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Archived Sex Stories

Bint From Bombay 002 Hard Times



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



"OHHHHHHHHHHH SHANKAR ... UHHHHH... OHH uhhhh *hanh* uhh ohh uhhhh
oh ma uhhh ohhhh uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhh Shankar! OH MA UHH Shankar!
UHH *hanh* UHHH *hanh* UHH AHH OHHH ... fuck me! Fuck me, Shankar!
*Lele* ... *lele* *mujhe* ... *hanh*!" Shirlyn gasped, writhing

"C'mon ... c'mon, whore ... c'mon ... take it ... take my cock,
bitch ... *chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *lele* ... *le* *mere* *lund*
*ko* ... *hanh* uhhh ohhhh uhhh *hanh* uhhh
ahh-uhh-ahh-uhh-ahh-uhh-ahhh-uhhh *hanh* uhhhh *chul* *saali*
*rahnd* *CHUL*! ... *lele* ... *le* *mere* *lavde* *ko* *aur*
*bol* - *accha* *lagta* *hai* *na* *rundi*? Don't it feel good,
whore! *Bol* *saali* *rahnd* *BOL*! Tell me! Tell me it feels
good, whore! Say it!"

"Yes, Shankar, yes ... *hanh* ... uhhhh *hanh* uhh ... *bahut*
*accha* *lagta* *hai* ... *hanh* uhh ... oh yes ... oh god yes ...
it feels so good, Shankar! Ohh uhh ohma uhh yes ... c'mon ... fuck
me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck my cunt! *Hanh* uhh ahhhh uhh ohma
uhhh *hanh* uhh OHHHHH!" she cried in reply.

Above her, ramming and reaming his cock in and out of her juicy,
dripping cunt, Shankar, Shirlyn's lover and manservant, grunted
his pleasure. He plunged his penis deeper into her flesh and
chuckled as she cried out in shock and delight. She gasped and
panted loudly, her pretty face turned hard to one side, tendons
standing out in her lovely neck. Her lips were parted, her eyes
were shut and her breath was and ragged. Shankar unflexed his
buttocks, drew his slowly cock out of her, then drove in again
with a savage, spiralling thrust, grinding his hips round and
round, churning her cunt-flesh with his heavy pestle-cock, mashing
her clitoris, probing the innermost recesses of her cram.
Shirlyn's back cambered violently and she screamed, her mouth
tearing open in yet another ululating love call. Her perfect teeth
glistened as her luscious lips, shining with the stickiness of his
gunk, drew back in a rictus of unbridled lust. Shankar chuckled
and drew out and rammed in yet again, even harder.

It was a hot midsummer day and the rickety ceiling fan of her
bedroom refused to go any faster. Their bodies streamed with
sweat. This was Shirlyn's most erotic fantasy realised. Just she
and the servant, alone at home, fucking furiously, no one to
bother them. It was wonderful, absolutely heavenly, being fucked
like this by her servant, with no one to disturb them and more
than enough time so that he could take her again and again and
again. She never seemed to tire of it, no matter how hard he took
her, or how often.

She lay on her back on her bed, her legs spread wide, her knees
bent. Now Shankar slowed his pace, drawing it out to heighten her
pleasure and she whimpered, her body arching and twisting and
writhing ecstatically beneath him. Her feet were drawn up high,
her ankles locked behind his small, taut buttocks and she dug her
fingers into the bulge of his biceps as he moved his cock with
measured strokes in and out of her body.

He was bent over her on his hands and knees, the muscles in his
deep chest cording and standing out with the strain. His buttocks
bobbed and rocked up and down steadily between her splayed thighs.
As his penis slid in and out of her cunt, her hips bucked
rhythmically beneath him in a union of ecstasy. Her cunt was
sodden with lust-juice and his cock squelched audibly as it
stroked in and out, the sound drowned only by the loudness of
their love-cries. His cock was large, over eight inches long and
correspondingly thick, rock-hard and burning hot. It throbbed
powerfully in her spasming cunt. His balls were big and heavy and
low. He smelled dank and sexy.

He took a deep breath, slid deep into her, swung his hips in a
gentle circle, mashing her cunt-flesh and making her gasp in joy
as his penis probed the deepest recesses of her cunt. Abruptly, he
pulled up and hammered down hard into her, hitting a savage,
driving rhythm, ramming and reaming furiously into her. Shirlyn
cried out loudly, her body jerking onto the small of her back with
his punishing thrusts, her feet rising up his slippery back.
Faster and faster he went, hammering in and out, ram-fucking her
cunt, his buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, his cock
pistoning savagely into her.

"Yes yes Ohhhh yes Ohhh uhhh *hanh* uhhh uhh *hanh* uh Shankar
*hanh* ... *chodh mujhe* ... *jorse chodh* ... fuck me hard UHHHH
OHH uhhh ohhhh uhh OHHhh uhhh OH uhh Ohma uhh Ohma uhh Oh uhh OHH

"*Le *...* le rundi le *...* le mere lund ko* ... take my cock,
whore ... take it! UNNGHHHHHHHH *hanh* uhhhhhhhh UHH OHHHhhhh
UNHHHhh OHHHHhhhh unhhhhhh *Hanh*-*hanh-hanh-hanh *uhh aHHH uhh
yeh ... take it ... take it, whore! Take it all!" he responded.

Her body was flushed, fiery with lust. Her breasts were swollen
turgid, the nipples nut-hard as rivers of molten lust-heat rippled
through her. She rolled her breasts hard under the heels of her
palms and groaned, her slender, tall neck craned back, her mouth
parted in a wide 'O' of unbridled blisson.

The effulgence of bliss on her lovely face was intensely erotic.
He was her first lover and, as she often said, special for that
reason, and because his fucking was so exceptionally good. As he
gasped and groaned and cried out, he mouthed obscenities, calling
her whore and bitch and cunt and the memory of that first fuck
together spurred him. She cried out thinly, her body twisting and
contorting in a paroxysm of delight beneath him as he reamed his
cock deep into her. She loved this kind of fucking, with him
treating her as he might a gutter whore, calling her names, and
she responded eagerly, bucking and heaving under him, crying out
her ecstasy.

She was seventeen when he first fucked her, and already she was a
sexy woman in the bloom of youth. She had a lovely oval face with
a pointed chin, a slim, straight nose and slightly flared
nostrils, small, cutely stuck-out ears. Her face was narrow so
that, from some angles, it looked like her cheeks were plump, but
even that was really cute. Her cheekbones were high. Her eyes were
lovely, large, brown, full of magic. Her lips were light and full
and her teeth were white and strong and even, the left incisor
slightly chipped, an attractive irregularity. She had a dazzling
laugh that sparkled in her eyes. She was vivacious and full of
bounce and drew people to her naturally. She could have charmed
the pants off the devil himself.

Her skin was like gold, smooth and clear, firm as a grape, without
a trace of the body hair he so disliked in the women he fucked.
Her hair was dark and tumbled about her shoulders or flounced in a
sexy pony tail or was coiled up neatly high on the back of her
head. Her neck was superb, an exceptionally long, slender,
graceful column under her firm, pointed chin. Her arms and legs
were nicely turned and slim, with attractive ankles and wrists and
slim fingers and toes, beautifully shaped and arched. Her breasts jutted out, full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit. Her
belly was firm and flat.

He only really noticed her recently, and it was obvious that she
fancied him and wanted him to notice her. She tormented and teased
him, giving him fleeting glimpses of her bare, firm belly, her
legs up to the thigh, her deep cleavage, the swell of her breasts.
Whatever she wore, a *sari* with a blouse, a dress, a *churidar*
and *kurta*, the neck was always cut low, so close, so near, he
could see the beginning of her cleavage, drawing his eyes down,
down where the sexy gold chain around her neck disappeared. And
those glasses she wore, with the black thread, the rims a delicate
burgundy gold that made her eyes look richer and livelier and
sexier, especially with the *kajal* augmenting their inner fire.
She wore T-shirts that clung to her curves and *kurtas* with low
necks and open-necked blouses with just one button too many left
open, *saris* slung provocatively with deep scoop-necked blouses
from which her breasts swelled.

What he wanted, what he wanted was to pull the clothes off her, to
squeeze her breasts, get her to open her legs, to shove his dick
into her cunt, to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her.

She exuded a raw sexuality that was impossible to ignore. Her
face, her body, her walk, her speech, her look - all seemed an
open invitation for men - and him in particular - to take their
pleasure with her body. But he hesitated. He was banging her elder
sister, Sheila, and didn't know how she might respond to the
knowledge that he was also humping the younger sibling. But
Shirlyn didn't let up. She teased him without respite, eyeing him
openly, bending too low when he was in front of her so that her
blouse or shirt dropped open and gave him an unimpeded view of her
breasts. He was a randy twenty-three, good-looking, hard-bodied
and thick cocked, with a fair amount of sexual experience, and his
hunger got the better of him.

