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Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hey Kids, go away! Oh,
did you think I meant it in a mocking manner and was talking to you? Well
if you're under 18 then you are absolutley right. Go away.

The Breaking of the World (M/F, mc, reluc, magic)

by Alexi92

Anne knocked on the table, using her tapping to form words. None of the
others were fast enough to decipher the message, none except Lyscha, the

"She said you should shut your mouth," translated Lyscha.

"Tough," said the woman sitting between Lyscha and Ann. Once she had
been a dictator of an entire country, but then she had been overthrown.
She had escaped, only to find herself servant to the wizard Zola. "I'm
just talking about taking shaft. I swear Zola needs to get a hobby. It's
as if he always want sex."

Ann began to tap something but the dictator interupted her.

"Look ragdoll, not all of us like fucking our masters."

Ann drooped, her flimsy body making her depression almost comical.
Beside her the Centaur woman-servant of Linda the Great put a supportive
arm on Ann's shoulder.

"Don't worry Ann, I'm sure everything will turn out fine," the centaur
said soothingly. "He'll realize he loves you."

"Don't give her false hope," the dictator muttered. "The bastard
animated a ragdoll for his sex slave, what does that tell you? Tells me
he's fucking nutcase."

The centaur had to hold Ann back, which wasn't hard since Ann was filled
with stuffing. Across the table the dictator laughed, amused by the
ragdoll's efforts to defend her master's honor.

"Let her go," the dictator laughed. "What's she going to do? It'll be
like a pillow fight."

"Let her go," Lyscha nodded.

Reluctantly the centaur woman let Ann go and the ragdoll bounded across
the table. Her fists pounded into the dictator, but they had no effect,
there was no weight behind them. Out of frustration Ann kicked the
dictator, and the lead weights that had been placed there to give Ann
balance collided with the dictator's jaw. There was an unpleasent cracking
noise as the dictator fell to the ground unconcious.

Lyscha looked over to the almost swarming mass of men on the other side
of the room. While the women servants of the world's magical population
numbered less than five the man servants numbered in the thousands. The
only thing that kept the women from being raped in the servants' lounged
every time there was a convention was the fear of magical reprisals. Of
course sometimes the master didn't care what happened to his sex slave,
which was when the women stuck together to defend their own.

"Hey guys," Lyscha shouted with her unfortunately child like voice.
"We've got one for you, her master doesn't care if she's fucked, and
neither do we."

Many heads perked and turned towards their direction. Lyscha, Ann, and
the Centaur woman watced as the dictator was draggged into the mass of men,
her clothes being torn off as she was carried. When she woke up she would
be sore, in all of her holes. The three other women watched the start of
the massive gang bang, men were pawing the dicator's breasts and there were
already men filling her ass and cunt.

"Man, Lyscha," said the centaur woman. "For a petite girl you've got a
pretty mean cruel streak."

Petite? It made Lyscha laugh. If there was a word to describe her then
petite was the wrong one. Sure she was built to resemble a thirteen year
old child, but she was not petite. Her breasts were enormous, the size of
melons, jutting out from her body obscenely, unhumanly firm as the only
could be on an artificial body. They were constant, unescapable reminders
of her subservience as a sex toy to her master.

It was a similar situation to Ann and her inability to speak. They both
existed to serve as a mastubatory aid for their respective masters. They
both hated their lot in life. But whereas Ann hated her lot in life
because she wanted to mean so much more to her master, to have him love her
as she loved him, Lyscha wanted freedom, to be an independent being, to be
able to refuse the demeaning orders given to her, to leave her life of
degregration and humiliation behind.

Neither would get their wish. They hoped to be more but to their
masters they were only tools. Nothing more than tools. Forever in the
service, used to service, their masters.

If she had been designed with tear ducts Lyscha would have cried.


Ann followed her master home to the province of Orshandow, a rural
community with limited technology. There Eli lived in a house atop a
cliff, left alone by the other people in the realm, an outcast branded by
his magic. It was this lonlieness that had caused Eli to magically animate
Ann, his childhood toy. He had improved her, altered her shape to be more
like a real woman's, and those who saw her in silhouette were sometimes
decieved, but in the end she was still a rag doll with cloth skin and
innards. A highly atractive rag doll, but a rag doll all the same.
Together they lived alone. Eli made candles which he sold at markets,
disguised as a tradesman. He had learned techniques from technologically
advanced areas and so his candles were in much demand. Ann did everything
else. She cooked, she cleaned, and most importantly she kept her master

Ann did love her master, more than even Lyscha knew. For a magically
animated ragdoll Ann was incredible intelligent. Unfortunately Ann was one
of those individuals where her hope far outmatched her intelligence. Her
life centered around her master, she did his bidding with an amazing amount
of zeal. She held onto each kind word, each appreciative action as some
sort of sign that maybe her master loved her too.

"Ann get in here!" Eli would shout from his workshop. And Ann would
stop whatever she was doing and go to her master, where he would be
waiting. She would bend over and he would take her from behind as the wax
cooled. When he had finished he would clean his member off on her dress
and send her away.

Her dresses, she made them herself from leftover cloth she would find
around his house. She worked on them, hoping one of them would please him,
elicit a compliment, but he never noticed. She kept on making them though,
clothing made her feel real, and being real meant he would love her.


It was night. Eli had decided that he had finished for the day and
entered the house proper, dried wax splattered amongst his body. Ann
greeted him at the door. He looked at her and nodded. He undressed,
throwing his clothes in a heap and walked to the bathroom. Ann picked up
the clothes and took them to the laundry room to clean later. She went to
the bathroom where Eli was already taking a shower. He saw her.

