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Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch1


Title: Black girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Author: Phoenix Arrow Part:
Chapter 1 Keywords: f/f, f+/F, inter, sub, humil Redistribution: only for
personal, nonprofit use Short Summary: White Cheerleaders submitting to
Black Cheerleaders.

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

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Black girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Chapter 1

Miss Simons new this day would come. After so many years of trying to
keep things the same, she finally had to give in and put black girls into
her all white cheerleader squad. It pained her to have to taint the beauty
of 9 white taut female bodies with black ones, but the school board and
school itself had demanded more fair equalization in all activities.

Not that Miss Simons disliked black girls, she was not a racist in any
capacity. She just preferred to work with white girls who are so much more
docile and peppy, compared to the usually authoritative and demanding black

So with great reluctance, she openly advertised cheerleading positions
to the black girls of the high school. She even sent out her white
cheerleaders to try to bring in some black girls.

Despite the strong recruiting campaign however, no black girls were
signing up. Miss Simons figured that they must have been so used to the
all white squad, they just weren't interested in becoming cheerleaders.

Except one.

Trish was a very athletic and beautiful senior with light brown skin.
She approached the coach one day while the squad practiced in the gym.
Simons took one look at her and offered her a position right on the spot.
She finally had her black girl, bringing the squad total to 10.

Even though Miss Simons was worried about putting a black girl on the
squad, she new there was no choice. Yet despite her reservations she was
becoming quite impressed with Trish. She was showing up early to every
practice and was really contributing. The squad was even working better as
a unit since she'd been with them.

After two weeks Simons was beginning to feel at ease with Trish. Even
the respect the white cheerleaders were having for her was becoming
obvious. Trish was always the center of attention and they followed her
wherever she went.

There was even talk of her taking over as squad captain. This was bad
new for Amber. You see Amber was already the senior captain of the squad.
For four years she had worked very hard to become the captain and didn't
want to loose it to a black girl who'd only been on the team a few weeks.

Soon Miss Simons became worried about Amber's obvious attempts to
sabotage Trish. She would make rude comments behind her back and would
never give her any help.

But after several weeks, it was of no use. All of the other white girls were obviously on Trish's side. It did become a little strange to see how
they acted around her. The girls would hardly ever look Trish in the eyes
and almost never did the coach see anyone ever walk in front of her.
Usually they were at her side or behind her, but never in front. Very

Unfortunately, Miss Simons had other things to worry about. Several of
her best girls were leaving the squad. This was bad news if she wanted to
maintain her squad's high level of competition.

She almost begged them to stay. And when she asked why they were
leaving, she could hardly believe the answer. Some how they had gotten
into their heads that they weren't good enough to be cheerleaders and
didn't deserve to be on the squad.

In the end Miss Simons couldn't stop them from hanging up their uniforms
and quitting the team. She also couldn't help but notice they were perhaps
the least attractive of the white girls.

Fortunately, seeing Trish's success, a few more black girls ask to join
the squad. Having no choice Simons accepted them into the group and now
had 6 white girls and 4 black.

With the mixing of colors, Simons now returned her focus back to good
hard training. Within a few weeks the squad was doing better than she had
seen in a long time, and was far surpassing the competition from other

Over the next month two more black girls had joined the group bringing
the cheerleader total to 12, 6 white and 6 black. Simons was applauded by
the school for managing to integrate so well. Even better, the coach was
very pleased to see that the hostility between Amber and Trish had gone.
Apparently, in a wonderful gesture of goodwill, Amber gave Trish the
captaincy. Miss Simons was a little bit surprised by this. Amber had so
dearly wanted to be captain since she was a young freshmen. Yet now Trish
held the title and all the other girls were quite happy with it.

Even more unusual was how Amber seemed to go out of her way to make
Trish feel comfortable. Take for instance the foot rubbings. After every
practice Miss Simons would enter the locker room and see her white former
captain gently rubbing Trish's tired sweaty feet. Simons was a little bit
disappointed that Trish would never return the favor, or even give a thank
you when they finished, but maybe she'd come around.