For Shirlyn, the waiting was torture, too. Now that she had
Sheila's blessings, she knew she could have him whenever she
wanted. But she took her elder and more experienced sister's
advice seriously and played the game for all it was worth. The
effects were visible: she saw the hot lust in Shankar's eyes, the
way he raked her body, stripping her in his mind, fucking her, and
she stifled the hot lust in her loins, but only just. To have such
a sexy man so close by was almost more than she could bear. She
wanted to fling herself at him, feel his cock in her fingers, kiss
it, lick it, suck it, have him thrust it into her cunt, her anus,
squeeze it between her breasts, wanted to feel the sticky warmth
of it on her face and in her mouth and cunt and ass. She watched
him constantly, drinking in the sexy beauty of his body, the
thrilling rippling of his muscles as he went about his chores. She
loved the sight of his dark, hard body, the cleaved chest, the
small, hard nipples, the belly like a slab of rock, the bulging
biceps. Her gaze lingering longingly on the bulge between his
thighs and she often wondered what his cock would be like, and
when she would give herself the chance to see it, suck it, have it
thrust inside her. He filled her thoughts, and she tried to fulfil
her desire for him by masturbating even more. When she could, she
watched her sister fucking the men in the house, including
Shankar, and these times were the worst, for she wanted it to be
her with them, taking their cocks in her mouth and cunt and
between her breasts and in her anus, taking them all, one by one
and even two or three together. Still she waited and the tension
grew and grew.

When, passing in the corridor, their hands brushed, she thrilled
with electric excitement. She tried to get as close to him as
possible at every opportunity. She would wait till he was in a
helpless position, his arms full of some heavy object, stranded in
a narrow corridor. Then she would move forward, they would both
hesitate, try and make room for each other to pass. Finally, she
would squeeze past him. When her breasts and thighs were against
his sides or arms or buttocks, she pressed closer and waited for a
fraction of a second more than was necessary, her body tingling
with arousal, feeling the instantaneous hardening in his crotch,
the throbbing of his cock against her flesh. She bit her lower lip
prettily, denying herself the chance of thrusting her hands into
his shorts.

The first time this happened, Shankar was too stunned to react. He
knew she had pressed too close, and held herself there for too
long for it to be a mere accident. He waited for her to do it
again, but for several days, nothing happened although she had the
chance. Then one day, she did it again quite unexpectedly, and, a
few days later, yet again and he knew then that it was only a
question of time. He throbbed with excitement. He knew she would
be a fantastic piece of ass.

It happened sooner than he had hoped.

It was a hot summer afternoon. Shankar was alone at home. Shankar
was about his chores, when he heard the door slam, and knew that
Shirlyn was home. Her school started early now with exams round
the corner, at half past seven in the morning, and she returned in
the early afternoon. He knew her routine well by now. She would go
into her bedroom and fling her school bag on her desk. Then she's
go into the bathroom, slamming the door, come out after a bit, go
to the kitchen for a drink of water and lunch.

Shankar had his hands full when she came out of the toilet. He was
standing in the corridor, packing a huge mound of linen into a
cupboard on the wall. The shelves were high and he was on his
toes, with his feet braced with against the opposite wall, his
hands stretched up and across the narrow corridor to push the last
of the sheets into the cupboard. He had been working for some
time, and it was hot. He was stripped down to his shorts and his
body glistened with sweat.

She stepped out of her bedroom and into the narrow passage. He
looked at her over his shoulder. She seemed to be breathing hard,
her lips were parted, her nostrils flared. Her eyes caught him,
and he saw the sudden intake of her breath, a glitter in her eyes.
She smiled quickly, hesitated and moved forward. He was between
her and the kitchen. She had to pass by him.

She hadn't changed out of her school tunic. It was a grey and
white cotton ensemble, with a sash which she had taken off and six
buttons down the front. She had opened three of the six. It was
one of the old ones and was a shade too short and showed just a
tad too much leg.

"Shall I go past?" she asked in a soft, sibilant and utterly sexy

"Go," he replied, tilting his head toward the kitchen.

She smiled and bent under his outstretched arms. As she ducked,
her tunic lapels drooped and fell open and he bent his head and
looked down into her garment and lovely cleavage. She had taken
off her brassiere. She wore a gold necklace and he could see one
entire breast and its nipple, and her belly below. He stifled a

She was in an equally exciting position. As she bent, her face was
on level with his naked belly, his hard torso arched over her.
The bulge between his thighs was tantalisingly close, scarce
inches from her arm and hand. She looked at it sidelong and bit
her lower lip in excitement. So near, so very near, and no one
else around, and the waiting had gone on long enough. It had to be

She froze in place. So did he. He stared at her breasts,
transfixed. She felt his eyes on them and grew aroused. He could
see them swell, saw one nipple harden. His cock began to thicken
and she sensed it, saw it, and her pulse raced. If she hadn't made
her move, he would probably have flung himself at her and raped

There was no need to. She was unable to contain herself. She
stopped, turned and straightened between his outstretched arms.
She was very close to him, her body almost touching his. Her
vision was filled with the sight of his sprawling, deep chest, his
hard belly, shining with sweat. She thought it incredibly sexy.
Her hands rose and slid slowly up his belly to his chest, and she
tilted her face up to his.

"Shankar," she murmured softly.

It was all that he needed to hear. He settled on his feet, dropped
his arms and held her waist. His eyes locked with hers. Her lovely
lips fluttered, parted, her breath was warm and sweet on his face.
Her perfect teeth shone. Her hands slid up over his chest to his
shoulders. He bent his head toward hers.

The first touch was electrifying for both of them. His lips were
warm and dry and firm, hers soft and moist, yielding. They met,
parted, met again, parted, and met yet again, and there was no
question of moving apart now. His tongue probed between her lips
and she let it into her mouth, sucking on it. He drew her close
and her body pressed to his. He could feel the warm prickle of her
cuntfuzz through her tunic and knew that she had taken off her
panties as well. His hands slid up and cupped her breasts. She
stiffened in his arms and he could feel her nipples judder taut.

*Oh god*, she thought to herself, her mind in a whirl. *It's
happening at last*! Her hands tightened about his head, and their
kiss deepened and now her tongue met his, communicating her hunger
and eagerness. He squeezed her breasts gently, and marvelled at
their size and weight and fullness and firmness. Her thigh pressed
between his legs and she could feel the weight of his erection.

No words were needed. Her hands flew to the remaining buttons of
her tunic, pulling it open. He slid his hands into it and cupped
her breasts. They were warm and lovely and turgid to his touch. He
squeezed them yet again, fondling them, rolling the nipples in the
hard heels of his palms. She shuddered and the kiss broke and she
arched her head, her lips parting as she gasped, her eyes
fluttering shut. He pulled the tunic off her shoulders and it slid
to the floor with a soft sussurus.

She was naked in his arms, and he thought he had never seen a
lovelier woman. Her superb breasts sloped toward long nipples set
in dark aureoles. Her belly was flat and firm, the waist nipped in
like a wasp's, and her hips flared to form a perfect cushion for a
man's thrusting loins, and then tapered to long, slender lovely
legs. She wore her gold necklace, matching ear-rings, a small
diamond finger-ring. On her, thus, in his arms, it was incredibly

He bent his head and when his tongue touched her nipple, she
gasped, arching, twining her fingers in his thick hair.

"Ohhhhh!" she moaned.

Her body was irresistible. He squeezed the luscious mound in his
hand and drew it into his mouth. She cried out, her body spasming
with joy as she felt the electric warmth and heat of his mouth and
tongue and teeth on her breasts. Flames of lust licked at her

"Yes ... UHhhhh ... OHHHH!" she went.

He flicked her nipple under his tongue, scraped it across his
teeth and the roof of his mouth. Shirlyn's head swam with delight.
She had never imagined it would feel anything like this. He
nibbled on it, rolled it between his teeth, sucked on it slowly at
first and then with increasing pressure, and then slowly let it
go. Shirlyn whimpered. He moved to the other breast.

"Shankar!" she gasped, her hands feverish on his head. "Ohhhhhh

Her voice, her tone, her fingers in his hair, all excited him
beyond measure. He took her hand in his and slid it into the
waistband of his shorts. He wore nothing beneath. Her fingertips
brushed his pubic hair, touched the hilt of his shaft. Her natural
lust overcame all hesitation, and he groaned deep in his throat as
her fingers gently encircled his cock, slid down to fondle his
balls, slid up and down its length, exploring it with awe.

