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Boarding School Adventures 3 (Ff+M reluc bd hum)


Boarding School Adventures
By Herb Grinder

Chapter 3/3

(Ff+M, reluc, bnd, hum)
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If you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature, Stop
Reading This Now!!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult
oriented material. The story is not true, nor does the
author advocate or condone acts portrayed here. The
characters in the story are entirely fictional.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit
without the written permission of the author. This
story may be freely distributed with this notice

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Timmy gets cajoled into a spot of joy-riding!

Penny has left the study, leaving a highly amused Nurse
Diver staring at me over the top of her fashionable
spectacles. The young schoolgirl obviously enjoyed at
least the last part of the proceedings, as evidenced by
her sly wink at me as Miss Diver helped her back into
her school uniform.

The delectable nurse reclines in her armchair behind her
desk and eyes me like a cat that's found a new and
interesting toy to play with. She crosses her shapely
legs with a swish of nylon, exposing a flash of thigh
and stocking tops.

"You look rather flushed Mr May," she grins. "I hope
this afternoon's - er - activities weren't too much for
you." She reaches down to one side of the desk and
presses a button. "Perhaps some refreshment is called

I find it difficult to look the sexy school nurse in the

"You've done very well so far Mr. May." She smiles

I feel my face flushing as our eyes meet briefly. "S-so
far?" I stammer.

"Most men - even young men - find it difficult to
maintain an erection after servicing a girl but you've
managed to pleasure two in one afternoon.

So, she does know about the incident in her car. "Y-yes,

"Of course," she interrupts, "you will find it easier to
service more of our girls after we put you through a
little training."

The expression on my face obviously gives the delectable
Nurse Diver more than a hint of what is whirling though
my mind. She leans forward and lowers her voice
conspiratorially. "In fact, I'm quite looking forward to
being serviced myself!" she chuckles.

A knock at the door interrupts anything I am about to

"Come in!" calls Miss Diver.

The door opens and a pretty girl walks in. She appears
to be slightly younger than Penny but is dressed in the
same style of school uniform. She is carrying a tray
with two wine glasses filled with a translucent blue
liquid. Miss Diver takes one and the girl offers the
other to me.

"Cindy is one of our more experienced girls," smiles
Nurse Diver by way of an introduction.

I dare not ask in what activities Cindy is experienced
in but I think I can guess as I take the proffered

The girl's hair is dark and flows over her shoulders in
gentle curls. Her blue eyes shine with wide-eyed
innocence but I am becoming acutely aware that such
appearances can be very deceptive.

Without thinking, I take a long swig at the contents of
my glass. Miss Diver laughs and Cindy giggles as the
liquid turns to fire in my mouth and throat.

"G-God - w-what is it?" I splutter.

"Just a little something that I have concocted to make
you - ah - feel better," says Nurse D. with a
mischievous glint in her eye.

My head begins to feel quite light and the room starts
to sway slightly. I shake my head in an attempt to clear
my fogging brain as I try to focus on what the nurse is

"Cindy and her friends will put you through your
training," grins Nurse D. "The girls call it 'Joy
Riding', I might come along myself later to see how you
are coping."

At the word 'Joy-Riding' Cindy covers her mouth, as if
trying to suppress a sudden fit of giggles.

"Er, yes I see." I mutter, not really seeing at all.

Despite the unaccustomed exercise that Percy has already
been through, I sense a familiar rising feeling between
my legs as I stare at Cindy's obvious schoolgirl charms.
I am dazedly wondering if that fiery drink has affected
me in some way.

Miss Diver gives the girl a knowing wink and moves
towards the door.

"Cindy, would you like to escort Mr May to the Junior
Common Room so the girls can get him ready."

"Yes certainly Miss Diver," giggles the pretty girl
enthusiastically. She grabs my hand and pulls me out
into the main corridor.

My head is spinning as young Cindy guides me through
darkened corridors and stairways, hanging onto my arm
like a pretty little limpet.

As if in a trance I follow her down what seems to be an
interminable maze of corridors. I seem unable to tear my
eyes away from her swaying hips and bobbing skirt. Every
now and then, she looks over her shoulder as if to make
sure I am still following and giggles. She certainly
giggles a lot this girl, almost as if she is harbouring
some private joke.

"Er, what exactly is Joy-riding?" I ask nervously, my
voice sounding slurred.

