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Archived Sex Stories

Bring Daughter 4


Bring Your daughter to Work Week - part 4

"Mommy, what are those ladies--?"

"Never mind, Sherry, we're leaving!"

As my mind cleared, I remembered with a shock of hot
shame that the Ms. Lauren had propped the stall door
wide open. Mrs. Barrlow and I had just came hard,
kneeling together in the toilet stall where she had
been servicing her boss Ms. Lauren. A lady was
dragging her little girl out of the ladies' room, and
a couple of other women stood there staring at us,
their mouths open. When they saw me looking at them,
they quickly left, too.

I was totally mortified.

I has totally blown it! If word got out about this, I
knew I was doomed to be on my knees, sucking off men and women for the rest of my life. I couldn't even
look over at Mrs. Barrlow, but I could caught her out
of the corner of my eye, rubbing herself fast, and I
could hear her groans and gurgles. It freaked me out,
and I suddenly felt so ashamed to me kneeling there
with her like that.

I bolted out of the bathroom door, exploding in
shameful heated tears or rage down the hall and
swearing and screaming all the way into my mom's
office. Everyone was looking at me and whispering
along the way.

"Petra - get a hold of yourself!", mom scolded as she
close the door to her tiny office. "What's going on?
Where are your pants?!"

I broke into tears, confessing everything.

Mom got a serious expression, saying nothing. She
opened her office door, and swatted me out the door
on my bare bottom.

"Let's go, 'young lady' --and I use the term VERY

She marched me back out through the office, still
painfully naked. Whenever I started to beg her to at
lease let me cover myself up, she rewarded me with
another slap on the butt, adding,


Of course, that caused my yelps and jumps, and made
everybody turn, look...and snicker. Finally, I just
shut my mouth as my own mother 'spanked me down the
hall', and I let hot tears roll down my burning
cheeks. mom kept it up too, despite my silence. I
think she just liked the way it made my butt cheeks
wobble around, or liked my little yelps...I don't know

Mrs. Barrlow came running up behind us.

"Ms. Lauren wants to see you!"

Mom froze and went kind of pale. She straightened her
skirt and the big fancy bow around her blouses neck,
sighed, and then gave my butt another half-hearted
smack down a different hall.

Ms. Lauren's secretary looked me up and down with a
smirk that I didn't like at all, and hardly glanced at

"A bit underdressed, aren't we?"

"Ms. Lauren is expecting us." mom said, ignoring the

I could see my Mom's face that she was annoyed, but
her voice came out so meek that I was ashamed.

"Yes. Let's see.....'Pet' and her mommy, is it?"

Mom became instantly angry, but just looked down at
her feet.

"Well...?" The secretary insisted as my mom got a
embarrassed look, then swallowed tensing her jaw.

"Y-Yes. That's correct."

The secretary pressed a button on an intercom.

"The 'girls' are here to see you Ms. Lauren."

"Fine. Show them in."

"This way..."

We were ushered into a large, mahogany paneled office.
Ms. Lauren sat behind a huge, well- polished desk.
There were no other chairs that I could see. The
secretary told us to stand in front of the desk, and
then left. Ms. Lauren reclined in her chair, an
expensive silver pen between her perfectly manicured
hands. She smiled condescendingly.

"So, we meet again! My, I'd swear you had pants on in
the bathroom, Pet." She smirked over to me.

I didn't know what to say, but my cheeks burned.

", little girl. What happened to your

"M-Mrs Barr....I m-mean, 'Micky' took them off, and I

"Never mind. You look sweet that way, anyway. Lift up
your shirt for me. Let's have a good look at my little

I glanced desperately at mom to do something, but she
was just staring at her feet. In a harsh whisper, she
mouthed the words: "Do it."

So I pulled my shirt up above my tummy, on display for
the my mother's boss.

"Further.", Ms. Lauren ordered.

There was something so weird about how mean Mis Lauren
was being, that I started to feel kind of angry, but I
gritted my teeth, and tries to make it look like a
smile...and with shaky hands inched my thin little
shirt up above my titties.

