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C10TXT old to For the next three


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\deflang1033\pard\plain\f2\fs28\b Three weeks before \par \plain\f4\fs20
Sodome entered Raven home, nude under her coat, except for stocking and
garter. The coat stayed on the rack in the entrance as she had been
instructed. Alone she walked to John room, her skin totally discovered.
She had had phantasms of such a situation but until recently it was never
with her in that role. The strength of her need for Raven approval fueled
the motor turning shame into excitement. Along the way, her gaze low to
avoid confronting passerby, the temptation to hide her well-groomed mound
with her hand frolicked in her mind but she knew better. John talking on
the phone signaled her to remain in front of him. His thin lips in the
middle of his tough face and his short black hair evoked the picture of an
attack dog. Watching in awe the man that ruled her, although she could see
his limitations at first glance, to obey her master, confronted her to the
power of her love. Raven bidding coerced her into accepting John
dominance, however outside of here she could make him run around without
any effort. Shaking those troubling thought to take her best pose, she
lifted her arms to advantage her heavy, well separated, pear shaped breast which long, clear tits, surrounded by a large brown aureole jutted on top.
Moving languorously to animate her skin, a basic instruction for her role,
she fawn meekly to him to dissipate her short lapse. In her time as a
mistress she demanded it too: Always move when displaying yourself. He
would punish her for a poor performance. Raven had been clear about that.
Fortunately, her dancing, evidencing the elasticity of each sumptuous
curve, captures his interest. Eventually he stood to grab in his hands a
leather instrument with her name 'Sodome' engraved on it: her own chastity
belt made on her measure. His finger, moving horizontally, pointed to the
small remaining tuft of pubic hair above her sliced bump. Obediently she
spread her legs discovering freshly depilated labia. Unhooding her clit,
to pinch it softly between his thumb and index, elicited an uncontrollable
moan and a rush of moisture from her deep pit. \par "Enjoy it well beauty.
It will be three weeks before you get any extra of that." \par Ashamed,
needy and blushing she wholly offered herself to his caress, rotating her
hips while pushing her pelvis toward his hand to squeeze all the thrills
out of the caress. If only she could stop blushing. How many times does
one girl need to be ashamed before the blushing stops? Her sex, freed too
soon for her taste, hunger for more of the soft pinch. The belt around her
belly securely locked the strap that kept her clit encased and her vagina entrance blocked, leaving a gash for peeing. Fortunately her anus was
free. A stupor falls on her when he finished locking her accesses in such a
way. John scolds her \par "Don't just stand there. Get on all four; let
me see how it looks from behind. Push your knees apart, keep your butt
high and rest your head on the floor in the submission pose. You will
endure it each time you are told to. For the next three weeks you will
dedicate the view of your orbs for me everyday at this hour. Should you
decide that you got enough of us the seal is easy to break, break it by
accident will earn you six weeks with the belt but you can walk away. Just
cut it with a scissors. We will not get after you." \par With that he
slapped her seat to dismiss her. She stood, bowed and exited. \par On her
way home the hard leather surrounding her nether parts commanded her
spirit, leaving far behind the grating of her skin against her coat. Raven
chastity belt, manifest at every moment, with each step and when she
seated, herd her one more step on the vexing path toward complete
submission. Each of Raven requirements for his female slaves broke a new
door in her pudor. All along her mind watch on one side the surprising
response of her body. Her emotions were in shamble. At some incredible
moment, suddenly, all inhibitions broke loose to elate her as a complete,
happy slave. Now she could not even touch herself. Fulfilling John's
demand to take the submissive pose, everyday for three weeks, annihilated
the little pride left in her. Twenty-one times crouching to let him
appreciate the light traversing between her thighs will snap her choice
forever. For John she had been all smile and dancing. Now she was crying
at the thought of the next three weeks. He will have her go down on all
four, take her skirt up, what was she thinking! The skirt will be at home
and her coat in the entrance. His hand will travel freely around her
flesh. He will let her in the position for a while and she will thank him
when he let her go like a good girl. He may use the occasion to redden her
butt or even fuck her ass if the fancy took him. He would be the first.
There was no way out he will fuck her ass at will and that was that. He
did not even talk to her today. Why not remove that belt? Take a pair of
scissors 'et voila'. She liked toying with the idea of being a flamboyant
free woman again. Raven had insisted on the issue. His word were: \par
"Slavery is voluntary, you submit of your own will. Having you do things
you rebel against makes me hot. It may even turn you on. If it does not
you should quit." \par His words were floating through her head. She was
turned on. Her inside walls were as wet as her eyes. Her effort to free
herself from his spell had failed. She had to drink the cup to the end.
