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Breakfast Cum


Breakfast cum (inc, con, MF, mf, mF, fF, MmFf, oral, tit-fuck,
cum-play/swap) by DemonBound

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound mind and interested in sex
stories. If you aren't, don't read them. I'm not advocating or promoting
anything and no real people are represented. My stories may contain sexual
situations you will find offensive, I try to include content information in
the parenthesis after the titles, check those codes before reading, they
are pretty self explanatory. You've been warned about the content, so if
you read my stories the consequences are chosen and borne by you. With
that in mind, please take a walk on my Darkside and cum.


When I came down for breakfast yesterday, dad had mom on her knees and
was fucking her tits. This wasn't particularly unusual, I'd seen my
parents getting it on several times. I stopped at the foot of the stairs
of our two bedroom apartment, where I had a clear view of the small
kitchen/dining room. mom had apparently been cooking breakfast in a sport
bra and panties, which is often all she wore around the apartment. mom said she needed some extra support or she would go topless, which she did
sometimes anyway, but mostly she put her d cup boobs into a soft sport bra
and let it go at that. Dad said it worked out, since the sport bra was
soft and didn't have any metal or plastic parts, so you couldn't get
scratched. Since dad and my younger brother, Mike, were always trying to
cop a feel, that was a good thing. I'd handled moms big tits a few times
myself, and I agreed with them that the sport bra was a good idea. I had a
couple of sport bras myself, though my relatively small tits didn't really
need a bra at all and I usually just wore a loose cropped tee myself.

I felt myself getting moist in the crotch as I watched dad's big boner
slide back and forth between mom's glistening breasts, which they had
apparently poured a bit of cooking oil on by way of lubrication. My
arousal was nothing new either. I'd been getting turned on watching my
folks fool around since I was 12. They'd fooled around before then of
course, but it'd just been sort of disgusting, mushy grownup stuff until I
started to get a bit of hair between my legs myself. Now I was openly
rubbing my damp pussy through my tight jeans as I watched mom lick the head
of dad's cock as it pushed up between her tit on the upstroke.

mom noticed that I was watching and smiled and winked. If being watched
bothered her, I'd never noticed. My folks claimed that the apartment was
just too small for them to keep their fucking behind closed doors all the
time, and that they thought that public displays of affection were healthy
for growing children. I doubted many of my friends had seen their dad
screw their mother on the living room sofa while watching Bay Watch, and my
dad was always pulling mom's tits out for a bit of heavy petting. At least
once a week mom would just kind of drop to her knees and give him a sloppy
blow job wherever and whenever it struck their fancy.

The whole family was very open about sex and about our bodies. mom had
raised her kids to be proud of their naked bodies, and dad encouraged this
idea too, often walking around wearing only a pair of boxer shorts with his
dick about half way out. When I started getting curious about how
everything worked, both mom and dad had let me touch them wherever I
wanted, for educational purposes. They never forced, or even asked, me to
participate in any sex, but always let me watch if I wanted too. So far,
aside from a little bit of kissing that was a bit more than most parents engaged in with their kids, I'd never actually had sex with either of them.
Dad seemed to love it when I wanted to play with moms big boobs, and right
after the first time I'd touched her pussy lips to see how they felt, he'd
gotten a huge hard on and they had fucked for hours. So since it seemed to
make dad happy, I'd started occasionally petting with mom, even licking and
pinching her nipples while the family watched TV. Mike, my little brother,
had started doing the same thing, though he was more aggressive about it.
He often greeted mom with a open mouthed kiss and a hand under her bra on
one of her tits.

But Mike was a bit frustrated too, since mom gentle but firmly refused
to actually have sex with him. He could touch her anywhere, and kiss her,
but that was it. The rule had been put in place last Christmas when mom and dad got a little drunk and I had just been playing with moms pussy while dad watched. I'd actually started deliberately putting on a show for
my dad just recently after my 16th birthday. After we opened our presents,
we sat down to watch tv as normal, watching some stupid Christmas variety
show. mom was wearing a red teddy with a pushup bra and tiny lacy red matching panties that she had just gotten as a present. I was wearing a
see through bra in pink and panties in a matching pink, but not really see
through. The see through bra was a present from Mike, the little letch.
Anyway, I'd gotten mom to open her legs, and under the guise of feeling the
material, I'd started playing with her pussy. mom had just had a small
orgasm under my hand, when Mike knelt between her legs and started playing
with her pussy too, soon he had her panties untied and was actually finger
fucking her. I was a little mad, so I stopped, and leaned back with a
frown, but I sort of wanted to see how far he'd get. Well, he actually
fingered her and licked her to a pretty big orgasm while dad just grinned a
bit drunkenly and masturbated as he watched. Then the kid got lucky. When
mom gets horny enough she'll do just about anything, and she wasn't exactly
sober either, having had several glasses of wine with dinner. So when he
pulled out his hard dick with the obvious intention of putting it in her,
she'd let him rub the head against her pussy lips, but stopped him from
pushing into her cunt. Instead, she'd jerked him off onto her stomach then
rubbed his cum into her skin. Then dad had taken over and fucked her
silly, while his kids looked on. But when they sobered up they decided
that we were too young and it wasn't healthy for us to actually have sex
with our parents. Since then, mom won't do more than kiss Mike, and he
isn't allowed to cum on her either. That was when he started pestering me
all the time.