"Hah! My poor dear! Doesn't fat tittied mommy feed

"No...I mean...Y--"

"Be quiet!", she barked, so suddenly that we both
jumped as she kept on.

"Lord her nipples are almost freakish in size for such
a little thing, aren't they?" She laughed.

I have always been embarrassed by my nipples. They are
like these unusually large erasers sticking out from
my chest, and they just drive me crazy when they rub
against my shirt sometimes. I was also embarrassed
because at the moment, they were totally swelled up.
Then She pointed to my tummy.

"Look at her, Lindsay. Is your little girl anorexic?"

Like some kind of puppet on a string, mom eyes darted
over to me, standing there almost naked, inspecting my
boobs. God, I shuddered inside, I'm not THAT skinny,
am I?

"No, Ms. Lauren. She's-- "

"Shut up, Lindsay. I hear you've had the dental work."

That seemed like an odd thing to say, but this whole
scene was totally weird anyway.

"Yes, Ms. Lauren."

"Good. I am considering reassigning you to be in
charge for the whole the evening shift. But first,

"Ms. Lauren, please..."

Mom was suddenly starting to get hysterical.

" know what's expected..." Ms Lauren said
sternly, though i didn't get what mom was supposed to

Mom became bright red at her boss's request, but
didn't move an inch. I still stood there exposing my

Mom eyes shot to me, then back to her boss, her mind
racing with fear. She was a cornered animal.

"OKay, but send her out first? " mom said in real
tears now.

"Lindsy, shut up -- your embarrassing all three of us.
Honestly Pet, doesn't your mother's silly display make
you feel
sorry for her?"


"Be quiet Petra. Miss Lauren-- do what you want with
me, but I won't let innocent little Petra witness--"

"Excuse me? How the HELL do you think your precious
little daughter lost her pants you in the first place?
Fingering fucking herself with a 'service girl',
remember! Or didn't she tell you that part?"

"She's just a child!" mom cried.

" NOT mother - I can do anything you can -
almost!" I blurted without thinking.

"Don't INTERRUPT ME, old WOMAN! Keep resisting me and
you MAY not even be good enough for the evening shift.
Now hurry up and show you're pea-tittied daughter here
what are-- Now!"

I was surprised when we both watched my mother take a
deep proud breath, reach down and pull my shirt back
down over my breasts, turn and grasp my hand, and
slowly waltz us both right up to Ms Lauren's office
door. I was disappointed and proud all at the same
time!, but we both froze at Mis Lauren's ice cold
voice cut into us.

"Is that what you WANT, is it? piss away the last
forty years, just to impress this pathetic little cunt you spawned? Tell me your fucking idiot bovine
daughter won't wind up face fucking at some other
company for, say...half the wages? or ZERO benefits?
And you -- You get to start all over, huh? Try
competing with a teenager who's prettier, smarter,
will work for peanuts and who's fucking belly can hold
down ten times the cum and pussy juice yours can! "

Mom paused as she let the words sink in, her hand
sweating and cold against mine.

"Think carefully before you walk out that door
cowgirl, cause your not walking back in. What'll it

I waited for my mother's voice, but she didn't say

All my mom did was to turn me around and pull my shirt back up, revealing my nipples again.

I passively let her, in shock as she quietly walked
across the room away from me.

I remembered the taste and smell of Ms. Lauren's
juices on Mrs. Barlow's face, and a part of me that I
didn't like, secretly wished I was in Mommy's place as
i watched her in her business suit and high heels as
she quietly crouched down on all fours.

Standing there all exposed, having just watched mom crawling across Ms. Lauren's office carpet like
that...I don't know...I just REALLY wanted to touch

Ms. Lauren rolled her chair back to let mom 'crawl'
up, then mom disappeared under the desk space as Ms.
Lauren rolled back to her desk, smiling at me the
whole time. She looked normal and the only sign of my
mother was her high heels with playfully peeked from
the bottom of her boss's desk. Ms. Lauren's eyelids
did a little flutter that must have meant that mom was
starting to do 'her duty'.