Another very nice gesture by Amber was to site on the floor instead of
the bench when they were changing. Despite the obvious difficulties of
changing into a cheerleader uniform while on the floor, Amber didn't seem
to mind allowing the black girl a lot more room to stretch out on the

But the best development however was how all the other white girls seemed to follow Amber's lead. Each white girl had become closer to a
particular black girl of the same age. The white girls would almost always
stay close to her new black friend and Simons even noticed one of the white
girls carrying her books for her in the hallways.

About a month later things were even better. Several colleges were
coming to see the routines and Miss Simons was just so proud of all her
girls. Bringing the black girls into the squad was turning out to be a
very good idea indeed.

However, things weren't as perfect as they seemed. Despite all the
wonderful gestures the white girls were doing, the black girls had as of
yet still not done anything of good will in return, and the coach could
swear that the black girls didn't even appreciate the gestures.

Like when the girls would shower. Usually each one is given only one
towel to dry themselves with. Yet lately when they all come out, the black
girls have two towels wrapped around their bodies. One covering their
chests and one around the hips.

The white girls come out not far behind naked and wet. As the black
girls dry themselves up by the lockers, the white girls sit on the floor
waiting for them to finish. Finally after almost ten minutes the black
girls toss their used towel at them to dry up.

At first Simons was thinking if she should say something to Trish, who
was now the most influential girl on the squad. But seeing how good
everything was going, she really didn't want to rock the boat. And
besides, the white girls didn't seem to really mind doing all these favors
for their fellow black cheerleaders.

But things still got more strange.

Usually during cheers at football games, fans wouldn't be very
enthusiastic. Yet for some reason, today they were going nuts. Every time
one of the white girls would do a jump or a split, the guys in the stands
would whistle and cheer like never before.

The coach was hopeful it was because they had improved considerably.
But when she noticed that none of the black girls where getting as much
support during their exercises, and that the white girls looked flushed
every time they finished, Simons became a little suspicious. Curious, she
walked in front of the girls and waited for them to do a cheer.

First Trish performed a really well done stand, with one foot balanced
on the hand of a girl beneath her and her other leg held up high. It's a
common cheer, and all there was to see was her uniform panties and lots of
black leg, no big deal.

Then one of the white girls, Sara, prepared to do the same. She noticed
her coach watching and began to panic, but the black girl behind her
grabbed her by the waist and held her firm. As she whispered something
into Sara's ear, Sara lowered her head and nodded. Within moments Sara was
up in the air. As Sara raised her leg up, Miss Simons' mouth dropped.
Sara's entire vagina was exposed to all the fans. As the fans erupted
behind her, Simons watched Sara's deeply blushing face as she was lowered
to the ground and patted on the ass.

Miss Simons was in complete shock. Did Sara intentionally not put on
any panties or did she simply forget? As she watched the rest of the girls do their jumps and splits, she got her answer. While all 6 black girls had
their panties on, none of the white girls had anything underneath their
mini skirts.

Not wanting to make a scene, Simons allowed the girls to remain out on
the field. But by the end of the game, she was fuming. As they all made
their way to the locker room, Trish surprised her coach form behind.

"Hey Miss Simons, is there anything wrong?"

"I should most certainly say yes. Half of your fellow cheerleaders were
cheering without any panties today!"

"Oh that. It's really no big deal. We told them to do that."


"Yes Miss Simons, we told the white girls not to wear panties to the
game today."

"But why would you do that?"

"To improve the excitement of our cheering. We new that seeing pussies
would get the fans riled up during the game, and even bring in more."

"That's a horrible idea. And why only the white girls? I saw all the
black girls wearing panties!"

"Because quite frankly Miss Simons were not sluts. We have too much
respect for our bodies to show it off like that."

"What are you talking about? I know these girls, they come from
respected families. I would never believe they would want to do something
like that."

"They didn't want to Miss Simons, they did it because we told them to."

"Excuse me? I don't understand? Why would do what you tell them?"

"Well its really quite simple, its called natural dominance."

"I don't follow."

"Miss Simons, when a pampered white female finds herself in the presence
of a black female, she tends to become submissive towards her. There's
nothing really wrong with it, its only natural. Us black girls are simply
fulfilling natures role when we dominate them."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing."

