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C1 sucking Trish her trashing above


The commune Presentation Sitting in her green velvet covered arm chair
Sodome prized the beautiful things around her: paintings, mirrors, subtle
colors arrangements and above all the attention lavished on her person,
more specifically her feet, at the hands of two young men with naked broad
shoulders, and her clitoris upon which a tongue, sliding leisurely between
her open legs, slowly moving up and down lavished a wet caress. The touch,
light and almost imperceptible, started, with each brush, a pleasing and
relaxing wave along her spine. The connection between feet and clit bred
the pleasure. Her languorous gaze, crossing the men vision, initiated an
exchange of smile with the musicians playing her body into a symphony. The
sensation stabilized with her throat purring like a cat. The beauty of the
slow going built the pressure for something more intense. Her crotch,
demanding against the lips of Gabriella, her pussy lover, a beautiful
slender blond of twenty-four which unbuttoned blouse showed one of her
small high placed breast, was rewarded with a stronger contact from
Gabriella lips. Her voice joined the body language. "Yes honey, the
moment calls for faster and stronger." For Jules and Jim, her feet devotee,
she add: "Undress my boys, I must read your lust for me" Warm liquids
ruffled inside Sodome while she though. I love them so eager to please.
The two men brought their penises into my extended hands. The dicks became
alive under my caress. I masturbated them, relishing in the shape of the
flesh in my palm, till their panting saturated the space: two men crazy for
me! "Nice erection darling. Do we have candidate for orgasm tonight? You
will compete for that prize." Trish, sipping her tea in a chair in front of
me, Gabriella and Jim responded very positively. "Honeys strip bare for me
and dance your Asses to the rhythm of your desires." Their sexual energy
was bewitching to witness. The girls' pussy lips, open and wet, showed
with each backward thrust of the posteriors like a dot on the crack of
their buttocks, which voluptuously curves caught an amazing arc of light,
almost reflecting into each other. Some hairs pointed occasionally at the
far top of the lips above soft rosy buttons punctuated their vibrant
offering. In contrast the muscular male muscle looked more solid. The
penis in full erection balanced above the scrotum, flashing when the hips
moved backward. The display of young, vibrant and flexible flesh accrued
the softness of my own belly. Crowing, I slapped lightly Jules' bottom:
"You like it too! You yearn to plunge that dick in there? Sorry, today
only one of them will come and I decide which one. The most excited, the
one loaded with tons of raw sexuality will gain the prize. Go get some
godes and put the music on. They will synchronize for an even better show.
It's fun to watch you now, your penis preceding you by four inches. Wait
would you like some thrust into one these holes without coming? Would you
enjoy it? Your throbbing dick responds for you. Get the godes after
putting the music. I may be in the mood by then. You three put one hand
on your sex. Get it going let find out if something leaks." Waiting for
Jules to come back I contemplated the alterations in the intimate folds of
my dancers, evidences that the insertions will be a welcome addition to the
hands stimulations. The frontier of the spots where to initiate the push
was emerging from their surrounding when Jules came back with the toy box.
I choose two broad relatively short ones for the females and a longer
slender one for Jim. "Put the white one inside Trish first. Can you see
the point where to begin?" "Yes Mistress. I do recognize what you mean."
"Push it slowly while turning all the way to its guard." The turgidness of
his organ, while he lovingly pushed the artifice in place, pictured his
madness with the desire to put his own thing at this very place while being
relieved to use an in fatigable tool to tend to her thirst. He did not
know it yet but soon his needy pole will taste Gabriella liquid fire. His
loving obedience regularly engaged me to give him his preferred candy: a
wrap to caress his flesh and me to force him out before it was too late.
"Very nicely done. Now for Jim's turn, lick that silicone first to get it
well lubricated then slip it in slowly. Remember his regular claim that
his pleasure comes from the rubbing. He likes it that way although he may
complain about the hand that stuff it in. Now the black one goes into
Gabriella. Do you want it sweet heart?" "Please, Mistress, it may help me
reach a higher excitation." "Now Jules come here to start earning your
keep. My clit is mad for a tongue while my cunt cries for your finger.
More people to take care of me would be nice but you will do for now.
Let's check if you are worth the promised plunge." Jules tongue alternated
strong and light strokes on a pattern known only by him for a special
treat. Each touch, full of love, contained some new and appealing element.
His repeated narration of his delight at my smell and the moves of my hips
pushing against his lips allowed me a total abandon to his ministrations.
