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Archived Sex Stories

Buffy's New Reality


Disclaimer: Must be at least 18 yrs old to read this...

Author's Note: I've been wanting to do a 'Buffy' fanfic for the longest
time! Unlike my other two (Sabrina & Tabitha - Teenage Witches & The
Charmed Ones), this will not be a trilogy.

This is a 'jdw' proof read!

Buffy's 'New' Reality by JR Parz


Willow cried out with her third orgasm! Their lovemaking continued to
increase in intensity and the fact that her lust was artificially
manufactured didn't matter one bit. In fact, the only thing that mattered
was Tara.

Everyone, including Buffy, still thought of Tara as a sweet, innocent,
shy girl...everyone that is except Willow. Was it only three months ago
that Tara introduced herself? She had overheard a conversation Willow had
been having with Buffy, and the topic of witchcraft came up. Tara told
Willow she was also Wiccan and that led to countless hours practicing
spells...but then their innocent friendship came to a sudden halt when
Willow had caught her using black magic.

"I knew it was only a matter of time." Tara responded with a grin. "So,
I prepared a spell that will be activated at midnight."

"What kind of spell? A protection spell?" Willow asked...not
understanding the sudden change in Tara.

"Not likely." Tara laughed. "I have a special spell just for you. Have
you ever witnessed the effects of a Love Knot?" she asked.

Willow had heard of them, but given every variation of one required
black magic, she'd never witnessed one. "No." she replied.

"You will...first hand." Tara chuckled.

"'re scaring me." Willow mumbled.

Tara looked at her watch. "You won't ever be scared again."

"I don't understand." Willow responded.

"At midnight you will." Tara replied.

Willow glanced at her watch...midnight was less than an hour away. Then
she looked back at Tara. "You're kidding...right?"

"'ll find out."

"Wh...why would you cast a spell on me? We're friends."

"Haven't you caught my vibes? Haven't you seen the way I look at you?
I'm a lesbian Willow...and I want you."

"But...but I'm not." Willow replied.

"That's what is so great about the spell. It doesn't matter whether you
are or aren't, the feelings flood you just the same."

Willow remembered the look Tara had given her the one time that she had
seen her naked. She hadn't thought anything of it at the time...but now
things made sense. "I'm leaving."

Tara laughed and made no effort to stop her. "Feel free to call me

Willow walked home in a daze. Was Tara simply playing with her? She
thought she'd better tell Buffy just in case but when she got back to her
dorm room, Buffy wasn't there. 'Riley', she thought to herself. Buffy was
spending more and more time with him...and she reminded herself that that
was why she had sought out a new friend in the first place. She wondered
if she should call Xander...or better yet, Giles, but it was late and she
still wasn't convinced that Tara was telling the truth. As Willow
procrastinated, the minutes sped by and before she realized it, the clock
struck midnight.

When the love knot 'hit', she literally fell down to her knees. A
searing heat shot straight to her heart, eliciting a gasp...but then it
slowly dissipated only to be replaced with something else. Something so
powerful that Willow rose off the floor and dashed to make the call.

"Hi Willow." Tara answered...knowing it would be her.

"Tara... I...I...Can I see you?" Willow asked timidly, while at the
same time feeling a wetness form below. She couldn't get over how aroused
she felt from the mere sound of Tara's voice.

"Of course sweetie...but first you need to do something for me."

"Oh God...Tara...anything!" Willow replied, feeling the need to please
her even more than the need to see her. She would do anything for her.

Tara giggled. "I want you to bring me D'Hoffryn's amulet."

"D'Hoffryn's amulet?" Willow asked...perplexed as to why she wanted it.

"Yes." Tara replied.

"Okay. I'll be there in fifteen minutes." she said. Willow knew that
the worst thing she could do was to take Tara the amulet, knowing how
dangerous the tool was, but she also knew that she had no choice.

Twelve minutes later, amulet in hand, Willow knocked on Tara's
door...and a second after that she was hugging Tara like a long lost lover.
The feel of Tara's full round breasts crushed up against her small perky
ones felt incredibly delicious and elicited a hunger for more. She knew
right then and there that she would do anything in the world for
Tara...that she loved her and wanted to be with her. She also knew that it
was the Love Knot that made her feel this way but knowing it made no
difference. "I need you." she whispered into Tara's ear...Tara giggled and
kissed her earlobe. "I know."

