldn't
have stepped in. "Are you crazy?" she demanded.
"C'mon. Let's get out of here," she cried
desperately. A large crowd on on-lookers had
gathered, and her blouse was hanging open once again,
but she didn't seem to notice.

She held my arm tightly, and pulled me towards the
car. Part of me was aching to pounce on my fallen
enemy, even though I knew in the back of my mind that
he would pulverize me. I deliberated a second, then
gave in to Karen's pleading. I got back into her car.
She went around to the driver's side and looked down
at her date as he tried to regain his footing. "Don't
ever call me again, Limp Dick," she said. Karen
cranked the car, popped the clutch, and we sped off
down the road.

We left the country club through the main entrance and
drove off through a rural area. Suddenly I felt sick.
The adrenaline from the fighting mixed with my guilt
and the small amount of alcohol I had consumed and
made me nauseous. I told Karen, and she pulled to the
side of the road. I stumbled out of the car and
dropped to my knees, thinking I might vomit. I
kneeled there for several minutes, waiting for it to
pass. There was a strong breeze in the air that was
irregular for a summer evening in the south. I knew
it would be raining soon. I noticed Karen was
standing beside me.

"Are you okay?" she asked. I told her that I was. We
were silent for a few minutes. The sickness had
completely passed. "Do you know where we are?" Karen
asked suddenly. I shook my head. Karen pointed
across the across the field. About a hundred yards up
was an old dirt road. Down that road there was an old
barn, which Karen was pointing at.

Then I realized exactly where we were. I had been
coming to that barn for years. I had discovered it
with my first serious girlfriend, Jill. Since then, I
had hidden my old blazer behind that barn hundreds of
times so I could fool around with my date. Along with
the old fort behind my house, it was one of my old
high school fuck spots. I had even taken Cameron
there a few times over the summer when we couldn't
find anyplace else. I had also taken Karen behind the
barn once. She had been dating one of my good
friends, and he had just broken up with her at a
party. I had shown a little sympathy, and offered her
a ride home. I was rewarded with a blow job, even
though I had wanted a little more. Karen had not been
so slutty at the time, and didn't allow me to go all
the way.

"Have you taken a lot of girls there?" Karen asked.

"Yes," I said honestly. I only took girls that I
trusted to my old fort, but I had taken almost any
girl I fooled around with to the barn.

"I've been to several guys secret make out spots," she
said. "But that was one of the better ones. So
obvious, yet so hidden. Have you ever been inside, or
did you always just park like we did that night?"

"I just parked," I answered as I got to my feet.

"I wonder what's inside," she said. "Let's go look

Karen put her high heels in the car and took off
across the field before I could offer protest. I knew
it would be raining soon, plus I just wanted to get
home and sulk. I hesitantly followed after her. She
seemed almost giddy as she ran across the field. The
wind got a little bit chilly, and rain drops were
starting to fall. Karen ducked into the barn, and I
followed her. It was dark, but there were several
holes in the roof with moonlight spilling through
them. The dilapidated barn smelled like old hay.
There were several old stalls for horses, and a large
ladder going up to a loft.

Karen was halfway up the ladder waiting for me. She
called for me to follow as she climbed upward, and I
did. At the top was a large pile of hay. There was
giant hole in the roof just above it, and the light
was shining in.

"I've never been in a real barn," Karen said. "How
about a role in the hay?"

"I don't think so Karen," I said. "I just want to go
home and try and forget this day."

She leaned into my body and kissed me. Her nimble
fingers rubbed against my penis. I suddenly felt the
same way I had in the car. I needed her. I just
wanted someone who didn't care what an asshole I had
been. I wrapped my arms around her back and rubbed
against her silky blouse. I started fumbling with the
buttons, eager to bare her large breasts. Karen
stepped backwards, guiding us to the hay pile. We fell
into it as her blouse came open. She shrugged out of
it, and I reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.
Karen removed my shirt and opened my pants quickly.
The rain was starting to fall hard now, and it caused
the tin roof to rattle. It streamed through the leaky
ceiling, pouring onto the two of us.

Karen's large tits were now exposed. The flesh was
creamy and white, and the nipples were pink. She wore
a D-cup bra, and the breasts sagged a little bit. I
rubbed my face in them as she finished removing all my
clothes. I slid my hand under the leather skirt and
rubbed on her pussy while she pumped my cock fiercely.
With my free hand, I unzipped the back of her skirt
and she kicked out of it. I noticed that her thigh
high stockings were covered in wet grass and had a
large hole in the foot.

The rain was coming in forcefully now, and Karen's
long dark hair was plastered to her face, and her
mascara was running. I slid my fingers in and out of
her hot pussy, and she squealed with delight. In my
previous experience with Karen, and I had discovered
her to be a very noisy, lively lover.

"Hurry up and fuck me," she pleaded. Her filthy talk
reminded me of someone else. It reminded me of
Cameron when she was aroused, how she liked to talk
dirty and be demanding during sex.

I suddenly couldn't wait any longer. Cold rain was
drenching our bodies. It dripped of Karen's tit, and
I licked it up as I worked her tight panties off. I
plunged my dick deep inside her cunt. Karen gasped
and then screamed with delight.

"Oh yes," she said. "Come and fuck me." How many
times had I heard Cameron use that exact phrase? My
naked body was trembling from the cold rain and the
need for release. I pushed into forcefully, sinking
my cock all the way. Karen squealed and started
bucking back, gyrating her hips, moving out of
control. Her crazed movement jerked my cock in every
direction and if felt amazing.

"Oh shit yes. Of fuck me good," she said. Her huge
breasts swung back and forth as I pounded into her. I
saw Karen laying there, but I couldn't stop thinking
of Cameron. I fucked her harder, slamming myself into
her. Her nails dug into my flesh.

"Oh yes. Harder. Do it harder." I obliged, jamming
my cock in as forcefully as I could. "I'm going to
cum," she moaned. In my mind, I wasn't seeing a
buxom, dark haired beauty. I just saw myself
screwing, pretty, bleach blonde, athletic Cameron. I
was filled with a mix of grief and need. I suddenly
felt tears running down my face, but the rain quickly
washed them away.

I wanted to cum and I couldn't wait any longer. I
buried myself in Karen's pussy and jiggle around. She
was already climaxing, and she was screaming my name.
You could probably hear her for half a mile. I felt
my own climax building up, and I pictured Cameron
there, urging me to cum in her. I exploded, spraying
my hot cum into Karen's vagina. She had just finished
blowing me a couple of hours earlier, but I still had
a lot of semen left.

I collapsed into the hay. Tears were still running
from my eyes, but Karen didn't notice. We laid
together naked, shivering, waiting for the storm to
pass before we walked back to the car. Karen drove me
home and thanked me for a good time, but I hardly

I went home and collapsed in my bed, and slept solidly
until noon the next day. When I woke up, I thought at
first that it had all been a nightmare, but the wet
pile of clothing on the floor cleared up that notion.

I went to shower, and saw a note on my bathroom mirror
from my mother. It said that my family had gone out
for the day, and that Cameron had called and would be
over at two. After reading the ominous note, I didn't
know what to think. Why was Cameron coming over at
two? I hopped in the shower as I played out different
scenarios in my head. Ideally, I hoped that she would
come over, and the two of us would have a rational
discussion. Cameron would realize that becoming a
couple had been a mistake, and that we should go back
to just being best friends.

Mental scenario two was that she would be upset with
me, but she would decide to forgive me and give our
relationship another shot. To me, that situation
would be less than optimal, but it was better than
dreaded scenario number three.

In my third scenario, I pictured Cameron being
extremely upset and deciding that she wanted nothing
to do with me. That's the situation that scared me
the most. The only reason I had stuck with the
romantic relationship for so long was because I feared
ending it would also end our friendship.

Before I started dating Cameron, I felt almost as if I
could read her mind, or predict her actions. When our
relationship changed, I lost a bit of the
clairvoyance. As I stood in the shower that morning,
I realized I had no idea what to expect.

