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Archived Sex Stories

Bint From Bombay 004 Brothers In Arms



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



THE HANDSOME young teenager pressed his eye cautiously to the
keyhole of the door. He held his breath, watching the
seventeen-year old girl in the room.

Humming to herself, Shirlyn selected a cassette and popped it into
the stereo deck. She adjusted the controls and a popular number
began playing, with a steady, insistent beat. Snapping her
fingers, mouthing the words, jigging in tune to the music, she
crossed to the bank of closets. The youth's view was obscured by
the open leaf. She closed it, her arms full of clothes and dumped
them on the bed at the far end of the room, directly opposite the
door. She flipped open a box of chocolates from the bedside table
and popped one into her mouth.

There was a dressing table with a full-length mirror at the foot
of the bed. She stood in front of it and quickly unbuttoned her
long black *kurta*, pulled it off her head. The youth gasped
behind the door. He could see hear naked back, the black bra
straps. She tugged at the drawcord of her *churidar* and it
rustled to her feet. Her panties were very small, lacy, black,
sexy, narrow at the back, giving him an unimpeded view of her
lovely, firm, curved buttocks with the enticing dark cleft between
them. She paused, her back to him and ran her hands down her
flanks, squeezed her buttocks. Humming, she turned sideways,
looking at herself in the mirror, and then turned around, facing
them, looking over her shoulder in the mirror at her buttocks. Now
he had a glimpse of her full frontal. His penis bounced erect.

She had a lovely oval face with a pointed chin, a slim, straight
nose and slightly flared nostrils, small, cutely stuck-out ears.
Her face was small and delicate, that, from some angles, it looked
like her cheeks were plump, but even that was really cute. Her
cheekbones were high. Her eyes were lovely, large, brown, full of
magic. Her lips were light and full and her teeth were white and
strong and even, the left incisor slightly chipped, an attractive

Her skin was like gold, smooth and clear, firm as a grape. Her
hair was dark and tumbled about her shoulders or flounced in a
sexy pony tail or was coiled up neatly high on the back of her
head. Her neck was superb, an exceptionally long, slender,
graceful column under her firm, pointed chin. Her arms and legs
were nicely turned and slim, with attractive ankles and wrists and
slim fingers and toes, beautifully shaped and arched. Her breasts jutted out, full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit. Her
belly was firm and flat.

Her brassiere was very pretty, with thin straps and tiny cups that
only just covered her nipples, leaving most of the luscious globes
bare. He could see the points of her nipples and the dark shadows
of her aureoles through the fine material. Her panties were so
small that they barely covered her slit, and tiny dark hair crept
from either side of the V. The youth groaned as he watched her.

She paused and reached behind her with both hands to unhook her
bra. Her chest thrust outward and her breasts strained at the
confines for a second, and then she slipped the straps off her
rounded shoulders and her breasts bounced free. She tossed the bra
into the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed and then, hooking
her hands in her panties, rolled them down and kicked them aside.
The youth stared at her naked body in mounting desire. The dark
triangle of her cunt mesmerised him. As he watched, she bent to
pick up the discarded clothes and carried them to the laundry
basket in the corner. She dumped them in it and strolled back. The
youth watched her breasts bouncing.

She stopped before the mirror, right in front of him. He could see
her front in the reflection quite clearly. Reaching up, she coiled
her hair into a knot high on the back of her head, accentuating
the sweep of her neck. The gold chain glistened on her flesh. Then
she paused and smiled at her reflection. She looked at her teeth,
grimacing, turning her head this way and that. Then she stopped,
and he saw her eyes sparkling with mischief. She held her palms
between her breasts, the outside edges touching, palm to the tip
of her little finger and slowly weighed and lifted her breasts.
Gently, she began to thumb her nipples. Moistening her finger with
her tongue, she rubbed her nipples and aureoles. Her nipples
stiffened and she pinched them gently, tweaking and twirling the
hard stubs. The youth saw her breathing get shallower and more
rapid, the tensing of her body, the parting of her lips, the
flaring of her nostrils, all the unmistakable signs of sexual
arousal. She squeezed her breasts in her hands, the flesh
squeezing between her fingertips and arched her head, her tongue
arching lasciviously over her upper lip. Outside, watching her,
the youth groaned and pulled his erect cock out of his jeans and
began to masturbate slowly. He pressed his eye to the keyhole
again. She was still fondling her beautiful breasts.

Shirlyn knew Jerry was watching her. He had been doing this for
some weeks now; she had led him to it, satisfied when she saw the
dark eye glittering at the keyhole. It was the next step. She made
sure he didn't see with Kenny or Shankar, though; it wouldn't do
to give him too much of a lead.

Jerry was tall and dark and muscular, with a finely chiseled face
and strong features. His eyes were deep-set and dark, his nose
fine and straight, his mouth lean and wide. His shoulders were
broad, his chest cleaved and muscular and hard and his belly was
firm and flat. His waist was narrow, his hips were high and
buttocks taut. His arms and legs bore thick bunches of
musculature. She knew his body was lean and tough, his torso
smoothly hairless. She had often watched him as he came out of his
bath in his shorts and nothing else, toweling his thick, tousled
hair. His nipples were small and dark and pulled low and wide on
either side of his heavy pectorals. All said and done, Jerry was
one sexy hunk, as good as Kenny or Harry.

