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m/m/f, drunk chick grope, double oral
By Typoman
Edited by Mrs.Typo
Do not repost this story without my header.
Do not remove my name from this story.

This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual
encounters between three minors.
It is derived from my teenage experiences.
If you are offended by stories like this, or you are under
the legal age to view material such as this, do not read any


Dan and I were not only best friends, we also worked
together at a local restaurant. It had a smorgasbord in the
front and a steak house in the back. It was a real bummer to
have to work every major holiday like Christmas,
Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve.
We usually worked the steak house because we could get
in a lot of hours and it wouldn't interfere with our school.
This particular New Years Eve was during our freshman year.
It was just after midnight, the champagne had been
served and the party was in full swing. Dan and I were in
the kitchen helping ourselves to some of the champagne, when
this drunk girl came staggering in through the double doors,
She was pretty young, maybe she was with her family, I don't
She smiled at us and said, "Where's the champagne?"
"They're serving it out on the floor, Miss. Ask your
waitress and she'll get you some more."
"Mom said that I've had enough! She's a meanie!
Anyways, I don't think I've had too much, do you?"
Dan and I just looked at each other, the communication
between us needed no words.
"Champagne? It's right back here." Dan said. He turned
his back to us and went to our secret stash. Little did he
know that the girl was following him, and me right on her
tail. At the time, the drinking age had been lowered to 19
years of age. This girl looked about the same age as us,
which was 17. She was just a tad overweight, maybe only 25
lbs. She looked fairly well lit, and us two had just begun
our drinking. The kitchen had emptied out, all the cooks and
dishwashers had gone home since dinner had stopped being
served since 10:00 or so. The three of us were alone there
in that big old kitchen. When Dan turned around, here we
were, she, waiting for a refill on her glass, me waiting for
an opportunity for a kiss and maybe a feel of her titties.
Dan held the full bottle up for us to see, then started
to remove the foil and cork. "We went through a lot of
trouble getting this bottle Miss.uh.. What's your name?"
"Marla, Did you guy's swipe it?"
I said from close behind her "Swipe is such a bad word,
Dan and I appropriated it for us to enjoy tonight. By the
way, My name is Larry."
She had turned to face me, "Well Larry, it's very nice
of you guy's to share it with me."
"Can you give us a New Years kiss in exchange Marla?
Dan and I've been working all night and haven't had any time
for fun!"
"Sure Guy's I'm glad to show my appreciation for
Dan had a big smile on his face and had set the still
unopened bottle down to take advantage of the situation.
When Marla kissed me, his hands roamed over her back and
butt. She didn't seem to notice what the person behind her
was doing. She was pressed against me pretty firmly,
enjoying the feel of my erection against her pelvis. My
tongue was gladly accepted into her waiting mouth. After
swapping tongues for about a minute, she stiffened and
pulled away from me and turned to Dan.
"Those hands of yours are sure taking liberties Dan! I
thought We were just gonna kiss?"
"I couldn't help myself Marla, You've got such a nice
body! Besides, you're safe back here. What can two horny
guy's do back here with that crowd outside?"
Dan pulled the girl to hem and kissed her, he didn't
get as long of a kiss as I had enjoyed. She pulled away
because my hard cock was pressed against her butt, and my
hands were feeling the sides of her tits from under her
"Okay guy's that's enough! I want my drink now!"
Dan popped the cork and poured her a glass while my
hands gently caressed her butt, knowing she had to hold
still while he was pouring. She stepped aside from us and
Raising her glass to us she said "Thanks guy's, It was
nice. I'll just go back outside where my body is safe from
your roaming hands!"
After we watched Marla leave, Dan and I laughed, then
we told each other what we had managed to feel up. I had the
better kiss, but Dan had gotten his hands all the way up her
bare leg to her panties while she was kissing me.
It wasn't long before Marla's glass had gone dry. She
was using a water glass, so she had a real good buzz going
when she came back to the kitchen again. This time she put
her hand behind her and intercepted my hardon while she was
kissing my friend. Before long, she had a trouser bulge
pressing into each hand.
"To bad there isn't anyplace more private, I'd like to
see what you horndogs have in there!" she said while
simultaneously squeezing us.
Dan spoke up first. "There's a bathroom back here
Marla, why don't we go back there?"
She pondered for a bit, then grinned at us devilishly.
