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Breaking The Arrangement 2


A note to readers:

Several of you have sent me e-mails asking if The Arrangement/Breaking
The Arrangement is really a true story. It is. What you are reading about
actually happened to me in the late 60's. Many of the details in the story are as sharp in my memory today as when they first happened. So as you
read this story remember, nothing important in this story is fiction.

When I started writing The Arrangement, I planned to do so in three
parts, each of which would have four to seven installments. Breaking The
Arrangement 2 is the second installment of the second part of the story.

Whether or not this story is ever completed is up to you. If you've
liked this installment of a true story and think I should continue to tell
you about my adventures as a high school student please let me know at

Some of you might also like to know (if you don't already) I've started
another series of stories, the "Adventure" series. The first two stories in this series "I sucked The Sheriff" and "Devil With A Blue Dress On" have
already been posted. While The Arrangement and Breaking The Arrangement
are based on real events in my life, my Adventure stories have no such
restrictions. Although some of the stories may have a kernel of truth at
their heart, in the main they are pure fiction, a chance to stretch my
wings as an author and go where my lust and my imagination take me. These
stories are also available at the sites listed above

And now onto the story but remember it is YOUR email that determines
whether or not this story continues.


My name is Webster Dazell and this is a story about many things: growing
up in the Sixties, friendship, trust, hope, disappointment, and, of course,
sex. Most of all it's the story of a young man growing up on a farm in the
nation's heartland finding out just who and what he is. It's my story. I
hope you enjoy it.

Breaking The Arrangement 2: A continuation of a true story
Although I now live elsewhere, I grew up in a small farming community in

The main street in town was four blocks long with a traffic light in the
middle. We had the same "Noah's Ark" collection of small businesses you'd
find in any rural village. Mostly two story buildings, two gas stations,
two bars, two groceries, two restaurants, two hardwares; well, you get the
idea. Some things we only had one of. One local weekly paper, one drug
store, one florist, one funeral parlor, and, as far as I knew, one teenage
boy who liked to suck cock, that being me.

Yeah, there could have been others, probably were. But, if there were,
like me, they weren't advertising the fact. And neither was anyone whose
cock they were sucking. Among the guys there were the usual locker room
boasts about getting a handful of bare tit or a hand job or even a blow job
but it was always from some girl, never from another boy. Everybody knew
letting some faggot gum your dick was just as bad as being a cocksucker.
No real man would let something like that happen to them and every country
boy wants to be known as a real man.

Our friendship aside, that prejudice was why I felt I could trust Evan
not to tell anybody I was sucking his cock. He had as much to lose if our
arrangement became public as I did. As long as he kept his mouth shut, I'd
keep mine open.

The summer was nearly over when Evan told me the bad news. "My mom got
a call from Aunt Audrey yesterday. Ray is going to stay with us for two
weeks. He'll be here Friday." I must have groaned a little, OK a lot,
because Evan said "Come on Web, it won't be that bad."

"Yeah, right," I thought to myself. It wasn't that I didn't like Ray, I
did. A lot of "city kids" looked down on us as poor, unsophisticated "cow
tippers." Ray didn't share their attitude. When he was out to the farm he
was one of us; getting up early to help with the chores and hanging out
with us after they were done.

It was the hanging out with us part the caused me to react when I heard
Ray was coming. Since he'd be staying at Evan's house Ray would be with
Evan almost 24 hours a day, even sleeping in the same room which ended any
chance of my sleeping over. That meant I'd be without cock for the next
two weeks because, with Ray omnipresent, the opportunities to slake my
thirst would be zero.

For the first couple of days of Ray's visit, Evan made a game of it,
teasing me at every opportunity. Sometimes when Ray wasn't looking he'd
take my hand and rub it against his crotch or he'd reach down the front of
his pants and then rub his fingers between my lips. But, as time passed,
Evan's frustration grew in tandem with his lust and the games ceased.

"Man, Web I didn't think it was possible to get this horny," Evan told
me, taking advantage of Ray's use of the bathroom before lunch. "I've had
more wood than Weast's lumber yard. Right now my dick hurts just looking
at you. We've got to do something."

"What do you mean 'we' kemosabe? I'm not the one running around with a

"You are too you little bastard, I tell from the way you're sitting."

"OK, maybe I am. But I can get rid of it by beating off. As soon as
Ray's done you can do the same. If you're so horny it shouldn't take you
more than a few strokes to get off. Hell, it usually doesn't take you more
than a couple of pumps anyway."

