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Title: Bun In The Oven
Keywords: mf, mdom, preg, bond
Author: Caesar

There was a young lad from Siam,
Whose sexlife was caught in a jam.
He loved them real small,
'Cause they're funner to ball,
So he went out and bought him a lamb!

Bun In The Oven

by Caesar, copyright 1999-2002

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:22 $

I knew before my wife told me that she was pregnant - for the fourth

You see, last night my wife craved for my cock, begged for my come and
allowed me to fill every hole with my tongue.

Still doesn't make sense?

Well, my wife and I have had 3 beautiful and wonderful kids, and each
time my wife was pregnant she became insatiable for sex. In other
words our sex life became explosive when there was a bun in the oven.

Normally we were rather subdued and conservative in bed, since we
first were married, and though we were active she denied me many of
the pleasurable acts we did last evening. My wife Debbie was a virgin
when we met, perhaps not when we said our marriage vows - but only by
a few days, much to my pleasures. My own experience was not much more
than that. Oh certainly I viewed some adult movies and, lately, read
many articles and stories upon the net - but those were all foreign
acts to me.

At least till Debbie and I had our first child.

I'll not give you details about our past sex life but let me just
assume you that my wife was just as amazed at the new erotic world
that opened up to us when she was pregnant as I.

Debbie was silent upon the phone and I could almost see her small
smile and blush at the news of our impending fourth child. She had
went to the family doctor today because of what had happened last
night. Our sex life, outside of being pregnant, just was not that

I know I was smiling!

"Wear the white stockings for me tonight Deb."

"Hum... that sounds wonderful lover!" She practically cooed into the

I thought to make it interesting, "And stock up on the fruit."

Debbie giggled playfully, "Yes... Master."

If there was any doubt, it was gone now. When she called me that,
something we had discovered together when Debbie was pregnant with our
second child, I knew I was in for months of strenuous and very
pleasurable sex.

Hot passionate wet dominant sex!

The fruit, well that was just for fore play. If you have ever seen a
woman make love to a pear you'll know what I mean!

The remainder of my day dragged on, but I forced myself to leave the
office at the time I normally leave. I knew Debbie would be thinking
about what we will be doing tonight, nearly all of the night too, and
that every minute that was difficult for me to get through was erotic
torture for her.

It was the hormones if you never had a spouse that was pregnant you
will never understand. They do crazy and wonderful things to a
woman's body. Some ladies get hairy, fat, get strange carvings. Some
ladies get horny. Debbie had the latter, big time!

My wonderful wife met me at the door before I even had a chance to
open it. "Hi Master!" She wore a short kimono and the white
stockings I requested, nothing else. Debbie looked edible.

"The kids...?" Our three wonderful children, whom were now ten, seven
and three. Have I mentioned how great a mother Debbie is?

"My sisters'." I nodded, barely able to contain my pleasure at the
news. Debbie couldn't contain herself and jumped against me, wrapping
her arms about my neck. "I love you so much Master!"

I felt her coarse pubic hair grind outside the crotch of my pants. My
briefcase fell immediately to the floor and I grasped a soft buttock
in each hand. Our lips met and her tongue slide firmly and quickly
into my mouth.

It was a long hot kiss, the likes that I have not tasted for three
long years. When we separated for a breath my smiling but gasping
wife mentioned, "I brought the chest down from the attic." A twinkle
in her eye told me it would not be at all inconvenient if we enjoyed
some of the items in that old wooden chest.

All the toys, videos, clothing and anything which my wife found
distasteful outside of the hormone induced state she was currently in,
found a home locked in a old chest I inherited. What she just told me
was that she was looking forwards to using the contents of the chest
at my convenience. In fact, the stockings she now wore probably came
from our 'toy' chest.

"All by yourself?"

She lost some of her smile and nodded, "Yes Master...?"

"You can't be dragging big heavy items any longer my love, I think my
darling little slave may need a spanking!"