"Come here," he said and she obeyed. He reached out, grabbed her arm,
and pulled it into the shower. He had long ago placed a spell on her to
make her water proof so her cloth skin did not get wet. He placed her hand
on his cock and she understood what he wanted. She jerked him off as he
cleansed his body with soap. When he came she withdrew from the bathroom
and laid out dinner.

When he came into the dining room he sat and served himself. Ann waited
patiently, standing next to him. In between bites he looked at her. He
looked intrigued.

"That a new dress?" he asked.

Ann nodded eagerly.

"Hmmph," Eli grunted and went back to eating. Ann drooped, crestfallen.

"Food's good," Eli said. Ann beamed with pride.

When he finished his meal Eli got up. Ann began to clear the table but
Eli stopped her.

"C'mon, do that later. I want to go to sleep now."

Ann nodded. Sleep time, it was her favorite time. She followed him to
the bedroom. There they both got undressed. Ann got into bed first and
Eli followed her. He fucked her for a good hour, an ungraceful savage
fucking. Ann didn't mind, she couldn't feel physical pleasure, but it
filled her with joy when her master took pleasure from her. She fucked him
back, pushing her cloth hips towards his, matching his uneven rythym. His
cock rammed into her hole, slamming into it with a lustful furry until
finally Eli moaned and came within her cloth body. She simulated her
orgasm, making a deliriously happy face, mouthing moans of pleasure. Eli
liked it when she did that, it added to his joy.

Eli collaped with exhaustion. He rolled off her body and went to sleep.
Ann waited until she knew he was asleep and got up to do the dishes. When
she had finished he went to the shower to clean herself out, wiping his cum off her insides so it wouldn't accumulate. Then she turned off all the
lights in the house, went back to her master's bedroom, climbed into his
bed and put her arms around him. She had no need for sleep, but she closed
her eyes and pretended that they were lovers that had fallen asleep in each
others' arms.

It was hours later when she heard the man clearing his throat. She
opened her eyes and turned, still keeping her arms around her master. A
large man, his skin tanned and his hair long looked down at her.

"Is that Eli the Bitter?" he asked.

Ann nodded.

"I'm Jordan, I've come to steal his magic."

Ann took her arms from around her master and got up. Jordan looked

"Er, could you put on some clothes? I get that you're cloth and all but
you're anatomically correct."

Ann nodded. She picked her dress up off the floor and put it on. She
once again faced Jordan. And launched herself at him to attack.

Jordan moved away swiftly. She launched herself at him again and again
he dodged her.

"I don't know why you're defending him, he's using his magic to steal
many things," Jordan said, dodging another attack. "Food, odd bits of
cloth, god only knows why he needs cloth."

Ann looked at her dress thoughtfully. Jordan followed her gaze.

"Oh," he said.

Ann smiled. Her master did care for her. She launched herself once
again, using the natural flexibility of her cloth body to swerve and sway
in different directions. Jordan swatted her aside and placed a spell of
unconciousness upon her. Her world became blackness.

Jordan walked up to the bed and placed his hands upon Eli's forehead.
With quite words he began to absorb Eli's magical ablities, increasing his
own power. Eli tossed, but Jordan continued.

Eli awoke, confused. "Ann?"

"She's beeen dealt with," Jordan said.

"What're you doing?" Eli muttered. "I feel funny."

"I'm taking away the magic you have squandered on misdeeds, Eli the
Bitter. Soon your magic will be mine. Worry not, I already know you have
means to support yourself and your servant without such magics."

Eli struggled to get free but it was to no avail. He felt the magic
drain out of his body. Soon it would be all gone.

"Wait," he was able muster.

Jordan paid him no attention.

"Wait," Eli tried again.

"What is it?" Jordan said imaptiently, still taking the magic from Eli's
body for his own.

"Don't take it all."

Jordan snorted and went back to his work.

"You can have it but leave me enough."

"Enough to do what?" Jordan asked intrigued.

"Enough to keep Ann alive."

"Ann? Your ragdoll?"

"Yes. Let her live." The words were hard to say, his body felt

"She is alive."

"No... she's... connected to... me."

"You used a cable spell instead of a remote one? Why? It would have
been easier in the long run to give her complete life rather than
continually drain yourself."

"Afraid... she.. leave..."

"Pathetic," Jordan said with disdain. He continued to sap away all of
Eli's powers, ignoring any further protests. When he was done Eli was
little more than an unconcious heap on the floor.

Jordan walked out of the house leaving behind another victim. In the
front yard Ann lay crumpled like the rag doll she was, all signs of the
magical life she had once possessed gone. Jordan looked at the toy with
wonder and contemplation, unable to decide of Ann's worthiness as a

He didn't contemplate for long, he was a busy man and had things that
had to be done. He spent only enough time to touch Ann's head and whisper
a few words of support. And then he was gone.

Ann's body trembled and she sprung back to life. She looked around, the
man who had attacked her master was gone. Master! The master was lying on
the ground in an unmoving ball. He looked hurt. Ann kneeled next to him
and tried to rouse him by gently shaking his shoulder.

He moaned. Ann sighed with relief, at least he was alive.

"Ann?" the master asked in a dazed tone.

Ann waved.

"Ann? You're alive? Are you okay?"

Ann nodded.

"Oh thank god. Wait... No, he took it all, but how... Ann do you feel
the same?"

Ann nodded again.

"You don't feel at all different?"

Ann shook her head.

"Are you sure?"


"Good. I hope..."

The master collapsed as he tried to stand. Ann tried desperatly to hold
him up, but he waved her away with flailing arms.

"Oh, no, I'm okay. I'm just weak. I don't have any magic anymore."

