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Blackmailed by the Brother in Law


From Tue Nov 16 20:19:12 1999
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 02:00:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Blackmailed by the Brother-in-law

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Blackmailed by the Brother-in-Law
By Stormbringer

Bernard laid naked on the large bed, his little five and a half inch
cock was hard in anticipation and his crotch was making thrusting
motions as he waited for his wife to finish changing in the adjoining
bathroom. It was their first night in the house he had grown up in. He
and his brother David had roamed the big halls of the old house playing
the games that little boys played, the best of friends, until the
incident that drove them apart had occurred. The brother's father had
passed away eight years earlier, and their mother several months ago.
Bernard being the oldest, at 38, had inherited the house and he and Anne
had decided to move back to his home town, since job opportunities were
not very fruitful in their area. David had inherited his fair share of
the money, but had not gone to their Mother's funeral as he was away in
Africa on a photographic safari. He had called a week after they buried
her and talked to his brother Bernard for the first time in 17 years,
short of quick conversations on birthdays and Christmas. Now, David was
coming to stay with them for a week, to collect some things and go pay
his respect to his mother and Father's grave site.
"Ready or not, here I come," yelled Anne from the bathroom. Bernard
reached under the bed and pressed play, on the remote control to a
camcorder he had hidden in the room. Anne had no idea he was secretly
planning on taping their love-making session and probably would have
freaked if she had known. Bernard had always fantasized about making a
fuck tape with his beautiful young wife, and he knew that he was being
sneaky and was probably making a mistake, but being a stupid jerk was in
his nature.  
 Anne stepped out of the bathroom, she had gone out to by some
lingerie for her husband to celebrate their first evening in the home
they would probably spend the rest of their lives in. Bernard's little
dick twitched as his eyes ran down his beautiful blonde wife's body. At
28, Anne was simply stunning. She was wearing a white lacy bra that
covered little of her large breasts.and part of her saucer sized nipples
poked over the top of the bra teasing him. Her thong panties were
see-thru revealing her neatly trimmed vagina.
Bernard had known she was something special the minute she walked into
the video store he had been working at four years ago. Anne had been
very shy and had worn baggy clothes that couldn't hide her fabulous
figure. He had tried to engage her in conversation, but she had just
blushed shyly and hurried on. He had brought up her rental records and
discovered her taste in movies. The next time she came in, he had
recommended some of the movies she had rented a couple times before.
After several conversations, he had asked her to go see a weird foreign
film that matched her tastes, not a date but just as friends. By the end
of the film, they were holding hands. Anne it turned out had been home
schooled by an ultra-religious, overprotective mother. She had never
been on a date or even kissed a boy until she had met Bernard, a
friendly older man, who shared so much in common with her. Bernard had
never had much success with women. His face had cleared up, but he was
still the skinny little nerd in glasses he had been in school. and he
knew a good thing when he saw it. He met her mother, quoted some
scripture to her, and the next thing he knew, he had the wife of his
Anne did a little strip tease for her husband. In the four years she had
been married, Anne had opened up a lot. She was still shy around
strangers and always wore knee-length skirts and baggy sweaters in
public. In private, she developed a large sex drive and loved the
reaction she got from her husband whenever she wore sexy underwear for
him. Anne was horny all the time and never turned down sex. What she
didn't realize was that she was horny so often, because her husband
never satisfied her.
Anne removed her lacy bra top and tossed it at Bernard. He caught it and
threw it aside. She teased her large nipples with her fingers until they
became hard and erect. She then ran the palm of her hand down her flat
stomach and into her panties. She began rubbing her clit and moaning in
front of her husband. Bernard was going nuts. He jumped off the bed and
yanked down her thong. He quickly pulled her on top of him and entered
her with his little dick. She was wet from playing with herself and he
slid in easily. Anne knew nothing about foreplay and Bernard had never
attempted anything but straight missionary position sex with her. It
felt funny to be the one on top, but she liked it. She sighed when he
came inside her 5 minutes later. I wish men lasted longer, she thought,
I could make love all day. She laid down next to her husband and
snuggling together they fell asleep.

The next day, Bernard watched the video tape, while Anne was out
shopping. He had pulled Anne on top, because he wanted a good view of
her body as she bounced up and down on his dick. The tape had turned out
pretty good. Anne could have been a porn star she looked so hot. He
wished that he had been able to zoom in on some scenes, but figured, oh
well, maybe next time.   

Later that day, Anne caught Bernard looking at his parents scrap book.
"That you and David," she asked. The picture showed the two boys at age
10 and 15, dressed as cowboys. "He looks so much like you," she told
him. "Yeah", replied her husband. "Many people thought we were twins,
despite the age difference. I was small for my age." "Nervous," she
asked him. "Uh huh," he said, still looking at the pictures. "Its been
17 years, and he still hasn't forgiven me." "What did you do that was so
bad?" Anne asked. Bernard quickly ran through the story......

12-year-old David didn't understand why his penis kept getting hard all
the time. He also didn't understand why it felt so good when he touched
his little undeveloped dick. He lay back on the couch and he began
rubbing it, slowly at first, then faster. David felt his mind wander,
and he pictured some of the older girls sunning themselves around the
community pool in their little bikinis. He was so into his first
masturbation experience that he failed to here the clicking sound of his
17-year-old brother's camera going off. Bernard and his brother were
avid camera buffs, and were never without them. When Bernard saw his
brother masturbating he had snapped four pictures of David's little
dick. He even captured the surprise and fear on his brother's face as he
experienced his first orgasm.
Bernard had developed the photographs and like the jerk he was, he
showed them all over school. David had been humiliated. He and Bernard
had always been the target of bullies, as they were your typical nerds,
skinny, pimply faced, with large glasses perched on their noses and the
photos had just made things worse. He was called pencil-dick by the
jocks and none of the girls would ever talk to him. David had dropped
out of school at 16 and moved out West.....