Sucking on my sex made his penis hard like a rock. He loved this
sensation. His well educated tongue carried onto my clit the tempo of my
fingers brushing his head. His expertise at the game allowed him to fine
tune to the smallest aspect of my immediate mood. The curves of the three
dancers and his attention brought me closer to the point were relief would
be the main thing on my mind. I tenderly moved his head away from my
intimacy. "Thank you for your attention my love. Watch them. Choose
which one awaken your appetite." The women sexes hypnotized Jules, thin
lines with well tended hairs perfectly organized glittering from the
wetness, the gode moving in the middle, the fingers pressing the lip
junction. He finally said what I already knew: "Please Mistress give me
Gabriella." "Suit yourself. Gabriella turn toward me so I can monitor both
of your faces while he gets inside you. And Jules please no surprise come
this time. Gabriella, if by some miracle you get close, let it go my dear.
For this rare event we will happily relieve you from the rule." Jules moved
behind her, replacing the gode with his live meat. Her glowing cunt glued
to his penis transport him for a short trip in paradise. His body shook.
His breath got shorter and stronger. He though I will do anything for that
to continue forever. Gabriella responded warmly her face illuminated by
the fullness of her insides. Deep inside her he rubbed the top of his pole
against her inner membrane for another thrill. Too soon the need to
control him killed the magic. Sodome voice aborted the next thrust.
"Thank you sweet heart. Remove yourself before you get disappointed." He
knelt for me as a thank you token. I offered my foot to his lips while
saying to the others: "Stand up lovers." The trio stood up to face us
displaying their front part. Jim furiously erect dick caught my attention.
My lovers, waiting at my disposal, so eager to please turned my pussy into
a fountain. They kept moving to the sound of music, a diorama of
undulating hips honoring my approach. I tickled Jim hard cock scraping the
softness of his scrotum. His face contracted. My hand went through the
deep between his lower cheeks bringing my breast against his chest. He
moaned under the caress, his face wrinkled by the pleasure begging for
more. I turned my attention to Trish. The spasm of jealousy, which
replaced his contentment, reached my heart. I kissed him on the lips
appeasing him with love. Throwing her modesty to the wind Trish swayed her
hips to call my hand on her pudenda. I followed the deep of her labia to
the gode. With both hands she push them apart offering her needy button
like an island in a river. I obliged flipping the ripe bud with my
fingers. It was time to repay Jim for his patience. The gode popped out of
her cunt diffusing a strong smell of rut. I gently took Gabriella chin for
a light kiss before directing it to Trish mound. Her lips found contact.
Trish hips following the music rhythm discovered a perfect target for the
content of my hand: Jim cock. Eager for it, she bent a little bit to let
him in. Gabriella hand, at the frontier of her pubic hair, silently
solicited my permission to move lower. The benevolent grin on my face
propelled her finger on her hot spot. Crazy with desire, I let the magical
energy run all other me. I had better come soon or get nuts. Who would be
the best to hold at this moment? Trish intense pleasure, at being sucked and fucked at the same time, attracted my libido. Her tongue responded
with passion to my kiss. She was close to come, too close for my taste. A
pinch on her tits, sending her into overload, forced her clit away from
Gabriella mouth to avoid coming outright. Her top energy level was behind.
I hugged her against my skin to comfort her. My own clit replaced Trish in
contact of Gabriella sucker. Jim sheathed his cock inside me from behind.
Gabriella was performing perfectly. Jules suck on Jim anus empowering him,
Jules way to share into Jim treasure. Trish, uncertain, holds my head,
caressing my breast. Moaning on the verge of orgasm I knew that Jim's cock
was the tool for it. I told him: "Fuck me, Honey. Fill me hard and
strong. Come with me but wait for me. Give it to me." All instructions
being given I could concentrate on my erogenous parts. I panted really
hard contracting my vagina on his cock on the music rhythm. Gabriella
touch accompanied the fluid pressure on my vagina. I said: "Stronger,
faster, it is so good." Gabriella responded well but Jim contracted. He
could not hold it for long. I let it go and we came together with Jim in
the other tender embrace. Jules rushed to lick my cunt clear of the oozing
sperm milking the last stimulation on my erotic part after the coitus. A
good tongue, full of stamina, honoring me after a vaginal orgasm was
placating. Jules drinking from Jim come loaded me with power. I knew he'd
rather put his own sperm into me. My hand holding tenderly his very hard
dick was more than enough to make him search another occasion to drink from
me. How surprising is submissive mind, humiliation trigger them but they
also hate you for it. I stood for a while resting in the other arms while
he cleaned me, relishing in this humiliation to suck some other men sperm
from my dripping vagina and loving him so much for his devotion.

What happened for them?

After Sodome orgasm, the entire commune sat down holding each other
hands. They meditated in silence for a while. Then Sodome voice started:
"Close your eyes to let your body relax. Feel the ground under you.