Prior to this, Willow had wondered from time to time what it would feel
like to be with a there was no more wondering. Their once
'close friendship' had just turned 'intimate' and Willow never looked
happier. In this day and age when it was fashionably 'kewl' for girls to
be bisexual, it didn't come to a complete surprise when she told her
friends. Of course, she wasn't able to tell them what Tara had done to
make her feel this way, so as far as they knew, she was happily in love.
In private, Tara exerted a dominant personality over her and as a result,
Willow was reduced to nothing more than a sex slave. Willow still blushed
when she recalled the rules Tara had given her. It was strange...all Tara
had to do was casually mention something and anything less became an
atrocity. Now, a mere glance from Tara could make her cum.


Tara climbed out of bed with a grin. Willow was insatiable. Of course,
this was only because she wanted her this way. She looked down at Willow
and smiled. She was so cute...especially her curly red pubic hair, just
above her swollen pussy. "Sleep my sweet pussy Willow...sleep." She
commanded and seconds later the little red head drifted off.

Tara walked out of her bedroom and into her private room. A huge
pentagram, drawn in chalk, was outlined on the hardwood floor. She knelt
down in the middle of the pentagram, spreading her legs in a submissive
offering position, and began to chant. "D'Hoffryn...Lord of Demons.
D'Hoffryn...Lord of Demons. D'Hoffryn...Lord of Demons. D'Hoffryn...Lord
of Demons. D'Hoffryn... Lord of Demons."

Suddenly there was a flash of red light, the stench of sulfur filled the
air and the powerful Lord D'Hoffryn appeared in front of her. Willow
quickly bowed her head, prostrating herself before him.

"Ah little 'Demoness-to-be'. Are you ready to journey to
Arashmahrr?" D'Hoffryn asked with a grin.

"Yes my lord..." Tara responded in a meek submissive tone.

"Tonight you become the most powerful demoness in my command."

"I'm ready my lord!" Tara replied...feeling suddenly wet between her
legs. She found it strange how aroused her body reacted to him given that
she was a lesbian.

"So be it." D'Hoffryn stated...and with another flash, they both

III. (Meanwhile, in LA, California)

Cordelia Chase knew she was having a nightmare, but even that didn't
help her wake up. Her greatest fear, Haxil Beast, stood in front of
her...massive and huge. Cordelia remembered all to well the last time he
had enslaved her... and the memory made her shudder. Where was Angel? He
had come to her rescue the last time...where was he now?

"You escaped me once...not again." The voice boomed inside her skull...
giving her the impression that he read her mind.

"Get away from me! Leave me alone!" She shouted back.

"Soon you'll be singing a different tune."

"This isn't real! Leave me alone!"

"Soon." Haxil Beast responded...and then disappeared.

Cordelia woke up shaking...knowing she had just had a nightmare, but
before she could latch onto anything specific, the memory faded...leaving
her to wonder what happened. Cordelia reached down with her hand...she was

IV. (Early morning, Tara's apartment, Sunnydale, CA)

Tara grinned. She was now a Demoness...and combined with her
witchcraft, she was more powerful than any other Demoness in existence was.
She possessed the ability to alter reality...and the power affected her
like an aphrodisiac. Unlike Anyanka, who needed to rely on vengeance, her
powers had no conditions... or restrictions.

D'Hoffryn had one request...alter Buffy's reality enough so that she
would be ineffective for normal slayer duties. She smiled at the thought
of what she had in store for the Vampire Slayer. When Buffy woke this
morning, she would awaken a changed person.

V. (Morning, Buffy's bedroom, Sunnydale, California)

Buffy woke up slowly and stretched...her lithe body felt tight...
different...aroused. She reached down "I'm soooo fucking wet!" she
whispered out loud. She blushed at how wet she was. Riley was out of
town...and it had been awhile, but her body had never gotten worked up to
this state before. "Damn Riley." She mumbled out loud. He'd been spoiling
her...making love to her almost every night. He was insatiable...and as a
result, her body craved his touch. She wished that he were inside her this
very moment. Why did he have to be assisting the government anyway? Buffy
moved her fingers along her puffy lower lips and groaned. She wanted to
cum. She needed to cum. She groaned as her fingers began to work in and
out of her wet slit.

VI. (LA, late afternoon)

"Was the address correct?" Cordelia wondered. Her agent had called her
this morning. She was used to doing 'readings' in office buildings...but
not at people's houses.

The part was for a television movie and she knocked on the door. A man answered. He looked to be in his mid fifties and grinned down at her. He
looked powerful. "Cordelia Chase?" he asked in a deep voice.

"Yes sir." Cordelia replied, feeling slightly docile in his presence.

"You're late." The man replied.

"Sorry sir." Cordelia said...feeling a mixture of fear and
disappointment that she had made him wait.

"Come in."

Cordelia followed the man into his living room. "Am I the only one here
for this reading?" she asked, timidly.

"Yes... but there won't be any reading."

