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Bring Daughter 3


Bring Your daughter to Work Week - Part 3

I walked into the ladies room of my mom's work
bright and early on Thursday morning, hiding
in a stall as I buried my hands in my panties, trying
to sooth my growing panic as I diddled myself.
Tomarrow was the last day of Bring Your daughter To
Work Week, and If I didn't find someone to 'pleasure'
me soon, I'd lose the chance all together.

Just then I heard a voice whispering from the next
stall. Then slurping sounds too. It sounded like there
were maybe two people in the stall!

I stared down at the floor of the next stall, and my
eyes widened at the site of a woman crouching down on
the bathroom's tile floor in a green skirt and
matching green four inch pumps. She seemed to be
rocking back and forth a little. I also saw that
woman was sitting on the toilet, and wore classly
looking deep blue modest two inch heels, with her legs
spread, the other woman rocking between them.

I kicked myself I couldn't see more, but lacked the
guts to bend down and risk being caught watching. The
two must not have heard me even come in, or didn't
care! Gosh, they were breathing heavily now and really
worked up, and I couldn't resist the urge to risk
peeking at something naughty I wasn't supposed to be

"That's it, Micky, use your nose....Yes, right there...",
older woman's voice chirped.

Micky? Miss Barlow, Candice's mother?


"...keep....keep...working that spot...." The older woman now
urged, as Mrs. Barlow's whimpering slurping sounds
echoed off the bathroom tiles.

"Please....can we take a break?" Mrs. Barlow pleaded

"Let's not start this again, Micky. I can't tell you
how angry it made me to see you....sink to this. Excuse
me? Did I TELL you to stop that little tongue of
did I?"

"No, Miss Lauren.", Micky came her voice, as the
started again.

"Yes, that's a good little girl...Now, where was I? Oh
Miss Lauren continued.

I felt a twinge of guilt for touching myself and
listening while Candice's mother whimpered, obviously
hating to do her 'job', but I couldn't help it and
started playing with myself a little faster now.

"...You could have had it all, Micky. Despite your lack
of faith in yourself, I believed in you! Did you know
I was grooming you to be my personal assistant, maybe
even bring you in on future accounts as an excutive
yourself someday. Did you?"

"Yes, Miss Lauren..", Micky said between little licks,
as I rubbed my panties harder.

"I put countless hours and engery into you only to
have you flush it all away by becoming one of the
company's little suck-off queens! Is that
all you think of yourself, huh? Does sucking off upper
managment express all you believe you're worth, huh
Micky?", Miss Lauran shuddered, her voice laced with
anger and sexual heat.

There was no answer, as Candice's mom, 'Little Micky'
just kept whimpering and lapping away on her boss'
pussy! I was rubbing my fingers into my panties real
fast now and trying not to breath to loud myself as I

Shoot! It wasn't fair. Here I was, some stupid little
girl on the outside AGAIN, while it should be ME! I
was important enough to get licked, too. I CERTAINLY
going to wind up on MY knees in a bathroom stall! I
felt sorry Miss Barlow, 'cause she had been nice to me

yesterday, but I also knew she didn't take me
seriously and
smirked when I tried to get her to 'do' me, and
knowing she was stupid and screwed up her own career
only made me more excited somehow. Miss Lauren
was right, Micky was a stupid little --

"Oh Micky.....Oh god,god,god--that's *it* Micky,
Yeeeees Work it for momma -- work that tongue baby,
keep it *going*, don't you DARE slow
Oh, you cunt. You stupid little bitch!"

I got nervous as Miss Lauren was now bucking and
the stall walls! My eyes grew wide when I realized the

latch on my stall door had slipped, and the door
swung wide open with a LOUD, gut wrenching.......


I winced, realizing they'd hear. I reached to close
until I heard Ms. Lauren huskily whisper:

"Shhh -- Someone's in here..."