I finished my shower, got dressed, and went to tidy up
my room. I picked up the previous night's rain soaked
clothes, and felt a lump in the pants pocket. I
reached in and found the panties I had taken from
Cameron early in the evening. I was overwhelmed with
emotion. I had never intended to cheat on her when I
took those panties. Why did I have such a weak will?
Why could I not turn Karen away? I couldn't decide if
my behavior was caused by some subconscious fear of
commitment, or if I was just a sexually compulsive
asshole. As Karen had pointed out in her car, it
wasn't the first time I'd been caught cheating, but I
was certainly feeling worse than usual.

I cast the panties on my dresser, and went tried to
find something to do while the minutes ticked by.
Finally, at about ten minutes 'til one, I heard the
doorbell ring.

Cameron looked spectacular, even though it wasn't her
intention. She had on a white men's dress shirt and a
pair of cutoff jeans. Her bleach blonde hair was
pushed up in a messy bun, and from the bags under her
eyes I could tell she hadn't got much sleep. I was
simultaneously filled with guilt and arousal.

"Is anyone else home?" she asked. I told her we were
alone. "Good, that will make this easier," she
responded. "I just came by to get some stuff I left
over here."

I reached for her hand. "Cammie, I'm so sorry," I
said. She pulled away from my fingers as if they

"I don't want to talk about this," she said as she
headed towards my bedroom. "I can't stand to tell my
parents what happened, so for the next two weeks, I'll
act as if nothing has. After I go back to school,
I'll just tell them we decided to go back to being
friends. My mother thinks you're such a great guy. I
don't want her to know the truth."

I don't think it was her intention, but her words
still stung. She walked around my room, gathering
some stuff she had left over and putting it in her
backpack. She noticed the panties on the dresser, and
picked them up.

"So what's really going to happen?" I asked. "I mean
between us."

"What do you mean?" she asked. She was stretching the
lavender panties back and forth in her hands. "I
think you showed me last night that you don't really
care about us. Apparently I'm not good enough to keep
you away from slutty tramps."

"Cammie, that's not true," I said. "You know that
isn't true. I care about you a lot."

"I 'know that isn't true'?" she asked rhetorically.
"How the fuck do I know that?" she shouted. "You want
to hear what I fucking know. I know that yesterday at
this time, I was the happiest I'd ever been. I knew I
had someone who cared about me and respected me, and
that I could trust. Well, apparently I didn't know
shit, because now I'm here having the worst fucking
day in my life, and I can't stop recalling the look on
that slut's face when she walked out of that bathroom
and saw us together. So don't you fucking tell me
what I 'know.' The only thing I know is how much this

Tears were running down her pretty face. Her whole
body was trembling. Instinctively I put my arms
around her and pulled her close. I walked her to the
edge of the bed, and we sat down. Cameron pressed her
head tightly against my shoulder, and her whole body
shook as she cried. I just held her close.

Again, I was mixed with feelings of guilt, and
arousal. I ran my fingers across her forehead pushing
the hair out of her face. I was suddenly convinced,
that if we could just make love then everything would
be alright. She would still be upset, but it would be
a step in the right direction. I kissed her forehead
softly. "I'm so sorry," I whispered. "I never meant
to hurt you, Cammie." I kissed her again, and worked
my way down her face. I kissed her nose and cheeks.

Cameron resisted at first, but slowly she turned her
face to me. Our lips met, and we kissed passionately.
Quickly, my hands went to the buttons of her shirt.
My nimble fingers started opening the baggy garment.
I gazed upon the swell of her bosom, and a lacy white
bra. I wrapped an arm tightly around her back and
kissed her again. I slid my hands across her flat
stomach, and started kneading her breasts. I could
feel her nipples responding to my touch. Her body was
responding, and for a second, I though she was going
to let me love her, but then she suddenly pushed away.

"Stop it. Stop it!" she said. "What the hell am I
doing? What am I letting you do to me?" She started
buttoning her shirt again.

"Cameron," I pleaded. "Don't stop now?"

"Why?" she demanded. "If you fuck me, will that make
everything all right? Will I be so amazed by your
ability, that I'll forget all about what you did last
night? Fuck you," she said.

She finished gathering her stuff and headed to the
door. "I don't want to hear from you anymore," she
said. She started down the stairs and then stopped.
She was still holding the lavender panties. She
turned and through them at me. "Why don't you keep
these," she said. "Maybe they'll remind you of what
you did." She wheeled around and ran down the stairs.
I knew it was pointless to follow. I heard the front
door slam, and from my bedroom window, I watched her
drive off.

With only two weeks remaining in the summer, I took
the same approach as Cameron with my parents. I just
let them assume that nothing had happened between us.
A few times a week I would leave the house without
saying anything, and they would just assume I was with
her. I spent most of that time down by the creek
behind my house, thinking about how stupid I'd been.

The first few months back at school were rough. I was
unable to shake my depression. I wasn't terribly
upset about the relationship, but it was hard getting
by without my best friend. Before we started dating,
I had talked to Cameron at least 3 times a week, and
shared almost every even in my life with her. Now, as
the fall semester drug by, I had no one to talk to,
and I felt incredibly lonely. During my freshman
year, I had spent most of my time drinking, partying,
and getting laid. In my sophomore year, I had only
slept with two girls by Thanksgiving break, and for
one of them I had been incredibly drunk. I didn't
have Cameron's new phone number at school, but I e-
mailed her occasionally. Sometimes she would write
back, but it was usually only a few words that didn't
amount to much.

By Thanksgiving, I was happy to go home for a few
days. I spent Thursday with my family. On Friday, I
went over to visit my old friend Trey. Growing up, he
had been my best friend aside from Cameron. He had
decided on an out of state college and had even taken
summer classes after his first year, so it had been
hard to keep in touch since high school. His parents
were off visiting relatives, so we sat on the back
porch drinking beer and smoking cheap cigars. We
spent the first half hour or so just catching up on
each other's lives. Finally, I asked the question I
had been avoiding.

"So, do you talk to Cammie much?" I asked.

"I was wondering how long it would take to ask that,"
he said. "Yeah, I talk to her a lot more now. I
guess ever since the end of the summer, she's been
looking for someone to replace you. Not as a
boyfriend, but in the way you two used to be. We talk
a lot, but we'll never be as close as you two were. I
think it's hard for her to trust me."

"How is she doing?" I asked.

"She's alright. She's acting a little strange
sometimes, and I don't agree with everything she's
doing, but she's alright. I hope you don't mind, but
I don't really feel comfortable discussing this," he
said. I told him I understood, and we changed the
subject. After a few minutes he asked: "Are you
planning on attending the party tomorrow?"

Apparently, for the long weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Jones
had decided to vacation in Europe, and leave their
sons behind. The infamous Jones boys had decided to
pay their parents back by holding the biggest party
ever in their house. Richie, Reggie, and Randy had
each invited everyone they knew from high school, and
any college friends in the area. It was going to be a
huge blast. I definitely wanted to go, partly to take
my mind off Cameron, and partly because I thought she
might be there.

"Yeah, I'm going," I said as I opened a fresh beer.

"You have a date?" he asked. Even in my depressed
state I had no intension of showing up stag to a party
filled with old high school chums. I had arranged to
take Haley Carson. She was a year younger than me,
and had just started her freshman year at my college.
In high school, she had been kind of skinny and
homely. In college, she had broken out of her shell
and was making a reputation for herself. By toning up
her body she had significantly increased her
popularity with the guys. Haley had been after me for
a while, so I had accepted the date out of
convenience. I told Trey I was taking her, and he
told me he his girlfriend from college was coming down
for the party. We decided to ride together and get
dinner beforehand.

We continued to chat and finished our beers. As dusk
approached, I got up to leave.

"One last thing," Trey said. "If Cammie is at the
party tomorrow, you should probably avoid her."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Just trust me," he said. "It wouldn't be a good idea
to talk to her."