Over the past week or so, Jerry's lust for her body had become
overpowering, and he could not take his eyes off her. He watched
as she continued to fondle herself, squeezing and massaging her
gorgeous, full breasts. How he wanted to feel them, take them in
his hands, sense their weight and fullness, feel the stiffness of
her nipples in his fingers, watch her pleasure as his hands, not
hers, moved over her irresistible flesh.

He gasped softly. In the room, Shirlyn smiled wantonly at her
reflection and slid a hand down to her crotch. Jerry watched her
face crease in pleasure as she teased her cunt-lips open and
rubbed her finger along the slit. She gasped and her hips lurched,
her buttocks writhing and twitching. Her mouth fluttered open and,
slowly, she slid a finger into her cunt. Gently, she masturbated
before the mirror, moving her finger in and out of her slit,
twisting it round and round, while her other hand fondled her
visibly swollen breasts. She gasped softly and her hand moved
faster in her crotch, her wrist pumping back and forth. Her hips
twitched and lurched, rocking and jerking back and forth, and her
fingers were frenzied on her breasts. Jerry groaned in despair.
She deserved better than her fingers; she deserved a cock, a big,
thick cock in her cunt; a cock like his.

Shirlyn kept masturbating and, as he watched, leaned forward on an
outstretched arm, her hand on the dresser counter and spread her
feet wide. Her buttocks splayed open and Jerry had an unobstructed
view of her puckered anus and her unfurled cunt-lips with her
slender, shapely, elegant finger arched into it, rocking in and
out, in and out. In the mirror, her upturned face was a vision of
lust, her mouth a wide 'O'. Jerry pumped his cock eagerly, moaning
and gasping. In the room, Shirlyn's body rocked back and forth and
he saw her pendulous breasts jiggling and bouncing, saw, too, the
expression of delight on her face and her finger, wet and sticky,
darting in and out of her tender cunt.

Abruptly, she stopped and rummaged in a drawer in her cupboard and
pulled out something. Jerry gasped when he saw that it was a
*dandiya*, one of the pair of sticks used in the annual,
traditional *raas-garba* dances. He expected her to use it as a
dildo, but she surprised him yet again. Her chest heaving with
excitement, her eyes glassy, her nostrils flared, Shirlyn moved
away from the mirror.

The bed had a carved wooden head-board and a matching, slightly
lower foot-board. There was a decorative mirror above the bed,
too. The ends of the foot-board bore carved wooden knobs, raised
high, just below groin-level. Jerry watched pop-eyed as she
mounted the knob, spreading her legs on either side of it, one
foot on the bed with her knee deeply bent, the other on the floor,
her back to him. Slowly, she eased her cunt down onto it, and in
the mirror, her face spasmed with lust and her head arched back
and her mouth jerked wide open as she sank her cunt onto the knob.
He watched her moan, heard her voice, soft and husky and sexily
sibilant and she gripped the woodwork and forced her cunt deeper
onto the pillar. It disappeared into her flesh, the entire knob
and part of the supporting cylindrical shaft. Whimpering, she
rocked slowly back and forth, her cunt impaled on the wood.
Moaning, she leaned forward and gripped the carved fretwork. Jerry
saw her buttocks flex tight, open, flex again and then she was
fucking herself slowly and heavily on the bedstead, her buttocks
writhing, swaying, rocking back and forth, up and down. Her face
turned, her eyes half-closed, her mouth open sensuously and her
tongue swirled in an erotic arc over her upper lip. How he longed
to fuck her mouth, feel her suck and lick his raging erection. His
fingers were sticky with gunk.

On the bed's foot-board, Shirlyn gasped and moaned, rocking her
body back and forth. The knob and shaft glistened with cunt-juice.
Her cunt ran up and down the shaft, and her hips swirled, her cunt churning itself with the knob. She caressed her swinging,
pendulous breasts sexily. The gold chain around her neck rocked
back and forth. Groaning, she fumbled for the *dandiya*. Slowing
her motions, she paused to uncap a jar of cream and dipped the
narrower end of the *dandiya* into it. Pulling it out, she smeared
it slowly and then her hand went between her buttocks and Jerry
saw her anoint her anus and understood what she was going to do
and his jaw dropped in shock and astonishment.

Moaning, Shirlyn leaned forward again and shuffled her feet
further apart. Holding the bed-stand with one hand, the *dandiya*
in the other, she stretched a hand behind her buttocks and pressed
the lubricated tip of the rod to her anus. He saw her pause and
then her arm flexed and she pushed the *dandiya* into her asshole.
Her head snapped up and he heard her cry.


Her fingers tensed on the fretwork. Her face convulsed and spasmed
in a trismus of excitement. Her buttocks lurched and writhed and
sank deeper onto the upright pole and knob. The hand behind her
began to move slowly, rocking back and forth, pushing the tip of
the *dandiya* in and out of her anus. At the same time, her cunt slid up and down the bedpost. Faster and faster she went, moaning,
gasping, rocking and lurching. Her breasts jiggled and bounced and
he saw that her nipples were nut-hard. Her hand rocked behind her
back, moving the *dandiya* in and out of her anus faster and
faster, deeper and deeper. The gold chain around her neck looked
sexy, slithering on her tawny breasts.

With a shuddering gasp, she orgasmed, her back bowing inward, her
face jerking up and contorting with lust, the hand behind her back
tensing, pressing the *dandiya* deep into her anus while her cunt sank deeply onto the bedpost. On and on it went, and she moaned,
gasped, her chest heaving till it gradually ebbed.

Slowly, she slid the *dandiya* out of her anus and gingerly lifted
her cunt off the bedpost with a shaking moan. She flopped on the
bed and lay across it, her hips at the edge, her feet on the
floor, her chest heaving. He could see her cunt-flesh clearly, for
her thighs were spread wide. Moaning, she caressed her breasts again, and her hand slid down her body to her cunt and she slid
her finger sensuously up and down the wet slit. Jerry thought the
sight of her dark, wet cunt against her slender, bejeweled finger
was incredibly erotic.

At last she rose and smiled to herself. It was a satisfied,
sensual, wanton look, her eyes glittering with pleasure. Jerry saw
that she was sweating, beads of perspiration dotting her upper lip
and coursing between her breasts. She went into the bathroom,
leaving the door open. Her breasts bounced as she walked.

The bathroom was positioned so that her every move was reflected
in the mirror above the bed outside, or the one above the dressing
table and so fully visible to Jerry at the keyhole. He watched her
on the toilet, douching herself carefully and then she went into
the shower, humming to herself. Jerry watched as she bathed and
shampooed. When she soaped herself, her hands roaming her breasts and buttocks and thighs, lathering her crotch, Jerry saw her smile
again in pleasure. She plucked the handshower from its bracket in
the wall and adjusted the spray to a hard, drumming, spurt. She
ran it over her breasts and he saw her nipples harden. Then she
spread her legs and, arching her head, directed the jet into her
slit. Jerry watched her move it closer to her cunt-lips. Finally,
she had it jammed to her cunt-lips and with her other hand she
turned the tap up full. The water pressure must have been terrific
gauging from her reaction for she gasped and her hips lurched and
her head snapped back and she moaned wantonly. Again she squeezed
her breasts in excitement as the water drummed and hammered into
her cunt. Her hips twitched and jerked back and forth. She
clenched the shower-rod and gasped and her face contorted in a
rictus of pleasure, her head arching back, falling forward,
rolling from side to side as she moved the water-jet around in her

A few minutes later, she emerged from the bath with a towel
wrapped around her waist, her torso bare. Her body glistened with
water. Absurdly, there was a big, long carrot on her desk. Taking
it, she turned and advanced to the door. Jerry froze, terrified
that she might fling it open and catch him. Instead, she stopped
and slowly dropped her towel. Her cunt was inches from his eye,
just on the other side of the door. His vision filled with it. He
stared at it greedily, longing to plunge his now throbbing penis
into it again and again, to feel its heat and wetness and

On the other side of the door, Shirlyn parted her cunt-lips and he
saw clearly the tender bright cunt-flesh, the hard stub of her
clitoris and he longed to suck it, nibble it, taste the juice that
seemed to flow still for the flesh was wet.

She lay on the floor on her back and spread her legs wide, lifting
her feet to the wall on either side of the door beyond which Jerry
knelt, gasping and gaping. Now she was right in front of him and
he was looking between her split legs, straight down at her
unfurled cunt. Shirlyn smiled wantonly at the door, and, holding
the carrot, inserted it slowly into her cunt. Her arms were
stretched and her breasts bunched between them. Jerry gasped.
Slowly, she began to masturbate, moving the carrot in and out of
her cunt. He watched it grow wet and shiny with her cunt-juices.
She murmured in pleasure and her hips lurched and rocked and her
body rocked gently back and forth. She moved the carrot in and out
of her cunt, round and round. Licking a fingertip, she moistened
her aureoles and caressed her breasts sensuously while her other
hand kept working between her legs. On and on she went and finally
exploded, gasping and mewing, her hips arching and lurching
upward. Slowly, she slid the carrot out of her slit and, with a
lascivious grin, began to nibble on it.

All this time, her eyes were on the door and it seemed as if she
knew he was there and wanted him to be. *Fuck me*, she seemed to
say. *I want you*. It was what he desired more than anything else
in the world and, on the other side of the door, so did she.
Groaning, Jerry exploded, flooding his hand with jizz.

And then she got up and hung her towel over the doorknob, covering
the keyhole and eclipsing his pleasure.


"COME ON, JERRY ... lick my slit ... fuck me with your tongue!"
The teenager's voice was husky and sibilant, deeply erotic.

The darkly handsome, hard-bodied youth smiled down at his lovely,
fair-skinned, seventeen-year old cousin sprawled wantonly before
him. Her body was luscious, already ripened into womanhood, with
large breasts and flared hips. Her belly was firm and flat, her
arms and legs smooth and slender. Her face was delicate, with a
fine nose, flared nostrils, a lovely, sexy mouth meant for sucking and kissing and fucking. Her eyes were large and brown rimmed with
*kajal*, and her hair was silky and dark with auburn highlights,
twisted into a braid.

The young man smiled and thrust his face into her crotch. Shirlyn
gasped softly and arched her back in pleasure. His tongue rippled
down her sodden cunt-lips and through moist flesh within. It felt
wonderful. Shirlyn spread her legs still wider and, gripped his
head in her crotch, her hips raised high. His tongue swirled
through her cunt-flesh and flickered against her gorged clitoris.