"Oh, yes, Lindsay, there IS something to be said for
experience! So...skinny little Petra--you like
standing there like an idiot, don't you? Is that why
that cute little cunt is all wet and glistening?"

"N-no...I mean..."

"Oh jesus! I should know better than to ask you to
talk. Clearly that's not what your little mouth is
meant for. Why don't you prance for me, Petra?"


"Ungh! Slow down, Lindsay! Yes, you know, knees high,
back straight, big smile?"

I just stared blankly.

"Oh, you ARE hopeless! Ooooh, good, Lindsay! That's
a WONDERFUL spot!"

She leaned forward and pressed the intercom button.

"Jackie, please come in here."

The secretary appeared again, acting as if nothing
were weird.

"Yes, Ms. Lauren."

"Our scrawny little pussy here doesn't know how to
prance. Please help her out."

"Of course, Ms. Lauren", the secretary practically
bubbled with enthusiasm. She took off a wide belt that
she was wearing, and doubled it. My eyes widened. She
wouldn't. With that?!


I jumped and covered by butt cheeks with my hands,
which allowed my shirt to drop.

"No, no, no!" Ms. Lauren shook her head, wit a

"Here, Jackie, this might help."

She held out her fancy silver pen. Jackie fetched it
leaned close to my ear as she whispered.

"Look, Miss Prissy. Get your shirt back up, or I will
flay you and your little mommy Good. Now take hold
of those puffy little nipples."

I hesitated, but Jackie raised the belt again, so I
did what she said. I took one nipple between the thumb
and forefinger of each hand. It made my pussy even
more twitchy.

"There's a good pussy. Not pinch them hard. Harder!"

Oh, god...I could feel wetness on my thigh, and my
thighs started to tremble.

"Lick this!"

Jackie forced the silver pen into my mouth as i sucked away on it.

"That's it...nice and wet." THe sarcastic secretary
cooed, as i flushed at her mock approval in her voice!
She took hold of my shoulder, and whispered sweetly,

"Now don't you *dare* let go of those puffy little

...and she sunk the pen deeply and quickly into butt-hole!

"Ahhhh! No!!!" I cried as it easily slid in and i
danced about, more in shame
than pain - but the pain soon caught up -




The secretary started driving me back and forth across
the room with the belt as I did my best, totally

"Knees higher!"

Soon I was prancing like some kind of pony in a show,
pulling on my big nipples, with a pen sticking out of
my behind, squeezing my anus so it wouldn't care fall

"You should see how well your stupid little daughter's
prancing for my Jackie, isn't she?"

"The basement girl's Pet's quite a little office
prancer Ms. Lauren. That pen of your is shaking all
over, but she's still squeezing with all her might,
and proudly pinching those puffy little things that
pass for nips!" The cruel secretary laughed as I kept
parading back and forth before the two fully dressed
women, my mom's head banging against the desk as Ms.
Lauren tried to concentrate. I got really horrified,
yet strangely excited, realizing my mom knew EXACTLY
what i was doing while she stayed beneath the desk.
This was turning out worse than either of us ever
feared, but I was really embarrassed by how eagerly I
was to prance proudly before these two adults.

"That will do, Jackie. I think the little twit has the
idea now. Oh, yes...keep it up, you little
cunt...ugh... keep prancing for me...oh...fuck,

I kept prancing, and it was so weird, and so, I don't
know...kinky or something...that I kind of...was glad
to hurt mom by doing it! Knowing how mom caved at the
last minute pissed me off, because i would never have.
But If mom forced me too, then i had no choice but too
be nothing but a stupid little pussy for her boss.

A prancing pussy. Prancing pussy. Prancing pussy.

I kept saying that to myself.

Ms. Lauren arched her back and closed her eyes and
mom's head kept dutifully thumped the desk.

