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C14 extreme attention her hands movement


Silvana's way John, Jim, Silvana and Raven, gathered in Raven office,
discuss Sodome's entrance into submissive space. Her treatment of minor
player has reach acceptability. No complain for denial of service had been
registered in the last weeks. An honest search for John or Silvana whims
pleasantly colored their interaction. The strong effect of the weekly
exposition to the whip, accepted as an inescapable component of her new
social situation, had altered in depth her attitude toward all her
housemate. Still something resisted expressed in some sore jealousy for
her master pleasure. Some mistake on her Master expectations, although
clearly stated in the manual, or uncontrollable access of anger occurred at
regular intervals. Unauthorized orgasm and denials of the importance of
her arousal for the Master pleasure happen regularly. The corollary
doggish attitude, from such a well formed female, hoping an extra orgasm,
made her a prized thing to play with. Raven mastership, producing a weekly
presence at punishment, implied obedience to John request while repeated
fawning to Silvana branded her attitude. What was the next step? Raven
said: "Subservient attitude induce intense kicks but her social personality
will never accept it without constraint. At first, in her mind, vaginal
boredom lead her to pulled down her panties for me, in hope to partake in
my phallus capabilities but I fathom a raw surge to experiment with being
on the other side of the trade provided a significant portion of the
energy. The unwanted switch in presence of her own slaves branded her.
Let's quiet her socially dominant self by giving reward to her sexual
submissive self. I drool of the days when the sexually submissive Sodome
will take first stage in all her encounter. We cannot start her on the
pleasure slave track before a complete taming. Hopefully the joy of giving
pleasure will anchor her in the slave attitude. If we fail to reinforce
the physical attraction her dominant side will win and we will loose her."
Silvana continued: "Simply following house rules produces a handily aroused
maid. I concur that to become a valuable pleasure slave she must cross a
last frontier. To avoid the whipping she will let anybody in the house,
except the other maids, grope and use her. On every of our meeting she
offer small body acts compounding my superior position. The enthusiasm to
suck me or to offer her body to my touch has no limitations. Any verbal
order or signal, even the most humiliating one, is followed without
hesitation. Inside the house, in her relationship with me, the only area
of simple obedience belongs to pain and back hole penetration. I would
recommend some challenges out of the house like hidden or obvious nudity in
public places or free access for a stranger to her privacy. I would enjoy
being the one pushing her on that path while Raven will push the pain
envelope inside the house." "I agree. You will engage her in the fine
behaviors and emotional maelstrom of nudity at fancy party or showing her
slit when getting in and out of a car. I will discover to her the
intensity that pain and humiliation bring to a woman. I enjoy so much
breaking into her defense. You will push her without direct harm using the
Silvana way with only hints and looks. We still cannot discover Jim to
her. He is not ready but he will be instrumental to maintain her in
submissive space for a long time." "We will surprise her with the detail of
the events but I will let her know in advance that she is expected to be
able to drop her dress down in all sorts of setting outside of the house."

Three days later on Tuesday, Sodome was told to meet Silvana at a street
corner after work. Sodome, impressive in her power clothes, waited fifteen
minutes for Silvana to appear. Kissing Silvana hand Sodome saluted: "Good
afternoon Mistress Silvana" "Hello sweetie, how is your tight nice cunt doing today?" "Anxiously waiting under my dress for my Mistress
instructions." "We will use some of it today. Let's walk while we talk.
Raven, John and I discussed your case recently. Overall you adjust
genuinely to your situation in the house. Everybody praise the sexual
energy you exude. Stop complaining about the Wednesday event. It helps
keep you in line. We agreed to confront you with a new challenge, nudity
in open places, to strengthen your natural reactions in a submissive
position. Plus I will enjoy guiding you to drop your dress in various
setting. I expect you to obey immediately without any discussion." "You
mean anywhere? I could not disrobe now, specially from my business
clothes. People may recognize me. They do not think I'm me when I'm
dressed as a slut. No way I will not give you a blanket allowance to
undress me anywhere." "Sweetie, I'm not asking you to drop it right now but
I may soon if you keep annoying me. Now before I get too angry tell me who
is the boss here?" "You are Mistress Silvana." "Good, an apology for your
outburst will go a long way to preserve your butt next Wednesday." "Please
forgive me Mistress Silvana. I panicked that you had in mind to force me
into it right now. I cannot do that and I doubt that I will get any reward
from it. It would have to bring you a lot to be worth." "OK, relax
sweetie. A clip on your clit will remind you, for the rest of this
conversation, of the politeness requested from a servant. The pinch may
help you control yourself." Smiling mischievously Silvana added: "Should I
put it in place here and now? " "Please Mistress don't tease me." "You
started it. Follow me in the bathroom of this restaurant." Sodome stick to
Silvana path until the door closed behind them. "Lift your dress for me.