\par \par At home Sodome rushed to her room to put some clothes on before
Gabriella, her last ex-slave still living with her, could catch her. Her
discourse about the all experience was totally negative. Venting her
frustration, she told Gabriella again that she had enough and she was going
to quit that stupid game. Gabriella connected Sodome attitude to memories
of herself complaining about being groped and pinched then she would run at
the first sign from Sodome. Sodome knew she knew and it felt good to warm
each other. Gabriella was proud to be trusted with this face of Sodome
life. Holding her in her arms and caressing her hair, Gabriella tender
love consoled Sodome all along the evening while letting Sodome lying to
herself as much as she needed to. Getting to sleep took Sodome a long
time. She was missing the abundance of being served and her pulsing sex was
pushing away the slumber. \par \par Sodome discovers a new logistic
problem: How to be nude under your coat at Raven doors in the evening and
decent in your work clothes during the day? I guessed that it would be my
predicament from now on to figure out where to change or what to carry when
the time to get back home lacked. I could find a gym near Raven, exercise,
shower to be entirely fresh, put my shoes and jump into my coat, hoping
nobody will notice the missing dress. My work clothes can stay in the car.
What about the stocking and garter? I will stuff them in my pockets to
garb them in the bathroom. After that I'm all set for Raven. The presence
of the chastity belt around my hips came to my attention. Darn I will
never dare show me in the shower with that. I needed a gym with private
changing room or a room to change around the gym. I started looking around
in the yellow pages till I found the place: a fancy bathhouse next to
Raven's. I set on putting my exercise clothes under my work clothes in the
office then shower and bare myself for Raven in the bathhouse. I must not
be the only girl to use the facility as a changing room before going to
Raven. The garter rubbing against my coat qualifies forever that one block
trek. The sound of a woman walking nude under her coat is different from
the clothed one. Admitted to the familiar sequence of stripping under the
concierge eyes and again, I panicked, when putting my coat on the rack, at
the idea of not finding it when John will dismiss me. The concierge halted
me before I could start toward John office. Today I was to wait in the
entrance. I made myself into a regular fixture of Raven entrance. The
repetition did not stop the arousing effect of being displayed there.
After an innervating half an hour John told me: \par "Go take the
submissive into my office." \par I hesitated an instant before grasping the
meaning of his word. I bowed: \par "Yes, Sir." \par The carpet of his
office was soft under my cheek. Tense, I waited with my butt as the higher
point of my body, for somebody to barge in, curving inside and out the
bottom of my back to offer a changing aspect of the intersection of my
legs. He arrived to ask me to shut my eyes adding that everyday, until
ordered differently, I was to take that position with my eyes shut as soon
as I got in. He delighted in the rush of power steaming from her obscene
display. The crease separating the two oval shapes protruding atop her
camber attracted his hand to taste the soft touch of her skin. Following
the gully from top to bottom produced electricity on her skin. His finger
circled her anal orifice on their way. The reaction of her skin under his
finger harden his cock but he have to wait before fully enjoying her female
charms. The actual movement of her arse added to the pleasing flow of
blood in his organ. \par As much as I try to control myself, I quivered
under his touch. For half hour, dying of shame and curiosity, each noise
from the door sent a spate of heat through my flesh. I was not in a
position of seeing much. From the voices I knew, it was mostly females. A
couple of hard spank surprised me. John added that next time he expected
more enthusiasm when exposed otherwise it would not be only his hand
landing there. \par All along the three weeks I'm about to stop. If it
was not for the months I had already spent on that path I would have run
away. Every day is the same; John did not change the routine by an iota
inside his office. Some times I wait for him in the entrance other time
I'm told to go there by myself. I keep the pose, move my breech to beg for
the warmth of a touch, for another half an hour while people come and go.
The only excitement was when Silvana came in: she fondled my breast.
Occasionally John comments on my exposed features to visitors, triggering a
heavy blush. One day even my butt got color as I heard them telling so.
Otherwise nothing special happen. I describe the dull reality to Gabriella
because I want her to take pity on my destiny. We are two slaves
complaining of the meanness of masters that we cannot quit. At other times
I focus on the place under the belt where my bud is more swollen than ever.
With the repetition of the routine the need becomes stronger. I fantasize
a removal of the belt to humor my clit. My memory of the last pinch on it
grew more precious all the time. My ass moving high in an available way
may smooth him to give me just a little thrill. I wait impatiently for the
rare times where his hand follow my deep gully grazing the cheeks. The
warmth and the path of the hand stay imprinted for hours. Slowly I'm more
impatient for the moment where the door will open. Getting myself to sleep
is more difficult every day. Gabriella, perceiving the building of my
sexual energy and not duped by all those boring stories, offer herself but
I'm in the mood to cheat with Raven. Finally I tell her about my real
ordeal. Not the routine or the humiliation but the fact that only standing
in the entrance is arousing me. How I'm now craving John touch along my
crack and moving my rump in the most enticing way hoping that he will
reward me with it. \par }


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