Cindy gives me a sidelong grin, "Oh, it's very popular,
especially with us older girls," she winks mysteriously.
"We've sometimes used the occasional delivery boy when
we can catch one but they're mostly getting too wary of
us now."

Her answer makes me even more confused.

"Besides", she continues, "boys never last very long
anyway. They nearly always pass out before the fourth or
fifth girl can have a go."

"Have a go at what?" I ask still puzzled.

Cindy looks at me as if I was some kind of imbecile.
"Joyriding silly!" she tuts.

Her eyes travel down to the front of my trousers and she
licks her lips as if anticipating some tasty meal "I'm
sure you're going to be a much better ride than any of
the boys we've used."

We suddenly stop outside a pair of double doors and
Cindy pushes them open. My head is clearing a little as
I find myself in a large room with armchairs, tables and
sofas scattered comfortably around. I notice two more
doors on the opposite side of the room.

"This is where we hold most of our Joyriding games,"
smiles Cindy, smoothing down the front of her skirt. "Do
you like it?"

"Er, yes, very nice." I reply but I am only half
listening as my attention is drawn towards a chattering
group of twenty or so teenage girls clustered around
what appears to be a large armchair in the centre of the

Cindy pulls me towards the throng and I find myself
hemmed in on all sides by jostling, giggling young
females. young June appears next to me and I feel my
face turn a hot pink as the grinning little minx inserts
her right forefinger suggestively in between the curled
fingers of her left hand. Beads of perspiration break
out on my forehead as it occurs to me that I might be
expected to repeat my earlier performances front of all
these girls purely for their lascivious amusement.

The squealing and shrieks of laughter reach a new
crescendo as some of the other girls begin to imitate
June's actions. I feel my arms being grabbed
enthusiastically and slender fingers bite into my wrists
with grips like iron.

"Did you like the little surprise we planned for you in
the car Mr May?" giggles Cindy coyly.

"I bet he's always wondered what it would be like to
feel his cock sliding in and out of a pretty little
schoolgirl," winks June, slyly.

"Er, Yes, I,I mean NO!" I splutter helplessly, taken
aback by the sheer brazenness of these young girls.

The combined weight of young female bodies pushes me
firmly into the solitary armchair and many hands pin me
down. I gasp with amazement as ropes are passed around
my wrists and fastened securely to the arms of the

"Girls, please, let me go!" I implore, as I begin
struggling ineffectually against the ropes. My confused
mind shudders at the thought of what these girls intend
doing with me.

Cindy tosses her hair back and laughs at the look of
panic that is rapidly crossing my face as eager girlish
fingers reach down between my legs. The girls giggle
with triumph as they feel my growing tightness
stretching out the front of my trousers like a rising
tent pole. Despite my half-drugged state, Percy the one-
eyed trouser snake seems his usual frisky self and I
begin to have a sharp suspicion that there really was
something in that drink.

"Girls, please!" I gasp as Cindy's hand also joins in
for a spot of cock squeezing. "Do you realise what you
are doing? What about the age of consent?"

"You passed that years ago," scoffs a curly-haired minx
as she fumbles impatiently with the zip on my trousers.
"You'll have to think of a better one than that!"

The thought of my aroused manhood being exposed in full
view of all these young girls fills me with acute
trepidation and I renew my struggles against the ropes
pinning me down.

"Girls, please!" I implore, as I helplessly watch my
trousers and underpants being hauled unceremoniously
down to my knees.

"What's wrong Mr May?" giggles Cindy with mock
disappointment. "Don't you like the idea of being
pleasured by a roomful of randy young girls?"

"Girls, stop! No-oo-oo-OH!" I yell as soft girlish
fingers begin exploring my exposed penis.

"Ooooh! He's certainly well hung!" gasps Cindy, licking
her lips and running her dainty fingers along the length
of my straining erection.

I am fast succumbing under the blandishments of young
feminine fingers groping and fondling my cock and balls.

"Girls, please, let me go!" I implore, struggling
ineffectually against the ropes, which bite painfully
into my wrists.

"Were not going to let you go until we've all had a turn
riding you!" giggles Cindy. "Young June enjoyed screwing
you in the back of Miss Diver's car and now we want to
have a go."

Cindy starts rubbing my shaft, working the foreskin up
and over its moist purple knob. She tosses her hair back
and laughs at the sudden look of agonised ecstasy that
appears on my face.

