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Black Pearl 20


The Black Pearl of Pharazionby Cobalt Jade ( 20: The TestI squirmed in my bonds as the Queen's order echoed. From outside I heard a jingle of metal. There was a rhythm to it; the practiced trot of well-trained slaves with chains between their ankles. Though ordinarily not a menacing noise, I felt my innards twist. The door to the chamber opened. A guard came in leading a line of three naked slave girls who were coffled neck to neck, wrists strapped behind their backs. They jogged over to us in what was known as the slaves' trot--spine straight, head erect, legs lifted high--so their breasts and buttocks rebounded briskly. All three had been harnessed in well-polished black leather. The first slave I recognized as a retransformed Marnessa, but it took me a few seconds to recognize the other two: Karina and Aylinn.If I had not known them as well as I had I might have mistaken them for the anonymous pretties that served the palace, for Shezrine had sexualized them to the point of parody--waists tucked in, hair lengthened, breasts and buttocks enlarged--so swollen, in fact, they looked on the verge of bursting free from the skimpy leather harnesses that supported them. Their lips were now sculpted pouts, their liquid eyes wide and guileless...indeed, their faces were so blankly pretty that, like flowers, they seemed incapable of crinkling into human expressions at all. All the hair below their necks had been removed, exposing the puffy pink labia that pouted between their thighs. I had no doubts the tight harness had much to do with their moistness. The guard halted them and removed their neck chains. As one the three bowed before the Queen, their foreheads pressed against the carpet. On each smooth, resilient buttock was the basilisk brand of the Caramaithzes in slight depression to the skin, filled in with black ink that had been injected under the surface. They were truly Shezrine's creatures now. She had seen fit to cork them, too, with two solid plugs in each nether orifice, the black thongs of the slave harness keeping them firmly inside. The pink soles of their feet nestled under their well-packaged cheeks as they settled, the soft flesh delicate and defenseless. They looked so vulnerable now, so lost, yet they had a presence, the same way a finely made object of art does. Shezrine studied their shallow breathing, their splayed hair, as she lounged in her throne with her elbow on the armrest, a finger thoughtfully resting against her chin. "Rise," she said at last.They rose as a unit, setting the strapped portions of them bobbing to attention. A lump caught in my throat when I remembered what Karina had said to me in the Temple: *Can you imagine being turned into something like that, with sex on your mind all the time, always begging for a lay?* Now she would find out."Face the prisoner," Shezrine commanded.The slaves turned to look at me, their ankle chains whispering against the floor. "Do you recognize them?" Shezrine said. The words glinted with pleasure. "Two were your friends once, and one your property, which I took the liberty of confiscating, as it once belonged to me. With the help of my magic they are now accomplished pleasure slaves." The slaves stood as still as the sculptures that lined the chamber walls. "My dears," the Queen said, addressing them directly, "Do you remembered this woman?"The three blinked long-lashed eyelids at me. No recognition showed in their bland, perfect faces. Their expressions were utterly devoid of the individual personalities they once held; it was if their only purpose in life now was to please her. "She is not familiar to me," Marnessa said."I seem to remember her, but it was long ago," Karina answered."I might have seen her in a dream once," Aylinn replied.Shezrine laughed at the vagueness of their replies. "You note how obedient and single-minded they are, the result of my magic. They've been serving as slaves since last night, and quite popular they were, too.""My test," I said in a strangled voice."Oh yes," the Queen said lightly. "The test. Well, Lady Tanimury, since you have failed to evince any...self control...during my ordeals for you so for, I will give you the chance to try again." She snapped her fingers and a large hourglass appeared in her hands. "It's quite simple, really. There will be three rounds, and in each round your friends will demonstrate to you the new skills they have learned in my employ. If you can refrain from orgasm for any round out of the three, I will release you and your friends unharmed."Shezrine then looked at the slaves. "Slaves, you will pleasure the prisoner using your mouths, your lips and teeth and tongues alone; you will not touch her with any other part of your body, and you will not touch each other. Do you understand?""Yes, my Queen," they said in unison. "Good, then." Shezrine crossed her legs, silver over silver, and turned the hourglass over. With a rustle of their ankle chains, the three slaves took up positions around me as I hung like a piece of dangling fruit. Goddess, please give me the strength to endure this! They began with their lips, as their arms were bound behind them. They caressed me all over in little butterfly kisses, light and unthreatening--my shoulders, my arms and legs. The pecks were tiny, delicate, and insubstantial as soap bubbles, but they did not relax me; in fact, the rising tension only added to my arousal. Through my thighs I saw