The master paused, as though he was waiting for Ann to respond. Which
was silly since he knew Ann couldn't talk.

"We're not linked anymore."

Ann's body stiffened as she began to realize the implications of what
her master was saying. He must have seen it because he continued.

"You don't have to stay with me if you don't want to."

She watched him, looking for a sign of joviality or sarcasm. She found
none. With the world crashing around her she launched herself into his
lap, which was very difficult considering the way he was slumped on the
floor, and held onto his torso. Her body shook as though she were
pantomiming crying.

"Now, now, I understand. This is a sad moment for both of us, but we've
got to be strong. I can't hold you back anymore Ann. You need to be your
own person, do what you want to."

Ann held on tighter, grasping for support as if a heavy wind tried to
blow her away. She wanted to stay with him, forever.

"I'm sorry you have to go, but I understand that it's time you stood on
your own."

He patted her back gently.

"I hope you have a wonderful life Ann."

"Don't make me go!"

They flew apart. Ann had let go of him, and Eli had tried to pry her
off him at exactly the same moment. They stared at each other with utter
shock and astonishment from across the room.


"I... Hello?"


"Aaaah. Aaaah. Ooooh."


"My name is Ann."

"Ann? You can talk?"

"I can talk? I can talk! I can talk!"

"I don't believe this. He must have given you both life and a voice! I
never gave you a voice." The master stopped and said in a soft, regretting
voice, "I never gave you a voice."

"This is great. Oh, I can speak. Oh master, isn't this wonderful? How
does my voice sound? Is it too high? Too loud?"

"No... It's beautiful."

"It is?! Oh this is incredible. Now I can tell you how I really feel,

"Wonderful," the master muttered.


"Let's have it," the master said, bracing himself.

"I love you."

"I can explain... What?!"

"I love you, please don't make me go. I know we're not connected
anymore but that doesn't mean you have to get rid of me. I can be good
enough to..."


"No! Please, let me try to convince you. I..."

"No, stop, Ann. That's enough."


"No." He walked up to her and she began to tremble. She wasn't sure
what he was going to do, but things didn't look good.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Please, no, let me stay," Ann pleaded.

"No, not that, I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to you. I've
been horrible to you."

Ann who was still reeling from his first few words, thinking they meant
she was to be expelled from the house post haste barely had time to recover
and try to protest against his self deprecation. He wasn't a monster he
was... well everything wonderful.

"I love you too, Ann. I don't deserve to, but I love you."

"I can stay?"

"For as long as you want."

"Then I want to stay forever."

Ann grabbed him and kissed him for what seemed like forever and yet too
short a time. It was Eli who pulled them apart.

"What is it Master?! Have I displeased you?!"

"No! Damn it Ann, you can never displease me. Never think that."

"Then what?"

"Since when did you have skin?"

"Skin?" Ann touched her face. She felt it. She FELT it. She began to
feel her entire body. Skin, a heart beat, breathing, goosebumps, she poked
her eye lightly, pain!... Wait, what about... She reached under her dress
to find her hole. Yes!

Ann grabbed Eli. "Fuck me, now! I want to feel it!"

After they had made love they fell asleep happily in one another's arms.


Lyscha looked down at the pitiful lump lying at her feet. Standing he
towered over her, but now he didn't seem very large. He seemed small in
fact, and that was how Lyscha wanted to remember him. His robes were still
clean, with only a little dust. Lyscha remembered when she had cleaned
them last. She remembered doing many things for him: cooking, cleaning,
fucking. A lot of fucking, in the mouth, cunt, ass. The way he slobbered
over her oversized tits. He had given her those oversized tits. She hated

"He's got no magic at all?" Lyscha said, disbelieving.

"That's what I said," Jordan agreed.

"No magic."


"So he has no control over me."

"Not that I can sense."

Lyscha looked at her hands, as if for the first time, and smiled. "I'm

"Sure," Jordan said. "Is there anything else? You want to be human?
I've already done it once today."

"No. Thank you."

"No problem. If you'll excuse me I've got evil wizards to drain."

And with that Jordan was gone. Teleported most likely. Lyscha stood
still, reveling in her newfound freedom. She waited for her "master" to
wake up.

When he did she kicked him in the ribs. He screamed.

"What was that for?!"

"That?" Lyscha said as brought her leg back for another foot in his
side. "That's was for ten years of service."

He grunted as she kicked him again.

"And this one is for making me suck your dick. And this one is for
making me fuck you when you knew damn well how repulsive I found you. And
this is for killing that boy just because I said he was cute. And this is
for giving me the voice of a child. And this is for giving me the breasts of a giant. And this is just because I want you to die."

When she was finished he was unconcious again. Lyscha shrugged and
started down the mountain path. It was time to journey into freedom. She
figured she would look up Shar. The three years before her reappearance
were almost up. She always liked Shar.


There was a knock at the door. It surprised Shar multitude of reasons.
No one had ever taken the time to bother to climb the mountain of doom to
get to the castle. Besides anyone that knew the castle was even at the top
of the mountain probably didn't need to use doors. Tellix's uncle Zola
just teleported in when he wanted to talk to his nephew. Shar had meant to
talk to Tellix about it but when she had brought it up they had ended up
fucking on the dining table. After that teleporting wizards didn't seem
that important.

Shar sighed. She hadn't opened the front door in a while, the side
entrance was easier to manage. Even with her mercenary training Shar had
to struggle to open up the front door. Tellix said it was heavy to avoid
seiges, Shar could see a plethora of ways to overcome that but she hadn't
mentioned any, Tellix was so sensitive about his designs. He still sulked
if she brought up the crotchless underwear he had designed for her. Shar
appreciated the design, but it had cut off circulation to her legs.
Besides, she normally didn't wear underwear, it made their spontaneous
fucking easier. Hell, that's why she had started to wear sundresses
instead of pants. Admittedly they were more feminine than Shar liked but
the knife belt she wore across her chest kind of evened things out.

