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Boarding School Adventures 2 (MFf reluc spank hum)


Boarding School Adventures
By Herb Grinder

Chapter 2/3

(MFf, reluc, spank, hum)

If you are under age, Stop Reading This Now!!

If you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature, Stop
Reading This Now!!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult
oriented material. The story is not true, nor does the
author advocate or condone acts portrayed here. The
characters in the story are entirely fictional.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author. This
story may be freely distributed with this notice

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Timmy gets told his duties and takes part in a desk-top

Lady Cunningham's Boarding School proves to be one of
those old converted Georgian Manorhouses set in its own
tree-lined grounds surrounded by a high wall. Slightly
newer buildings lead away from the leafy quadrangle with
a modern gymnasium and swimming pool standing out as
obviously the most recent acquisitions.

I find myself in a plush office panelled in dark oak
with imposing oil portraits glaring down from the walls.
The gorgeous Nurse Diver motions me to sit down as she
slides into a high leather-backed chair behind a large
desk and crosses her long shapely legs with a
tantalising swish of black nylon. I try to control the
sudden tightness in the front of my trousers as the hem
of her tight skirt rides up giving me an eyeful of
stocking top and black suspenders.

"The girls seem to like you Mr May," she smiles, giving
me that quizzical look again over her spectacles.

"Er yes," I say, "They are rather friendly aren't they"

"A little too friendly perhaps?"

She grins at my uncomfortable expression and something
about the way her blue eyes twinkle makes me think that
she knows more about my escapade in the back seat of her
car than she is letting on.

"Have you had much experience in handling young girls

"Um, well, not a lot really," I say cautiously.

"Not to worry," she laughs, "We will expect you to take
over only some of the - er - duties of your predecessor
at first."

The precise nature of these "duties" fills me with
curiosity but Nurse Diver rambles on before I can pluck
up enough courage to ask.

"You will be mainly responsible for the - um - sex
education of the girls," she says smoothly.

The nurse pauses momentarily as if to gauge my reaction.
"We also hope that you will want to take part in some of
our - er - shall we say - extra curricular activities?"

A knowing smile crosses her lips as I finally find my
voice. "Extra curricular activities!" I croak.

Apparently ignoring my dumbfounded expression she picks
up a pencil from her desk.

"You'll no doubt understand Mr May," she says with a wry
smile, "that being all of the same sex, shut up in a
small establishment like this without a single member of
the male species to be found on the premises, young
girls develop - er - certain desires which need to be

I really cannot believe what I think this delectable
nurse is trying to tell me.

"W-Wouldn't one of the female staff be better qualified
for that kind of thing rather than me?" I stammer.

"Oh no, Mr May!" her glance lingers around the front of
my trousers and her lips curve provocatively, "You are
obviously much better qualified than anyone else here
for the kind activities we have in mind."

The pressure in my trousers is getting distinctly more
uncomfortable as the school nurse forms a little circle
with finger and thumb and gently inserts the tip of the
pencil. A roguish grin crosses her pretty face as she
begins sliding the pencil backwards and forwards through
her fingers in a disconcertingly suggestive manner.

"W-W-What kind of activities are we t-talking about?" I

"Come - come Mr May, don't pretend to be so coy, I know
for a fact that many men are quite kinky about just-ripe
schoolgirls," she winks, "Don't you like to imagine
groping their slender young bodies and fondling their
budding little breasts?"

My mouth opens in reply, but all that emerges is a
stunned silence as I stare at the look of lascivious
mischief flitting across Nurse Diver's face.

"I can see that you do." Her eyes twinkle with amusement
as she stares at the obvious effect her words and
actions with the pencil are having on the bulge in the
front of my trousers. "But what men often don't
realise," she continues with a half-suppressed chuckle,
"is that teenage girls develop - er - certain urges too.
We need someone on the premises who can - um - shall we
say - provide an outlet for the girls' sexual fantasies.

My imagination is running riot as she transfers the
pencil from fingers to mouth and runs her tongue
lingeringly over the pencil end.

