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Bring Daughter 1


Bring your daughter to work week (1 of 4)
by cowgirl

Petra's controlling mother drags her to work for a
day, but seeing her mother's social standing at work
brings up some disturbing feelings in the confused


" So what'd you think?" mom not so much questioned as
awaited my report.

" It was....okay. If I knew what it was you actually,
like, do! What's the the point of all this dumb stuff?
" my voice
horse with frustration.

" This was just the first say dear. What I do isn't
very interesting, trust me! But....I mean, did you learn
a lot

" uh....sure. I guess. I learned how small your office
is, since that's where we stayed all day. When's it
over again? " I
added with with a carefully hidden defiance.

" This being Tuesday, I'd be impressed if you make it
to Friday, little miss impatient! Petra, this is an
excellent peek
into a possible future for you. You're going to follow
in your mother's footsteps. Just think of all the
professional challenges awaiting a girl like you when
you graduate high school. It's just around the corner
you know.

I wanted to explode, but smiled as my mom winked over
at me from her confining pantsuit as she sped us back
after the first day of this torture known as "Bring
Your daughter To Work Day". mom had big plans for me.
I'd carefully hid my slagging grades and the ugly
secret that I'd never be the eager overachiever she
was. I wasn't
like my mom, and I didn't know who I hated more, her
or myself.

" Uh...Mom, why do so many women work at your office?"

" The focus of the business is women's issues, so it's
only fair to over - balance out our company with the
imbalance created by most male dominated top heavy
companies proliferating the economy in today's..." mom droned
on as I stared at some dried bird poop on the window
which was much more exciting.

" Petra, did being around so many women bother you?
How did it feel seeing your mother ' in action?' ?
Could you
perhaps see yourself working in some place like that
someday? Maybe even, along my side?"

" No, it didn't bother me. Everyone was really cool
and stuff.. "
I said, my tummy in knots as I slumped into in the
car. It was Monday. Would I make it to friday? As my
mind raced
back over the day, I remembered what I'd never tell
mother, how I was totally self conscious cause they
office of mostly business women were all doting over
me like I was just so fucking cute.

But it's a lie. I know they were really all secretly,
like, looking me over and and thinking stuff about me.
Judging me
probably. Thinking about my face. My hair. MY body, my
little boobs and my stupid butt and skinny ankles and
my buck
teeth and all my ugly embarrassing little faults!
Thinking about how dorky I looked in what mom picked
out for me to
wear, and I just *know* every last of one of them
couldn't stop staring at my stupid retainer and I
hated them for
smirking at how embarrassing I looked tagging along
behind my mother like a baby duck and everything. What

As we pulled into the parking lot, I followed mom into
her office, which was a small little cubical, next to
secretaries. I couldn't understand why mom didn't have
a bigger office the way she dressed up and such like
some big
wig, - whatever!

" Now remember Petra, stay right here in my office. I
have a heavy schedule today, and I might be able to
some time to show you around today, okay? But don't
get into trouble and just stay here and don't talk to
anybody -
okay? Otherwise relax and just...enjoy yourself!"

Mom soon disappeared, like she did yesterday, but I
was bored silly yesterday. Today I'd wander around.

I spent a few minutes rushing past some boring other
girls I assumed might also be daughters who looked
dorkier than I, and dodged some ugly fat secretaries
and found a spot in the copy or mail room or whatever,
with a
lot of paper supplies. I found a spot under a table
where I could be left alone when it happened.

I heard the sounds of breathing. I peeked from under
some boxes and spied a slightly pudgy but beautiful
forty year
old mexican lady wearing a UPS uniform, sitting down.
Her pants were around her ankles and someone was also
crouched down at her feet. Someone in high heels.

OHMIGOD - Another woman was....'doing' her, down there!
This was too bizarre! I though today was gonna be a
bust too! I sat up to see more, but paper boxes
blocked my view. I sat there enthralled as I watched
the butch looking
UPS woman roughly stroke the hair of the woman below
her who I desperately tried to see more of.