*My first cock!* she thought to herself. *I'm touching my first
cock ... God, it's so big ... so hard ... so hot ... so thick ...
how will it ever fit? I've got to see it ... I want to see it ...
suck it ... taste it ... I want it ... oh god, I want it so much

Her hands slid around to his buttocks and hips, jerking his shorts
down and his heart leaped with excitement. *Fuck, the bint was
better than he had hoped! This one was born for this ... meant for

His shorts puddled to his feet and he rose from her breasts and
she bent her head, looking down in awe and wonder at the penis in
her hand. It was huge, eight inches long, two inches thick,
springing erect and throbbing electrically in her hand from its
forest of dark pubic hair. His balls were heavy and low. She knew
what she had to do. She had seen enough movies, watched her sister do it countless times.

She slid to her knees and he watched, his astonishment mounting.
She was too good to be true, a dream come true. She moaned in
excitement and deep lust, her eyes glassy, her nostrils flared,
her lips parted as she held his cock before her face. She could
smell it, sharp and tangy, utterly sexy. She closed her eyes and
caressed her face with it, stroking her cheeks with it. She rose
slightly and pressed it to her breasts, running it over her rigid

Instinctively, her fist curled over its shaft and she jerked it to
and fro inexpertly. He grunted, flexing his buttocks and guided
her hand, showing her how to do it to suit his pleasure. That
aroused her further. *Oh god, it's wonderful, she thought, my
first cock ...*

"Suck it!" he gasped. "C'mon, baby ... take my cock in your mouth
... and suck it hard, bitch! Do it!"

His words, the vernacular, the obscene language he used turned her
on even more. Lavda, she thought. *I will say that to him ... and
use words like *lund* and *chuth* and *chodh* ... he will like
that ...*

He showed her how to flip back his foreskin. She gazed mesmerised
as his bulging cock-head appeared. It was an enormous knob. A
jewel of a drop of pre-cum gunk oozed from the slit in its head.
Shirlyn stared at it, hyponotised.

With a soft moan, she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out,
pointing it, and catching the bead of spoot delicately on the tip
of it. She drew her tongue in and swallowed the jizz. His head
bent, watching her, Shankar gasped in amazement. Shirlyn savoured
the musky-tangy taste of his seed. It was delicious and made her
throb with excitement. Jerking his cock as he had showed her, she
slid her tongue out again and wound it round his cock-head for
more of his seed. Shankar gasped and his hands flew to her head,
and he thrust his hips forward.

"Suck it!" he gasped. "Suck my cock! Suck hard!"

She obeyed, her body fiery with lust, and delicately slid her lips
about his cock-head and part of his shaft. Her face distended with
the size of it and her cheeks hollowed as she began to suck on it.
Shankar gasped, his eyes hooding, throwing his head back. His hips
bucked at her face. He began to move her head to and fro with his
hands and she understood how it was to be done. It was wonderful
in her mouth, hot and hard and throbbing and it grew slippery as
it oozed and trickled more and more gunk. She swallowed it

His loins smelled musky and sexy, his cock-seed was heady. She
sucked and jerked him with increasing confidence, her fingers
becoming sticky with his gunk. She smeared it on her breasts and
began to caress herself. His cock raked in between her lips and
she let her teeth scrape delicately along the shaft, flicking her
tongue at the cock-head the while, winding it round and round. She
cupped his balls, caressing them tenderly with her slender
fingers. His hips pumped and he held her head and rocked it gently
to and fro as he fucked her mouth. Shirlyn felt giddy with
excitement. It was better than she had dared hope.

"Oh fuck yes! Suck it! Suck hard, slut! Suck! C'mon! Suck!" he
gasped in joy.

She thrilled at his words, and now, guided by instinct, she knew
what to do. She stopped her cock-sucking for a minute to run her
tongue down the underside of his cock to his balls. She roved her
tongue over them and sucked on them gently, one by one, her head
tilted up like a suckling calf. He groaned, his hips writhing in
joy, and pulled her head up again, thrusting his cock at her face
once more. She sucked it hungrily again and already she was more
adept. He groaned. Her mouth was a wonderful, warm, wet grotto and
she was sucking him so well, using her tongue and her teeth.

He wondered if she should come in her mouth. He bent his head and
watched her, deeply aroused by the sight of her head rolling this
way and that as she sucked his cock, kneeling before him, fondling
her breasts, her own body squirming with pleasure, one elegant
hand curled about his cock, jerking it to and fro. He knew she
would swallow his spoot, but she would be disappointed. She wanted
the real thing, up her cunt and by god, he was going to give it

He pulled away from her; she let go with visible reluctance. He
went down with her, easing her onto her back. They kissed again
and he tasted his seed on her lips and tongue and it excited him.
Her breasts were smeared with the stuff. He squeezed them in his
hands. She stroked his shoulders and back without shame or fear,
fondling his face. Her legs were already splayed, the dark thatch
inviting him. Her hands slid between his legs, stroking and
jerking his penis. He squirmed, fighting for control. Her very
touch was electrifying.

"Shirlyn," he whispered, slowly tonguing her ear, making her
murmur in pleasure. "This is your first time, isn't it?"

She nodded and tongued his ear in turn. She learned fast. He
nodded at her response. He knew what he had to do. He was going to
give her the fuck of her dreams, blow her mind out.

He slid down, drawing his tongue down the lovely long column of
her throat to her breasts. She arched her back in eager
anticipation, thrusting her breasts up for his tongue. He grinned
to himself at her enthusiasm and gently dragged his tongue slowly
and heavily across one nipple, pinching and twirling the other in
forefinger and thumb. Shirlyn gasped and her back cambered, her
head arching back.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" she cried, her fingers digging into his shoulders,
her hips spasming beneath him. "Oh ma UHhhh OHHhhhhh Shankar ...
UHHhhhh OHH!"

Gently, he took the nipple between his teeth and began to nibble
on it. She gasped and panted and moaned. Slowly, he drew the mound
in and began to suck on it, scraping her long, rigid nipple across
his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. She gasped and clenched
his head, pinning it to her breast.

"Yes ... yes ... Ohhhh ma Shankar uhhhh *hanh* uhh uhhhh OHH!" she

He sucked sharply, let go, sucked again, let go, bit the nipple,
hit it several times with his tongue, sucked hard, let go
suddenly. She whimpered. He drew his tongue into her lovely deep
cleavage and up the swell of the other breast. He began to work it
as he had the first. Shirlyn's head rolled from side to side.

His body was half across hers as he sucked and licked her breast.
He slid his hand down her belly and she shivered as his fingers
brushed her cunt fuzz. Her hips arched and her thighs split open.
She clenched his head fiercely. Slowly, he slid his fingers down
to her crack, splaying open her cunt-lips. They were sodden and
parted readily. He rapped his fingers at her clitoris and she
gasped, her hips bucking.

Her hand flew down to his and she tugged it to her cunt, fumbling
for his finger.

"Shove it in!" she gasped. "Shove your finger in, Shankar!"

He arched his middle finger and slid it into her cunt. She gasped
and her hips lurched heavily. Her cunt spasmed and contracted in
excitement on his finger. He held it still inside her and then,
abruptly, began to finger-fuck her rapidly with sharp, jabbing
thrusts of his finger. She cried out, twisting and writhing
beneath him, her hand gripping his wrist, her hips pumping.
Instantly, he stopped.

She whimpered in frustration. Slowly, he slid a second finger into
her, forcing her cunt wider open. She moaned huskily. He held his
fingers still inside the sodden warmth of her cunt and then began
to move them alternately inside her, tormenting her.

Shirlyn went wild. His mouth moved from breast to breast and his
fingers clawed at her cunt-lips. He slid his fingers out and
jammed his thick thumb into her and, at the same time, turned his
wrist and opened his palm to hook his middle finger between her
buttocks. She felt it at her anus and gasped, tensing. He pressed
it deeper to the dank orifice. It spasmed wildly under the
pressure. Her hips bucked and writhed feverishly.

"OHhhhhh!" she moaned. "UNHhhhh Ohhhhhh ... Yes ... OHhhhh uhhhh
OHH UNHHHHhh Oh Shankar ... uhh ohma uhh *hanh* uhh *hanh*!"

Once again he began to ram-finger-fuck her and she responded with
a gasp of joy, her hips bucking eagerly at his hand. He drove her
up the crest once more, and yet again left her teetering on the

She was half mad with lust when he drew his hand away from her
cunt. She grappled with it, trying to force his fingers back in,
but he tore away with a growl.

"Slowly, whore," he rasped. "I'll fuck you, don't worry. I'll fuck
your brains out ... but slowly ... till you beg and beg and beg
... gonna show you how good it gets, bitch ... trust me, cunt,
trust me ... I'll show you the stars!"

