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Bound and Helpless


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for adults in locations where it is
legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or
any other use strictly prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder,
except may be posted as part of a review or posted to free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

Copyright 1998 by E. Z. Riter.

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I was a high school senior, the youngest in my class and just barely
seventeen, although I was tall (six one) and rapidly filling out .
Dave was one of my best friends. He had a delightful little sister,
Helen, who was sixteen and a sophomore. She was drop dead beautiful
with a tiny waist, nice breasts and the most beautiful ass and legs of
any girl I had ever seen. She had big, soft brown eyes that could burn
or tease as she wished and dyed blonde hair. I had been in love with
her since junior high, but, she acted like she ignored me except for
teasing me when she got bored. Maybe it was my teenage imagination,
but, I think she really liked me. I know she had no regular boyfriend
and would go out with me on occasion.

One day, I went over to Dave's to meet up with the guys. No one
appeared to be at home so I went around back off the alley where
Dave's dad had put up a basketball net at the end of a concrete area.

Helen was tied to the steel post that supported the basketball net and
she was blindfolded.

I was stunned. I knew Dave got real tired of Helen bugging him, and,
I had heard him threaten to tie her up and leave her, but, in a
million years, I never expected him to do it.

Seeing Helen like that made me hard as a rock. I could never remember
my erection being that big or that hard, not even when I lost my
virginity to Susy after a football game. My heart was pounding as I
slowly walked towards her. I could tell she could not see.

She was dressed in a white, long sleeved, cotton, blouse and plaid
loose skirt with athletic shoes and no socks. He had pulled her arms
behind her and tied her wrists together around the pole. As always,
she was beautiful and sexy, even more so that she was helpless, her
breasts pushed hard against the thin material of her blouse, her
clothes in disarray from her struggling against her bondage, her hair
damp with sweat and sticking to her beautiful face.

"Dave! You bastard! Dad'll kill you for this! Let me go, Dave! I
know you're there!"

I said nothing but continued to ease my way towards her.

"Dave? Who's there? Please, who are you!"

She started to panic, squirming, struggling to get away. She was very
scared. As she struggled her blouse became more twisted, parting
slightly to reveal her bra. I could see her arms cording as she fought
the ropes around her wrist. She was securely bound and her efforts
were to no avail.

"Please, let me go! Who are you?" she sobbed. Tears started to flow
down her cheeks.

I touched her arm and she squealed, kicking at me. She started to
scream and I covered her mouth, pushing myself against her. It was the
first time I had felt that lush body against mine. It made me go nuts
I wanted her so much.

"Scream and I'll gag you."

She was really sweating now, sobbing under my hand over her mouth. She
was not playing, she was really frightened: very, very frightened.

"If you're a good little girl, doing exactly as you're told, I won't
rape you. Do you understand?" She nodded her head, still
squirming to get her body away from mine.

"I'm going to play with you before I let you go. Can you be good and
not scream?"

She nodded yes and I released her mouth. She gasped in buckets of air.

"Who are you? You better let me go, whoever you are."

I kissed her. She closed her mouth and turned away.

"Be good and let me play with you or I'll rape you and I won't be

I should tell you I had acted in several school plays and was trying
to disguise my voice because I knew Helen would recognize my real

She turned back and let me kiss her. Of course, it was a lousy kiss.
What did you expect? I took her face is both my hands, brushed her
hair back and kissed her gently on the lips. I moved my body from hers
so she would not feel threatened. I touched just her face and neck
with my hands and lips. She was cold, unreceptive, frightened.

"Please, let me go...."

"Soon, little darling. Soon."

"Who are.... ummm."

When I broke the kiss, she said, "I know you, don't I?"

"Yes. Now, shhhh."

I kept kissing: lips, cheeks, neck, ears, all were kissed, as my hands
gently stroked and touched those parts of her body not considered "no
nos". I was very gentle and took my time. I wanted her to become
aroused and unafraid. Soon, her kiss got warm, her mouth opening, her
tongue responding to mine, anxious little movements coming from her
when the kiss parted as she wanted to keep it going. I held her neck
with my left hand, kissing her in the little hollow of her throat,
when I let my hands slide over her ass for the first time. She did
not pull away as I expected.

She had stopped asking who I was, just enjoying me tantalizing her.

I let my hand cup her breast. "Please, don't," Helen whimpered as I
massaged her breast through her blouse, but, she did not try to get
away. Even I, an almost virgin, knew that "don't" meant "do."

As I pulled the blouse out of her skirt, she squirmed to get away for
a moment. I stopped, shushing her and kissing her neck again. She
whimpered when my hands slipped under her blouse and bra to cup her
naked breasts. The nipples were like diamonds and she was so hot, her
breasts almost burned my hands. I unbuttoned her blouse and released
her bra as I continued my massage of those lovely mounds of

I suckled her nipples as she hung there helpless. Now, she was
straining to push her breast in my mouth rather than to get away.

"You're so good," she whispered as I played with one breast with my
hand and teased her other nipple with my mouth.