Evan's reply was cut short by the sounds of a toilet flushing and the
creak of the bathroom door opening. Scuttling sideways like a crab to hide
his erection, he practically sprinted into the bathroom, almost bumping
into Ray in the process.

"What's wrong with Evan? Isn't he feeling good," Ray asked me as he sat
down at the table.

"His stomach's bothering him. I think he's got the runs. Should'a
skipped that second helping of bacon this morning."

"Ate something that didn't agree with him, huh? I'll bet you never have
that problem Web."

There was only a momentary hitch in the progress of my hand to the
sandwich below. Carefully watching Ray's face I replied, "Nah, I get the
runs all the time especially after I eat a plate of my old man's fried pork
and beans with bacon." Ray's countenance remained as free of guile as an
alter boy serving mass.

We worked harder than usual the rest of the day with one goal in mind:
get the chores done soon enough to allow us to go swimming at Maxwell's
pond, instead of Babcock Creek before spending the rest of the evening
working on Evan's car.

Maxwell's pond was forbidden territory for us. Located on a nearby sod
farm it offered a number of advantages the creek didn't. No leeches for
one, deeper water for another. The disadvantage was its location on
private property, property owned by a man, Mr. Maxwell, who most
definitely didn't want kids swimming in it. The pond was used to irrigate
the sod, period. No swimming. No fishing. No nothing.

Normally we stayed away from Maxwell's pond. Too risky as Maxwell's
employees liked catching trespassers on the property. Even if you avoided
the workers there were always Maxwell's dogs to worry about. But Ray was
on the swim team at his school and, swimming pools being a rich person's
toy and so nonexistent in farm country, we were determined to provide him
with a better venue for his skills than the creek.

We approached our trip to the pond like commandos readying to sneak into
Nazi Germany. Wearing our swimsuits under our clothes, we rode our bikes
into the woods that bordered the far end of the sod farm. There we
stripped down to suits and tennis shoes and began to slowly make our way
across the open field to the pond, staying as low as we could to avoid
being seen, even crawling in some places when we thought we heard the sound
of employees further off.

A surprise awaited us once we reached our goal. A new six-inch pipe had
been run out of the pumphouse above the water to the center of the pond
where it made a 90 degree turn downward. Anchored to the pipe where it
entered the water was a small floating platform. The platform, about 4
foot by 4 foot, was made of wood, with barrels tied to three sides to
provide floatation. It rode about a foot out of the water.

Until now I haven't given you much of a description of Ray. Think the
statute David, not Michelangelo's muscular, masculine marble David but the
less famous but equally male bronze David by Donatello, a lithe,
small-boned, willowy young shepherd almost gangly in appearance, smooth in
body yet with well-defined muscles. That was Ray.

Ray lacked the "farmer's tan" we had. His skin was a pale white, almost
ivory, the few short dun hairs on his arms and legs looking like cracks in
old china. His attractive face was thin and pointed, all sharp angles
giving him an elfin look minus the ears of course. A close-cropped dusting
of bristly wheaten hair decorated his scalp.

On land Ray was awkward like a novice dancer who's not quite sure of the
steps. But in his natural element Ray was grace itself, a fluid water
sprite who moved with the ease of an astronaut in zero g. There was
something sensuous about the way he swam, the water parting with each
strong, steady stroke as though opening the way for its lover to join with

Our plan called for us to only spend 20 minutes swimming in the pond,
less chance of getting caught that way. As we reached the last 5 minutes
Ray announced he was going to swim some laps from one end of the pond to
the other. I was watching Ray cut through the water when Evan tapped me on
the shoulder.

"Now's our chance Web. Blow me." I looked at Ray like he was nuts.

"I'm serious. Ray's going to be too busy doing laps to watch us and I
need to get off bad. And I know how you can suck my cock without being

Now I was as hungry for Evan's cock as he was anxious to feed it to me.
So I asked what he had in mind.

"Get under the float. There's plenty of room under there, I looked
while we were swimming. The whole side by the pipe is open, there's no
barrel there to get in the way. If I get partway off the platform my
dick'll be just about an inch above the water, right at mouth level for
you. You blow me and I'll watch out for Ray."

That's how I found myself under the platform with Evan's pecker riding
just above the waves. But his idea didn't work, at least the way it was
planned. I couldn't tread water and keep Evan's prick in my mouth. Every
time I slid down on his cock the force of my movement caused it to
submerge. And if I hung on to the underside of the platform my weight
brought it lower in the water with the same result. What did work though
was hanging on with one hand while jacking Evan off with the other, giving
his Prussian helmet a lick and a kiss as often as I could.