Let me see what we have there. Such an impatient pussy and you don't tell
me! Well your outburst may be a sign of an afflux of viscosity in your
lower belly. Sweetie, you should tell me when you board that state. I
must know when my pet got a surge there, otherwise we may loose occasions."
"Yes Mistress. I will volunteer this kind of thing, even when you do not
ask, but only when you cannot easily check for yourself." "Nicely put.
Let's go to business. A little hurt, chiefly a warning that you are
welcome to wet yourself but not to shout, come your way. All done, let's
go sweetie. We still have some walk to do." They went back into the
street. "How does my clamp feel on your privy?" "Annoying Mistress. My
labia stretch with each step twitching my clit around. The arousal gets
worse. Thank you for putting it. A much better way to help me surrender
than the usual Wednesday choice." "Good girl. Now let's go back to the
dissension point. The telling in advance is meant as help to get used to
the idea. We will expose your sexy pieces in various setting where you are
not suppose to show the restricted pieces of your anatomy but we will push
the envelope while hiding a little bit. We may be surprised on occasion
and we will surprise, pleasantly I hope, more than one. Keep in mind that
at one point I will ask you to obviously drop you clothes and you will do
it. Wait, I'm not finished you will talk only when I will allow you to
speak. Each time you want to utter sounds just focus on that clamp."
Tenderly Silvana took Sodome chin in her hand to commune with Sodome soul
bringing a smile of acceptation on the bottom face. "First of all, general
law rules out running nude in the street. Private houses with a lot of
straight guest will provide the kind of setting where you must not fail me.
Raven would loose his reputation and I would be embarrassed which does not
make me wet while, on the contrary when you are embarrassed, we both get
turned on. Places where nudity is pretty common like other master's house
or strips club offer a ground close enough to the atmosphere of the house,
where you already are quite comfortable to surrender, although different
enough to create a small challenge. Our outings will help you reach
comfort with some house rule creating some delicate issue in public
setting, like never sitting on your dress, which gives passerby, on a
regular basis, an occasion to peek in the depth under your skirt. The skin
will touch the seat. Hopefully it won't be too slimy when you get up. Now
I must say that I'm ready for a good tonguing. What do you think about
that?" "Mistress I'm impatient to search for your button. The expectation
of your smell stirs up my insides. Please, Mistress, don't touch me like
that here in those clothes. I may be recognized. Everybody in my office
saw me with that today." "Get used to it, sweetie, free access to the
roundness of your butt under the fabric belongs to my basic privilege. How
can I feel like your Mistress when you keep your moons away from my
contact? Even some teen age girl will let their boy friend there."
"Mistress my clothing adds to the embarrassment. With a different clothing
and hairdo people just do not recognize me. They think I'm a sosie of me."
"Well, whatever the reasoning about your professional life, you let me
touch your butt. The members of the scene know it all already. Numerous
guys brag about their intimate acquaintance with the depth between your
legs and how great a fuck you are. Cocks penetrated your precious jewels
while you were blindfolded. Who is to say that none of those belonged to
men from your work entourage? The ones, holding the memory of the
silkiness welcoming his spurt on that day, probably did not make it known
to your face, still everyday already, some well informed guy working for
you, reminisces your sluttish ness. Had the fact produced any negative
impact for your job? Had your business depredated since? They do not
connect. You already know that. The power thing is between us." "As a
dominant I always changed clothe before playing." "Well as a slave you
abide to do what I say. Bring your ass where it belongs." "Please Mistress
not immediately, give me some time like you do for dropping my dress." "You
argue too much, for an underwear less woman, to stay out of trouble. I do
give you advance notice that I will drive my finger deep into you, under
your business clothes, in all sort of public places. This is the future.
Now get your butt where I can fondle it. Feel the clip and think
Wednesday!" "Yes Mistress." Sodome quivered under the warm contact of
Silvana hand, enjoying the elastic posterior above the thin fabric. "You
relent either because of the power of Raven phallus or the dampness between
your thigh or the fear of the whip or the warmth of the harem or your
compulsion at showing your female nature. You cannot quit the House nor
can you take that many more whipping so you bring your sorry ass under my
hand where it belongs. I cannot be your Mistress if you deny that to me.
Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress I understand. My cunt votes for you. I
will not leave the House nor take any avoidable whack. I hate this weekly
meeting with the whip. I dread Wednesdays. I'm so afraid of it. Please,
Mistress, forgive my reluctance. I'm very embarrassed." Luckily Silvana
did not push her advantage under the fabric. "Relenting your round and
warm butt to my fancy, a lovely loot, which make you all blushed, moisten
my soul. Don't move it away let me enjoy my prize. My curiosity for the
wet crevice developing inches away from my hand under your dress feed the
current in my lower belly. In one small movement I could get in touch with
it." "Please Mistress, don't" "OK, shy girl, I will wait. Sweetie this
suck is turning into an emergency. My scheme is to buy you some lingerie
and then show it at Balook for dinner. Isn't a good plan?" "I haven't been
there since my switch. I wonder the emotions on the submissive side." "A
lot of fun, for sure. Should we get you in with the back of your dress pin
to your waist to make a big buzz or go for a graduate show of your breast.
We will see how I feel later but rest assured that we shall display a lot
of you. Now let's take care of my suck. Follow me." Silvana entered a
fancy shop. The sales lady greeted them: "Hi My ladies, my name is Linda,
may I help you?" Silvana extended her hand toward Sodome: "We need some
frilly lingerie for her, but first let's get to a quiet place." In a large
changing room closed with drapes, Silvana sat in the armchair. "I have an
emergency to settle. I will call on you when we are ready." "Take your
time I'm at your services." Linda left. Silvana surveyed an expecting
Sodome: "Strip for me. Fast, I'm hungry for the beauty of your nipple
towering in front of you. Stop there. Let me behold your twat, promising
folds topped by a well tended tiny patch of hair. Your clit, extremely
gorged, clamor your whish for my place. The fear of the whip keeps you
gracious and obedient beyond your frustration. Don't you dream of a sweet
tongue moving along your cleft?" "Too often Mistress." "Come now Sweetie,
dwell at my feet to tell me something gracious." "Thank you for sharing
your intimacy with me and offering your sex to my tenderness. I'm soaked
in anticipation of your taste. Mistress may I Please honor your feminity?"
"Go for it. Take my panties down to taste it. Honey, search for my button
with the tip of your tongue. Oh yes you got it, stay there, stay put,
don't loose it, flick it with the tip of your tongue. Yessss, that is what
I needed. You are doing me so much good, keep that brushing contact almost
not touching but it sure reach toward all my creases. Wow, you love to
please me. Your tongue is present and reverent. Why do you make me angry
about all this prude attitudes? Oooooh Sweetie slow down, move that tip of
your tongue up and down, graze my button, almost not touching. Offer me
slick long strokes, not that far but do go beyond the bud above and under,
follow to the top of the slit and toward my back a little bit. The thrill
is when you get back in contact. Ooooh yeeees you got exactly what I mean.
Your soft hair, your warm skin and your supple breast are mine. Suck me,
pleasure me, and give me all your love. Tell me how much you need me.
Load me with your might so I can get the strength to rule you. Pack me
with your craving for my command. You want it that much? From that first
day when you disrobe for me, I noticed your exceptional personality. Go
from left to right a little bit. Go around. Circle it with smaller and
smaller circle. Wow such sensitive intelligence concentrated on my ass!
Keep going I cannot dream a better way. Focus all your own hunger on me to
bring me to the top. Keep your tongue going up and down, right and left
then all around, forever. Go lower toward my brown ring. Fill your face
of my juices. Let me savor your lips and your cheeks clinging to me.
Slowly pass over my love tunnel to reach your goal. Spread my cheeks to
get your tongue there, circle it, and push yourself inside. Propel them
apart, with those soft and tender hands, to reach the muscular circle.
Each pat of your tongue tells me how much you love me. My clit lack your
finger. Yes you know so well how to do that. Move together, keep going it
is building, so light and so strong, so outside and so ramified. I'm
coming sweetie... Oooo...... Yeeesss......... Keep going all along....
The waves move in me thanks to you. Thank you for a very well done job
honey. I was a leaf falling down in the light breeze of your breath. Let
me relax for a moment and we will go back to business. Stand up, come
closer. No, not your face brings your lower lips under my hand. Wow
aren't you wet. You enjoyed it too. Your face, when my finger grazes your
slit, portrays a painting by Raphael. Your eyes extended half close and
your round mouth, full of intense desire, give me back all my energy. Your
eagerness, so ready for my caress, makes me a Mistress. A little stroke
enlightens your expression. Your body begs for more and you keep the
proper modesty of your position. What a blast when you are so full of
desire. Don't you enjoy to fully complying with my fancies? Well that
will do for you. Don't pout, sweetie, remember the whip. Your thighs, all
wet, are the sure sign of a great slave. