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Better than Football


It’s Better than Football by Telephoneman

This work is the intellectual property of the author Telephoneman and he
claims the copyright. Permission if requested WILL be granted for this
story to be posted or archived to any free site. Permission MAY be granted
to any commercial or pay site or organisation. Requests for such
permission should be sent

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WARNING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of adult
fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults
and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside delete
this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of material
where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

It’s Better than Football

It was a typical English summer’s day; in other words it was raining as
usual. Being summer the rain was not too heavy and was quite warm. It was
ideal weather for football (for those of you across the pond I mean proper
football played with the foot i.e. soccer). I was on my round to my mate
Doug for a prearranged kick about. It was early Saturday morning, about
8:30 when I knocked at his door. It seemed an age before his mother finally opened the door. ‘He’s gone fishing for the weekend with his dad’
she said, rubbing her eyes and trying to wake up. She’d obviously still
been in bed when I knocked. I knew Doug’s parents had split up and he
rarely saw his dad. Because we had arranged our morning I was a bit
surprised at his change of plan, this obviously showed on my face because
his mother added ‘It was only arranged last night when his father’s work
plans were cancelled’. ‘Oh!’ was my only comment, as I turned round to go.
I was a couple of steps down the path when his mother called me back.
‘I don’t suppose you fancy giving me a hand moving some furniture do you as
I intend to decorate my bedroom this weekend’. To be honest I didn’t fancy
it at all but I now had little else to do and Mrs. Byrne was nice and had
always looked after her son’s friends, so I nodded and said ‘Yeah OK!’ Mrs.
Byrne laughed and said, ‘I like the enthusiasm. Come in and I’ll get you
some biscuits’.

With that she turned round and walked off towards the kitchen leaving me
to shut the door and follow her. Kicking off my boots I followed her, my
disappointment lifting when I saw her from the back. She was wearing a
silk or silk like dressing gown. From the front with her arms holding it
tightly shut I hadn’t noticed anything but now that tightness just
emphasized her figure, especially her arse. Its shape was clearly defined
and to my very uneducated eye she wore nothing under it. Mrs. Byrne did
not look old like most of the mums I knew, including mine, but looked more
like Doug’s big sister than his mum. The fact that she was younger added
to the fact she was the only mum I knew that actually had a figure. I’d
never before noticed how good a figure but then I’d never seen her like
this before. Like most teenagers, sex was a subject rarely far from my
mind, but I can honestly say, up until then none of my mate’s mothers had
ever figured in my many fantasies. Again along with 99% of other teenagers
we talked and talked about it, what we would like to do and who to and
surprisingly enough mothers didn’t once crop up in the ‘who to’ category.

I followed her into the kitchen and sat down at the table. She passed
me the biscuit barrel and told me to help myself and asked if I wanted a
drink as she was making herself a cup of tea. I declined with a shake of
the head, not trusting myself to speak after such weird thoughts. I was
beginning to get over those thoughts when she went to the fridge and leaned
over to get some milk. Her gown clung tightly to the contours of her body,
clearly displaying the taut cheeks of her arse and strongly hinting at the
crack between those cheeks. This time I felt my cock stir. Now I had a
problem, dressed to play football all I had on was my Liverpool FC top and
an old pair of loose cotton shorts with nothing under them. Therefore any
arousal would be near impossible to hide. Fortunately I was still sitting
at the table so I swung my legs under it. I watched this newly interesting
woman make her drink and come to sit opposite me at the table. Because her
hands were now occupied with her drink her robe was no longer held in place
with anything other than a belt. Although tightly fastened around her
waist, the top now formed a distinctive V shape pointing to her covered but
no longer hidden breasts. Their shape and size were clearly defined. My
lack of knowledge prevented my from accurate comparisons but the strong
thought of ‘A nice handful’ crossed my mind. Again this thought had its
effect on my already twitching cock. Some inane conversation followed, the
subject of which is forever lost to my memory, before Mrs. Byrne stood up
saying she should go and get properly dressed.

Thankful that she had gone without noticing by errant member I decided I
needed to go to the bathroom and make myself less noticeable. I then crept
quietly upstairs to the bathroom. Reaching the top of the stairs I noticed
that a bedroom door was slightly open. There were only three doors on the
landing and I knew from past visits which was Doug’s and which was the
bathroom. The open one was the third door. My first thought was to return
downstairs and wait, but the winning one said try to look in without being
noticed. As I was standing about four steps from the top and the view
through the open portion covered about the middle third of the room (to say
nothing about being scared to move) I stayed where I was. A few moments
later I was rewarded with a view that is still with me today. Mrs. Byrne
walked from the right side of the room to the left. She was completely
naked! My view was from the back and from her left side. A very brief
glimpse of the side of her breast and to this day I can’t make my mind up
whether or not her nipple was visible, was followed by a full view of her
naked arse. It was the first naked woman I had ever seen and bettered all
my expectations. She bent slightly to pick up some hidden object leaving
just that glorious arse in view before quickly turning round and returning
to the right of the room. She turned to her right thus denying me a full
frontal view but also eliminating the chance of been seen. Quickly I
returned to the kitchen table, now sporting a full erection. I tried to
conjure up any image I could think of to get my erection to subside all to
no avail. My imagination could not overrule reality, not when reality was
that good.

Mrs. Byrne came back into the kitchen dressed for work in jeans and a
tee shirt. She looked in my direction no gave no hint that she was aware
of my predicament. ‘Come on then’ she said and returned upstairs again
expecting me to follow, which of course I did. I got to her room and was
told ‘Go and make some space in Doug’s room so I’ve got somewhere to move
my wardrobe and dresser’. Glad to be out of her sight I readily agreed,
hoping that a bit of hard work will help my erection go down.

‘Ok Mrs. Byrne’ I said.

Half an hour later I had accomplished both tasks, enough room for the
required furniture and one flaccid dick. I returned to the master bedroom
calling ‘Ok Mrs. Byrne there’s room now’.