The next night, I picked Haley up and brought her to
my house, where Trey was meeting us. She looked
spectacular. Haley was around 5 foot 2, and very
outgoing with a ton of energy. She was evidence that
dynamite comes in small packages. She had dirty
blonde hair that came just past her shoulders and big
brown eyes. She was wearing tight, low cut sweater.
It was a white button down that was made of cashmere.
Her pants were extremely tight black leather that
showcased her perfect little ass. The contrast in the
colors and materials was very sexy. It was totally
like the nerdy, out of style clothes she had worn
while in high school. I marveled at how much she had
changed since leaving home. I introduced her to my
parents and we hung out and waited for Trey. I
couldn't help but notice my mother's disapproving
glances at her pants.

Trey picked us up shortly with his girlfriend Terri.
She was a pretty dark haired girl from Maryland. She
was very polite and easy to get along with. I
understood immediately why Trey had chosen to stay in
school over the summer. I liked her instantly, and
she also hit it off with Haley. The four of us went
out to an uneventful dinner, and then headed to the
big party.

When we arrived at the Jones house I was shocked.
Their parties were always big, but this time there
were twice as many cars as normal parked along the
street. Reggie greeted us at the door, and told us
they have given a large tip to the country club
security in order to leave the party alone. The front
hall of the mansion was filled with kegs, bottle of
liquor, and an assortment of other party favors. The
house itself was packed with people. It was
unseasonably warm, so there were also a lot of people
mulling around outside. My three companions and I
decided to go out back and mingle.

The first part of the evening went well. I visited
with old friends from school and spent time getting to
know Trey's girlfriend. Haley and I were both
drinking, and it was becoming obvious that she would
be willing to have sex if I wanted. As I continued to
drink, the prospect became more intriguing. Unlike
the two girls I had slept with over the past few
months, I was actually seeing Haley as a person, and
not just a sexual object. The more time I spent with
her, the more I enjoyed her personality.

After a while, the two girls wandered off to explore
the big house, leaving Trey and I alone. We sat down
by the pool to drink and chat. Only a few minutes had
passed when I looked across the deck and saw Cameron.
I was shocked just to see her, but when I noticed her
date, I was even more upset. She was standing with a
group of couples, and her arm was locked around the
waist of Billy Bell, my old nemesis. Trey noticed me
staring and followed my gaze.

"Oh fuck," he said. "I didn't think she would come.
This is why I told you not to talk to her. I didn't
want you to find out about him."

"You fucking knew about this?" I demanded.

"Yes," Trey confessed. "She's been dating him for
about a month. You know they go to the same school,
right?" I nodded. "He basically approached her and
played up the sympathy angle about how you and Karen
had cheated on the two of them. This is why I told
you I don't agree with all her actions. I think he's
just using her to get back at you. It's like Tupac
said : revenge is the sweetest thing next to getting

I watched as Billy rubbed Cameron's ass and kissed her
cheek. "It looks like he wants to do both," I said to
Trey. I started to get up and walk over to them.
Before I went two steps, I felt Trey's hand on my
elbow. "Don't do it," he said. "Don't give him the
satisfaction." For a minute, I still wanted to go
over to them, but finally I listened to Trey's wisdom.
We picked up our drinks and headed inside to find our

As I walked around with Haley, I couldn't get Cameron
and Dipshit out of my mind. I kept picturing the way
his hand looked on her ass. I put down a few more
drinks, and I finally put the scene behind me. Trey
took Terri upstairs to show her one of the bedrooms.
Haley and I decided to go for a walk by the pool. We
went outside and slipped into the shadows. I wrapped
my arm around Haley, and leaned down to kiss her for
the first time. Her lips were very receptive.

"I was beginning to think you would never do that,"
she said. "I'm not usually this forward, but I was
wondering if you'd like to show me one of those

For the first time in a while, I felt real desire for
a woman. I took her hand and headed towards my old
haunt, the pool house. I found the door open, and we
went in. I got the shock of my life when I turned on
the light. Across the room, I saw Billy and Cameron
kissing. He had her pressed firmly against the wall.
One hand was on her breast, and the other was under
her skirt. They turned around and gasped. I noticed
that Cameron looked spectacular in a short gray skirt
and tight blue sweater. At first, I didn't know how
to react.

Cameron broke the silence. "Oh, hi," she said. "How
are you?" It was a friendly enough question, but the
chilly tone of her voice was unmistakable.

"Sorry," I said. "The door was unlocked." I took
Haley's hand and turned to leave..

"Hey! Don't leave yet," Billy said. "We haven't had
a chance to say hello yet. I believe you know my
date, Cameron."

Haley didn't know the history between the rest of us,
but she was picking up on the hostility. "Let's go,"
she whispered.

"You see," Billy continued, "Cameron and I have a lot
in common. We were both cheated on by our significant
others. I guess she decided she wanted someone who
would treat her right."

"That's funny," I replied. "I just figured she was
with you because she always liked the taste of pussy."
I saw Cameron cringe and I knew she hadn't told Billy
about her bisexual experiences. Meanwhile, his face
had turned a bright shade of red.

I felt Haley tug at my arm. "Let's go," she repeated
again. She pulled on my arm and went towards the
door, and I reluctantly followed.

"I better go," I said to Billy. "I wouldn't want to
have to kick your ass again." That remark got him
going. He tried to charge me and Cameron pulled him
back. Haley pulled me out the door and closed it.
She frantically guided me away from the building, and
we ended up out on the golf course. There were no
lights, but it was a clear night, and we could see
well enough.

"Can you fucking believe that?" I demanded. "What is
she doing with him?"

"I don't know," Haley said. "She doesn't know what
she's doing. That guy's an asshole. Why don't you
just forget about it?"

"But how can someone go from me to him?" I asked.

"I don't know," she repeated. "I don't know why
anyone would want to leave you." Haley stood on her
tiptoes and kissed my neck. "I think you're great."

I calmed down a little bit. I looked at Haley and
once again noticed how pretty she was.

"Why don't we walk over to my house?" she asked.

Haley's family also lived in the country club. They
had a smaller house without a golf course view, but it
wasn't a long walk. "I swear, I'll make you forget
all about her," she said.

I let Haley lead my in the moonlight. We walked along
the golf cart path, and then cut off through someone's
yard and over a few blocks to her house. It was
pretty late, and all the windows were dark. Haley led
me around to the back, and we slipped into the

Haley closed the door behind us and flicked on a
light. The basement was set up as a small recreation
room with a pool table and kitchenette. Haley sat on
the edge of the green felt surface and I kissed her

"You know," she said. "I've had a crush on you
forever. Even in high school, when you didn't know I
was alive."

I kissed her again. "I knew were alive," I said.

"Yeah, maybe," she said. "But I was such a nerd. You
would never have talked to me I dressed like a fool,
and I had bad hair. I acted like a total dork around
boys. Plus, I never exercised. I was skinny, but not

I looked up and down her body. "Well, you're
certainly sexy now," I said. I loved the way her
leather pants showed off her toned legs, and the tight
sweater accentuated her small shapely breasts.

"You know," she said. "I had never seriously kissed a
boy before I started college in August. But since I
started working out, guys hit on me all the time. I
slept with a couple even, but when I saw you again at
the student center, I knew it was you I wanted."

I was a little nervous about her obsession, but I was
also very turned on by her kissing. Haley started
rubbing my rigid cock.

"You know, girls used to talk about how good you were
in high school," Haley said as she rubbed me.

"So I've been told," I responded, recalling the night
Cameron had first told me about my infamous reputation
as a ladies man.

"I used to dream about this," she whispered. Her hand
was slowly opening my pants. "I'd here the stories,
and I'd dream about experiencing it first hand. I
never thought it would happen. It was just the
pathetic fantasy of the little nerd girl, dreaming of
the popular guy."

"Well, do you want to talk about your fantasy, or act
it out?" I asked playfully.