Mom drove me straight home after that, where she sent
me to my room. I cried into my pillow until bedtime.
What had I done? I had totally messed things up for
Mom. I knew she must be pissed, and I wished she'd
just punish me for it. But...nothing. I couldn't dare
ever face anyone in her office again. Not Mrs. Barrlow
or Ms. Lauren. Especially not Candice. I was
mortified I'd just humiliated myself in front of
everyone, what a baby I was!!! Running around with my
panties and jeans missing. I'd blocked all that out.
I remember Mrs. Barrlow taking them off, and that's
when I lost it. I guess I just got so turned on, I
forgot everything.

"Momma, I'm sorry I embarrassed you at work..", I

"Shhh..." She said coldly.

"...Relax Petra. Tomorrow night, I'll show you
everything. Go to sleep."


I never made it to Friday, the last Mother/Daughter
Work Week day. The next morning, everything changed.

First, mom made me stay home from school and I sat in
anticipation in my room all day, playing with myself
through my tears of fear and humiliation, thinking how
nothing could be more humiliating than what happened
to me. Nothing!

That night, mom drove me to her night shift. A part of
me wished I could see the UPS Lady, Micky or Candice

"Bringing you to the office was MY mistake, Petra.
That wasn't for you. This is where you belong. I see
that now."

Mom sounded kind for the first time since I'd goofed.
I wanted to hug her I was so relieved.

As she parked and we walked into the building, I saw
it! This was cool, and I was impressed that this is
where my own mom supervises all the cleaning and
janitorial staff.

I beamed a proud smile as we walked in, seeing how all
the men and women took notice of Mom's entrance, and
mine too right behind her.

At least mom was somebody here.

"Hello Juan, Margaret, Janice." My mother smiled at
the warm faces of dozens of men and women lined up and
decked out in their spiffy little cleaning uniforms.
They all stupidly smiled back at her like they were
waiting for something. I followed mommy proudly as she
walked to the front of the line. There must have been,
like, fifty people, maybe thirty women, and twenty
men. I was nervous to imagine mom ordering around all
these people.

The only sad part was mom only got to boss around a
bunch of lower classers who vacuumed, emptied garbage
and cleaned up other people's shit all night, but at
least HERE, Momma was something special!

And I as her daughter, I thought I was something

Mom walked up to the first woman, a brown-skinned
hispanic lady in her twenties who's name tag said

"Hello Susan, this is my daughter Petra. Hope you
don't mind if she tags along with me today.", mom smiled.

The hispanic woman shot me a half hearted smile, then
shrugged her shoulder in casual disinterest, which
kinda seemed a surly way to treat the boss's daughter if you ask me!

Mom then pulled a little jar of water from her purse,
spit her false teeth into the jar and placed it next
to her on the floor.

What the heck?, I wondered.

Then mom set a little kitchen minute timer, setting it
for five minutes, and place that next to her false
teeth in the jar. Another cleaning woman walked up
behind her and tied her hands behind her back!

Mom just kept smiling! My mouth dropped open.

She dropped down to her knees, and buried her head up
under Susan's cleaning smock. I, like, totally
couldn't understand what was going on. I thought she
was their boss! I started to feel hot and dizzy, as I
watched mom pull the woman's panties down her thighs
with her mouth, slobbering and drooling, using her
gums since her teeth were in a jar next to my shoes.

I couldn't believe my fucking eyes! I felt bile
rising in my tummy! Here was my own mother, causing
the Hispanic cleaning to giggle because my mother gums
were tickling her as she started to suck her off!

I wanted to scream, run away, do something, but I
couldn't stop watching! mom didn't bring her to
orgasm, just teased her a little as the dinger went
off on the timer. mom doubled down and used her
toothless mouth again to pull Susan's panties up from
around her ankles. She struggled to get them all the
way up, until the cleaning woman got impatient, and
slapped her across the face.