Bernard looked down at his feet, when he saw the disappointed look on
Anne's face. "Bernie, that was an incredible invasion of his privacy.
You should never take someone's picture without their permission." "I
know, I know," he hastily replied. "I was just a stupid kid back then,
but its been 17 years." "Your right, he should get over it," she said as
she patted his shoulder reassuringly. "Anyway it couldn't have been that
bad." Bernard told her to wait there.
He ran up to his childhood bedroom and removed the crawlspace access in
his closet. He took out the picture of David orgasming and brought it
down to his wife. She giggled at the expression on David's face in the
picture. If it hadn't been pornographic, it could have won the pulitzer.
It clearly showed an adolescent male on the road to manhood, making a
sexual discovery about his body. All the shock, joy and fear were
written all over David's pimply face.   "One thing I don't
understand, dear," she said. "What's that" "Why'd they call him
pencil-dick," she asked. "His penis is the same size as yours now."
"Kids are just cruel," he hastily replied as he returned the picture to
his room.


David pulled his rental car into the driveway of the house he grew up
in. He got out of the car and put his muscular arms on his hips as he
surveyed the old building. It brought back a flood memories, most of
them unpleasant. He had fled to California, a humiliated wreck of a boy.
He had never told his parent what his brother had done to him and they
had thought David was just an uncontrollable youth. He had vowed never
to be humiliated again and had started taking steroids and working out.
By the age of twenty, He had grown to be 6'6" and covered in muscles. He
had hung weights on his penis, lifting them with his erection. It had
grown to an impressive size from all the excercise and the weight
gainers he had taken.
David then started to notice girls were paying him a lot of attention
and he began a period of sexual conquests. He never wanted to grow close
or to be hurt and laughed at again, so he dumped them quickly after
getting them in bed. David went to night shool and got his GED. From
there he moved on to college and studied photography. He dropped out
when a couple magazines bought his pictures, and he became semi-famous
for his wildlife photographs taken all over the world.
David walked up to the steps and rang the doorbell. He waited about
thirty seconds before it was opened by a beautiful blonde women. Her
hair was up and she was wearing a baggy sweat shirt and pants. Her
unkempt look made her seem even more attractive somehow and David felt
something stir in his heart and in his pants at the sight of her. This
was the kind of woman, that men felt they had to protect. "Hi, can I
help you," said Linda to the handsome man standing before her. "Hi, you
must be Anne," he said flashing her his dazzling smile. "Yes," she
replied curiously. "I'm David, your brother-in-law," he told her.
"You're David," she said, her eyes going wide. "You're not what I
expected." David took his sister-in-law in his arms and gave her a quick
hug, completely engulfing the smaller woman within his muscular torso.
Linda was blushing, when he released her. No man except her husband had
ever held her before. She felt comfortable, and secure in his arms and
it unnerved her a little. She let him into the house and said her
husband was playing on the computer.

David made shushing motions with his fingers and he walked into the
computer room, He looked over his brother's shoulder and saw both Anne
and Bernard's email addresses. "Hello, big brother," he said in
Bernard's ear. Bernard jumped up and turned around, finding himself
staring at the chest of large man. He looked up in shock at the big man.
David looked his brother over. All the old feelings resurfacing,
jealously, hate, humiliation, and a burning desire for revenge.The years
had not been kind to his brother, he was still small and nerdy, with a
growing bald patch surrounded by thin greying hair. Bernard even wore
the same stupid glasses they had worn as children. David wore contacts
now and the obvious physical disparities between them caused him to feel
better. Anne was intently staring at them from the doorway. How a man like Bernard could score a babe like Anne was beyond him.
Bernard was nervous when he saw his brother for the first time in 17
years. This wasn't little David, this man could toss him to the side of
the room with the flick of one hand and for a moment, Bernard thought he
was going to do just that. For a split second Davids eyes had narrowed
and Bernard had seen violence reflected within, then it was gone and
David had smiled and hugged him roughly. "Good to see you big brother,"
he said. "Good to see you too," replied Bernard as the air was squeezed
from his lungs. Anne clapped in delight at seeing the two siblings


David regaled them at dinner that night with stories of his adventures,
climbing mountains and sneaking up on lions in the Serengeti. Anne
seemed enthralled with David's stories and it made Bernard jealous to
think that his brother was living out their boyhood dreams while all he
had accomplished was buying a small video store in town. Bernard
couldn't get over the change in David's appearance and had David fill
him in on his work-out routine and weight lifting exercises. David said
that maybe Bernard should call him big brother from now on, causing Anne
to laugh much to Bernard's displeasure. Bernard told the story of how
they met and David smiled to hear what a shy, innocent, young thing his
new sister-in-law was. They stayed up late talking and when they finally
retired, David took his brothers childhood room as his had been turned
into a den.

David spent the next morning with Anne when Bernard had left for work.
He showed her his photographs and told her the stories behind each one.
Anne was delightful company and he told her as much. She blushed at the
compliment and hugged him goodbye when he said he was leaving to pay his
respects to their parents grave site.

After he left the graveyard, he decided to check out the town. He
stopped for lunch at the town's diner in the late afternoon. His
waitress was a plump worn looking women that seemed vaguely familiar. He
was shocked when he read her name tag. It was Tiffany, the head
cheerleader and one of his tormentors from high school. She seemed just
as shocked when he told her who he was and they agreed to meet for

Anne was disappointed when he told her he was having dinner with an old classmate and Bernard just told him to have a good time. David picked
Tiffany up at her trailer around eight. Over dinner, she filled him in
on her life, She had married Josh the quarterback, had three kids by
him, and then had thrown him out when his drinking became a problem.
David charmed her as easily as he had charmed Anne.

David looked down at Tiffany's fat ass shaking as he fucked her doggy
style with his 10" rod. "Fuck me with that big cock, Fuck meee," she
moaned in orgasmic pleasure. He found the experience of fucking his
former tormentor strangely unrewarding and he fantasized it was Anne he
was impaling with his giant rod. She screamed as another orgasm rocked
her body, when his cock erupted inside her.
Her screams had woken one of her children and she screamed "Get the fuck
out of here." when he came to investigate. David dressed in silence and
heard Tiffany yell "call me" as he left her trailer.
David spent the next day exploring the town with Anne and they had a
picnic in the park. When they returned Tiffany had left two messages on
the answering machine which he ignored.