The guttural tone, the foul words he used, the way he called her
whore, all sent a deep thrill through her. She whimpered and
stretched her arms up and drew his face to hers in another hungry
kiss. He caressed her breasts and her face, gently pulling away
from her and she tasted her heady cunt-juice as she sucked his

Smiling at her, he straddled her chest and placed his tumescent
cock between her breasts. Instinctively, she squeezed them over
his shaft. It felt wonderful on her chest, in her cleavage, hot
and hard and throbbing with excitement. He fucked her breasts slowly, his hips grinding back and forth, her rigid nipples raking
his shaft. The cock-head prodded her chin and her head craned, her
lips parting, seeking it again. He nodded, grinning from ear to
ear and moved up over her face.

This time, he turned around and her face tilted back and her mouth
was wide open. She lifted her hand and guided his cock to her
mouth, taking it in and sucking on it hungrily. He groaned. Her
tongue swirled over his cock-head. He flung his head back and,
squeezing and fondling her swollen breasts, fucked her mouth again
for a while, his hips gently gyrating, his buttocks flexing and

Her thighs were forked and wide and her open cunt tempted him. He
bent over her and she gasped deep in her throat as he dragged his
tongue down her belly and over her pubic fuzz. Her mons quivered
and lurched upward as she realised his intention, and her mind
soared with joy. *He's going to lick my slit ... just like the
guys in the magazines and movies! Just like they do to Sheila!
He's going to tongue-fuck me!*

He thrust his head between her legs and prised her cunt-lips wide
open with his fingers. Her cunt-flesh glistened with lovejuice,
dewdrops of it winking on her pubic hair. It seemed to quiver and
throb in eager anticipation. He drank in the sight of her moist,
soft pink cunt-flesh and then, unable to resist it any more,
thrust his tongue into it.

Shirlyn gasped, choked, sputtered, gasped again. Her hips lurched
and bucked heavily at his face. He found her clitoris and began to
suck on it, darting his tongue this way and that in her cunt. She
whimpered and moaned, writhing beneath him, her thighs trembling,
her hips bucking and jerking. He tasted her juice and began to lap
it tenderly. Her head swam and she sucked feverishly on his huge
cock in her mouth, feeling it throb and trickle jizz down her
throat. Her body was hot and flushed and she broke into a sweat.
Fires leaped from her loins as he rolled his heavy tongue inside

He stopped in time, pushing her to the brink once again. She
groaned, trembling and scrabbling for him as he moved away from
her. She tried to push his head back to her thighs.

"Shankar," she moaned, "please ... lick me ... lick my cunt ...
don't stop!"

He chuckled, shaking his head. "Enough for now, whore ... not too
much the first time. Now I'll fuck you, babe ... nice and hard!"

Shirlyn moaned in excitement. She had already sucked his cock,
sixty-nined, had her cunt licked and now he was going to fuck her!
At last, at long last, she was getting what she had craved so

He knelt between her spread thighs, holding them apart in his
hands and drank in the loveliness of her naked body. There were
flecks of his gunk on her breasts and in her cleavage where he had
fucked her breasts. As he watched, she whimpered and scooped a
driblet of jizz from her cheek and chin and licked her finger
clean. Her hands were on her breasts, fondling them and then they
slid down to his cock.

"Yes ... fuck me!" she muttered in a husky, sibilant, erotic tone.
"Shankar ... fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

He leaned over her on his knees and one forearm, guiding his cock
to her hole with the other hand. She gasped as she felt the fierce
heat of the cock-head at the portals of her cunt. In position, his
buttocks high and unflexed, he paused on both forearms and knees
and bent his head to kiss her. Her groin jerked unevenly beneath
his and he felt her hands tug his cock downward.

"Ready?" he said.

She nodded eagerly. He flexed his buttocks and slowly inched his
penis forward and down into her. She gasped and winced and her
head jerked back and her mouth flew open in a soundless O as the
breath hissed from her throat. Her cunt was hot and tight and it
convulsed frantically on his invading penis. He shuddered and
groaned, his own head snapping back. Flexing his buttocks, he
drove in deeper still, grinding inexorably forward.

OHHH!" Shirlyn cried, her voice ringing in his ears.

His penis was wonderful, hot and thick and hard and, as it seared
into her, rasping across her inflamed clitoris, Shirlyn moaned
loudly, her body arching ecstatically beneath him. Deeper and
deeper it went, and every inch of it was magnificent. It probed
deep, filling her cunt till she thought it would rip her asunder,
come out of her throat. She felt like one gigantic cunt from head
to toe. It was incredible, better than she had ever dreamed it
would be.

"OHHHHHHHHhh ... Shankar! Yes! Oh god yes!" she gasped.

He ground into her and held still, embedded to the hilt. She dug
her fingers into his hard hips, her loins thrust up to his, her
body bowed, pinning him to her. Her cunt spasmed frenetically on
his penis.

"Oh fuck yes!" he gasped, overcome with delight.

Her cunt was magnificent, hot and wet and tight as a glove. His
balls roiled with steaming spoot and his cock throbbed furiously.
He fought for control, taking several deep breaths to steady

He began to fuck her slowly, rising up on outstretched arms. His
hips rose, his buttocks unflexing and his cock slid slowly out of
her, making her gasp and whimper. He paused with just his
cock-head inside her and then, crying out, his muscles quivering
and cording with the tension, flexed his buttocks and sank his
spear into her again. She cried out sharply, the breath driven
from her throat yet again and arched beneath him. Her head jerked
violently to one side and she dug her fingers into his thick biceps. Her hips bucked unevenly under him.

"OH! Shankar ... UNHHHh ... OHHHHHHHH!" she moaned.

Again he slid out and in, and yet again, setting up a smooth
tempo. She chunnered ecstatically, her body writhing and
squirming, her hips bucking and lurching at first, then gradually
finding the rhythm. Up and down his buttocks went, his cock in and
out, in and out. Now she moved in unison with him, each thrust
sending her arching onto the small of her back and drawing a
gasping moan of delight from her and a corresponding groan of
pleasure from him.

He built up speed steadily, and soon his buttocks were bobbing
rapidly up and down, up and down, his hips swinging smoothly to
and fro between her splayed thighs. His cock pistoned faster and
faster in and out of her, emerging and disappearing from her cunt,
glistening with their comingled juices. Her body jerked and
snapped under his thrusts, her swollen breasts jiggling and
bouncing. Her cries grew sharper and shriller, short, piercing
cries alternating with shuddering moans and rattling gasps.

"Ohh Ohhh Ohhh uhhh OHhh uhh OHhh uhh Ahhhh UNHhh oH
Shankar-Shankar-Shankar Uhhhhh Ohhmauhh Ohma uhh Ohma oh uhh ohma
uhh ohmaOHHHHHuhhhh OHHHH!" she called.

Faster and faster he went, relentlessly building up speed till he
hit a furious ram-fucking rhythm. She thrashed wildly under him
and soared uncontrollably toward her climax. Her cunt spasmed and
convulsed helplessly on his penis and her head flipped from side
to side in frenzied passion. She looked lovely, her face suffused
with lust, her nostrils dilated, her eyes closed, her mouth open,
calling to him and now her words were obscene and erotic. Her legs
rose and wound taut about his hips.

"Yes ... OHHHhh yes yes yes ... Unhhhhhh ... OHHhhh ... OH OH OH
OHHHH uhhhhh OHHHHHHHH yes *hanh* uhhhh Ahhhhh uhh *hanh* uhhhh
uhhhhhh Shankar-Shankar-Shankar-Uh Ohhh ma uhhhh *hanh* uhh
Shankar *hanh* uhh ... yes ... fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
Shirlyn cried.

Her voice rang in his ears and excited him even further. His balls
ached for release. But he was far from done with her. He knew it
was her first time and, if he wanted her to return for more,
important that her satisfaction be intense.

Abruptly, he stopped, buried deep in her. Shirlyn gasped in shock.
Her body, bouncing in unison with his till then, lurched and
spasmed beneath his.

"Shankar!" she gasped. "Please ... don't stop! Not now! Please!"

He grinned, took a deep breath and instantly hit a rapid,
ram-fucking stroke again. Shirlyn's mouth tore open in shock, her
neck arched, her back bowed and twisted and her lips drew back in
a rictus of lust.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH uhhh AHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried loudly.

Again he stopped, this time at the top of his stroke. She went
wild, her loins lurching beneath his, begging for it.

"Shankar ... Shankar ohhhh god Shankar ... please!" she whimpered.

Again he hit a furious rhythm. This time she was waiting for it
and she twisted yet again, crying out and writhing, but with
relief now. She moved with him, hard and fast, lurching and
bucking heavily.

Their bodies streamed with sex-sweat now and his belly slapped
against hers as he pumped and pistoned vigorously, moving rapidly
in and out of her. He sensed her on the brink of her orgasm and he
slowed gently, grinding his hips in slow, skewering, spiralling
thrusts. Shirlyn moaned in ecstasy and squeezed her breasts hard.

"Mmmm ... yes ... Ohhhhh yes ... ohhhhh ... Shankar ... *hanh*
uhhh ... Uhhh OHhhh ... *hanh* uhhhh ..." she murmured.