Debbie's face brightened right up, "Yes master. Right now Master?"
She looked very excited at the promise to be punished.

I shook my head negatively and ordered, "Before your punishment, I
think I need", I pushed her gently a foot away from me and motioned
down between our bodies, "you to properly welcome me home." I have
been waiting all day for this and gently pushed on her shoulders to
reinforce my desire.

As if there was any doubt that she would not do as I asked, she licked
her lips in anxious hunger.

I closed the door to our home even as my wife knelt before me and
unzipped my expensive slacks, it would not do for our neighbours to
see us in such a state.

Debbie had her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as she slipped the
half-hard penis between her lips. I could even tell when she was
pregnant just by the way she sucked my cock, not that she did it very
often when she wasn't pregnant. Yet she sucked me like she hasn't
eaten or drank a thing for days, like my cock was the fountain for the
most flavour filled and tasty of drinks. Like it was the only thing
in her life worth while. And though she was comparable in all her
sexual activities while pregnant, versus not being pregnant, sucking cock was a particularly incredible action.

She looked incredible working furiously at my thrusting pole. Her
forehead beaded with sweat, her lips firmly pressed against my shaft
and her cheeks sucking inwards. Debbie was thirty-nine years old last
month yet I found her sexier than when we first made love fifteen
years before.

The inevitable happened and my cock began to jerk within her mouth. I
considered pulling it out and hosing down her face but the evening was
still young and I knew of Debbie's hunger for sperm when she was

Besides, a pregnant woman needed her protein!

I flooded her mouth! And even though it had been a very long time
since she had sucked me off, since before our last child was born, she
was still able to quickly swallow my pumping seed without loosing a

Debbie, so long has it been since my cock had been between her lips,
never even allowed me to pull from her mouth. She was insatiable and
wanted to suck me more, to get more sperm into her gullet, to feel my
pulsating manhood on her tongue. It wasn't too be and I pulled from
her face and lips with a small pop.

My loving sexy pregnant wife licked her lips and looked up at me with
a passion within her eyes. She was a slut when pregnant, my horny
submissive slutty wife.

I loved Debbie so very much.

"Are you wet slut?"

She smiled playfully, "Yes my darling Master."

"Well get that damn kimono off and get yourself to our bedroom slut."

The kimono slipped effortlessly off her shoulders immediately
forgotten, leaving Debbie naked except for her white stockings. Her
breasts swayed as she jumped from her knees to her feet and
practically ran to our room, her soft sexy ass wiggling delightfully.

When pregnant she wanted, no make that 'needed', my cock even more
than I wanted to give it to her.

I followed, much slower mind you, slowly disrobing as I walked. A
trail of clothing was left in my path. I knew I was wearing that 'I
am the luckiest guy in the world' smile when I stood finally in the
doorway to our room, but I couldn't care less.

Debbie was smiling by the way. She wore a big bright smile as she
knelt in the middle of the bed, the 'toy' box before her on the bed, a
large basket of fruit on the night stand.

Already I thought I could smell her excitement - something I had not
experienced since before our youngest was born. Her nipples were
puffy and darker in their excitement. And I thought I saw her
shoulder shiver.

All for me, I knew.

I moved over to the edge of the bed and pulled the toy chest off. She
watched silently as I set it down upon our floor and rummaged through
it. When I found what I was looking for I again stood and made my way
to the edge of the bed. Debbie watched in barely contained

I threw four silk scarves upon her lap, "Attach these to the four
corners of the bed", and then dropped a half full tube of k-y jelly,
"and prepare your ass for me." My smile was huge when I turned about
and walked slowly to our private bathroom.

In the shower I was beaming with pleasure, my heart beating in haste
and my cock already half hard for my wife of many years. I washed and
cleaned every inch of my body, as I knew Debbie had done for me before
I had come home.

I took my time.

After leisurely washing my teeth and shaving for the second time that
day, I knew I was ready.