"All right! I ain't got all night you know! That's

Then my own mother crawled on her knees to a smirking
black woman in line. She told me to reset the timer,
which I somehow managed to do. I just stood there,
mortified, as everyone waited their turn with
disdainful little smirks. She politely introduced me
to the black woman, too, and then pulled down her
panties just like with the other woman. And repeated
her disgusting little performance. Only this time the
woman came with a loud:

"Shit yeah! Ooo, baby, you good!"

...and then it was on to the next...

"Mother -- What the FUCK are you DOING????", I
out in a white blind panic.

Mom apologized to the third person in line: man who's
dick she was licking, and struggled to her feet. He
had torn open the front of her blouse, and her titties
bounced around in front of everyone, as she marched
over to me, her hands still bound behind her. She
paused a few inches from my face, looking embarrassed
for my outburst and pissed as hell at me.

"I'm BUSY doing my JOB. All you do is lay around on
your bed, running up phone bills, piling up clothes
and toys on my credit cards while you suck up food and
heat! At least what I suck down....PAYS - you spoiled
little snot! Now go take a seat until I'm finished!"

I carried Mom's false teeth with me over to a little
chair, as she went back to slurping the man's penis
into her mouth, tears burning my cheeks at the
spectacle we both had become. I felt horribly
humiliated, and fought the urge to fiddle with my
panties for some reason.

Four hours later, after mom finished the line of fifty
men and women, I sat there totally numb, seeing the
maskof cum fluids that caked her face and her titties.
When the last woman pulled away from Mom's mouth, she
crawledto me in my little chair and told me to untie
her hands. She put back in her false teeth, and made
an effort to straighten her clothes, though half the
buttons had come off her blouse when it was roughly
pulled off her shoulders and down to her waist.

"I'm sorry Mom, I didn't mean to..."

"If you want to talk, we'll talk, but not in front
of.." mom glanced at the last cleaning lady as she
pulled her skirt back down and laughed at my pathetic
mother as she walked away, shaking her head.

"So, you're not the BOSS of any of this, are you?", I
said without looking up at her.

"I consider these people my responsibility. I take
care of them. That's like running...." mom said as I
handed her some wet wipes, while she scooped a thick pasty trail of sticky stuff off her trembling chin.

"Mom, when I saw the uniforms in your office, I let me believe you actually...were in
charge of these people."

"I am in charge of dry cleaning their uniforms,
especially since it's my fault they get all sticky...",
Mom volunteered with a weak little smile.

"So, if you aren't in charge here, then who..."

Just then the UPS woman walked up and stood next to
us, except she wasn't in her UPS uniform anymore, she
wore a black pantsuit and slacks. She looked totally
different, and I was stunned.

"Doris, MY UPS lady friend!..uh...where's your
uniform?". I asked, confused.

"I work nights like your mother does Petra, in fact
I'm manage the whole staff here! It's a new promotion,
as of tonight."

Doris proudly smiled as she placed her hand on my
shoulder, easing her back down to the floor.

"Well, how's my favorite little garbage sucker today?
Huh, Lindsay? Grooming your offspring to follow in the
family 'knee' prints?"

The UPS lady smirked down at my mother.

Mom looked totally intimidated by Doris, and I
remembered how they barely acknowledged they knew each
other that first day mom found me talking to the first
three service girls I met!

"I think Petra's a little young to be deciding
anything just yet...", mom said weakly, as Doris
unsnapped and slipped off her slacks, folded them
carefully, and then handed them to me. Then she
crudely straddled Mom's face, as mom just knelt there
with her neck stretched back, like a passive animal waiting to be pounced on.

"How about it Petra? Think your mommy'd be surprised
by what's going on in her precious daughter's innocent
little head, and between her legs?"

Doris asked as she let lose a hot stream of urine into
Mom's pursed lips, laughing at my shock. Doris just
kept pissing all over my mom, pee-pee rolling across
my own mother's wincing, whimpering face, down her
neck and soaking into her blouse; making it stick to
her sagging, beautiful breasts. I had never been more
excited and horrified in my whole life.

"It turns you on that your mother thinks so little of
herself that she proudly sucks off all the cleaning
and licks up my piss.", Doris smirked as she ground
herself across my mom's crying face.