Haley smiled, and pushed on my pants, sending them
around my ankles. I kicked the aside, and my
underwear followed. I through off my shirt, and stood
there naked in front of her. Haley was starting to
breath heavy. I stepped forward and kissed her again.
I ran my hand along her sweater and fondled her breast
roughly Suddenly, I remember the way that my nemesis
had been fondling Cameron's breast. It made me a
little angry, but I couldn't get it out of my head.
I roughly squeezed her tit, and Haley moaned with
delight. I could hardly contain my desire as I pulled
her sweater out from the pants and unbuttoned it. She
removed the sweater and cast is aside.

Haley was wearing a rather filmy sky blue bra that
didn't do much to hide her perky little tits and stiff
nipples. Again, I squeezed her breast roughly while I
thought about Billy and Cameron. I pinched her nipple
and pulled on it. She let loose a moan that was close
to a scream. "Sorry," I said as I snapped out of my
fantasy. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," she replied. "It was just the shock. If I tell
you something, will you promise not to laugh?" I told
her I wouldn't. "I kind of like it rough," she said.
"I've never told anyone that, but it really turns me

Rough sex wasn't the norm for me, but as I though
about Billy fucking Cameron, I was suddenly eager to
take Haley up on her request.

"Do you want me to fuck you hard?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. I pulled her bra off exposing her
sexy little breasts. I leaned forward and sucked on
her hard nubs. Haley moaned softly again.

"Bite them," she whispered. I pulled on the nipples
with my teeth, stretching them out, and Haley
responded my squeezing my dick firmly. It hurt a
little bit, but it also made me hotter. I continued
to nibble on her tits. Which each nip she panted

I thought about Cameron again, and I became enraged.
I thought of the way she was letting Billy reach
beneath her skirt and rub her pussy. The thought of
my worst enemy fucking a girl that I still cared about
made my blood boil. I responded by grabbing Haley and
roughly rolling her onto her stomach on the pool

I fumbled with the belt and snaps on her tight
leather pants, and then I jerked them down around her
knees, revealing a gauzy pair of light blue panties.
I jerked those down to her knees as well. I stuck my
fingers against her pussy and realized it was
drenched. Looking at her petite body I knew that my
big cock would be a lot for her to handle. I lined up
at her entrance and put it in forcefully, sinking the
entire shaft.

Haley gasped with a mixture of pleasure and surprise.
She tired to spread her legs more, but with her pants
still around her knees, her movement was restricted.
I placed my hands on her thighs and squeezed them
together, letting her feel my staff inside her.

Haley's breath was coming rapidly now. I wondered if
Billy was fucking Cameron at that moment, and again I
was filled with rage. Haley placed her hands on the
pool table for support as I started sliding my cock in
and out. Almost instantly she was cumming, and I
could feel her juices running down my shaft. I
wrapped my hands in her pretty blonde hair and pulled
her head back, firmly, but not painfully. Haley kept
squealing with delight as I pounded her pussy. I
started to worry that someone in the house might hear
us. I took my hand out of her hair and covered her
mouth. With my other hand, I reached around and
fondled her nipples roughly. I expressed all the
anger I was feeling with my cock. I slammed in and
out intensely. Haley continued to moan into my cupped
hand. The sound of our slapping flesh filled the
room. Minutes later Haley was cumming again. Her
entire body trembled as she let go. I felt myself
responding and my cock spasmed, filling her with my
hot semen. The two of us collapsed in a heap on the
pool table. Ten minutes later Haley was sucking my
cock and we ended up fucking again. This time, in the
middle of the floor. By the time I left her house,
the sun was coming up, and we both had carpet burns on
our hands and knees. I had fucked her three times,
and it seemed like my anger with Cameron had been
spewed out with my cum.

I stumbled back across the golf course to the Jones
house, where I found Trey and Terri asleep in a
bedroom. They got dressed and we left together. As
we drove off, I noticed Cameron's car was parked out
front on the street. The three of us got breakfast,
and then they dropped me off at home, where I quickly
went to sleep.

I woke up late on Sunday morning. I was planning to
drive back to school in the evening, and it would only
take about an hour, so I had time to kill. I replayed
the previous night's events in my mind. The first
part of the evening was fairly hazy due to the
alcohol, but I remembered everything clearly starting
with my first Cameron sighting by the pool. I
remembered Trey calming me down, and taking me back to
my date. I also remembered the confrontation in the
pool house, and the aggressive sex with Haley that
followed. I thought about the argument in the pool
house, and it upset me. I had been given an
opportunity to talk to Cameron rationally, and I had
let that Dipshit Billy get under my skin and cause me
to lose my temper. I should have been more mature.

I suddenly realized that although I didn't know
Cameron's phone number at school, I still had her home
number, and she was probably still there. I decided
to call and apologize for my boorish behavior, and
maybe talk her into seeing me. I dialed the number,
and her younger sister Carrie answered the phone. She
told me that Cameron had already gone back to school
with her boyfriend, Billy. "I don't know why she is
with that jackass," she said. Carrie was a senior in
high school, and we had always gotten along well.
She, of course, knew my feelings for Billy. I thought
about asking for Cameron's number at school, but I
didn't have the courage, so after exchanging a few
more pleasantries, I politely ended the conversation.

I hung the phone up and went to take a shower.
Afterwards, I went downstairs to have some breakfast.
I knew I had another phone call to make, but I was
putting it off. I came up stairs and packed my stuff
for the return to school. Finally, when I could
procrastinate no longer, I picked up the phone and
called Haley.

"We need to talk," I said after our greeting. "Can we
meet somewhere private?"

"My parents aren't home," she responded. "Why don't
you come over here?"

I told her I would be by in a little bit. I loaded up
my belongings and said goodbye to my family. I
intended to go straight back to school after seeing
Haley. A half hour after hanging up the phone, I was
standing at her front door. She answered the door
bell with a smile. She looked phenomenal in a red and
white checkered button down, and a pair of extremely
tight jeans. Her blonde hair was down, and her face
had a radiant glow. She invited me in and we went to
the living room.

"Would you like a drink?" she asked. I told her that
would be nice, and she went to the kitchen and came
back with two glasses of sweet tea. We sat drinking
and chatting pleasantly for a few minutes. Eventually
the conversation headed in the direction I wanted.

"I had a lot of fun last night," Haley said. "The
whole evening was great, but especially downstairs."

"I had fun, too," I said.

"You certainly lived up to your reputation," she said.
"You were really good. How was I? I don't have that
much experience, so I'm a little insecure

"You shouldn't worry about that," I said. "You were

"I'm glad you think so," she said. "So, on the phone
you said we needed to talk. What about?"

"That's kind of what I wanted to talk about," I said.

"About me being good?" she asked jokingly.

"No, about last night," I said. "Haley, I didn't mean
to mislead you in anyway. I had a lot of fun with
you, and I think you're great, but I can't handle an
exclusive relationship right now. I'm just not up for
doing a bunch of boyfriend/girlfriend type stuff. I'm
still getting over someone else. I didn't mean to
hurt you."

"Hurt me?" she said. "You didn't hurt me! I know
I've changed a lot in the last few months, but deep
down inside, I will always be that girl who wasn't
very popular and didn't go on dates all the way
through high school. What you did last night was make
that poor little nerd girl's fantasy come true. You
definitely didn't hurt me."

"Really?" I asked. "I was so nervous. I've hurt a
lot of girls in the past, as I'm sure you've heard,
and I just don't want to do that anymore."

"Well, you didn't do that," she said. "So don't feel
bad. So, with that behind us, would you be interested
in seeing more of me when we get back to school?"

I was a little confused. "Haley," I began, "Didn't
you hear what I just…."