Opening the door to our room, I was delighted to see that she had also
pulled out items from our toy chest. With the curtains drawn it was
nearly dark in our large bedroom, but there were dozens of candles lit
randomly about the room. I saw that that flesh coloured silk scarves
had been bound to each corner of our queen-sized bed, the loose ends
pointing towards the middle of the bed.

Debbie knelt, as before, in the middle of the bed. She was no longer
smiling but I knew her anticipation had been replaced with something
else - submissive excitement. My wife also had a new shine to her
skin, a slight coating of perspiration. It made her look incredibly
more sexy than ever before. Her nipples were past puffy, as they
normally do, and were small and tight. A sure gauge of the state of
her excitement.

She was watching my half-hard cock with a feverish look.

"Show me your ass Debbie."

My wife quickly turned away and got upon her knees, her shoulders
pressed flat to the bed. The only time I had been able to approach
her ass in a sexy way was when Debbie was pregnant - she swore she
didn't enjoy it when she wasn't. Though, with a bun in the oven, my
slutty wife had a very sensitive erogenous zone, her ass hole!

Bent before me in the middle of the bed like that, upon my command,
her ass high, Debbie looked incredibly sexy. I was hard pressed not
to kneel behind her right then and fuck her hard and as fast as my
heart was now pounding.

Reaching around herself, my wife grasped her own butt cheeks in each
hand and pried them apart. Only when pregnant did she become so
uninhibited, so wanton. I saw the generous glistening from her
preparations and even a moisture lower down that had nothing to do
with greasing her anal ring for me.

I saw the tube on the table next to the bed and grabbed it, I squeezed
a generous amount upon the first two of my fingers on my right hand.
I leaned into the bed and without preamble pressed the tips of those
two fingers right against her clenching round ass muscle.

My wife of many years grunted as my digits slipped slowly but
effortlessly into her rectum. Debbie had properly prepared herself,
using her own fingers, most likely, to relax and stretch her ass hole.

I frigged her ass hole for several enjoyable minutes, until my wife was panting and pressing her ass back upon each plunge of my digits.
What a sight!

It was too much for me, I crawled quickly up behind her and shoved my
throbbing member into her cunt, all without loosing the rhythm of my
plunging fingers. Debbie screamed out as an orgasm overtook her even
as I sunk into her hot very wet body.

That was enough to cool my passions, at least for a short time, just
watching my loving sexy pregnant wife thrash about before me. I
pushed her off me and Debbie fell to the bed before me, still holding
her ass cheeks apart. With tired but still hungry eyes she looked
over her shoulder to look upon my throbbing dripping cock, her
moisture obviously evident.

"Fuck me Master?" It came out as a whisper, which I pretended to not

Now I quickly moved, pulling her hands from her ass cheeks, spinning
her upon her back in the bed and then binding both her wrists and
ankles to the bed frame. It only took a moment. Then I retrieved
another silk scarf and then gently blinded my wife by tying it about
her head.

Once, after our second child had been born, Debbie had told me part of
the pleasure of submitting is giving all her trust to the one that she
loved. That I was given the power over total pleasure of this woman
and that she trusted me enough to use it wisely was an aphrodisiac.
This trust was pushed to the test when she had one of her senses
turned off, in this case her sight. I knew my wife well enough after
three previous kids that above all the other pleasure triggers in her
life, bound and blinded got her sex practically flowing with

I slid my hand between her thighs and cupped her sex just to be sure,
my hand came away dripping wet. Meanwhile Debbie groaned and wiggled
her hips about on the bed. She needed more erotic attention, and she
knew she would get it, just not in what form or when. One of the last
things she had seen just before I applied the scarf to her eyes was of
my cunt-wet hard cock - I knew that was what she was seeing now in her
minds eye.

As I retrieved the fruit, I chuckled to myself. The reason of my
initial blow job earlier was to release that pent up anticipation and
excitement that had built since my wife's phone call. I could give my
sexy loving submissive wife erotic torture for hours and she knew it,
that was probably one of the reasons that she was now trembling like a
tree in a storm right at that moment.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Your mine Debbie."