Evan had just reached the crisis point when I caught a flash of white
out of the corner of my eye. As I involuntarily turned my head to follow
the movement I had seen, Evan shot nearly a week's worth of pent-up passion
all over my face, neck and shoulder. This unexpected and, at least this
time, unwelcome shower of sperm coincided with a sharp rap on the head as
Ray dolphined his way out of the water and onto the float.

I love Evan but he's never been the fastest thinker in the world. As I
fumbled below to get his dick back in his swimsuit I could hear him
fumbling above to answer Ray's question about where I was.

"Geeze, I don't know Ray. He was here just a minute ago."

"I don't see him anywhere. We better look for him. He could be in

Before things got any more out of hand, I ducked under the water.
Swimming a yard or so away from the platform and trying to wash off as best
I could, I popped up to the surface long enough to say "Man, this water is
deep," before sinking back down again to persist with my ablutions; I had
globs and strings of come hanging from me like I'd run into a spider's web.

After breaking the surface for the second time, I swam slowly back to
the float, using the butterfly stroke which allowed me to continue to duck
under the water to clean away the telltale signs of my previous activity.

I guess I didn't do as good a job as I had hoped because after I levered
myself onto the float, I caught Ray checking out my face.

"What's the matter? What are you looking at," I said, a little more
querulous than I had intended.

"You've got some goop on your face, Web. It's in your eyebrow and down
the side of your face."

"Probably just snot. I got some water in my nose coming up from the

"Yeh, probably is just snot," Ray said as he reached over to me,
scraping some off with his fingers before I could move away. "Sort of
thick for snot though," he opined as he rubbed his coated fingers together.

"Hey man, I've got bad sinuses. Want to make something of it," I asked
in what I hoped was a teasing tone.

"Nope. I know getting water up your nose can be a bitch. First time it
happened to me at a meet, so much snot drained out, I thought my head would

Evan's "Hey, guys," caught both our attentions. Turning our heads in
tandem, we saw his cupped hands flash toward us just before we were hit
with a spray of water.

"OK cousin, you asked for it. Let's get him Web." In seconds a water
fight broke out, each of us splashing and hooting at the others. Ray and I
had grabbed Evan and were just about to toss him in the water when we heard
someone else shouting.

"God damn you kids. You know you ain't supposed swimmin' in that pond.
Get the hell off of that and get over here." It was one of Maxwell's field
hands and he was angry.

Well, we might be dumb but we weren't stupid. All three of us hit the
water at the same time, swimming to the shore opposite the worker who had
broken into a run. Ray got there first but Evan and I weren't too far
behind the swim star.

All attempt at secrecy abandoned, we ran for the woods as fast as we
could. Having to swim to shore had allowed the man chasing us to close the
gap; we were now only about 30-35 yards ahead of him. But we were young and in shape while he was middle-aged and used to riding around on
tractors, not biking from place to place. We gradually widened the
distance between us until, when we hit the fenceline, we were a good 70
yards ahead of him. After we cleared the wire he profanely gave up the
pursuit. warning us that if "I ever fucken see you little shits around
here again, I'll set the dogs on your asses, you snot-nosed bastards."

"Snot-nosed bastards huh? I think he's got us confused with you Web,"
said Ray as we walked back to the bikes.

"Hey, I may be snot-nosed but my parents were married."

The ribbing and an analysis of the chase continued all the way to the
bikes, three friends relieving the tension of a close call or, for some of
us, two close calls. Throughout the banter I paid close attention to Ray,
on guard for any strange looks or double meanings. But he seemed to be the
same old Ray. If he knew what I was up to at the pond he certainly wasn't
letting on.

At the bikes we stripped out of our wet swimsuits before putting our
clothes back on; no sense in being damp and uncomfortable on the way home.
Evan and I had been nude together before and I knew every inch of his body.
But Ray's body was unfamiliar to me. I knew what most of him looked like
but I had never seen him without either a pair of pants, shorts or a
swimsuit on. I admit, despite my fears of being labeled a queer, I wanted
to get a look at his cock.

Ray made it easy for me. He was unconcerned about his nudity and, since
we'd forgotten to bring towels, announced he was going to walk around a bit
and dry off before he put his shorts on. I found myself stealing glances
at him when I thought he wasn't looking. But since he wasn't looking, he
wasn't facing toward me either so all I got was a glimpse of his side or a
pair of magnificent taunt young buttocks. Then, as though he knew I was
watching, Ray took a deep breath and turned around. I felt my breath catch
in my chest.

It wasn't his semi-hard dick that made me gasp, although it was a nice
one. Nor was it his low hanging ballsack. What took my breath away was
the fact Ray didn't have any public hair. He was as bare as a plucked
chicken down there.