David was wide awake and horny when he retired for the evening, he heard
Anne giggling
in the next room as she and Bernard made love, and his cock got hard.
David remembered where Bernard used to hide his porn as a teenager and
he went into the closet to look for some. David removed the lid to the
crawl space and reached inside, his hands closed on an unlabelled video cassette. Cool, a porn, he thought, I'll have to check it out tomorrow.
He reached in again and pulled out the photograph of him masturbating as
a boy. His erection disappeared as he looked at the frightened boy experiencing his first orgasm.

Dammit! Why did Bernard save this thing? A thought occurred to him. Was
Bernard still trying to use this picture against him? Was he showing it
around to people? Had Anne seen it? He realized he was being irrational,
but still the thoughts kept popping up in his mind. He returned the
video and the photograph to its hiding place in the closet and laid back
on the bed. He could hear Anne talking through the wall.  
 "Anne, keep it down," whispered her husband. "You don't want pencil
dick to hear us." Anne couldn't help herself and gave a little laugh,
then she whispered in her husbands ear "Bernard that wasn't nice." "I
know, I know," he whispered back. "I'm sorry, it was just a stupid
joke." David's eyes were wide and he had shot up in the bed. His face
was red and his eyes had narrowed with fury. He had heard pencil dick
and then Anne laughing. He had heard nothing after that. Visions of
pummelling his brother beneath his fists surfaced in his mind, and Anne
how could she laugh, she had been the only ray of sunshine in this
miserable town. They should be punished, but how?


  Anne was surprised at how distant, David acted towards her the
next day, she had been thrilled at the prospect of spending another day
with her handsome brother-in-law. Never in her life, had she encountered
anyone so exciting. She wanted to travel the world and experience life
too. Anne decided to let David have his space and told him she would be
gone shopping the rest of the afternoon. He just nodded at her and as
she left.

David sat in his dad's old chair brooding for a little while, until he
realized he was still horny. He briefly thought about calling Tiffany,
until he remembered the video in the closet. He retrieved the video, and
stripped down in front of the tv. He started stroking his large cock and
hit play. A man with a tiny little dick was bouncing up and down on a
bed, that seemed vaguely familiar. Amateur crap! David picked up the
remote to hit stop, when the woman walked out of the bathroom. Never had
he seen such a body, those legs, her hips, her belly, and her large firm
breasts were all perfect. His cock was a rock hard ten inches now as he
stroked it with excitement. This couldn't be an amateur video, only a
porn star could have a body like that. The woman on the screen danced
for the wimp on the bed, but it was like she was dancing for David. The
man on the bed sat up quickly. My god it's Bernard, he thought. His eyes
opened wider in shock as Bernard pulled the now naked girl on top of
him. ANNE! David knew she had a nice figure under all those clothes, but
he had no idea it was this perfect.

He started stroking off quicker as Anne bounced up and down on her
husbands little cock. "Your one sexy bitch," David said out loud as he
stroked his cock. " Fuck me Anne, fuck me. Hows it feel to have a man sized cock in you." His fantasies were interrupted by Bernard cuming and
the tape ending. He rewound and watched the tape again. "You can do
better then that wimp, Anne. Your body was built for big cock." Bernard
hadn't lasted long and David found himself rewinding the tape several
more times, finally he gave up and paused at a scene that showed off
Anne's body pretty well. After a half hour the semen erupted in a geyser
from the head of his cock.
If an observer had taken a picture now. It would have shown a powerful
built man with an intense look on his face as he came buckets from a
large bull cock. A far cry from the snapshot taken 22 years earlier.
David cleaned up quickly and redressed. He then rummaged thru the
drawers next to the tv looking for one of his dad's old sports tapes. He
was going to make a copy of the sex tape for himself. David was lucky,
he found an unopened blank cassette and removed it. He had about an hour
until Anne returned, so he tried to hurry. David ran up to his brother's
room and un-hooked their vcr. He brought it downstairs and put the two
together and started copying the tape. One other thing was clear, the
quality indicated Anne wasn't aware she was being taped. The sight of
Anne's body made him erect again, he had to have her.

David was still sitting in the chair when Anne returned. She felt
relieved when he jumped up to help her carry the groceries inside. He
smiled at her all trace of his earlier melancholy gone. David spent the
next couple of days getting to know all about Anne. Her mother's name,
where she grew up, what she liked to read, and she was delighted to have
someone express so much interest in her. She cried when he left, he
hugged her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Anne felt as if she
was losing a good friend and not a member of her family. David shook
hands with his brother and then with a smile and a wave, he was gone.


Upon arriving home, David immediately began capturing scenes from the
tape on his computer. He zoomed in on several scenes and enlarged them.
He saved them to Photoshop and created several jpegs. Every day he was
not on assignment he would masturbate to pictures of Anne. He found he
had lost all interest in women except for his brother's wife. Soon he
would have her.

It had been six months since he had first set eyes on Anne. David had
been away most of that time on various jobs and now he was ready to make
his move. He began typing Anne an email message. He had memorized her
likes and dislikes, favorite books, movies etc. He hoped to make Anne
fall in love with a stranger over the internet.   

Anne checked her email. She was surprised to see she had a message. She
didn't get too many, having no friends, and all she tended to receive
was a few subscriptions to various interests of hers. She clicked on the
message. Surprise, it was addressed to a women named Karen. She quickly
scanned the contents, her eyes widening. The sender, Rick, was telling
this Karen person, that she had to read Dicken's Great Expectations. It
also happened to be Anne's favorite book. Her finger paused above the
delete button, and then she moved it to reply.