"Ohhhh uhh yeh ... ohh god Jerry yeh!" she moaned softly.

He slid his hands up to her turgid breasts and squeezed them,
pinching her rigid nipples. Shirlyn sighed in pleasure, writhing
on the bed. His tongue jabbed into her cunt and she gasped loudly,
arching her back.

"Ohh! OH! Oh yes! Yes! Ohh! Unhhh! Ohhhh!"

Her face flipped languorously from side to side, her lips parted
in a gentle 'O' of pleasure. Her body jerked back and forth on the
bed as though she was being fucked, and her full, ripe breasts jiggled erotically. She squeezed them in rising excitement,
moaning with pleasure.

They first fucked a few days earlier. Shirlyn was feeling sexy and
she was alone -- neither Kenny or Shankar were there today, and
the doctor, Arun was out of town. She lay in bed, masturbating
gently and unhurriedly with a large, long white radish. She slid
the vegetable gently in and out of her cunt and ached to have a
real penis in her flesh. If only there was a man available ...

The realisation hit her suddenly and she stopped. Jerry. Of
course. Jerry was available. He was in the house, and they were
alone, and she had been tormenting him long enough. It was time to
act. Shirlyn's pulse quickened.

Abandoning the radish, her heart racing with excitement, Shirlyn
got up. She knotted her hair quickly behind her head and, for a
second, debated what to wear. Looking around, she spotted her
tennis gear, and grinned in delight. If it worked for Kenny, it
would work for Jerry. Quickly, she slipped into her white cotton
T-shirt and short tennis skirt, deliberately abjuring all
underwear. She braided her hair and, holding her shoes in one
hand, her racquet in the other, she twirled before her full-length
mirror. The T-shirt was translucent and her breasts and nipples
and aureoles were clearly visible. Her breasts bounced as she
moved and she thought it very erotic. Bending over, she smiled at
her reflection as she saw her skirt slide up her thighs and reveal
her buttocks and naked cunt beneath. Perfect. Jerry would not be
able to resist.

He was in the hall, sprawled on the floor reading a computer
manual when she entered and dumped her sports bag on the sofa
seat. For a moment, she looked at him with a rush of pleasure. He
wore a tight white vest and skimpy shorts and his body looked
gorgeous. He looked up at her and she saw the swift intake of

"I'm going to the club. Tennis," she murmured, eyeing him

He stared at her and nodded slowly. She turned her back and bent
forward at the waist over the back of the couch to pick up her
bag, her feet spread apart. Her skirt slid up, high over her hips
and she heard him gasp when he saw her naked buttocks and thighs,
the puckered darkness of her anus, the bewitching fuzz of her
cunt. With her legs spread, her cunt-lips opened slightly and he
could even see the tender flesh within. She paused for the merest
fraction of a second, letting him have a good look. There was no
sound, utter silence. The book's pages fluttered in the breeze
from the fan. Shirlyn didn't move.

Suddenly, she gasped. Jerry's hands slid up her legs and over her
buttocks. She wanted to turn and look at him, but held herself
back. A soft rustle, a snap and then she bit her lower lip and
felt dizzy with excitement. His cock, thick, long, hard,
throbbing, pressed between her buttocks and thighs, moving to her
cunt. Shirlyn tensed, trying to gauge its size. The heat was
intense and overpowering. It pressed to her cunt-lips. His hands
pushed her T-shirt up under her arms and roved over her breasts.
They were hard and swollen with excitement, her nipples erect. She
held still.

And then the heat of his cock burst into her cunt and she cried
out, her head snapping up, her face contorting in an explosion of
pleasure. His penis surged powerfully into her flesh and his
fingers crushed her breasts. Shirlyn dug her fingers into the
upholstery and moaned, her head jerking up, her mouth opening in a
wide 'O' of lust. She felt a rush of joy ... she had him now! The
young man flexed his buttocks and his hot, hard penis drove deeper
into her cunt. Shirlyn gasped and cried out, her cunt contracting
and convulsing frantically on his penis. Jerry groaned in

"Ohhhh fuck yes!" he gasped softly. "Ohhhhh yes! Ohhh god yes!"

The youth fucked her hungrily, rapidly, hard. He pushed his cock
deeper and deeper into her cunt and then began to rock his hips
swiftly, running it greedily in and out of her flesh. Shirlyn
gasped and cried out, rocking back and forth under him. His cock
felt wonderful, better than she had hoped. It was hot and hard and
it mashed her gorged clitoris in its passage. Faster and faster he
went, plunging into her sodden cunt-flesh. Shirlyn began to orgasm
helplessly. Jerry gasped, flinging his head back, holding her hips
and jerking her cunt up and down on his shaft, squeezing her
swinging, swollen breasts feverishly. His cries rang in her ears,
obscene, guttural.

"Ohhh uhhh yes uhhhh ohhh uhh yes ... uhhh ... c'mon baby ...
c'mon Shir c'mon take it ... take my cock ... c'mon ... Ohhhh uhhh

She whimpered in pleasure and rocked back and forth under his
thrusts, her swollen breasts jiggling, her gold necklace swinging
against her chin. His thighs slapped softly at her buttocks as the
swollen penis sawed rhythmically in and out of her flesh.