"I heard you fine," she said. "You don't want an
exclusive relationship. You don't want to do
boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. I know you still have a
thing for Cameron. I understand what you are saying,
but you don't understand me. This has been the
realization of a fantasy for me. From the first time
you acknowledged me at college, to the time you called
me asking if I wanted to go to the party, and even the
sex last night. Every now and then I still have to
pinch myself to believe you are sitting next to me
right now. You have no idea what this is like for me.
Any time you've wanted someone in life, you've
probably been able to get them, or you've moved on.
It wasn't like that for me. I've had silly, hopeless,
school girl fantasies about you since I was a
sophomore in high school. Now all these dreams that I
though would never come true have come to fruition,
and I just want to hold on and enjoy it as long as I
can. If you don't want to be exclusive with me,
that's fine. If you don't want to hold hands and call
each other 'sweetie", that's fine, too. All I want is
a shot at a relationship. I just want a chance to
spend time with you, and try to convince you that I
can be everything you want. If you have a chance at
some point to make things work with Cameron, or you
find someone you like better, or if you just get sick
of me, that will be fine, too. I won't be hurt at
all. I'll just be happy that you gave me a chance to
live out a dream, which is a lot more than most people
ever get."

I was a little stunned by her soliloquy. "No one has
ever said anything like that to me," I said.

"I hope I don't sound like a crazed stalker or
anything," she said. "I'm just a normal girl whose
been given an extraordinary opportunity."

I was overwhelmed by everything she was saying. I
realized again that Haley was a very cute, personable
girl. I really liked her, I just couldn't see myself
falling in love with her, or anyone except Cameron for
that matter. The whole situation was strange to me.
I had never had my heartbroken by a girl before, and I
had never met a girl who was so star struck by me.
Haley leaned over and kissed my cheek softly.

"What do you think?" she asked?

I thought about it for a few minutes. I wasn't making
any progress towards clearing the air with Cameron.
There was no one else in my life that interested me.
Maybe she was right. Maybe if I spent some time with
Haley, she would be the answer to all my problems.

"Let's try it," I said. "But just know up front…."

"I know," she said as she placed a finger on my lip.
She stood up and straddled me on the sofa. "No
commitment. If you have a chance with Cameron, you
feel free to take it. I promise, you won't hurt me.
But for now, you don't know how happy you've made me."

Haley slowly grinded her hips against mine. She
kissed me softly, and I wrapped my arms around her
tightly. I pulled her closer to me, needing to feel
her weight against my growing cock.

"When do your parents get home?" I asked.

"They were going shopping, and then to evening
church," she said. "They won't be home for a long

"You wanna fuck?" I asked.

"I think you know the answer," she said. She kissed
me again softly and our tongues met. "Why don't you
follow me upstairs?" she asked. "I don't need any
more rug burns." She got up and walked away quickly,
unbuttoning her shirt as she did so. She paused at
the foot of the stairs and faced me. Her shift
dangled open revealing another thin bra. This one was
a light shade of pink. She stood on tiptoes and
kissed me softly. I tried to embrace her, but she
would let me. "Just follow me," she said. "Don't

She shrugged her shirt off and dropped it at the base
of the stairs before starting her ascent. She was
opening her jeans as she went. I stood mesmerized,
watching her movements. At the first landing, she
stopped and looked back at me. Haley struggled with
her tight jeans as she worked her way out of them.
She kicked off her shoes and left her pants on the
landing. Her panties where bikini style and also
light pink. The material was so thin that I could see
the soft curls of her bush.

She continued up the stairs, and now I was starting to
follow. When she reached the second floor, she paused
and cast off her bra, revealing her perfectly rounded
little tits. "Are you coming?" she asked playfully.

I rushed up the stairs, leaving my own clothing in a
trial behind me as I went. I saw her go through a
door just as I reached the top floor. A second later,
I saw her panties fly back out through the doorway. I
got out of my remaining clothes and ran down the
hallway with my erect cock waving in front of my like
a magic wand.

Haley's bedroom was very girlish with pink walls
covered in posters of rock groups and movie stars. In
the center of the room was a full sized bed with the
sheets turned down. Haley was laying on the bed
completely nude. She had a pillow under her lower
back and her legs spread so her pussy was pointing up
in the air. I stood frozen in the doorway, amazed by
this sexy sight. With one hand, she rubbed on her
perky breast, giving each of them equal attention.
She was panting heavily. With the other hand, she was
slowly fingering herself. Soft moans of delight
escaped her lips. She flicked her clit with her thumb
while she continued to plunge two fingers into her

I stood stunned as I watched her slowly start to
gyrate her hips, pumping them up to force her fingers
deeper. Her eyes closed and her breathing became
torn. "Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh yes." She bucked
wildly in the sheets as she experienced a powerful
orgasm. Instinctively, my hand went to my erection
and I started to stroke. Haley's body spasmed a few
more times and she opened her eyes. She watched as I
stroked my cock. "Are you just going to play with
that thing?" she asked. "Or are you going to stick it
in me?"

I rushed across the room to her. I hadn't been so
aroused since the night I had fucked Karen, almost 4
months earlier. I lined my cock up with her entrance.

"We're all alone this time," she said. "We don't have
to be quiet."

"Then I want to hear you screaming my name," I said.

I thrust my cock into her tiny slit and she gasped.
Haley reached behind her head and grasped the head
board. She arched her back upward, causing me to
penetrate deeper. "You fill me up so good," she
moaned. The site of her petite naked body and tiny
tits was a huge turn on. I started fucking her
forcefully, remembering she liked it hard. My balls
slapped against her with each thrust, and the head
board slammed against the wall and echoed through the
empty house. Haley obeyed my wish and started
screaming out my name. "Oh, fuck me hard," she
pleaded. "Fuck me hard."

I was in an out of control frenzy as I slipped in and
out of her vagina. I couldn't believe how wet she
was. It felt frictionless. I reached speeds that I
hadn't thought possible. "Do you like my big dick?" I
asked. "Do you like what I'm doing to you?"

"Oh fuck yes," she screamed. "Do me harder."

I started pausing before each thrust, putting in a
little extra effort to really drive it home. It was
the first time I'd fucked sober in several months, and
I couldn't believe how good it felt. Haley was
screaming and grunting like a wild woman now. Part of
it was real, and part was exaggerated for my
entertainment. She started to moan and quiver and I
knew her climax was approaching. She arched her back
more, forcing her hips high in the air. Her body was
shaking as she called out that she was cumming. My
dick erupted like a volcano, filling her with my seed.
I continued to thrust as I deposited my load.

Seconds later, I laid next to Haley in the bed,
holding her hot naked body close to mine. We were
both covered in sweat. It felt good to be with a
woman again. Not just the sex, but for the time
afterwards when we were both relaxed, and happy to be
together. Both of my recent conquests had been fairly
attractive and good enough in bed, but I hadn't felt
anything for them. They had just been objects there
for my sexual release. With Haley, I felt emotion,
and I knew that I genuinely liked her as a person.

We stayed in bed for nearly an hour, just talking. I
really didn't know much about Haley. We had kind of
skipped over getting to know one another. I had
learned on our date that she had a good personality
and was easy to get along with. While laying between
the sheets, I learned that she was also very charming
and witty. After talking for a while had had sex
again, and it was much calmer, but equally satisfying.
Afterwards, we collected the clothing we had strewn
around the house, and I helped her load her bags and
other belonging into her car. She followed me on the
drive back to school, where I helped carry her stuff
to the dormitory, and ended up spending the night.

For the next month, Haley was true to her word. We
didn't go out on dates, or spend lots of time
discussing our relationship, and she wasn't upset by
that at all. On the other hand, we did spend a large
amount of time together, and we had a lot of sex. I
was making up for the months of near celibacy. Haley
just seemed to have an insatiable craving. In the
first week back at school, her roommate walked in on
us fucking three times. She was a crabby chemical
engineering major named Adele. After that, we spent
most of our time at my apartment. By the end of the
semester, Haley we were practically sharing my small
bedroom and private bath. As finals approached, all
my free time was consumed with studying and having
sex. I cautioned her again not to get to close. I
adored Haley, but I wasn't in love with her. She
listened to my warning, and told me that she knew what
she was doing.

