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Big Breasted Stress Relief


Title: Big Breasted Stress Relief
Author: Phoenix Arrow
Part: Chapter 1 of 1
Keywords: f/F, breast whipping, student/teacher
Redistribution: only for personal, nonprofit use
Short Summary: Teacher offers her breasts to female student as
stress relief.

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of
stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

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Big Breasted Stress Relief
Phoenix Arrow

Hey Ms Bishop!

Oh hello Cynthia, how are you doing today?

Just fine...well actually I'm a bit pissed off.

Really why is that?

Well its just one of my teachers. Mr Finkle has given me yet another bad
mark in his math class and I'm just getting sick of it.

I'm really sorry to hear that. I know highschool can be tough. I was there
once and I know how strict some teachers can be.

At least not all of them are. I had the best time of my life when I was in
your history class.

Oh thank you Cynthia, I really appreciate that. I try to help my students
the best way I can, besides just teaching class.

I know and we all really appreciate it. In fact, that is why I'm here. I need
some help relieving all this aggravation Mr Finkle has put on me.

Very well Cynthia, I'd be happy to. What would you like to start with then.

Hmmmm, well....I think I'll just do your breasts.

Is that all? You remember last time?

Yes I know, but I really don't have that much time. I do have piano
lessons in an hour at my house so please hurry.

Of course Cynthia, just give me a minute. So what else is new with you.

Oh well nothing too much. I mean I really like this new guy I'm seeing.
He's soooo handsome and you should see the car he drives.

That sounds wonderful, I am really happy for you. Just remember to be
careful. You know how boys are.

Yeah I know, I'll be careful I promise.

That's all I ask for. Ok, done. Are you sure you wont be doing anything
else this evening? It'll take just a second to remove my dress.

Yes I'm pretty sure. Now where is that ruler Ms Bishop?

Oh sorry, it's in my drawer. How foolish of me. Here you go Cynthia.
Now is this how you want me? With my hands behind my head?

Yes, but you should arch your back a little more....yeah that's it. I like
them to be high.

Just like last year, you haven't changed a bit.

Nope, and neither have you. Your breasts are still just as big as ever. Only
a little sag since last year, but still big and white. I just love making these
babies all red and sore.

You haven't failed yet Cynthia.

<Giggles> And I wont this time either. Now hold still Ms Bishop, I want
to get a good swing on my first try.

Yes Cynthia, when ever your ready.....



Grunting all ready? Have you gone soft Ms Bishop? Cynthia. Sorry. Please continue, I'll try to control myself.

Its ok, I plan on really giving it to these tits of yours, I'm really in a pissed
off mood about Mr Finkle .....whack... problem dear


Oh this is really what I needed, I should do this more often. And your big
pretty tits are just the perfect stress reliever.....whack.... wow they're
getting red already.

Tttthank you Cynthia.....whack....but don't forget to verbally release your well as physically.

whack.... right you are ....whack..... dame that fucken teacher Mr.
Finkle.....whack..... who the hell does he think he is...whack....making
math so dame hard that nobody can get a decent grade.....slap....

Good girl Cynthia, just get it all out....whack...ooohhh!!!

How does he expect us to learn anything....slap....when we are always
worried about failing his class.....whack....whack.....whack....

Owe...owe owe.....

Ms Bishop, you've definitely gotten soft. You used to be able to take this.
Though your tits do look awful already, you really shouldn't be crying at
this point.

<sniff>...I'm so sorry Cynthia, it's just that you've gotten stronger since
last year and none of the other student are you.

Don't give me that. I know very well that you enjoy this....whack..... Why
else would you offer your tits as whipping bags to your fellow stressed out

I can't hid anything from you can I Cynthia...whack...ohhhh....

Nope, but that's ok. I wont tell anyone. Let them believe your simply
doing it to help your students...whack....

oweeee.....thanks were always one of my
better students.

Thanks Ms Bishop. Ok, I'm ready to hit the underside of your breasts now.
Please lift them by the nipples as usual.

Ouch, boy are they sore. You're really working them over Cynthia. I don't
think I'll be able to put my bra back on after we're done. Ok, how is this?

Lift them a little higher. I want to get a good target. Very good, but
remember to hold those nipples really tight....whack.....


Oh, I forgot how sensitive the underside of your breasts are.....whack....but
you love it anyway....whack...

ahhhhhh.....whack......ohhhhhh.....slap.....owe owe owe....whack......

As I was saying....slap....that dame teacher is good for nothing.....whack....
I think I could even do a better job than him.....slap....At least no one
would fail my classes....whack...Ms Bishop, you really should keep your
wailing down....whack...not too many people know about your stress relief


Gosh are they red. I bet they are just burning hot aren't they. Do you mind
if I feel them.

<sobbing> No Cynthia, I don't mind...ouch...oh please be gentle.....

Wow they're on fire. I just love the idea that I did this to them. Thanks Ms
Bishop, you're the best.

Anytime Cynthia. Are you finished whipping my breasts?

Almost, I want to get a few good swats at them right before I leave. Please
be a dear and lay over your desk.

Right this Cynthia? With my breasts hanging over the side?

Perfect, you read my mind. Wow these tits sure will go flying now. Ready
Ms Bishop.

Yes sweaty, whenever you want to

So upset as I am with Mr Finkle....whack.....the
only thing I can do is continue to try my very best....whack....

That's this spirit your teacher that you can
take anything he can dish out.....whack.....owwwwwwww....

I will, don't worry Ms Bishop. Ok, I think I've finished getting out all my
aggravation. Here's your ruler back. Hopefully your big breasts won't hurt
for too long after today.

They will but don't you worry. Just remember that any time you need to
talk, you can come to me.

Oh you can count on that Ms Bishop, midterms are only a few weeks
away <giggles>. Ok teach, see you later.

Bye bye Cynthia.

The End!
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author's byline and e-mail address and this paragraph remain on
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