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Blushing Epiphany


I don't really know why it happened. We had been married for a while,
about 5 years, and we knew each other pretty well.

But we learned a few things about each other that day that we had not
even suspected before. And Julie learned a few things about herself that
she hadn't known.

My own tendencies had been clear to me since even before high school,
but I never dreamed I would act on those tendencies.

I was wrong.

It was late summer, after the tourists had all gone, and the beach was
deserted. It was hard to get to, two miles walk through the woods, and it
was fairly small, about 150 yards of sandy beach surrounded on either side
by rocks that stretched for miles. It wasn't really a public beach, It was
not manicured, and there were large rock and boulders strewn about on it. A
conservation group owned it, but they let people use it. The few who
didn't mind the long walk, the isolation, and the rules about littering and
such, got to use this pristine beach, with small waves and no current,
perfect for swimming.

It was just Julie and I, and we had run tot he beach from our car, as
fast as we could. The two mile run had been on a sandy trail, and running
on sand can be very exhausting, and when we got tot he beach, we were
panting and sweating, and Julie wanted to go right out into he water, but I
wanted to rest a bit, first.

I lay on the beach and watched her strip her shorts off her muscular
legs, and her T-shirt off of her small but pleasant chest, to reveal her
one-piece bathing suit.

"Like the show?" she asked, and without waiting for a response, she
walked toward the water, swaying her hips gently, knowing I was looking at
her, and enjoying the feeling of my eyes on her body.

She had always been a little bit of an exhibitionist, but a very
inhibited one. She loved to be looked at, but was so self-conscious of her
body that she rarely allowed anybody to see it, and attracted attention to
herself by her behavior rather than her looks. But since there was nobody
else here, and since I knew every detail of her fine body, she loosened up
a little, and walked in a sultry, swaying, undulating motion.

She reached the water and waded for a few minutes, cooling down from the
run. I had my wind back, so I moved to one of the large rocks that
inhabited the beach, close to the water line, and sat on it, watching her.
Every so often, she would look at me, and see me staring at her legs, or
her ass, and she would blush a bit, but she would always smile and try to
move in a sexier manner.

After about ten minutes of this, she scanned the beach, like she was
looking to see if anybody was around, and then she went in deeper, until
the water covered her up to her shoulders. I sat on the rock, still
staring at my beautiful Julie.

I was very horny, her display of rare sexiness, and especially her
blush, had gotten me more aroused than she knew. I am a voyeur at heart,
and I like to watch women perform. I especially like to watch women
perform for me. Because apart from being a voyeur, I get very aroused by
women who focus their attention on me, who do what I want them to do
because it would please me. I suppose I am a Dom, but that had never come
up in my marriage. I had always considered it somewhat perverse, and Julie
was so repressed sexually that I suspected that if she knew the things that
I find erotic, she would be frightened of me, and I didn't want that.

She was playing right into my desires, by doing what I wanted her to,
and that little blush she got when she saw me staring at her ignited my

Now, in the deeper water, she did it again, she did something that was
just for me, just to turn me on.

She wiggled out of her bathing suit, and threw it to me. She was
totally naked under the water.

I sat on the rock and watched her frolic around in the water, swimming
and enjoying herself, frequently looking in my direction and making sure I
was still staring at her.

Then, I saw her eyes widen and her gaze shift to behind me, and I saw
her duck lower into the water, and her shoulders hunched and her arms
wrapped around herself. I knew what I would see even before I turned. We
were no longer alone.

I turned anyway, and saw our newcomers, three men who had obviously just
run up the same trail we had run up. They were carrying backpacks and
camping gear, and started to unload their stuff onto the beach. They were
all in their mid 20's and fit, like you would expect from runners. One was
a black man, about six feet tall, and the other two were white, one of them
sporting tattoos over every visible surface of his body.

I looked back at Julie, and she was still cowering in the water.

I should have taken her suit out to her, discreetly, but I did not.
Instead, I smiled at her, and looked back at the men, who were unrolling
large towels and talking with each other. I could not hear their
conversation. The Tattooed guy looked at me, nodded hello and smiled. The
other two waved in my direction, and they returned to their conversation.

Julie was staring at me, pleading with her eyes, too embarrassed to yell
and draw attention to herself. She was blushing bright red, and I again
found her embarrassment arousing. I found also that the situation was
appealing to me. I also suspected that it was appealing to her, even if
she could never say so.

Leaving her suit on the beach, I waded out to her. All the way to her,
I held her gaze in mine, never looking away from her eyes.

"The water is a bit cold" I said to her, looking down at her erect
nipples just covered by the water.