‘I’m not struck on being called Mrs. Byrne, it makes me feel old, which
I’m not before you say anything’ she said breaking into a smile, ‘call me

‘Ok Mrs. Byrne, sorry Sue,’ I replied and then carried on before I
realised what I was saying,’ and I certainly don’t think you look old’.

This made her laugh and laughter made her look even younger. ‘And what
do you think I look like?’

A picture of her naked crossing this very room I was now in sprung to
mind, I blushed, both at the question and at my mental image. ‘I don’t
know but not old’.

She was obviously enjoying my embarrassment ‘You don’t know? Is that
good or bad?’ she asked. Fortunately the embarrassment meant I was not
thinking about my cock and had yet managed to avoid even more embarrassment
by getting a hard on.

‘Good of course. You look very good’, I continued digging myself into
an even bigger hole.

‘Very good? Dressed like this?’ she smiled. A moment later her eyes
lit up, I did not know then but she clicked that I was talking about her in
the dressing gown. She was obviously aware of what her body could do to
the other sex. Like I had not considered her sexually, she had not
considered me. Again unknown to me at the time but that moment signified a
change in attitude. ‘Anyway, enough of this banter, we’ve work to do’.

That put me in my place so I shut up and waited to be told what to do.

‘I’ve emptied the wardrobe’ she said, nodding in the direction of a pile
of clothes lying on the bed, ‘so let’s get that moved first’.

We struggled for a good twenty minutes moving the wardrobe from one room
to the other. Next job was the dresser, which we decided would be easier
if we took the drawers out first. Sue took the top drawer through as I
finished positioning the wardrobe. A couple of steps into Doug’s room and
Sue slipped spilling the drawer’s contents over the floor. ‘Give me a hand
to pick these up will you?’ she asked. Without thinking a knelt down to
pick up the garments only to discover that it was obviously Sue’s underwear
drawer and the floor was littered with frilly bras and panties. Taking a
deep breath I started picking up her underwear, trying hard not to register
my pleasure at feeling such intimate items. Again I left myself wide open
when I paused holding a pair of lace panties, so sheer and so tiny that
they could not possibly hide anything.

‘I see you’ve found my favourite knickers’ Sue said, ‘don’t leave much
to the imagination do they?’

They did a lot for my imagination as I tried to imagine Sue wearing
them. The resultant erection was not difficult to foresee. This time Sue
did notice but chose to smile and ignore it by getting up and going to get
the rest of the drawers. Up until this point I had managed to avoid
actually touching my cock but with Sue out the room and me holding her
flimsy panties and an erection I could resist rubbing my cock with the
panties before reluctantly putting them back in the drawer.

‘David. Can you come here a second’ Sue cried from the other room.

I picked up the last of the spilled underwear and strolled into Sue’s
bedroom. She was on the phone, which I’d failed to hear ring, and said
‘I’ve got to pop out for a short while, can you manage the rest?’

‘No problem’ I replied.

‘Right, I think I’d better get out of these filthy clothes and just take
a quick shower’ she said and walked into the bathroom. A few moments later
I heard the shower. Once again my imagination, sparked by the previous
glimpse of Sue’s naked body, went into overdrive. My erection was now
nearly permanent and I was amazed Sue hadn’t said anything. I was also
surprised how quickly I changed from thinking of her as Mrs. Byrne, a
mate’s mum, to Sue a sexy woman. I heard the bathroom door open and Sue
shout, ‘Will you pass me that black dress lying on the bed...Oh! And some
underwear. I forgot, I can’t use my bedroom.’

I’d already noticed the dress when she’d added the bit about underwear.
I picked up the dress and went to Doug’s room for the underwear trying (and
failing) to avoid embarrassment. I picked up the first pair of panties and
bra that I saw and took them to the bathroom door. A hand appeared round
the door grabbed them and the door shut. A few seconds later the door
opened again and Sue came out with just a towel wrapped around her. It
covered most, but not all of her breasts and came down to a few inches
below her bum. ‘Men! You don’t wear white underwear with a black dress.’
She mocked. She pushed past me into her bedroom exposing her gorgeous legs
to my view. Quickly realising that her underwear was in the next room she
turned and walked right past me to Doug’s room and leaned over to select a
fitting set of undergarments.

My eyes were riveted to her rear for as she bent over I glimpsed her
pussy. I could not see any pubic hair and believe me I was looking before
she stood up, turned, looked at me with a smile and went back into the
bathroom. Some moments later she emerged fully dressed in a short plain
black dress. ‘I shan’t be long’ she said as she rushed down stairs
grabbing a coat on the way out the door.

As soon as she was gone I thought about getting those little black
panties and using them to masturbate. After a small deliberation I decided
against it and went into her room to finish the move. It took over an hour
to move everything except the bed (it wouldn’t fit) and Sue was still not
back, so I started to roll the edges of the carpet away from the wall. It
was a heavy-duty carpet and quite hard work.

When I had finished I leaned back against the wall with my knees up
against my chest. I was remembering the morning trying to put my finger on
what had happened, which was everything and nothing. As I recalled various
incidents I had absentmindedly pulled up the leg of my shorts and was
stroking my cock. Suddenly I heard a noise and saw Sue standing in the
doorway. ‘Well we have been busy haven’t we’ she said. I noticed that her
eyes were looking down at my legs when I realised she could see my cock
down the leg of my shorts. I immediately felt it twitch as yet another
erection loomed. I slowly straightened my legs and stood up. I looked at
Sue and saw that it was her turn for embarrassment. She was bright red, an
obvious sign that I was right, she had been looking at my cock. She
swivelled round and went first into Doug’s room and then into the bathroom,
emerging a few moments later now dressed in a skirt and another tee shirt,
this one showing some cleavage. At first when I saw her grab some clothes
and go into the bathroom to change I was a bit disappointed, as I had hoped
to catch a glimpse either down the low-cut front or up the short dress. As
I saw what she had changed into my disappointment faded as I took in her
new attire. The skirt was not as short as her dress, but not far off,
still ending just above her knees. It was the tee shirt, though, that
really had my attention, it was tight fitting and as I said, it showed the
top third of her breasts. Best of all I quickly realised that she was no
longer wearing her bra. Her nipples although not sticking out were
obvious. I stared at her breasts thinking of how much I wanted to touch
them. Sue could obviously see where I was looking but all she said was.

