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C11TXT sucking his ass belonged her


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\deflang1033\pard\plain\f2\fs28\b Sodome's new life \par \plain\f4\fs20
Tonight Sodome new life dawns. Raven will accept her as his live in maid.
Her working clothes, at her master home since the previous evening, in a
large closet situated in the slaves changing room directly accessible from
the street, claimed her stakes. Tomorrow she will belong to Raven harem
and spend her two weeks vacation nude in his home. Tonight his amazing
shaft will plunder her. The belt will go back into the hell that vomited
it. Three weeks without a breeze on her clit turned her into a sex bomb.
Her cavern, screaming for fullness, irradiated an endless stream of sexual
images. All along the day, cold showers gave her too short a diversion.
In trance she could not focus her mind on anything but the vacuum of her
belly. Utterly impatient, she arrived at Raven in advance, though
anticipating nothing nice for her from being there too early but no other
possibility appeared. Waiting in a dark corner of the entrance, flat on
her stomach on a couch and eyes bandaged, a snide ice pack on her butt she
was board but the fire was still running high. The noise of passerby
provided her only distraction. At last John's voice stirred her up. \par
"Stand up wild bush and follow my hand." \par Holding on his hand, still
blindfolded, she reached a bathroom where the belt was removed, she hoped
for the last time, and she was primed: cleaned, perfumed and depilated.
Her tits and vagina lips received rouge coloring and lavender perfume. The
passing touches around the belt area, necessary to improve her genitals,
produces quivers all over around the hyper sensitive part. The surrounding
pampering presence filled the darkness with a familiar presence. She
trusted the attendant. The blindfold taken down, with the instruction to
keep her eyes closed, the attendant painted her eyes. The annoying return
of the chastity belt around her cleft signaled the beginning of her
dressing for the evening. She was ready for him. \par John's voice, her
last contact to the world, drilled her: \par "When Raven will invite you to
take the dress off, lift it over your head from your thigh. He will remove
the chastity belt. Most of the time he keeps the trim on the girl to
underline the feminine attribute." \par The blindfold taken off she could
see for herself the elaborate evening costume. A one piece yellow girdle
sustained her breast from under, presenting her soft pears in their best
light, before going down her belly till above her hips. The lines of
contact with her upper curves, a violet lace, run under the nipple. red point lace garters, going from the girdle to the top of her thigh, hold
fish net stocking on her legs, framing her lower curves in the back and her
blossoming cleft in the front. Violet manicured hands matched the lace on
her breast while her feet, reposing on high heel sleeper, used the same
varnish. John basked for a while in her appreciation of the undergarment
before presenting a short dress, red satin fabric, which large
d\'e9collet\'e9, matching the violet line under her bosom, exposed all of
her cleavage. She donned it. The transparent point lace, inside of her
breast, did not cover the top portion of her tits. Her entrance into Raven
reception room turned the gaze of the thirty people, men and women suffused
with lust and despise, to the exposing attire. They could have her any
time. Blushing, while a swell of terror traversing her belly, requested a
flee or hide reaction, she draw on the long preparation to public exposure of the past weeks to regain control though not fast enough to hide her
lapse from Raven attention. His offer to turn away from that future
aggravated her terror: going to bed with the void unfilled. She felt on
her knees searching oblivion for this instant. He smiled, relieving her,
and signaled her to come toward him. \par "What is your purpose for being
here?" \par "I will offer myself as your slave." \par "What are you ready
to do for me?" \par "My body belongs to you. My opening will belongs to
you. My mouth will suck and kiss at your request. My legs are open to
your command. My anus and vagina will cuddle what you choose. My orgasm
belongs to you. I will serve in your house or anywhere else. Every week
your whip will have its chance at the tender flesh of my posterior. The
only control I wish to retain is the possibility to work. My attire will
be driven by the flow of blood in your cock. I will obey your servants and
respect all the rules of your house. I will strive to learn what you
enjoy." \par "Will you stay nude at all time in my house?" \par "I'm not
exposed enough right now?" \par "Will you undress yourself in public place
where everybody else is dressed?" \par "If you ask." \par "Will you do that
alone?" \par "If you demand." \par "Will you take the nipple clamps?" \par
"I will for you." \par "Will you be excited waiting for me?" \par "Sir, I
had your belt for three weeks." \par "Will you suck cock for me?" \par "On
a sign" \par Looking around he extended his hand toward a man sitting on a
chair. She walked to him and asked: \par "Sir May I please suck your
cock?" \par "I will be happy to oblige. Your costume calls to see the
entire shape of your tits." \par She looked at Raven. He made yes with his
head. He said to him: \par "Let me know when you are done with her." \par