Which was why I wasn't surprised to feel his hands on my bare tits as I
watched mom take dad's cock head into her mouth and run her tongue all
around the tip. He'd walked up behind me, seen me playing with my pussy through my jeans, pulled out his cock, stepped up behind me so he could rub
his cock on my jeans covered bottom and reached around me from behind to
put his hands under my cropped top to fondle my tits. Sometimes I'd get
mad at him and slap him or at least push him away when he did stuff like
that, but right then I was pretty horny myself so I let him fool around. I
was too busy pretending it was me that was pushing my cleavage tighter
together to make a better cock channel, that it was me with my dad's cock
sliding back and forth over my well oiled skin, and that it was me that was
about to get a mouthful of cum when he came. Of course I'd touched daddy's
cock more than once, even played with it a little, but he was always
careful not to go too far. Oh he's kiss me, and when we hugged he'd cop a
friendly feel of either my ass or my still developing breasts, but nothing
more. That had been fine until just recently when all of a sudden I'd
started wanting to do more. Now I wanted to suck his dick, or maybe even
fuck him, but there was this 'rule' all because of Mike.

Mike was equally frustrated, which is why he started bothering me to
'take care of him'. I'd always let him fondle me, and we'd experimented
with touching each other's privates. Then he'd started coming into the
bathroom while I was showering, saying he needed to pee, but he'd stay to
watch me shower. He was always whacking off in our room too. We had to
share a room since our parents had the master bedroom. Now he wanted me to
jack him off or blow him, but mostly I wouldn't. Oh, he'd get me horny
once in a while by playing with my tits, which are pretty sensitive, and
I'd let him jerk off. Just recently, if I was in the mood, I'd suck his
cock for him too, but I was always thinking of daddy's cock in my mouth,
not Mike's.

mom and dad were going pretty good now. I knew it wouldn't be long
before dad blew his load. In the mornings he was only after a quickie,
since he had to go to work soon. He'd stuck his cock up under the sport
bra so that in entered at the bottom, fucked up between mom's oiled tits,
and out the top of her cleavage like some weird corsage. The sports bra
did most of the work of keeping mom's tits together, which was a good
thing, because dad was a little rough that morning and had mom backed up
against the edge of the table, fucking fast and hard, and she needed her
hands to steady herself and keep from falling. Dad's cock was long enough
that she was able to tip her head down and let him fuck her mouth too. I'd
seen mom take hours to suck off dad, slurping and licking and slowly
bobbing up and down on his pole as he sat still and groaned in pleasure,
but that morning she was just trying to not accidentally bite him or get
smacked in the face with his cock head. She was clearly enjoying herself
though, at least if you went by her moaning and the fact that one of her
hands was often buried in her crotch stroking her clit, mom liked a good
vigorous fucking.

Mike had tried to get my jeans off me, so I'd elbowed him in the ribs,
but when he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to kneel down, I did.
And I also let him take off my shirt. It was no surprise when he rubbed
his cock against my tits, he was clearly fantasizing that I was blonde and
big titted like my mom instead of brunette and still small chested, though
that might change in later years (I hoped). I didn't mind because I was
imagining that Mike's rather modest 14 year old cock was actually my dad's
9 inch monster. I did my best to make a cleavage for Mike to fuck, but the
results where not too spectacular, so after a little jockeying for position
so we could both see, I ended up sucking his cock and playing with myself
through my jeans. Mike wouldn't last long, he never did. I'd seen him go
from soft to spurting cum in about 30 seconds. That was ok, because dad
was clearly nearly there himself.

Dad had started to fuck mom's tits even faster, and he was twisting and
pulling her big nipples, which drove mom crazy and was a sure sign that he
was trying to bring her off because he was about to cum. The text books
I'd read at school never said anything about having an orgasm from being
tit fucked, but mom sure seemed to cum from it. mom came from just about
anything though, including the time dad brought home a guy from work, and
dad had her kneel down in front of the guy with her ass in the air (she was
wearing tight denim shorts) and let the guy rub her ass, just that and
nothing more, and she came. So her cum from getting tit fucked at the
breakfast table was that much stronger. mom arched her back and screamed
out her pleasure under dad's hands and cock, and that drove dad over the
edge too. His big cock started spewing thick ropy strand of jism that
jetted up into mom's face and hair as he too bellowed in almost painful
delight. Dad shoots more than any guy in any porn video I've ever seen.
Then dad abruptly pulled sharply down and out of mom's tit-cunt, covering
her chest in clotted lumps of jism, and aimed the tip at mom's open mouth
for the last several spurts. mom eagerly accepted her extra morning
protein, and licked at the tip when the spurting stopped to get the last of

