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Boarding School Adventures 1 (FfffM reluc hum)


Boarding School Adventures
By Herb Grinder

Chapter 1/3

(Ffff/M, reluc, hum)

If you are under age, Stop Reading This Now!!

If you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature, Stop
Reading This Now!!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult
material. The story is not true, nor does the author
advocate or condone acts portrayed here. The characters
in the story are entirely fictional.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the
written permission of the author. This story may be
distributed with this notice attached.

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Timmy starts a new job and gets taken for a ride!

It was the first day of my appointment at Lady
Cunningham's Academy for young Ladies, an exclusive
girl's boarding school situated near a remote village
called Petherton.

I alight from the ramshackle bus in what is probably
called the main street of Petherton although, in
reality, it appears to be the only street in that quiet
farming community. No more than a dozen houses, a pub, a
small general store and what looks like a Norman church
giving the whole place a rather picturesque setting in
the warm sunlight.

I stare at the bus disappearing in a haze of dust and
look again at the letter of acceptance I had received
three days before. The instructions in it are quite
explicit - to make my own way to Petherton and to wait
there until someone from the school comes to pick me up
at noon. I glance at my watch. I still have some time to
kill so I sit down on my only suitcase and reflect on
the slightly strange contents of that letter.

It was written by the Chair of the Governors in London
and indicated that the school staff totalled four women.
I was to be the only male member of staff on the
premises, temporarily replacing another man whom, the
letter had said, "needed a rest from overwork". The more
I thought about it the more unanswered questions crossed
my mind. What kind of work was so taxing?

The post was "a very demanding one" the letter said and
the Governors had been most insistent that a young man
should fill it. Youth apparently was the only
qualification required for there had not even been a
preliminary interview. I had applied, and was accepted,
by letter.

I look again at the description of the school below the
fancy crest at the top of the letter. "Situated in
secluded country surroundings - a recently converted
Georgian Manorhouse with places for up to 100 girls aged
between 11 and 18....

"Mr May?"A pair of black high-heeled shoes appears in
the corner of my vision. I glance up, taking in the
long-shapely legs encased in black nylon and short
skirt. Large hazel eyes smile down at me from behind a
pair of fashionable spectacles perched on a slightly
turned-up nose.

"Yes that's me", I say, hastily climbing to my feet and
promptly falling over my suitcase in the process."Helen
Diver", laughs the lovely lady extending a slim hand to
help me up. "I'm the School Nurse".

"Miss D-D-Diver, pleased to meet you", is all I can
splutter as I struggle to my feet, ineffectually
brushing at the dust that now covers my trousers.Her
dark hair is worn high and held neatly in place by a
crisp white nurse's cap. Her teeth are dazzling white
and her lips full and red. She is the perfect epitome of
every hot-blooded male's fantasy of a sexy nurse. The
front of her starched tunic bulges delightfully with the
enticing thrust of her breasts. Percy begins to stir as
delicious thoughts of being undressed and put to bed by
this delectable creature flash unbidden through my mind.

"Call me Helen", she says smiling cheerfully as she
helps me up with one hand while the other brushes at the
dust around the front of my trousers. She raises an
eyebrow as she observes the effect her brushing action
is having on the bulge appearing in the front of my
trousers. "Oooh my! You are a big boy aren't you". To my
amazement she cups her hand around my bulge and squeezes
gently. "I think the girls are going to love you!" She
murmurs with a wry smile.

"W-What?" I splutter, not entirely sure I have heard her

Helen gives me a sly wink. "I have the car ready to take
us to the school".

"Oh! Right." I say, picking up my case and holding it in
front of me to cover my embarrassment.

I follow her down the road with some difficulty,
watching the enticing wiggle of her hips as she walks.
Her high-heels clicking on the cobbles harmonises
perfectly with the delicious swish of skirt against
sheer black nylon.

Suddenly, The sound of young female voices accompanied
by a lot of giggling and whispering forces my eyes away
from Nurse Diver's curvaceous bottom and towards the
direction we are heading. Three pretty schoolgirls stand
next to a white four-door saloon car all similarly
attired in what I assume must be the school uniform.

"These are some of the girls who will be having you this
term Mr May", smiles the delectable Miss Diver, giving
me that sly wink again. "Let me introduce you."

I'm still trying to take in the apparent double meaning
of her words as she beckons to the girls. They come
shyly forward, clasping their hands behind them and
blushing furiously. They have that somewhat awkward
stance of all young pre-pubescent girls. Long slender
legs, emphasised by short navy-blue skirts, dainty white
socks and black, strap-over shoes. They stand slightly
pigeon-toed with their heads down and chests thrust
forward. Budding young breasts teasingly pushing against
the crisp white fabric of their school blouses.