‘Thanks. Have you got to go or do you want to stay and help me strip
this wallpaper?’ she asked, then added ‘I’ll give you a nice treat if you

Although I assumed she meant money my idea of a treat was further sights
of her body. With her exposing her breasts (well to me it looked like
exposure) there was no way I wanted to leave even if I had anything else to
do, which I didn’t.

Trying not to sound to keen I agreed to stay. She went to the kitchen
and returned with a bowl of water, a couple of sponges and a pair of
wallpaper strippers. ‘Wet the paper then scrape it off’.

‘I know, I’ve done it enough times at home’ I replied.

We decided that I was to do the top half of the wall, as I was the
taller, with Sue doing the lower areas. A couple of hours of hard work
followed but it was an enjoyable time spent joking with each other. I also
had some pleasant views when Sue was directly below me. About half way
through we paused for a drink. Sue went to get a cup of tea for her and
for me, just ice cold milk. I sat on the floor, very careful not to give
Sue another view up my shorts, and Sue sat on the bed in front of me her
knees primly together. We were talking about Doug when the telephone rang.
With no other furniture in the room the phone was on the floor on the far
side of the bed. Sue turned round, leaned over the bed and answered the
phone lying on her stomach. From my low vantage point I could now see up
her skirt. Her legs were too close together to give me a good view, but
open just enough to give the impression that I could see her black panties.
She didn’t speak much just said ‘Ok’ a couple of times. She then put the
phone back on the floor and rolled over onto her back, sat up and slid back
to my side of the bed to where she had been sitting originally. This
manoeuvre had two benefits, at least they were beneficial to me. First as
she rolled over onto her back her legs opened considerably more giving me a
clear view of her panty covered sex. Black panties in a dark area do not
give the best view, but it was more than enough for me, and once again I
felt my cock spring into life. Secondly as Sue had shuffled forward to the
edge of the bed her skirt had ridden right up her thighs, so far in fact
that she was no longer sitting on it. Although her legs were now back
together I could still see all her thighs and again just a hint of panty.
‘That was Jack just confirming that they are camping out tonight and will
be back tomorrow evening’.

Jack was Doug’s father. I seemed oblivious to what she was saying, my
attention focused on her legs. My arousal would be obvious if I moved,
which I had to, so I turned my back to Sue, stood up and excused myself and
went quickly to the bathroom. Once there I had an urgent need to
masturbate and started stroking my cock.

‘Don’t be all day’ Sue shouted through the door, ‘I need to go too’.

So much for my relief so I had a piss hoping that that would help
relieve the pressure, which to a degree it did. Because I had other things
on my mind I forgot to flush the toilet and when I opened the door, quite
abruptly, Sue was standing there with the front of her skirt up around her
waist and her hand down inside her panties. Although she moved her hand
very quickly and pushed past me into the bathroom that image was as clear
in my mind as if I was studying a photograph. The look on her face was one
that I did not at the time recognise but I certainly did recognise the
panties. They were the little black ones I had held earlier, the ones Sue
had said were her favourite. I could see the outline of her hand as she
cupped her pussy and I could see the dark curly hairs either side of her
hand. My relief had not lasted long I was again hard with nowhere to go to
hide it. Sue was quite a while in the bathroom, but even with my
inexperience with women, I accepted it this as normal. I did wonder,
though, why the tap was left running. I thought the safest bet was to
return to the task in hand, that is stripping the walls. After a while,
Sue came to join me. She said nothing but I could see that she was flushed
which I took as embarrassment. As we continued to work Sue now seemed to
be always around my legs working under whatever bit of wall I was on.
Once, Sue asked if I was ok. As I looked down to answer I turned from the
wall to face her. I saw that her face was only inches from my cock. Yet
again my cock responded, I’d been hard or semi hard all day and now I was
again sporting an erection. Looking down I could see the bulge in my
shorts quite clearly. Sue from inches away could not have missed it, and
didn’t. As I mumbled an answer Sue’s eyes stayed on my bulge before
quickly standing up saying ‘We need some fresh water’ and scooping up the
bowl went into the bathroom for a refill. She came back placed the bowl by
my feet and went to sit on the bed. Not on the side had she had done
previously but in the middle of the bed with her hands on the bed behind
her acting as a prop, and her knees bent with her feet flat on the bed and
about two foot apart. This presented an absolute clear view of thinly
veiled pussy. I could see the shape of her lips and through the sheer
material easily make out her pubes. I had never been as hard as I felt
then and made no effort to disguise where I was looking. To be honest I
think any effort would have been to no avail. Sue must have been aware of
what she was doing, but remained in that position for another few minutes,
staring at the ceiling and uttering inane comments about the room’s
decoration. At least I think that was what she was talking about, my
attention was elsewhere. Right between her legs to be precise. ‘Alright
nearly there’ she said as she stood up. ‘Another ten minutes should see us

Just ten minutes later I was stretching to wet the last bit of paper
near the ceiling and Sue was sitting on the floor right by my feet scraping
her last bit of paper off. It suddenly occurred to me that from where Sue
was sitting and the way I was stretching that she could, once again, look
up and see my still semi-erect cock. I didn’t know whether she was or not
so I tried to carry on working while trying to look at Sue. What actually
happened that I dropped the water-laden sponge onto Sue. She screamed and
stood up. I could not help laughing until I looked at her and saw that the
sponge had landed on her right breast, soaking her tee shirt and making it
virtually transparent. An almost naked breast was just a few inches away
from my eyes. Try as I might, I could not look away. Sue followed my eyes
and saw her exposed breast and shouted with a laugh ‘Happy now? You’ve
been trying to ogle me all day’.

Before I could lie and deny this accusation she laughed again and then
to my utter delight she reached for the bottom of her tee shirt and pulled
it over her head. ‘I’m not wearing a soaking wet tee shirt that’s for

I was speechless, I had hoped for and received a peek or two and was
delighted with the wet tee shirt view, but this. About a minute passed
with my eyes never leaving her breasts and Sue standing there, smiling and
watching the delight on my face.