the Shezrine settle back to watch us a wicked smile on her lips. With one hand she toyed with her whip. Belly, toes, the backs of my thighs, my buttocks. Their lips began to grow aggressive, nibbling and sucking at my flesh. Their soft, ripe bodies glistened with oil, and their scent overwhelmed me...a combination of fruitlike sweetness, spice from the oil, and their own sensual juices. Soft hair swept in rich waterfalls over my naked skin. I jerked my head away when they tried to kiss my face, staunchly determined not give in to their stimulation; but in spite of myself I began to writhe, even though I knew motion would only intensify the sensations. However, remaining still would only give them the opportunity to suckle me more, and that I definitely did not want. The inside of my thighs, the soft skin under my breasts, my nipples. I willed myself to be still, but my will did not obey. It made things worse to look at them. The black leather harnesses packaged them alluringly, allowing soft flesh to swell over the edges of the straps. Their nipples had been pierced and the little gold rings nodded energetically with their movements, the thin chain that connected them swaying. Each pair was erect by now: Marnessa's a dark, rosy brown; Aylinn's salmon, Karina's a tawny pink. The little nubs pointed mindlessly; I could practically see them extend like fingers that itched to touch me.No, I shouldn't look! I closed my eyes, and that was worse; one of the slaves quickly kissed me, inserting her tongue into my mouth. Warm kisses covered my eyelids, my forehead, my hairless pate. I had never realized how sensitive my scalp would be without its shield of hair.Another girl kissed the seeping folds of my sex.She licked me up and down, prying, probing. Her silky hair bumped the top of my shaven mons, her cheeks a cool caress against my inner thighs. She extended her tongue, gathering my juices, lapping them slowly. My lips parted in little gasps I could no longer control, expelling themselves in short bursts of breath. My legs tensed, shuddered, tensed again. My skin tingled, and I knew what was happening. I couldn't stop it. I could not.The last slave found my nipples. She teased them unmercifully, sucking hard, scraping them with her teeth. From one to the other she went and I felt my breasts swell like two wineskins. I whimpered deep in my throat, a pathetic, impotent plea that did nothing at all to free me from my tormenters.I was going to come. I tried to hold myself back, thinking of all the atrocities Shezrine had committed...the lives she destroyed, the abuse and slavery she mandated. But I could not concentrate. The soft mouths of the slaves champed and suckled and I shuddered up and down like a plucked bowstring. I had been wrong to close my eyes. The girl mouthing my sex touched my clit with the tip of her tongue and it swelled uncontrollably like a seed in the rain; she fastened her mouth on it and began to suck as the other slave played harder with my nipple. The third girl, the one kissing my scalp, left off to attend to its mate. No, no, no...I begged my goddess, my ancestors. No, please stop, I can't....but it happened anway. "No, no--oh, oh...AHHHH!" I shouted, trembling, shuddering as if I could break myself loose from my bondage, my mouth opened wide in rapture.The vibrations slowed, abandoned me. Shezrine laughed, holding the hourglass cradled in her lap. "Very good!" The sand was not even half run out!I had to do better next time. I must. I must.The slave girls panted in their harnesses, flushed with a mixture of lust and exertion, but a flick of the whip sent them back to their task. Shezrine reset the hourglass. "Round two."They did not bother with kisses this time. I flinched as Aylinn shouldered aside the others and thrust her tongue deep inside me, wriggling it like a grub; my former friends had learned their new jobs well. I undulated helplessly, my thighs trying vainly to close themselves, as the other two attacked my nipples, torturing the helpless nubs between their teeth. My hips pumped without my permission, a galloping motion that made Shezrine laugh. The hard sucking made my nipples feel like they were on fire, about to burst with pure pleasure. I twisted my body to escape the torment, but that only added to my arousal. I knew that if I kept moving, however, the slaves would be hard pressed to keep up with me and would tire more quickly. I might beat the hourglass yet.So we fought a slow battle in front of the Queen, the only sounds the moist sucks of well-lubricated passion. The slaves switched positions again and again, spelling each other. The rapid pace made them clumsy. They bumped each other as they scurried, their bland, pretty faces now taut with worry as they realized their time was running out. It might have been very amusing if I was watching from outside. Then I saw they were running into other on purpose, using it as an excuse for physical contact. They were becoming just as aroused by each other as I was."No! Stop that!" Shezrine shouted with a snap of the whip. Aylinn and Karina jerked away from other and a thin line of red appeared on Aylinn's left buttock. The message was clear. The slaves were to attend to my pleasure rather than their own.But that did not prevent more mistakes, and the whip snapped again and again. The slaves began to use my body to satisfy themselves. Their erect nipples rubbed against my skin, the hard touch of the metal rings making it even more erotic.As I