"Oooooh! Look, it's really big now!" exclaims a curly-
haired minx as eager girlish eyes stare lasciviously at
my erection.

"Girls, stop! I gasp. "No-oo-oo-OH!"

"We'd better gag him now!" giggles another. "We don't
want him screaming the place down while we're having

What looks like a pair of girls' panties is quickly
passed over my head, feeling still warm and slightly
moist from their previous owner. The crutch is thrust
into my mouth, held in place by the frilly elastic
waistband and effectively muffling my cries of protest.

The girl with the curly hair kneels down between my
parted legs and I writhe with acute pleasure as she
grabs my hot throbbing cock and begins to suck at its
purple headed knob. She cups my balls in one hand and
gently squeezes them while running her other hand up and
down the length of my member.

"Careful Veronica, you're making his eyes glaze over!"
giggles Cindy.

"I think he's ready now," grins Veronica, "Who's going
to be first in the saddle?"

A flood of hands goes up accompanied by a whole chorus
of "Me! Me! Me first!"

Some of the girls immediately begin reaching under their
short skirts in a race to see who can divest themselves
of their panties first. It now dawns on me rather too
late why they call this game 'Joy-Riding'. I realise
with acute trepidation that I am about to be the victim
of a well-organised schoolgirl gang-bang!

"Wait! Wait! WAIT!!" shouts Veronica over the resulting
hubbub. "We can't all pleasure ourselves on him at

"I say that Cindy should have first go on him."
announces another girl generously. "After all she did
persuade Miss Diver to let him come here in the first

"Well I hope she doesn't make him come when she's riding
him!" giggles a pretty little dark-haired girl. "We need
to keep his cock nice and hard until the rest of us have
had a turn."

"There'll be no chance of that happening if she uses the
cord properly." grins Veronica mischievously. "O.K.
Cindy, you're the first lucky girl."

"Oh, Goody!" exclaims Cindy as she hurriedly steps out
of her short skirt and begins unbuttoning her white
school blouse. I feel beads of perspiration break out on
my forehead as I watch the young girl strip down to her
bra and panties. Veronica takes a length of strong twine
and reaches between my legs to tie it expertly around
the root of my balls. She gives a sharp tug as if to
test its effect and I gasp with the sudden pain.

Veronica nods with satisfaction, "That should keep him
in check!"

Cindy unclips her bra and her budding young breasts
bounce into view. They are very small, making her
jutting little nipples appear much larger by comparison.
Her waist is very slender and I can see no trace of
pubic hair between her girlish thighs as she slips out
of her panties.

Naked apart from her dainty white socks and black shoes
the pretty girl approaches my chair with a large jar of
Vaseline. Smiling mischievously, she scoops out a
generous amount onto her fingers and I gasp and wriggle
with acute pleasure as she slowly rubs the slippery
substance along the full length of my straining manhood.

At last, satisfied with her work, she wipes her hands on
her discarded panties and eagerly straddles herself
across my knees.

"Mmmmmm! Nice!" gasps the naked little minx as she
gently inserts the crest of my swollen penis between the
pursed lips of her unfledged little vagina. Pausing as
if to savour the moment, she rubs it gently back and
forth in the succulent groove.

"Do you like that sir?" she giggles as she throws her
slender arms around my neck.

I can't help letting out a muffled groan of extreme
bliss as I feel my cock urged slowly up into the silky
clinging depths of her girlish little cunt. She pauses
again for a moment and I find myself savouring her
tightness as she begins to rock up and down, my thick
cock sliding in and out of her tightly gripping slit.

"Ooooh-Ah! Ooooh-Ah!" moans Cindy with obvious delight.

Sensations of extreme pleasure permeate my body as this
pretty little girl expertly screws me. Through a haze of
pure ecstasy I observe the eager expressions on a sea of
girlish faces watching the proceedings and waiting
impatiently for their turn. I notice dimly that the next
in line is a pretty girl with long blonde wavy hair. She
winks at me in a gesture of erotic promise as she
reaches under her pleated skirt and pulls down her

"Whoo-oooh-aaaaah!" gasps Cindy as she begins to jerk
her bottom up and down faster and faster in her
eagerness to achieve orgasm. My cock makes succulent
slurping noises as I watch it slide in and out between
her parted legs. The sight is extremely erotic and I
know that I am about to climax at any moment. I close my
eyes and give a muffled groan as I prepare to spurt my
lust deep inside the slender naked body of this pretty
little 12-year-old schoolgirl.