"I don't understand." Cordelia nervous.

"Get your clothes off." The man stated.

Cordelia crossed her body with her hands as if she were getting ready to
pull her sweater off, but then suddenly stopped. What the hell was she
doing!?! "What?"

"Hmmm...let me rephrase that." The man stated out loud.

"I'm sorry sir...but I'm not sure what type of actress you are looking
for. I don't strip for the camera...and I'm not going to strip for you

"You're only half right Cordelia. You see, there are no cameras for you
to strip for...but you will strip for me. You want me to see you naked."

"I do?" Cordelia asked, confused...but then it was as if a light switch
had been flipped. She found she did want to strip for him...and that need
grew with every passing second. "'re right. I'm sorry." She
tried saying, but her voice sounded muffled while she pulled her sweater

"That's a good girl Cordelia. Not only do you enjoy stripping in front
of me, but doing it makes you feel extremely sexy."

Cordelia had only been feeling nervous, but no sooner had he said that
when she suddenly felt horny. By the time she stood naked and at
attention, she was hornier than she'd ever been in her life.

"How do you feel Cordelia?"

" feel good...real good."

"Do you feel horny?"

"God yes." Cordelia replied...then blushed. This wasn't right...was it?
Why would she want to get naked for this guy? Why would she feel so
sexually aroused? Cordelia knew she should feel frightened, but instead
she loved looking sexy for this man. She glanced down at her chest and saw
that her tits jiggled with every breath...and how hard her nipples were.
She also saw that she was leaking and turning a deeper shade of red as she
crossed her legs. "I feel really horny." she whispered.

VII. (Back in Sunnydale, Midnight during her patrol)

The night was pleasant...the moon full...and Buffy was out on patrol.
Quite suddenly, she stopped. Was that moaning she heard? Her slayer
attributes enabled her to approach people without being detected and what
she saw floored her. Two girls...very pretty...high school age...were
making out like love starved animals. The incredible eroticism of the
scene played on Buffy, played on her like never before. She'd been horny
all day...and had masturbated before coming out for patrol...but those
feelings paled in comparison to what she was feeling now. She slowly moved

Buffy was finding it difficult to control her breathing as she stood
silently behind the trees. The girls were stripping one another of their
clothing and the sight of them intoxicated her. She could hear her heart
racing and without consciously realizing it, she moved her right arm down
until her hand rested between her legs. She throbbed with desire, and
touched on the fact that it was two girls that was eliciting these
feelings. Was it because of them or the fact that she was so horny? 'I'm
not a lesbian.' she thought and accepted the fact that she was simply
horny...hornier than she'd ever been in her life.

The blonde girl was big on top...her tits reminded Buffy of that famous pop star she'd met. The brunette's were small and perky...and as they
quickly stripped out of their jeans, Buffy palmed her pelvic...and
squeezed. "Unnnghhhhh." She groaned as she came. She had to bite her
tongue in order not to cry out. She had just given herself an orgasm!
Five times she'd masturbated today...and it still wasn't enough. She
wished she could join these girls...and as alien as these thoughts were to
her, they didn't alarm her.

Buffy started to rub herself harder, wanting to cum again, but then
suddenly she stopped. 'What am I doing?!?' she thought to herself. Buffy
saw that the girls were completely naked now and she found herself totally
captivated by the blonde girl. Buffy wanted her...she wanted to make love
to her. If she didn't leave now, she wouldn't be able to resist. Buffy
quietly slipped away.

When Buffy was far enough away not to be heard, she started sprinting,
and crying. What was happening to her!?! Why was she so horny? Her sex
throbbed with need and she didn't know what to do. Her body demanded
release and she cursed Riley again. She wanted to fuck! She needed to get
laid! The image of her time with Angel assaulted her, making her even
hotter. Then suddenly she came to a halt. "Spike!" she cried out. Buffy
turned around and sprinted even faster...this time towards Spike's cave.

VIII. (Spike's cave)

Spike was in the middle of a threesome. Two mortal babes that he had
picked-up at the Club. They were enthralled when he told them about
vampires and before he was done, they were vampiress 'want-a-bees'. His
good looks and charm initially ensnared them, but he needed his mesmerism
powers to dampen their sexual inhibitions. Tonight, in addition to the
passion they felt for him...they also felt it for one another.

Spike had them lying on their backs. One on top of the other, the one
on bottom played with the other's tits.. while he jack hammered them one
stroke at a time. The girls couldn't get enough of him, nor of each other.
He knew that after this fuck session they would come back for more. He
took pleasure in watching them grovel. Both girls had dark wore
it shorter then the other. Their tits were small...but that was all right
with him. At the moment, he was more focused on their pussies.

