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Blowing Betty


Blowing Betty

by Couture

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually
explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture

"....last night I had a dream that I had a penis. I think I had it
because I've been reading tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice, in which
Lestat takes over a mortal's body."

Betty continued telling me all about her dream last night, instead of
doing her homework. She did look lovely though twirling her blonde hair
around her finger and playing with the hem of her skirt. "Then he had to
figure out how to use his penis again since he hadn't been mortal in

I think it got stuck in my head somehow because my dream was kinda like
that except, of course, I've *never* had a penis! That made it even

God she is gorgeous when she does that. Come on Steve, don't look at
those baby blue eyes peeking at you through her bangs, that way lies a
broken heart, because pretty girls like that don't go out with geeks like

This was exactly why I tried not to get involved in tutoring girls.
Without fail, they always ended up taking advantage of me. They always
treated me as if I was their sister, while I do their home- work *for*
them. Why don't I have the nerve to tell them, I'll tutor you if you go out
with me. I'm sure that is what the asshole she is probably dating would
say, but not me I'm a *nice* guy.

Well the dream was a good diversion, usually most girls want to tell me
about how their asshole boyfriend treat them like crap, but they love him
anyway. That's my problem, I'm too *nice*.

But, Betty was so pretty and she had pouted her moist lips when I tried
to say no. How utterly adorable she looked, batting her forlorn blue eyes
as she stuck out her lower lip and asked *puh- leze*. In the end, I never
really stood a chance.

So here I sit, doing Betty's homework, while she tells me about her
kinky dream of having a penis.

Hell, to make matters worse, I can't concentrate on doing her algebra
homework without images of her standing naked, with a penis jutting out
from her crotch filling my mind. I gave up on the homework temporarily,
placing her book on top of my crotch to hide the tent that had formed in my
crotch. I looked around at her bedroom at all the silly dolls and animals,
as she tells me more about her dream. What kind of girl has so many dolls
at her age, I wonder.

"Then, in the dream I was really confused about why I had the stupid
thing." God! I looked down, noticing that she was carressing her thighs.
Was this dream turning her on?

"I was also really sad because I didn't understand how it worked and I
felt really embarrassed. I kept crying about my lost vagina. At the end
of the dream I heard a voice tell me, "Hang in there Betty, you'll figure
out how it works soon enough!"

What a weird dream... huh Steve?" asked Betty, as she casually reached
foward and squeezing my leg.

The feel of her hand touching me was wonderful. Could it be that she
likes me or is she one of those touchie feelie people? I wonder.

"Yes, that's a pretty ..." I cleared my troat. "...strange dream all
right." I answered, trying not to let my emotions into my voice.

"You're so smart Steve, maybe you can analyze my dream for me. What do
you think it means?" Betty flirtaciously asked batting her eyes at me. Is
it my imagination or has her hand moved further up my thigh.

"Well," I said, trying to answer as knowledgeably as I could, "Maybe you
feel weak and not in control of your life, so your subconscious mind
projected you with a penis making you stronger." My own confidence in what
I was saying propelled me on, and I found myself trying to sound as
intelligent as I possibly could to impress her. After all, she had asked
me to interpret the dream for her. "However," I continued, "Your conscious
mind could not handle it. As a result, in your dream you couldn't figure
out what to do with it."

Betty jumped up and her cheeks turned red. I looked down to escape the
anger pouring out of her piercing blue eyes, which sent a chill down my

"I thought you were a smart boy ... a nice boy, but you are just a
chauvinist idiot like all the rest." she spat.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean it." I couldn't help but stare at her ass as
she paced around my chair. You are even beautiful when you are angry, I
thought as her hips swished from side to side. Uh oh, she caught me
staring at her bottom, I guess this is the end of our tutoring sessions.

However, Betty smiled instead of becoming angry, as she walked behind my
chair and crossed her arms around my chest. Then I felt her hot breath in
my ear as she whispered, "Perhaps we should explore your interpretation of
my dream a little further....hmmm Stevie?" She removed her hands from my
chest and I heard the rustle of fabric, but as I turned to look, Betty
stopped me cold. "Now ... now ... no peeking Stevie! Close your eyes
and I'm going to give you a *big* surprise."