"How about if we swap the whole bottle for a double blow
That proposition got a resounding double "Hell YES!"
Marla said, "Now here's the deal, nobody is gonna fuck
me. Got it? I'll scream my head off if anyone even try's it!
You two keep your hands to yourself and let me do the work.
I've never blown two guys at once and well.. Anyway, show me
the way!"
We had to help her to the bathroom, but we kept our
hands in safe areas. She sat on the toilet and took out both
our pricks. Taking a mouthful of champagne, she started
sucking on me while hand-jobbing my buddy.
Poor Dan had never in his life masturbated. Why that
was, I don't know. We had been friends for years, and even
his older brother was like that too. He started to come
before Marla had even put her lips on his slobbering tool.
She couldn't even get her mouth around it before he erupted.
Being a smart girl, she let go of my prick and blocked his
shooting seed with her other hand. Both Dan and Marla were
disappointed with his quick trigger. Luckily, there were
cloth towels stored right there, and the mess was cleaned up
so Marla could start again with me. That was the first time
that I had seen my friends prick erect. Our length was
almost the same, but my prick was a lot thicker than his
was. I'm sure that the thickness was a result of many years
of monkey spanking.
Poor Dan just stood there with his still erect prick
jutting out while Marla took my whole 6- inches down her
throat. That was my first blow job, so I was having a hard
time holding back and I told her so.
"Marla! I'm getting really close!"
She took her mouth off my prick with a slight popping
sound, holding my throbbing tool in her hand.
"Larry, how would you like to come in my mouth?"
"Shit! That'd be great Marla!"
"Okay then, you just calm down a minute and I'll start
again. If you can last for a while longer, I'll give you the
orgasm of your life! Have you ever had this done to you
before Larry?"
"No, You're the first."
"Oh goody! A blow job virgin! I'll give you a extra
special one then."
My hands went to her head when she took my prick into
her waiting mouth. She jerked her head away and gave me a
serious look.
"Here's a word of advice Hun. Don't grab a woman's head
while she's blowing you! It's degrading. Sorta like fucking
her in the mouth instead of her freely giving her mouth to
you, understand?"
"Okay, Sorry, I didn't know!"
"That's alright, most men don't know that. Now where
was I? Oh yes I remember!"
Once again, Marla's mouth took my flesh inside. She put
her hands on my hips and very slowly moved my prick in and
out of her mouth. It was so very hard to let her set the
speed, I wanted to just bury my prick to her tonsils and
empty my balls onto her. The slowness of her rhythm was
maddening. Several times she stopped sucking me to tell me
to relax my legs. Before long, my pants were down to my
ankles. I I moaned as her fingernails gouged a path across
my buttox.
I had forgotten all about Dan, but as I shifted my
weight onto one foot so Marla could suck on my balls, I
bumped into him. He was silent, jealous and turned on all at
the same time, watching me get the blowjob of my young life.
After three close calls, Marla finally allowed me to
come. I had to hold onto the wall for support, while my
knees tried to buckle. Her hands on my hips gently, but
firmly held me in place while my very soul erupted from deep
within and shot down her throat as she swallowed my spunk.
She moaned appreciatively at my response.
Occasionally her lips broke their vacuum seal from
around my crank, making erotic, slightly disgusting fart
like noises. Finally she let me go. I took a step backward
to keep from falling and thumped against the bathroom wall.
Marla gave me a knowing, wet lipped smile, then took
another swig from the champagne bottle on the floor beside
her. She stood, and stepped to me, taking my deflating prick
in hand.
"Are you willing to kiss the mouth that sucked your
prick dry Larry?"
I was both disgusted and intrigued at the thought, but
had to try it. When our lips met, and her tongue pierced my
closed mouth, I could taste just a hint of my come on her
tongue. Dan understandably refused when confronted with her
wet lips. We both watched in wonder as Marla teetered out
the bathroom door, taking her well-earned bottle with her.
Dan looked jealously at me, "LARRY! YOU LUCKY mother FUCKER!"
I smiled satisfactorily at my friend. "Maybe you'll
quit being such a prude and start whipping your mule Danny!
You know that was what made me last!"
"Oh bull shit Larry! I bet you went to the bathroom and
petted your puppy right after we felt her up the first time.
You fucking pervert!"
I just smiled.
The End

Authors note:
Dan and I really did get to get a kiss and a titty feel
from a slightly tipsy girl who was looking for champagne
during that new years eve party. But that was all.
My friend and his two brothers swore they never
masturbated whenever we talked about it.

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