Oddly enough for this minute or so I was not hard. It had all happened
to quick to take in. As I recovered normal service resumed and my cock
became rampant.

‘Is this the treat you promised me?’ I grinned.

‘Why! Do you think it’s a treat seeing my tits.’ Sue asked, then
looking down at my shorts she added ‘Well! That seems to like the view.
Anyone would think you’ve never seen a pair before’.

‘I haven’t’ I admitted.

‘Wow! A virgin, not many of them around nowadays’

This was getting a bit too much for me to follow but my body seemed to
know what to do even if my brain didn’t. I raised my hands towards her
breasts, I could not think of them in the derogatory form of ‘tits’. I
expected her to move back or push my hands away. Instead she moved a
little closer allowing my hands to touch her breasts. After a moment of
inept fiddling around Sue took hold of my hands and showed me how to caress
her properly, moving my hands to where she wanted and squeezing my fingers
to show me how much pressure to use. I moved closer, and felt her nipples
grow as the palm of my hands gently rubbed them. Soon they were quite hard
so I moved my hands away so that I could see them.

‘Beautiful!’ I murmured.

‘Do you really think so?’ she asked ‘don’t you think they’re too small’.

Echoing what I was to learn in later life, that no matter how good a
woman’s body was there was nearly always something she felt insecure about.
‘No they’re absolutely perfect.’ Said this sudden expert in women’s

Again nature took over and I started to gently pinch her nipples and
pulled my hands up her breasts towards each nipple. To my surprise the
nipple became even harder and I noticed Sue’s breathing becoming slightly

‘That feels nice. You’re a natural’ she said.

‘Well as we’ve finished and you’ve worked hard, I promised you a treat.
So what would you like’ Sue asked me.

I thought hard about the answer, not because I didn’t know what I wanted
but I didn’t know how much I dared ask for.

Suddenly I decided ‘I want to see you naked’ I said.

Sue seemed to be expecting this and asked with a smile ‘Just see me?’

Thinking of the pleasure I was getting caressing her breasts I said ‘And
to touch you’



‘Anywhere special that you want to touch?’ she said with a huge grin.


‘Are you going to tell me where?’

‘Your pussy’ I finally said having tried to think of the nicest name for
that part of a woman’s anatomy.

‘And you’ll be happy with that treat?’

‘More than happy’ I exclaimed, ‘more than happy’

‘So there’s nothing else you want?’ she said knowing that there
obviously was.

I still preferred to settle for what I had rather than risk losing it by
asking for anything else.

The talk seemed surreal. Here I was standing a few inches away stroking
her naked breasts and playing with her delicious nipples yet we were
holding a conversation akin to negotiation.

‘Are you sure you don’t want anything else?’ she asked but this time her
hand was placed on the bulge in my shorts. ‘You don’t want anything like
this?’ she asked.

‘I didn’t think girls, ah! I mean women, liked to touch men down
there.’ I mumbled.

‘Who told you that nonsense?’

‘My mother’ I admitted, ‘she says women only indulge in things like that
if they have to, and they certainly don’t like it’.

‘What rubbish. Most women love a nice cock. You enjoy touching a
woman’s cunt don’t you?’ she asked. Seeing my hesitation she remembered
that I’d never actually done it. ‘Ok, for you, you like the idea of it?’


‘So why shouldn’t women enjoy men as much as men enjoy women?’ I had no
answer, and many years on still can’t nor want to argue that point.

Sue’s hand was on my cock throughout the discussion, her fingers tracing
its outline.

‘You’ve had a hard on most of the day’ she laughed ‘and you keep letting
me catch the odd glimpse so lets see him in his full glory’

With that she knelt down and quickly pulled my shorts down to my ankles.
If she was disappointed (I’m only average in size, maybe even a little
below) she hid it well. After a moment looking at my cock she reached out
both hands to caress my balls and cock. She took her time stroking,
caressing and squeezing my manhood always seeming to know when to pause.
Pre-cum was oozing from my cock’s tip, which she took great delight in
scooping it up with a finger a then sucking her own finger. I was just
thinking that I was in heaven and nothing could better this ecstasy, when
Sue leaned forward and used her tongue to caress the full length of my cock
before taking me into her mouth. I thought I had a great imagination,
especially when it came down to sex, but I quickly realised that that was
all it was, imagination. The real thing was so much better that I’d never
experienced anything to compare it to. I still haven’t. Sue’s hand held
the base of my cock and followed the motion of her mouth as that delicious
organ moved up and down my almost painful member. My cock already fully
erect when Sue held it seemed, to me at least, to continue to grow inside
her mouth. I lasted for a couple of hours, well it seemed a couple of
hours to me but was probably less than a minute, before I erupted into her
mouth. I seemed to keep coming for longer than it had taken to come in the
first place. Sue kept her mouth and hand on my cock throughout, swallowing
everything I could produce. I had heard of ‘blow jobs’ but never give it
serious thought, just assuming it was another male fantasy. After all, I
struggled to accept that any woman would want to touch my cock with her
hand never mind taking it in her mouth. But these thoughts of what this
woman was doing were subservient to the physical ecstasy her mouth was
giving me. When I was finally drained Sue released my cock give it a quick
squeeze and a kiss then stood up. I was leaning back against the wall
partly because that’s where Sue actions had left me but mainly for the
support it give me.

‘How was that then’ she laughed, ‘was that on your wish list?’

It was a while before I could even think of responding.

‘That was... I can’t even think of a word to do it justice. I’ll be
honest it wasn’t on any list because I didn’t believe people actually did

‘Hell, you’ve led a sheltered life. I bet my Doug isn’t like that’ she

I think you’ll be surprised I thought, but didn’t voice it. I was
scared that talking about Doug would remind his mum of who I was and
therefore burst the bubble.

As if reading my mind Sue said ’Are you ready for the rest of your
treat?’ and laughed at the obvious eagerness my expression displayed.

‘Yes I suppose you are.’ She said answering her own question.