struggled I saw Marnessa's eyes roll, her body stiffen. Her mouth went slack. Trembling, she gasped hard, her eyes wide, and pressed her legs tightly together. I felt the impending thunder of orgasm roll through her body, carried to me faintly through the nipple she still held. "You, slave! Show more energy! Faster, faster!" The whip cracked loudly, setting her to work once again.Aylinn bit my other nipple like a tigress, and Karina ran her tongue around and around the moist portal of my vagina.I was going to come. It was only a matter of seconds. I could hold it off, if I tried...just one moment longer...I quaked just as the last sands ran out, a spasm so intense I blacked out briefly. When I opened my eyes Shezrine was laughing, clapping her hands appreciatively. The slave girls hurried to clean the folds of my sex, scooping up the juices of my climax with their tongues."Better, much better," Shezrine said. "For a few times I almost thought you would lose it, but you held out quite well. I am impressed. If you held out for another two seconds, you would be free right now."I had almost succeeded...but not quite. The slaves, now covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, shuddered before her, eyes downcast. They knew they had almost failed her and now expected a punishment. Shezrine looked at them sternly. "I am very disappointed in you. Your minds were not on your work. You sought to satisfy yourselves instead of attending to your duties. For that mistake, I'm going to up the stakes for you. Perform well, and you will continue to serve me with your beauty and charm. But if you fail me this last time, you will join the collection of statues adorning these chambers. "A horrible panic exploded in the eyes of the three. "Yes, my Queen," they said."You have no right to do this!" I shouted. "You told me my friends would not be harmed!""Who is to say they are harmed by it?" Shezrine chuckled. "If any of my creations have suffered it isn't aparrant to me. Of course, I have never transformed one back to tell me what it felt like." She laughed again.The bitch! My freedom would come with my friend's lives. That is, if they were even killed by such a transformation. They could remain alive, mute and motionless, as dust collected on them throughout the lonely years. More importantly, how could the stone beasts of Qu'Az defend the city if Karina, their mistress, was as still and silent as they? And what would happen to the stymphad wing without their leader?"You did not keep your bargain!" I shouted."Silence!" Shezrine commanded. "Slave girls, begin!"This was the most desperate round of the game yet. The slaves worked even harder this time, so active I could scarce keep track of them. Their mute eyes pleaded with me. Obviously, they did not want to be statues. I did not want them to be statues either, but what could I do? If I became a slave, the Queen would commence with her roundup of the rebels. Deneir and his followers would be crushed, and Shezrine would hold sway alone over this part of the to extend her aggressions to other unwitting city-states, and make their citizens her slaves.I could not let that happen. I was tired by now, my body harder to rouse. "Remember the statues!" Shezrine commanded, snapping her whip at the slaves' helpless legs. I heard them whimper and their mouths grew moist and feverish. They were aroused in spite of their predicament, or perhaps because of it...their musk wafted into my nostrils, an alluring mixture of sweat, lust, leather, and their own growing fear. Marnessa mouthed my labia, desperately grooming each shuddering fold, as Karina flicked my clit with her tongue, vibrating it rapidly with the little pink tip. Meanwhile Aylinn squatted below me, her warm, wet mouth questing slowly; then I felt her breath in the cleft between my cheeks. Slowly, without hesitation, she began to lick the tense pucker of my anus. Whimpers froze in my throat. I could not move, and I couldn't close my thighs. My eyes were wide, staring like saucers, as Aylinn's tongue scraped my anus with loving worship.Helpless before the collective onslaught, I lifted my eyes to the mirrored ceiling...only to see a pair of spread thighs and a trio of heads, each one--fiery gold, sable curls, and umber silk--busily ministrating to my nether regions. I dropped my eyes before the vision pushed me over the edge. No! I bit my lip, hoping the pain would protract the pleasure. Blood trickled down my chin.Shezrine's eyes flicked to her hourglass. Very little time was left. Smiling wickedly, she drew up her heels on the velvet cushion of the throne and spread her legs like a whore.The white bitch! But she had said nothing about not pleasuring herself. She rolled her clit like a marble, the engorged kernel peeping through her fingers, as the fingers of her other hand pinched her nipple. Witnessing her obscene pleasure was too much. I thrashed my head from side to side, my entire body bucking out of control. I was lost. I was damned.I cried out as the tension released itself, a long silent gasp. My back arched and I went frozen as stone. Spasm after spasm emptied me, drained me, went on for eternity. I cared about nothing at that moment...not the rebels, not Shezrine, not my friends, not myself. After many seconds of tension I went limp, sagging. The final spasms left me. I felt wet and used up. The last grains of sand trickled out of the glass. Shezrine laughed in triumph.


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