"I don't hear any --"

"Of course you don't. My thighs are around your
ears, stupid little twit! What the fuck do you know?"

Ms. Lauren laughed. Mrs. Barlow started to laugh, too,
but then realized she was the butt of the joke.

I was white with panic at being caught by a business
woman who might even be my mom's boss for all I know!
Mom would KILL me if messed up again!!!

"Wait here Micky....and....wipe your mouth, for god's

I heard Mrs. Barlow mumble "yes ma'am", submissively.

I heard the rustling of their clothes, and decided to
make a break. I crept from my stall quietly, and then
raced for the exit and not bothering to look back..

..until I felt a firm hand grip my shoulder.

"Well well....what have we here?"

I spun around to see the most impressive looking woman
with rootbeer hair spilling across her burgandy blazer
and a trendy dark blue designer skirt with matching
high heels. She looked so sophisticated and glamorous
compared to stupid little teenaged me, or Micky or
even Mom. I felt lucky to be in the same room
with her.

"What's your name, sweetie?", Ms. Lauren smiled.

"Petra.", I winced.

"Petra, huh? Okay Pet, Don't be afraid. My name's Ms.
Lauren. I run this company, did you know that?"

I dumbly shook my head, now *totally* petrified.

"The woman you heard in that stall back there, for me. Understand, Pet?"

Ms. Lauren eyed me carefully. I didn't like her
sarcastic way of calling me 'Pet', even if she was the
boss lady.

"'am? It's actually....Petra."

I sounded so mousey.

"Oh, excuse me...PETra. I'll take that under

She grinned as if I was the cutest thing to ever dared

to speak its mind.

I thought maybe I could save face by changing the
subject. I pointed to the stall behind her.

"Hey, I remember that lady -- that's...uh...Micky,
right? Maybe I'm not supposed to say this, but
isn't she's one of those 'service ladies'?"

I wanted to make it clear that I was more like Ms.
Lauren, and not a stupid pussy-licker.

"Well, yes she is Pet, but.......let's keep it our little

She winked at me as I nodded back, despite my
growing anger at her calling me that name again,
*directly* after I'd told her otherwise. I thought
better, though, bit my tongue and gave my mom's boss
lady the best sucking-up smile I could muster.

"Was somebody being a sneaky girl and listening to
Miss Lauren and her 'little service girl'? Were they?
It's okay, I won't be angry. Are we just a little

I felt my heart leap in anticipation.

"Yes ma'am. Very."

"...Your mother works here?", She asked carefully.

"..Uh huh.", I said, trying to hide my ballooning

"Now honest -- How old *are* you really?"

I hate this stuff. Why does I always have come to
I fumed to myself, determined not to let this screw

"Ninteen, ma'am."

"She's lying.", came Mrs. Barlow's voice from the

I frowned past her at the old service BITCH, then shot

Miss Lauren my best puppy dog eyes, hoping for mercy
as I

"I promise -- It's okay. I mean, my mom doesn't mind
if know. Besides, I just *look* young for my age!
I'll be seventeen in three monthes, okay? Don't kick
out, okay?"


She paused, eyeing me carefully.

Finally, she beamed me a winning smile, then
walked me over to the stall where I saw a very
embarrassed looking Mrs. Barrlow, still kneeling on
bathroom floor, avoiding my eyes.

"Micky, I believe you just called this young lady a
*liar*, didn't you? Let's demonstrate to our Pet here
that there's a *much* better use for that snippy
little tongue of yours, shall we?"

I couldn't help but giggled as I stepped forward,
and Mrs. Barrlow broke into fresh sobs.

Two minutes later, I was scrunched in the corner of
the stall, totally embarrassed to be standing so
yet rivetted as Mrs. Barlow dutifully performed her
on the boss lady,
right in FRONT of me!!!!!!!!!

Miss Lauren still wore her blazer, but was totally
naked from the waste down--except fot her high heels.