Pushing her shoulder straps low on her upper arms induced the fabric under
her ovals treasures. The sight of her torso bouncing in the air in front
of his crotch propelled his already hard cock out of the dinner pants. The
skills, learned with Jules and Jim, will come handy. His scrotum in her
right hand, meanwhile the left one was scratching delicately the small
piece of skin at the onset of his crack, communicated her intention to her
charge. Her tongue leisurely licking the front and back of the penis
alternatively readied her guest for the next action: full immersion in her
gracious cavern. Her lips, in contact with his skin, greet the new area
while inside the tongue glued to the whole shaft was ravishing the already
heated part of it. Her head bobbling up and down, varied the depth and
speed of the plunges, careful to let the tongue give its part to the back
of the penis providing an appeasing alternative to the intense touch on the
front. His tremor in her mouth, evidence of how much he enjoyed it,
recompensed her effort. Dedicated to giving pleasure she multiplied the
hunger and looses the fright. Ushering kindly his dome to the back of her
throat rewarded her with a series of cute grunts. He shivered, accepting
her gift. The tender rub stretched till the edge, too close for his
comfort, produced a tension. Disengaging the dept of her throat from his
dome she tickled it gently with her tongue on the way out to keep some of
the electricity in it. Slowing the cadence she went up and down getting
less of him with each cycle. His vibrating hard cock expelled the fear
from her. With a last suck of her lips he popped out. Her tongue
descended his pole toward his testicles to suck each of them inside her
friendly mouth. One hand snuggled his cock while the other caressed his
crack. Her mouth, on its way toward his back, insisted on the little piece
between his cheek and his scrotum, almost biting him. The noisy background
fun, stirring her jealousy, attracted her to finish him quickly
unfortunately quietly sucking his ass belonged to her new position. Her
application to serve at Raven meant renouncing the center for someone feet.
Her Master loved when she fulfilled her sluttish obligations. She could be
sucking somebody else. Why not give this one some memories? Her hand
moved toward his cupola while her mouth touched his back hole. His hips
said: go for it. Leisurely licking the deep of his crack from the bottom
to the pelvis tested his personal sensitivity. Her tongue met the
strongest reaction at the entrance of his ass. His pelvis advanced from
the chair to give room for her tongue to reach his bud. Pushing the tip of
it, in and out as strong she could through the entrance of his ass, spawn
some trashing by his hips. He placed her hand on his pleasure knot. She
kept going till he bordered his spasm. His expectation for prompt relief
put her in a quandary. Would he rather hit home when sucked on his ass or
in her mouth? Also her patience had paid: no hardship for her in accepting
his timing. His request: \par "Honey, give me your mouth to fuck." \par
Solved the question. Kneeling at his feet, lips ajar, hands on her head
and breast floating, she tempted his assault. Standing he pushed himself
furiously in and out while holding her head with his hand. His lack of
restraint offended her and distracts her from keeping her tongue and lips
in the right places and directions. Jules would never dare do that to her
and Jim may not have thought of it. Closeting the burst reaction to this
new high in her humiliation she managed to hide her feeling from him. A
furious roar burst together with the sperm filling her throat. She drank
it. Her face was pretty much fucked up and keeping her words to her master
will need lot of work from her part. \par Returning to Raven, Sodome waits
hands on her head in front of him. His pride with her performance obvious
in his eyes, he spoke: \par "You may serve me for a month." \par Her dress
flied on top of her head revealing the moisture, out of her drooling cunt,
covering the inside of her thigh: \par "Thanks you Master." \par His
scissors, cutting the frail attach of the belt, exposed the enlarged aspect
of her perfectly smooth white fleshy folds underscored by the glitter on
her thighs. The crude exposition of the hairless junction of her parted
legs, unable to slow the flow of drops falling from her insides, aggravated
the red blush on her face. The evidence of the arousal created by her
Master made her blush even after the training of the past months. \par He
grabbed her pelvis. Purring she rubbed herself against his hand. \par
"Aren't you in a hurry, kitten! Let me put my finger inside you. Yes,
sweetie, offer your access. What a good girl you are with those move. Wow
she is really equipped in there. The way it goes the rug will need a
cleaning." \par The crowd cheered for her. \par His finger inside
titillated her G-spot. She forgot about the people. She forgot about the
wait. She forgot about everything. Pleasure ripen everywhere from her
toes to the tip of her fingers. In her head a watchdog whispered: "contain
yourself. Do not come yet. You said your orgasm belonged to him." The
active fingers scrape away some control with each move adding to her
confusion. Witnessing her battle with a big grin on his face, Raven pushes
his advantage. \par How did I reach this place wondered Sodome. What
shall I do? What is the proper way? I must not come was her only
certitude. May I move away from his hand? May I stop enhancing his doing?
