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Bring Daughter 2


Bring your daughter to work week 2


Wednesday morning -

I awoke with my pillow between my legs, which was
sopping wet. I know, embarrassing, huh?

I pulled it up to my face as I whispered into my
pillow playfully.
"So, who will you be, huh? Are you Betty? Or are you
the red head? Carla? Is that your name? If you do a
good job
Miss Carla, maybe I'll squeeze my legs together and
give you a little treat.." I giggled as I stuffed the
pillow back
between my legs as let my fingers play across my
privates -


"Petra, are you ready for breakfast?" Mom's voice
boomed, as I scurried from bed and shed from my
Pajamas in a
rush, face blushing like mad.

"Coming mother..."
Somehow mom and I managed to get through breakfast
without saying so much as a word to each other. My
head, and
other parts, were dizzy with the lurid secrets Edith
had told me about!

After a two minute lecture, and my empty promise no
how I *really* would stay put this time, It took all
of four
minutes after mom's left her office for me to sneak
out and wonder the halls.

I and saw one of the three women the UPS lady
introduced me to, sitting at a desk. The red head. She
reminded of of
mom a little but I wanted to see if I had the nerve to
goose her a little. My head was spinning with how
all those woman looked when Edith said I *knew* what
they did.

As I walked up to her...I became aware of another kind
of excitement inside me.

" Hi, your Carla, right? Remember me? From yesterday?
" I said in a cheery voice.

Clarla's eyes narrowed as she look up from her

" Patty? " She said with a weary look, as if I was
just another chore. I was ecstatic, would I be her
next chore? I so
longed to be, although I wasn't sure I'd have the guts
to actually ask her.

"'s Petra, but that's okay. I'm sorry
about my mom the other day. "

" So your mother's Lindsy McCelland, right? " Carla
said pointedly. I remember Edith didn't want to tell
them who my
mom was, but they all saw mom come storming up

" yeah... cat was outta the bag. " I said with a
friendly shrug, hoping to get a sympathetic smile from
her. I didn't
want to be a total bitch, and maybe I could make her
like me so it wouldn't be so...well...embarrassing.

" Well, your mother's well known around here. Do you
want to follow in her footsteps someday? " Carla asked

" Maybe....but I don't even know what she really

" Listen, it's a pretty busy day Patty, what can I do
for you...? "

Okay, this was it. I guess Edith's hint from yesterday
was so silly she wasn't even taking me seriously. Who
blame her, I'm just fourteen after all.

I had to do this perfectly. if I asked too wimpy,
she'd laugh or blow me off. If I was too push I could
get her pissed
or...I dunno what! I pursed my lips and sputtered a
speech my lips had rehearsed in bed all last night in

" Carla...I'd really would like-"


Carla snatched up her phone. " Yes? Right away Mr.
Weaver. " Carla quipped as she fluidly rose from her
red cushioned
chair and disappeared down the hall, leaving me
standing there like a dunce.

Shit! I didn't even rate a 'good-bye kid'. I had to be
more like that UPS lady. all confident and stuff. if
was being
waaaaayyy to mousy. These 'service girls' were used to
take charge business women and men who barked orders
them all day.

I re pursed my lips when I saw Betty from across the
room and made a b-line towards her, but she spied me,
got a
sheepish wilted look and disappeared into an elevator,
doors slamming in my face.

This wasn't going well at all.

What was I doing wrong? Were they not allowed to 'do'
strangers or underage girls like me? Was it because I
work here? But Edith, the UPS lady didn't work here!
Was it my breath? I felt like a silly kid fooling
myself. Then I
saw Micky, wearing yet another perky blue pant suit
today. She looked so smug, I became aroused and on
impulse, I
marched right up to her, determined not to let her

Micky, it's me, patty! Shoot, I mean, Petra, from
yesterday, remember? " I said all in one breath from
excitement and total fear I'd make a fool of myself
for the third time today!

" Well 'Patty-Petra', Nice to see you again. You kind
of got pulled away there before, huh?" Micky smiled. I
expecting her smile, and my shoulders fell in relief
at her warm tone.