She stepped back from me and slowly reached behind her and unfastened
the skirt. With a theatrical pause and with her eyes watching mine, Sue
let the skirt drop to the floor. Standing before me she stood, with just
cause, proud wearing only those tiny briefs I had held earlier.

The sight was breathtaking. I’d never seen a naked woman before today
only the odd ‘dirty picture’. Pictures would, could never, ever do a live
woman justice. My eyes followed every contour of her body, from her long
dark hair framing an elfin face, the perfect breasts which a few moments
ago I’d been holding, the flat, taut stomach leading down to her black silk
covered pussy. At that moment two things happened that would last me a
lifetime. Firstly this body shape, slim with small breasts, would forever
be my ultimate favourite. Secondly that a scantily dressed woman was by
far sexier to look at than a naked one.

The phone rang, instantly breaking my trance. Sue again lay, stomach
down on the bed, as she reached over to answer the phone. This view of her
near naked body again touched a nerve, sensual rather than sexual, it still
aroused my newly awakened senses. Obviously aware that I was watching her
Sue parted her legs slightly to enhance an already incredible view. I was
oblivious to the conversation that was taking place, with my hand on my
cock, which was already quite hard again, I watched this fantastic woman.

After she put down the phone, she rolled onto her back and said ’I’m
sorry but I’ve got to go out’

Trying to hold back my disappointment I said as I felt my cock quickly
wither, ‘What now?’

‘Yes now. I am sorry’

With the petulance of youth I turned round and started to put my shorts
back on, feeling truly downcast.

‘Come here’ Sue said, and I trudged to the side of the bed.

She leaned towards me and took my hand in hers and placed it onto her
stomach. She then slid my hand down her panties until it was covering her
sex. The contrast between her perfectly smooth stomach to the rough pubic
hairs to the soft moist feel of her lips was yet another memory to be
retained for life. Her fingers were on top of mine and so when she bent
her fingers it forced mine to bend as well. This pushed the tips of my
fingers into her very moist pussy.

‘Can you feel how wet that is?’

I nodded agreement.

‘That should tell you I don’t want to go but something important has
come up’ she continued, as she withdrew my hand.

‘Look! I’ve really appreciated you being here today and your ‘treats’
have been just as pleasurable to me as they have to you’

I doubted this but did not interrupt.

‘Do you want to come back this evening?’ she asked.

‘Yes’ I almost shouted, all depression swiftly disappearing.

‘and if you want to you can stay the night.’ She added hesitantly.

‘Do I want to stay the night. Is the Pope Catholic’ I instantly

‘I’ll take that as a yes then’ Sue said. ‘Your mum doesn’t know Doug is
away so tell her that you are staying the night at his house’

I’d stayed over at different friends many times so I knew my mum would
not even comment, probably glad to get me out of the house.

‘Yeah, no problem. What time?’ I asked eagerly.

‘Anytime after 7:00 will be fine. Now off you go and let me get ready’

With that and one last long look at her I made my out to spend the rest
of the day in state of perpetual anticipation. ‘It’s certainly better than
football’ I thought to myself.

That afternoon was to be the longest of my life. I tried everything I
could think of to make time speed up but all to no avail. My thoughts were
mainly centred on earlier that day when I’d seen my first naked woman, not
only that, she’d actually sucked my cock. Occasionally I’d think ahead to
that evening and the treats Sue had promised, but that filled my stomach
butterflies, better to dwell on the excitement of the past than the future.
I remembered peeping into her bedroom as she was changing, I’d thought that
that was exhilarating enough but what followed was beyond dreams (well
actually it was exactly what dreams are made of). I had the longest bath
of my life, fortunately with the house to myself or someone would certainly
commented. I decided what to wear and changed my mind a dozen times. I
finally decided on jeans and tee shirt both actually clean, something that
did draw amusement from my mother. At seven o’clock sharp I was knocking
on Sue’s back door. ‘Come in, it’s open, I’m upstairs’ a voice called.

Just her voice sent another wave of nervous tension through my stomach.
I entered and headed after the voice. Was she waiting for me in bed, what
would she be wearing? These and a million similar thoughts jockeyed for
room in my over imaginative mind. As I reached the top of the stairs Sue
called out from the bedroom ‘In here’. I took a moment to try and look
cool and then with a confidence I did not feel strolled into her bedroom.

The disappointment was as intense as the anticipation had been. Sue was
busy putting wallpaper on the wall. In my eagerness for the evening to
arrive I’d forgotten that the reason I’d been in the house in the first
place was to help with the decoration. Sue sensed my disenchantment and
burst out laughing. ‘You’re too eager, work to do before treats’

The mention of treats went some way to lift me and I managed to join in
with a near convincing laugh ‘Yeah sure! What do you want me to do?’

‘Nothing yet. Just sit and watch for when you have to do it’. With
that she turned around and continued with her work.

I don’t know about watching Sue’s work I was to busy examining her body.
She too was wearing jeans but with a blouse. The jeans were tight
especially when she bent over. A few moments of looking at her fully
clothed body did just the same to me as when I’d seen her naked. I was
hard for the umpteenth time that day. I didn’t realise at the time but Sue
was treating me to a show. Her bending and stretching not strictly
required to achieve her task of papering the wall but essential to her task
of enhancing my anticipation. With just over half the room papered Sue put
her brush down and said as she turned to face me ‘That’ll do for now’

My face displayed my obvious delight and expectation but again it was a
false dawn. Sue smiled and walked to me and gave me a full lingering kiss
before saying ‘We’ve still to get the furniture back in. I’ve purposely
done the wall where the wardrobe and dresser go so let’s get started’

I’d kissed a few girls before but the way Sue had made it seem so
natural and the tenderness of the kiss itself lifted me to walking on
clouds. Another lesson learned for life, a tender kiss could be the most
sensual thing we ever do. It can portray more than words ever can.

We spent the next hour or so moving Sue’s wallpaper paraphernalia out of
the bedroom and furniture in. Done at last, Sue said to me ‘David I’m
going to have a quick shower, change and put my face on. Can you open a
bottle of wine for us? There’s one in the fridge’

As I turned to do as I was told Sue shouted ‘and NO peeping’

‘What me?’ I retorted ‘As if!’ Then realising what she meant by “putting
her face on” I shouted back ‘You don’t need makeup it makes you look old’

‘Pardon’ Sue cried from the top of the stairs. ‘I’m nearly as old as
your mother’ as she laughed at the absurdity of my remarks.