Soon the UPS lady shook her body in little spasms as
the lady in heels clicked her heel on the floor in
some nervous
tick or something! Maybe the woman on the floor was
excited too, or just working real hard. The UPS lady
let out a sigh, then said " Okay Betty, go away." At
which, 'Betty', a red headed woman in her twenties
hopped up and
scurried from the office, fixing her hair and wiping
her lipstick with a tissue.

I was more than excited by all this, as it didn't look
like what I thought sex was gonna me like. This was
way more
impersonal and stuff. I guess the UPS lady and Betty
were lovers, but Betty didn't even look like she liked
what she'd
done. She looked...

....embarrassed. She rushed right out, and the UPS lady
didn't even care. Just then I bumped into a box
papers. Shit!

The UPS lady stood directly over me, looking down.

" Well, what have we here? "

I looked up at her with a small smile.

I expected the UPS lady to rat on me, but she was
really cool! Her name was Edith, and we sat together
in the mail
room as she told me all about it.

" Petra, here's the deal. There are some woman at this
company that aren't....well....

" Yeah...go on.." I said hungrily.

" You sure somebody your age should be hearing this?
How old ARE you? " She narrowed her eyes at me.

" I know all about sex and stuff. I saw a special on
TV about lesbians too. I know all about it. No sweat.
Tell me about
Betty...please,please?" I begged insanely excited by the
secret that I was about to be in on.

" Shhhh. Tell the world why-don't'ch-ya?" Edith said
closing the mail room door and locking it. She sat
back down

" You can't tell anybody, okay? I could lose my job!
Promise? Okay...there's about....a dozen of 'em that work
They look like all the other office ladies and stuff,
but they...well, they do what Betty did. You *saw* what
did, right? "

" Yeah, I caught that part. Was, licking
your privates, you know, down there?. "

" Well....that's a bit personal, but yeah, I guess you
caught us. Should've locked that door earlier huh?"
Edith laughed.

" So your not lovers with her? "

" Hell no. Betty's married. Two kids! So are half the
bottom girls around her. They could hate sucking other
off for all I know, but they do it just the same. "

" Geee....don't you feel, like guilty? I mean, if Betty
does like it and all? "

" Hey, I don't' like driving a UPS truck. The cleaning
lady who cleans the up these office probably don't
like it. You
like going to school, or coming here? "


" If it wasn't me, Betty's have her nose buried in
someone else's legs, believe me! I bet she's having
breathing right now! " Edith laughed.

" Edith, that's terrible. " I giggled with her.

" Not for who she's' workin' on. Betty's good,
especially for a young chick. I also like Carla and
Lori. They work real
hard when you give them a time limit, or start
chipping away at their ego. "

"...what do you mean, 'their ego' ? "

" These woman suck pussy and cock because they truly
believe their not as important as the rest of the
folks at the
company. Nobody sings up for that job, pussy sucker,
right? You'd wanna have your pussy sucked or let
someone do it
you care about, which is normally what I do. "

I couldn't believe this adult woman was talking to me
like this. It was unreal. If I hadn't seen Betty
between her legs
I'd have though Edith was drunk, deranged or pulling
my leg for fun! Heck, maybe she was, but I didn't have
the guts to
challenge her, plus it had me so excited, I wanted it
to be true, as unlikely as it was.

" What are you think, skinny girl, huh? " I was
embarrassed she drew attention to me, calling me
'skinny girl', but the
warmth in her voice made me feel kinda special and

" I's all so...."

" ...hard to believe? " She asked.

I nodded, shyly.

" Okay. Was for me too. How old are you again? "

" 18. Well...I will be in may. "

" You look more like 16 to me."

" I'm old enough, and I'm no virgin. But I'm not,
like, a slut either. But I'm not some innocent know..."

" Okay, so you're a bad assed 17 year old yo yo who
wants to she if she can get her pussy sucked, right?"

" Edith, no waaaaayyyyy! Is that what you think? That
I'm some kinda...." I laughed nervously as my eyes
brightly at her brazen words.

" Petra, all the woman who get their lower half orally
pleased aren't lesbians either, it's just a service
the company
offers. The boss started a policy to see if certain
women had low enough self esteem and would actually be
enough to do it..."

" Here, follow me..."