When the semester ended, we had a few weeks off for
Christmas break. During that time, Haley and I
actually did have a few pseudo-dates. While staying
with our parents, it was a lot harder to spend our
time just watching tv and having sex. Plus, it was
good to get out of the house on occasion. On the
weekend before Christmas I drove Haley to the grocery
store to pick up some stuff for her mother.

It was early afternoon when I picked her up, and we
hadn't seen each other in about four days. Haley's
family was having company over for dinner, so she was
dressed rather conservatively compared to her normal
attire. She was wearing a knee length dress with a
white cardigan and stockings. Her dirty blonde hair
was pulled back on the side with combs. Her dress had
a floral pattern and was the dark shade of red
normally associated with Christmas bows and holly
berries. She was waiting in the driveway when I
pulled up and she hopped quickly into the car.

As soon as we pulled away she moved closer to me and
started kissing my neck. "I am so horny for you," she
said. "This is the longest I've been without sex
since we got together." My rapidly forming erection
let her know I felt the same way.

"Why don't we go somewhere and fool around?" I asked.

"I wish we could," Haley responded. "Bur we don't
have time." My normal parking spot was well out of
our way. "I have to get this stuff and get home. I
just wanted to see you for a little bit." She started
rubbing my cock as she spoke. She opened my fly as we
pulled off of her street. I looked at her
questioningly. "Just drive," she said.

Haley carefully brought my cock out through my fly.
She adjusted herself in her seat until she was laying
down with her head in my lap. Haley softly trailed
her tongue up my rigid shaft. I had received "road
head" before, but that didn't make it any easier to
concentrate on my driving. I slowed down, and tried
to pay attention to what I was doing as Haley applied
soft kisses to my dick. I noticed her dress was
starting to ride up, so I reached over and helped it
out. She had on a burgundy slip which I also lifted,
revealing the bare flesh of her thighs above the with
stockings, and a pair of black satin panties.

I started rubbing her mound softly as I Haley took the
head of my penis into her mouth. She groaned softly
as I slipped my hand into her panties and started to
diddle her clit. Her hips started to gyrate on their
own, and I began to finger her. As usual, her pussy
was soaked. I quickly worked two fingers inside and
began to pump them. Haley forgot all about the blow
job she was giving as I pumped in and out of her hot
box. She started to buck against my arm, and seconds
later she was cumming. She buried her face in my lip
and moaned wildly as she climaxed.

When it was over, she looked up at me. "Now it's your
turn," she said. I put both hands back on the wheel,
and glanced in the rear view mirror. I must have been
driving slowly, because a line of traffic had built up
behind me. I sped up a little as Haley once again
took my cock in her mouth. I started breathing heavy
as she ran her hot tongue up and down my long pole.
Haley was good at everything sexual, but she was a
great cock sucker. With her hand, she started
stroking the bottom of my shaft as her head bobbed up
and down, taking my erection deep inside her mouth. I
noticed I was slowing down again when someone shot
past on the left side of the car and gave me a rude
gesture. I tried to concentrate on driving, but Haley
was making it extremely hard. She slid my dick in and
out of her lips, varying her speed. I saw the grocery
store up ahead, and eager pulled into the parking lot.
I parked as far away from the door as possible. With
the car stopped, I leaned back in my seat and closed
my eyes. I placed a hand on the back of her head, but
didn't push down.

Haley was sucking fiercely now. She bobbed her head
up and down rapidly, flicking her tongue at the same
time. Her tiny hand squeezed the base of my dick.
She was looking and acting just like a porn star and I
knew I was going to cum hard. I started grunting as
Haley sped up. She closed her mouth slightly allowing
her teeth to grate against my organ as she moved it up
and down. As my climax approached, I started to
thrust, almost fucking her face, but being careful not
to gag her. The orgasm came in a quick rush, and
suddenly I was shooting my load into her mouth. Haley
stopped moving and just sucked as I sprayed my jizz.
When it was finished, she sat up and wiped a few stray
drops of semen off her chin. I noticed my cock was
covered in red lipstick. I looked around and was glad
to see that no one in the parking lot had observed our
actions. I zipped up while Haley used the vanity
mirror to straighten her make up. We got out of the
car together and went inside.

We walked up and down the aisles collecting the items
her mother needed. We were about half way through the
store when I turned a corner haphazardly and slammed
into another shopping cart. I looked up and saw
Cameron. The three of us stood motionless without
saying anything. The shock was obvious on Cameron's
face. Haley responded first.

"I think I'll finish the shopping and leave you two
alone," she said. "I'll wait for you up front,
honey." She grabbed our shopping cart and quickly

"I never expected to see you in a grocery store,"
Cameron said.

"We're just getting some things for her parents," I
answered. I felt very awkward. We had not spoken at
all since Thanksgiving. Not even via e-mail.

"I'm doing the same thing," she said. "Is that the
same girl who took to Reggie's party at Thanksgiving?
Is that your girlfriend?"

"Yes, it's the same girl," I said. "But she's not
really my girlfriend. There's nothing serious between

"There never is with you, is there?" Cameron said.
Her remark stung a little, but I didn't take the bait.
I remained silent. I could tell when I didn't strike
back that Cameron felt a little childish for her
remark. "I'm sorry," she said. "That was uncalled
for. Her name's Haley, right?" I nodded. "I think I
had an art class with her in high school. She's a
nice girl. I always thought she could be pretty if
she tried. It looks like I was right."

"Yeah, she's a great girl," I said. "How have you
been? Are you still with…" I wanted to say "Dipshit"
but I bit my tongue. "Are you still with Billy?"

Cameron's face wrinkled. "No,' she said quickly.
"No, that is over. I don't know what I was thinking."

We continued talking for a few minutes about mostly
inconsequential stuff. I noticed Cameron was dressed
down, but still looked good. She had on a pair of old
gray sweat pants and a loose white t-shirt. I could
clearly see the outline of her navy blue bra, and I
knew that was by design. Cameron had always liked the
look of a dark bra under a white shirt. All her hair
was pushed up into a blue cloth cap. She wasn't
wearing any makeup. Finally, I was able to say what I
was holding back.

"Cammie, I've really missed your friendship," I said.
"I've been lonely for months, and even now with Haley,
I'm still lonely sometimes. I've never been as close
to anyone as you. Can't we at least try to be friends

"I miss you, too," she said. "But I don't think that
would work. I think we've crossed a line, and we can
never go back."

"Can't we just try?" I asked. "If it doesn't work for
you, just tell me to go fuck myself and that will be
it. I won't bother you again. Can't we just spend
one day together over the break?"

"No," she said. "We have relatives visiting for the
next few days, and then I'm going to the Bahamas with
my parents the day after Christmas."

"When do you get back?" I asked.

"Two days before class starts."

"How about this?" I said. "You have to drive past my
school on the way back to yours. I'll go back a day
early, and you can stop by my apartment. We can go
and do something in the city."

"I don't know," she said hesitantly. I had talked
Cameron into a hundred things over the years, and I
recognized her weakening defenses.

"Come on," I said. "You admitted that you missed me.
Just give me one shot."

"I must be fucking stupid after the way you hurt me,"
she said. "But okay, I'll do it." I told her that
she wouldn't regret her decision, and gave her
directions to my apartment near campus. We said
goodbye and I went to find Haley. She was just
finishing up at the register.

"So what happened," she asked as we walked to the car.
As part of my commitment not to hurt Haley, I wanted
to be totally honest with her. I recounted every
detail of my conversation with Cameron.

"So she agree to see you?" she asked. She was trying
to hide her dejection, but I noticed. I told her that
Cameron had agreed to see me. Haley was silent until
we got in the car. "Are you through with me then?"
she asked finally.

"Haley, you know I adore you," I said. "But we talked
about this possibility, and you said you understood."

"I know we talked about it," she said. "But I
honestly thought it would never happen. Still, I'm
not hurt, just disappointed. I've had a lot of fun
living out my little fantasy with you. It's just sad
to see it end."