On and on he went, driving his penis in and out of her cunt, his
thighs pummelling her buttocks, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing, his hips swinging back and forth, his cock plunging in
and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing between the curves
of her buttocks. At last, moaning, he lost control. He drove deep
into her with a rasping cry, ramming himself into her flesh,
making her cry out and, buried deep in her spasming cunt-flesh,
his buttocks twitching and flexed taut, his cock throbbing
furiously, he came. Shirlyn moaned in joy as she felt the sharp
sting of his spoot in her cunt-flesh. jet after jet of jizz spurting into her hot slit. Slowly, he eased out of her. Shirlyn
stayed bent over, panting and gasping, her body burning with lust.

At last, she straightened and turned to face him. His face was
grey with tension and nervousness, fear of the consequences of
what he had done. Shirlyn smiled slowly, seductively and,
stretching out her hand, pulled him to her.

"Thank you," she murmured, her face close to his. "That was

Jerry's expression was an almost comic mix of relief and shock.
She giggled.

"There's something you should know," she said, her lips fluttering
against his. "I've been waiting for this a long time. Wanting it."

Jerry's eyes widened in surprise and disbelief.

"Really," she smiled. "I was. It's not my first time, you know.
I've been fucking Shankar and Kenny these past few weeks and even
Uncle Stan. I've seen you, too, with Sheila ... and I wanted you
to fuck me."

Jerry's eyes were full of wonder and surprise. He grinned his

"Hey, cool, man!" he said. "Great. Really great."

She giggled and tilted her head up to his. "C'mon, Jerry boy ...
I'm still hot. Fuck me again!"

He shook his head in wonder and, sliding his hands up her T-shirt
to cup her breasts, found her nipples still hard with excitement.
He kissed her slowly, his tongue slipping between her lips.
Shirlyn's tongue met his and their kiss deepened and she squirmed
erotically against him.

"God, I want to fuck you so much," he growled.

Shirlyn's eyes dancing with lust. "Yes," she breathed. "Fuck me,

"Like a whore."

"God, yes. Fuck me ... fuck me like a whore, Jerry!"

He laughed, his eyes sparkling with pleasure. They moved to the
living room, and, on the cool tiles in the centre of the room, for
the next hour or more, Jerry fucked Shirlyn slowly and
relentlessly, taking her repeatedly, making her come again and

It was wonderful. Jerry was imaginative, controlled, hard-bodied,
skilled. Not quite as good as Kenny, but better than Shankar.
Shirlyn orgasmed repeatedly as he fucked her mouth, her breasts,
and her cunt repeatedly in a variety of positions. When he licked
her slit, he did at length, with exquisite delicacy of touch and
she went wild with excitement, gasping and thrashing and writhing,
crushing her breasts erotically, her body jerking and lurching as
though under a man's thrusts. Shirlyn couldn't get enough of it.
When he stopped, she groaned and flung herself at him, burying her
face in his crotch, sucking his cock furiously. He groaned and
exploded in her face, making her moan as the hot seed splashed
into her mouth and over her face and breasts.

He fucked her again, slowly and deeply on her back on the living
room floor, his penis gliding in and out of her cunt, then faster
and faster till he was ramming furiously in and out of her flesh.
Shirlyn responded in unison, arching in joy when he came at last,
his head snapping back, his penis buried deep in her flesh,
spurting heat into her cunt.

Now Jerry lifted his head from her crotch and smiled as she moaned
softly in pleasure. She looked lovely, naked except for her gold
necklace, earrings, finger-rings. Very sexy. He rose to his knees
and she turned around and pushed her face between his thighs and
began sucking his penis greedily. He grunted in pleasure and
fucked her face unhurriedly, moving her head back and forth with
one hand, pumping his hips.

"Mm ... yes ... take it ... that's nice ... suck it, Shirlyn-bitch
... suck it ... yeh ... like that ... Ohhh yes ... suck it harder,
whore ... come on!"

Shirlyn loved the dirty talk. It turned her on. She sucked her
cousin's penis harder, using her tongue on the cock-head adroitly,
relishing the musky odour and tang of his pre-cum gunk. He flung
his head back and moaned softly, his cock spurting beads of
pre-cum jizz and, smiling happily, she licked and swallowed them.
He groaned and rocked her head between his legs, fucking her face
with immense pleasure. His cock filled her mouth and distended her
face. She swirled her tongue cunningly around the cock-head in her
mouth. He pushed her head away after several minutes.

They fucked slowly. She went down on her back and, leaning over
her, he squeezed his penis slowly into her body. Shirlyn murmured
in pleasure, arching under him, caressing his bulging biceps and
taut, flexing buttocks as he pumped his hips rhythmically up and
down. He kissed her gently, his tongue slithering between her

"Hey, whore," he murmured, his tongue in her ear.

"Mm, what?" Shirlyn craned her neck and sucked gently on his dark

"Want some excitement?"

"This is exciting."

"More exciting."

"Like what?"

"Like fucking Kenny and me together."

She smiled, her eyes dancing with excitement at the prospect,
imagining what it would be like to have both cousins use her body.

"I was waiting for you to ask, one of you."

"I bet. You ever had a cock in your cunt and ass?"

"At the same time?"


"No never. In fact, I've never had two guys together. Always
wanted to, though."