David got the message, later in the day. It informed him that he must
have gotten a wrong address, because she was not Karen, but Great
Expectations was one of her favorite books. Anne was surprised to see
she had another message from Rick on the computer. He apologized for
sending the message to the wrong address but, he was interested in her
thoughts on the novel. Anne replied with a lengthy summation of her
thoughts on Great Expectations.
David read the email. He replied that he found her opinion insightful
and brilliant. Are you an English lit professor? Anne smiled in delight
at the compliment. She wrote, No I just like good literature. David
replied a couple days later. He wrote, I have greatly enjoyed our
discussion. Would you be interested in continuing it about other books?
Anne typed back that she'd be delighted.

They began a long relationship via email. Anne couldn't believe that she
had found someone who shared all her interests. They discussed books and
movies, exchanging messages at least twice a week and Rick would always
compliment her on her ideas and opinions. This went on for several
months until one day, Rick asked her on a date. She frowned as he had
never gotten personal before and replied, that she was married. His
answer came a couple days later. It just said, the good ones always are.
Anne thought that was that, and they continued to email each other. A
couple of weeks went by and Rick asked if she would like to exchange
pictures. She wrote that she was not comfortable giving out her address
to a stranger. He responded, Not addresses email attachments. She told
him, sorry but I don't have the ability to do that. He said that's fine,
I'll send you a pic of me in the morning, you can remain anonymous.

The next morning, Anne got on the computer to check for the picture.
Sure enough he had a brief message with a jpeg attachment labelled "Me".
She clicked on the attachment and watched as a young, fit, well muscled
torso slowly revealed itself. It only showed Rick from the neck down. He
had fantastic biceps and flat muscular abs. Rick was clad only in tight
briefs that showed off an obscene bulge. Her breath quickened at the
sight of his hard body. She laughed at the briefs, he was playing some
kind of joke on her. He had obviously stuffed his briefs full of socks
or something.

That night as they emailed back and forth, Anne discussed a couple of
books with Rick. Towards the end of their conversation, Rick asked her
if she liked the picture he had sent her. She responded, I found it very
What do you mean funny? I was proud of that pic.
Funny that you had stuffed your shorts.
The only thing stuffed in there was my penis.
Yeah right.
I'll prove it tomorrow.   

Anne was perplexed. What did he mean he'd prove it tomorrow? She went
and joined her husband in bed and fell asleep to dreams of well built
men with large bulges.

Around mid-day, Anne noticed she had email. She clicked on it and sure
enough Rick had sent her another jpeg attachment. It was labelled
"proof". She clicked on the jpeg and watched as the same impressive
build revealed itself to her. Except, this one wasn't wearing shorts.
The penis was half hard and stood out slightly larger then Bernard's was
when fully erect. Anne chest tightened and she gasped for air for a
second at the incredible male body on the screen in front of her. When
she recovered, she hit reply and typed in. Very funny, you used some
fake picture off the internet.

Later that night Rick's answer came in the form of another jpeg,
entitled "Further Proof. Anne was trembling when she clicked on it. The
gorgeous male body slowly revealed itself again. This time holding a
sign that said, "Hi Anne, it's really me". She replied, Never in my
whole life, did I imagine penises came that big.

David smiled, he had peaked her interest. He immediately sent her 5 more

Anne was about to log off to go to bed when she got a reply from Rick.
It was accompanied by 5 attachments and read, don't view unless you want
to see more. They were labelled, Ready, Or Not, Here, I, and Come. She
clicked on "Ready", and watched as Ricks erect penis slowly revealed
itself. It looked gigantic. Rick's finger tips just met as his fist
encircled it. She couldn't guess at the length from the picture but it
had to have been immense. Anne felt a moistness between her thighs. She
moved on to "Or Not". Rick had obviously taken stills of his penis while
masturbating. The penis seemed to grow a little in this pic. Almost of
its own accord, Anne's hand moved between her thighs and began rubbing
her clit. She was soon masturbating furiously when she clicked on to
"Here". The penis was still huge, but in this pic the large head had
seemed to swell incredibly. Anne was moaning as she frigged herself. "I"
was almost identical to "Here" except the pee slit seemed to open like a
big eye from the swollen head of Ricks penis. Anne knew what the next
picture would be.

She was feeling funny deep within her loins and realized she was close
to having the first orgasm of her life. "Oh god, So good, So close," she
screamed in pleasure as she hit "Come". A large strand of semen was
erupting from the giant penis in the picture. More then Bernard came in
about five orgasms. Her vagina tried to suck her fingers in deep and
then spit them out when the orgasm exploded form her body.   

Anne felt horrible and fantastic at the same time. Never in her life did
she think anything could feel that good. But, she also felt like she had
somehow cheated on her husband and felt guilty. She went to bed without

David waited and waited for Anne's response. Had he gone to fast? Was
she more conservative then he thought? He waited a week before sending
her a message. Anne please don't be offended by the pictures, I don't
want to lose my best friend.

Anne had just finished putting the groceries away, when she noticed the
light indicating she had mail. Anne had been dreaming of Rick's
magnificent penis all week. Were there more pictures? she wondered. She
read the message and responded, I'm not offended, in fact I loved them.
David read her massage and typed in what was your favorite? Her response
was, the last one. He typed in, Why? and pressed send.
Anne was uncomfortable answering this but typed in. It excited me. He
replied, Did you play with yourself? Yes, yes and it was great, Anne
thought, but typed in, None of your business. Rick sent back, Did you
cum when I did?   

Anne was wet again, but a little unnerved. She typed, I don't like the
direction our relationship is heading with these questions. Please, Rick
don't email me again unless its about art or lit. He responded, I'm
sorry, I will send you one last pic in the morning, no more after that.

Anne kissed Bernard goodbye the next morning, and had made herself some
coffee when she noticed her message light on. She walked over and read
the message from Rick. The attachment was labelled Hot Wife. Curious,
she downloaded the picture. It was of a well built women wearing
lingerie that was kind of familiar.