She was teetering on the brink of her climax when he stopped and
reared onto his haunches. He opened her legs and held them high
and kept spiral-fucking her slowly. She whimpered, her head
spinning from shoulder to shoulder.

She came in a searing series of back-to-back orgasms of exquisite
intensity as he stroked in and out of her, mashing her cunt-flesh
and taking her from all angles. Her body arched and bowed and she
gasped, groaning in pleasure as her body flooded with heat and her
cunt cramped violently on his thrusting penis. Instantly, he
shifted position again and now he bent her legs back over her
torso and, angling himself forward with his hands on the insides
of her thighs, began to ram-fuck her furiously again.

Without warning, his hips swung like a trip-hammer at full speed,
his cock pistoning in and out. Her head jerked back and her mouth
tore open in a soundless scream. Her body snapped under his
thrusts and she dug her fingers into his thick biceps in a frenzy.
Faster and faster he went and orgasm intensified as his penis
plunged and pistoned into her convulsing cunt. Her breasts jerked
and jiggled tossing back and forth and to and fro under his

She came hard, the breath shooting out of her, stars exploding in
her head and now he could hold back no more. He drilled into her
again and again, thrusting in hard and deep and fast, prolonging
her pleasure, going on and on till, finally, her orgasm ebbed. Her
body sank to the floor, shuddering and trembling, her chest
heaving, her breath coming in huge, wracked sobs. He slowed his
movements, but continued fucking her, with long, gentle strokes.
Shirlyn moaned, and then, as the realisation dawned that he
intended to fuck her again, her mind soared in exultation and joy.

Shankar smiled down at her and, bending his head, kissed her
gently. His cock was still hard and throbbing in her cunt, sliding
slowly in and out of her flesh.

"You're good, cunt, very good," he murmured. "But I want more. You
understand, slut? I'm not done yet - gonna fuck you again. You
ready for it?"

For an answer she gripped his head and pulled it down to hers,
kissing him with a fierce hunger, thrusting her tongue into his
mouth, lifting her crotch eagerly to his.

"Yes," she gasped. "I want it, Shankar ... fuck me again! Keep
fucking me, Shankar ... fuck me hard ... fuck me like a whore!"

"That's the spirit!" Shankar chuckled. "I like that in the sluts I
fuck. I like 'em hot and hungry!" He slid out of her body, making
her gasp softly at the release in pressure, and roughly turned her
on her front and jerked her buttocks up so that she was on her
hands and knees. "C'mon ... on your front ... I'm gonna fuck you
from behind, whore ... like a bitch ... like a fucking bitch!" he

Shirlyn moaned softly, in deep lust, her body trembling and
quivering with excitement. The shattering orgasm had, strangely,
left her thirsting for more. She longed to feel the heat and
hardness of his cock in her cunt. Shankar knelt behind her and
pressed his cock-head to her buttocks. She felt it at her anus and
tensed, and he sensed her anxiety. He debated whether to do it,
then decided that with a bint like this, he would have enough
opportunity later, there was no rush.

"Another time," he chuckled softly. "Yeah, I'm gonna take me that
nice tight ass of yours, too, bitch ... another time ... now take

And, pressing his cock-head to her cunt-lips, gripping her
buttocks, he slid his hips forward and sank his cock deep into her
teenage cunt. It drove the breath from her throat in a loud gasp
and her head snapped up, her long neck craned and her face
contorted in a rictus of joy.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhh Ohma uhhhh OHHH Shankar uhhhh OHHHHH!" she cried
as the fierce heat of his throbbing, rock-hard penis surged into
her slit. "OHHH uh OH uh OH uh OHHHH Uh oh god yes!"

His crotch pressed to her buttocks and she felt his balls at her
cunt-lips. He ran his hands up her slender, golden-skinned body
and cupped her pendulous breasts, squeezing them, pinching her
long, stiff nipples.

"C'mon baby ... take it ... tell me you like it, bitch ... talk
dirty to me, whore ... c'mon ... take it!"

"Oh god oh god oh god," Shirlyn moaned. "Fuck me Shankar ... yes
... oh uhhh yes ... fuck my cunt ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me
hard ... shove your cock up my slit, baby ... do it ... do it to

"Yeh ... that's it, slut ... that's the way ... c'mon now ... take

He began fucking her with long, deep, skewering thrusts, and
Shirlyn whimpered and gasped, her mind spinning with lust and
excitement and the knowledge that she was still being fucked, and
fucked like a bitch, doggie-style, from behind, just like she had
seen him do with her sister, like the others had done with her
sister, like Kenny did with Susan, like all those movies. His cock
was hard and hot and thick and it filled her cunt, rasping over
her inflamed clitoris, piercing deep into her flesh. The servant
held her hips and jerked her back and forth under him, rocking his
buttocks to and fro, driving his cock in and out of her wonderful
cunt. It was tight and hot and felt incredibly good on his cunt.
Her lovely breasts jiggled with his thrusts as he fucked her
faster and harder and deeper; her gold necklace jumped, slithering
up the nape of her long neck, its front bouncing against her chin
and off her breasts. The teenager whimpered and moaned softly, her
body rippling with lust. Her back was superb, the spine a delicate
hollow, her waist narrow, her hips flared.

"Oh yeh ... c'mon ... take it ... oh fuck yes ... take it, whore
... take my cock ... c'mon, bitch ... Shirlyn bitch-whore ... take
it uhhh yeh ... oh fuck yes ... *hanh* uhh *hanh* uhh *chul*
*rundi* *chul* ... *lele* ... *le* *mere* *lund* *ko*!" he gasped.

"OHHH uhh Ohma uhh Ohma uhh ohma uhhh ahhh uhh oh yes oh god yes
... fuck me! Fuck me, Shankar! Fuck me!" she moaned deliriously.

He bent his head, rivetted by the sight of his swollen cock
emerging and disappearing between the sweetly curved lobes of her
buttocks, glistening with their juices. He bent over and squeezed
her breasts and began to move faster and faster, his balls
thumping against her buttocks, his cock skewering her deep. She
moaned her delight, turning her face over her shoulder, her mouth
open, and Shankar leaned over and jammed his lips to hers,
thrusting his tongue into her open, inviting mouth, his hands
crushing her breasts. Faster and faster he went, hammering his
thighs at her buttocks with loud slaps, each thrust drawing a
choking, cracked, sobbing gasp of pleasure as his cock burst into
her flesh again and again. She began to orgasm and he flung his
head back, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, his muscles
tensing and cording, his belly sucked inward with strain as her
tight, hot, wet cunt convulsed and spasmed frantically on his
cock. Her orgasm intensified and he cried out, his face twisting
into a grimace of pleasure as he rammed greedily deep into her,
reaming into her once, twice, three, four ... half a dozen times
... and then, with a shuddering groan, he sank deep into her, his
buttocks quivering and twitching at her buttocks, and let himself
go. Shirlyn's eyes flew wide in shock and delight and she gasped,
arching her hips higher to his, greedily sucking his cock in with
her cunt, as she felt the searing shards of his spoot spume from
his throbbing shaft into her sodden slit. For a second, Shankar
was stabbed with anxiety that she might get pregnant - but it was
too late. What he didn't know, but she did, was that Sheila had
put her on a pill, not the usual kind, but one specially
formulated by Hedon & Venery for teenagers, one that didn't bother
body growth and development. She was safe, protected and she was
overjoyed that he had lost control and let her feel the exquisite
pleasure of hot jizz spurting into her flesh.

He released her and they sank trembling to the floor. Quickly, he
slid out of her, making her gasp in surprise. He flipped her over
on her back. His cock was dribbling spunk still and he shook it
over her belly and breasts, scooting up to spatter her face. Her
lips parted lasciviously and she took his penis in her mouth
again, swallowing the trickling jizz. Shankar murmured in
pleasure. He slid out of her mouth and got between her thighs,
quickly squeezing his cock into her again. Her cunt was ready and
eager and he went in smoothly to the hilt. With his cock deep
inside her, Shankar bent and kissed her gently. She moaned beneath
him, her cunt still twitching and jerking. Her hands wound around
his shoulders and she caressed his powerful slippery back gently.
He kissed her eyes and nose and then their lips met and he could
taste his seed on her tongue and lips. Her breasts crushed against
his hard chest.

He lifted his head, his eyes smiling and cupped her face in his
hands. Her eyes fluttered open and he saw the joy glistening in
them. She caressed his face, her face radiant, her eyes dancing.

"Shankar," she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her. "Good?"

She nodded. "Very good, Shankar. Was it good for you? Was I a good
fuck for you?"

"Fantastic," he said with transparent honesty. "I want to fuck you

She nodded. "Yes. I want it, too. Will you? Now?"