And with that, Edith, the mexican UPS lady unlocked
the door and led me down the hallways of the office as
if the
whole world were normal, which it looked. Soon she had
me in the lunch area were a bunch of women were all
She pointed to various ones, and her eyes told me
which ones...well.....'did it'.

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Many were quite
pretty, and there was Betty, who Edith waved at. I hid
my face
in my hands I was so embarrassed, but Betty waved back
with a sour look.

Before I could stop her Edith grabbed my hand and
dragged me over to the table were Betty and two other
woman who
also....'did it', were eating. They were alone,

" Hey Betty. This is my friend Petra. Her mom brought
her in for mother daughter day, isn't the nice?"

" I'm Carla Petra, nice to meet you! " the red headed
woman in a trendy burgundy jacket and skirt smiled as
reached over and shook my hand.

" I'm Micky. Hello Petra, my that's a pretty name! "
Micky said, decked out in a blue business suit as she
also waved
from across the table.

Then Edith said in a low voice:

" Petra is part of the 'family' now. " Edith smirked.

All three woman's smiles went away. They all looked at
me totally differently, and I felt like, really
embarrassed. I
wanted to apologize right then and there, but I was
too ashamed to say anything! Darn!!! Why did Edith
have to say

" What's your mother's name Petra?

I don't think that's any of your business Micky. Don't
tell her Petra. " Edith said coldly.

The mood got really chilly all a sudden and I wanted
to run away, cause Micky looked real pissed off, but
she broke
her gaze and looked at the floor, blood rushing to her
face. Geee it really sets off her blue suit', I
stupidly thought to

"Petra's kinda interested in experiencing.... *first
hand* the kind of perks our employees enjoy. She's far
too shy and
polite a girl to request it herself, so I think I'd be
a nice gesture for one of you ladies to introduce
Petra to the
personalized service yourselves, okay? "

"Petra! Goodness -I've been looking for you
everywhere! " My mothers voice called out, at the
worst possible time!
Shit shit shit!!!

Oh, I see your bothering half the office now. excuse
me ladies, I'm sorry she's being such a nuisance. "
Mom said
dragging me away from the all before they could get a
word in edgewise.

I looked back horribly humiliated as Edith waved me
good-bye with a smirk. The other three refused to look
up as my
mother forced me out to the car where she drove me
home, furious!

" Mother, how COULD you? You made me look like a

" Petra, LISTEN TO ME - there are some things your
too young to understand yet. This is why I asked you
too stay in
my office!!! What were you talking about with those
three anyway? "

" Nothing mom, you butted in before - "

" And the UPS girl, what's her name? What were you
doing bothering her?"

" I wasn't...she's my FRIEND mom, and she's the only one
who even TALKED to me today like I was a real person!
just go....go....JUMP in the LAKE okay?"

We rode home in silence as my mother bit her lip a lot
and look worriedly at me.

That nigh we ate dinner in silence. I could tell mom was freaked, and probably because of this stuff with
the women
who 'did' people. I knew she smelled I knew SOMETHING
about it, but I was afraid she'd never take me back if
I told
her I DID know, and I wanted togo back now.

I was hooked.

That night, mom came into my bed room and tucked me
in, which is totally stupid, but I let her cause she
was like,
totally stressed and stuff. Then she blew it and
opened her mouth.

" I'm sorry I blew up today. Petra, I don't want you
hearing any of this from a stranger. If your
curious....about...ANYTHING you see or hear....promise
you'll come to me first? Okay? "

" Sure mom." I lied.

She kissed me and closed the door. I spent the night
under the covers seeing Micky, Clair and Betty's faces
Edith said nasty thingy to them. I totally died, but I
also was aching to know....not to actually have them,
like, DO it,
but just to know....

if they would. It would be such a rush to see a woman
from mom's work on her knees with my own pants down. I

couldn't even imagine what Id say. Are you supposed to
talk to them? Is it rude not too? It would be so....gosh

darned embarrassing, Who would I pick? Micky seemed a
little snotty. Betty was too wimpy. Clair reminded me
mom. Yuck. Micky seemed like the best choice, since
she seemed so...arrogent and stuff.

I wanted to pee I was so excited. I could WAIT for
tomorrow, ...shoot.....Bring your daughter to work day was
gonna be
the best!!!!
End of part 1

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.
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