"So, this is how you spend your nights...huh? Now that you're no longer
able to suck their blood, you fuck them instead." A soft familiar voice
stated from behind him.

"Buffy!" Spike exclaimed...turning around. He was shocked to see the
Slayer standing there.

"Tell your sex slaves to go home. We need to discuss something."

"Can't you at least wait until I'm through?" Spike asked sarcastically,
but at the same time he asked this, both girls had slipped out from
underneath him and were scampering for their clothes. Moments later they
ran out of the cave.

"Thanks a fucking lot." Spike growled. He stood up, not bothering to
cover his nudity.

Buffy just stood there smirking...almost as if she were sizing him up.
Spike was still rock hard and he saw how Buffy looked at him. She wanted
him. "Do you like what you see, Slayer?"

Buffy grinned...and then with Slayer-quick speed, she stripped out of
her clothes. Spike gasped at her entrancing beauty...her naked body was a
work of art. "The question you like what you see?"

Spike, with Vampire-quick speed, shoved Buffy up against the wall and
pinned her. Then he spun her lithe body around so he could brace her.
Without saying a word or the slightest hesitation, he rammed his cock deep
into her, eliciting a scream! Spike continued to pummel into her...and
with every stroke she cried and whimpered for more. "Fuck me!" Buffy
screamed. "Don't fucking stop! Fuck me harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!"
Buffy panted and she didn't stop begging until she exploded with a
mind-numbing orgasm.

IX. (Next morning, Cordelia's apartment, LA)

Cordelia woke up, stretched and yawned...and mentally took inventory.
Why was she so tired? She also felt...sore? And why was she naked!?! She
quickly reached her hand down...'wet and sore'...why? Her mind quickly
went over yesterday and her eyes lit up. 'Oh my god!' she thought with
alarm. Cordelia bounced up out of bed and over to her mirror. Something
wasn't right. She gazed at herself in the mirror. Her long dark hair had
a tussled sexy look...and her body throbbed. She felt so tight.
She brought her hands up to cup her breasts. They seemed fuller and sore.
She used her thumbs to lightly graze her nipples...they also felt extremely

Cordelia felt like she'd just had a night of satisfying sex, but she
couldn't remember a thing. The reading...did she get the job? How come
she couldn't remember? How come she couldn't remember anything?

Slowly, she made her way down her hallway to her bathroom. She had to
pee. When she sat down on the toilet seat, she suddenly saw a flash...and
the memory of her fuck floored her! The vividness was so clear that it
seemed surreal...not to mention making her very horny. She couldn't help
it when she brought her hands down to cup her wet mound. She slid two
fingers deep inside but it wasn't enough! She added another finger and
started rubbing hard against her clit. The memory of a man telling her to
strip...then of her stripping was both exciting and frightening. She could
clearly see herself getting down on her knees and lifting her rump for him
to..."Take me!" she cried out and the man did...hard and long. He then
flipped her over onto her back and began fucking her in that
position...finally shooting his load deep into her fertile love canal...
"Oh my god." She whispered. Now she remembered feeling exactly like this
with...Haxil Beast! 'I have to tell Angel!' she thought to herself.
(((Tell no one.))) a voice spoke inside her head...and she knew she

X. (Tara's apartment, Sunnydale)

Using witchcraft, Tara was able to monitor Buffy...and because of that
she knew that Buffy and Spike had sex last night. Still, it wasn't
enough...she needed Buffy preoccupied with more than just being a
nymphomaniac. She decided to throw love into the equation...and knew
exactly who the beneficiary should be... Faith! Faith would be
perfect...both slayers were pretty much equal in strength and they
absolutely deplored each other. Tara focused her powers and conjured up a
brand new reality for Faith... while adding a tad bit more to Buffy's. In
this reality, Buffy and Faith wouldn't be at odds with one another. In
this reality, they would love one another...but they wouldn't realize it
until they saw each other.

XI. (Willow, just outside Tara's room)

Willow could hear Tara chanting and wished she had the power to stop
her. Now she understood why Tara had wanted the become a
Demoness. Quickly, she moved back to her room and tried using all her
strength to break the hold Tara had on her...but it wasn't any use. She
loved her... and because she loved her, she couldn't do a thing against
her. Willow knew that Buffy and the rest of her friends would eventually
be playthings for Tara...and there was nothing she could do about it.

XII. (Buffy's house)

Buffy slept late and when she woke, she felt embarrassed and humiliated.
'How could I do this?' she asked herself. She cheated on Riley by fucking
Spike! 'What the hell was I thinking about!?! How could I sink so low?'
she scolded herself.