She did not know what to choose but at this speed the catastrophe was
imminent. Her chance for his manhood inside her diminished with each
rotation of the finger. A swift action was imperative to avoid the burning
deception of the first dinner at his home when he finished her with his
finger to give another girl the fuck of her life. At the end of her fire,
she crocked: \par "Master you make me comes!" \par Miraculously the words
pushed away the imminence of the orgasm. Ignoring her remark he continued
his strike on her G-spot with two fingers. The waves were getting stronger
when she spoke again: \par "Master will you please let me come?" \par "One
day certainly" Was his amused answer. \par "Master Please let me explode
now." \par He stopped his fingers. Relieved and disappointed at the same
time she controlled her breath. \par "Breaking your oath of letting me
decide when you earn relief implies punishment. Ask for the paddle and I
will let you come." \par "My bottom begs for the honor of your paddle
Master." \par "Get the black velvet one. Bring it to me." \par In the
paddle chest, she took it and holding the paddle in her hands high above
her head she returned to him. Her outstanding feminine attribute
accentuated by the clothing, the make up, the position of the arm and the
intense sexual energy produced a beautiful sigh. Drops dripping from her
cunt on the way drove Raven's enlarging penis out of his lodge rendering
her smell more sexual and the petals of her intimacy fuller. Her lips
opened near his imposing organ and her eyes supplicating full of love
provided a superb pillar for the paddle. Raven took it. The crowd
applause launches another wave of blushing to her cheeks. Turning to offer
her buttock in the air to his conceit, she was wandering what are all those
people going to think of me? \par "Five blow will keep your butt warm and
red for a couple days as a reminder. I had decided for more but that knee
walk mellowed my heart. Yes your lustful ass wobble shows your eagerness.
My new pet, your beauty and unpredictability turned me one hundred percent.
Count them for me." \par The first blow, first smack noise, she counted one
in a cry. She counted all of them. Crying, ashamed, she discovered
another level in slaving. Were her slaves going through that as well?
Five it was finished. Her bottom burned all over and the flesh of her sex
pulsed with live. All previous experiences had been so soft by comparison.
Her sore butt prompt the necessity to gain control of her sexual urgencies
while proving her pathetic need for the strength of her master. \par
"Thank you Master" \par She said with all her heart before kissing the
paddle, now next to her mouth. Her submissive position, bent toward the
floor and sunken camber pushing her cheek apart, delivered the perfect
occasion to thrust two fingers in contact with her G-spot. She moaned
instantly. The pervasive goodness of his touch shut out any control left.
Her butt trashed wildly in all directions to press his finger on the right
spot. His disconnection from her depth frustrated her will so fiercely
that she turned her head toward him to ask: \par "Continue, it is so good."
\par "Learn to serve my new pet." \par Fustigated she rotate her hips
inviting his clemency with the active display of the details of her
arousal. Her glistening entrance, appearing and disappearing at the rhythm
of her camber maneuver, promised a load of satisfaction for the skin of his
penis. As soon as he was done playing with her, he will fill her vacuum.
His gaze focused on the two large, plump and firm globes, reeling slowly
for him, separated by the line holding her treasure chest in a row, a
wealth of possibilities. The offer had no limit. His hand pinched a
reddened and outraged plump globe. She winced. Opening his hand he
caressed her. She moaned. Mixing pleasure with pain, he pinched her ass,
brushed her clit, pinched her clit, and grazed her ass, until she lost any
ability to predict which one was coming after. Utterly crazy, worst than a
cat in heat, she screamed her passion. His cock, a large and long thing
beautifully pulsating, invisible from her eyes, moved toward the ajar
entrance of her vagina between the small pink walls. She was waiting for
the next move, caress of pinch, when he plunged his magnificent penis into
her. \par Instantaneously full and satisfied, she shrieked. This was it!