"You should see this cute little girl, Micky! The
little thing's simply fascinated watching you 'face
fuck' your 'betters' like this."

Mrs. Barlow couldn't answer because her mouth
was full.

Miss Lauren then looked into my face, and smirked.

"Doesn't watching sniveling little Micky grinding her
face into her boss's sweet sopping pussy stir
in you, little pet?"

The way Miss Lauran was talking to Mrs. Barlow as if I
wasn't there, then talking to me, made me so horny it
almost impossible *not* to play with myself in front
of them. But I felt so....self conscious, I just

If Mrs. Barrlow made me nervous earlier, Miss Lauren
*really* intimidated me! I wasn't sure if I was just
supposed to watch, or what? I sure was WAY chicken to
do anything myself! Sure, I said I wanted too, but
listening in was one thing--being right there
while Mrs. Barlow cried was another. This was for real

and everything, and my heart was in my throat as I

"Little Pet-pet's definitely curious, there's no
question about it."

The cool business woman laughed with a hint of malice.

She stared right through me, with glazed eyes as Mrs.
Barlow obediently lapped away.

"Would you like to join us, little Pet-pet?"

My heart nearly STOPPED at the Idea!!! Ms. Lauren

"I'm sure we could find a place for you..."

"Naw,'t think so," I whispered, though I
couldn't take my eyes off Mrs. Barlow's beautiful
blonde head, becoming more and more covered with
her boss's snatch juices.

"There are two kinds of people in the world, Petra.
There's the kind of person who is brave
enough to look into my eyes...."

Ms. Lauren held my gaze.

"...and there are stupid little pussy lickers, who give
up on themselves, and crawl around on bathroom floors,
smearing their pretty little faces like pigs eating

She nodded toward Mrs. Barlow, bobbing her head

"Which kind are you Petra? Do you know yet?"

She looked at me seriously.

"I uh....."

"Not sure yet, huh?" She kept prodding.

"Well, I'm not like Mrs. Barlow, that's for sure...!",
I managed nervously.

"Your eyes are cast DOWN Petra. Why? Look me in the
eyes and tell me you aren't another Mrs. Barlow. Do

Ms. Lauren's tone had turned icey.

I blushed deeply, realized I was avoiding her gaze,
absently watching Candice's mother's wiggling butt.
I forced my eyes back up to Ms. Lauren's, my
face burning brightly at her words,

but I saw it in her eyes. Judgment.

It was too late.

I felt sooooo pissed I'd been caught looking down,
instead of into my Miss Lauren's eyes, but I was still

totally SURE I wasn't ANYTHING like that piggish
cunt slurping between her legs. Not at all!!! I was
just distracted by Candice's mother's butt moving,
that's all.

"I'm not like.......what I *mean* is.....If I'm
gonna be like anybody, I gonna grow up to be like my
*mom*, or maybe even somebody like *you* Ms.

"Me?.....Really? I once had a personal asisstant who
claimed the same thing. She's between my legs now,
isn't that right, sow?"

Ms. Lauren smirked as she kicked one of her high heels

into Mrs. Barlow's butt like a spur, ramming the
girls face deeper into her pussy, and making her
I was a little jealous of.

Shitty-fuck! Now Ms. Lauren had the TOTALLY wrong
impression of me--that I was some wimpy little mousy
girl who didn't believe in herself like this stupid,
pussy lapping old bag!

"Well if you ever change your mind, and want to see
who you *really* are honey, my cute little cunt lapper
here will be glad to asisst you in *anything* you'd
like to..explore. Isn't that right dear?"

She kicked Mrs. barlow again.

"Yes ma'am....", the blonde middle aged secretary
slurped back.

"Good girl. Okay, show's over girls! Boss Lady's must
back to work..."

She snickered as she stood up and pulled her skirt
on, re-adjusting her suit back to normal as Mrs.
wiped her mouth for the second time today.