"Well, all in the family, bitch, all in the family!" he laughed.

"Will it hurt? Both together, I mean?"

"Nah. The broads love it. Ask Sheila. Does it all the time. Even
takes three, one in her mouth as well."

"Oh god, Jerry!" Shirlyn moaned.

"What say, bitch? You game?"

She grinned, her eyes dancing, and, stopping him, rolled him over
onto his back and straddled his hips, her cunt impaled on his
penis. She bent and kissed him, her tongue deep in his mouth, her
breasts hot on his chest.

"Oh yes, Jerry baby ... I'm game. I'm game ... c'mon ... do it now
... fuck me, Jerry ... fuck me like a slut!"

THEY SET IT UP a few days later, all three contriving to be at
home together. Shirlyn skipped school, feigning a headache. The
boys ditched college.

Shirlyn dressed carefully for the occasion, in a knee-length gown
in black cotton. It had broad shoulder straps and a square,
button-down yoke in front that was closely contoured to her chest.
She left the buttons undone so that her breasts were squeezed
together by the tightly configured cloth to form a deep and
tantalising cleavage in which her gold necklace nestled. The back
of the gown dropped low to just above her buttocks. She wore no
underwear and her hair was coiled in a cute bun behind her head.
The gold chain glittered on her honey skin. She looked bewitching.

The bell rang. Shirlyn answered it. It was the boys. They came in,

"Hi guys," she said softly, her eyes twinkling, a bright smile on
her lips. "Come on in ... everything's ready, and I'm so hot I'm
going to burn up if you guys don't do something double-quick!"

The cousins laughed and followed her into her bedroom.

Standing by the bed, Shirlyn looked at the two men and felt a
quick rush of pleasure. She smiled warmly at them. They were
handsome and exciting, both clean-shaven and rugged with good,
hard bodies. They grinned at her, their hunger naked in their eyes
as they raked her body up and down.

By the bed, Shirlyn stood between the two men, Jerry in front and
Kenny behind her. The bodies closed together. Jerry slid his hands
down her face and neck, pulling open the neck of her smock,
freeing her breasts. She murmured in pleasure as he cupped her
breasts and fondled them gently. They swelled and grew heavy and
her nipples hardened. She began to unbutton his shirt. Behind her,
Kenny slid his hands under her dress and drew it up around her
waist and caressed her naked buttocks and, reaching around, her
thighs and crotch. He dropped his trousers. His cock bounced out,
already hardening, thick and long. He rubbed it against her soft,
rounded buttocks, while Jerry squeezed her breasts and bent his
head to kiss her. Her hands went into her crotches, one in
Jerry's, the other behind in Kenny's and she fondled their cocks

"Mm, nice juicy ass," Kenny chuckled softly. "I'm gonna get me
some of this soon. I like raiding butt. Good thing you like it in
the ass, bitch."

She turned her face to Kenny and he kissed her over her shoulder,
his hands on her breasts, while Jerry unbuckled his trousers and
dropped them.

"Mm, heaven, having your cock up my ass, boy. Just heaven."

Jerry laughed and slid the gown's straps off her shoulders; Kenny
let it fall over her hips and it rustled to her feet. Now she
stood naked between her two cousins, her body writhing between
theirs. Jerry's penis, too, was thick and large. He shrugged off
his shirt and, behind her, Kenny did the same.

The three naked bodies fell writhing to the bed. Jerry flopped on
his back with his hips at the edge, his legs hanging over. He
spread his thighs and masturbated slowly, his head craned,
watching Shirlyn. Standing before him, Shirlyn spread her legs and
bent steeply forward from the wait. Her breasts swung heavy and
low, pendulous. Her buttocks creased open, exposing the puckered
flesh of her anus. Her cunt-lips parted, revealing the moist
bright flesh within. Lifting her eyes to Jerry's face, his cock in
her hand, she opened her mouth and dragged her tongue lasciviously
up his shaft and swirled it over his cock-head. He gasped and
bucked his hips at her face. She whimpered and slowly slipped her
lips around his cock-head. He groaned and his head flopped back.
She took more of his cock-head and part of his shaft in her mouth.

"Oh fuck yes!" Jerry gasped, his hands flying to her head, his
hips bucking under her face. "Oh yes, suck it, baby, suck my

Shirlyn moaned deep in her cock-filled throat and began to suck
the man's cock slowly and heavily, plying his bulging cock-head
with her tongue. Behind her, Kenny grinned and, sinking to his
knees, pushed his face between her buttocks. She gasped, her head
rising momentarily, her buttocks swaying and writhing as Kenny
swept his tongue over her puckered anus, rimming her tenderly. The
musky odour of her asshole filled his nostrils and aroused him.
Her cunt-lips were distended and he dragged his tongue down to
them, lapping at the sweet, tangy juices that were beginning to
flow freely. Shirlyn groaned and bent her head to Jerry's crotch
and resumed sucking his cock deeply.

Her face distended with Jerry's cock filling her mouth, her head
rocking up and down, her tongue winding lasciviously around the
bulging cock-head, her dark, *kajal* rimmed eyes glassy and bright
with lust, her nostrils flared. Her breasts jiggled and swayed,
her gold necklace dragging along Jerry's thighs. Her buttocks were
spread the dark, puckered anus winking temptingly under Kenny's
tongue, her unfurled cunt-lips, wet and moist, delicately rimmed
by neatly trimmed cunt-hair and Kenny's tongue rippled up and down
through them, probing gently in the soft flesh within. Her head
rocked up and down over Jerry's groin while she squeezed and
fondled her pendulous breasts. Then her hands moved back to her
buttocks, opening them wider for Kenny's tongue.