He grinned. "You're one hell of whore!" he said delightedly. But
he shook his head. "But not now. No time. The others will be here

She wanted to tell him but decided it wasn't right. She turned her
face away.

"Shirlyn," he murmured, kissing the nape of her neck. "Don't
worry. I will fuck you, I promise. But not now. Tonight."


"Yes. Up, on the terrace. After dinner, meet me there. I'll wait
for you, and I'll fuck you then. You will come?"

She nodded. She often went up to the terrace after dinner to be on
her own. Everyone knew about it. She would spend an hour there
enjoying the night, watching the stars dreamily as she spun out
her fantasies. She invariably wound up masturbating there under a
dark canopy.

His cock was still hard inside her and she writhed happily under
him, stirring him yet again. He smiled at her eagerness.

"Later, whore, later," he growled. "Wait till tonight, then see
how I fuck you, hard and deep and long! Like a whore!"

He slid out of her and she pouted, feigning disappointment. They
laughed together and she felt delirious with joy. It had been
mind-blowing and there was the promise of more, much more.

He flipped on his back beside her in the narrow, stuffy corridor
and she turned around, leaning over him, her face over his, her
hair over her shoulder caressing his cheek. She held his penis
affectionately, jerking it gently and lowered her lips to his. Her
breasts pressed to his chest and her nipples were still rigid and
aroused. He cupped one breast and fondled it gently. She slid up
and let it drop into his mouth like succulent fruit. He relented
and sucked tenderly on it, toying her nipple with his tongue. She
murmured in pleasure. He let her go and she snaked her tongue down
his body to his groin and kissed his cock. It was beautiful,
rock-hard and stiff in her fingers and against her lips and
tongue. She sucked the cock-head gently and caressed her face with
the shaft.

She rose to her knees and smiled down at him. He sat up and they
kissed, his hand between her breasts, hers on his cock. He leaned
back and looked at her. He was overcome by her beauty and
sexiness. He thought she was the loveliest creature he had ever
seen and, like this, her body glistening in a sheen of sex-sweat,
beads of sweat dotted her upper lip and strands of silken hair
clung damp to the nape of her superb neck, she was bewitching. Her
cunt twinkled with their juices and for a moment, he was tempted
to fuck her again.

He forced himself away and they got to their feet and kissed yet
again, their bodies grinding close, reluctant to part.

"Go," he said softly. "Go, whore ... go bathe ... the others will
be here any minute. Gonna fuck you again tonight!"

Later that night, as he knelt behind her, fucking her on forearms
and knees from behind, doggie style, Shankar marvelled at his
fortune. She was an incredible piece of ass, quite the best he had
ever had - eager, unafraid, sexy, beautiful - and quite
insatiable. No matter what he did to her, she loved it and wanted
more, and yet more. And she was his for the taking, whenever he

She was waiting for him on the terrace when he finally got through
his never ending part-time chores in different households. She led
him silently to a secluded area in deep shadow between two huge
concrete water storage tanks. Without further ado she slipped out
of her clothes and virtually tore his off his body. Her hunger was
naked and obvious and she went at him like a tigress, as if she
wanted to devour all of him.

She knelt and sucked his cock, and already she was astonishingly
good at it. When he pushed her away, she begged him to tongue-fuck
her and there was no way he could refuse. She sat on his face, her
head flung back, her face turned to the silver moon, moaning and
gasping deliriously as he probed her cunt deep. When they were
ready, she turned on her hands and knees and presented her
delectable buttocks to him again, spreading her legs wide, begging
him to fuck her from behind

They fucked for nearly an hour. She wanted to try every position
and he was hard put to slow her down. She seemed to be unusually
knowledgeable about them. He was awed by her skill and the
intensity of her driving lust. She came as he fucked her on all
fours and then she turned him on his back and mounted him, astride
his hips, impaling herself on his cock. She had come half a dozen
times already and this had to be the last - till the next day. She
sank lower, biting her lower lip, her face contorting in a rictus
of lust, a soft gasp hissing from clenched teeth as he held her
hips and jerked her down onto his penis.

"Ohhhhh Shankar ... yes ... OHHhhhh god yes yes OHhhh uhhh
*hanh*!" she moaned, jerking on his penis.

Their bodies glistened with silver beads of sweat that sparkled
off them as they rocked and swung together in mounting frenzy. Her
breasts swung and bounced and she squeezed them in delight as he
fingered her anus, making her writhe on his cock. When she
exploded, he timed his own orgasm to perfection and, thudding up
into her, spilled his seed yet again into her craven cunt.

In the days that followed, they fucked like randy honeymooners at
every opportunity, and Shirlyn's lectual skills quickly grew. She
had a natural aptitude for it and, with practice, she learned how
to prolong her orgasm to achieve mind-blowing intensity, how to
torment him with her lips and tongue and breasts and fingertips
and cunt till he surrendered.

Shirlyn could think of little else. She longed for it and waited
impatiently till they could be alone. Saturdays were the best, for
they had the entire morning free - she had no school, and the rest
of the family was out. But, equally, Sundays were miserable,
crawling with maddening slowness to the night when at last they
could meet on the terrace. They took to fucking all over the house
when they were alone: in her bed, on the floor, in the kitchen, on
the dining table, in the bathroom and even in the open balcony,
screened from the prying eyes of the inquisitive neighbours only
by the creepers on the trellis. She loved that especially, the
danger of being found out adding an erotic thrill to the sex.

He was really good with her: knowledgeable, skilled, blessed with
a good, taut body and a satisfyingly large penis, he could torment
her till she was moaning and keening like a rutting bitch, begging
him to fuck her. He would alternate between great tenderness and
masterful roughness in his handling of her, and the combination
was like sugar and spice and drove her wild.

Shirlyn introduced him to Kenny's videos. Shankar thought they
were fantastic, an immense turn-on. They watched them in the
living room, just the two of them, naked, filled with lust, hot
and hungry. Shankar sat on a couch, his legs spread wide, Shirlyn
on the floor between them. Ordinarily, he was not permitted to use
the furniture; but they had found that reversing their daily roles
excited both of them. She enjoyed having him dominate her, treat
her as sex-slave. She looked up at him and reached back for his
hardening penis.

She tilted her head back and reached up for his cock. She took his
cock-head between her lips. He grinned and slid his hands down the
craned column of her throat and cupped and fondled her breasts.
Her nipples were rigid. Her legs split open and her knees forked.
He could see dewdrops of her cunt-juice glistening on her pubic
fuzz. She slid a finger into her crack and began to masturbate.
The sight aroused him. His cock grew hard and slippery in her
fist. She turned over and buried her face in his lap. He gasped
and flung his head back as she took his cock deep in her mouth. On
the screen, the sex-vixen was getting herself laid by a dark,
hugely endowed man. He had an impossibly large cock.

"Look, whore," he muttered and pulled her away.

Shirlyn turned around and gasped. The man's cock was incredible:
over ten inches long, correspondingly thick, with huge balls. He
had the woman on all fours and he was ram-fucking her relentlessly
from behind. The girl's face was contorted in a rictus of
unbridled, unfaked lust and she was moaning and whimpering in joy.
Shirlyn's cunt tingled with excitement.

She rose and turned around to sit on Shankar's lap, her back to
him. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her cunthole.
She eased herself down onto the cock-head. She fondled his balls,
gripped his cock and slowly, unflexing her buttocks, slid lower.
The rough shaft rasped against her inflamed clitoris and she
gasped, tossing her head back, arching her back. He squeezed her
breasts. Her cunt spasmed on his cock. It was incredible, as

"Take it!" he cried. "C'mon, whore! Sit on my prick! Take it all!"

"Oh ma ... uhhhh ... OHHHHH!" she gasped and slid lower still,
impaling herself deeply on his cock. It was wonderful, and seemed
to fill her to the brim.

Gasping and panting, she began to rock and buck up and down on his
cock. He grunted and bucked his hips beneath her. They gaped at
the screen.

The woman was now being fucked by another man, who was as heavily
endowed as his predecessor in her orifice. She was on her back and
the man was thumping away, his cock glistening as it stroked and
pistoned in and out of her cunt. Her legs were drawn up high and
locked behind his back and the camera showed, in mind-boggling
close-up, his cock and her cunt and anus as their loins crashed
together. Their voices were loud and their cries obscene and

Shirlyn went wild. She bucked up and down on Shankar's penis like
a woman possessed, gasping and crying out, arching back to kiss
him and thrust her tongue into his mouth, bouncing up and down on
his lap, her breasts tossing wildly. She squeezed them in her
hands and moaned. Faster and faster she went and soon lost
control, tumbling head over heels in the throes of a tidal orgasm.

"OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHhh Shankar yes yes yes ohhhhhh god yes
OHhhhhh uhh OHHHHHH uhhh *hanh* uhhhhh uhhhhhh Ohmauhhh *hanh*
uhhh uhhhhh Ohma uhh ohmaohma uhhhh OHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Shankar crushed her swollen breasts in his hands. "Take it! C'mon
whore, take my cock! *Le ... le rundi le ... le mere* *lund* ko
UNHhh *hanh*!" he grunted.