"Its true, even you must be feeling it yourself from time to time huh
Miss Simons."

The coach was speechless. How dare her prized cheerleader say such

"Come on coach, being around all us athletic black girls...."

"Trish I don't know what your talking about, how dare you say such a
thing to me. Now get back inside that locker room and shower off."

Trish simply smiled at her coach and went into the building. Miss
Simons just stood out there for a moment, trying to contemplate what her
head cheerleader just told her. The idea of white women being naturally
submissive to black women is absurd, and how rude of Trish to suggest that
her coach was susceptible to the same reactions.

As she entered the locker room and peered into the showers, she saw all
6 white girls either kneeling or standing naked gently washing the bodies
of their black 'friend'."

Suddenly it finally hit her. Finally she truly realized what was going
on between both groups of girls. Her prim and proper white cheerleaders
were turning into submissive playthings to their black counterparts. White
freshman submitting to black freshmen, white seniors to black seniors. It
was really happening.

Then she looked in the corner of the shower room and saw Trish standing
in front of one of the hot showers. Down at her feet was Amber, kneeling
with her pale ass high in the air as she scrubbed Trish's black feet.

After a moment of taking in the scene, Miss Simons started to notice her
heart was racing. In a panic she rushed out of the locker room as fast as
she could and immediately drove home. Slightly shaking from the
experience, she slipped into her bathroom and took a long hot shower of her

She just couldn't believe it. These girls were so sweet and innocent
when it was just them. Most of these girls came from wealthy families in
good neighborhoods, yet the image of Monica, a white sophomore, kneeling
before a black girl delicately washing her dark legs and thighs was unreal.
Unknowingly Miss Simons lowered her hand between her thighs as the
images flashed through her mind. Then the image turned to Amber and Trish.
Oh how she remembered Amber's proud face when she was awarded head
cheerleader. And how hard she initially fought Trish to maintain it. Yet
now she was on her knees cleaning the new head cheerleader's feet.

Miss Simons was freely stroking her sex now. The hot water beating down
on her face and chest. Soon her legs weakened and she lowered to her

Suddenly the image had changed again. Instead of seeing Trish from
outside the shower, Trish now stood before her. Her long black athletic
legs towering over the coach. She had replaced Amber. It was she who was
kneeling before the black female. At that moment Miss Simons's pussy spasmed around her fingers.


During the next week the mood brightened for the coach by the fact that
her squad was rated as the #1 group in the entire county. All competing
coaches were so jeouluse of the success of her girls, and Simons beamed
with pride.

She even forgot to notice how each white girl continued to cater to the
whims of her fellow black cheerleader.

Leading up to the next football game, the coach was convinced that they
would put on their best peformance yet. She even made sure that ALL the
girls had panties on this time.

The game went on with out a hitch as all the routines were flawless and
spectacular. Miss Simons was becoming ever so proud as they worked their
routine. By the end if the 2nd quarter, the fans were really riled up with

Of course not everything could go so perfectly. As halftime came, Miss
Simons allowed her girls to take a short break. As the coach took a seat
to rest, she noticed out of the corner of her eye two cheerleaders walking
towards a small group of fans who were particurly roudy.

Immediatly they were recognized as Michelle and Wonda. Wonda was gently
pushing a visibly nerviouse Michelle torwards the men who were now leaning
over the bars urging them closer.

Observing, Simons saw Wonda begin to talk to the men, almost jokingly as
Michelle stood beside her. Wonda then walked behind Michelle, whispered
something into her ear, reached around and took hold of the bottom of
Michelle's cheerleader top.

Then to the utter disbalief of the coach, Wonda lifted Michelle's top,
revealing her milky white breasts to the men. As Wonda continued to hold
Michelle's top up one of the men reached out his hands and began to fondle
the teen.

A few moments later more black cheerleaders were coming over, with their
white cheerleaders in tow. In no time more tops were being lifted as more
white breasts were being roughly squeezed and pulled. One of the black
girls even lifted the front of her girl's skirt revealing her panties to a
man, who quickly slip a hand inside.

Miss Simons just froze with shock at the scene that so quickly formed
before her. Half her squad was getting felt up. Even more amazing was
that the white girls would allow the black girls to display them like this.