A whispered reply, "Yes!"

"I'm going to fuck you."

"Oh yes!"

"I am going to use your sexy body for hours."

"Yes Master, yes!" She was getting louder and her chest was raising
and falling faster.

"Is there anything you would not want me to do to you slave?"

She stilled, but for the heavy breathing, as she thought briefly, "No
master." She didn't sound to sure. I often thought up things for her
to do that she had never thought of, things that she would never do -
if not for the hormones raging through her body. Things she thought
she hated, things that loved when ordered to do them.

Once I had her suck me in a rental car when I took her on a business
trip, pulling up to a fast food window and giving my order to the
teenage boy as he watched my wife's face bob up and down my lap. She
actually orgasmed at the same time I did, the exhibitionist within her
revealed, to her embarrassment, for my use. She had been six months
pregnant at the time with our third, and her stomach was very
pronounced. It was obscene and very erotic.

Debbie would never, ever, do such a thing if not ... well you know.

We knew last time, and we had role-played with the idea, of having
another woman join us given the chance. She had trembled with fear at
the thought even as she practically orgasmed as I twisted her nipple
and fingered her ass hole. I knew this fourth baby was another chance
at the fantasy - that given the high-hormones in her body that she
wouldn't say no to this desire of mine. And I knew something else,
she would enjoy it - immensely.

The juice from the fresh strawberry dropped down upon her tiny hard
nipple and give it a ghoulish appearance with its red juice on her
white skin. I leaned over and barely touched her skin as I licked her
nipple clean.

Debbie simply groaned with pleasure. I knew the cool juice on her hot
sensitive nipple was more potent than a open handed spank to her ass
just at that moment.

The juice from the orange dripped several times down upon her other
nipple. "You look so sexy slut - I could eat you right up!" She was
too excited to giggle but tried to squeeze her thighs together,
unsuccessfully with the binding, and groaned with need. I cleaned her
other breast and nipple.

"Open your lips slave." She immediately did, looking very sexy I may

I rolled the half-squashed strawberry about her lips, leaving a red trail of juice, before pressing it into her mouth. She ate it rapidly
and swallowed. My tongue licked her lips clean before I locked our
mouths together only long enough for a single dominant kiss.

Again my hand slipped down between her pussy-drenched slick thighs to
cup her super-heated vagina. Without warning I slipped my two middle
fingers into her gently until they were submerged. I pulled them out,
just as Debbie was about to pump upwards with her hips, and returned
between her thighs with the same hand.

Gently but with experience with this region of my wife, I slipped a
new strawberry between the outer labia of her sex. My wife nearly
orgasmed just at that new intrusion, arching her back high off the bed
and soundlessly screaming. Her wrists and ankles had to be raw red after that effort, but it mattered little to me at that moment. I
would kiss them better latter. Right now I had more important things
to do!

The green head of the strawberry was sticking obscenely out from
between the slick puffy out from Debbie's sex. I left it there much
to her pleasure - though from her movements and groans it was obvious
that the sensation wasn't enough to satisfy her but just to heighten
her already excited person. I sat back and looked upon her for a long
moment, sweaty and sticky already from our play, and loved her very
much at that moment.

It seemed appropriate as I reached out and took a thick hard nipple
between thumb and forefinger to squeeze it firmly holding it until my
wife hissed from the pain.

I forced another strawberry into her sex, pressing the first further
in. Then I again pinched and held her other nipple. I did this twice
more till her sex was bulging and her nipples throbbing painfully.

Then, as you may predict, I slowly pulled each of the four strawberry
from her body and fed them to my bound and blind wife. She ate 'em
with relish, as if she were starving. It was a sight I assure you.

Then came the banana, "Open wide darling." She had no idea what was
next but dropped her jaw nearly to her chest - I slipped the fat
banana past her lips. It fit, barely.