"This is June, Melanie and Sarah", says Miss Diver,
introducing the three girls who all seem to be taking an
unhealthy interest in the front of my trousers.

"Hello girls", I say, trying to appear firm but

"June is still twelve but Melanie and Sarah have just
reached fourteen", explains Miss Diver, patting their
heads in turn.

June is the smallest and possibly the prettiest of the
three with long blonde hair tumbling down over her
shoulders. Her large blue eyes and cupid bow lips give
her a cute doll-like look. Melanie is all wide-eyed
innocence, dark hair hanging down in a cascade of
shining curls. Sarah is looking at me with a twinkling
smile from below lowered eyelashes. One dainty shoe
inscribes circles in the dust as she runs her tongue
lingeringly over her upper lip and tosses her long
blonde hair in a gesture of promise that I find
disconcerting to say the least, especially from a 14
year-old schoolgirl.

"I brought them along because they were dying to meet
you" laughs Miss Diver. "And looking forward to having
you", she adds quietly giving me that knowing wink

She piles my suitcase on top of what appears to be a
stack of parcels on the front seat.

"I'm afraid you will have to sit in the back with the
girls Mr May", she holds her hands up apologetically.
"June is the smallest so I'm sure you won't mind if she
sits across your knees on the way".

The girls burst into renewed fits of giggling and June
blushes furiously, although she does not seem put off by
the idea.

Do I detect more than a hint of mischief in Miss Diver's
voice? I dismiss it as Sarah opens the rear door and
climbs in first, crawling over the back seat on her
knees. The girl's short skirt rides up over her hips as
she bends forward, giving me an eyeful of skimpy white
panties stretched over a pert little behind.

"In you go Mr May", smiles the delectable Nurse,
watching my inability to tear my eyes away from the
schoolgirl's wriggling little bottom.

Still desperately trying to hide Percy's arousal, I
climb in next to Sarah who is demurely adjusting her
hemline to mid-thigh. June gets in next and I help her
by grasping her around her slim waist and lifting her
over my lap. She pulls up her short skirt and sits with
her back against my chest, her slender legs parted on
either side of my knees. Melanie squeezes in on my left
and Miss Diver slams the door.

"Hang on to her Mr May", shouts Nurse D walking round to
the driver's door. "The roads are bumpy around here".

I grip June's waist firmly as she wriggles on my lap to
make herself more comfortable. Her hot little bottom
presses down on a rigid Percy who is trying to do a very
good imitation of a tent pole.

Nurse Diver starts up the car and moves off down a dirt
track. I can feel beads of perspiration break out on my
forehead as the motion of the car bumps and grinds my
bursting prick against this schoolgirl's tight panties.
Melanie and Sarah are jammed in cosily against me. I can
feel their warm thighs pressing into mine. Nurse D
smiles encouragingly through the rear view mirror and I
try to appear normal as I smile back.

Sarah moves her pretty face close to mine and I can feel
her warm breath and long fragrant hair brushing against
my cheek. She giggles softly and whispers in my ear,
"This is nice and cosy isn't it sir?"

By this time I am incapable of answering coherently,
especially as I catch glimpses of June's skirt as it
rides up even higher over her long slender thighs with
the motion of the car. I'm mildly surprised she does not
attempt to pull it back down.

I'm sure the bulge in my trousers is now rubbing against
her soft slit through the thin fabric of her panties and
I notice her breathing is becoming more rapid as she
squirms and wriggles on my lap. Her blonde wavy hair
brushes against my face filling my senses with the sweet
smell of her fragrance.

The car continues to bump over the potholes in the road,
further increasing the highly erotic sensations I am
feeling at crutch level. I begin to have a shrewd idea
that young June is enjoying this as much as I am as she
wriggles and rubs her panty-clad bottom against the
front of my trousers.

Amid soft giggling, Melanie and Sarah snuggle closer,
pressing their warm sensuous bodies into mine. Melanie
is as obviously fully aware of my predicament as Sarah
is and I suddenly feel her warm lips brushing sensuously
against my ear. I instinctively try to move my head away
but Sarah's sweet lips start kissing me gently on my
left cheek, effectively preventing any movement. "See?"
whispers Melanie softly, "nice and cosy."

I am aware of the girls watching my reactions with
intense interest and I catch my breath as I suddenly
feel small feminine hands surreptitiously start
exploring my inside leg, fluttering deliciously around
the area of my bulging tool. Am I imagining things or am
I really being groped by three randy schoolgirls? Before
I have time to even think about this I sense fumbling
fingers gently haul down the zip in my trousers and I
realise to my horror that, a very excited Percy has
suddenly been released into the fresh air.