There was no mistaking the fact that Ray saw where I was looking because
he blushed, his cheeks imitating a Wisconsin sunset. When he spoke to me,
there wasn't even a hint of sexual innuendo in his words, just a hint of
embarrassment and a touch of a plea for understanding.

"Hey Web, I know it looks funny but don't laugh. Coach has all his
swimmers shave the hair off their bodies, even around our dicks. He says
the hair won't act as a drag in the water and we'll get faster times that
way. Even if it's only a tenth of a second, a tenth of a second can be the
difference in a close race."

"Yeah but you've got hair on your arms and your legs and your head," I
said, stating the obvious while I pulled my eyes up from his groin to his
scarlet face.

"That's because its summer. When school starts in fall I'll shave the
hair off my arms and legs. Coach wanted us all to shave our heads but the
principal said no way."

"So why not wait until fall to shave your pubes?"

"You ever shaved yours?"

I shook my head no, although now that I'd seen Ray's shorn crotch I was
thinking about it. He looked sexy as hell and only the thought of Ray
finding out for sure I was a cocksucker kept from throwing a boner right
there and then.

"I didn't think so or you wouldn't have asked. When the hair grows back
after you've shaved it itches like a son-of-a-bitch. And until it gets to
its original length it scratches too. So all of us on the swim team keep
shaved year-round."

I nodded my head in acknowledgment. "I guess that makes sense."

"Thanks. And Web, please don't tell anyone about this. Evan knows
because I'm rooming with him. The guys on the swim team know because they
all do it too. My dad knows, I don't know if he told my mom or not. I
sure hope he didn't. Now you know. But I don't want anyone else to know
all right?"

"Jeeze dickweed, who the hell am I going to tell. I don't know anybody
else from your school. I'm not going to tell my folks or Evan's folks and
I'm sure not going to tell anybody from my school. For one thing I
wouldn't want to even begin to tell them how I knew."

"Thanks, man. I knew I could count on you.It's our secret right," Ray
asked looking deeply into my eyes.

"Right." I responded looking right back at him.

"You two weenies sure you don't want to cut each other's fingers and
mingle the blood to seal the oath," asked Evan, startling us both since we
hadn't noticed he was there. "Maybe go out to the graveyard tonight, light
some black candles, sacrifice a rooster and offer up your souls to the
devil if you break the pact?"

"I don't know Ray what do you think? Maybe it'd be more effective if we
sacrificed Evan instead of a rooster?"

"I don't know. I've always heard sacrifices to Satan are more effective
if you use intelligent animals. That gives the edge to the rooster."

"Hardi-har-har. Come on, let's get going. It's almost time for supper
and I still want to work on the Evanmobile tonight. Couple of losers, I
don't even know why I let you hang around with me."

Evan gave me hell once we got back to his house. "You really are a
faggot aren't you? Why didn't you just drop to your knees and beg Ray to
let you suck his cock instead of just giving him the eye?"

"Was I that obvious," I asked, concerned the answer would be yes.

"Let's see, at the pond you had sperm all over your face. In the woods
you stared at his dick like a kid at a candy store just dying to take a
lick of that peppermint stick. One the ride home your eyes never left his
ass. Nope you weren't obvious at all, if Ray was blind, which he ain't."

"Well, it was your fault I was covered in come, your come I might point
out. You were supposed to keep watch for him. 'Don't worry Web,' you
said, 'I'll watch out for Ray.' Good job there asshole."

"All right, calm down. You've got a point. I'm sorry about not seeing
him but I was getting ready to shoot and he was underwater. I didn't see
him until he started to get on the platform. But you're right. We're both
at fault here. We'll just have to hope Ray's particularly dense and we'll
have to be more careful next time."

"Next time my ass Evan. There ain't going to be any next time until Ray
goes home."

"Come on man, you need to blow me just as much as I need to be blown.
We'll just have to be more careful next time."

"And next time won't be until Ray is back at home. I'm not taking any
more chances," I told Evan and I meant it.

Evan seemed to take my decision in stride. Although he hinted at how
horny he was; how much he missed my lips caressing his cock, he never
pushed too far. And there things stood until Ray's last night at the farm.

The beaver Outdoor Theatre (Yes, it was really called the beaver Outdoor
Theatre) was having a dusk to dawn "Horrorthon." The first feature was
"Castle of Evil," followed by "Women of the Prehistoric Planet/Frozen
Dead/Queen of Blood" and ending with "Zontar, Thing From Venus." We thought
it'd be cool as hell to stay up all night watching the movies and then go
out an get a big greasy breakfast down the road, a perfect way to send Ray
back to the city.