Simons snapped out of her shock and quickly looked to see if anyone else
had noticed, but the main crowd appeared to not have. Realizing that she
couldnt allow this kind of nonesense to continue she immediatly went over
and began yelling at her exabitionist cheerleaders.

Scared, all the girls rushed back onto the field and prepaired to begin
their next routine.

Thankfully, nothing else went out of the ordinary for the rest of the
game. But Miss Simons was still visably very upset, and the girls tried to
avoid eye contact with her as they filed into the locker room at the end of
the game.

But the coach had had enough. All this crap had to end. Natural
dominance or no natrial dominance, these black girls were going to have to
leave the white girls alone. Miss Simons was an adult woman and these were
black teenage girls, if they are'nt going to listen, than they'd be off the

Once inside the locker room, Simons sent all the white girls home and
ordered all the black girls into her office. With rolled eyes they entered
and gathered around her desk as she shut the door.

"Ok, now I've had absolutely enough of all this nonesense. I still
don't know exactly what it is that you girls are doing to your fellow white
cheerleaders, but its going to stop right now. Your supposed to be a team,
a tight, supportive unit. Your not supposed to turn them into your
personal servents!"

"But Miss Simons, its what they really want. Its in their blood."

"Trish thats ubsurd...."

"Its true! White girls are much more confortable being at a black girls feet then they are being equeals. As I said its only natural. Even during
slave times, slave owner's wives would hardly ever visit their slaves
personally. Its a little known fact that white women could'nt resist the
commanding presence of their black female slaves and would often find
themselves submitting to them, much to their humiliation."

"I'm sorry Trish but this is all very ridiculace. Now I want you to
stop treating your fellow cheerleaders so poorly. Do you understand?"

"Oh I understand Miss Simons, but I dont think you do."

"Excuse me?"

"Miss Simons you can't tell me you havent felt the need, the desire."

"What are you talking about."

"You may be an adult, but your still a white woman. You can't tell me
you havent imagined yourself kneeling before me."

"I...I...Trish this discussion is over...."

"Miss Simons, I do believe your blushing. So you have imagined it. Its
alright coach. As I said its only natural. You can kneel before me now if
you want, I won't mind."

"YOU wont mind? Trish how dare you! I am your coach and an adult. You
should be treating me with respect."

"Miss Simons, why are you holding back? Give in to your instincts. Why
don't you look at my legs, arent they nice?"

Despite herself, she look down and took in the long legs. Yes she did
have very nice legs. Long, athletic, firm, As the coach
tried to look away, she found that she could'nt. Simons had become
mesmerised by the strong dark legs. Something in her wouldnt let her turn

"Miss Simons, wouldnt you rather look at them from.....the floor?"

While she was talking, two other black cheerlearders walked behind their
coach and were gently pushing down on her shoulders.

As she continued to stare at the wonderfull legs, her began to give way
as she found herself lowering to the floor. Soon she was actually kneeling
before Trish and gazing up her gourgeose black legs..... just like she
fantisized. Her eyes then continued upward untill they disappeared beneath
the cheerleader's skirt. Then past her smooth, muscular stomach, up to her
pert breasts, and finally up to the wicked smile upon Trish's face. Miss
Simons shuddered.

"Now Miss Simons, doesnt that feel better? Arent you more relaxed and
at peace with yourself?"

She was right. The coach was more relaxed. She did feel more at ease
in this position. Like this is how it was ment to be. Yet her heart was

"You know Miss Simons, my feet really hurt from all the hard work you
made us do today. And since you sent all the white girls home, theres no
one here to rub them."

Her breathing became heavier as she lowered my eyes to the cheerleader's

"Coach, since your the only white woman left, why dont you take off my
sneakers and give my black feet a nice rub."

As Trish sat herself on the desk, Miss Simons watch as she slowly began
removing her sneakers, followed by her sweaty, smelly socks. Finally
Trish's black bare feet were dangling in front of the coach's face.

"Coach, why don't you kiss my feet first. To show me you truely
understand how nature works."

There it was. The cheerleader was now asking her coach to fully admitt
her subserviance to her. Fully admitt that she, an adult white woman was
naturally submissive to a teenage black girl, and that white women as a
whole were submissive to black women.