Utterly incredible as it may seem, this gorgeous looking
nurse appears to be telling me that my role in this
school is to be a kind of walking dildo, satisfying the
sexual fantasies of young girls. It crosses my mind that
I might be the victim of some kind of elaborate
practical joke but the incident with June, Melanie and
Sarah in the back of Nurse Diver's car lends
considerable credence to her words.

Perhaps that incident was some sort of test. Admittedly,
having one's privates rudely fondled in the back of a
car by three lascivious schoolgirls and then being
expertly screwed by the youngest was an incredible and
extremely erotic experience.

Another man might have kicked up a fuss and thereby
terminated those girls' naughty intentions before they
went too far. But I had not; I had actually allowed them
to continue, as well as deriving considerable pleasure
from the experience. Did that mean I had passed the test
with flying colours?

I open my mouth to speak but I am interrupted by the
sound of a knock at the door.

"Come in!" calls Nurse Diver.

The door opens and a pretty little girlish face peers
in, surrounded by long blonde hair tied neatly into a
cute ponytail with a bright red ribbon.

"Y-You wanted to see me Miss?" stammers the girl

Nurse Diver's face changes to a frown and a note of
severity enters her voice.

"Yes I most certainly do Penny. Come in and close the

Penny appears reluctant to obey; she throws a hesitant
glance in my direction before entering the room and
closing the door behind her. She positions herself
nervously in front of the large desk.

"This is Penny Mr. May," waves the nurse. "She is
thirteen years old and, from what I have heard, a very
naughty little girl indeed."

Penny lowers her head with guilt and begins tracing
imaginary circles in the carpet with her toe.

Maybe it is a result of Miss Diver's words, but I find
myself looking at this schoolgirl with more than just a
passing interest. She is wearing a short, pleated skirt,
complementing her girlishly narrow waist and long
slender legs with their dainty white socks and black
strap-over shoes.

I can't help noticing the way the faint outline of her
bra shows through the crisp fabric of her white school
blouse. Lascivious thoughts of what it would be like to
fondle Penny's ripening little breasts keep encroaching
into my mind. I try to concentrate, with some
difficulty, on what Miss Diver is saying.

"Some of our girls are very promiscuous Mr May,"
continues the nurse, "You wouldn't believe what this
wicked little minx was found doing to the delivery boy
last night."

The little girl blushes furiously at this revelation and
her big hazel eyes turn to stare first at me and then
back at Miss Diver.

"According to the boy's testimony, Penny and several of
her friends overpowered him after he had completed his
delivery of newspapers to this school yesterday
evening." adds Nurse Diver grimly. "Tell Mr May what you
did to him Penny!"

"W-We tied him up a-and gagged him with our school ties
Miss." confesses Penny in a tremulous voice.

"And then?"

"We s-s-smuggled him up to our dorm, I-I mean d-

"Go on!"

"It was only a p-p-prank Miss!" gasps Penny.

"Tell Mr May what you did to that poor boy Penny, and no
fibs now!"

"We took all his clothes off Miss!"

"Really!" I gasp.

"And why?" continues Miss Diver, ignoring my

"I, I mean we, w-wanted to have a look at his-his-his---
-!" hesitates Penny.

"His what Penny?"

The little girl shoots an embarrassed glance in my

"His th-th-thing Miss!"

"You mean his penis, don't you Penny?"

"Y-y-yes Miss!" admits Penny, her face flushing redly.

"Then say it girl!"

"His p-p-penis Miss!"

"But you did more than that didn't you Penny?"

"Yes Miss," admits Penny in a voice that is almost a

"When you had stripped him naked, you and your friends
tied this poor boy by his wrists and ankles to the
corners of your bed, didn't you?" exclaims Miss Diver

"But he wouldn't keep still Miss!" gasps Penny, "We had
to untie him so we could get his clothes off. Then he
struggled so much when we had stripped him that we had
to keep him pinned down-----!"

"Don't you think that was a very cruel thing to do

"I-I suppose so M-Miss."

"What did you do after that?"

Penny licks her lips nervously but remains silent.