I heard the sound of her movements, then the squeeking of her bed
springs. "Keep those eyes closed, I mean it!" she warned

"Now you have to promise me you won't tell anybody what you see, before
you open up your eyes, okay?"

What is she doing? If she wants to have sex, I didn't bring a condom
and I don't know what to do. I was scared of all these things, but the one
thing I did know was that I wanted this to continue. "I promise Betty."

"Okay, you may open your eyes now, Stevie."

I opened my eyes quickly looking at Betty, who was sitting on the edge
of the bed. I couldn't hide my disappointment. What was the big secret
all about? She looked just as she did before, except she had a big
shit-eaten grin on her face and she was looking in my lap.

I glanced down, 'Oh God!' on top of the book in my lap, was a pair of
silken pink panties. 'Could it be?' I looked back up at Betty as the blood
drained from my face. She stuck out her pink tongue and licked her lips,
as she stared straight through me, spreading her legs.

I looked up her miniskirt, between her lean thighs, at the blonde triangle of hair, sitting on top of the pink lips of her sex. I'm pretty
sure I should be saying something right now. I'm sure some other guy could
think of something sexy to say, but I can't do anything, except sit there
with my mouth hung open, staring between her parted thighs.

"So Stevie, do you think I am weak now?" she asked, still looking me
right in the eyes. Those eyes made me nervous.

"No ... no I don't," I stammered, looking down at her feet. No, that's
not right, she'll think I'm not interested. How about her mouth? I'll
look at her mouth, that's a good safe bet.

I had fantasies of losing my virginity before, but they always involve
two shy people coming to terms with sex for the first time. However, Betty
was the antithesis of this fantasy. She was forward and in control, while
I hesitated, wondering what I was supposed to do.

Betty reached her right hand down between her thighs and spread the
moist lips of her sex, allowing me to see the pink folds inside. "Do you
like it, Stevie? Is it pretty?" Betty questioned me.

"Y-yes it is...I are beautiful." I replied. I suddenly
became aware of my throbbing penis trying to free itself from the confines
of my pants.

I watched as Betty's hand moved between her legs. The rise and fall of
her chest increased and I could hear squishing as she openly masturbated in
front of me. "Why don't you take off your clothes and come get a closer
look, Stevie? It won't bite."

This girl was a little strange and foward, but never in my wildest
dreams had I imagined that I would lose my virginity to someone so
beautiful. I began to take off my clothes, but I felt embarrassed. I
mean, even though I had seen her sex, she was still fully dressed. It
didn't help matters that she stared straight at me, waiting for me to

I turned around and as I removed my pants, she gave wolf-whistled at me.
"Cute ass!" she exclaimed. I walked toward her, my swollen cock trying to
escape the confines of my briefs.

"Those too," she said pointing at my briefs, "Come on, be sexy when you
take them off. Turn me on Stevie." She licked her lips again, while the
sound of her finger squishing in her sex tormented me.

This is really awkward. I've only seen strippers on tv and they were
all female, worse yet, I had always been kind of shy when it came to my
body. I grabbed each side of my briefs and pulled down on one side and
then the other as I shook my hips, blushing deeply as I tried to tease her
with flashes of my cock.

I felt silly, but at least she didn't laugh at me, but I couldn't bear
to look in her eyes, so I kept my vision focused on the floor in front of
me. I endured the embarrassment as long as I could, finally pulling the
briefs off and putting them in the chair, while my penis bobbed up and down
with each step. I hope she isn't disappointed by my size.

As I knelt down between her spread legs, Betty pulled her miniskirt up
around her waist.

"See Stevie, I have a cock too," Betty said as she reached down and
pulled her clit hood back causing her nubbin to stick out from her sex.
"Do you like my cock Stevie?"

"Y-Yes." I answered, liking this new turn of events less and less. Why
did she have to call it a cock? I certainly was embarrassing having to say
that, just because of her stupid dream.

"Then tell me you like my cock. I love it when boys talk dirty. Come
on Stevie, turn me on!" she told me breathily. Her eyes winced briefly as
she began to stroke her wet swollen clit with her middle finger, her hips
bucking slightly in the process.