Miss Simons didnt move. She just knelt there, staring at the black
girl's feet. Her lungs breathing heavily and her heart pounding in her
chest. One of the black girls gently began pushing her head forawrd. The
coach did'nt resist.

She inhaled the sweaty oder as her lips made contact with Trish's left
foot. She began to plant tiny, little kisses all over her feet,
alternating between the right and the left foot.

Miss Simons had accepted her place. There would be no turning back now.
Trish knew it, and smilled down at her latest conquest.

"Hmmmm, good girl....good white girl. Now you may rub my feet." After
five minutes of silent rubbing, Trish spoke again. "Miss Simons, I've been
thinking. Being in charge of an entire cheerleading squad is a big
responsability. I'm not sure an adult white woman like yourself is smart
enough to do the job, would you agree?"

Miss Simons gave a half hearted nod.

"Well perhaps you should step down then Miss Simons, since its too
difficult for your brain to handle. Would'nt it be better if one of us
black girls were to take over? You know, run the show. We all know your
not cut out to lead us. Of course you would remain the "Official" coach of
the squad to keep the school board happy, but your coaching days are pretty
much over."

Simons hung her head in agreement.

"But don't look so sad coach, perhaps you could still be a part of the
team anyhow. You would be just perfect as a cheerleader. You already know
all our cheers, and you already have the airhead part nailed down. You'd
fit right in I'm sure."

Miss Simons couldnt believe what she was being told. How could Trish
expect her to be a cheerleader? She was 33. Trish had to be kidding.
Was'nt she?

"But first we need to find you the proper uniform. Why dont you remove
all your big girl cloths and we'll go find some."

Miss Simons froze. There was no way that she'd expose herself in front
of her girls like this. She was still the coach damit, despite what Trish
was saying. She had to end this now, before it was too late.

Trish saw the rebelion forming in her coaches eyes, and knew just what
to do. She raised her left foot and gently rubbed it against her coachs
right cheek. Within moments, Simons resolve had melted and she closed her
eyes as she enjoyed the sensation on her cheeck. Trish smilled as she
soothed the white animal before her.

"Now my little pet, remove your cloths for black Mistress."

Black Mistress. Yes, that what she was. It sounded so perfectly to the
white coach. This was her black mistress. Just like grass is green, and
sky's are blue, this was her Black Mistress.

With trembling fingers, she began to undress before all the black
cheerleaders. Trish snickered in her head at the site. Only 10 minutes
ago this was a confindent female coach, yet now here she was, undressing
before them and getting ready to try on a cheerleader's uniform.

As Simons unsnapped her bra, her large breasts bounced free. Soon she
was kneeling completely naked before them. Trish got off of the table and
took hold of her coach's hair. With a big tug she led her crawling pet out
of the office.

Poor Miss Simons struggled to keep up with the black vixen, as Trish
briskly walked out of the office and into the locker room. In the
meantime, all the other black girls laughed and giggled as they commented
on the way her ass jiggle and large breasts swayed beneath her. Some even
even started slapping her ass to increase their enjoyment.

By the time they reached the lockers, the coach's knees ached and her
ass stung. Trish opened the locker of a girl named Katty. Katty was the
only freshman cheerlearder they had. At 14 she was the cutest little thing
when she wore her small skirt and top, especially when she was on the floor
licking between the toes of her black "friend".

Now that same small uniform was dangling in front of Miss Simons.

"Here you go coach, I think this is just in your size."

More giggles could be heard as Simons just knelt there with my mouth

"But Trish, its too small. It wont fit."

"I disagree, I think it'll look just peachy. Now try it on Miss Simons,
I know you want to listen to me. I can tell just how badly you really want
a black girl to tell your adult white ass what to do. Just look at that
mess your making on the floor."

Poor Simons looked down in horror and saw a nice little puddle between
my thighs. She inwardly cringed as she thought: "How could I get excited
by something like this? Do I have no self respect, no morels?"

The coach felt that she still did, yet as she rose to put on her new
uniform, she also realized just how confortable it was to listen to Trish.
Despite the immense humiliation, she felt complete doing what she was told
to do.