Suddenly a sharp pain shoots through my private parts as
Cindy tugs hard on the cord attached to my balls. I cry
out in agony, my urge to climax instantly forgotten.

Cindy continues to jerk up and down, obviously enjoying
herself immensely as her bottom pounds into the front of
my thighs and her little titties bounce and quiver with
each thrust. She watches my face carefully for any signs
that I might come inside her and thus spoil the chances
of the next girl to enjoy herself on my cock.

Suddenly she claws her nails into my back, uttering a
series of gasps as she reaches orgasm. Her hand still
grips the cord firmly and I begin to fear that she might
tug it again in her enthusiasm. Rigid with the rictus of
her own climax she throws her head back and cries out
through clenched teeth. "Whooo-ooooh-oooooooooh!"

She gives five or six more frenzied jerks of her bottom
then runs down like a clockwork toy until she is still.

The other girls clap and cheer as she plants a warm kiss
on my brow and reluctantly climbs off my lap.

"Was he a good ride Cindy?" asks the pretty little
blonde girl tossing aside the last of her clothing.

"Mmmm, Yes, he has a gorgeous cock," sighs Cindy as she
pulls on her panties and reaches for her discarded bra,
"And look - he's still as hard as a broom-handle."

"Goody! My turn now!" giggles the naked blonde.

She seats herself on my lap with my purple-headed cock
nestling between her parted legs. Her freckled face and
the headband that keeps her shoulder-length corn-gold
hair in place gives her a look of sweet girlish
innocence. Her cherry-red pouting lips break into a
mischievous grin revealing a perfect set of pearly white

"My name's Sandy," she winks, "my friends sometimes call
me Randy-Sandy!"

She giggles again as she grips my captive member and
pushes it forcibly between the softly pursed lips of her
unfledged little slit.

"Ooooh! nice!" she gasps as she impales herself
delightfully on my prick, forcing herself down until her
tight little bum presses against my balls. Again I
experience that feeling of spellbinding bliss as my cock
is tightly held within the warm spongy haven of a hot
little vagina.

"I hope you are not going to be naughty sir!" she
giggles impishly, brushing her golden hair away from her

A sudden sharp tug of the cord makes me jerk forward,
implanting me deeper into the naked young girl. She
gasps with acute pleasure and tugs on the cord again. I
suddenly understand what is wanted of me and I thrust
with all my strength.
"Ooooh-Ahhh-L-o-v-e-l-y!" gasps Sandy as she bucks up
and down with each push I make with my hips.

Her swelling young breasts bob inches from my face,
their cherry-red nipples jutting out like ripe little
pomegranites. The other girls cheer her on as she gives
another sharp tug every time that fatigue looks like
slowing me down.

The pleasure of being screwed by this promiscuous little
schoolgirl is entirely driven from my mind as her
fingers dig painfully into my neck and her hot slender
body bounces against my thighs. The thought that keeps
my cock thrusting into her is that if I can quickly
satisfy this girl, my painful tribulations would cease,
at least until the next girl takes her place in the

Fortunately she achieves the heights of orgasm very
quickly, her cries of pleasure becoming louder and more
prolonged. Eventually drowning even the cheers of the
assembled girls waiting for their own turn on me. I sigh
with relief when she finally grinds to a halt and
releases her grip the cord.

"That was heavenly," announces Sandy breathlessly as she
climbs off my abused body and plants a kiss on my
forehead just as Cindy had done.

There is now hardly a girl in the room who is still
fully dressed. Skirts, blouses, ties, bra's, slips and
panties lie scattered all over the furniture and carpet.
Scantily-clad and naked giggling schoolgirls crowd
around me with eager anticipation as I wait
apprehensively for the next lascivious little minx to
climb into the saddle.

A vision of sheer black nylon stockings with high heels
and matching lace suspenders pushes her way into my line
of sight. A small triangle of dark fur shows between a
pair of shapely thighs.

"Hello! Remember me?" smiles a tall slender female who
somehow looks disturbingly familiar.

Her high pointed breasts wiggle enticingly as she
straddles herself comfortably across my lap with a
sensuous swish of black nylon. Her laughing blue eyes
twinkle with amusement as she reaches down between my
legs and I feel her slender fingers wrap themselves
around the length of my abused manhood.