The only blemish on the plan was the Evanmobile's condition. Its
carburetor was still a pile of jumbled parts on the workbench, victim of a
lack of time to finish the job. The only other transportation available to
us was the farm's Dodge panel truck, hardly the boss ride we wanted to be
seen in. Still beggars can't be choosers and even the truck was better
than our bikes. That would really have been candyassed. Besides we were
too jazzed about the Horrorthon to really worry about what we were driving.

With WOKY blaring out of the speakers we set off, windows cracked enough
to let in some air but still keep out the dust until we hit the highway.
We sang along to Wild Thing and Lil' red Riding Hood; argued about who was
better the Beatles or the Stones (with Ray holding out for the Beach Boys);
bitched about the Braves abandoning Milwaukee for Atlanta; made plans to go
up to Lambeau and score some tickets for a game because the Packers were
going to have another badass season. "The greatest team in football
history, man."

After the usual car search at the ticket booth to make sure we weren't
smuggling anyone in without paying, we drove into the beaver carefully
contemplating where to park. It wasn't just about having a good view of
the screen. You wanted to stay away from the passion pit in the back rows,
otherwise theatre employees would be shining their flashlights into your
car all night. Too close to the front where the playground was and you'd
have parents walking past you all night dragging crying children in pajamas
back and forth to the bathrooms.

That was another consideration. You wanted to be close enough to the
concession stand for a quick trip there and to the john but far enough away
to be out of the constant traffic. As Rick said in Casablanca when asked
for a table close to Sam and away from Major Strasser "The geography's a
little difficult but I think we can manage." We settled on a spot to the
right and several rows behind the concessions stand, on the opposite side
of the bathrooms.

Once we reached our spot we fired up the pic coil to keep the bugs away
and waited for the movies to start. As it got dark we broke out the Pabst.
Besides drinking the lukewarm beer we passed around a bottle of rum; the
rule being every time a character bought it in the film we all had to take
a swig. By the end of Castle of Evil none of us were feeling any pain and,
to give us a better chance of lasting the night, we decided to suspend the
rule for the remainder of the movies. But we continued to suck down the
Pabst although at a much slower pace.

About midway through Women of the Prehistoric Planet, Ray loudly
announced he was going to the restroom and he might be a little while.
Evan and I both chuckled at Ray's obvious state of semi-intoxication but,
because he could still follow our fingers with his eyes and walk upright,
we let him out of the truck.

Ray had only been gone for a minute when Evan sidled over to me and
placed my left hand on his throbbing pecker. "Come on cocksucker. I've
waited long enough. Get in the back of the truck."

I wanted to argue but I couldn't. Evan was right; he had waited long
enough and so had I. I needed his cock as bad as he wanted to feed it to

Climbing over the back of the bench seat, I spread both of the blankets
used for padding the wall over the floor of the truck. As I worked to
prepare our makeshift boudoir, I told Evan to make sure the front windows
were rolled up and the doors were locked. I made sure the side and back
doors to the truck were locked myself. With the only windows in the truck
located up front, you'd have to climb up on the truck and look through the
top of the windshield to see us on the floor. Anyone walking by would
simply see an empty front seat

Evan and I must have set land speed records for stripping off our
clothes. As I positioned myself between his legs, Evan's dick beat about
like a blind man's cane. Without any hesitation I went down on him,
burying my nose in his public hair with a single lightning motion that
bruised my throat when his head struck the back. I didn't care. Evan's
flat, ripe thick-veined cock was back where it belonged, in my mouth.

Without finesse I plunged up and down on his rod, my hands caressing his
body, squeezing his balls. No frills, no teasing, just the most direct
approach possible to coaxing his sperm from his balls to my stomach.

Evan's profane instructions spurred me to an even faster pace.

"Tighter you little cocksucker. Wrap those lips around that dick. Eat
me you little faggot. Suck out that cream."

As his groin tried to rise from the floor of the truck my head descended
to push it back down again. This was pure physical sex, a sprint not a
marathon, the wildest coupling we had ever had. I was sucking Evan as
though my soul's salvation depended on it.

Then, behind me, I heard the truck door open and close.

For a moment I tried to stop, to drag myself off the tower of flesh I
was devouring, to scramble for some sort of cover, to find some way of
denying what I was doing. But Evan's hands not only held me in place, they
kept me moving, pulling me up and down his pole.

"Come on Web, I'm almost there. Suck me you little bastard. Never mind
Ray. Get me off."