"I like your <ahhh> ... cock, Betty." I wasn't really sure about this
talking dirty stuff, it felt kind of degrading, not really much of a turn
on at all. Highly overrated, but Betty seemed to like it by the way she
was moaning now, so maybe I better continue. "It's such a pretty cock, I
think I would like to lick it."

"Ohhh yeah ... you want to suck it, don't you baby?" gasped Betty as
she stuck her finger deep in her sex and then placed her wet digit in my
mouth. I tentatively sucked the juices from her finger. I had worried
that I wouldn't like the taste, instead I loved her musky flavor.

Her finger popped out of my mouth as I answered, "Y-yes ... please let

"Tell me about it. What do you want to suck Stevie? Do you want to
suck my big hard dick? ... hmmm ... do you Stephie?" she asked as she
stuck her middle finger deep in her pussy, then pulling it out and placed
the heel of her hand on my chin and her finger just outside of my mouth. I
opened my mouth for her to stick in in, but she kept where it was teasing

"Please Betty, I want to s-s-suck your big hard dick," My cock pulsed as
I said this, my face turning red. I had never felt so humiliated. I stuck
out my tongue and licked the the juices from her finger. "I need it Betty
... please let me suck it." I was more determined now than ever to place
my head between her lean thighs and taste her juices directly from the

"Ok, Stephanie, the first rule of sucking cock is the teasing. " Did
she just call me Stephanie? I've always been embarrassed when a teacher
calls me Stefin instead of Steven, much less calling me Stephanie.
However, I don't feel like I'm in the position to correct her, kneeling
naked between her open thighs licking the juices off her finger.

"First place that gorgeous mouth right above my dick and blow your hot
breath on it." I placed my mouth right next to her altar and exhaled slowly
on her clit, causing her to moan.

Now she's calling it a dick. How much more humiliating can this be? I
looked at her little cock. It did resemble a penis, sticking up out of her
sex as it was.

"Ahhh....That feels so good my little cock teaser. Now give it some
soft little kiss with those sexy lips..." I opened my mouth and closed my
lips around her little nubbin kissing it. My mouth making wet sounds as I
opened and closed my lips around it. " ... mmmmm..." Betty groaned.

"Make sure you turn your head to the side and look up at me, so I can
see just how much you love sucking my dick."

I obeyed her request, looking up at her face while I kissed her little
'cock'. I feel little funny butterflies in my stomach as I realize except
for her panties, she is still almost fully clothed, while I'm kneeling
totally naked on the floor, while her blue eyes gaze deeply into my soul.

"Oh baby, you look so sexy! It is a such turn on for me watching a
cutie like you suck my cock." Betty said as she ran her fingers through my

I wish she would quit calling it a cock. I guess she is just re-living
her dream, but every time she says cock, it makes me feel peculiar and
nervous about what I'm doing. I began to lick down her labia, in hopes of
driving my tongue into the entrance of her cunt, mere inches away.

I felt Betty's hand tighten in my hair, pulling me back up to her
nubbin. "Stop teasin and get back to pleasin, Stephie," she demanded. I
didn't seem to be getting anywhere with my desires, so I decided to play
according to her rules. Opening my lips, I began to kiss her clit again,
sucking air into my mouth, vibrating her little 'cock'.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby!" Betty shouted as she pulled my face harder
into her pussy. "Now stick a finger in me and flutter your tongue on the
underside of my dick while you suck it."

Oh God! Here's the moment I've been waiting for, my first time entering
a girl's pussy. I placed my finger in front of the tight gate to her sex
and began to press it in and out, feeling her gate open and close on the
tip of my finger.

"Always remember Stephanie, the underside is the most sensitive part of
the dick."

Fluttering my tongue lightly against the underside of her tiny 'dick', I
then drove my finger home. The sound of her moans let me know I was doing
it right. It made me very happy to know that I was pleasing her.

"Ahhh fuck baby're a natural!" Betty moaned. "A natural born
cocksucker. Oh yeah...curl your finger up and pretend like you are going
to touch my clit from the other side." She moaned and spread her legs
widely, her hips humping into my face and hand. "Oh yeah! that's my
g-spot baby, just hold your finger *right there* and let me do the work."

"Play with your little clitty Stephie, while you suck my hard DICK!
Come on slut spread your legs so I can see you work your little clit!"