Shar pulled open the front door, the monstrosity budged at first and
eventually gave way. She greeted the man on the other side while wiping
the sweat off her brow.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes," said Jordan. "I have come for the evil Magician."

"I see," said Shar. "Well I'm afraid he's not av-"

With reflexes honed by years of training, Shar pulled a knife from her
knife belt and flung it at Jordan's head. Jordan caught it, but another
one was already flying at him.

"You can't have him!" Shar shouted, throwing more knives towards the

Jordan stopped trying to catch them and deflected the knives with a
simple shield spell. "Stop that."

More knives were thrown. Shar wasn't about to let someone come and take
her man. Not after all they had been through to be together. The knives
proved ineffective, each one deflected by Jordan's magical shield.

Jordan lifted his hand and with his magic lifted Shar into the air. She
struggled and was thrown into a wall. She blacked out upon impact and fell
to the floor. Jordan let his sheild down. A figure was approaching him, a

"Shar, what's all the commotion?" The man stopped when he saw Jordan.
The man had two vials in his hands, both swirling with liquids of unearthly
colors. He stared at Jordan, suspicious.

"Where's Shar?"

"Your woman? She's unconcious," Jordan said, gesturing to the wall
where Shar lay.

The man looked at Shar a moment. "Did you do this?" he asked, betraying
no emotion.


The man threw one of the vials at Jordan. With nary a thought Jordan
let loose a bolt of magical energy, destroying the vial. But even as it
shattered liquid flew through the air and some of it splattered onto
Jordan's hand.

And with that Jordan was frozen.

"I can't move," protested Jordan.

"Of course you can't," the man muttered. He had already made his way to
Shar and was bent over her, concerned. He took the other vial and held it
beneath Shar's nose. Shar awoke with a start.


"Shh, I'm here," said the man.

"You've got to get away, he's here to hurt you."

"He's not hurting anybody. I froze him."

Shar smiled and pulled Tellix's face to hers. "God you're sexy when
you're heroic."

They kissed. Jordan cleared his throat.

"Stay out of this," Tellix said and went back to attending Shar's lips.

"I just wanted to say I'm not after the alchemis," Jordan said. "He has
no magic. But there is one at this residence who has magic and used it for
ill purposes. I want that magic."

"What are you talking about?" Shar demanded. "Tellix is the only one
here who even understands magic."

"That is not so," said Jordan.

"Yes he is."

"No I'm not."

Shar looked at Tellix with a confused expression. "Hon, what are you
talking about."

"I think I know who he means."

"But there's no one else here. Just you, me, and... Oh god, you don't
think he means her?"

"Probably. My potition wasn't designed to affect magic, maybe she still
has her powers. Just because she's in no position to use them doesn't mean
they're not there."

"Then let him have her."

"Okay, I'll be right back." Tellix stood up and looked at Jordan. "Do
you know the Lancaster Bronzing spell?"

"I am aware of it," Jordan acknowledged.

"You can use it to get free. I'll go get your evil magician." Tellix
hurried off.

Shar watched as Jordan began muttering something under his breath. Soon
enough he was free from the spell and stretching life back into his limbs.
She pulled out a knife just in case.

He must have seen her because he said, "I apologize for the


"I did not mean to harm you."


"It's a nice place you two have here."


"You're in love I assume."


"That's good. Married?"


"Why not?"

"None of your business."

"No, I suppose not. I'm married, you know."

"Don't care."

"I see."

"Look, no offense or nothing," Shar said gravely, "but take the bitch
and leave us alone. We've fought for our time together and we don't like
people intruding."

"I understand," Jordan said. And then there was an awkward silence.

When Tellix returned it was something of a relief for both of them.

"Okay," said Tellix cheerfully. "Here you go, one evil magic user.
Guilty of political intrigue, forced slavery, murder, attempted murder,
conspiracy, and rape. Pretty powerful sorceress, but currently brainwashed
into having the intellectual capacity of a blowfish."

Tellix lead a woman with shoulder length platinum blonde hair,
cartoonishly large tits, and firm round ass that screamed to be grabbed.
She was dressed in a silver bikini, although the material stretched over
the woman's voluptuous body in a most obscene manner. Her errect nipples
threatened to pop through the bikini's thin material.

"That's the evil one?" Jordan asked.

"Yup," Tellix confirmed.

"What happened to her?"

"Alchemey," Tellix said.

Jordan gave him an odd look.

"She deserved it," Tellix said darkly.

Jordan nodded. He raised his hands and drained the magic from the
woman. Tellix watched and nodded although Shar was confused.

"I thought he was going to take her," she muttered.

"I guess not," Tellix said.

"Does that mean you still want to use her?"

"Do you?"

"Only if it makes you happy."

"We'll talk when he's gone then."

Jordan lowered his arms, his work complete. He nodded politely to the
two lovers and disappeared. Tellix and Shar watched where he had been as
if waiting for him to return. When he did not reappear Tellix went to the
woman and grabbed her shoulder. She turned and looked at him blankly.

"Her expression still creeps me out," Shar said.

"I could give her back some of her personality," Tellix said
contemplatively. "It probably wouldn't be hard."

Shar shook her head as she pushed herself off the ground. "No, it's too

"I suppose so," Tellix conceded. "What do you want for dinner?"

"I thought it was my turn to cook?"

"Is it?"

"I dunno. You going to make an injured woman cook?" Shar asked

"Are you hurt?" Tellix asked.