Again I was overcome by my desire, restraint falling off me like leaves
from the trees in the fall. I returned to my personal universe and began
to revolve again around Evan's cock.

Now my approach changed. Time was no longer an impediment to artistry.
If I was going to put on an exhibition, showcase my talents, I'd do it

Ignoring Ray's presence for the moment, I began to lick up and down
Evan's thick hard sex. Broad strokes, the flat of my tongue covering the
flat surface, overlapping the sides. I bathed his balls in my mouth
sucking until the distended skin of his scrotum resembled a stretched piece
of Silly Putty. My hands massaged his ribcage, twisting his nipples back
and forth.

I returned to my station, slowly enveloping the head if his cock with my
lips then quickly pulling off. A serpentine tongue tip darting forth to
squirm its way between the fleshy halves of his glans, jabbing at his
pisshole, tasting the seminal fluids as they oozed forth.

I rotated my way down his rod like a red stripe coiling its way down a
barber's pole, my tongue moving the skin as it passed, my cheeks collapsed
by the force of my vacuuming inhalation. I scraped with my teeth on the
upstrokes my hands now cupping Evan's ass, raising it from the quilted
brown pads lining the floor.

Guiding him with my body, I moved Evan around so his head was pointed at
the front of the truck. I was under no misapprehension about what would
follow this performance. Ray's would be the third cock I had ever sucked and I wanted to get him primed by giving him a better view of the floor

Now I went to work in earnest, my goal to get Evan off in a spectacular
fashion and move on to Ray. I increased the speed and intensity of my
sucking imitating a calf feeding from its mother's teat. Evan's thighs
began to move toward his groin and then away, always a sign he was getting
close to coming. His instructions to me were turning into unintelligible
grunts. It wouldn't be long now.

When I felt sperm beginning to climb up Evan's dick I pulled off,
positioning my wide open mouth about two inches from the head of his cock,
my tongue extended to serve as a platform for his creamy offering.
Preceded by a load intake of breath, Evan's come spurted from the head of
his dick. Four separate jets of sperm flung themselves across the void to
splatter themselves into the waiting receptacle of my oral cavity.

As Evan regained his breath, my hands milked the last of his juice from
his wilting flesh onto my tongue. As protocol demanded I kept my lingual
member extended allowing its pearlescent coating to be observed before I
swallowed. But, head held high, I showed my obedience not to Evan but to
Ray. Ray who had watched wide-eyed as I sucked Evan and was even now
focused on my face.

I swallowed and Ray's eyes traced the passage of Evan's sperm down my
throat. Even in the dark of the truck I could tell Ray's face was flushed,
his breathing hurried. Playing it as cool as I could, I grabbed three
Pabsts and told Ray since the church key was up front he'd have to open

"So Evan, did you forget to lock the door or what," I asked, sitting up
as he climbed back into his clothes.

"Yeah man I guess I did, sorry," Evan said, not sounding sorry at all.

"Tell him the truth cousin," said Ray. "You tell him or I will."

"No, lemme guess," I said, still trying to play it cool despite the fact
my spent passion was being replaced by a smoldering resentment at Evan's
cavalier attitude. The reality of the situation was coming home to me. I
was set up and I wasn't at all happy about it.

"You broke the arrangement. You told Ray I was a cocksucker, that I
sucked your cock. Then you told him if he played his cards right you'd get
me to suck his cock too. Tonight, at the movies.

"That's why you didn't finish rebuilding the carburetor. That way we'd
have to take this truck. You knew I'd never suck you off in your car at
the theatre. Along side the road maybe where people weren't always passing
by but not in a crowded theatre." I was really getting worked up now, the
feeling of being doublecrossed by my best friend as painful as a deep cut.
Yes, I wanted to suck Ray's cock but I wanted it to be my choice, not to be
tricked into it

"That whole thing about Ray having to go to the john was just a setup.
You left the door unlocked so he could get back in and watch. And now you
expect me to suck his cock."

"Sumthin like that."

"Not something like that, exactly like that."

"No, it's not like that," said Ray in an anxious voice.

"Shut up Ray. As for you Evan, I thought we were friends. I thought we
had a deal. I trusted you not to tell anyone. You betrayed me, man." By
now I was surprised to find myself nearly in tears.

"No, I didn't," said Evan in a stony voice. "You betrayed yourself.

"Face the facts. I didn't break the arrangement. I never told old man Grambs you were a dicklicker. He caught you at it. And when he threatened
you, you didn't have to suck his cock. You could have told him to go to
hell. We both know he wouldn't have told my grandmother because we would
have told on him; that he tried to get a white teenage boy to suck his
cock. Even after you blew him in the basement, you sure didn't have to go
over to his apartment the next day and suck him off again. You blew him
because you wanted to, because you enjoy having a dick between your lips.
You blow me for the same reason.