Since my right hand was pleasuring her g-spot, I grasped my hard cock
with my left. I had never masturbated with my left hand and I couldn't
seem to get a good rhythm going. Finally, I just kept my hand balled up
around my dick and thrusted my hips, fucking it as if it were a pussy.

"Mmmmm ... <Oh! Oh!> Now bob your head on my dick! swallow it
Stephanie!" I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, as I began to get
into this strange role reversal. It was simple really ... all I had to do
for her, was what I wanted her to do for me. I sucked her engorged button
in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down stretching its length.

My balls began to pulse and I stopped humping my hand before I came. I
could feel a few drops leak from the head of my penis onto her floor.

"Goddamnit don't you dare stop bitch! You almost made me cum, just from
watching you work your clit, my little tease!"

How could I tell her I was about to cum, with my mouth bobbing up and
down on her button? Fuck! I'm so close to the edge. I resume fucking my
hand slowly to prolong my pleasure.

"Oh ... Ahh ... Ahh! Harder BITCH Harder!!!"

I can feel my knees burn as they squeak against unforgiving wood of the
floor. Looking up past her thigh, I saw her little dolls and teddy bears
laying on her bed, surrounding her. I almost laughed at the thought of
this cute blonde sixteen year old, who had all these toys like a little
girl, getting my to suck her 'dick', while I knelt there naked on her

My hips begin to jerk involuntarily the warm feeling of pleasure
spreading up from my balls. Oh God! I getting ready to cum!

"Oh fuck! Oh! Look in my eyes Stephie,<ahhh> while you suck my dick!
<Mmmmmm> ... Keep lookin in my FUCKIN eyes!"

I can feel my cum rushing up to the head of my cock, I'm not going to
stop myself this time, I can feel my balls begin to pump.

"You're cumming AHH AHHH aren't you bitch ... <MMMMM> ... Squeal
around my hard cock when you cum."

"Eeeeeee---ahhhhh" I squealed around Betty's hard clit as I ejaculated rope after rope of cum on the hardwood floor.

"Oh FUCK keep bobbin that head Stephie ...<OH!> you are making me cum baby! Oh Oh Oh Ohhhhhh ..."

I could feel the muscles in her pussy tense, gripping my finger as she
ground her hips up and down. I felt an inner glow of pride knowing that
*I* was making her cum.

"... mmmmm ... Stephanie ..." She cried as she collapsed on top of me.

Our spent bodies huddled together, capturing the after glow. I knelt
between her thighs, head resting on the blonde hair of her crotch, finger
still buried in her sweet sex. While she sat on the bed, splayed legs
gripped my shoulders, her upper body protectively draped across my back,
soft hands caressing my ass and back.

Betty sat back up, closing her lean thighs, but keeping my head trapped
between her hand at the back of my neck and the knees underneath my chin.
Betty smiled and looked down at me condescendingly. "Well, Stephanie, it
looks like I figured out how to use my cock after all, doesn't it?"

I blushed, feeling manipulated and used, as my gaze dropped to her lap.
On one hand, I had sex with a girl that was way out of my league. On the
other, would she call me Stephanie at school tomorrow? Would she tell her
friends and laugh at me behind my back? Looking up at her piercing blue
eyes, I knew I loved her and wanted to be with her again, yet if I did,
would I just be her 'cocksucker'?

Judging from the look of superiority on her face, as she looked down at
me, I couldn't imagine she still respected me. I glanced back down to the
toys on her bed, wondering if I was just another doll or bear for her to
play with? I could feel tears begin to form in my eyes and I desperately
wanted my clothes back on.

"Awwwww...don't look sad Stephanie, you were right too. Having a cock
does give me power and control doesn't it baby?" Betty tilted my head back
and began rubbing her juices over my face.

Come on Steve, this is your last chance. Get off the floor, put your
clothes back on and leave right now or stay here and fall completely under
this young witch's compelling spell, I told myself.

She smiled, batted her bright blue eyes, then tickled my lips with her
wet finger. I looked into those eyes and lost myself. My lips parted and
I could taste her flavor as she moved her finger in my mouth.

Afterwards, Betty spread her knees and pushing me down with the hand at
my neck. I looked between her tennis shoes and saw the jism covered
hardwood floor coming closer and closer.

"Remember good girls swallow ..." she whispered in my ear laughing.

The End


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