I tried to defend myself ‘Makeup is for young girls trying to look older or old women trying to look younger. You’re neither you’re just beautiful’
I added sincerely. At this point would like to point out that my knowledge
of makeup was severely limited. It was a while before I realised that good
makeup is good because it doesn’t look like makeup. Too many women wear
makeup that hides their faces instead of enhancing them. (moan over)

A “quick” shower turned out to be thirty seven minutes. My state of
eagerness was the reason for the accurate timing. It was a long thirty
seven minutes but worth the wait. Sue came into the room wearing a short
black flared skirt and white blouse that superbly showed off her feminine
figure. The skirt matched the colour of her long straight hair, which
seemed to flow with every movement she made. She had listened and had kept
the makeup to a minimum. She stood in the doorway to allow me to
appreciate her and for the first time displayed signs of nerves. The look
of awe my face carried was enough to tell her that her efforts were well
and truly appreciated. Just then the front doorbell rang. Not another
interruption I thought. Sue went to answer the door and appeared some
moments later with a carrier bag whose aroma betrayed the contents.

‘Dinner is served‘ Sue said as she walked towards the dining room
beckoning for me to follow. ‘I’ve hardly eaten all day and I’ll be damned
if I’m going to cook anything myself’

‘Do you like Chinese?’ she asked.

I nodded. With my stomach churning all afternoon food had been out of
the question. The fragrant aromas emanating from the carrier bag set my
mouth watering. My hopes for the evening were entirely in Sue’s hands and
I’d just about got round to accepting that Sue was in no rush to start them
off. Of course looking back it had started on my arrival and Sue was
orchestrating the evening with the knowledge only experience brings.

We sat down to eat at Sue’s small dining table. We sat opposite each
other so I could still ogle the woman across from me. The blouse was
buttoned low enough to hint at cleavage without open display. Standing
behind her chair and sliding my hands down inside her blouse to the soft
mounds of flesh I’d enjoyed earlier was the strongest of the many erotic
thoughts skipping through my head. ‘I’m glad to see you appreciate my
efforts tonight’ Sue said well aware of my train of thought. ‘Now help
yourself’ and on seeing my raised eyebrows added ‘to the food I mean’

I sat quietly eating whilst Sue talked about her day, at least the part
since I’d last seen her. She’d rushed over to see her mother over a crisis
that only existed in her mother’s mind before returning to try to finish
the decorating. I nodded my head at what I thought appropriate moments
just savouring the moment. My daydreaming was brought to an end when I
felt Sue’s foot touch my leg. It’s continued movement up and down my leg
showed its arrival was not accidental. My cock stirred immediately. In a
state between hard and soft since I’d arrived it now started to swell, more
so when her foot found its way along the inside of my thigh to rest lightly
on my hardening member. I looked up at Sue but she just carried on talking
as if her foot was nothing to do with her. I wished I’d worn shoes that I
could slip off and return the complement but with my boots there was no
chance. I took the second option, which was to use one hand for eating and
the other to caress the part of Sue’s leg within reach. Her tights were so
sheer it sent a shiver through me. It was yet another sensation for my
body to revel in. I rubbed her leg and then massaged her foot, careful not
to allow too much pressure on my aching cock. Sue leaned back and her
other foot arrived for its share of attention. All pretence of eating left
me as I used both hands to stroke and rub her feet. At last Sue gave up
the game and let out a tiny sigh of pleasure. Blocked by the table from
exploring further I spent several minutes enjoying the feel of Sue’s feet.
The obvious pleasure this gave Sue surprised me, but also acted as a spur
to continue. Suddenly she removed her feet to sit normally once again and
asked as if nothing had happened ‘More wine?’ Again I just nodded assent.
Sue stood up and came to stand behind me to pour the wine. She stood
close, the faintest waft of perfume hit my nose but she stood that close
that her breast rubbed my cheek. ‘Do you like that?’ she asked. Not
certain whether she meant the wine or the fleeting caress of her breast I
again nodded this time adding a ‘Mmm’. Sue laughed and sat down again.

Noticing that she hadn’t topped her own glass up, I stood up, took the
wine and moved behind her. I placed my hand on her shoulder as I leaned
over to fill her glass. She turned round to thank me. The smile
accompanying the look gave me the confidence to move my hand to stroke her
neck. When she did not object I slid it inside her blouse to grip her bra
covered breast. She let my hand stay there for an instant before gripping
my wrist and slowly pulling my hand out of her blouse.

The pressure was downward forcing my hand onto her breast as it was

‘Don’t be in such a rush. We’ve all night’

In response I took her hand and echoing thousands of early movies kissed
her wrist. ‘I’m sorry m’lady’ I said exaggerating a very poor posh accent.
As Sue did not remove her hand I kept hold of it as I took my seat. I
looked into her face suddenly aware that the description striking was
literally true. I continued to stroke my fingers over her hand and lower
arm. Accepting, but not truly understanding, Sue’s desire to go slow I
still wanted to move on. I stood up with the intention of leading her into
the comfort of the next room. Instead as I pulled her up from her chair I
found her in my arms and the only natural thing to do was to kiss her. The
kiss started as tender as our first kiss, with my arms gently wrapped
around her waist and Sue’s under my arms with hands on my back. Sue broke
the kiss to move her lips to my neck and I learned the pleasure to be
derived from places I’d never before considered erotic. My cock demanded
to be part of this action so I lowered my hands to her firm buttocks and
pulled her firmly against my throbbing sex. Whilst maintaining the
pressure on my groin I used my hands to explore as much of her body as I
could reach. Sue returned her lips to mine, this time with a kiss that was
all passion. Her tongue probed my mouth and fenced for control with mine.
She began to grind her body against me. Once gain she broke the kiss and
with an animal look I’ve come to recognise as desire said ‘I’ve got no
chance of slowing you down until we take care of this problem’ her hand
reaching my cock just in case I was unaware of WHICH problem.