"Yeah," she said, still looking into my eyes. I felt more lust for her
than I ever had, and it was obvious that she knew it. At that moment, I
did not care what she felt. I just knew that I wanted her to please me, to
do things that would make her uncomfortable, scared, and just to please me.
I also knew that I wouldn’t force her, but I would give her every
opportunity to tell herself that she had no choice.

"Are you going to bring me my suit?" She asked, still staring at my

"No" I answered, and immediately she blushed again, and the color that
suffused her face spread down to her breasts. Her whole body blushed.

"They look scary. What if..." she asked

I smiled, she blushed, but I could see the message in her eyes. She
trusted me to keep her safe.

I turned away from her, and waded back to my rock.

The three men had obviously noticed Julie out in the water, and they
were all sitting up on their towels and looking at her. When I got to my
rock, I held up Julie's bathing suit, and spread it out on the rock. They
noticed that, too, and their conversation ended as they realized she was
out there without a suit.

She stayed in one place, chewing her fingernails in nervousness, while I
lay back on the rock, turned away from the men, and towards my wife.

She did not move for a few minutes, and then she started walking
forward. She stopped, just before her nipples would be in view, and called
to me.

"I'm getting cold!"

"Then come out!" I answered.

She glanced from me, to the three men, and back to me, and put her right
arm over both of her breasts, and started to climb out of the water.

I heard one gasp of astonishment from behind me as she drew closer, and
I knew they were watching. I did not look at them, I held Julie in my eyes
and watched her.

She was trembling slightly in nervousness, and blushing fiercely, but
she was walking in a way that I had never seen her walk. It was smooth, it
was suggestive, and it was the sexiest I have ever seen her. I was right,
she wanted this every bit as much as I did. The thought excited me even
more, and I was erect, watching her.

As her waist emerged from the water she lowered her left hand to cover
herself, and came directly to my rock.

"Oh my god" she whispered. She was trembling slightly, and she was
blushing furiously.

"This rock is warm, lie down on it" I ordered. It was not a request. I
had never spoken to her in that tone before. Her eyes widened, and she
exhaled forcefully. It was almost a moan. "Ohmygod" she said again,
nearly whimpering, as she stretched herself out on the rock, her left side
to me and her right side to the observers. Her hands were still covering
her, but I could see she was aroused, ragingly aroused.

Looking at her, I could see them out of the corner of my eye.

"They are watching you,” I said, whispering.

She moaned slightly. Her eyes were shut tight. She drew her knees up
and held them together, her hand between her legs to cover herself, her
other hand and arm covering her chest. Her head was turned away from them.

"All of them?" she asked

"Yes. The guy with the tattoos is rubbing his dick, looking at you."

As she lay there, her breathing started to get quicker.

"I don’t believe I am doing this,” she said in a throaty voice.

"Do more. Now" I said, in that voice of mine I had discovered. Again,
I was ordering her, not asking her. She could tell herself she had no
choice. And maybe she didn't have a choice anymore. She was on fire.

"Ohmygod" she moaned, again, and asked, in a small, frightened voice,
"What do you want me to do?"

I put my hand over the hand on her breast and started moving it slowly
in a circular motion. "That" I said, and when I took my hand away, hers
kept moving. I heard the men mumble as it became obvious to them that she
was rubbing her nipple.

She stroked and rubbed her breast for a few minutes, and then took the
palm of her hand away to hold her very erect nipple between thumb and
forefinger and pull gently. When she did that, she moaned, a little louder
than before.

The black man stood up, openly staring at my wife and her performance.
His angle improved, and he could see her tweaking and stroking her nipples,
first one, then the other. Her other hand was still between her legs,
covering herself.

"The black guy just stood up to get a better view. He knows you are
putting on a show" I whispered to her. Immediately she arched her back up
off the rock, thrusting her small but perfectly formed breasts up higher
and more prominent.

The hand between her legs started to move in small, barely noticeable

"You are playing with yourself for them, aren’t you?" I asked,

"God yesssss" she replied, a bit louder than I had spoken. "I feel like
such a.....” She stopped talking, but kept stroking and massaging her

"Like such a what?" I asked, ordering her to say it.

"Slut!" she answered, this time loud enough that the watchers could hear

And then she came. Her mouth opened into a silent moan and her body
shivered all over.

This time it was ME who said "oh my god". She had come just from doing
this. From performing for these strange men, from performing for me. I
had never seen anything quite as arousing as that.

"What are they doing?” she asked, and I looked up at the three men. The
black man hadn’t moved, but the tattooed guy had gotten up and walked to
the water. There was an obvious bulge in his swimsuit, and he was staring
at my wife, from a vantage point that was below her feet. He could see
both sides of her, and was staring at her hard nipples.

"The tattooed guy is at the water, the black guy hasn’t moved and the
other guy is staring at you and almost drooling"

She blushed again.