I was horny and *really* frustrated Ms. Lauren had
stopped all of a sudden! I wasn't sure if she'd gotten
up so quickly because she'd already climaxed earlier.
Why was she leaving?

Had I failed some test when I couldn't look her in the


Maybe she was just tired of messing with me. I
desperately longed for her approval somehow.

Then Ms. Lauren walked out of the stall and into the
main bathroom, fixed her hair and ignored us. Mrs.
Barrlow and I stupidly stayed in the stall together,
stunned as the stall door swung closed, and we heard
the boss lady humming to herself and teasing her hair,
as if we weren't even there!

Mrs. Barlow and I exchanged an ackward little pout,
then avoided each other's gaze, unsure if we were
to speak. I tried to think of some way to working up
nerve to ask Mrs. Barlow the Sixty Four Thousand

"Mrs. Barlow....uh.....are you okay?"

"I legs fell asleep.", she said in a lost
little voice, trying not to cry, as she massaged her
lower jaw.

I felt guilty, but also horny, especially knowing
Miss Lauren could hear us. I guess this wasn't the
best time to ask for her services, considering how
tired Miss Barrlow's mouth might be, but I knew I had
to make my move before
Ms. Lauren walked out. It was now or never. If I
show Miss Lauren that I wasn't HER type now, I would
be a possible
*service girl* in her eyes forever.

"What are you two little girls chattering about in
anyway?" Ms. Lauren called to us playfully.

"Ohhh...nothing Ms. Lauren...", Micky managed as she
started to get up.

"Don't get up, dear. Petra would like to fiddle with
you, but she's too much of a scaredy-cat to ask!"

Mrs. Barlow sunk back to her knees, and shot me a
angry look. I didn't know what to do, so I just kind
of shrugged, and gave her a lame little smile.

"But Ms. Lauren, Could I get one of the other girls?
My legs are losing circulation, I'm exhausted, and --"
"No belly aching, Micky. Now why don't you amuse
Petra by finger fucking your cunt for the next,
twenty minutes - starting NOW."

We could hear the confident click of her heels as she
walked toward the exit.

Candice's humiliated mother and serving girl stared
daggers at me.

Yet the completely humiliated and beaten secretary
slipped her fingers inside her pussy and started to
finger fuck herself, dutifully displaying a charming
false smile, despite the ugly mascera trailing down
her tired and and sticky face.

We heard Ms. Lauren turn around, and she startled us
by suddenly opening the stall door wide.

"Oh, and Petra--let's stop kidding ourselves, shall
Why don't you just kneel down next to Micky, like a
good girl. I know you have been dying to finger fuck
yourself. Well, go ahead and do it...and lick my
juices off Micky's face while you're at it. Let's
just leave this door open, too. I'll be seeing you
and your mother later in my office, Pet."

She propped the stall door wide open, as my breath
caught in my throat, terrified by how anyone could
walk in and...well.....

This was insane, and I wanted to race after her to

"I'm not like you Miss Barrlow." I said with small

Miss Barrlow looked over at me with a mixture of
sadness and fury building inside her. I flinched as
she suddenly violently...

...spit on my face!

"You dumb bitch! Now your just like *me*, see? First
my daughter, and now you! Can't either of your two
think with anything other than your own fucking cunts?
Jesus..." She screamed bitterly, without looking at me.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, as I longed to bolt up and
run away, but my leg's wouldn't listen, as I stayed on
my knees for some reason. I was burning with shame at
her disaproval, even a 'service girl's' disaproval.
Even an old aging fat ones.

I started trembling and started to cry. Soon there was
only the sounds of our breaths, and the jagged fear of
being caught together on display like this, the door
wide open.

Kneeled there next to her , as I caught site of both
of our faces in the bathroom mirror. Me and Micky
Barrlow, side by side, both on our knees, both
patheticly crying. Watching us like that, I could no
longer resist and pushed my hand deep inside my little

and started lapping the delicious sticky juices off
Candice's mom's furious angry face.

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