"Answer me girl!" raps Miss Diver severely, "What did
you do after that?"

"We started to play with his thing, I-I mean his p-penis
Miss, to see if it would get bigger----"

"And did it?"

"Yes Miss, it got all big and hard when I rubbed it,
and-and he stopped struggling Miss. He just lay there
and moaned. I-I think he was enjoying it Miss,

"So, the actions of you and your friends caused him to
have an erection?"

"Yes miss."

Penny's words are also having similar effect on me. The
pressure in the front of my trousers is becoming
distinctly more uncomfortable.

"So you assumed, because of that, that this poor boy was
enjoying having his private parts touched and fondled by
a group of naughty little schoolgirls?"

"Yes, at least, I-I think so M-Miss!"

My own experience at the hands of June, Melanie and
Sarah in the back of the nurse's car gives me an idea of
just how the captive boy must have felt at that point.

"You stupid girl! Do you think you would have enjoyed it
if you had been in his place?"

"Yes Miss, I-I mean n-no Miss, at least, I-I don't think
so miss!" exclaims Penny.

"How would you feel if a man, for instance, Mr May here,
suddenly grabbed you and began stripping all your
clothes off?" says Miss Diver grimly.

I give an involuntary jump at that and Percy twitches
uncontrollably in my trousers. Penny shoots me a look
like that of a startled rabbit.

"And how would you feel," continues Miss Diver, "if he
dragged your wriggling, naked little body over to his
bed and tied you down upon it?"

Penny is licking her lips nervously, her face turning a
bright beetroot colour.

The nurse continues relentlessly, "Just imagine him
fondling your little breasts Penny and feeling you
between your widely parted legs, inserting his fingers
into your little slit-----".

"Ooooh Miss! Please, stop!" gasps Penny.

"But he wouldn't stop." The nurse turns in my direction.
"Would you Mr May?" she grins.

"Er-no, I mean y-yes!" I almost choke.

"Mr may would pull down his trousers Penny, and you
would see his huge, thick penis, a much bigger penis
than that of a young boy Penny. Then he would get on top
of your helpless, wriggling, naked little body and you
would feel his huge penis forcing its way into that
tight little slit between your legs------."

"Ooh, no more Miss! Please s-stop!" gasps Penny.

But Miss Diver is not going to stop; she carries on with
her graphic description remorselessly.

"He would force his penis right into you, right up to
his testicles and you would feel as though you were
being split in two, it would be that big."

"Ooooh Miss, don't!" moans Penny.

"Then he would start fucking you Penny. You would feel
his swollen penis sliding in and out of your luscious
little slit. You would sob, you would moan and you would
wriggle but he would not stop. He would be lost in a
fervour of lust, blind to all but the voluptuous
squirming of your naked little schoolgirl body beneath
him as he fucked you. Would you enjoy that Penny?"

"Oooh, Oooh, Yes! I-I mean n-no!" gasps Penny in utter

"And yet that's precisely what you did to that poor
delivery boy isn't it Penny?" says Miss Diver sharply.

"No Miss! I-I mean y-yes Miss. We-We thought he would
enjoy it Miss."

"You thought he would enjoy being repeatedly raped by
you and your friends!"

"We didn't take all our clothes off Miss, we just pulled
our p-panties down and got on top of him and-and----."

"Fucked him Penny?"

Penny's eyes almost pop out of their sockets at Miss
Diver's words but she nods her head in shame.

"The poor boy could hardly walk after you and the other
girls had taken turns on him!" exclaims Miss Diver. "He
said that he heard your name mentioned but he couldn't
remember who the others were. You must tell me the names
of the other girls who took part in this shameful
incident Penny!"

An uncomfortable silence from Penny.

"If you do not tell me my girl, you will be punished
most severely!"

Still no reply from Penny.

Miss Diver moves round to the front of the large desk
and opens one of the drawers. She rummages inside for a
moment and then brings out a large leather strap.
Penny's eyes widen with fear as Miss Diver brandishes
that strap.