" Yeah, but that was, like, reeeeeeally embarrassing
and my mother was, like, a total dork and
she...well....but that's

" ..why you came up to me?" Micky grinned. She seemed
to always be one step ahead of me, a twinkle in her
eye. I
couldn't figure out if she was laughing *with* me, or

" Listen, Micky, can I ask you something?" I inhaled,
trying not to fidget.

"My name's Miss Barrlow, and yes, go ahead
Patty-Petra!" She twinkled again. No, she was
definitely teasing me.

" It's just patty, I mean Petra! Shoot. Now I keep
messing - oh never mind! The POINT is....the other day,
when that
UPS lady and we were talking, remember? Do you
remember what, what she....uhm.....what she
said?" There.
it was out.

Miss Barrlow paused for a moment, talking my words in.
I saw a flash on her face, and all that smugness was
away in an instant as she remembered. God it was so
exciting that I caused it! I knocked her right off her
little stoop, I did, I did!!!

Listen Petra, I've got a lot of work to do today..."

" Oh, I bet! " I said with a smirk of my own.

She looked up and I winced a little, as she now looked
definitely irked. No, not 'irked', just plane

Petra, This isn't a game. I don't know what Edith told
you, can't just....I mean.....How old are
you? "
She asked biting her lower lip, deep in thought.

That again! " I'm 17. I'll be 18 in may!" I lied, as
always. " So, see? I'm almost an adult..." I tried

" Your 17? I find that hard to believe. "

" But you gotta anyway. It's your job, huh? And Edith
said if I asked you, you'd eventually have to do as I
ask..." I
bluffed, my face brilliant red, knuckled white and
clenched together in blind panic if she said 'okay'.

" Your quite determined about this, aren't you? " She
said as I nodded eagerly. Micky Barrlow then spoke in
a clear
firm voice, turning to a beautiful tall blonde girl in
her twenties in a bright green dress with boobs out to
sitting a few feet away along the hall.

" Petra, this is my daughter Candice. She's here for
Bring your daughter to work day too. Say hello
Candice. " Miss
Barrlow firmly said. The blonde girl flashed a winning
smile and waved me hello. She looked like a collage
girl and
seemed so adult compared to me.

I waved weakly back to her.

"She'd beautiful. *She's* your daughter? Listen Miss
Barrlow? It's none of my business, but...well.....Are you
sure you
*want* your own daughter to...." I whispered, awe
struck by the sexy looking girl.

Miss Barrlow waved me closer and whispered to me.

" No, Petra. I don't. Candice doesn't know what *all*
my duties entail, and, to be blunt, there's no way in
heck she
EVER will! I've worked for here for twenty years,
saving up just so she'll have chances I'll never had.
The right
schools, right education. I just brought her here to
show what she'll be saved *from*. She'll be more than
her mother
ever could be. She may have started from a lower class
family, but my Candice will finish a winner Petra. "

looking at her I didn't doubt it, and felt
embarrassed, cause Miss Barrlow seemed, well,....kinda
like a real person
now. Instead of a new toy.

" And I think it's quite selfish of you to ask of me
what you did, giving the example I'm trying to set for
my own
daughter! Yesterday I'll do it, tomorrow I'll do it,
but today I'm simply a proud grateful mother,
understand? " Miss
Barrlow said fight the tears in her eyes.

" Yes ma'am." I said feeling like a little stinker. "
I'm sorry..."

I shrugged to Candice, who now seemed like royalty
compared to me, and hurried off to pout and mope
around the
office some more. I couldn't believe I'd embarrassed
myself that way!

I could kick myself for not finding out from that UPS
lady who the other women who were service ladies were!
couldn't just go around asking " are you one of those
lades who give oral sex?" to every respectable woman I
across now, could I?

It was so frustrating! Where was that Edith when I
needed her?

I spotted Betty and decided to follow her. She walked
down to a caf downstairs, but all she did was eat
lunch. This
day was staring to be a total bust! Plus I realized
mom might be checking back in, so I scurried back up
to her office.
On the way I had to pass Miss Barrlow again, who shot
me a friendly smile. I couldn't imagine someone as
cool as her
sucking anyone off. She just seemed so... committed.

