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There was no going back now. There was nothing that could stop this.
They could only give in, and let it happen, from this point and beyond. He
lay her down on the sand, beneath the stars, and peeled her clothing from
her aching body. Her pale hands fluttered like birds, moving from
caressing his ebon skin to removing his shirt, his belt, his pants, to
hurrying her own limbs out of her clothes. Then his kisses came down like
rain, and the stars in the sky burst like lights in her mind at the feel of
his cool and careful full lips. His breath, cool against her neck, his touch. His large hands, flowing like waves over her
outstretched form. He explored her, his whispering mouth tasting her neck,
her lips, her earlobes. His voice sang soothing tunes in her ear. "I have
loved you for so long....I know nothing else but this love, this
moment...All that you are is all that I love...all that I need..." She
gasped, panting as his hand cupped her ivory breast and his dark mouth
dipped to suckle from her burgundy nipple. He pulled at it, teased at it
gently, tugging it lightly with his even teeth. Massaging, his hand moved
all of the sensitive areola into his mouth. He tongued it between his
teeth and cheeks. "I need you," was all she could say, breathless. Her
short painted nails were roving over his spine, and she could feel his skin
becoming gooseflesh beneath her clutching fingertips. He grabbed one of
her thighs and lifted it, his dark hand sliding down toward her fleshy
white buttocks. The sky was midnight blue above them, dotted with the
white pinpricks of the stars. The beige of the sand beneath their entwined
bodies was dusky brown in the darkness. And the only sound besides their
love was that of the night creatures of the desert, skittering and
scampering far from where the lovers had at last collapsed. Dinner had
been great. The walk in the desert had been wonderful. But his body,
sliding like a shadowed ocean of lust over her white fire, was heaven.
Flowing, he entered her. His thickness spread her wet privacy without his
hand ever needing to intrude. He knew she was ready for him. She had
always been ready for him, and he had always known it would be so. He
found himself shuddering, ducking his head into the crook of her neck as he
slid slickly inside her sheath. "For eons to come....nothing will be as
perfect as this....Nothing...." His liquid voice purred in her ear, and she
arched, her spine curled up from the sand as her hips rose to greet his.
She lifted both her legs, wrapping them like cotton bandages around the
backs of his thighs. As he pushed himself to her very core, she groaned,
feeling herself more filled and complete than ever before. "Yes," was all
she could say, her mind rushing like a brush fire, out of control and
burning hot. Then her tongue was against the thick cording of his neck,
flicking over the surface. Her pale hands slipped low down his back,
grasping his behind and pulling him to her as her legs moved to rise
higher, as high as they could, up his waist. "I need you," she grunted,
bucking beneath him. "I love you," she moaned, every word an effort taken
from her focused energy. They were mated. They were one. He began to
withdraw himself, feeling the ridge of the top of his member dragging
against her tight insides, feeling how she clung to his every inch,
luxuriating in that desperate and primal act she could not control. "I
love you like the sand loves the sun...flowing in an endless and unseen
river that never stops....never pauses....My love for you never pauses..."
"Just love me," she barely managed as a reply. And he did. Until the sun
rose and the day returned to forbid their love. Until their bodies
untangled in the boldness of the day, and became two again. He, a wave on
the ocean of Time that had crashed into the fire that was she. And she, a
fire burning desperately on the sand that was he, finding no fuel and
destined to burn out...but burn she did, none-the-less.


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