"I didn't tell Ray anything. He figured it out all on his own. Hell,
it wasn't even the day at the pond that did it. He saw you the day before
in the barn loft when you jacked off into your hand and then ate it. I
didn't have to say a word you moron he knew. All the come on your face
from the pond was just the frosting on the cake.

"Take a good look at yourself buddy. You're a cocksucker. It's not
what you do Web, it's what you are, as much a part of you as being smart
and funny. I don't think it's sumthin you can do anything about. And I
don't think there's anything wrong with it.

"Me, I'm not a cocksucker. Sure, I like having you blow me. It feels
good to get off in your mouth. And, OK, maybe I have been using you, but
can you deny you like being used? Hell you've told me often enough how
much it turns you on.

"That shit about being friends. Damn it Web, we are friends. You still
don't know how good of friends we are, but you will. Our friendship isn't
about sex. We've been friends since you were six and I was seven. It
doesn't rise or fall on whether or not you suck my dick. But I'm your
friend man, not your boyfriend. And you need to keep that straight in your

"I like girls Web, not guys, girls. If I could get Mary Elizabeth or
some other good looking chick to do what you do, no offense but you'd never
get close to my dick again. This is all temporary for me. I thought you
knew that.

"I'm goin' to the concession stand, no shit this time. I'll probably be
gone a half hour or so. Think about what I've said Web. As your friend
I'm tellin ya you havta come to grips with who you really are, otherwise
your whole life is gonna be totally fucked up."

For the second time that night I heard the truck door open and close,
leaving me to wonder whether or not the door had been shut on my longest
friendship as well.

I was barely aware of Ray crawling over the seat to join me in the back.
Oblivious to almost everything, I might as well have been one of the
zombies up on the screen until Ray handed me the bottle of rum and told me
to take a swig. The harsh burn of the alcohol sloshing down my throat
reset my awareness of where I was and I took a second to anchor me in

"Heavy night," said Ray, sliding next to me on the floor before taking a
hit from the bottle himself.

"Yeh, heavy."

"Not the evening I expected."

"Me, neither."

For awhile there was silence as my thoughts slithered in my mind like
snakes after mice. What the hell was I so upset about? Why'd I make such
a fuss, throwing a hissy fit like an overtired toddler? I was a
cocksucker. I did like to suck cock. I had given myself over to both Evan
and Mr. Grambs to act as their submissive cocksucker and enjoyed it. And
I wanted to suck Ray's cock, had wanted to suck it even before it seen it
in its fully shorn glory in the woods. Why were the doubts about what I
was doing returning?

Maybe it was because I now knew why I often felt such a void after I'd
finished draining a cock. Evan's little speech had brought it home to me.
I'd been a handy mouth, a convenient receptacle for slaking a person's lust
when a willing woman wasn't available. "Let's try Web. He'll eat us

It wasn't me they wanted; as a person I was only incidental to what was
going on. They'd have been satisfied with anyone who'd suck them off. It
was release they wanted, a momentary relief from their horniness. I didn't
matter at all. Subconsciously I'd known that even while, like any
teenager, I wanted more, wanted to be cared about, wanted to matter. And
all the sperm in the world in the world couldn't fill that empty spot
inside me, it only increased the sense of being alone.

Again it was Ray who brought me out of my trance, this time by slipping
his left arm around my shoulders, the warmth of his skin making mine tingle
with electricity.

"Web, Evan was telling you the truth. He didn't tell me about you. At
least not until after I told him what I'd seen. I saw you in the barn and
I saw you under the raft with my cousin's dick in your mouth, not just with
some come on your face. When I told all that to Evan he still didn't say
anything to me; at least not until I told him."

"Told him what, that you'd seen us and you wanted some head too?"

"Nope, told him that I liked sucking cock too."

My heart jumped like a frightened rabbit. Did I hear Ray right? Did he
just tell me he liked sucking cock too?

Any question about my auditory ability was answered as Ray brought his
right hand to my semi-tumescent dick. His grasp was warm and comforting;
his hand, conditioned from hours in the water, as soft as velvet. As he
began to stroke me to full erection his mouth lowered itself onto my right
nipple gently laving it with his tongue, rolling it to and fro with his

Ray kissed his way down my torso until his questing mouth replaced his
fingers. My head lolled to the side, mouth open, my breath whistling
though the oral cavern. My god, the sensation of being sucked, sucked for
the first time in my life, was almost hallucinatory. I marveled at the
slick feel of his cheeks as they rubbed against my cock, the warmth and
wetness of it all, the feel of lips sliding urging me to spend. No wonder
Evan and Mr. Grambs liked it when I did it to them. Never mind jacking
off, this was fantastic.