"Get it nice and wet my juicy little slut." A play on words
obviously. It would be a good guess for her to realize what was
coming next - and I don't plan on disappointing her.

Slowly I slipped the ripe fruit from her mouth and trailed it down her
body, leaving a small saliva path. She groaned as the tip roughly
slipped passed her sensitive nipple and again when it dipped into her
belly-button. But it wasn't until it bumped against her clitoris,
that one spot I had purposely ignored, that she reacted.

This time the scream wasn't soundless as she jerked in her bindings,
even bouncing me nearly from the bed, and screamed out with pleasure.
It was the anguished sound of a woman so close to the brink of orgasm
that her pleasure was at that summit and it needed only a small push
to bump her over the side.

I didn't hesitate to pleasure her enlarged throbbing red clitoris, but
instead continued downwards until the end was aimed perfectly. I
pressed it firmly and slowly into my wife's vagina.

"Oh god!"

It sunk to the tapered end where I left it there and returned to the
toy box on the floor. "Don't leave me like this... please Master!"
She was pleading - Debbie has the most pleasurable of orgasms when her
body and mind is pushed to the point that she feels the need to
humiliate and beg for a release. I've done this numerous times, of
course not since the last days of her previous pregnancy.

Sitting in the wide chair in the corner, Debbie was arching her head
to listen to what I was doing, I leafed through numerous photos of my
pretty wife. They had been kept in the toy chest and in each my sexy
wife was of varying ages and of had been at different lengths in her
pregnancy. They were graphic proof of her submissive sluttiness when
she was pregnant. One of my favourites was during the pregnancy of
our first child, her younger face glowing from pregnancy and from
numerous orgasms smiling into the camera - upon her face my ejaculate.
That photo seemed to say it all.

"I'm just looking at your photos darling." Though there wasn't much
light in the room I could see her face darken with embarrassment. She
of course didn't say anything.

"How is that cunt of mine doing?" I'm never allowed such gross
descriptions of her womanhood except... you know.

She squeezed, "Its very wet." As an afterthought Debbie added,

A sudden empowerment came to me and to dropped the photos to the floor
already forgotten. I unbound her ankles then retied them together,
with barely four inches of slack. Next I unbound her wrists, which
were red raw from her straining, and retried them together.

I turned my lovely wife upon her side and pulled her feet up and her
hands down, tying the two loose ends together. Debbie was forced
nearly double with her ass pressed backwards. That bright yellow
banana had its tip pressed out from behind her, it was obscene and
very sexy.

Crawling upon the bed I grabbed a nectarine and knelt behind my wife's
thrusting ass and bit the juicy fruit. The sloppy sucking sounds took
my wife by surprise and the cool drops of juice that hit her hip
caused little shivers to roll through her body.

Taking my time I squeezed more k-y jelly upon my hard thrusting cock
and rubbed it in even as I continued to eat the fruit. My horny wife seemed to know something was coming up, no pun intended, so lifted her
ass enough so the banana was nearly pointing upwards.

I don't know what she thought I was going to do, but I knew she was
excited and wanted it to happen, needed it to happen. She had to know
didn't she?

I aimed, held my breath unconsciously, and moved slowly and cautiously
forwards. My cock hit the ring of her spincter and the resistance
held for a brief few seconds before suddenly popping open enough for
me to slid my length into her rear.

That was enough for Debbie, and she started to convulse and cry out
with pleasure. The orgasm ripped along the length of my cock and
nearly pushed out the banana, which I used my free hand to hold in.
It was long and very pleasurable, from all indications.

I waited till Debbie completely relaxed, breathing deep and fast, her
body very wet with sweat and random individual muscles rippled
uncontrollably. That was when I knew she was completely defenceless
and open for me to use.

My cock started to glide out from her depths to the edge of my bloated
head, and returned with barely a second hesitation back into her
bowels. My wife grunted and I saw her bite into the blanket before

I pulled her head back by her hair, non too gently I may add, and
pressed the half finished nectarine between her lips. She lay bound,
blinded and gagged. And she loved every second. My sexy pregnant
wife was again ascending the heights of ecstasy.