Like me, Helen was getting hotter and hotter. She started to moan and
her legs opened so I slipped my hand under her skirt. Her legs closed
like a clam shutting but my hand under her skirt kept busy, stroking
and teasing her as my mouth stayed on hers. I could feel her fighting
herself, both wanting to resist and wanting to give in to me and her

"Oh. God," she said, her thighs relaxing, her legs parting, as I
stroked her labia.

I slipped a finger in her and tickled slowly and gently. My thumb
found her clit, rotating it slowly, firmly but gently. "Oh, please,"
she whimpered, as she opened her legs further, giving me full access
to her. She was moaning softly, her hips moving back and forth as her
need built. I could smell her, feel her need.

"Yes, please... faster, faster," she pleaded, as she started humping
my hand. I quickened the pace, holding her up with my other arm
pressing her upper body against mine as she came with little squeaks,
sweat flowing from her. She collapsed against me, panting. I held her,
stroked her until she recovered.

I unzipped my pants, which she heard.

"No. Please, don't take me. I'm a virgin. You promised!"

I pulled up her skirt and pushed my hard cock into her thigh.

"No. Don't. You promised not to rape me. Have mercy! Please! I beg

"You're so delicious, I may not be able to stop myself!"

"Please! Oh, God! Please DON'T!"

"I won't rape you, Helen." I said in my natural voice.

"Oh, thank god, Jeff! It's you!!"

She began to sob, crying as I held her. I released her hands and
removed the blindfold. She collapsed against me, crying until she
was cried out as we sat on the grass, her in my lap, my arms around
her in comfort. She would not look at me as she continued to sob,
holding me as tightly as I held her. She curled up against me, sobbing
away the fear and tension. When she had recovered, she held my hand as
I walked her back into her house.

"I'm really tired, Jeff," she said. "Would you excuse me?"

"Sure," I replied.

I leaned to kiss her as she turned to walk away. She stopped, letting
me give her a peck on the cheek. Then, she looked at me for the first
time, raising her mouth to be kissed, which I joyfully did. She had a
twinkle in her tired and crying swollen eyes.

"Thank you very much for stopping when you did. It made all the
difference in the world."

"Helen, I..."

She put her fingers over my lips, stopping me.

"I'd love to go to a movie tonight if someone would go with me,"
she said.


"I'll be ready."

I started dating Helen regularly. Of course, I would have dated her
exclusively since junior high, as I said, but, now, she wanted to date
me exclusively. There was a warmness... a special feeling... between
us, probably from the intense, unusual time out by the basketball net.
I believe she trusted me, felt comfortable with me as she would not
with other guys. We dated for almost four months before that great
and wonderful night came when my parents were at a friends lake house
for the weekend.

When I picked her up at her place, she bounced into the car.

"What movie are we going to see?"

"My parents are out of town. I thought maybe we could watch TV."

"Do you want to watch tv or take my virginity?"

Her hand was on my leg, her face bright, her eyes twinkling like stars
as she teased me.

"I.... "

"Me, too," she said, kissing me on the cheek. The tension was almost
unbearable, neither of us speaking for the six minute drive to my
house. In my driveway, we both sat in the car for a few minutes. I
took her hand and she slid out my side. We did not let go of each
other's hands until we reached my bedroom.

She squirmed into my arms and gazed up at me.

"I've heard it hurts at first. Be gentle with me."

"I always am."

"Yes, you always have been. I love you for that, Jeff." She kissed

Slowly, gently, I unveiled the girl (was she already a woman?) who I
had loved (lusted after?) for years. She never rushed me as I
leisurely undressed her, until near the end when, after I removed her
panties, she lay back on the bed, opened her legs and said, "Jeff! Are
you going to fuck me or just stare at me?" She giggled nervously as I
shed my clothes in an instant and joined her on the bed.

I was rewarded by the most hot and beautiful experience of my young life, one I shall cherish forever, one I can not adequately describe,
as I made love to Helen for the first time. After that, Helen and I
continued dating and continued having sex. I knew I was desperately in
love with her. Thank god, somewhere she began acting like she loved
me, too.

About a month after we began sleeping together, she called me, telling
me her parents and Dave were gone and asking me to come over. When I
arrived, she had a funny little grin as she picked up some rope.

"Come on."

I noticed she was wearing the same thing she had on that day she was
bound to the basketball net, which is where we went. She handed me
the rope. Standing against the pole, she put her arms behind it.

"Okay. Tie me."

I did.

"Jeff, don't be as sweet as you always are, as you were that day you
found me here, and, these clothes are old, if you know what I mean."

"Do you want to be blindfolded?"


I bound her arms behind her, tying her to the net support, blindfolded
her, kissed her gently, and, walked away.

"Who is it? Who's there?"

She struggled against the ropes, twisting, turning. I could see the
sweat break out on her chin.

I was going to enjoy raping her as she fought, bound and helpless. I
was going to enjoy it almost as much as she was.

The End

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