Buffy paced the house thinking if that if she didn't see anybody...she
wouldn't be tempted to fuck. Last night, when she got home, she took a
long hot shower and scrubbed every crevice and pore of her body. She still
couldn't believe how desperate she was for Spike...and the constant memory
of his thick cock screwing her for three fucking hours was making her horny
all over again. She also thought about the girls she spied on making
love...the blonde played on her senses all over again. Buffy needed
help... she needed to see Giles. He would help her...but first she needed
to relieve herself.

Buffy knocked on Giles door..."Oh hi Buffy...come in." he responded upon
opening it.

Buffy felt the maleness radiate off of him. Something she'd never
noticed before. How come he looked so damn good to her all of a sudden?
There had to be something evil playing on her...she was undoubtedly being
influenced...she had to stop whoever was doing this to her. Buffy sat down
directly across from Giles and couldn't stop looking at the huge bulge she
saw in his crotch. 'He's hard' she thought to herself. 'Did I interrupt
him masturbating?' she wondered. Buffy remembered barging in on him one
morning when he had a girl with him. It was hard to look at him in this least back then it it was easy...and the thought made
her 'hot'.

Buffy wanted to tell him that her body was constantly horny...but how
could she. She was soooo embarrassed. She started to cry...something that
baffled her...something she was doing a lot lately. Then the worst thing
that could possibly happen...happened. Giles got off his chair and came
over to hug her. Buffy groaned with need. "Giles...please Giles."

"What is Buffy...what has you so rattled? I've never seen you like
this." Giles asked in confusion.

Buffy used her slayer speed and strength and before Giles had a chance
to say a word, she had him pinned up against a wall with her left
arm...while she used her right hand to unzip his fly.

"Buffy!" Giles exclaimed.

"Giles...I need you. I need you to fuck me!" Buffy screamed.

"No! You can't do this! Fight whatever it is that has you! Fight it!"

Buffy managed to strip from the waist down and free Giles' cock at the
same time. It was already erect and throbbing. "You're fucking huge!"
Buffy cried out. Then she threw him down to the floor and pounced on him.
"Unngghhhhh!" she cried out as she lowered herself on top of him. When she
had him completely inside her, she started riding him...humping up and
down. It didn't take long before he came, but Buffy still needed to cum.
Quickly, she shifted around and kept him pinned using her thighs and
ass...then she took him inside her mouth.

XIII. (Faith suddenly arrives in Sunnydale... waits for Buffy at her

Faith found it strange to be suddenly standing inside Buffy's house...
but that wasn't nearly as strange as how she was feeling about Buffy. She
could tell that what she was feeling wasn't real, but the feelings were
there nonetheless...and very powerful. Something was manipulated her to
act and feel a certain way.

Faith knew a minute ago she was sitting in jail...making an effort to do
the right thing...and fantasizing about Angel. Then the next thing she
knew she was sitting on Buffy's couch...nearly one hundred miles away, and
instead of fantasizing about Angel, she was fantasizing about...Buffy? She
blushed at the image of her and Buffy, 69'ing each other. Faith knew that
these feelings were artificial, and the images manufactured... but as
every second went by, they appeared to be getting stronger and
stronger...and harder to ignore. Something or somebody wanted them to be
lovers. Who? Why?

Faith walked down the hallway and into the bathroom. A bubble bath
suddenly seemed like a great idea...realizing any excuse for Buffy to see
her naked felt good. Faith turned the water on and began to strip. She
looked tired, almost as if she were suffering from an emotional ordeal.
She looked down at her body and sighed. She should eat more...she was too
slim. She brought her hands up and cupped her small breasts. The feel of
them reminded her how much she wanted Buffy and she blushed.

Faith slipped down in the tub. Her muscles were strangely sore and she
wondered how Buffy was able to do slaying night after night.

"Faith!" Buffy cried out as she entered the bathroom. "What are yo..."
she started to say, but never finished. Buffy was looking at her... a way she'd never looked at her before. In a way that
made her wetter than the water. Buffy then tore her clothes off, leaving
herself naked. Faith licked her lips in anticipation. Slowly, Buffy
approached her. "Kiss me." Faith whispered. Buffy reached down to kiss
her on the lips...while Faith reached up and grabbed her. She lowered her
into the water on top of her and soon they were making out. Faith caressed
Buffy's buttocks and then slipped a finger inside Buffy's asshole. The
blonde slayer wiggled her 'tush' and yelled; "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

XIV. (Inside Giles apartment)

Giles woke up in a daze...'Did what happened, really happen?' he asked
himself. He looked down his body and saw that his pants were down around
his ankles...and his boxers were literally torn to shreds. "Buffy raped
me." He finally mumbled. "She really raped me." (Author's Note: A raise of
hands for all of you that would volunteer to play Giles in the movie!)