She knelt down in front of me, quickly undid my belt and jeans before
lowering everything to my ankles. Without a word she gave my rigid pole a
couple of strokes with her fingers before lowering her mouth to it.
Expecting to feel the stimulating sensation of her mouth I was unready for
the different but equally pleasurable feeling of her tongue tracing the
length of my cock. Repeatedly her tongue started at the base of engorged
cock and licked all the way up; tracing my sensitive head and probing my
eye. Just as I began to think I’d arrived in heaven Sues mouth covered me.
Her tongue continued its action inside her mouth as she sucked me into
ecstasy. Looking down at a woman who willingly has your cock in her mouth
is such an incredibly erotic sight. We both knew that expecting me to last
was not an option. After what felt like an eternity but was probably only
two minutes I erupted into her mouth for the second time that day. I’ve
had many blow jobs since that day but never any as good; maybe because they
were the first, or maybe Sue was just the best.

Feeling momentarily drained but not wanting to stop I was once again
amazed at Sue when she stood up and pulled my jeans back up. ‘Fasten them’
and follow me. Stumbling as I fastened my belt I followed Sue into the
lounge. ‘Do you feel better now?’ she asked with a grin.

‘I’ve never felt better in my life’ I said.

‘You will’ promised Sue. ‘Now, where were we?’ Not following her
meaning I just looked dumb. ‘I remember’ she added and wrapped her arms
around my neck and continued the kiss of a few moments ago. Unable to
fully comprehend this woman I just gave in and responded to the kiss. As
her tongue probed my mouth I felt an odd salty flavour before
embarrassingly realising what it was. I didn't care and returned Sue’s
passion. It took a few moments to sink in but I eventually appreciated
that without the urgency my cock had added to proceedings I was able to
enjoy the kiss and embrace loads more.

As we were still standing I guided Sue to the sofa and lay her down
across it. Then kneeling at her side I continued the kiss. This time I
used my hands and fingers to trace the contours of her remarkable face.
Fleeting touches with my lips and running my fingers through her soft hair
I embarked on an exploration of her. My tongue and lips followed my
fingers as they ranged further. Her neck and ears received their due
attention. Her low moans told me I was on the right track. I moved my
lips to the part of her chest left exposed by the cut of her blouse. I
lingered there long enough to undo the blouse’s top button. Once more I
used my lips and tongue, this time on the newly exposed flesh. I repeated
the process until I was kissing the skin between her breasts. I was about
to move across and explore one of those magnificent globes when something
held me back. Instead I proceeded to undo the rest of her blouse.
Following my established routine each button undone was followed with rapt
attention her skin deserved. The last button exposed her belly button and
this I gave extra consideration. I pulled the blouse from her skirt and
opened it fully. I leaned back to view the results of my handiwork.

Her upper body clad only in a small lacy bra was open to my
appreciation. I looked at Sue lying there watching me appraise her body,
knowing that a glowing report would follow. Still looking into Sue’s eyes
I let my fingertips explore the exposed skin. Not so soft as to tickle I
caressed her flesh until I at last gave in to temptation and cupped a
breast. My hand just covered the small breast enabling me to savour it in
its entirety. I could feel her erect nipple pressing against my hand’s
palm. I bent down to kiss the other breast, first concentrating on the
skin above the bra before taking her lace covered nipple into my mouth.
Nice as it was I wanted the real thing. I placed my hand inside the bra
and pushed it down to give access to my hungry mouth. Sue’s moans were
becoming louder and more frequent. As I squeezed her nipple between my
lips Sue pushed me away and sat up, reached behind her to unfasten her bra
and removed it along with her blouse before returning to her prone
position. For several seconds I just admired the perfection before me
before Sue gently but firmly pulled my mouth back down to her waiting
breast. This action gave me my first hint that Sue was just as aroused as
I was. It also gave me the idea that I could slow things down a bit and
get my own back for her earlier teasing. Moving my mouth away from her
nipple I kissed and licked all round without actually touching it. My hand
played a similar game around her other breast. After a while I allowed my
tongue to just touch the nipple on its path across her breast. Each touch
was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. When I finally took a nipple into my
mouth Sue’s hands went to the back of my head and pressed my mouth further
onto her nipple. For the first time I used my teeth, hesitantly at first,
but the response demanded more pressure. My hand had ceased its gentle
caress and now squeezed and massaged her other breast with a firmness I
thought would have hurt but just pushed Sue into louder and louder moans.
As her moans got louder her hips began to lift from the sofa. I let my
spare hand move down onto her skirt and press down on the pussy below. As
I felt her sex below the material I pressed my hand hard into her mound.
The pressure was increased by her hips rising to meet my hand.

‘Yes! Yes! Ohhh’ Sue screamed her body seemed to spasm. Her hands
forcing my head hard to her breast and her thigh wrapped over my hand
trying to maintain the pressure. To think that I was able to produce such
a powerful reaction from a woman filled me wonder. I’d heard about women’s
Orgasms and I felt sure that was what I’d just witnessed. The pressure on
my head relaxed and Sue pulled me to her lips. A soft tender kiss followed
by Sue’s words ‘That was nice. Thank you’ made me feel fantastic. I
didn’t know what Sue was thanking me for. It should have been me thanking

She stood up took my hand and whispered into my ear ‘Bedtime’