The cock moving at heavenly speed in the perfect direction took all her
body with it. Trembling and moaning powerfully she forgot the mesmerized
crowd or her previous life, everything disappeared except the drumming life
in her belly. He spanked her already red plump area as a gentle reminder
and said: \par "Slave, do not forget my pleasure!" \par Fustigated again,
she sheathed the throbbing cock with all the love diffused in her spongiest
membrane, offering the space he wanted and the moves enhancing his
pleasure. If he did not drove her so hard, she could make him send his seed
right there. His phallus, the most important thing in her life today,
enjoyed its stay in her. He was rejoining her. Soon the organ will take
the man over. Abandoned in his embrace, his moans sing to her ear. One
arm holds her head and one hands grabbed her shoulder bedazzling her. His
vibrations within her increased until all her might consumed itself into
containing the explosion. On the frontier of her orgasm, 'wait for him'
became the overwhelming order in her mind. His travels around her membrane
orchestrated the notes in her body. Her mind tuned on his state search a
special contact with every inch of his penis in the middle of her own
enchantment. The sensation around his flesh changed. That contraction of
his hands on her was special. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gigantic wave
bolt her body sending her in a swirl of shaking, shouting and trashing. A
numerous series of smaller quakes maintained the female in a delicious
party. She may not have pleased him but she was going to remember her
first climax, as his slave for a long time. She was so lucky. She felt on
the floor oblivious to the world for a minute. \par She just wanted to
soak in her bath, relax and sleep. After too short a rest, a girl forces
her up to guide her toward a bathroom. Cleaned and brought back to a
presentation chair to offer her holes, she forced herself to give some
appeal to her mouth and her bottom. Fingers tentatively moved on her but
nothing serious happen. Others provided better service somewhere else.
Her standing took a bad hit when relaxing in such a way but she was too
satiated for anything else. Her dream, coming true, had drained her. A
spank on her buttock woke her up to the sight of a dick pressing her mouth.
Suckling on it as a good girl, she could not really give her heart to it. A
strong pinch on her nipple, remainder of her bond, threw her attention on
the invader. The dick, harder and more active under her tongue moved away,
ending the last attempt to use her this evening. \par \par Finally Norkad,
a woman in the attire of house servant, took the blindfold away and
presented herself as my mentor for the first days. Casually pinning a
clip, attached to a leash, on my labia to pilot me through the house elicit
no reaction from my part except for the bite. The size impressed me: there
were enough corridors to get lost. The exhaustion did not stop my gaze
from evaluating Norkad small and round bare bottom. The black bird
tattooed around her anus proclaimed her long-term tenure in the house. The
welt marks, from a past whipping, looked older than a week. Part of the
bird was hidden in the deep of her crack. Was I going to be marked the
same way? Someday somebody will look at me the same way. Norkad costume
made it difficult to look at anything else. We shared the room, small
although well arranged with two bunk beds, with two other female slaves. I
needed to pee. She ushered me into a huge bathroom, bigger than the room,
fitted with a triple shower and two toilets without seats. You squat down
on your ankles holding a bar with your hand. I had never used one of
those. I waited for her to go out of the room. She watched my skin not
moving. Here was the lack of privacy. A heavy blush scattered on my skin.
She said: \par "Get use fast to slaves toilets otherwise your sojourn here
will not be comfortable my dear. We have neither privacy nor lock; people
will be going in and out at the worst moment. Some may enjoy the chance.
We share this bath with three rooms: twelve women. If you have to have
privacy it will not work for you. Life is unbearable with a full bladder
so just relax and show me how you squat." \par Her voice got tender. \par
"The lack of privacy always stay as an embarrassment but the missing bowl
is way more comfortable after a while. You can control pretty well the
direction of where it goes." \par Scarlet again, I reproduced her moves.
She monitored the yellow liquid gushing from me. We showered together
prior to return into the room. Norkad, leaning against a wall, called my
name to force me to acknowledge her posture. My dinner was her pussy. She
was pleading with her eyes. How long did she wait for an occasion like
this one? She was expecting me to do it and had done it to her own mentor,
on her first day, some years ago. I had a thousand questions for her. Did
slave have a time to talk together? She will be revengeful if I don't give
it to her. Do I mind? I was tired! Will I be able to provide a good
prestation? What was her real power on me? In any case she knew a lot
about the customs of the house but if I bow to any slave petty needs I will
not get any respect at all. She told me: \par "As house tradition, newbies
pleasure their mentor. The assignment comes as a reward. The master knows
that you need reminder of you new status and I have been waiting for long.
You should be sensitive to that." \par That definitely turned my heart. I
sat between her feet bringing my lips to her cleft. I was tired but the
intensity of her craving fed my energies. She squirmed hard and long
covering me with her tide when she went off with a powerful deep throat
cry. I thanked her because that was the rule. I lay on my bed with Norkad
smell on my face. I had no energy to go wash again. I slept almost
immediately. \par \par }


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