I gaze hypnotically at her bobbing breasts and jutting
nipples as she rubs her vagina over the tip of my penis.
Once again I feel my male member thrust slowly into a
hot, moist pussy. She throws her arms around my neck and
impales her slender body down onto my long thick cock. I
regain my senses a little, but only for a short while.
The sensation of her slippery vagina sliding down over
my so-hard penis is overpowering.

"Hello Timmy." she breathes softly in my ear as she
gently begins those soul-stirring up and down movements
with her shapely bottom. I clench my teeth, waiting for
the sharp tug of that vicious cord that will turn this
blissful experience into one of extreme discomfort. But
to my relief, she does not use the cord at all and I
cautiously enjoy the sensation of being slowly screwed
by this tall, slender female.

Her hands carefully pull away the makeshift gag from
around my mouth and she kisses me lightly on the lips.

"You don't recognise me do you?" she whispers as her
hips continue to sway gently up and down.

I shake my head slowly, my dazed brain unable to focus
where I have seen her before.

"The girls seem to like you Mr May!" she murmurs.

"Miss Diver?" I croak incredulously. I want to say more
but she quickly smothers my face and lips with hot
passionate kisses, pushing her tongue deep inside my
mouth. My mind reels in dazed confusion. Not only am I
being forced to suffer the indignity of being expertly
gang-banged by a crowd of lascivious schoolgirls but now
the school nurse is also enjoying a turn in the saddle!

She hastily loosens the knot in my tie and fumbles with
the buttons on my shirt, pulling it back over my
shoulders. I groan with erotic pleasure as the pointed
berries of her jutting nipples brush sensuously against
my bared chest. Her long dark hair cascades in scented
waves across my face.

"I'm going to screw you hard now," she smiles impishly,
"but remember, we don't want you coming just yet!"

She holds the cord up in front of my eyes and I nod
fearfully at her implied threat. Nurse Helen begins to
pump her bottom up and down at an increased pace and all
I can do is savour the delicious sensation of my thick
cock sliding in and out of her warm moist channel.

"Mmmmmmmm, Love-ly!", moans the young nurse softly as my
cock throbs inside her tight slit. She slides it in and
out, her bum cheeks smacking against my thighs with each
downward thrust.

"Ooh!, Ooh!, OOOOH!", she gasps.

My own exclamations are smothered by her hot passionate
kisses covering my face, her tongue forcing itself
urgently into my mouth. I am fast approaching the moment
of crisis but fear of that terrible cord keeps me
effectively in check.

Moving her hands to get a better grip on the back of the
armchair, Helen drives my pulsating cock even deeper
into her lightly-furred pussy. With a few more quick
thrusts, the pretty nurse cries out as her orgasm hit
her, it rises in a loud gasp, ending on a loud note -
almost a cry.

Her shapely body stiffens and jerks. "Ohhhhh!" she
gasps. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh my!"

"Oooh! - that was heavenly Mr May!" sighs nurse Helen as
she grinds to a slow halt.

She climbs contentedly off my lap and makes a quick
inspection of my still-firm member.

"And you're almost as hard as ever," she grins
breathlessly. "I think the girls are going to enjoy you
a lot this afternoon!"

She puts some more Vaseline on her fingers and gives my
cock another rub, working the foreskin backwards and
forwards until it renews its former stiffness pointing
rudely skywards from between my parted legs.

"That's better" says the naked nurse with approval.

Another eager schoolgirl, wearing nothing except yellow
ribbons in her hair, parts her slender legs and inserts
my stiff penis between the moist pouting lips of her
bare little slit.

The girl screws me with gusto, plunging my cock in and
out of her body and working her pert little bottom fast
and furious. My breathing becomes more ragged with each
thrust and I bite my lip hard in an effort to avoid

Nurse Diver is obviously highly amused by the look of
agonised pleasure that is etched across my face and she
laughs when the girl gives a sharp twitch on the cord.

I groan, wriggle, and gasp under the naked schoolgirl.
She holds on to me like an octopus, her arms wrapped
around my neck as her firm young body bucks frantically
up and down on my cock.

Then it is over. I lie panting as the girl slides
contentedly away from me and the next eager little minx
slips out of her panties.

The afternoon wears slowly on and I lose track of time
as girl after girl pleasure themselves on my abused

End of Chapter 3


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