Giles slowly pulled up his pants and got to his feet. Slowly he
staggered over to the phone.

"Hello, Angel Investigations." said the sweet voice on the other end.

"Cordelia?" Giles asked.

"Hi Giles...I'd recognize your voice anywhere." Cordelia replied.

"Is Angel around?"

"Yeah... hold on."

Giles reached down to rub his crotch. He was sore...but the memory of
what Buffy had done to him was getting him hard.

"Hi Giles...what's up?"

Giles blushed at the timing of this question. "Angel...I'll get to the
point. We need you here as soon as possible. Something drastic has
happened to Buffy."

"Is she all right?!?" Angel asked with concern.

"Yes...but I'll explain more when you get here. I'll meet you at my new

XV. (Angel Investigation's Office...)

Cordelia tried several times to tell Angel what had happened to
her...but something prevented her. She had been commanded not to act
anything other than her usual self and that had prevented her from not only
saying anything, but dropping hints too. The second Angel departed for
Sunnydale, Cordelia picked up the phone and punched in a number...she had
no idea whom.

"Hi Cordelia...I take it you're alone?" Asked the deep voice on the
other end.

"Yes sir."

"Come to me...immediately." The man replied.

"Yes sir." Cordelia replied...feeling a rush of arousal...and a need to

XVI. (Buffy's house.)

Buffy woke with her head buried between Faith's legs and the aroma
played on her senses like an aphrodisiac. She slipped her tongue into
Faith again and Faith stirred...while at the same time spread her legs
wider. 'This is crazy' Buffy thought to herself. Was this something that
was sparked by the two girls she had spied on in the park? Or was it
because she was constantly horny? Why was she so damn hot?

Faith had been the aggressor last night...and she the submissive. Her
docility was sooo out of character for her, but there was no mistaking the
pleasure she felt from pleasing her new lover. Faith opened her eyes and
Buffy smiled at her. She was soooo beautiful. "Hi lover." Faith managed
to whisper just before coming.

XVII. (Angel arrives at Giles's shop in Sunnydale.)

"Thank god you're here." Giles said as he invited Angel inside.

Angel didn't say a word...his stern cold 'look' said it all.

"Buffy has turned into an insatiable nymphomaniac...and I believe
there's more to it than just Buffy's promiscuity." Giles added.

"I ran into Spike on the way here...he told me that they had 'relations'
a couple of nights ago. After I was done beating him, he told me that it
was all Buffy's doing. Where is she now?" asked Angel.

"Her place...and she has Faith over there with her." Giles replied.

"Faith! But I just paid her a visit in jail the other day...and she and
Buffy hate each other!" Angel responded.

"According to Xander, not only are they not enemies anymore, but they're
more than friendly...if you catch my drift."

"This is unbelievable." Angel replied.

"There's more." Giles added while walking over to pick up a book.
"Here... take a look at this."

"Anyanka! But you banished her!" Angel responded.

"Yes...and I believe she's still on that mortal plane I put her in...but
remember, D'Hoffryn has the ability to pass on Anyanka's powers."

"It makes sense." Angel responded.

"'s my theory. As you remember, Anyanka had the ability to
alter reality...and I'd bet my soul that it's these very powers that are
being used right now. Do you remember the confrontation Willow had with


"She managed to keep a certain amulet...which was the key to these
powers. Willow thought that she possessed enough will power to be the
guardian of the amulet."

"Yes. I remember...I also remember him trying to recruit her because of
her witchcraft." Angel replied.

Giles nodded. "Have you met Tara...Willow's lover?"

"I heard about her, and about her new relationship...but no, we haven't
met yet."

"She's a witch...and here's what I believe happened."

XVIII. (Buffy's house)

"What are you doing?" Tara asked Xander when she spotted him looking
through the bedroom window.

"Oh God! You scared the hell out of me." Xander replied...looking
relieved now that it was only Tara.

"Like I said...what are you doing?" Tara asked again.

"Watching Buffy...she's been acting strange and..."

Tara flexed her mind and stopped him in mid sentence. Ignoring Xander
for the moment, she peaked into the window and saw Buffy and Faith
performing a '69' with each other. Tara gasped at how erotic they
looked...and then smiled. She looked back at Xander, who was momentarily
stuck in 'time'. 'How dare he.' She thought to herself. Instead of Xander
watching these two girls make love, why doesn't he join them. "Follow me."
Tara stated and with those words the zombie-like Xander followed Tara into
the house.

"Xander!" Buffy cried when she realized he was standing in the doorway.