"It was a joke Tellix, I'll be fine. Look, you put the toy away and
I'll start on dinner. And don't let her get under your robe, you know I
don't like her sucking your cock before I do. I can always taste her


Peter walked into the kitchen, exhausted. He had spent all morning in
the indoor farm adjacent to the house. He poured himself a bottle of
orange juice from the refridgerator and slumped down in a chair. He threw
his knife onto the table.

"Someone want to explain to me why I'm growing beets?"

"They're good for you?" his wife Clara shrugged.

"They're natures candy," his other wife Aethis said, adjusting her arms
under the small child feeding at her breast.

Peter mummbled something under his breath. Clara climbed into his lap
and rubbed his chin. She was dressed like a cheerleader, she hadn't
changed since last night.

"Aaw, poor baby. Is someone jealous because his daughter gets to breast feed. Tell you what," Clara said, lifting her cheeleader's top over her
breasts, "why don't you try it too."

"I'm mad about beets, Clara," Peter said annoyed.

"Well you can't spank me until you've washed up."

Peter smiled in spite of himself. He grabbed one of Clara's breasts and
she shreiked playfully. She kissed him and he returned it passionately.
"Never let me go," she whispered to him.

"Ahem," Aethis grunted.

Clara shot her a dirty look. "Fine, never let me go until her turn.
Way to ruin a mood Aethis."

"You know damn well if I don't interject you hog him all to yourself."

"Yeah, but you've got a kid to attend to."

"Well have one yourself."

"I think I'll wait a little, although I don't mind practicing."

"Oh no, I'm next," Aethis said. "You had him right before the threesome
last night."

"Yeah, but you got most of the cock, I jut got to kiss him while your
tongue licked my..."

"Fine," Aethis conceded. "You can give him a blowjob, but let me take
the baby to another room. She shouldn't be exposed to such filth."

Aethis got up, cradling the baby, and left for the baby's room. When
she had gone Clara slid from Peter's lap and knelt between his legs. She
let her hands caress his chest and then she brought them down to his
crotch. Clara rubbed his cock through his overalls until he got hard and
then she tugged at the zipper they had installed there when the two had
first met. She freed his cock from his clothes and looked up at him.


"For you? Always."

She took him in her mouth, manipulating his balls with one hand while
his cock disappeared into her lips and the wet pleasures beyond. Her
tongue teased his shaft and then the head of his cock as Clara bobbed her
head in his lap. Peter moaned as Clara mainuplated his member with her
tongue, savouring the feeling of being in her mouth again. It wasn't long
before he had cum and Clara swallowed every drop greedily. She didn't
move, letting Peter's cock grow flacid in her mouth.

Which is when Bollassa appeared. The witch, although many years Peter
and Clara's senior looked to be no older than her early thirties, her skin
still smooth and her bobbed blonde hair still luxurious. Bollassa was
dressed in her usual business suit but she wore a worried expression.

"Peter!" she shouted nervously.

Shocked Peter jumped up, pulling his flacid cock out of Clara's mouth.
Clara almost fell over backwards but Peter caught her by the hand and
helped her up.

"Damn it Bollassa," Clara said angrilly as she stuffed her husband's
penis into his overalls. "What do you want? I'm finally happy, and if you
try to ruin this..."

Clara trailed off, remembering to whom she was speaking.

Bollassa didn't notice. "Peter, you've got to help me."

"What is it?" Peter asked.

"This evil magician, he wants to steal my magic. You can't let him
Peter. I need my magic."

"What do you expect me to do about it?"

"Stop him."


"I don't know. You're a hero, do something heroic."

Clara grabbed onto Peter. "No, he's not a hero anymore. He's just a
good man and a father and he doesn't have to risk himself for you."

"After all I've done for him, he owes me. Damn it Peter, we're

Peter looked at Bollassa with an odd expression. "Friends?"

"I've helped you, you've helped me, that's friendship, right? What's a
mad wizard between friends?"

"Don't listen to her Peter," Clara pleaded. "She's done nothing but
make my life miserable. She cursed me, remember, then when I went to her
for help she made me serve her."

"I'd just like to point out that both of those instances turned out for
the best, with you marrying Peter, both times. Yes? And don't forget the
sex Peter. We've had sex. I know you Peter, you can't just let this man violate me like this, not after everything we've been through."

"Peter," Clara stressed. She knew what kind of man he was, good, noble,
the witch's arguement might work. She didn't want to lose him, not again.

There was a knock on the door. All three heads turned towards it.
Peter was technically a hermit living in the Forbidden Woods. No one
should have been visiting him.

"I-I'll get it," Clara said. She opened the door and didn't move.

Jordan walked into the room.

"Peter, I can't move," Clara shouted, her voice trembling with fear.

Peter had picked up the knife on the table and was ready to throw it,
the aim was obviously at Jordan's head. "Let her go," Peter said in his
most intimidating voice.

"In time," Jordan said calmly. "I have not come to disturb you, only to
take the witch's magic."

"See, Peter, evil. You've got to help me," Bollasa pleaded.

"Do not interfere," Jordan warned. "Allow me to drain her and I shall
leave you in peace. The witch shall not even be harmed, only unable to do

"That is harm," Bollasa said in horror.

"Just do give her the bitch," Clara shrieked. "I don't want to be
frozen. Peter!"

"Shut up," Bollasa hissed. "Don't make me punish you again."

Clara whined sadly but said nothing.

"You prove your own guilt. You use your magic to punish those that vex
you, giving little regard for mercy or compassion. You help no one save
yourself, you empathize with no one, and you hold yourself above others.
Hundreds have suffered as a consequence of your actions. For this your
magic will be taken away," Jordan said.