Again and again I moved within her backside. Her anal ring, though
relaxed, was like a oval vise resisting my movements. It stretched my
cock deliciously, even to the point of being painful, but I loved
every second.

With each push of my body I began to accelerate unconsciously, needed
another release of my own. Debbie, unconscious of any entity in this
world, was in her own ethereal state where eroticism and pleasure
existed. She began to grunt into the nectarine with each pound of my
hips against her wide soft ass.

It was my hand upon the still-submerged banana that was the beginning
of the end for both of us. That sudden touch reverberated to the
depths of her body and just by grasping the outer tip of that fruit
caused a new squeal and clasp of pleasure from my wife. Even in my
hazy state, I understood the power of this.

My own sweat was beading on my skin and I was nearly double over the
hip of my wife as I pounded my cock within her. This brought her
fruity phallus to come easily in reach. As I moved within her ass my
hand moved the banana, alternating fucking her juicy hot sex.

Debbie was getting double banged and she loved it.

How did I know - well she was completely out of control for one. She
started a rapid rise and fall for numerous smaller orgasms, though I
was unaware of this at the time. If not for the binding she would
have bounced me off her hip onto the floor. As it was, her feet were
whipping around within her bindings so much that she tore one of her

It was the release of my own pleasure that sent her up to that final
pinnacle a second behind mine. I grunted and clenched every muscle
within my body as it felt as every sperm leaving my body took with it
the energy of my body. I flooded her ass.

Once my wife explained how much she enjoyed the alien and very
pleasurable feeling of my ejaculate within her anal passage. The hot
seed seemed to fill her body and my energy enabled her to reach for
another lofty orgasm.

She screamed once, long and loudly and also clenched. We lay like
that for an eternity before both of us collapsed in an erotic heap.

The fog filled my brain and my body didn't move from exhaustion. My
lovely submissive pregnant wife had to have been in the same
condition, as she never moved or made a noise.

I was just coming out of my stupor, my mind lifting from the depths
and a smile returned to my lips when the phone rang.

Now you may think it crazy but I answered it. Remember, Debbie and I
were still parents. Damn good parents if you ask me.

"Hello?" Debbie lifted her head as if that movement would help her
hear both sides of the conversation.

It was the doctors office - they had made a mistake, the labs
confirmed it. I pulled the blindfold to reveal the soft loving
concerned eyes of my wife, the nectarine long since lost in the throes
of passion.

I listened concern of my own, as our family doctor explained the error
and then the result. Debbie saw it in my face - the concern turn to

"What is it honey? The kids?"

I held up a hand asking for her silence so I could finish the call.
"Thank you Doctor... yes... thanks again, bye." I hung up.

It was the most incredible thing - not what the doctor had told me but
how it affected my life.

"You are not pregnant."

Debbie opened her mouth to argue, of course she was pregnant - didn't
the hormones raging through her prove it? "You are going through the
'change'." Its what Debbie's mom used to call it, the doctor had used
bigger words though.

That stopped my wife in amazement, it hadn't happened to her mom till
she was ten years older than Debbie was now. Yet it could happen to a
woman this old.

Then, I saw it in her eyes, that look that told me she realized what
this meant as I did.

My hand slipped down to her side and I rolled it along her stocking clad thigh and slipped back to her smooth soft ass. I pulled the
banana, with an audible pop I may add, from her sex and began to peel
back the sloppy yellow peel.

"Oh my god! I'm not pregnant."

Even as I took the first bite I looked into her eyes and watched as
she smiled slowly.

Gone was that shy conservative wife and here, forever, was a sexy
submissive wife that I had only known briefly during her pregnancies.

Now those rare hormones were raging throughout her body now and

With a half smile, my wife asked, "May I have a bite of that

I turned about and slipped my dirty cock into her mouth.



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