And of course, this was when Mike coated my tonsils with his own load of
jism. The little prick hadn't warned me he was about to come, though I
should have known I suppose, but he's lucky I didn't bite him. As it was,
I choked on his spunk and though I managed to swallow most of it, several
drops sprayed out of my mouth and onto my tits, and a few got on my jeans.
I jabbed him in the ribs to make him pull his deflating cock out of my
mouth, and that would have been that, business as usual at our house.

But then I looked over at mom, and realized she was still covered in
dad's jism. I also realized that I was still super horny and that mom was
never so horny as when she had just gotten fucked, even tit-fucked.
Finally, I realized that dad was a pushover for a good show too. So I
worked up my nerve, and walked topless into the kitchen.

Dad saw me, saw I was topless, probably noticed the white drops of
Mike's cum on my chest, and his big cock twitched. I was pretty sure from
that twitch that dad was going to let whatever happened happen. So I came
in with my best pout on my face and whined.

"Mom, Mike just came in my mouth without warning me first!"

That got dad, and his cock started getting hard again.

mom looked a little dazed, but trying to be the good mother, though
still a bit confused, raised her voice, "Mike, that wasn't very nice! You
apologize to your sister right now."

"S-sorry, sis" Mike stammered.

I knelt down nest to mom.

"Look, he got jism on my tits!"

mom looked, and breathed a little faster.

"and it tasted funny too. See..."

And here I got really bold. I wiped up a couple of drops of Mike's jism and popped my slimy finger tip into my mom's full-lipped mouth. She looked
surprised, and by reflex sucked at my fingers. I knew I had her then.

"'s what it should taste like."

"Does daddy's taste like that mom?" I asked in an innocent voice.

"Yes...pretty much."

"Let me taste" I said.

I leaned in, cupped one of moms big jugs and sucked in the cum covered
nipple. I'd thought of kissing her, to exchange cum that way, or licking
at her throat or chest, but I knew that moms nipples were super sensitive
and she'd just about creme again as soon as I kissed one. Sure enough, mom started to object, looked over at my dad, saw that he was jacking his cock
hard again, and just let me suckle jism from her tit. I sucked like I was
really going to get jism to come out like milk, and chewed just a bit,
which mom always liked as long as it wasn't too rough. Dad's jism was
sweet and not acidy like Mikes, but that was because Mike ate all that junk
food. I immediately liked the taste and started lapping up the cum on
mom's tits. She was soon moaning and groaning, and clearly having little
orgasms as I licked and sucked her big tits clean. When I started on her
face, dad groaned, and I glanced over to see his cock fully hard again and
he was jacking it fast. Mike was doing the same. So while Mike and dad
watched I sucked up all the jism on mom's face and teased extra drops out
of her blonde hair with my fingers and swallowed every drop.

Then suddenly dad's cock was in my face and I opened my mouth. In it
went, and that was it for the no sex with kids rule. I could barely get
the huge tip in, hardly getting the glans past my ovaled lips, but I was
definitely sucking daddy's cock and there was no denying it. mom reached
in to jerk him off into my mouth, and it wasn't long before he began to
spurt again. This time I choked on the sheer volume of jism, and mom immediately pulled dad out of my mouth. But she aimed his cock like a fire
hose and directed the blasts of cum onto my eager face and modest tits.
Just about then, my brat of a brother, who had been jerking off too, shot
off his load right into moms surprised face.

mom didn't get mad, in fact she just smiled and let him finish in her
mouth as she sucked out the last drops. Soon I found myself cleaning off
my mom's face with my tongue again, as she cleaned up my cum covered face
in return as well as giving my little tits a good going over. Then she
surprised me by kissing me and forcing open my lips with her tongue, she
pulled back a little so that her mouth was over my upturned face and spit a
huge mouthful of dad's and Mike's jism into my open mouth. She'd been
saving it for several minutes as she sucked it up from my face and chest.
By reflex, I swallowed. If I'd thought of it, I'd have swapped it back to
mom and we could have played with it for a while and driven Mike and dad
crazy. Still, they both were smiling, so they must have liked it well
enough as it was.

After that, I was almost late for school. I skipped second period PE
anyway, with Mary-Joe Pender who everyone knew was a militant lesbian. I
was so horny that I let her eat my pussy for nearly 40 minutes in the
girl's locker room. I came 4 times and was as tired as if I'd done laps
the whole darn period. I even tickled poor Mary Joe's clit with my fingers
until she came too. But I wouldn't eat her, since I wanted to make mom's
my first pussy. But that didn't happen until...well...later.



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