" Hi Miss Barrlow.." I said as I passer her.

" Hello Patty-Petra. " She winked. I was flattered by
our little inside joke now.

" Can I ask you something? But don't tell anyone I
asked, okay? Pretty please?" I said desperately. She
nodded as she
continued typing.

" Okay, this is really embarrassing and stuff...Is my she....?"

" No, your mother's NOT a service girl. Far from it in
fact, if that's what your asking! " Miss barrlow
smiled back at
me. I was so fucking relieved, I wanted to hug her,
but I didn't. I saw an empty seat.

" Hey, where's your daughter?"

" Not sure. I think she's just making the rounds, like
you..." She said going back to typing.

" Oh and honey?" Miss Barrlow said before I left.

" Micky's fine. "

I smiled a wink to her and high tailed it back to
mom's cubical, pretending I'd been there for hours,
but mom never
showed. I asked outside and a secretary said she
thought mom might me in orientation or
something...whatever that

I went back into mom's office, closed the door and was
still frustrated. I looked around mom's office, but
was boring! I saw a cabinet full of dozens of cleaning
uniforms, not even my mom's size, but that was all.
Did she man the janitorial service?

I had a bit of a crush on Miss Barrlow now, and wished
I was her daughter. I think she liked me too. She let
me call
her Micky now, too. I slid my hands into my pants as I
laid my head down and started at my mom's tiny little
It was even smaller than Miss Barrlow's cubical. But I
thought mom was above those kind of women?

As my fingers found their way into my panties, I
fantasized about what Miss Barrlow hugging me and
stuff. I
pretended she let me move in with Candice, and Candice
took me under her wing like I was her little sister and stuff.
Then I daydreamed Candice moved away and got real
famous and rich and stuff and made Miss barrlow and me
personal servants! MY hand was now working in and out
of my secret places when I heard a knock on the door!

I fell off mom's chair in a panic as a secretary
walked in, almost catching me!

Oh, I'm sorry honey, I was looking for your mother!
Wait, she's in the mail room, I remember now. Could
you go give
this to her? " The secretary handed me an folder.

" Uh...sure." I said rebutting my pants from under mom's

" On, and honey, if the door's unlocked, know first."
The secretary said. I smiled, knowing exactly what she
and scampered off downstairs with the folder.
As I walked up to the mail room door, and sure enough
it was closed.

But I didn't knock. The lights were off and I heard
breathing. I was able to sneak inside without being
noticed. I was
on all fours as I listened and tried to make out who
it was. I heard two voices whispering to each other. I
could see
someone sitting in a chair.

it was same guy. He was the heavy breather. I walked
around closer to him and same two women on the carpet.
tried to see if it was Betty, but it wasn't her or
Carla. I Knew it couldn't be Micky.

Maybe another girl...?

I then saw a head bob up and down on the guys lap. The
woman was sucking on the guy's 'thing', I guess. She
moaned a
lot, but the other woman kept talking to her.

I snuck a little closer, and I saw a pretty green
dress, like Candices. No. I snuck under a desk and
through some boxes
and what I saw nest made me almost LOSE it --

There was my *own* mother, kneeling right next to Miss
Barrlow's daughter, Candice who had this guy's penis
into her mouth! mom sounded like she was coaching her
or something. Telling her to relax her throat mussels
stuff. Not to fight it or Candice might gag. I
couldn't believe it -- Why would Candice do this?

And wasn't *mom* supposed to be above all this?

My mom looked up and asked the guy if everything was
'okay', real wimpy like, and I felt angry she was
doing that,
but I crept my fingers into my panties as I watched,
and diddled myself.

Soon the guy's...well...his 'stuff' was all over Candiecs'
pretty face as she huffed and puffed for breath. I
myself even faster when I saw that and found myself
thinking awful stuff like ' not so hot now, are we
little miss
collage girl?', as I became more and more afraid of
being caught while crouching so close next to them,
but I couldn't
stop playing with myself.