CRASH. The coffee mug shattered as it hit the floor. Oh My God, that's
me, she thought as she sat down hard onto the couch. A thousand question
raced through her mind. How? Who? When? Anne was scared and angry. She
replied Who Are You? A message came back almost immediately. it read,
You will not tell your husband about these pics, I will contact you
later with further instructions.. It was accompanied by more pictures.
Anne was crying and her hands were shaking as she went thru the pics.
She saw herself dancing almost naked for her husband. She saw herself
impaled on his little penis. Little? Since when did I start thinking of
it as little? Her hands trembled as she went to the last jpeg. At first,
she was relieved to see it wasn't a sex picture. It showed a bed with
manilla envelopes laid out on it. Anne burst into tears. The envelopes
had nude pictures of her coming out of them and they were addressed to
various people she knew, her preacher, the town gossip, and GASP her
mother. Anne would kill herself if her mother ever saw these pictures.

Anne was scared, someone was stalking her, they had photographed her and
Bernard having sex and were trying to usee them against her. Who could
it be? She didn't have any friends let alone enemies. The instructions
came the next morning.

Anne hadn't slept at all and had told Bernard she wasn't feeling well.
She read them after he left for work. They instructed Anne to wear her
sexiest lingerie and to go to the Budget inn, just outside of town
immediately after Bernard left for work three days from now. They said
that if she followed directions she would be given the photographs.

David arrived the day before his meeting with Anne. He unpacked his
clothes, then he brought in 5 boxes from the car. He removed the five
camcorders from their boxes and began hiding them in various locations
around the room. One hidden behind a pile of clothes, one hidden in a
suitcase with a hole cut out of the side.... He aimed them at the
large king sized bed that dominated the room and adjusted the zoom so
that he would get various close ups.

The next day, Anne sat in her car outside the motel room, her fists were
clenched around the steering wheel to keep them from shaking. Finally,
after getting up some courage she knocked on the door.
David hit record on the camcorders and he sat down on the bed. "Enter,"
he yelled.
Anne turned the knob and entered the room. Her eye widened in shock when
she saw David lying there. "David, you.... why?" "Why dear Anne,
revenge, simply revenge," he said softly "What better way to get back at
Bernard for all those years of torture then by fucking his beautiful
Anne caught her breath and she felt her nipples harden against her bra.
Never had anyone used the word "fuck" in front of her. "David, please
don't do this," she pleaded, a disappointed look on her face.

David felt his heart wrench at the look but, he gritted his teeth and
said, "Just do as I tell you,and mommy won't get to see what a slut, she
has for a daughter. Anne gasped and nodded as she looked down at her
feet, "Good," he said, "Now i want you to strip for me like you strip
for your husband."

Anne walked over to the end of the bed and began to halfheartedly sway
her hips. Anne closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was Bernard she
was dancing for. She undid her belt and let her skirt fall to the floor
and she quickly kicked it aside. Her mind invented music for her to
dance too. It was a rhythmic pounding, boom,,,boom....boom. She began to
get excited and her body started to respond. She thrust out her pelvis
at each boom. David's body kept pushing the picture of her husband out
of her mind. He was so much stronger, so handsomer then her husband.

David watched this beautiful sensual woman swaying before him. His cock
stirred in his pants as he took in her shapely legs, full hips and firm
breasts. Her lingerie was white and lacy teasing you by revealing to
much and to little at the same time. This was much better then the
video. He could tell she was getting into her little dance. Inside Anne
was a wild animal yearning to be free and he hoped to be the one to let
it out.   
Anne slowly lifted her sweater and removed it throwing it aside. She let
her hands run down her sides and over her stomach, carressing herself.
She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She let the straps fall
over her shoulders as she held her arms crossed over her breasts.
teasingly. She let the bra drop to the ground and removed her arms.
revealing her breasts in all their glory, her nipples rock hard and
sticking out half an inch. She ran her hands down her breasts and over
her flat tummy. they moved under the waistband of her panties. She could
feel how wet she was. She was hornier then she had ever been in her
life, dancing before her brother-in-law. Why was her body reacting this
way she wondered? She pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out
of them. She was now dancing nude in fromt of her husband's brother, a
man she barely knew. David was thrusting out his hips, watching her. He
yearned to release his cock but, resisted as he wanted to make Anne do
it. He got up off the bed. "Stop" he ordered.

Anne stopped dancing and stood looking down at her feet, her breasts rising and faling as she breathed rapidly. She slowly looked up at him
still fully clothed. It made her more concious of her own nudity and it
excited her even more. There was something natural in being at this
powerful mans mercy. She felt docile and obediant. "Come here" he
ordered. "I want you to remove my clothes." He watched as she slowly
walked over to stand before him. Anne untucked and slowly lifted the
shirt over his chest revealing that perfect body from the emails. He had
to stoop so that she could remove it. She ran her hands sowly down his
hard chest, feeling the little ridges from the outlines of his abs. So
unlike Bernard she thought. She kneeled down unbuttoned his pants, and
pulled them down. David stepped out of them and stood there clad only in
his briefs. Something immense moved beneath his briefs and she saw the
end of his penis start to peak out above the waistband. She grabbed the
waistband and yanked the briefs down.

"Oh" she said in surprise as the giant penis struck her in the face. it
was even bigger in person she thought as she stared at it in awe. How
had pencil-dick, become salami-dick? Its head was flared out as it
swayed before her. She wanted to measure it and grabbed the base. She
wasn't surprised that there was still a half inch gap between her
fingers as she wrapped her fist around it. Bernard's penis disappeared
completely beneath two of her fists. She counted as she moved her fists
up, one, two, three, four... There was still a little bit peeking out at
her at four fists length. She was holding the penis that had given her
an orgasm without even seeing it in person.

David was harder then he had ever been in his life. He couldn't believe
himself how big the head of his cock was. It looked about ready to
burst. He knew he wouldn't last long but then again, he had plenty of
time. "Suck it" he demanded. Anne looked up at him and pleaded, "No
David I've never done it before, it's dirty." "Do it or everyone you
know gets a copy of the pictures," he ordered again.