"You still wish it was *you* doing it, don't you
princess?", Doris laughed as she stared at me, looking
me in the eye.

Furious rage welled up from inside me at this cruel
bitch who was tormenting my mother and me this way!

"GO FUCK YOURSELF!" I screamed through my tears.

"No, I think that's your job sweetie...", Doris grinned
as she pointed out my own fingers, which were buried
between my unsnapped jeans.

I gasped, horrified...I wasn't even conscious that I'd
been openly exploring my hungry little engorged clit
as I watched. I burst into fresh tears. Doris was
right! I had been finger fucking myself over how
degraded my mother's true position really was.

"Petra, guess what? The really crazy part is, your
mommy LIKES being the company toilet. She relishes
training new generations of girls to believe they're
worth nothing. Isn't that right Lindsay? Oops,
she'sbusy gurgling my tasty piss right now, or she'd
tell you herself"

Doris laughed, as mom did just that, hungrily tongued
up the last of the UPS lady's precious little drops of
gold like the stupid little office cleaning sucker she

"Think about it, Petra, you mommy's mouth is SOOOOO
dirty now, she's not even FIT to suck off the
respectable business ladies and gents upstairs! That's
why none of the 'cunt-sucking secretaries' took you
seriously. Your mother can rationalize all she wants,
but the ugly truth is, you and your mother only get
off when you are humiliated more and more, right?"

My tummy grumbled. I hated the ugly part of myself
that longed, ached, pleaded for the chance to be
kneeling down there next to her, humiliated along side
my mother.

"Shut up - your wrong...", I whispered as my eyes stayed
riveted to Mommy, sucking and lapping Doris' warm,
moist, tempting labia folds. My fingers blurred across
my clit as fast as I could move them, urged on, yet
repulsed by Doris' cruel words.

"Peaches, face it -- your mom's tongue is now so dirty
from years of sucking people off, she's only allowed
to suck off people who you white folks think are so
disgusting! But, I say, HEY, If she's pathetic enough
to get her jollies by begging to sucking off black and
brown people, who only laugh at her need for
humiliation, whatever!"

I fingered myself almost, I don't know
what. If this was an orgasm, maybe I almost had one,
but I'm not sure. It DID feel hot, nasty and good, but
I felt tears of frustration at ALMOST getting there,
but not quite....

Doris finished pissing and gave herself a final wipe
with Mom's hair. Then she took back her pants and got

"Jesus...stupid cunts sure must run in your family!",
she added as she walked out.

When mom and me finished our crying jag, I helped her
clean herself up, and she drove me home. Her shift had
ended. I never hated mom more in my whole life, yet
never felt closer to her, too. I hated her giving up
on herself, but now I knew why she did it.

When we pulled into the driveway, mom just sat there
behind the wheel, staring ahead, not saying a word. I
didn't know what to say. Tons of feeling were eating
me up inside, and I was a little embarrassed that I
was still horny. mom sighed.

"I'm such a fool Petra. It's silly. I spend all this
time trying to protect you, then I go and bring you to
work, so you'll be able to see what you could be in
for. What was I thinking? Watching my boss piddle on
me finally revealed what your mother *really* does at
the office. Do you hate me?"

"No. Mom."

"Mom, did you...uh....*like* having Doris do that stuff to
you, and 'doing' the cleaning staff, like she said you

Mom paused, then slowly slid her fingers into her
skirt and bewteen her legs as se spoke, her voice
thick with excitement and shame.

"The business women don't find your mother's tongue
worthy anymore, since it smells so bad...even the
'service girls' turn their noses up at me. I'm only
allowed to be upstairs if I'm training their

My mother continued rubbing herself as we quiet sat
together in the car. I was very excited we were both
ignoring her playing with herself, and that she was
doing this before her own daughter. Tears were
streaming down her face.