"It doesn't have to end yet," I said. "I don't even
know what will happen when I see her. Maybe nothing.
Maybe we go back to being friends. Maybe more. For
now, what happens between the two of us is up to you.
I'll respect your wishes if you want to end it now

"I think I'd like to keep seeing you, at least through
the break," she said. I kissed her cheek softly.
Haley was such a sweet girl, and I knew that if I
wasn't so hung up on Cameron, I would have fallen for
her already. I drove her home and carried the
shopping bags in to her grateful mother. After that,
I went home to spend some time with my own family.
For the remainder of the break, I continued to see
Haley, and I also spent time with my relatives, and
some old friends from high school.

My relationship with Haley remained pretty much the
same through out the holiday season. We never really
talked on the phone like people who are dating, but we
went out occasionally, and had sex as often as
possible. On New Year's Eve, we went to a small party
thrown by some of my friends from college, but we
missed the actual count down because we were busy in
the back of my car.

On my last night home, I wanted to do something nice
for Haley. I knew she was nervous about my impending
date with Cameron. Maybe more nervous than I was. We
went out to a nice restaurant and to a movie.
Afterwards, we parked the car behind my favorite old

We climbed into the back seat together. Haley looked
somewhat eloquent in a simple white sweater and gray
pleated skirt. It was a chilly night, and I wrapped a
blanket around her as she straddled me. Haley softly
kissed my several times along the line of my jaw.

"You know," she said quietly. "What ever happens
tomorrow with you and Cameron, I want you to know
you've made me very happy." She kissed my firmly on
the lips. "I know I say this all the time, but us
being together has been like a dream come true for me.
When this all started, it was just a silly school girl
fantasy for me. I didn't really know much about you.
I just had my little musings and guesses at what you
were like. But I found out quickly, that you are a
really good person, and I really like you."

She paused again to kiss me several times. Our bodies
rubbed together under the thick quilt. Not for the
first time, I was amazed at what a deep, thoughtful
person Haley was. "I just want you to know," she
said, "that I want you to be happy. If it takes
Cameron to do that, then you should do you best to win
her back. Please remember though, if that doesn't
work out, I'll still be here." A single tear ran down
her cheek and I kissed it away.

Haley reached under the blanket and opened my fly.
She sprang my cock from it's confined quarters. Then
she reached beneath her skirt and shimmied out of her
white cotton panties. It was way too cold in the back
of the car to remove any more clothing. She placed my
cock at her entrance and sat down on it. I slipped
into her easily. The two of us embraced as we rocked
slowly back and forth. My erection slid in and out of
her vagina. We were both quiet and restrained as we
had sex in the dark. It was very different than our
normal routine, yet very intense. Our bodies swayed
softly in rhythm and Haley climaxed twice before I
lost control. I ejaculated in her pussy for what
seemed like the hundredth time in just over 50 days.
We couldn't have actually had that much sex, but it
felt like it. I held Haley for a long time that night
before taking her home. I wanted to tell her that
everything would be all right, but I really didn't
know what would happen between Cameron and I, and I
couldn't make any promises. I still had strong
feelings for my ex-girlfriend and former best friend.

The next day I said my goodbyes to my family and
returned to school. My roommates were still away for
the break, so I sat alone in my apartment waiting for
Cameron to arrive. It was early afternoon when she
showed up.

I was sitting in the living room watching tv when I
heard a knock on the door. I opened it to find
Cameron looking great. She had on a pair of khaki
cargo pants, and a gold silk blouse. She was wearing
lipstick, and her hair was swept up in a bun. There
was something different about her that I couldn't put
my finger on right away. Finally, I got it.

"Did you change your hair color?" I asked after
greeting her.

"Yes, she said. I did in early December." Cameron's
hair was naturally brown, but since we'd started high
school she had been dying it a very pale blonde,
almost white, and always leaving the roots exposed.
She hadn't gone back to her natural color, but now her
hair was a more natural looking shade of blonde. It
was darker, and sexier.

"How come I didn't notice at the grocery store?" I
wondered aloud.

"I was wearing a hat," she said. I thought back and
remembered that all her hair had been stuffed under a
ball cap.

"Well, I like it," I said.

"I do to," she responded. "I thought it was time for
something a little more grown up looking. It was time
for a change."

"Good for you," I responded. "So, just let me get
some shoes on and we can go." Cameron closed the door
behind her and followed me to my bedroom. She looked
around as I searched for my shoes. The closet door
was open, and she noticed several of Haley's dresses
mixed in with my clothes. There was also a laundry
basket on the floor, filled mostly with panties and
other women's undergarments.

"It looks like Haley spends a lot of time here," she
said. "Things must be getting pretty serious."

"It's not serious," I said. "We're just having fun

"Oh, that's right," Cameron said. "Nothing's ever
serious with you. You're always just having fun."

I looked up at her. "She knows you are here. I've
told her everything about you and our past
relationship. I haven't lied to her. I never lied to
you either."

"That's right," she snapped. "You never lied to me.
All you did was mislead me, and then go fuck that slut
Karen Webb when you were supposed to be meeting me."
I could tell she was getting angry. This conversation
wasn't what I had wanted, but now that we'd started
it, I planned to continue.

"Did I really mislead you Cameron?" I demanded. "How
long have we known each other? All our lives, right?"
She nodded. "Since the time we started high school,
we were best friends. I told you every little detail
about my life. Everything I did, good or bad. The
things I was proud of, the things that embarrassed me.
You knew my history. You knew I had fucked around on
almost every girl that I was ever with. I didn't
mislead you. You should have known what to expect."

"I thought it would be different," she said.

"What made you think that?" I asked. "Had I ever
shown any real remorse? Had I ever shown a sign of
changing?" I was close to shouting now. "I fuck
around. I like to have sex, and maybe there is
something wrong with me, but I can't turn it down.
I've never been able to, and you knew that better than
anyone. How many times did I call you to confess to
cheating on some girl in high school?"

"I don't know," she said angrily. Tears were now
streaming from her lively green eyes. "I just thought
it would be different."

"Why?" I demanded again. "Why the fuck would you
think that?"

"Because it was me," she shouted. "Because it was me
and I was so in love with you. I didn't think you
would ever hurt me." She was crying hard now, and
nearly collapsed. I put my arm around her and we sat
on the edge of my bed. I was a little shell shocked.
During our short romance, Cameron had never used the
word love. I suppose deep down I knew she was in love
with me, and I possibly felt the same way.

Her body was shuddering roughly now as she sobbed.
"You hurt me so bad,' she sobbed. "I can't believe
what you fucking did to me." I didn't know what to
say, so I just held her close and listened. "All
through high school, and then my first year of
college, I never met a guy who really interested me.
When I started fooling around with those girls, I did
it partly because I was curious, but also because I
thought I might be gay. I didn't know. No guy had
ever really interested me." She continued to cry and
avoided eye contact as she talked. "Then, that night
with you, everything changed. I felt so alive when we
made love. I let you take my virginity. I realized
then that I hadn't been interested in other guys
because I was always in love with you. I just hadn't
known until that night."

"When I saw that little slut leave the bathroom, I
thought I would die. I couldn't believe you would
hurt my like that. I was so sick for the next two
weeks. And then I went back to school as a different
person. All I did was party and fuck. I wanted to
know what it was like to be you. I wanted to live my
life like you. I fucked three different guys in the
first three months of class. You were the only guy I
had ever fucked, and suddenly I was acting like a
slut. I still couldn't understand what went on in
your head. To me, the meaningless sex wasn't
fulfilling at all."

"Then, right before Thanksgiving, Billy came along. I
knew he wasn't really interested in me. I mean, he
definitely wanted to fuck me, but mostly he just
wanted to make you jealous. I was happy to play
along. I didn't want to be like you anymore, I just
wanted to hurt you. I let that asshole fuck me, just
to get back at you. I was hoping you would walk in on
us that night at the pool house. I was wishing for
it. I wanted to see the look and your face, and then
I wanted to see Billy hurt you the way you had hurt
me. Then of course, you ruined it by walking out. I
could tell you were hurt, but not like I wanted. And
you were too mature to fight with Dipshit. But I let
him fuck me anyway, just because I knew you would hate
it. I was repulsed by his touch, and I still let him
stick his dick in me. I still let him cum in my
mouth. It was so degrading. I broke it off with him
the next morning and cried the whole way back to

"Cammie, I'm so sorry," I said. She was still
sobbing, and I could feel a tear or two on my own
cheeks now. "I never meant to hurt you. I really
never did."