"Are you going to tell me Penny?" threatens the school

"I-I can't miss!" sobs Penny. "It-it would be s-sneaking

"Then bend over this desk girl!"

Penny reluctantly moves to the desk. "You're not really
going to s-spank me Miss, are you?" she asks in a
querulous voice.

"Most certainly Penny!" exclaims the nurse. "You have
been a very naughty little girl and deserve nothing
less. Now pull up your skirt and bend over!"

My mouth goes dry as, with great hesitation, Penny
grasps the hem of her skirt and bends slowly forward,
giving me a superb view of her tight white panties,
stretched over the swelling globes of her girlish little
bottom. Nurse Diver positions herself on the other side
of the desk and holds Penny's shoulders.

"Now Mr May," grins the nurse wickedly, "If you would be
kind enough to pull down this naughty girl's knickers---

"Er, yes of course." I husk, rising to my feet and
trying to control the huge erection which is threatening
to burst open the front of my trousers at any moment. I
can't take my eyes away from the enticing sight of
Penny's wriggling little bottom as I position myself
behind her. My trembling fingers reach up underneath the
girl's bunched up skirt and fumble around the elastic
waistband of her tight cotton panties, before hauling
them down to her knees.

With her bare bottom rudely exposed, Penny wriggles and
squeaks in fearful anticipation as Miss Diver takes up
the strap and places it in my hand.

"Half a dozen light ones, Mr May," she winks.

At the first THWACK! The schoolgirl's luscious little
bottom jerks and squirms with surprise, bring a sharp
"Oh, MISS!"

"Dip your back - bottom well up - legs apart, Penny -
come on now!" snaps the nurse.

THWACK! "Wow-ow! Ooooh! It s-stings!" gasps Penny.

THWACK! "Yeee-ouch!"

"A little harder on the last three Mr May," chuckles the
nurse as a radiant sheen of pink spreads over Penny's
pert, wriggling behind. To panting "Oooooh-Aaaah's" from
the girl, Nurse Diver presses her shoulders firmly down
upon the desk.


"Ooooh-oooooh-OOOOOOH!" whimpers Penny as the strap
lashes across the twin globes of her bouncing little
buttocks for the sixth and last time.

Miss Diver catches my haunted expression as I stare at
the sobbing, half-denuded schoolgirl lying bent over the
desk. The lewd state of my penis stretches out the front
my trousers like a tent pole as I glimpse the pouting
lips of Penny's hairless little slit exposed between her
wantonly-parted legs. As if reading the wicked thoughts
going through my mind, Miss Diver grins and nods her

"Hold still now Penny! I think Mr May would like to give
you a good fucking before you go!"

Without hesitation, I throw the leather strap aside and
hastily undo the front of my trousers. A pent-up Percy
leaps joyfully into the open as I position myself behind
the schoolgirl's madly weaving hips.

"I think it would be better to remove her knickers
altogether Mr May!" chuckles the nurse.

"Oh! Yes, of course," I gasp as I haul the girl's
panties down to her ankles before whipping them off her
feet. With a sly wink and a nod of approval from Nurse
Diver I gently nose the swollen crest of my prodder up
between Penny's widely parted legs and under the pursed
lips of her girlish little slit.

"Neee-ow!" from Penny as my actions suddenly confirm
what is about to happen to her.

"Oh Yes, Penny! Hold her tight Mr May!"

I rub the purple dome of my cock gently back and forth
in the girl's succulent little groove for a moment
before sheathing myself slowly into her spongy quim.

"St-st-stop! Please! Oh, it's too big! Oh! Aaaah!"

Held firmly over the desk with her skirt raised and legs
spread wide, the squealing schoolgirl is powerless to
prevent the slow invasion of my stiff prodder within the
silky depths of her juicy little cunt. Tight as she
obviously is, I perceive through a haze of ecstasy that
this pretty little schoolgirl is no virgin.

"Ooooh! Miss! Oooh-Hooooo!" gasps Penny as I give a
sudden quivering lunge and penetrate her to the full, my
balls dangling at her bottom.