"Who are you to judge?" the witch demanded fearfully.

"I am Jordan."

"Stop," Peter said.

"No!" Clara shouted.

"You plan on harming her?" Peter asked.

Jordan shrugged. "I will take her magic, but she will be otherwise

"Peter-" Bollassa began, but Peter cut her off.

"I won't let you torture my wife again."

Jordan nodded and clamped his hands to Bollassa's temple. The witch
screamed, but soon it was over and she lay on the floor unconcious.

"That's that," Jordan said. He snapped his fingers and Clara unfroze.
She ran to Peter and buried her head in his chest.

"I don't suppose either of you would know where I can find a guy named

Clara looked up and nodded. "He's in the castle up the hill. Are you
going to take his magic too?"

Jordan nodded. Clara grinned a wicked grin. Jordan vanished.

Clara knelt by Bollassa and prodded the former witch's still form.
Bollassa began to stir. She opened her eyes. Clara grabbed her hair and
forced her to stand.

"Ouch! Stop it or I'll-"

"You'll do nothing," Clara said threateningly. "You don't have your
powers, that means you're worthless. How're you going to feed yourself?
You have no skills other than magic, I know, I was your servant. I should
throw you out into the world to starve. Or maybe you could whore yourself
out, but you're old, it wouldn't be long before you couldn't even do that."

"No," Bollassa whispered.

"You're powerless aren't you? And I bet there's many people out there
who would be only to happy to make you know it."

"Yes," Bollassa admitted. A tear began to fall from her eye.

"Do you want us to help you? Feed you? Shleter you? Keep you from
those who would kill you?"

"Yes," Bollassa said. Another tear.

Clara snorted. "Peter already has two wives, he doesn't need another.
So why should he keep you?"

"Please," Bollassa pleaded. "I can't go out there, I'd be hunted down
and killed."

Clara smiled. "You know what, you made me spend my life as a dog, I
think it only fair to return the favor. We could use a pet. Get on all

Bollassa looked uncertain.

"I said kneel, bitch!"

Slowly Bollassa got on her hands and knees. She looked up at Clara.
Clara lifted her cheerleader's skirt to reveal her bald cunt.

Aethis walked into the room, sans child.

"Well Emily finally went to sleep. What was that scream?"

"That was Bollassa, she's lost her magic," said Peter.

"Really? What's Clara doing?"

"Working through some issues."

"Oh. Is Bollassa licking her-"




It was the afternoon so the brothel wasn't busy. In fact it had been a
slow day so there were no customers. Which is why when the trumpets
sounded and the knights broke through the front door every whore turned and

"Make way for his Majesty the king!" exclaimed a knight.

And in what must have been a most surreal experience for all there, the
King of Thice, dressed in his finest, a gold crown attop his head, strode
in. The whores surged forward to get a look at the royal person. There
had been rumors of Royalty visiting brothels, but never a king.

"Bring me the owner of this establishment," the king said darkly. The
tone of his voice suddenly struck fear in all the whores, and a few of the

A large armor clad knight dragged forward a woman whose bearing implied
nobility. She curtsied before the king as though she had done so millions
of times prior, and carried herself as though being visited by the King was
more of an honor for him than for her.

"Who are you?" the king asked.

"Madam Lucy, your highness."

"Fine. I understand you have a whore here who looks like the queen,"
the King said.

"We do," Madam Lucy nodded. "As you may guess a woman of her beauty is
quite popular."

From the way the knights suddenly began to fidget, Madam Lucy suddenly
suspected she had just said the wrong thing.

"Is she?" the king said. His tone did not change but it was obvious he
was becoming adgitated.

Madam Lucy began to sweat.

"W-would you like to see her?"


"Elle, Lorin, go get Sweetlips," Madam Lucy commanded. Two of the
whores hurried upstairs.

"Sweetlips?!" the king snapped before barely regaining his demeanor.

"Yes," Madam Lucy said hesitatnly. "That's the name the Korellian
traders gave us."

"Captain, make note, we are to declare war on Korellia."

"Yes my liege," one of the knights nodded.

Madam Lucy started to fear for her own life. Something was wrong.
There was no reason that a whore that looked like his wife should have
angered the King so much. Madam Lucy had heard that royalty could be
unstable, but everything she had heard about this King had implied that he
was a very rational man. He was not the kind of man to come to a brothel
and declare war. But here he was, doing exactly that.

Elle and Lorin finally appeared, walking down the stairs holding up a
wretched piece of humanity between them. Sweetlips was still recovering
from a tough night, a group of revolutionaries had come and demanded to be
serviced by the whore that looked like the queen. Sweetlips had been
subjected to more abuse than she had in a long while, forced to not only
pleasure the men with her mouth and cunt, but to squeal as they caned her
and made her kiss their feet. All the while Sweetlips had been made to
denounce the monarchy.

Madam Lucy waited in anguish as she watched for the King's reaction. It
was not good. The King's eye's suddenly narrowed and his fist clenched
tightly. It was obvious he was not pleased.

"How long has she been here?" the King hissed.

"Not yet three years," Madam Lucy said nervously. "Two and a half years
at most."

"And how busy has she been?"

"I-I beg your pardon?"

"How many times has she been used?"

"I can not know."

"Guess," the King said angrilly.

"Surely not more than four thousand."

"What?!" The King yelled. The knights winced, which was not a good sign
for Madam Lucy.

"F-four thousand," she said weakly.

During this outburst Sweetlips had awoken, no doubt due to the noise.
She rose her weary head and shreiked. Elle and Lorin had to hold her
still, but Sweetlips tried to esccape their grasp. In her weakened state
if was futile, but she continued to no avail.

