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Breakdown Part 2


Videll Dais/New story
Breakdown Part 2

By Videll Dais

I had to be tough with her, but not that tough. After all, I had the
advantage of surprise on my side. Though I was nervous, a little shaky in
my stomach and knees, it was easier than I'd imagined. Before she knew it,
she was sprawled on the bed, still wet from the shower, wrapped only in a
large terrycloth towel, trussed like a fowl ready for the oven. It really
excited me to see her that way. Instant hard-on time, folks. "Release me!
Let me go you fucking creep!" "Angelina, please; language." "I'll give you
more than language if you don't undo these things on my wrists, you
bastard." "Oh, and you're in a position to tell me what you're going to
do?" I stood over her, hands on my hips, watching her struggle in vain with
the restraints, and flashing an awful lot of bare thigh in the process. I
laughed. "I got news for you, honey: you're going to give me a lot more
than language without me undoing those straps. In fact, you're going to
give me anything and everything I want. What's more, I don't give a damn
what you think about it, either." "W-what do you mean by that?" "You'll
see. You'll soon get the picture." I started to remove my shirt and
trousers. "Listen, Jack... Please..." Her eyes flashed angrily, her
lashes blinking rapidly. "What are you doing, Jack? Jack... Listen to
me. Don't try anything stupid, ok?" Angelina's voice was suddenly more
moderate. She watched me intently, trying to gauge my mood, to guess what
I had in mind. "I know you've had a drink or two. That's ok. I don't
mind. I can overlook it this once. I can make allow..." I dropped my
jockey's and stood in front of her naked, sporting the erection of the
decade. I'm sorry, Angie," I said, deliberately shortening her name (which
she detests). "I was thinking of other things. You were saying?" "Jack...
Don't do this. Don't even think about it. I'll... I'll..." I plopped
down on the bed beside her, my cock pointing angrily at the ceiling.
"You'll what, Angie? What the fuck do you think you're going to do?"
Angelina screamed out her frustration, twisted around and tried to kick me
with her long legs, her toes flashing scarlet nail varnish. "You... You
fuck! You wait. I'll make you pay for this you fucking rabbit turd! You
little shit mouse!" I moved out of range of her kicking, frowned down my
nose at her. I slowly fisted my erection, made a point of playing with it,
sliding my fingers along the bone-smooth length down to the weighty sack of
my scrotum and back again. "Little shit mouse?" I said. "Angie, please.
You ever seen a mouse with a dick this size?" Her eyes stared at my cock
for just a second too long, then she huffed an impatient sigh and turned
her head away. "You're disgusting, do you know that? A fucking first rate
basket case. An outright pervert." "You know, for once, Angelina, just for
this one time, I'm in total agreement with you." I reached across to the
bedside cabinet and grabbed my bag of goodies. She felt me move and
turned, looking at the zipper case clutched in my hand, a worried frown
creasing her brow. "What...? What's that?" "Oh, this?" I held up the
case. "This is a bag of toys. I call them the 'New Order' toys, because
what we have here is a situation you don't yet fully appreciate, Angelina.
We are in what is commonly called a state of flux, a time of change. We
are entering a phase where I now consider myself fully in charge of you and
your destiny. The power in this house, Angelina, is no longer in your
hands. It has, in the last ten minutes, slipped away from you and passed
to me. You will find it hard to accept this, at first, but by God, accept
it you will one way or another. Am I making myself clear?" Angelina's eyes
became hooded, remote. "You know, Jack, will you talk some sense because I
don't have the faintest idea what the fuck you're on about and it's boring
me to tears." "Really? Bored are you? Well, let's see if I can't inspire
a little interest." With that I leaned across and started untying the
towel, the only garment protecting Angelina's modesty. All of a sudden,
she was a bundle of motivation, a screaming, kicking, demented bitch in
full throttle. It made no difference, of course. I removed the towel
revealing angelina in all her perfect, naked glory. She still could take
my breath away even after fourteen heart-wrenching years. She has a
wonderfully preserved body with firm, full breasts, a narrow waist flaring
to wide curvaceous hips, and a slightly concave belly. Her workouts at the
gym certainly were worth the effort. I caught a glimpse of her pubis and
was shocked to see she had shaved herself smooth as a peach. That was a
new one. angelina immediately adopted the foetal position, rolling onto
her side, back to me, drawing her knees up to her breasts. "You fucking
bastard! You won't get away with this! I'll see a lawyer. I'll get you
done for false imprisonment, assault, rape; any fucking thing I can! By
the time I'm done, you'll rot the rest of your stinking life away in jail!"
"Angelina, isn't that a little vindictive? I haven't laid a finger on you
yet." I smiled at her impotent rage, her heated frustration, and - best of
all - her total helplessness. "I mean, it isn't as though I haven't seen
you naked before. You have been my wife, in a sense anyway, for fourteen
years. You think I've been blind in all that time?" "You haven't seen me
naked in quite some time, and even then you were drunk just like you are
now. Now let me go. Adina will be home from school soon. You'll have to
let me go then!" "If you don't lower your voice, I'm afraid I'm going to
have to gag you, Angelina." "GAG ME! You have seriously lost your mind!"
"I mean it. Keep it down or I'll gag you. It's either that or you'll
attract Adina's attention. Do you want her to come up here and see you
like this, all naked and helpless? In the control of your new master?"
"NEW..." She paused, bit her lip, thought about it and lowered her voice.
"New master? New fucking master? Who are you kidding, Jack? You can't
keep me like this forever. When I'm free you'll swing for it, believe me!"
"See, this is what I've been trying to explain to you, Angelina," I studied
the smooth curve of her back, her full, rounded buttocks with its delicious
cleft, and flawless skin. My cock twitched in eager anticipation, felt