"Hi girls...don't mind us, we'll be joining you in a second." Tara
stated as she emerged from behind Xander.

"Tara!" Buffy exclaimed. "What's going on here?!?"

"No need to feel threatened Buffy. I thought we all could indulge in an
all female orgy." Tara replied.

"If you hadn't noticed, Xander is male." Faith commented.

"Correction...look again." Tara responded... and with a wave of her
hand, the young man began to transform from his 5'11", dark hair, good
physique male body into a lovely young woman, about 5'5", long blonde hair,
an incredibly curvaceous body...and a pair of huge tits! Where Xander had
clothes on, the girl didn't. "Girls, meet Xandra. She's lesbian and
extremely horny." Tara remarked...and then proceeded to strip out of her
own clothes.

XIX. (Tara's & Willow's apartment)

"Hi Willow."

"Angel!" Willow responded...very surprised to see him at her door. "Why
are you here?"

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Angel asked.

Willow hesitated for a second, knowing that he couldn't get in unless
she did. But wouldn't she act suspicious if she didn't let him in? "Come

Angel walked past her into the living room. "I know what has happened
to you and I'm here to help." Angel stated.

"Wh...what do you mean?" Willow replied, feeling mixed emotions. A part
of her wanted to tell him everything, but she knew she couldn't.

"Look at me...look deep into my eyes." Angel stated.

Willow felt the tug of Angel's will and found herself doing what he a deer captured in front of high beam headlights...she
couldn't look away.

"There's only one way to break the hold Tara has on you...and there are
too many lives at stake not to sacrifice you." Angel commented. "I'm very
sorry Willow."

Willow realized then why Angel was here. "No! I need to be with Tara!"
she cried out, trying to break the hold.

"Come to me." Angel replied.

Willow's legs propelled her forward until she was in Angel's arms. Then
she tilted her head to one side, exposing her neck. The bite was painful
for only a second before a flash of ecstasy. With every swallow of her
blood, she experienced one orgasm after another. Just before she was about
to pass out, he slashed his wrist and brought it up to her mouth. "Drink!"
he shouted at her. She did...greedily. Willow didn't hear Angel's final
words. "When you wake, you wake a vampiress witch...and you will forever
be subjugated to my will."

XX. (Buffy's house - the confrontation)

"How do you feel?" Giles asked Willow as they proceeded towards Buffy's

"More alive than I felt when I was alive." Willow responded with a
giggle. "I'm horny, too." She added...looking at Angel.

Angel smiled at his new thrall. Willow was taking her change better
than he had expected. She must have harbored latent desires for this. He
felt saddened that he had to go to this extreme, but he needed Willow to
disclose the whereabouts of the amulet and needed her help in banishing
Tara. Given the spell she was under for Tara, he had no choice.

They entered the house and went straight to the living room...and what
they saw stunned them. Tara was on her back with her legs spread while
Buffy and Faith lapped away at her pussy...both slayers did this while
fingering each other's pussies. And there was a blonde girl with big tits sitting on Tara's face... and based on the expression of the girl, she
looked like she was in the throes of an orgasm.

Willow lifted up the amulet and began the incantation. "Misa, Vesul,
Remor, Talto!" and with the last word, a whirlwind of energy knocked all
three girls away for Tara and then lifted Tara up... sucking her into a
funnel. Seconds later it was all over and everything was quiet.

"It's over." Willow stated with a smile.

"What the hell is going on!?!" Buffy demanded, quickly getting to her
feet. She didn't bother to cover her nudity.

"Buffy...give Willow a few seconds to reverse a few things." Giles

Willow focused on her witchcraft and then chanted. "Re-alter this
altered reality and right which is wrong."

Angel hoped that this would work.

XXI. (Epilogue)

Willow hadn't taken her new vampirism into consideration when she cast
the reverse spell, so the spell didn't pack the same 'white witch' strength
as it normally would have. As a result, some of the spells were
reversed...some partially reversed, and some not at all. Bottom line,
there were new realities.

Tara was banished and stranded on the same plane as Anya. Just like
Anya, she didn't possess any of her demonic powers, but she still was a
very powerful witch and lust spells were so easy to cast. Anya lapped at
her hourly.

Willow still took pleasure in a slue of female subjects...unable to
resist her vampiress powers. She also took pleasure in one fucking after
another from her new master, Angel. She of course left Sunnydale to be at
Angel's side in LA.

Cordelia surprisingly fell in love with an older man and the last thing
anybody knew she was pregnant. Willow took over for her at Angel

Xander was returned in the mental sense...but the spell still trapped
him inside the form of the blonde female. The 'Scooby Gang' had a big
laugh at the fact that Xander was inside a stunningly beautiful female body
until they realized he couldn't be switched back. To top it all off,
Xander couldn't do anything about his strange new submissive personality.
Within three months of his transformation, he suddenly disappeared.