I saw little gobs of the guys icky stuff sputtering
from the Collage girl's lips as she sputtered, yet
tried to drink it
down. She looked sad and miserable. I guess she still
didn't have her mother's experience, and I was shocked
to see
my own mother actually milking the rest of the guy's
stuff from his penis, wiping it on Miss Barrlow's

I couldn't believe it, and I brought my fingers to my
nose and inhaled myself. My own smells. That's all I
did when I
played with myself, not knowing what else to do. It
never felt like enough, but that was all I could think

and it seemed so...well......nasty!

Then I heard another woman's voice enter the room.

"Candice - how COULD you? " Micky flipped on the
lights and slapped her own daughter's face as the guy
up, embarrassed.

Micky, mom and Candice all looked suddenly looked
panicked to disrupt the guy and Miss Barrlow pleaded
to the guy
as he stood up:

"Oh, Mr. Callow, please...I'm sorry. Please forgive
me....Let me make it up to you..." She begged until he
finally barked
at her:

"Chill out Micky, okay? I won't put it on report!" as
he pulled up his pants walked out, and slammed the
mail room

"Candice...why? WHY? " Miss Barrlow asked Candice, who
bitterly spat: "What's the use mom? Standford turned
down. I'm flunking all my courses at the junior
collage. I...belong
here. Miss % told me everything.

Micky turned towards my mom and gave her a nasty look.
" ...thanks a lot! "

Mom replied " I'm sorry...she just......she........" My mom looked real embarrassed.

Then I became aware mom had somehow noticed me, as she
suddenly was started down at me, and hiking me up by

"Well...this is the second time you've been were you're
not allowed, isn't it? " She said as she swatted my
butt in
front of Miss Barrlow and candice. I died of
embarrassment and cried my eyes out like a baby all
the way to the car.

As mom sped the car home, she was furious and told me

"Petra....what in god's name *were* you thinking?"

"Mom, you were on your knees back there. Your asking
me that?"

"I Miss Barrlow's daughter. It's my
responsibility. It a position I take pride in. My job
is to break in the
new girls, like a 'den mother'. I know Miss Barrlow
has been telling herself for years Candice would
escape her own
fate, but my boss has met with Candice dozens of
times, and Candice knows that she'll wind up like her
mother, and
this is her most useful position in's not for
us to question! "

"But...Miss Barrlow is nice mom. I talked to her. "

"I'm sure you did honey. Miss Barrlow tells herself
every day she's an important secretary, but deep down
she knows
the ugly truth that she's just another 'office mouth'.
She pleases with her tongue, like a obedient little
puppy. It's all
she's good for, or all she believes she good for.
amazingly, women like her volunteer for the position.
They lie to
themselves that it will take them up the ladder
quicker. "

"Does it?"

" You tell me. Micky, Candice, dozens of women tell
themselves it will everyday, but their knees still
ache and they
need dental work from all the bacteria that builds up
from such demeaning work. "

"It's a TRAP Petra. One I avoided, and one *you'll*
avoid too, if your smart! "

"Men, women, ALL the executives at our company use
Miss Barrlow like you and I use....a sink! But no matter
many tears she cries or how much she swallows, she's
knows it's all she's has to contribute. All she's
worth. And
sadly Candice believe's this too, and Miss Barrlow
will come to accept her daughter's think as little of
herself as
her mother does. "

"Geezz.....Momma...So, your like, a Pimp or something? "
I said, tears in my eyes.

"CERTIANLY NOT dear. I train others, that's all. I
supervise. You see how I dress, in suits and such.
Micky, Carla and
the others
service girls....look *up* to me. I started out like
them years ago, but I've moved up into a management
position. I
deal with the night staff too, and work on a whole
different level than these poor girls, believe me! "

"I knew it! I saw those uniforms in your closet! Your
in charge of all the janitors and stuff? " I said,
wiping the tears
from my eyes, a little excited mom was in charge of
something kinda respectable.

"Yes, and it's a *very* important job Petra! This is
what I meant when I told you I was grooming you to
follow in my
footsteps. You cold eventually be running this company
someday young lady - IF you spend less time monkeying
on the mail room floor. "

'Like you?' I secretly thought, but didn't say ,as we
drove home into the night.

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