"Spread your knees" I ordered.

"They’ll think I'm a slut!" she said, but her knees parted, slowly.
Tattoos perked up.

Her hand was no longer covering her cunt; it was now rubbing it. There
was no more pretending here; she was masturbating for them. Obviously,

"You ARE a slut, Julie" I said, and as I said it, her finger found her
clit, and she moaned. Loudly.

The black guy looked at me and made eye contact with me for the first
time. Apparently he got what he wanted from our brief glance, because he
moved slowly forward.

"The black guy is walking over,” I said to her, and she screwed her eyes
shut even tighter, and moaned.

"Here come the other two,” I said, as I saw them start to head in our

"Ohmygod" she said again.

As they drew closer, her hand rubbed her clit faster and faster, and she
began coming in a string of orgasms.

In a voice loud enough for them to hear, "Finger yourself for them,
slut" I ordered.

Her middle finger disappeared into her wet cunt and she half-moaned,
half-screamed. Her knees were spread apart. Her right hand was pinching
her left nipple and twisting it, harder than I had ever touched it.

Her head was thrashing back and forth, her eyes still shut tightly.

The men gathered around her, all with bulges in their trunks. I was
erect also, but I was not a participant here, I was the director. I knew I
was going to watch, and direct. The three looked at each other and silently
agreed, they all removed their trunks at once, to reveal full erections.
They were less than five feet from my wife.

"Open your eyes" I said. She did not, for a few moments. She plunged
her finger in and out of herself, and arched her back up against her hand.

"Now, slut! I repeated the order. Slowly, she opened her eyes and
looked around. Three men with three erections gathered around her, and she
nearly screamed as she came again. The tattooed guy stood at her feet,
staring down at her cunt, watching her fuck herself. The black guy stood
beside her to the right, the other man stood beside her to the left. I
stood at her head.

Tattoo knelt between her legs, moving to her cunt, less than an inch
away. She could feel his breath on her thighs.

She reached out to the black man, and encircled his cock in her hand.
The contrast of his blackness and her whiteness was strangely stimulating
to me, and obviously to her, also, because she moaned when she touched it,
and began stroking.

Tattoo's tongue came out and licked her finger as it moved in and out of
her. She took her hand away and arched her back suddenly, thrusting
herself into his face. His tongue entered her.

She grabbed the other man's cock, and began stroking it, too.

But she stared into MY eyes. She was doing this for ME.

I stared back at her.

"I am your slut,” she said, and she meant it.

We stared at each other as she jacked off the two men and got eaten by
the third.

The most erotic experience of my life so far was looking into her eyes
on that beach that day, knowing that she was no longer repressed, knowing
she was mine, and knowing, seeing, how erotic and sexy she was willing to
be, at my command.

Tattoo was first. He had been stroking himself as he licked my wife,
and he suddenly stood, and came. It hit her thigh, and when she felt it,
she came again, and blushed. She had always reacted badly whenever I had
come on her, but now, it seemed to heighten her arousal. She bucked, and
rapidly opened and closed her legs, rotating her hips, tightening and
relaxing her thighs, masturbating without her hands.

The black guy came next, pulling out of her hand and putting his cock on
her breast and rubbing himself on her tender aroused flesh for several
seconds, and then spurting onto her. She reacted as if his orgasm had
given her an electric shock. She shouted, and arched her back again. The
third guy came just after the black guy, and again, she arched up and
screamed with the force of her orgasm.

We all stood, breathing hard, looking at each-other while Julie moaned
and closed her eyes.

"Damn" the black guy said, and leaned down and kissed Julie gently on
the cheek. "Thanks" he whispered in her ear. He stood up again, looked at
me, and then back at Julie. Again he leaned forward, and whispered
something to her.

She moaned, and I saw a blush flush over her face and chest, and her
body jolted as though he had pinched her. He straightened, laughed, and,
with his two companions, walked back to his stuff on the beach.

“What did he say?" I asked her.

"He said he wished I was HIS slut" she answered.

I pulled her up off the rock and carried her in my arms to the water,
and we both waded and washed off in the cool ocean. By the time we got out
of the water, they three men had departed.

"I was really a slut, wasn’t I" Julie asked, an impish grin on her face.

"Yes, you were" I answered. She put her suit back on, and her shorts and
T-shirt, as we prepared to leave. She looked down at her appearance and

"I think I have to buy different clothes,” she said. "Maybe a bikini?
And maybe a leather miniskirt." she continued, and looked at me, knowing
the reaction she would get. I was all in favor of it. I had a weakness
for miniskirts.

"Can I be your slut again soon?" She asked as we started the long walk
out of the beach and back to our car. I just smiled. She knew as well as
I that things would not be the same ever again.


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