The King stepped forward, towards the hysterical whore. Elle and Lorin
remembered to bow their heads, but kept a firm hold on Sweetlips.

"Gloria?" the King asked.

The effect on Sweetlips was instant. She stopped struggling and
collapsed, crying. Madam Lucy hadn't seen her cry so profusely since
Sweetlips first learned that she had been sold to the brothel in Thice.

The King gently reached forward and place his hand under Sweetlip's
chin. He raised her head so that he could look into her eyes.

"Gloria?" he repeated.

Sweetlips muttered something unintelligible.

"What?" the King asked quietly.

"Maclcolm," Sweetlips repeated miserably.

"Oh god, Gloria." The King fell to his knees and brought his hands to
his face. Hunched over he began to weep.

Madam Lucy watched in astonishment as Sweetlips dared to reach forward
an comfort the King by running her fingers through his hair. If only he
knew where those hand had been, Madam Lucy told herself.

The King rose his head from his hands and grasped Sweetlip's hand
tenderly. "I know," he said. "A man came to the court and attacked the
Royal Wizard. The man, he announced to the court the Wizard's part in your
enslavement, in decieving us with a replacement. He took the Wizard's
powers and told me where I could find you. I'm sorry it took me so long to
rescue you."

"I am not worthy of your kindness," Sweetlips said with a hoarse voice.
She seemed saddened by her words, but meant them all.

"Of course you are," the King said, confused. "I love you."

"I am a whore," Sweetlips said mournfully. "I have been used by nobles,
by peasents and by foreigners. I have been spat upon, made the receptacle
of seed, used as a chamberpot, and worse. I have been humiliated,
degraded, and fucked by men as common as dirt. I have no purpose but to
please anyone who can pay. I am no longer a woman but a toy."

"You are my queen," the King said. "No matter what happens that will
always be true."

"Then I have betrayed you," said the Queen, "for I had long given up on
you and have resigned myself to my new station. I can be yours as a whore
but nothing else."

"I must have you as my Queen."

"Then I have nothing to give you," Sweetlips said sadly. She stuck out
her tongue and...

The King's hands shot forward and pried her mouth open, preventing her
from biting her own tongue. The King had witnessed many a prisoner attempt
such an act in order to escape judgement, but he was not about to allow his
wife to do the same. No matter what she thought, she was still his Queen
and he would not let her die.

"Knock her out!" the king shouted. A knight came behind the queen and
brought his fist down upon her. She collapsed and the knight picked her

"Take her to the castle," the King commanded. "Tie her down and gag
her. Have a physician look at her and work with him to keep her safe from
herself. Send a messenger to Lorit City to get a psychiatrist. Also, work
with Constable Rospier to find out what nobles have visited this
establishment. I want them all imprisoned, I shall deal with them on a
case by case basis."

The King stood and straightened his clothing. When he had once again
assumed his regal manner he turned to leave.

"Oh, and Captain, burn this place to the ground. It sickens me."


Zola sat back in a lawn chair. He waited outside his fortress, waited
for the inevitable. And before long it had arrived.

"Zola," Jordan said.

Zola nodded. *Yu must be the man that's been stealing people's magic.*

"Only those who used it for ill," Jordan said.

Zola nodded again. *Yes, my nephew said something along those lines.
I've been waiting for you, I suppose I'm next.*

"No," said Jordan. "You're last."

*Last, you say. Curious.*

"I'm not here to steal your power, Zola. I have enough, enough to rival
yours a thousandfold."

*For what purpose, may I ask?*

"To challenge you."

*Indeed* Zola was amused.

"I want my wife back."

*Your wife?*

"Five years ago you stole her from me. She traveled with noblewomen,
her friends from childhood. As she passed through your lands she vanished.
I pieced it together Zola, after much investigating I pieced it together.
You've been abducting noble women that go through your land, raping them,
degrading them, and then they vanish. I want my wife Zola, give her to

Zola sighed. He shook his head, disappointed. *I suppose it wouldn't
mean anything to you if I told you I had stopped doing that, reformed to a
degree. I now promote happy endings.*

"That makes no difference to my wife."

*No, it doesn't. I'm sorry, I don't know where she is, it isn't like I
kept records.*

"Then tell me what you did to her. Give me closure at least."

*What I could tell you would give you no closure. Imagine her dead, it
will be easier.*

"Imagine? She's alive."

*In some sense of the word.*

"Where is she?!"

*I don't know, I told you that.*

Jordan screamed in frustration. "You speak in riddles! Where is she?!"

Zola stood. He was slow in doing so, he felt no urgency. He had done
much wrong in his life, he knew that. His mind had changed and he could
not do what he had once done without pangs of guilt. He was more or less a
force for good now, but he had no desire to atone for his past deeds.

*Your wife is somewhere in the world, Jordan the Quiet One. Quiet!
Yes, I know your name. I know of your wife as well, blonde, proud and
fair, just as her friends. When we abducted her, yes we, although you need
not seek punishment for my accomplice, she has long since been punished
many times over... when we abducted your wife she defied us, using your
name in the hopes that it would strike fear. It did not. We used our
powers and your wife, and her two noble women friends stripped themselves
of their garments and began to fuck one another. They licked, probed, and
sucked each other with tongues, fingers, and mouths. They were given toys,
dildos and vibrators of many shapes and sizes. They used them all, on each
other and themselves. Your wife was most eager. It was not long before
she grew so lustful that she begged me to fuck her.