"Mmmm", breathes Sarah, "nice and cosy."

I begin to panic despite the acutely erotic sensations I
am experiencing. A stiffening Percy rears up between
June's thighs and I feel his purple head pressing rudely
against the tight fabric of her cotton panties. I
realise reluctantly that I should instantly terminate
this unseemly behaviour. However, the sight of Nurse
Diver's spectacles flashing at me from the rear-view
mirror reminds me that it is not going to be easy to
extricate myself from this situation without some
considerable embarrassment.

Seeing my helpless confusion, the girls now become even
bolder and I almost cream myself there and then as I
feel soft girlish fingers begin to tease and stroke my
straining erection. I try to smother my gasps as, amid
renewed fits of excited giggling; Sarah and Melanie
begin fondling my balls.

June pulls her skirt up even further over her waist.
Looking over her shoulder, she winks mischievously at me
as she reaches down between her parted legs to run her
fingers sensuously along the length of my erection. Miss
Diver's eyes gleam at me from the rear view mirror but
incredibly she does not stop the car and continues
driving as if nothing unusual was happening.

"Not far to go now", smiles Miss Diver peering at us
through the car mirror.

I hope fervently that she does not glance over her
shoulder and perceive just how true her words are
becoming as Percy threatens to disgrace himself at any
moment. Oh, the agony of it all, fondled by three sexy
schoolgirls in the back seat of a car.

"Enjoying the ride Mr May?" grins Nurse Diver.

"Riding" is obviously going to be the next stage in the
proceedings as far as these lascivious schoolgirls are
concerned. young June lifts her pert little bottom
momentarily and slips her knickers down to mid-thigh.
Melanie and Sarah restrain my arms while June grasps a
rearing Percy in both hands and guides his purple head
into her warm, moist slit. I can feel no trace of pubic
hair as my cock slides into her. The young schoolgirl
wriggles and gasps, throwing her head back with acute
pleasure as each sudden bounce of the car drives my
rampant prick deeper and deeper within her tight,
girlish little vagina. Although she is small, I perceive
dimly through a haze of ecstasy that this pretty
schoolgirl is no virgin.

"Not too tight for you back there is it Mr May?"

"N-No", I croak, as Percy begins to slide in and out of
June's moist little cunt.

"Mmmmmmmm, Love-ly!" moans June softly as she rocks up
and down, nipping my prick inside her and fingering my
balls at the same time.

My cock throbs inside the little girl's tight slit as it
slides in and out, her bum cheeks smacking against my
thighs with each downward thrust.

"Ooh! Ooh!, OOOh!", she gasps.

June hangs on to the front seats of the car as Miss
Diver drives on, apparently completely oblivious to the
acute pleasures that two of her passengers are
experiencing with each bump and dip in the road. What a
sight would meet her eyes if she should look over her
shoulder now! young June with her skirt up and panties
lowered bouncing up and down with my prick deep inside
her, while Melanie and Sarah fondle my balls at the same
time. Not a sight that would guarantee further
employment at a Girls' Boarding School you will admit
but still the delectable Miss Diver drives on without
turning a hair.

I am fast approaching the moment of crisis. Moving her
hands to get a better grip on the front seats of the
car, June drives my pulsating cock even further within
her girlish pussy. With a few more quick thrusts, the
pretty girl's climax comes in a series of long
shuddering "WHOOOOOOO's!" and I feel myself spurting
deep inside her at the same time. Her slender young body
stiffens and jerks as she reaches orgasm but thankfully,
her gasps of acute pleasure seem drowned by the noise of
the engine.

By the time we pull into the imposing gates of Lady
Cunningham School, the girls have slipped a now limp
Percy back into his normal place. Except for the odd
damp patch, the casual observer would have noticed
nothing unusual as we climbed from the car.

Nurse Diver's spectacles gleam at me.

"Are you feeling all right Mr May?" she exclaims. "You
look a little flushed."

Do I detect a slight note of amusement in her voice? I
glance across at the girls who instantly assume
expressions of angelic innocence.

"I'm, er, fine really Miss Diver." I say, trying to act
casual, "It was just a little too, er, warm back there
that's all."

I am dizzily trying to come to terms with the fact that
I have just enjoyed being screwed by a 12 year-old
schoolgirl but think it wise to say nothing about it.

"I'm sure all the girls will enjoy having you here." She
smiles mischievously.

The slightly saucy tone of Nurse Diver's voice sets me
wondering if she knows more than she is letting on. As I
watch the girls skip merrily ahead into the main school
building, I think I am beginning to understand the
nature of this "demanding post" and why my predecessor
was so "overworked"

Continued in Chapter 2


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