Anne had tears in her eyes as she looked down at the monster before her.
She gulped and then reached out with her tongue and licked the precum
off the tip of his penis. She ran her tongue around the head and up and
down the sides, tickling the large vein underneath. She kissed her way
back up and took his entire head in her mouth. She found that she was
enjoying it. There was something natural about it, like she was
worshipping a god and by the sounds he was making she was doing a good
job of it. David was embarrassed that he was about to cum so quickly. He
had lasted longer then this when he lost his virginity. but even then he
hadn't been as excited as he was now. He loved having a beautiful woman
at his mercy and adeniline flowed through his body as he swelled up with
power. He felt the semen shoot up from his balls, it seemed to take an
eternty as it traveled up his penis.

Anne was now quite contentedly moving her head up and down about six
inches of Davids shaft., when she felt the head swell up. She tried to
jerk her head back, but David grabbed the back of her head and held it
in place. Her mouth quickly filled with his hot semen and she tried to
swallow as much as she could but some still trickled out the sides of
her mouth and down her chin. It had a not, unpleasant taste and she felt
as though she had been rewarded for a job well done. David let her
remove her mouth and a final stream erupted from the end and landed
above her nipples. Anne felt somewhat releived, he may be smaller but at
least Bernard lasts as long as his brother.

She ran her fists up and down his shaft as she looked up at him, "Guess
wer're done huh, Can I have the pictures now?' Davids brow furrowed in
puzzlement, then he laughed. "Anne wer're not done until I say were
done." He pulled her to her feet and leaned over to kiss her. She
resisted at first and then gave in and started to kiss him back. She
felt confused as she felt his tongue enter her mouth, He was supposed to
lose interest and fall asleep now. David quit kissing her and pushed her
back against the rooms table. He grabbed her hips and set her down on
the end. She had a perplexed look on her face as he pushed her down on
her back. Anne felt David pull her legs apart and he sat in a chair
staring at her vagina.

What was wasn't. She felt his tongue touch the outside of
her vagina, and she gasped. It quickly turned to a moan as his tongue
penetrated her. She had always thought this was dirty too. but how can
something so bad feel this good. Anne was on fire, never had she felt
such pleasure, she grabbed the ends of the table and began pulling
herself onto his tongue wanting it to go deeper. She felt an orgasm well
up deep inside her and then it burst out soaking his face. He seemed
surprised when she ejaculated and she felt his face muscles move as he
smiled, but he didn't stop. He inserted first one then two of his
fingers and he began pumping them in and out of her as his tongue teased
her clit. "Oh, David, it feels sooo good," she moaned. "d..don't
st...op" She threw her head back and yelled as a series of orgasms swept
through her body in waves. "Aaaahhhh."

David sat back and stood up, he cleaned the remains of her orgasm off
his mouth with the back of his hand. Briefly, he looked down at the
beautiful women lying spread eagle before him. She seemed to of passed
out and had a contented look on her face. His cock was rock hard again
and he positioned it just outside her pussy. The table was the perfect
height for him to give her the fucking of her life. Having cum once he
knew he was going to last a long time.

Anne felt something poking at her vagina. My god, she thought he's still
licking me. Her eyes widened in shock as she realized it was the head of
his penis rubbing against her. How can he be hard again, its only been
about forty minutes since he last orgasmed. Bernard had made love to her
twice in one day on their honeymoon, one time, but that had been once in
the morning and once at night. She caught her breath as the fat head of
his penis penetrated her.
David had never seen such a confused array of emotions on someones face
before. At times, she looked confused, aroused, content, and shocked all
at the same time. He moved the head of his cock around inside her a
couple times and then pushed his cock in about five inches. He began
fucking her with the five inches. "Uh, Uh, David it Uh feels Uh
wonderful" she stuttered out as she was stretched out like never before.
Never had David fucked a pussy this hot or tight before and he continued
pounding her pussy with about half his cock for about ten minutes. He
knew from the video that that was all Bernard could give her, but the
thickness would be a new experience. Then he started working another
inch in every five minutes, after a half an hour he had about nine
inches inside her, and was poised to give her the last.

Anne put her legs over his shoulders. she was raising her hips to meet
his thrusts, His giant penis felt incredible in her, It felt like they
had been making love for half an hour but it could only have been about
ten minutes. Nobody could last that long. She felt him reach out and
began to roll her nipples between his fingers. David pulled his cock out
so that the head was just outside then with a harrd thrust he buried his
cock to the hilt deep inside her hot pussy.

Anne screamed as the biggest orgasm yet burst from her body and soaked
his penis. "Oh David I've never felt so full in my life, I love your

"Call it a cock, Anne," he grunted. "I'm fucking you with my cock."

"I love your cock," Anne said looking up at him lustfully. "Fuck me,
David Fuck me with that big cock."

David grinned, she was hooked. There was no way she could ever be
satsfied with Bernards little dick again. He glanced over at the alarm
clock, he had been fucking her for about an hour now and was getting
close. The weights he had hung from his cock had caused him to build up
a large muscle underneath. He began to flex this muscle sending Anne
over the top.

Anne had reached a peak where it felt like one long orgasm was
constantly flowing from her body. She loved sex with her brother-in-law.
She had come here to meet her blackmailer and had planned to fake it.
Never, in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined sex could be this
fulfilling. She felt his cock head swell again and knew he was about to
cum. "Do it, baby, fill my pussy with your cum." she cried staring at hm

The dirty talk and the look she was giving him sent David over the edge.
He held his cock all the way inside her, as he sprayed semen deep within
his brothers wife.

Anne felt Davids semen hit places so deep that she didn't know they
existed. "Cum in my pussy David, I love your big cock. I love your big.
I love you....David," screamed Anne, "I love you" as her final orgasm
soaked his cock yet again.