Gather the sexual energy, or what is left of it, concentrated in your sex
to let it flow through your body into the ground. Separate your need for
relief from the energy. Use the energy to create a bubble around yourself
that touch ours. Express your anger, love, frustrations or need for a
change. Now is the time to ask for more attention. We are ready to accept
contradiction now, later we may not. Come forward and express your point
of view." Gabriella talked first: "Some power inundated me as a part of
this three bodies offering. My strong female smell blended perfectly with
my partners. The watching eyes traced lines of warm under my skin. My
hand playing freely with my button and this large gode filling me charged
my libido to the hilt. How could I not be chosen? Then the vibrations of
Jules cock, so satisfied to be buried there, comforted the giving side of
my feminity. I'm very obliged for the deep and good of what happened.
Then sucking on Trish, her trashing above me filled me with envy. At the
same time it makes me burn to witness her sexuality. Somehow I can accept
to be left with all my current blowing fully. I sense the electricity
reaching my feet and hands. I love you, Sodome and this is the best way
for me to say it." With that she bows her heads, get on her knees to kiss
Sodome foot. She goes back into seating. Jim said: "Thank you all.
Showing me turned me on masking the silliness to masturbate on command
while my ass is filled at somebody else's will. I always wanders if it
would not be even better if I was setting the rules but today the reward, a
great orgasm deep into my Mistress cunt, was outstanding. Your inside,
Sodome, make the best treasure in the world. You were open, offered, and
available. I feel very relax and sated. I'm full of gratitude for you. I
wander why controlling my excitation inside Trish is much easier than
inside Sodome. I could feel Trish about to come although I was not ready
yet. Moreover feeling that I could give her more made her body an even
better place to be while inside Sodome I had to isolate myself to be able
to wait and the permission came as a relief. Jules loving tongue added a
great touch. I'm sure you enjoyed the taste of my sperm." Jules responded:
"It was not exactly the best part of the day although I love Sodome
intimacy so much that your sperm did not really matter. As far as
pleasuring you goes, I preferred feeling your ass quivering around my
tongue. Also I suspect that somehow you were making fun of me when you
said that." Trish said: "My swollen clit is bothersome. The frustration of
getting so height without finishing boils into anger. If only Gabriella
had slow down I would have controlled myself. Couldn't you sense that it
was too much? It would have been better for me. I'm sure you did it on
purpose to get me out so you could come but one day I will get your butt
for that. Next time I hope I can diffuse better the pleasure in my whole
body. The moment of intense pleasure are so exceptional that it is always
difficult for me to keep myself together. If I was more in control I could
come better. Those days I always confuse the effort to gain the privilege
from the relief itself. Anyway I cannot muster by myself a couple to suck
and fuck me at the same time so I need Sodome but by being dependent I
cannot really enjoy it." Sodome intervene: "Don't put it on Gabriella, she
followed your rhythm. Nest time slowed down and she will. You keep adding
until it is too late. Before me you thought that you had to push yourself
otherwise the guy will never make you come now you believe you are
frustrated because I force you to pull out before satisfaction. I saw your
eyes bigger than your tummy. This is why I did not let you come. Your
orgasm would have been only the suppression of an annoyance while before
the pull out it would have been a wild fire. I loved you expressing such a
beautiful fire but suddenly it all went away. Jim also do that, it looks
like trespassing on a forbidden domain, or staying too long under water,
when you cross the boundary there is nothing left." "This is when I really
would get satisfied." Said Trish. Sodome responded: "I hate to remind you
but two weeks ago you offered your butt to my whip while begging me to
accept you services. You have to wait for me because, as you said, without
me you could not get there. That is the point everybody picked up: you put
your urge first ignoring my preferences. Gabriella pick it up, Jim pick it
up. You had to remove yourself from Gabriella embrace. Now you think that
Gabriella or me took your pleasure away. Believe me or not this is not the
case" After some silence Jules talked: "From my point of view Trish sees
herself as a dominant consequently she is frustrated to be a submissive.
One day she will get in the other position. From there she will have a
real choice. Personally I loved the evening. Your pelvis moving toward me
and your hand on my head caressing and showing the best moves while I lick
you, Sodome, make me wild. Then the display of desire by your three body,
all three so high, so eager to win, so swollen. Gabriella back side was
irresistible. The variation of the curvature between her lower back and
her buttock was screaming at me. Being allowed to dip my stick in such a
camber cunt was very satisfying when suddenly, as it happen often when I'm
inside, the magic vanished. I'm amazed how Sodome never miss this kind of
things. I dream so much of it and then I'm satisfied so quickly!" "Thank
you all. You pleased me by your obedience, your eagerness and your energy.
The only negative note is at the orgasm point the cock was not giving
enough. Another time I will push you more toward limits." On those word
Sodome took Trish hand to leave signaling bedtime. The slaves were sharing
a communal room with two bunk beds. Tonight Trish had the privilege of
sleeping at the foot of Sodome bed.

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