Unexpectedly overwhelmed by the ecstasy of these new sensations I came
without warning, flooding Ray's mouth with sperm, adding to the fluids
already puddling there. My first shot was followed by another then another
and yet another, a seemingly endless stream of jizz called forth by Ray's
ministrations. Finally I was done, the last drops dribbling from the end
of my member onto the ridges of Ray's lips.

As I helped Ray get out of his clothes my chest tightened like wet
rawhide in the sun. I knew that what was taking place in the truck was
more than sex, went deeper than two young boys exchanging furtive blow jobs
in the dark.

Shyly I took Ray's head between my hands and slowly pulled it toward me,
giving him an opportunity to move away. When he didn't I brought my lips
to his; at first softly then with increasing force. He opened his mouth to
mine and our tongues met. weaving about like a pair of dueling sabres. I
could taste the flavor of my sperm in his mouth, bright and sharp with the
coppery bite of a newly minted penny.

I was frightened when I reached his cock, my body shaking like a tractor
in a rutted field. I wanted this to be as close to perfect as possible, to
give Ray the best experience of his short lifetime, to make his body shake
as mine was but from ecstasy not fear. What should I do? What does he

In the end I abandoned fancy technique in favor of simplicity and

With the tip of his cock balanced on the edge of my lips I began to
explore it with my tongue, probing slowly into the crevice of his glans. I
licked my way around the velvety mushroom, swiping up the precome as it
seeped out from his dick and swallowing, the constriction of my cheeks
squeezing the head open and increasing the flow.

I took my first mouthful of Ray's cock, my lips sliding just underneath
the rim of his penile helmet. After rotating my head for a few moments, I
returned to the tip again brushing my tongue around its surface. Opening
my mouth wider, I took about a third of his length into me, sliding up and
down at a leisurely pace, continuing my exploration of his prick as it
commuted back and forth in my mouth.

After a couple of minutes I pulled off entirely, pressing Ray to a fully
prone position and spreading his legs as wide as I could. Denuded of
public hair, Ray's groin resembled that of a pre-pubescent boy but there
was nothing prepubescent about the proud boner that stood at stiff as a
tire iron from the apex of his crotch.

While my hand played with Ray's cock, my primary attention turned to the
wrinkled scrotum pulled tightly against his rod, so responsive to the
feathery puffs of breath I directed against it. As I glossed its furrowed
surface with a coating of my saliva Ray began to moan and squirm and my
palm was covered from a fresh bubbling of precome.

Ray rocked his head back and forth on the pad as I returned to sucking his cock, this time driving it deep into my throat, my nose lightly tickled
by the slight shadow of stubble left from the morning shave. Ray's groan
grew deeper and more urgent; his mounting excitement spurring me on to more
aggressive efforts.

I shuttled Ray's prick in and out of my mouth, my lips as tight to his
prick as a leech. One hand massaged his balls while the index finger of
the other outlined the circumference of his asshole, pressing until his
rosebud distended inward; threatening to, but never quite, breaking the
tension of the ring. Ray reacted to my twin efforts by beginning to thrust
upward, seeking the more distant cavern of my throat.

Then he took charge, his hands grasping the side of my head, almost
hurting me from the pressure they exerted against my skull. Picking up
speed with every intrusion, he pushed his hardness down, dragging it back
again across the flat expanse of my tongue only to thrust it back down with
his next motion.

I began to twirl my tongue as best I could around his prick as it sawed
its way in and out of my mouth, intent on coaxing a toe-curling orgasm from
my friend and lover. Even as he came Ray continued to push my head up and
down on his cock, breaking the seal of my lips and allowing his come to
leak from the corners of my mouth. Despite the spilled sperm, I had more
than a mouthful to swallow and swallow I did; this time without the
subservient gesture of showing a coated tongue.

Even before I could complete cleaning up the liquids puddled around Ray
crotch, I found myself lifted upward and gathered into Ray's arms. His
lips crushed themselves against mine; our tongues reinstituting their
interrupted duel; our hands roaming like lost sheep along the hills and
valleys of each other's bodies.

Finally, knowing that Evan would be back soon, we broke off our embrace
and dressed, still tangled in the crystalline breathlessness of what had
just occurred, allowing our mutual silence to speak for us.


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