Shankar pushed her off his lap and on all fours on the floor and
mounted her from the rear, a position she had grown to dearly
love. She moaned as he slid his cock into her again and began to
fuck her quickly. She turned her face up, rocking gently to and
fro beneath him, watching the screen as she ran her cunt back and
forth along the length of his shaft. Her breasts swung to and fro
and he leaned forward to squeeze them, pinching her rigid nipples.

"Yes ... ohhhh uhh yes ... fuck me ... *chodh mujhe* ... fuck me,
Shankar ... fuck me hard! *jorse chodh*!" she gasped like a whore.

"Take it! Take my cock, whore ... *Lele rundi* ... *le* *mere*
*lavde* *ko* ... *hanh* uhhhhh aHHHhhhhh ... OHhhhh uh OHHHH
uhhhhh *hanh* uhh OHH!"

His buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully and his hips swung
rapidly to and fro, back and forth. He gasped and flung his head
back. Shirlyn whimpered and dug a hand under her body to cup his
balls. He groaned as she squeezed them and rammed into her hard,
slamming his balls against her buttocks.

"YES!" she cried. "Ohhhh yes yes ohhh god yes!"

He hammered violently at her, stopped, started again, stopped
again. He pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her back.
She spread her legs and lifted them, drawing him between. He bent
over her and she groped for his cock, guiding it to her hole. He
thrust into her smoothly and she arched under him, gasping,
winding her legs taut about his lean hips.

He moaned and began to fuck her heavily and deeply. She murmured
in pleasure and bucked under him. Their bodies streamed with
sweat. Slowly he took her to the edge and held her there,
quivering and moaning and whimpering, while he stroked gently in
and out of her. His enormous cock was incredible inside her. Her
body flamed with lust.

"Come on come on come on," she rasped, gritting her teeth in

But he would not be hurried. He forced her over the edge first,
and as she arched and gasped, clinging fiercely to him, her cunt biting down sharply on his cock, he stroked swiftly in and out of
her till she was thrashing wildly in her orgasm. Then he drove
deep into her again and again and came hard, shooting thick wads
of jizz deep into her cunt. She arched to him, loving the familiar
feel of his spoot warm and sticky inside her, knowing that he
would then pull out of her cunt and give her his cock to suck, his
seed to swallow. It was a routine she loved, and he never
disappointed her.

They had time this afternoon, and when they were done, they lay
together for a while, her body flung half across his, and drifted
into a light sleep. The tape hissed to an end just as Shirlyn
woke. She thumbed the remote and rewound it and began to watch it
again. It was incredibly sexy. She watched a pretty young girl being butt-fucked by a man with an enormous penis. Soon, he was
joined by another, and then by a third. Her every orifice was
plugged. Shirlyn throbbed with excitement. If only she could have
three men, thus ...

Shankar groaned as he felt her lips on his nipple, slowly
trickling down to his loins again. The girl was a nymphomaniac ...
no matter what he did to her, she never seemed to get enough of it
... He sighed and relented. He was strong enough to come again. As
her warm mouth engulfed his penis, he crossed his arms behind his
head, his eyes closed. Let her work a bit for it. His cock rose
slowly, thickening and swelling between her lips till it was
rock-hard again.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. "Haven't you had enough,

She giggled and shook her head. "I can't ever have enough, lover."

He chuckled. "C'mon ... sit on my dick ... backwards ..."

She knew why he liked her to mount him thus. It enabled him to
finger-fuck her ass. She loved having his finger in her butt. It
was only a question of time before he put his cock into her ass -
and she was waiting for it, wanting it. She turned, her back to
his face, and, straddling his hips, impaled herself slowly on his
cock again. Her buttocks split open, and Shankar pressed his
fingertip to her anus. Her sphincter spasmed and yielded and he
slid it in. Shirlyn chewed her lower lip in excitement. It felt so
good, so very good ...

She began to rock to and fro and up and down on his cock. His
finger slid gently in and out of her anus as she bucked on his
crotch. Her breasts bounced and jiggled heavily. Her mind filled
with visions of several men fucking her together, taking her in
the ass and cunt and mouth together, flooding her body with their
thick, warm jizz.

Now Shirlyn was going wild beneath him, sweating and tossing
and heaving frenetically, her lovely face flipping from side to
side and contorting in paroxysms of ecstasy. Her silky hair was
awry, strands clinging damply to the nape of her neck and her
brow. She crushed her breasts in her hands and her hips bucked and
heaved up and down under him, devouring his penis greedily. Her
gold necklace tossed and slapped on her honey skin. He groaned and
flexed his buttocks, driving down harder and deeper, skewering her
with a wicked roll of his hips that made her gasp and arch and cry

Faster and faster they went, the servant and the daughter of the
household, their hips crashing together in a frenzy of naked lust.
Her voice rang in his ears. She pulled his head down and thrust
her tongue up into his mouth. Her hips bucked and lurched beneath
him and, as his immensely swollen, throbbing, searing cock
pistoned in and out of her torpid flesh, rasping against her
inflamed clitoris, Shirlyn spun over the edge and orgasmed hard.
Her back cambered, the breath rushed out of her throat in a
shuddering gasp, her mouth tearing open. He changed his tempo,
thrusting into her hard, holding fast, then slowly withdrawing to
plunge in again and again till her tidal wave of her orgasm ebbed.

She was ravenous, insatiable, incredible.

Shuddering and trembling, she unwrapped her legs slowly from about
his waist. His cock was still rock-hard and throbbing inside her.
She caressed his sweaty back dreamily, slowly drawing her finger
down his spine to his buttocks. She teased his anus with her
fingertip and he grunted and squirmed, rolling his cock inside her
cunt. She murmured her pleasure.

She kissed him again, and began to writhe her hips sensuously
beneath him, grinding round and round, her cunt muscles expertly
spasming on his cock and goading him on to take her again. She
arched a slippery breast to his lips and sighed in pleasure as he
sucked gently on it.

"I win, whore," he grinned.

She smiled and tongued his ear lasciviously. "Don't you want your

By now, they had reached a stage where their copulation was daily
contest, to see who could hold out longest. It was a game in which
there were only victors.

He chuckled and slid smoothly out of her and waited, kneeling on
the floor, his proud penis thrust out, his thighs spread. She
turned around and bent over before him, taking his cock in her
mouth, sucking it slowly. He tossed his head back and groaned in
delight. His hard belly rippled with excitement. His hips pumped
and he bent his head to watch her head rocking to and fro between
his thighs. He began to move her head back and forth to suit his
pleasure, aroused by the sight of his cock sliding in and out of
her face.

"Mm ... yeh ... suck it ... suck my cock, bitch ... yeh ... c'mon
... suck harder ... oh fuck yes ... that's it ... *choos*,
*rundi*, *choos*! *Jor* *se* *choos*!"

Her tempting buttocks were thrust up ahead of him and he bent over
and pressed his finger into the cleft between them. She grunted
and her hips writhed, her thighs splitting open. He slid his
finger into her sodden crack. He finger-fucked her gently for
several minutes, her body shaking and juddering as his palm rocked
to and fro at her buttocks.

Her eyes glittering with renewed excitement, she rose and turned
around on all fours, with her back to him. One hand groping
between their legs for his cock, the other on the floor, she
backed herself onto his lap, her thighs outside his, manoeuvering
his cock under her cunt-lips. Her succulent breasts dangled

Shankar waited with his legs folded beneath him, on his knees.
Holding his rigid, throbbing cock delicately by the cock-head she
guided it to her hole. She paused, trembling, with his burning
cock-head at the portals of her wet haired cunt. Tensing, her head
arching, she squeezed his cock-head into her slit. It was huge,
distending her cunt-lips painfully wide open, hot and throbbing,
pulsating powerfully inside her.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned in a low, lust laden tone.

"Mm ... yeh ... c'mon ... take it ... *chul* ... Shirlyn *chul*
..." he murmured softly. "*Chul*, *rundi*, *chul* ... c'mon, whore
... take it!"

Her cunt was like a furnace, hot and wet, clamping and sucking,
spasming almost uncontrollably on his penis. She released his
cock, and leaned forward on both hands now. They both paused for a
long moment, savouring the exquisite delicacy of the sensations in
their loins. Her head was arched, her back and lovely spine arched
deeply inward, her buttocks flexed and taut as her cunt spasmed
and clamped and sucked hard on his cock. He caressed her gently,
his hands sliding up and down her flanks and back and torso,
making her shudder in delight. He reached around her and tweaked
her rigid, throbbing nipples. His lips pressed hot at the nape of
her neck, and her face turned to one side, her lips questing for
his. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.
She sucked on it. They broke apart and again his hands were
venturing all over her superbly contoured body, exploring her
flesh, now at her cunt-lips, fingering her clitoris, now between
her buttocks, lobing them open and teasing her puckered anus. She
moaned thickly, overcome with lust.