Excitement, trepidation and so many other conflicting emotions fought
for control as I followed Sue up to her bedroom, her naked back contrasting
with the short black skirt covering her tight arse. Still holding my hand
she led me to her bed and sat me down facing her. She bent over and placed
her hands oh either side of my face before slowly letting them trail down
my torso. Stopping at my waist, her hands gripped my tee shirt and lifted
it over my head. She then pushed me back and removed my boots and socks
before urging me into the centre of the bed. There, she straddled my
thighs and began to rub her hands over my naked chest. As pleasurable as
it was I was not prepared for the shock when she squeezed my nipples. No
wonder Sue was moaning when I was kissing hers if it felt this good to her.
She leaned forward to take my erect buds into her mouth, coating each one
in turn with her tongue. At the same time one hand was exploring my upper
body bringing tingling pleasure wherever it went. Sue moved her mouth to
mine for a sweet lingering kiss before moving down to lick my sensitive
stomach. She tried hard to tickle me, giggling when she succeeded. She
then sat back up and undid my jeans before standing up and pulling my
remaining clothes off. I lay there naked in front of her enjoying her look
of appreciation. She returned to the bed to kneel at my side, her hands
tracing lines from my knees to my chest, just skirting my aching cock. As
she got closer with each pass my body arched trying to guide her hand to
where I felt it was needed most. Heeding my desire, Sue allowed her
fingers to lightly touch my balls before continuing up the length of my
shaft and despite my urgency back up to my stomach. She repeated her
actions, each time lingering longer on my balls until eventually she was
cupping them gently in her hand. My cock was harder than I’d ever known it
but Sue still refused to pay it with more than passing interest. She
released my balls to lean and give me another soft kiss.

Deciding that I’d had enough teasing for a while I sat up and pushed Sue
onto her back to return the compliment. I desperately wanted to see Sue’s
naked form but thought I also wanted to see her suffer some of the torment
her manipulations had inflicted on me. As I’d done downstairs to good
effect, I started kissing and nibbling her neck before moving on to her
hardened nipples. Not waiting as long this time I moved my hand down over
her pubic mound. Sue’s low murmurs of pleasure accompanied my hands. I
let me hand move to her knee where I enjoyed the feel of her leg beneath
the sheer material of her tights.

This was only a minor break as I moved my hand up the inside of her
thigh towards her waiting pussy. Imagine my delight when I touched bare
skin just under her skirt. ‘Stockings not tights. Idiot’ I thought to
myself. My fingers loitered as my mind appreciated Sue’s preparation.
Unable to resist any longer and prompted by Sue parting her legs I moved my
hand to cover her panty covered pussy. Her panties were silk and once
again the contrast in textures greatly enhanced my experience. I could
immediately feel Sue’s wetness as I allowed my fingers to stroke her silken
panties feeling her swollen pussy lips below. I’d intended to skirt her
pussy as she’d done my cock, but desire and Sue’s heavy moaning left me too
impatient. Suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to see her full
beauty. Moving my hand from her pussy I unfastened her skirt and with
Sue’s help pulled it off. I looked down on how to remove this very sexy
but unknown piece of underwear known as a garter belt. Then I noticed that
Sue was wearing her panties over her suspenders, This made my decision for
me; I removed her panties before holding back to view her virtually naked

Impatience prevented me from devoting the time that view deserved as I
too quickly returned my fingers to her pussy. My inexperienced fingers
gave some pleasure to Sue but obviously not enough as her hand came down to
lead me in the intimate exploration of her body. She guided me to the
entrance of her wet pussy, urging my fingers to enter that pleasure cave. I
was delighted to discover the intense reaction when I touched the ultra
sensitive bud of her clit. Her hand controlled the pressure I exerted to
maximise her pleasure and preparing me for a life of pleasing my partner. I
moved my head closer to examine her body and was surprised at the powerful
aroma emanating from her wet pussy.

‘Taste me’ Sue ordered.

How could I deny this woman anything, so tentatively I moved my mouth to
kiss her lower lips. Her fragrance was overpowering, a drug that I’ve been
addicted to ever since. Cautiously I let my tongue explore where fingers
had been. My hesitancy did not last long as I was quickly engrossed in my
task. I tried to force my tongue as far into her wet pussy as it would go
drinking the nectar my probing tongue produced. I moved around so that my
knees were either side of Sue’s head so that I had the best access to her
sopping cunt. As I was flicking my tongue around her pussy it made first
contact with her clit. Sue’s response was electric, gripping the back of
my head and forcing me to retain contact with her clit. I let my tongue
circle it before squeezing it between my lips. Sue’s body was bucking as
her hips were raised to meet my attentive mouth. I sucked on her as I ran
my tongue over the tip of her clit. She came with a force my young mind
struggled to comprehend. My head was pulled gently away and I saw the
liquid product of her Orgasm. Quickly I lapped up those juices once again
probing deep inside her so as not to miss a single drop.

‘Turn round. I need you inside me’ Sue ordered. The idea of entering a
woman for the first time had me scrambling to do as she bid. Positioning
myself between her stocking clad legs I lay down on top of her uncertain of
exactly how to accomplish my body’s ultimate desire. Luck was with me as
my cock instantly found its goal. With a slowness aimed at savouring the
moment I slipped my full length into her waiting pussy. The sensations
coming from my cock were so exquisite that I paused to prolong that special
moment. Sue let out a low cry of pleasure, which triggered my body to do
what is so natural. I began to thrust in and out not quite leaving the
warmth of her pussy before plunging deep into her again. Almost
immediately I could feel my balls preparing to release their load.

‘Harder’ Sue demanded.

I began to thrust as fast and as hard as I could and it wasn’t long
before I felt Sue start to buck. With her legs around my waist pulling our
bodies together, her muscle starting to spasm she had her Orgasm. Her
extra activity triggered my own Orgasm as I pumped my first ever load into
a woman’s womb. I came long and hard as all these new feelings excited my
nerve ends. I then collapsed onto Sue totally spent. She pushed my
shoulders away from her until my hands either side of her head took my
weight. Memory probably comes into play here but the look on her face was
as satisfied as I’ve ever seen.

‘Not bad’ she said smiling, ‘but I’m sure if we practice some more
you’ll improve’.

My mind, even in its dulled state, immediately picked up on the words
“more practice” and “we”. Oh yes I was all for that.

That night remains one of my best ever, not only because it was my
initiation but because of Sue herself. Sue was as good as her word and
many other “lessons” followed although we only managed one more night
together. A year later Sue met someone nearer her own age and our meetings
dwindled to an end. In hindsight it took me many years to really value
just what Sue did for me that day. She took a boy and returned a man who
truly appreciates a woman. It was a gift beyond monetary value, one that
I’ve tried to preserve and pass on.


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