Helen holds onto the struggling girl's shoulders as I
begin to sleek my swollen cock backwards and forwards
within her tightly gripping slit. Little moaning sounds
of pleasure escape her lips as I slowly piston her.

"Oooh, Oooh, Yes!" she gasps.

Feeling her tight little cunt clamping around my
straining rod like a small deep mouth, I start fucking
her in short little jabs, bringing breathless gasps with
each thrust.

"Aah! aah! Ooooh!" moans Penny.

Ah! What a juicy little fuck this 13-year-old schoolgirl
is proving to be. Her bottom bumps and bounces against
my belly with each burning stroke. Head slumped on her
arms, her expression flushed, Penny utters little mewing
sounds of pleasure as, again and again, my cock thrusts
into her. I run my hands up under her raised skirt,
grasping her narrow waist in order to shaft her harder,
in rhythm with the ever-quickening thrusts of her hips.

"All right, Mr May - I have a fancy to see you fuck her
naked. Slip it out and we'll have her clothes off,"
declares Helen joyously.

With extreme self-control I ease my swollen cock out
from Penny's vagina as Helen brings the blushing girl to
her feet and gives me a nod and wink.

Penny squeaks and struggles in the nurse's iron grip as
I commence unbuttoning her blouse. I notice that the
little minx has her eyes on my stiff cock as much as
what I am doing to her clothing. A sound somewhere
between a gasp and a giggle emerges from the girl as I
pull her blouse open and Helen eases it down over her
slender shoulders.

Penny's face flushes a deep pink when I pull down the
straps of her flimsy cotton bra and her firm young tits
bounce into view. Held firmly by Helen, I gently fondle
her budding little breasts with one hand while unzipping
her skirt with the other.

Naked apart from her white socks and black shoes, Penny
is dragged squeaking over to the desk again. Helen
deftly pulls the struggling schoolgirl face upwards onto
the leather bound surface and holds her down by her

Quickly divesting myself of my trousers I grab Penny's
madly weaving legs and spread them apart, shamelessly
exposing the unfledged lips of her tiny girlish vagina
to my growing lust. Her little breasts stand out as
proud as pomegranates displaying their cherry-red
nipples as she wriggles her bottom against the edge of
the desk.

She arches her back and gasps, her eyes widening as she
feels the head of my bulging tool slip once again into
the entrance of her girlish cleft. Unable to control my
lust any longer, I grasp the young girl's slender waist
with both hands and urge the swollen crest of my taut
penis slowly up between the lips of her tight little

"Ooooooooooh, yes-ss!" she groans, feeling my cock
throbbing deep inside her.

The suction of her girlish cunt is so tight that for a
moment I am unsure of getting it in again as I withdraw
almost to the knob and then begin to piston her.

"Ooh-ah! Oooh-ah!" gasps Penny with obvious delight as
my swollen cock slides in and out of her tightly
gripping slit. She shivers with pleasure, arching up her
hips to welcome each thrust. As I screw this pretty
little minx, I reach forward and cup her small titties,
feeling the rubbery-stiff nipples tickling my palms.

Grinding myself full into her, I begin to fuck her in
short little jabs, bringing breathless gasps with each
thrust as my balls smack heavily against her pert
behind. Her slender young body quivers and her
schoolgirl shoes drum against the desk, rattling the
inkpots in time with every stroke.

She claws her nails into my back, uttering a series of
"Oooooohs!" as she reaches orgasm. Rigid with the rictus
of her own climax she cries through clenched teeth.
"Ooooooh! Yes-ss!"
I feel myself come, my cock shuddering deep inside her
whilst her little bottom writhes and wriggles on the
desk top with eager pleasure.

The lingering quivers of her climax seem to go on
forever. She wraps her legs around me, refusing to let
me go until at last, with a faint "Plop!" the seeping
knob of my cock oozes out from between her legs. A deep
sigh of contentment from Penny and I stagger back
exhausted against the ornate desk.

Nurse Diver's spectacles gleam in triumph.

"Welcome to Lady Cunningham's Academy for young Ladies
Mr.May!" she grins.

Continued in Chapter 3


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