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Better Author n

The Better Author
April 2001 By Aphrodite
Reproduction of any kind is forbidden by the Author unless written
permission is granted. This includes but is not limited to
(ARCHIVING, re-posting, etc...).
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friend is allowed provided the document remain unmodified in any way.
Any transaction involving this work where money changes hands
including banner farms and Adult-Check sites is prohibited.
This document contains Adult Material.
If it is illegal where you live to view adult material, leave now!
If you find Adult material offensive, you may also leave now.
If you have not left, then it is assumed you are either not illegal
And/or not offended. So sit back and hopefully enjoy.
The Better Author
By Aphrodite
Feedback is cheerfully encouraged!
It was only a matter of time. The write club duel between Frank
D. and myself had been scheduled. Frank, of course, felt
confident in his ability to win. There were few things in life he
would admit to being equals in and this was not one of them.
The fact is, though, I knew he was right in this thought so I set
out on a plan of distraction.

We had decided to ask Jeff Zephyr to judge, to which he
agreed. Now all we needed were themes. Each of us chose a
theme for a total of three, which we needed to incorporate into
our story. The time to begin was set for 8PM EST and we
would have 3 hours to complete our efforts.

Frank was quick on his feet and if I was going to have any
chance of winning I had to act fast. Making sure the kids were
in bed and fast asleep, I disappeared into the bedroom. Quickly
I threw together a killer outfit out of odds and ends I had laying
around in my lingerie drawer, all along hashing out the themes in
my head and forming what I thought to be a perfect outline. I was
counting on my 80WPM typing skills to win me this thing by default
as it was the only real chance I had, combined with distracting
him long enough to prevent him from finishing on-time.
I laid down on the bed in the most seductive pose I could
muster, clad out to the hilt in a black push-up bra, matching
garterbelt, lace stockings and the ultimate accent to any outfit
of this kind: three-inch black heels.
"Frank honey, can you come help me for a second?" I yelled.

"But we have to get these stories done."

"It will only take a second, I have a story to write, too, don't

"Ok give me a second." He huffed.

Frank walked into the room and his jaw dropped to the floor.
"I need some help over here on the bed." I said with a maniacal

"Oh come on hon, this isn't fair. We have the stories....."

"Oh we have plenty of time for that, or don't you have
confidence in your ability to beat me?"

"Oh I will beat you, but I also will not give into your little
games either." He turned and went back to his computer.
This was not good. I now had to rethink my strategy, and
figured I might as well get some writing done while I did so.


Still decked out in my little outfit, I quietly approached him
from behind. Leaning down ever so carefully, I gently kissed
the back of his neck moving my way around to his ear and
sucked slowly at his lobe. He tried to make like he was not
being affected by what I was doing but the reflection of his
smile in the computer monitor let me know I was getting a
reaction. I continued with my nibbling until I no longer heard
the sounds coming from the keyboard. Moving my way to his
lips, I turned the chair till he was facing me. I took his head in
my hands and pulled his lips to mine parting them with my
tongue, I dove deep into the kiss savoring the taste of Dove
chocolate he had only moments before been snacking on. I felt
his arousal when I carefully positioned myself on his lap and
began rotating my hips. The feel of his erection against my sex
felt good. I tried to remind myself that this was a plot to distract
him and I shouldn't fall prey, but it was too late. I wanted all he
had to give.

Neither of us could take anymore when he stood, lifted me in
his arms and carried me off to the bedroom. We made love for
what seemed like forever, lost in each other without a care in
the world. Forgetting for that moment all about the duel we still
had yet to complete.


I glanced at the clock and saw it was still only 9:30PM. Great, I
thought, I have plenty of time to finish up the story.
"Sorry to Fuck and run dear, but I have a story to finish."
Grinning from ear to ear, I jumped out of the bed and grabbing
my robe on the way went straight to my computer.

"You bitch!" Frank retorted, as he flew past me and started
typing as fast as he could where he had left off.

"Sorry dear, all is fair in love and write clubs." I giggled back
at him.

About a half-hour had passed when suddenly my ICQ window
started flashing.

"You really do look sexy tonight." Read the message.

"Well thank you, now leave me alone so I can finish."

"I just thought I should tell you that, and I am sorry for calling
you a bitch."

"Apology accepted, now can I finish writing here?"

"I suppose I should let you." I could hear him snickering from
the other room.

I did not reply to his last message in hopes that he would get
the hint and stop sending them, but he had plans of his own


Standing in front of me was my husband completely bare from
head to toe.

"Oh have you finished your story already?"

"No, I just thought I would come and see how you are doing
with yours." He said as he plopped down next to me on the
"Oh I am doing just fine thank you. Hey stop reading my
screen, that's cheating!"

"I wasn't reading your screen dear." There was a suddenly a
hand on my leg.

Slowly he inched it higher up under my robe. I tried to ignore
his foolish advances, having already been satisfied for the night
it should have been easy but it was not. His hand moved higher
and higher until coming to rest at my clitoris, at which he
methodically caressed it with his finger. As hard as I tried I was
no longer able to concentrate and pushed the table holding my
laptop away from the couch. I was so easy to submit to his will.
He knew my weak spots and went right to work on them,
drawing me in deeper and deeper. Having started at my lips he
kissed lower and lower each time, until finally coming to rest at
the V between my legs. Voiding my mind of all thought except
for the pleasure he was inducing with in me. He knew just what
I like and how I liked it and took no time at all before I could
feel the explosion building inside me. A master in his own
right, he broke the world record as I came in wave after wave
of pure ecstasy.

Once I regained consciousness, I glanced at the clock and
gasped. "Dam you Frank, a half an hour is not enough time to

"Turn about is fair play my dear. And I am almost done
already!" He had an evil grin on his face.

I quickly went to writing making sure all my elements were
met, finishing up with two seconds to spare.
It was over, and all we could do now was wait for the verdict.


Jeff took his time carefully reading each story. At least I think
he did because it was several hours before we heard anything.

The email read:
Frank and Aphrodite;
To make this easier on myself, I am sending this verdict to
Frank's address only since you can both view it there.
Both of you managed to use the required elements wonderfully
in your stories.
And both stories themselves were very nicely written and
Franks story however, showed a bit more creative thought with
the elements and the plot line.
Therefore, I have found in his favor.
Don't be discouraged Bonnie, you are still a good writer.
Jeff Zephyr

We both started laughing at the same time. The outcome was as
it should have been from the beginning. Nothing we did had
changed it, but it sure was fun trying!

The End

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