"Petra,....I can't help it. It's not just the sex.
It's...knowing I think so little of myself. Many of the
service girls are the same, and I can spot it in their
daughters, the feeling they will NEVER amount to
anything, even if it's not true. I don't understand
why I need to sabotage myself, or why I..."

Mom caught me looking down at her fingers which were
now buried deeply into her pussy.

"I know momma, me too..." I cried as I reached over and
slipped my fingers into her warm pussy also, gently
finger fucking my mommy through our self pitying

"Were so pathetic, aren't we sweetheart?", mom said in
a pouty little girl voice, as her breath became
quicker. I made my fingers jerk her faster.

"Yes Mommy, we're pretty stupid, lame...the perfect
mother daughter fuck ups...", I whispered, kissing her
forehead, as we bonded over our self hatred and deep
passionate shame.

"Petra...will you....OH I can't say it..."

"What mother? Tell me..."

"Will you...?"

Mother then whispered into my ear as I kept sliding my
fingers into her snatch wickedly. I was excited and
surprised by her request, but I dutifully raised my

...and slapped her pussy mound with stinging little
slaps, hissing into her ear:

"Naughty little Mommy. Does humping your daughter's
nasty wet hand give Lindsay a hot, nasty thrill, does
it? Did pissing away her whole career for her precious
little cunny make the big stupid office lady all gooey
inside, does it, huh?"

Mother arched her hips up to meet my slapping hand as
she climaxed, pulling my lips to hers and crushing a
passionate kiss against my mouth, her tongue hungrily
exploring my mouth, as I winced at the foul odor. I
deserved it, being her daughter, and knowing my mouth,
too, would soon taste like people's crotch odors.

Next morning, the whole thing was like a dream.

I was thankful mom didn't speak of it, as I was too
embarrassed to think of my own mom as my lover, which
kinda was gross to me, even though I liked slapping
her pussy around and talking mean to her a little too

When mom finally interrupted my cereal with the news
that there was an opening for an intern at work, I was

"I have a pretty sharp daughter, and why am I wasting
my time training all these other people's daughters,
when I have a natural right here, right?"

"Wow, you mean, as a service girl, really mom? Could

I didn't even try to hide how excited I was by the
idea. But mom got a hurt expression by my words.

"Petra, I was thinking you'd work downstairs, with me.
Is that all you care about, the status of the
'upstairs' service girls? There's no shame in
servicing the janitorial staff you need to
learn your place...", mother huffed.

"Yes, Mom, your right. I'm, sorry...", I pouted.

"Petra, I know pleasuring executives and business
women may seem exotic, but those girls are of a
different caliber than you and me."

"But YOU started there, right?" I pouted.

"When I was younger. Petra, I didn't want to hurt your
feelings, but your breath isn't well...the other night
in the car...", mom said sternly.

"MOTHER, I haven't even sucked anybody OFF yet - how
could my breath be THAT bad?" I exploded.

Mom pointed to all the junky cereal I was muching with
a raised eyebrow.

You're always forgetting to brush! Remember Petra, if
you don't keep your mouth minty fresh, it'll never be
worthy of anyone dumping any sticky goo inside it!

"You're saying I'm not as good as Candice and those
other girls, aren't you? Jeez mom --" I whined.

"Well -- I don't mean to be cruel, but no dear -

" AREN'T honey. I'm sorry, but you're not as
bright, good looking, plus you keep dropping to your
knees and fingering yourself at the slightest chance
of humiliation. You're more like me than you realize,
so it's pretty much all over...."

I felt hot tears of humiliation streaming down my

"So, no collage?"


"I'm gonna grow up to be just like..."

"Yes dear, sucking off the cleaning help. However...",
Mom paused as my heart skipped a beat.

"Yeah?" I looked up hopefully.

"You'll learn to be a good little 'basement girl',
like me. That's what those nasty service girls upstairs calls us behind our backs. Someday you may
even eventually fight the gag reflex and learn to hold
down several quartz of pussy juice and cum with a
forced little smile. And remember-- there's fewer
expectations from sucking off cleaning ladies, than
executives upstairs. And you could learn theropes from
an experienced little pussy lapper like momma, from
the ground up. Maybe I could work something out so you
could VISIT upstairs for brief periods...", mom beamed.