They broke apart and quickly took new positions. Shirlyn turned on
her back on the bed, replacing Jerry, who got off the bed and,
kneeling between her spread thighs, pushed his tongue into her
crotch and began licking her slit.

Kenny knelt over her face and pushed his cock into her mouth. She
groaned and sucked his cock eagerly, her head rocking up and down
under his lap as her hips bucked and writhed and swayed under
Jerry's face.

"Yeh ... suck it! Oh fuck yes ... c'mon, whore! Suck my prick!"
Kenny gasped, kneeling over her face, leaning on his outstretched
arms, his hips pumping up and down as he fucked her mouth.

Between her thighs, Jerry jabbed his tongue in and out of her
cunt, flipping it at her stiff clitoris. She groaned thickly, her
hips writhing and bucking under his face. He slid his finger into
her hot, wet slit and she gasped, arching her back and hips,
spluttering on Kenny's cock in her mouth.

They turned her on her front on the bed and began fucking her
together. Jerry knelt behind her and slowly squeezed his cock into
her cunt. She groaned and lurched forward, then pushed her cunt back down onto his penis. He grunted and started fucking her
heavily, gripping her hips and rocking his own back and forth,
grinding his cock in and out of her cunt. Kenny was on his knees
in front of her, his hands on her head, his hips pumping back and
forth, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. Her body rocked
and lurched between theirs. Her breasts jiggled and wobbled and
the two men fondled them eagerly, their hands rough and hard on
her swollen breasts.

"Man, what a fuck!" Jerry grunted. "What a hot piece of ass!"

"Fuck, you said it!" Kenny gasped. "Sucks prick like a fucking

"Yeh! C'mon! Take it! Ohhh fuck yes! Ohhhhhh yes!" Jerry groaned,
driving his hips back and forth, plunging greedily in and out of
her cunt.

Several minutes later, they paused, swapping places. Shirlyn
groaned happily, deliriously, not caring who was fucking her
where. Kenny's distended penis surged into her cunt and she gasped
her joy and took Jerry's penis deep in her mouth. It was hot and
hard and it tasted of his jizz and her cunt-juice, an erotic,
heady, potent cocktail. Her body throbbed and quivered with lust
and she abandoned herself to her lovers, drowning in the pleasures
of their hard flesh. Jerry's cock spurted pre-cum gunk into her
mouth and she swallowed it lovingly. Kenny fucked her hard,
gripping her hips and slamming his own back and forth, plunging
his cock greedily in and out of her cunt. His thighs whacked her
buttocks loudly. Her breasts jiggled and wobbled as she lurched
under his greedy thrusts. He pressed his thumbs to her anus.

"C'mon, bitch," he grunted. "C'mon, take it! C'mon, yes! Oh
motherfucking heaven yes ... oh god yes ... ohhhh uhhh yes!"

She moaned deep in her throat, filled with Jerry's cock. He
groaned, his hand on her head, moving it to and fro to suit his
pleasure, reaching under her to fondle her breasts. They broke
apart, gasping and groaning, their bodies glittering with sweat
from their exertions.

"Fuck me one by one," she gasped. "Jerry, you first. Fuck me from
behind ... come on ... quickly!"

She bent forward on her forearms and knees and Jerry knelt behind
her and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt. She gasped, her
head arching, her face suffused with pleasure. Jerry groaned, his
head arching back, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her
buttocks. His buttocks flexed taut and his hips rolled forward.
His cock vanished deep into her cunt. She groaned and whimpered,
gasping and panting, squirming her buttocks erotically against his
groin. His cock was wonderful in her cunt, hot and hard and thick.
She hissed softly, turning her face over her shoulder.

"C'mon Jerry ... fuck me ... yes ... ohhhhhhh yes ... that's it
... ohhh fuck yes ... c'mon ... do it ... yeh ... ohhhhh yeh ...
that's it ... mm ... that's so good baby yes ... ohhhhhh uhhh
ohhhhh uhhh ohhhhh!"

Jerry fucked her heavily, gasping and groaning, rocking his cock
in and out of her cunt. She gasped and moaned, jerking and
lurching back and forth under him, her breasts swinging, her gold
necklace tossing and flapping to and fro. He was a strong and
powerful lover and quickly steadied his rhythm, prolonging the
pleasure for both of them. He moved swiftly, yet unhurriedly, his
buttocks flexing and unflexing alternately, his hips snapping
sharply. His cock pistoned in and out of her cunt, appearing and
disappearing between the smoothly curved lobes of her buttocks.
His thighs slapped softly against her buttocks.

"C'mon ... take it ... yeh take it bitch ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon
yes ... Ohhhh uhhhhhh yes! Take it, whore! Take my cock!"

Whimpering and keening, Shirlyn orgasmed. Her cunt convulsed on
his penis and he gasped, grinding heavily down deep into her cunt,
making her gasp and cry out with each thrust that sent her body
lurching and snapping forward. Her orgasm ebbed and he drew out of
her cunt slowly.