*Her and her friends, all three at once begged me to fuck them. They
bent over and presented their noble cunts, pleading with me to fuck them.
So I did. One after another, I fucked your wife second, she screamed in
ecstasy as my cock violated her cunt. When I had finished they wished to
reward me for fucking them so well, each one sucked my cock until I came in
their mouths, using their tongues in ways they said they never had before.
Your wife claimed to never have sucked you off, I assume it is true by the
look on your face. Well, that is not all. Finally your wife, and your
wife alone, came to me and used her large tits to fondle my cock. Between
her tits she gripped my cock and moved them up and down, fucking me with
her tits until I came upon them, whereupon she rubbed my semen into her
skin, cooing with joy. I must admit I was spent, so I released your wife and her two friends. The last I saw of them they were still horny and were
running to find the first cock they could find to pleasure themselves with.
Their minds were obsessed with only cock, they cared not for their past
lives. I know not where they went. So I say to you, your wife is gone,
Jordan. She now exists in a magic craze for cock, and there is naught you
can do to find or help her.*

Jordan stood, his fists clenched in anger. He looked at Zola, eyes
narrowed. "You say this was caused by magic."

Zola nodded. *My magic, yes.*

"But magic nonetheless. I understand now."


"I wasn't stealing others' magic to fight you, I stole their magic
because it was the only way to stop such things from befalling others."

*I.. What?*

"Magic, without it my wife would not have been taken away from me. With
no magic in this world it can not be used to such ends, by anyone. You
know as well as I do that there are many magicians in this world who do
nothing but use their power to indulge in their hedonistic desires, with no
care to how it affects the lives of others. It can't be allowed to

*And how can you stop it?*

"I will steal the magic from the world. All of it."

*Don't be stupid.*

The look Jordan gave Zola scared the once-evil wizard. The look told
Zola that maybe, just maybe, Jordan would be able to pull such a feat off.

*Why would you do such a thing?* Zola asked, alarmed.

Jordan said nothing at first. He thought, and then replied, with great

"Because I love my wife."

And then it erupted. Zola could feel it, the magic of the world was
being absorbed, sucked into the man who stood only a few feet away. Zola
himself had to fight to keep his magic, and he wasn't certain how long he
could hold onto it.

*Stop this* Zola shouted in his own way. *You'll hurt many people.
People who have love.*

"Janie!" Jordan shouted in agony. "Janie!"

Around the world magic began to disappear, drained away from the world
into a pit screaming the name of his lost wife. There was much chaos and
confusion as those who depended on magic suddenly found themselves
powerless. In Raston a wizard was killed by the servants he once
controlled. Langstron was suddenly flooded when their magical dam
disappeared. In Uricktown a child being lowered from a tree with magic
suddenly fell twenty feet causing paralysis beneath the waist.


Ann and Eli fucked, screaming each other's name in pleasure. Ann kissed
her master on the lips and he reciprocated. They held onto one another and
smiled. Meanwhile in Ann's room a spare arm, one she no longer needed now
that she was human, disintigrated.


Lyscha felt her body begin to fall apart as her Golem components became
nothing but clay. Her android parts persisted, and she forced them to walk
to Lorit City, the closest City with a roboticist. She needed to become a
complete android, if only she could make it in time. If not, at least she
wasn't going to die under the control of that bastard. She remembered
kicking him, using it distract her from the pain in her stomach which meant
she only had three days of power left now that her magic scroll wasn't
working. She contemplated that as her nose fell off.


Tellix mixed two chemicals until they disovlved into a pile of blue
dust. He would sell the shrinking powder later to one of his contacts in
the city. He felt a slight twinge as the magic vanished from the Earth,
unaware that he and Shar would become rich in the oncoming years when his
skills at alchemey would be in much demand. Alchemey would survive the
loss of magic, but Tellix did not know that. Instead he set down his vial
and went to go find Shar.

She was in the kitchen flipping through a recipe book. He walked up
behind her, lifted up the hem of her sundress and growled. Shar reached
behind her and pulled him closer towards her. His hands massaged her firm
buttocks and she moaned in response.


Bollassa had been stripped of her clothes and she was eating from a dish
on the floor. Clara slapped the human dog's ass.

"Wag your tail when you eat," Clara commanded.

Bollassa swayed her ass back and forth as she wolfed down her raw
vegetables. Aethis and Peter watched Clara play with her new pet as they
fucked on a nearby chair. Aethis was sitting in Peter's lap, bouncing on
his hard cock as he groped her tits. Neither of them noticed as the house
seemed to groan.


Zola could feel his grip on his own magic beginning to slacken. He
could feel the magic of the world, and it was all in Jordan. The boy had
done it, he had removed magic from the world. Oh, it would return
eventually, but not for thousands of years. There was only one thing left
to do. Zola let his magic go. It flowed away into Jordan and then there
was no magic left in the world.

Except Alchemey, extreme technology, and people with psychic powers.

The Broken World had been broken again, the third age had begun.


The magic had gone. The Alchemists filled the void of the wizards and
witches. All that survived of magicians were stories of evil sorcerers and
quiet practicioners. One story, not often told and believed by few, was of
a lone magician who survived to do magic. He roamed the world it is said,
helping those in trouble and saving women from rape and coercion. For
three years he roamed, promoting virtue and saving the innocent until one
day he went to the forrest where the wild women lived, the trio of deranged
nymphs who would fuck anything with a cock until it could no longer stay
errect. It is said he went there and used his magic to make one of the
wild women weep in shame and was never heard from again. But legend claims
that if you go through those woods at night you can still hear one of the
wild women cry out in ecstasy the name of "Jordan" and sometimes you hear
the magician cry back with just as much lust the name of "Janie".



Damn it's been a while since I wrote one of these. Yes, this is my
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the part where he meets Shar & Tellix. See, all works. Yay.

That means I've got 3 more stories to fulfill my promise before I retire
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