Giles found his ordeal surfaced a fetish to be dominated...and searched
the Internet for S&M locations. This ultimately led to a very different
type of life and the shop proved the perfect 'front'.

Spike was forever destroyed in the sexual department, as no one was able
to measure up to Buffy sexually. (Author's Note: This I wouldn't doubt!)


Buffy performed a double back (a back flip twice before landing!), and
landed squarely on the vampire. Then with lightning fast speed, a stake
was tossed through the air from the other side of the yard... Buffy caught
it and in one fluid motion redirected it straight into the vampire's

"Great throw, Faith." Buffy responded with a grin.

"Yes...we certainly do make quite the team." Faith replied.

Buffy reflected as the slayers headed back home. Willow hadn't been
able to switch Faith back to her previous life and as a result, Faith was
totally in love with her...and would be for the rest of her life. In
addition, Willow couldn't eliminate her nymphomaniac libido and she was
constantly hungering for sex. Thank god she had Faith to constantly
relieve her! Willow did eliminate the artificial love she had felt for
Faith and now when she looked at Faith, she looked at her as an object of
lust, not as a lover. Faith understood what had happened to her, but
knowing meant nothing and she had no choice but to accept it.

Buffy took the opportunity to do the world good. She threatened Faith
that if she wanted to be with her, she would have to be her slaying
partner... the two of them made a formidable team. Of course the threat
was empty because Buffy knew damn well that she needed Faith to quench her
own burning desire... and the brunette slayer was getting especially good
with her tongue. What was that old saying? Oh yeah... "Whomever loves
least controls the relationship.", Buffy was in total control.

One night as the two of them came out of the bathroom together,
something they did quite frequently these days... they stopped dead in
their tracks. Riley was on the bed, naked and hard.

"What the fuck!?!" Faith exclaimed...stunned.

"Riley..." Buffy whispered.

"What's going on here?" Riley asked in confusion. "Are you two...

Buffy's mouth watered at the sight of Riley's cock...and then grinned.
"God Riley...I missed you." She mumbled.

Riley hopped off the bed and started to redress. Neither Buffy nor
Faith felt a need to cover themselves. "Wait Riley...what are you doing?"
Buffy asked.

"I'm out of here! I leave for a month and come back to find my girl in
bed with another girl. What the fuck did you think I'd do?" Riley snapped.

"Wait...what about a two on one?" Buffy asked, hoping that Riley
harbored fantasies along this line.

(Author's Note: What guy wouldn't want a two on one with Buffy and
Faith? In fact, what girl wouldn't want this!?!)

"Are you fucking nuts!?!" Riley responded.

"Riley...I'm sorry you had to find out this way." Buffy mumbled, feeling
desperate. "Please...I don't want to lose you."

"I gotta go. I gotta get out of here and think. I'm taking a walk.
I'll talk to you when I get back." Riley replied.

XXIII. (About a mile from the Buffy's house, Sunnydale)

"Good evening..." A soft voice spoke from Riley's left. Riley spun
around to see a very beautiful young woman.

"Huh?" Riley responded. "It's kind of late for you to be out here by
yourself." Riley added. Then took a closer look at the woman...she was

"I was thinking the same thing about you." The woman replied, oozing of

"My name is Riley." Riley stated...looking at the girl's eyes.

"Drusilla..." she replied...smiling.

'Where had he heard the name before?' Riley thought to himself. What
was it about her eyes that were so incredibly captivating? Before he even
realized what he was doing, he was kissing her. Then he felt Drusilla move
down to his neck and kiss him. 'This is incredible.' he thought to
himself... her lips were soft until the bite... the momentary pain...
followed by ecstasy.

The End!

Hope you enjoyed it! Did you appreciate my effort? If so, I always
appreciate feedback...

Author's Note: If Dawn (this new sister of Buffy's) was a little bit
older, she would have ended up with the amulet at the end of this story...
but she's too young. Incidentally, the only explanation I can come up with
regarding her sudden presence is that reality has been altered - so - don't
be too surprised if my story has some similarities with the way the real
show plays out. :)

One final note...

Wouldn't it be cool if Riley, who apparently is being turned into a
vampire, goes back to Buffy and Faith for that two on one... and then
while going down on them he does a little bit of drinking... enough so to
place them under his vampire spell. That way we could see the dominant
Buffy turned into a submissive little sex kitten! That way you could all
read what you expected to read in the first place! Just a thought...


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