"Mm ... yes ... ohh uhh *hanh* uhhh ... yes ... ohhh yes," she

Her hips began to writhe, undulating and rolling in heavy, slow
circles, churning her cunt-flesh with his massive penis. He gasped
and leaned back on his buttocks, his hands prising her buttocks
open, his eyes rivetted by the sight of her expanding cunt-lips
gyrating and slowly descending on the monstrous enormity of his
penis. Her breath came in short, rasping gasps as her cunt sank
and sank and sank, slowly descending down the length of his cock,
his penis dark and hard and thick and long disappearing inch by
glorious inch into her incredible love grotto.

Again she paused, and now only a third of his cock still protruded
from her impaled cunt. Her shoulders hunched, her head sagged and
she gasped, her body heaving and shaking with tension, her belly
and loins on fire, her breasts hurting delightfully. Gasping, she
began to move before him, rocking back and forth on her hands and
knees. Her buttocks rose and fell, her spine dipped and arched,
her gold necklace tossed and swung. His cock emerged and
disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks, her cunt rising up
its length, then slithering down again. His hands on her hips, he
guided her motions, keeping her rhythm steady. With each downward
thrust, her cunt slid down deeper and deeper on his cock. He
himself did not move, letting her do the work. Her buttocks flexed
and unflexed, her belly drew in with the strain and now she was
moving rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and
forth, to and fro, faster and faster and faster.

"OH ... OHh ... uhh OHhhh ... Uhhhh ... OHhh ... uhh OHma uhhh
Ohma uhh OHhhhmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhhh ohhhh ... Shankar ohhh
uhhh Ohhh ... OH ... Oh-OH-OH ... uhhh ahhh ... uhh ... ahhhh ...
uhhh ... ahhhhh ... uhhh ... OHHh ... uhh ... OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!"
she went.

She was gasping and panting, her head now arching, now sagging,
now arching again, her voice ragged already. He fondled her
expertly, his own belly sucked in, his hips utterly still, his
head bent, watching her buttocks come down deeper and deeper onto
his dick. He pursed his lips, his nostrils flared, heat and jizz surging in his loins, his cock hard and hot and throbbing, the
thick veins standing out angrily along its length rasping against
her inflamed clitoris.

She reached down again with one hand, her long finger coiling
around the bulge of his shaft and the lower rim of his cock-head
as her cunt glided up and down on his penis. She held it with
elegance even then, at first with her fingers and thumb curled
beneath the cock-head, then with the forefinger along the
underside of the shaft, the other three fingers on the other side.
She fondled his cock, jerking and squeezing it with increasing
fervour, moving it round and round inside her juicy, dripping

At last, she thrust down hard with a long, low cry and her cunt sank down deep, swallowing his sword smoothly to the very hilt.
Instantly, he held her pinned, and the breath hissed from her
fiercely clenched teeth. Again he fondled her breasts and kissed
her. She teetered on the brink of an orgasm. Shirlyn reared up,
her head flung back, her hands on her bent knees, her shoulders
stooped, hollows deepening above her collarbone, her body bucking
and jerking rapidly up and down, up and down, her gasps and moans
rising and ululating.

Finally, he released her and she immediately resumed her rocking
and jerking motion, riding him hard and rapidly, her cunt rising
and falling, sliding up and down the length of his penis, which
glistened as it emerged and disappeared between her buttocks.

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... take it, whore ... take my cock!" he
gasped thickly.

He pushed her forward onto her forearms and knees and rose on his
own knees behind her. She waited, gasping and whimpering
excitedly. He began to fuck her slowly, rocking his hips to and
fro, his buttocks flexing and unflexing as he pistoned his cock in
and out of her cunt. Her cries rose in pitch and volume and she
rocked back and forth under his thrusts, her head craned up.
Faster and faster he went, building up speed and depth till he was
hammering furiously to and fro without a care any longer, his head
tossed back, his belly sucked in. Faster and faster he went,
thrusting and pistoning and pounding like a demon, making her cry
out sharply, her voice loud with lusty abandon.

Shirlyn zoomed up the curve again and was teetering on the verge
of a cataclysmic orgasm when he stopped and eased his cock out of
her. She whimpered in despair and frustration.

"Shankar ... oh god ... please ... don't stop!" she begged.

He laughed. "Wait, baby ... now I'm gonna fuck your ass!"

He pressed her forward into a *namaz* position, her chest and face
on the counterpane, her buttocks raised high and salved his cock
with Vaseline from a jar on the bedside table. He prised open her
buttocks and she tensed slightly as he smeared her anus with it.
Slowly, he inveigled his Vaseline-coated finger into her asshole
and she gasped, her face contorting, fingers clawing at the
sheets, her mind spinning with excitement that it was happening
finally, he was fucking her butt, he was buggering her, sodomizing
her, raiding her ass!

"C'mon Shankar ... quickly! Fuck my ass! *Chodh* *mere* *gaand*
*ko*!" she groaned.

He was deeply aroused by the sight of her lovely buttocks spread
open for his pleasure, her puckered anus inviting him. He held his
cock and pressed it to her asshole. She gasped, her sphincter
spasmed, then yielded and he flexed his buttocks and thrust
forward slowly with a loud, shuddering gasp, his head snapping
back. His cock-head popped into her rear channel and her anus
convulsed frantically on it. Her head jerked back, her mouth tore
open and she cried out aloud, her face twisted in a rictus. Her
fingers rucked at the sheets.

... *hanh* uhhhhh OHHHHHHHHH!" she gasped, her back bowing inward
as he drove in deeper and deeper.

Shankar tossed his head back and gasped, slowly pushing deeper and
deeper into her ass. Her breath came in heaving, wracked sobs as
his cock surged inexorably inward. Her chest heaved and her cries
were broken, choking sobs of pure pleasure now. He began to fuck
her ass heavily, rocking her back and forth under him in time to
the to-and-fro swinging thrusts of his hips. His taut, strong
buttocks flexed and unflexed as he drove his cock in and out of
her anus. She writhed and squirmed beneath him, crying out with
each thrust, her body jerking and twisting in ecstatic agony under
him. Holding her buttocks, he began to move faster, hitting a
smooth, even tempo, thudding his hips at hers with soft slapping

His cock glistened and shone as it stroked powerfully, thick and
dark and hard in and out of her anus. He reached under her body
for her breasts and then her clitoris and began to strum it with
his thumb and fingertip.

Shirlyn orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploding in her head and he
gasped as he felt the hard spasm of her fiery anus on his penis.
She tensed, arching her head, her body rigid with tension, her
buttocks flexed taut, squeezing painfully on his penis as the
orgasm thundered through her, leaving her panting and moaning and
shuddering. Shankar gasped and slammed his cock into her rear
channel once, twice, three, four, five times, making her cry out
and moan, her face contorting in a rictus of lust; till at last he
sank into her ass with a shuddering gasp and let himself go,
crushing her breasts in delight. She moaned, and stiffened and
whimpered in bliss as she felt the familiar heat of his jizz sizzle into her asshole. He gasped, coming and coming and then,
slowing sliding out of her ass, squeezed his cock into her cunt and fucked her tenderly from behind. Shirlyn moaned, her body
trembling and shuddering.

Finally, he slid out of her, making her gasp softly. She lay on
her front on the bed, her face turned to one side, pillowed in her
forearms. Her body was flecked with sweat. Her eyes were closed.
She looked lovely, and he lay down on his back beside her and
studied her with pleasure. She was still breathing hard, her
nostrils flared, her lips slightly parted. She snuggled closer and
flung her arm across his chest, her leg across his hips. She
cupped his penis and balls and kissed his nipple. They lay in a
comfortable silence for a while, deeply contented.

"Time for one more?" she murmured softly, swirling her tongue in
his ear.

He groaned. "Oh god. All right. But quickly."

She snaked down his body and he gasped as he felt her warm mouth
envelope his penis again. He sighed and closed his eyes and leaned
back. The bint was incredible. His cock began to stiffen and he
gasped. She slid up astride him and took his cock and impaled her
cunt deep on it. He moaned and bucked under her, forcing a gasp,
and she began to rock back and forth and up and down. Her head
arched back and she gasped, squeezing her breasts in her hands. He
was transfixed by the suffusion of lust on her lovely face. She
leaned over him, her breasts jiggling and bouncing as she bucked
faster over him. He squeezed her breasts them and sucked on one
ripe mound and she gasped in joy and hit an orgasm. He groaned
beneath her, and thrusting up hard into her, came violently,
emptying his spoot-tanks into her sodden cunt.
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