Shirlyn flipped on her back, spreading her legs and, immediately,
Kenny was there, bending over her and running his cock into her
cunt in one smooth, long, rushing thrust. She gasped loudly,
arching steeply under him, her legs forking wide open, her hands
under her breasts, lifting and squeezing them erotically. Kenny
grunted and tossed his head back, flexing his buttocks taut and
burying his cock in her slit.

"C'mon, whore, c'mon!" he groaned. "Take it! C'mon yeh! Ohh uhhhh
yeh oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes!"

He fucked her rapidly and hard and feverishly, rocking his hips
swiftly up and down with a wicked snapping roll that sent his cock
plunging into her cunt from all angles. Shirlyn cried out sharply,
writhing and tossing under him, her chest heaving, her breasts bouncing and jiggling, her gold necklace tossing on her sweating
skin. Faster and faster he went, his hips rocking up and down, his
buttocks bobbing and bouncing furiously over her thighs. She cried
out, her hips bucking and heaving under his and hit another orgasm
within minutes. He gasped as her cunt spasmed frenetically on his
penis and rammed his cock into her repeatedly till her orgasm

The two men waited patiently, masturbating, while she caught her
breath. She groaned, lying on the bed, her body glistening with
sweat, fondling her breasts and cunt slowly. She smiled at them,
her eyes bright and glassy.

"Now ... fuck me together, guys ... in my cunt and ass ... like
you promised."

The men grinned. Shirlyn pulled Jerry down on the bed and, gasping
and moaning thickly, straddled his hips. Bending over, she kissed
him hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she sank her
cunt on his cock, engulfing his penis in her tight, wet warmth. He
grunted and thrust up into her. She gasped, arching her head. He
craned his neck and, squeezing her breasts together, sucked on
them simultaneously. She moaned loudly.

"C'mon Kenny ... take my ass ... shove your cock into my butt!"

Kenny whooped and dropped to his knees behind her. Spreading her
buttocks open with both hands, he pushed his cock-head to her
anus. She tensed, biting her lower lip as she felt the huge
cock-head at her asshole. Then her sphincter yielded and her tight
little anus opened up. Kenny flexed his buttocks slowly and eased
his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her anus.


The breath rushed from her throat. Her head snapped up and her
face contorted in a savage rictus, her lips snapping back, her
mouth jerking open, her eyes screwed shut. Kenny dug his fingers
into her buttocks and slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper
into her anus. He gasped loudly as her asshole convulsed
uncontrollably on his throbbing, invading penis. His belly sucked in with strain. Beneath her, Jerry grunted as her cunt, too,
contracted savagely on his penis, separated from Kenny's by the
merest membrane of flesh. Deeper and deeper Kenny went, and
Shirlyn's body thrashed between theirs, wracked by huge, heaving,
sobbing gasps. She felt dizzy with lust. The two penises felt
wonderful, filling her cunt and ass. She squirmed between the two
men, moaning and gasping.

The two men began to fuck her together, rocking slowly in and out
of her cunt and ass simultaneously in accidentally fortuitous
rhythm. Shirlyn thrashed and writhed between them, gasping and
moaning, her voice ragged and hoarse, her breathing heavy and hot.
The men fucked her heavily and deeply, their cocks sawing in and
out of her cunt and ass. Every thrust from Kenny forced her cunt down hard and deep on Jerry's massive erection; and when Jerry
bucked his hips under her, her anus was jammed back on Kenny's
huge penis.

"Oh ma ohhhhhh uhhhhh *hanh* uhhh *hanh* uhh ohhh yes oh god yes
ohh uh ohh uhh ohhh uhh ohhh uhh ohhh uhhh ohhhhhh!" she gasped.
"Ohhhh uhh ohhhh uhhh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHHHHH!"

"C'mon! Take it! Oh fuck yes, take it!" Kenny groaned, sodomising
her slowly and heavily, his hands on her breasts, squeezing and
crushing them hard.

Jerry grunted under her, heaving his hips up and down under her
cunt, gripping her buttocks and holding them open for his cousin.

On and on they went, the two youths pummelling her body between
theirs, invading her innermost recesses, gasping and moaning.

Several minutes later, the trio broke apart. Shirlyn's body was
streaming with sweat from the tension and exertion. She moaned
softly and slowly turned on her back above Jerry. Kneeling over
his lap, she moved his cock between her buttocks to her anus and
eased her asshole down onto his upright cock. He gasped as his
cock burst into her rear channel. She cried out, her head arching
back, her body bending backwards in a steep bow, her elbows on the
bed on either side of his chest. Gingerly, she spread her knees.
Jerry squeezed her breasts hard. Kenny grunted and moved over her,
kneeling between her spread thighs. He bent and kissed her deeply
and slowly pushed his cock into her open cunt. Shirlyn's face
twisted wildly and she moaned, writhing her hips uncontrollably.
Jerry's cock churned her rear channel and Kenny drilled her cunt slowly and deeply.

They began to fuck her together again, moving slowly and
rhythmically, pumping their hips back and forth in unison, both
penises invading her flesh as one. She orgasmed repeatedly and now
it was too much for either man to bear. One by one, they drove
into her and exploded, making her gasp and moan when she felt the
sharp, hot, delightful spurt of their hot seed in her molten
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