"I know that now," she sobbed. "I guess I always knew
that. But it didn't stop the hurt."

I held her closely while she continued to cry herself
out. I felt very confused, and ashamed, and
depressed. I was very shocked when I felt her hand
rubbing my thigh. I noticed Cameron was looking up at
my face. "Would you please make love to me?" she

"I don't know," I stammered. I suddenly felt very
awkward. "I don't know if that would be a good idea
right now."

"Please," she asked. "I know what I want. I need

She leaned forward and kissed me. I felt myself
becoming aroused, and even more confused. "Take me,"
she whispered.

I was frozen in place. For the first time in years, I
didn't know how to respond to a woman's touch.
Cameron unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. She
rubbed her hands across my bare chest. "Don't you
want me?" she asked.

"I don't know" I stammered again. "I don't feel right
about this Cameron."

"I know what I want," she repeated. "I want you to
make love to me."

For the first time, I noticed that my penis had turned
to an iron shaft. Cameron opened my pants and pulled
them off, along with my underwear. She dropped to her
knees and kissed my cock, marking it with lipstick
much like Haley had on our trip to the grocery store.
Cameron kissed and licked the head of my cock several
times. I still sat motionless, not knowing how to

She stood up and pulled her blouse out from her pants.
She slowly unbuttoned it and revealed a lacy black
bra. It clasped in the front and she opened it,
exposing her perfect orbs. She shed both garments. I
sat staring for a second, and suddenly I was able to
respond. I pulled Cameron to me and buried my face
between her tits.. I was overwhelmed with passion. I
was so happy to be touching her again. To be smelling
her scents, and feeling her soft flesh.

I sucked her nipples lovingly while she stepped out of
her cargo pants, and then her little black panties. A
few seconds later we were rolling in the sheets. It
felt so good to be next to her again. Her hot skin
felt amazing next to mine. We kissed and fondle each
other as we rolled around on the bed. Her hand teased
my shaft as I rubbed her clit and mound. I showered
her with kissed on her face, neck, and breasts.
"Please take me now," she begged.

I rolled on top of her and slipped my cock into her
hot slit. It felt like coming home. I began pumping
fiercely, and the two of us moved in a rhythm as if we
were meant to be together. I kneaded her ample
breasts and she ran her fingers through my longish
hair. Her first orgasm came quickly, and as it
passed, she became more passionate, working towards
another. We were both whimpering and groaning like
animals. I called her name out several times and told
her that I loved her. Her body was hit with another
thunderous orgasm. I fucked her harder, wanting to
bring about a third, and it followed almost
immediately. As she called out my name and clawed at
my soft skin, I also climaxed, filling her with my hot
cum. I continued driving for several seconds until I
was completely done. I rolled off to the side and we
both laid their catching our breath.

After a few second, Cameron moved to the edge of the
bed. She grabbed her panties and bra and started to

"That was spectacular," I said. Cameron agreed as she
stood up to get her pants.

"Cammie, I want you to know I'm glad we did that. I
know I did a horrible thing before, but I promise you
now that I will never cheat on you again. I will
never hurt you again. I love you so much, and I know
that now."

"I know you won't," she said as she slipped into her

"Where are you going?" I asked suddenly. "Do you want
to go out to eat or something?"

"No," she said. "I'm leaving."

"Leaving?" I asked.

"Yes, leaving," she repeated. "You are never going to
hurt me again, because I won't give you the chance. I
just got the closure I needed from you, and now I'm
leaving. I'm not stupid enough to let myself be hurt
again." She finished dressing and used the mirror to
fix her hair and makeup quickly. I sat in bed, not
knowing what to day.

"I though this meant we were getting back together," I

"You thought wrong," she said. "You won't ever fuck
me again. Literally, or figuratively." She collected
her purse and started towards the door. She paused
for a second and turned around. Cameron reached in
her purse and produced a pen and slip of paper.
"Here's my phone number at school," she said as she
jotted something. "Now that you've been misled by me,
you decide if you really want to try and rebuild our
friendship. If so, give me a call."

She turned and walked out the door as I sat

It was several hours later when I heard a small knock
on my door. I was still laying in bed, although I had
put on some shorts. I hadn't moved for much else. I
was confused and depressed. When I didn't answer the
knock, the door opened slowly. It was Haley. She
didn't look like her normal happy, energetic self. She
was wearing a baggy flannel shirt and loose jeans,
which was also unusual.

"I just figured I should come by and pick up my
stuff," she said softly. She stopped and looked at
me. She instantly read the grief on my face. "What's
wrong?" she asked. "What happened?" She closed the
door and knelt down beside my bed, and I told her
everything. I relayed every detail of my afternoon.
Every word and every action.

When I was done, I noticed a slight tear in her eye.
"That's so sad," she said. "I can't believe anyone
would treat you like that."

"I did a very bad thing," I said.

"I don't care," she responded. "I still think you are
great. If I were dating you, and you cheated on me, I
would be angry at that girl, and I would fight harder
for you."

I suddenly felt a new emotion along with my grief and
confusion. Haley's words were warming my heart.
"What have I been doing?" I asked myself. I had spent
that last few months pining away, dreaming of Cameron,
while this beautiful, intelligent, fun girl had been
right under my nose, showering me with attention and
affection. I suddenly felt elation when I thought
about her.

"Haley," I began, "are you in love with me?"

She looked away. "Don't ask that," she said.


"Because, I know what you'll say," she said. "You'll
tell me I shouldn't get attached, and that you aren't
looking for commitment. I know what I said sounds
stupid to you, but I meant it."

"Just answer the question," I said.

She hesitated. "Yes. I think I am."

"I'm not in love with you," I said. She winced at my
words, but I continued. "I'm not in love with you
because I've never thought about it. All this time,
I've just been thinking of Cammie, and how miserable I
am. I've taken you for granted, but I'd like to try

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I'd like to date you for real. To go out to movies,
and dinners, and do all the boyfriend/girlfriend shit
that I said I didn't want. To be with you
exclusively, and see if it feels right."

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Yes, if you'll have me," I said.

Haley jumped up and into the bed. "Of course I will,"
she said. Her face was beaming from her radiant
smile. "I thought I was just going to get a kick in
the ass when I came over here tonight. I've been
moping around all day. I mean, look at how I'm
dressed." Her bubbly personality was present again,
and all signs of gloom had faded. "You've made me so
happy," she said. She kissed me firmly.

My heart was still stinging from Cameron's actions,
but it was mixed with happiness. Haley sat up and
began opening her baggy flannel shirt. She dropped it
aside. She hadn't bothered to restrain her small
breasts with a bra. Both of us quickly shed our
pants, and seconds later I was inside her warmth.
Being inside Cameron had felt like home, but being in
Haley was like heaven. For the first time, the two of
us made love instead of just fucking. It was slow and
rhythmic, like in the car the previous night. But it
definitely wasn't quiet. Haley squealed loudly as I
slid in and out of her hot vagina. She called out my
name as we bounced the headboard of my bed against the
wall. We made love loudly and repeatedly until the
sun came up the next morning, much to the displeasure
of my returned roommates.

After that night, we were always together, and we did
go out on dates, and hold hands in public, and did all
the things couples normally do. Nearly a month called
before I finally built up the courage to call Cameron,
and by that time I knew I was falling in love with
Haley. I shared all the details with Cameron, just
like in the old days, and it went a long way towards
repairing our damaged friendship. Over the next few
months, I was able to make amends with Cameron, and at
the same time I built a love with Haley. I had
finally learned my lesson, and in our time together I
was always faithful and honest to my new girlfriend.


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