He rested on top of her for a few minutes his cock shrinking until it
plopped out. He picked her up and laid her out on the bed. David then
began kissing her belly and her breasts, he teased her nipples with his
tongue. Anne felt so alive, every nerve in her body was tingling as
David, climbed on top of her. He carressed the sides of her face and
held her head between his hands as she leaned up to kiss him. She felt
his cock stir again and he entered her pussy for the second time. She
smiled up at him, "Your quite the man." "Only with you Anne," he
whispered in her ear. "only with you." She felt safe and secure in his
arms and she moaned softly as a gentler orgasm coursed through her body.
He got rougher a he got into it and she let him position her body around
as he pleased. She buried her head in the pillow as he fucked her hard
from behind, and she exploded with another orgasm when he worked his
finger inside her ass. In the end she was riding up and down his cock
when he came again. She collapsed on his chest and ran her fingers over
his muscles. She suddenly realized she was starving. "Want to go grab
some lunch?" she asked He looked down at her an amused smirk on his
face. "I'd love to but you have to be getting home." he said. She looked
over at the alarm and sat bolt upright. She had gotten here at 11 it was
now 4:30, Bernard would be home in half an hour.They had been at it
almost 6 hours. She hastily got dressed. He watched her naked his large
cock was standing out about eight inches half erect. He handed her the
envelopes with the pictures and she said "Thank you"
"For the pictures or the sex?" he asked.
Anne bent down and gave the big head of his cock a little kiss, then she
stood up and said "For both I guess." She turned to leave and heard him
say "Oh, I almost forgot,' he removed a video from his bag and handed it
to her.
"Whats this?" she asked
"It's the video of you and Bernard having sex, I found it in my room
when I stayed with you. Thats where I got the pictures I emailed you. I
guess he still hasn't learned his lesson from when we were kids." He
closed the door in Annes confused face. He didn't need the video anymore
in a few days he'd have his own.


Anne had never been more confused or upset in her life as she drove
home. This was all Bernards fault. She had just assumed David had snuck
into the room and snapped a few pictures of her and Bernard making love.
Now as she thought back over the last several months, she realized that
the day in the video was actually several days before David had even
arrived. Just as his picture from 21 years ago had ruined his brothers
life, so had his tape of her, caused her to commit adultery. She looked
in the rear view mirror at a face she barely recognized. Her hair was in
disarray and her face was still wet from all the sweat, and she saw
dried semen caked around her mouth. She thought about David, he had
given her the best sexual experience of her life, she felt satisfied and
fulfilled. In the throws of orgasm she had screamed that she loved him.
Did she? What if he had said he loved her back? Despite him being such a
jerk, she thought she still loved Bernard. His violations of their
privacy had actually been the catalyst that had caused David to become
the well built stud that he was and if he hadn't made the video, she
probably would have spent her life never experiencing an orgasm.

Anne arrived home a few minutes before Bernard. She didn't feel like
dealing with him at this time so she left a note explaining that she was
still sick and was trying to get some sleep. When she awoke the next
morning she decided to forgive, but she could never forget.

David arrived home and immediately started to view the five tapes he had
made. They were excellent, he had captured Anne on her knees worshipping
his big dick, Anne throwing her head back n the throws of orgasm as he
ate her out. He saw himself fucking Anne on the table, fucking her doggy
style, and he had a wonderful closeup of her mounting his big cock. He
immediately began editing the videos into one porno movie. Davids cock
stired in his pants as he stared at the videos.

Bernard was excited as he watched Anne slowly crawl up the bed near his
feet. He hadn't had sex in several weeks as she hadn't been in the mood
and he was as horny as hell. She was planting little kisses on is
scrawny legs as she moved upwards seductively looking at him. What was
she up to? She stopped at his crotch and quickly planted a kiss on the
head of his little penis. It jumped at her touch. Anne has never done
that before he thought. He was even more shocked when she put her mouth
on his dick and started sucking. Bernard had been dreaming about getting
a blow job for close to 30 years and it was all he had dreamed it would
be. He wished he had set the camera up to record this. Bernard's dick
was so small that Annes mouth easily engulfed the whole thing. Anne
grinned as her husband started bucking his hips with pleasure. She
barely felt his cock swell up when he came in her mouth after a few
minutes. Anne sighed contentedly as the small amount of warm liquid
squirted into her mouth. Nothing like the gusher from his brother's
cock, but good none the less. She had been craving the taste of semen
since David had forced her to suck his dick at the motel. Bernard's was
barely enough to wet her appetite.

"Anne thank you, that felt wonderful," He said softly as he began to
fall asleep. Anne moved up until she was sitting on his chest. "Oh no
you don't, I'm not through with you," She told him as she sat her pussy down over his mouth.

Bernard shook his head in disgust and pushed her off his face. "Yech,
What the hell do you think your doing," he said to her angrily.
"I did you, now you do me," she replied. "It's only fair."
"Sorry dear, but I'm not putting anyhting you pee from in my mouth." he
told her.
Anne collapsed on the bed beside him in frustration. She reached down
and tugged on his penis a couple of times in an attempt to make him hard
"Honey, I just came," he told her lazily as he rolled over on his side.
"Wait till tommorrow night, now get some sleep."

Anne was still horny and she needed to get off. When she heard the
sounds of Bernard snoring, she got up off the bed and tiptoed downstairs
to the computer room.

David cleaned the large load of semen off his stomach. He had been
watching the porn of Anne and him fucking when the urge to masturbate had overwhelmed him. He finished cleaning himself off and returned to
his computer. He had captured five pics of them fucking and was planning
on emailing them to both Anne and Bernard. He wished he could see the
look on Bernard's face when he checked his email. All he had to do was
press enter. His finger paused above the button, as a wave of
conflicting emotions overwhelmed him. He hated his brother, but could he
hurt Anne like this? She had said she loved him as she orgasmed from the
pounding he was giving her. Did he love her? He knew she was special the
day they had met and he hadn't stopped thinking of her since that day in
the hotel room. However, the need for revenge was still there all he had
to do was press the button.

