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Better than Flowers

Keywords: MMF, wife, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Much Better than Flowers

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

Renee's week has not been going well. Friction between her co-
workers has her irritable and cross. She drives home, tired and
frustrated. Entering the living room, she is met by her husband,
Edward. He has a chilled glass of wine in his hands and a tray
of cheese and crackers on the table. "You looked too stressed
out to cook," he said. "Tonight I have surprise for you."

The light dinner goes well. Renee feels herself unwind. After
dinner, Edward leads her into the bedroom. Kissing her softly he
said, "Now it's time for your surprise." He pulls a black
blindfold from under his pillow. Tying it around Renee's head
he, lays her back on the bed.

* * * * *

Renee feels Edward slowly undress her. His hands caress her
skin. Lips trace lazy circles from her neck to her breasts. Her
nipples hardened as they are slowly sucked on.

Kissing his way down her belly, she lifts her hips and feels
Edward slide her panties off. His breath tickles her clit, his
tongue lightly kissing her pussy.

Renee feels Edward move to the head of the bed. He takes her
arms and ties her to the bed posts. She lays on the bed spread
eagled. Anticipation makes her pussy wet.

Hearing some movement in the room, Renee feels hands touching her
breasts, massaging her nipples. She enjoys the feel of her
nipples being rolled between fingers.

Another set of hands touches her. She feels these hands cup her
pussy. Its fingers spread her labia, exposing her clit. A mouth
begins licking her pussy. Renee moans.

The hands on her tits stop their massage. She feels the head of
cock being rubbed on her face. A hand reaches behind her neck
and cradles her head. Opening her mouth, she sucks this mystery
man. The cock is definitely not Edward's. It is wider, thicker.
She feels his hairy balls brushing against her face.

Meanwhile, the man between her legs inserts his fingers into her
pussy as he nibbles on her clit. Renee's hips involuntarily
gyrate, rubbing her cunt against the man's hand. Unable to
withstand the pressure, she gives in to an orgasm. Her pussy
contracts against the fingers in her hole.

The man in her mouth is nearing orgasm. Suddenly, he pulls his
cock from her mouth. Another cock is pressed against her lips.
This cock is longer than the first, but not as wide. Renee
realizes that this is not her husband either. The man slides his
cock along her lips, making her lick his shaft. Cradling her
head as the first man had done, he makes her suck his balls.
Her face pressed into one man's balls, she feels his partner
spread her legs. She gasps as he places the head of his cock on
her pussy and slowly enters her. The cock is thick, but short.
Its owner begins thrusting it into her with short, hard strokes.
He places his hands under her ass, elevating her hips.

Unable to continue sucking cock, she feels the man at her head
move his dick to her chest. He starts rubbing his dick on her
tits as she bounces in time with the second man's thrusts.

The man fucking her stiffens. She feels his come flood inside
her. For the second time, Renee comes. Again the men switch

Once more a dick is pressed against her lips. It is the one that
had just been inside her. The cock is rapidly deflating. Taking
it into her mouth she tastes her pussy juice mixed with his come.

After licking the cock clean, Renee is rolled over. Still
blindfolded but now on all fours, she feels hands on her ass.
One of the men positions himself between her legs. His hand cups
her pussy and then guides his cock inside her. She is still wet
from previous orgasms, he enters her easily.

He begins fucking her savagely. His hands knead her ass as he
drives her onto his cock. She gasps as she realizes that she is
going to come again. Feeling his hairy balls against her clit is
too much for her. She pitches forward in orgasm. His cock,
pulled from her pussy, sprays her ass with hot come.

Renee lays on the bed, trying to control her breathing. She
hears movement in the room. Someone gets on the bed.

* * * * *

Edward kisses her as he removes her blindfold. His hand cups her
swollen pussy. Involuntarily, Renee comes again. Resting her
head against his chest, she closes her eyes.

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