I wanted to cry, I was so happy she'd thrown me this

"You know, Petra, while your breath may never good
enough for upstairs company executives, if you work on
it, you could possibly work up to being worthy of
sucking the service girls DAUGHTER'S pussies, and if
you played
your cards right..."

And that's just how it worked out!

I now help mother with the janitor lines every night!
I was depressed when mom insisted I wasn't important
enough to go to school anymore, since using your mouth
doesn't require english or math skills, but they did
give me this cool phony ID saying I'm eighteen, so I
could legally be an intern. Plus, if I'm a good girl,
Momma let's me spend a little time with Mrs. Barrlow
and Candice upstairs during the day.

Despite what mom says, there are ways to get ahead in
the company. Ms. Lauren liked the way I pranced for
her that day in her office so much that she offered to
let me and mom prance around the cafeteria at lunch
times. I freaked out over the Idea and said forget it
to Ms. Lauren. I was surprised she didn't make us, and
said it was up to us if we wanted to 'amuse' everyone'
or not. Thankfully mom also loathed the Idea.
Prancing for Ms. Lauren was one thing, but publicly
made me sick inside at the thought of both mother and
daughter embarrassing ourselves before all the other
service secretaries and their snooty daughters.

Mom and i both agreed we never would. We promised each
other too. We lay in bed each night and cried into
each other's arms to stay strong and not give into to
our desires, and we always found desperately dry
humped our pussies together in tears over how tempting
it would be to possibly advancing up and impress
everyone that were not 'just' the 'basement girl'

But we knew we would. Everyone did. And we both look
so cute. Or stupid...well both, actualy!

We don't get to wear anything but matching frilly
little aprons, paper hats and high heels, and mom has
to really pinch her nipples real hard to keep them
from slipping out of her hands and flopping all over
the place. That gets especially hard when people are
tossing food at us and calling us names and giggling,
which they always do and we must clean up afterwards.

Of course, we don't get paid for it, either, but Ms.
Lauren smirks it's 'good exposure'. I'm sure she's not
making fun of us and really means it! All the upstairs
people see us, and I hope that someday they might give
us another chance to be upstairs service girls. That
would be so great!

Candice always treats me so mean now, but of course I
deserve it. I want so bad to show her and the other
girls what a good little service girl I aspire to
someday be, and they pretend that they are going to
let me lick them. They lift up their skirts and take
off their pants, and call out,

"Come and get it, stink-mouth! Come and lick me all
up, momma's stupid little basement girl! That's
it...stick that tongue WAY out and crawl on over her,

But every time I come crawling up to one of them,
hungrily reaching my tongue out like the ordered,

they jerk themselves away, laughing.

They always play that game on payday, until I am
crying and begging them. It always comes down to,

"Aw poor widdo basement girl. She's SO sad! Okay,
Pissra, you know the deal, sign over your stupid
little paycheck, and we'll give you a present."

Of course, by that time, my hand is already inside my
pants, and I know that it's stupid, but I always do
it. The present they give me is always different...but
I'm always frustrated to tears it's
never a chance to service them.

Sometimes they pee on the floor and sit on me butt and
back, talking as though I'm not even there as i
gratefully lap it up. Sometimes I get to lovingly
caress and clean their dirty smelly little butt-holes
with my moist quivering tongue. Sometimes they let me
prance for them with something extra big in my butt.
But i grew sick of them laughing at mother. I wanted,
needed, for them to see me as better than she was...

Finally, I figured my only chance was to take the next

"Mom...can you have a dentist pull my teeth so I can be
upstairs girl like you used to be? The janitors say
girls with no teeth suck cocks WAY better, and I could
be LOTS more popular that way!!!"

I breathed, watching the little glass water of Mom's
teeth were soaking in on the floor,

as mom looked up from between my legs,

"Yes, dear, of course..."

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