Anne's fingers were rubbing her clit as she brought up the pictures of
David's big cock on the computer. God, that monster is so beautiful, she
thought as she stared at the head flaring out as the semen erupted from
his pee slit. Staring at the pictures and remembering how good it had
felt submitting to his giant cock had Anne cumming in a matter of
minutes. What an incredible man, she thought, he doesn't even have to be
present to get me off. She was reaching to turn the computer off when
the message light came on. Curious she tapped the button and sucked n
her breath,with excitement, it was from Rick (David). She clicked on the
message half expecting to see more jpegs of him naked and was
disappointed to see it was a short message. She quickly scanned the

Dear Anne, I never met to hurt you, and I realize what I did was wrong.
I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since the day we spent
together in the hotel. I realize now that I love you, and I have loved
you since the moment you answered your door the day I came to visit. On
the night I found the video, I overheard you and Bernard laughing about
my pencil dick and I wanted to hurt him for the humiliation he has
caused me. I was wrong to hurt you, and I beg for your forgiveness. In
the hotel you said you loved me. If thats true, please come be with me.
My heart aches every moment we are apart. If you don't love me, I will
no longer bother you and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Love

Anne's heart was beating in her chest as she read the message. Anne
didn't need to think about it. She pressed reply and entered. I'm on my

Bernard wept over the note from Anne all it said was: I'm leaving you,
You can have everything we own, Don't try to contact me. goodbye. He had
come home from work to find her clothes were all gone and this note
sitting on the table. It was held down by the video he had taken of them
having sex. His violations of people's privacy had driven his brother away and now his wife.

He moped around the house in a state of depression for a few days before
checking his email. He had a message from Anne's email pen-pal Rick and
he clicked on it. The email consisted of several jpegs. The first was
labelled "unsatisfied wife". It showed a dejected looking Anne in a
motel room. Bernard was furious, Anne had been cheating on him and had
ran off with her internet friend, Rick. The second was called, "From
unsatisfied wife to a sensual woman". He saw the clothed legs of a man lying on a bed. Anne was standing at the foot of a bed clad only in sexy
lace panties and dancing with her eyes closed. She looked so passionate.
The next, "Unsatisfied wife becomes a cock hound". Anne was on her knees
lovingly kissing the biggest cock Bernard had ever seen. He could see
the heavily muscled stomach of the man she was blowing.
"Unsatisfied wife gets satisfied", This shot showed Anne's head upside
down and screaming in ecstasy. He was looking down her body as she was
laying on a table. Her hands were gripping the table and he could see
the hair of a mans head, his face buried in her pussy.

Tears were rolling down Bernards cheeks as he viewed the picture. If he
ever got a hold of this Rick, he'd kill him. If only he had eaten Anne
that night, like she wanted, she might never have left him. Bernard was
surprised to realize his cock was rock hard from lookinh at the sexy
pictures of his wife cheating on him. He reached a trembleing finger out
to press the last jpeg.

It was labled, "Guess Who". He watched as the picture downloaded. Anne's
head was back in the throws of another orgasm as she rode her lover's
cock, just like in the video he had taken of her. His eyes widened as
the man she was fucking came into view. "Noooo" Bernard screamed as he
saw the face of his brother.
His penis immediately lost its erection.

One Year Later....

Bernard paused at the doorway of his house, then he shrugged his
shoulders in resignation and entered. Tiffany was screaming at her brats
as they destoyed his living room.
He had been depressed, lonely and disconsolate after Anne had left him
for his brother. He had printed the pictures of Anne and David and taken
them to show Anne's mother what a slut her daughter was. The old lady
was horrified by the pictures, but Bernard swore her eyes lit up at the
sight of David's large cock. Anne never tried to contact her mother or
Bernard or anyone for that matter.
It was like she had vanished from the face of the earth. Nobody seemed
to know how to contact his brother and David had never responded to his
emails. Not that it mattered, Bernard was afraid of his brother and
probably wouldn't have confronted him anyway.

He had ended up in the arms of the other depressed and lonely woman in
town, Tiffany.
Bernard had watched his and Anne's sex video every night and when
Tiffany started staying over, he went up to hide it back in his room. He
was never able to figure out why there was another video already in his
hiding place.

Tiffany had demanded he get a divorce and reluctantly Bernard agreed.
The judge had been wary of foul play and had asked for details of his
wifes abandonment. When he heard about the pictures of her sleeping with
his brother, he asked that they be brought before him.
The Judge had whistled between his teeth, as he viewed the pictures. He
had granted the divorce and had put the pictures in his desk. He said,
he needed them as evidence.
Tiffany and Bernard were married immediately after the divorce notice
arrived and Bernard had regretted it ever since. Her three children were
monsters and she continued to gain weight as she had quit her job and
all she did was watch soaps on the tv. What made it even more
humiliating was the fact that Tiffany kept calling him pencil dick to
all her freinds.

Africa, The Serengeti plain.

Ann looked up as her lover returned to camp for more film. David was
trying to capture some cheetah cubs on film but the mother kept giving
him a hard time. She smiled as she thought back over the last incredible

David had confessed everything to her when she arrived. The videotape of
their encounter in the motel and the pictures he had sent Bernard when
he found out she was leaving him. He had said he didn't want there to be
any lies or deceipt between them from now on.
They had agreed to start fresh as different people and she had dropped
the e in her name as a start. The only thing she kept as a remanant of
her former life was the video of her and Davids first time together,
which they watched at least once a week. They lived as husband and wife though she believed she was still married to Bernard.

The last year had been one of excitement and sexual bliss. She obeyed
anything David ordered her to do and had orgasmed at least once a day
since they had gotten together. He had trained her as his assistant and
they had traveled to every continent but Antartica and she had never
been happier.

David was reloading his camera when he felt Ann grab his cock and
"Hurry, back honey," she said a mischevious smile on her face. "I can't
wait to suck on "energizer" tonight."
David smled, Energizer, was Ann's nickname for his cock. You know, it
keeps going and going and going. He liked this nickname, much better
then his last one.


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