like a pressure valve on a boiler. I needed to get my rocks off and pretty
soon. "You still don't understand do you? I can keep you as you are -
tied up, naked and helpless - for as long as I want. Get it? As long as I
want. But I'm willing to do a deal with you." angelina was silent for a
while, then said, "I'm not going to suck you off if that's what you're
thinking." "Ah, maybe not right now, but you will." I spooned her and
pressed my erection into the cool crease of her exquisite arse. She
jumped, jerked her hips forwards and away from me. "Keep away from me,
bastard. Just keep away!" "Wow," I said, light-heartedly, "Your passion
really turns me on. You will suck my cock, Angelina." "Don't ever put any
money on it!" "Ok, have it your way." "What...? What are you doing?" "It's
now time to exert a little pressure, darling. See if I can get you to
change your stubborn attitude." "Bastard! Leave me alone! LEAVE ME!"
"What did I tell you about raising your voice?" I took the ball gag from my
bag of toys, then leaned my full weight across my helpless wife, took her
firmly by the jaw and applied a certain degree of force to her cheeks. As
much as she fought it, I got her mouth open. "NO! NNNO! Mmm...MMM!" Her
blonde hair, almost dry now, flayed from side to side like spun gold
against the pillow. "Shush now, sweetness. Don't fight me. I am in
control." As she struggled her superb breasts brushed against my bare arm,
the nipples erect, fully extended by a good half inch, hard as diamonds,
begging to be sucked on. Soon the gag was in place, her ripe lips
stretched around the pink plastic ball effectively silencing her. While my
weight was holding her reasonably flat on her back, I decided to take
advantage and cupped her left breast. I squeezed the soft globe, my thumb
and forefinger trapping the hard nub of her nipple, giving it several
gentle nips. As angelina wriggled, grew agitated, the cool flesh of her
hip nudged against my aching erection. It felt good, really good, and gave
me just a teasing hint of the pleasures to come. "See, Angie, it's doing
you no good at all struggling against a superior power. You're merely
wearing yourself out, losing your strength," I said, nuzzling her smooth
neck, sticking my wet tongue in her ear and letting my hand freely roam
both her fleshy tits. "It really would be a lot more pleasurable for you
if you just give in and cooperate." angelina made a muffled noise way back
in her throat and vigorously worked her hips, legs, belly and bum, trying
to throw me off her. It was great. All I had to do was lay dead-weight
across her. The more she threw herself about, the more friction she
inadvertently applied to my bursting balls and boner. I pressed my hips
into her and she immediately twigged what my game was. She went suddenly
still. "Oh, come on, baby," I said, a mock pleading in my voice. "Wriggle
around some more. I was getting it on real good there for a minute.
Nearly as good as a hand job." I raised one leg, bending it at the knee and
fisted my cock again, gave it a few brisk rubs to help maintain momentum.
Angelina watched me through lowered lashes. She rolled her lovely body
towards me a little. "Ah," I said. "You getting in the mood to play now?"
Angelina grunted, twisted a little more, and brought her knee up sharply.
Wow! If it had connected, she would have crushed my nuts to a fine puree.
Lucky me. "Oh, Angie," I said, reaching once more into my little bag of
tricks. "I admire your spirit, but you have really disappointed me. Now
I'm going to have to teach you another lesson in how to respond to the New
Order." I rolled her over on her belly and sat astride the tops of her
thighs, just below the neat bulge of her glorious bottom. I palmed both
the rounded cheeks, savouring the firm, silken flesh, spreading them apart
to give me an ideal view of her tightly puckered anus. I pressed the head
of my cock into her crack and let her plump cheeks close around it, then
leaned forwards on my arms and slowly worked my hips, sliding my cock back
and forth, lubricating the deep, soft crevasse with pre-cum. The sensation
was delicious. "MMM! MMM! MMMMM!" "Relax, sweetheart," I said, my breath
catching in my throat as ripples of tingling sensation tightened my balls.
It had been so long since any flesh other than my own hand had so
intimately enveloped my cock, that I was all ready on the verge of blowing
my load. Wanting to prolong the blissful feelings, I slowed my slippery
thrusts. I was tempted to go the whole hog and actually shaft her in her
arse (I'd never done that), but decided I'd save that pleasure for later.
"You know, I'd almost forgotten what a great arse you've got, Angie. Now,
how does that feel, my fat cock working in there? Bet you never thought
you'd be doing this with me again, huh? Life's full of surprises isn't it?
Not hurting you am I? Just go with it. Just let nature take its course
and everything will be fi-ine." All angelina could do was raise her head
occasionally, look from left to right, and make subdued noises in her
throat. She knew she dare not move her arse. That would only excite me
further, possibly provoke me into giving her a real reaming, give me even
greater pleasure, and she didn't want that. I didn't care. I was enjoying
her just as she was. The fact that she was helpless - and had no say in
the matter! - was merely the cherry on the cake. My balls were tighter
than ever, the sweet sensations at peak levels, the pressure unsustainable.
I couldn't hold out much longer. My hips moved quicker, fucking my
bursting cock into the slick, smooth crack of her quivering buttocks with
joyous abandon. I gasped. My gut and spine spasmed suddenly and a
wonderful surge of orgasmic pleasure flooded my senses. cum spurted from
my pulsing cock with such force it splatted in pearly gobs all the way up
Angelina's back, even getting a drop or two in her hair. Oh God! Heaven!
I eased myself off of Angelina's prone, immobile body. She kept her face
turned away from me. "I needed that. Thank you, darling," I said. "I'm
most grateful." I meant it, too. Now the pressure has eased somewhat, I
could concentrate more on my sweet wife. She had much to learn. We still
had a lot of ground to cover and I intended to make sure she remembered
every inch of it.

End of Part 2


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