When she slipped the small top over her large breasts, it felt like it
was threatening to burst from the pressure of her fleshy mounds. The thin
material doing nothing to hide her hardened nipples.

Next she slid the micro skirt up her legs. It barely even covered the
bottom half of her ass, and showed her entire legs. Then she looked around
for some panties, and soon realized that there werent any.

Um...Trish...where are my...panties?

You wont be wearing any Miss Simons. In fact, none of the white girls will be wearing panties any more. Its one of my newest rules as
cheerleader's coach. Just think how happy the fans will be, lots of great
cheers, and lots of white pussies.

Simons looked in the mirror and saw how truely rediculass she looked.
An adult woman wearing a 14 year old's cheerleading uniform. Any sudden
movement and her vagina clearly showed. How humiliating.

"But Trish, I looked rediculas dressed like this. Can I Pleeeeese take
it off?" She was sounding more like a whining child than an adult.

"Don't be silly, you look adorable. My little white girl will be the
best cheerleader ever. However, even though you look the part, we first
have to make sure you can really handle the physical demands of being a
cheerleader. Ready for a run Miss Simons?"

The coach's eyes openned wide. She knew that Trish ment the "lap run".
It was a program that Miss Simons had created herself to make sure all the
cheerleaders wear physically fit before letting them on the squad. girls had to run 4 laps in under 6 minutes or they wouldnt be allowed on. It was
a grueling run. Many of the girls cursed Miss Simons for making them do
it. Now she was going to have to run it herself.


As they walked out of the locker room and onto the field, Simons was
scared to death that a student or parent would still be around and see her
dressed like this. Thank fully, there werent any that she could see.

"Ok coach, you remember the rules. Four laps in 6 minutes or less. If
you dont make it, then you wont be a cheerleader." Trish reached under her
coach's skirt and gently carressed her ass. "And you really want to be my
little white cheerleader don't ya?"

Blushing, Miss Simons nodded her head.


Trish gave a hard slap on the ass and her coach was off and running.

Miss Simons bagan running briskly along the track. As she ran she
quickly realized just how truely small her uniform was. With great effort
she held one hand over her bouncing tits to keep them from falling out, and
used the other hand to keep her skirt from riding up her hips and flashing
her ass and pussy.

By the time she had finished one lap she was already exhasting. Even
her arms were getting tired from activaly holding down her uniform.

To add to her torment, the black girls had spread themselves out along
the track and took cheerful delights in swatting their coach's behind each
time she ran past.


Two laps down. Now she was having more and more difficulty keeping
pace. She knew she was really out of shape for this type of running but
pushed forward.

Other things were making it hard on her. At any moment her breasts threatened to pop out and the pain of her sore ass grew with each swat.
But besides all her problems, she was still making great time. Only two
laps left and she still had 3 1/2 minutes left.

During the third lap poor Simons was really getting winded. She had to
put her tits back in the top 3 times already and she was getting tired of
contantly pushing down her skirt. By the time she finished lap 3, there
were only 40 seconds left.

When Trish anounced the time, a great panic went threw the coach. She
so despreatly wanted to make it. She wanted so badly to be Trish's little
white cheerleader.

She dug down deep and found the energy she never knew she had as she ran
with all her might. Freeing her mind of all distractions she let go of her
skirt and top and ran like the wind. Within moments both of her big tits had completely popped out and were flopping around like mad as her skirt
hiked up to her lower stomach, completely exposing her ass and pussy.

"25 seconds" Trish yelled. She was halfway through. The pain of her
flopping tits and her exposed crotch were pushed aside as all that mattered
was finishing the race.

"15 seconds" Almost there.

"10 seconds" Just rounding the last corner"

She could hear all the girls chanting


The coach fell over the finish line and colapsed into a heap of exposed
flesh. She lay exahsted on the ground heaving like an animal. Her large
breasts exposed, rising and falling with each heavy breath. Her
cheerleading skirt high above her waiste baring her cunt to all her
giggling black cheerleaders.

Trish stood over her naked, sweaty, former mentor: "Congradulations
Coach, your on the squad. See you at practice tommorrow."

End of Chapter 1. To be continued...

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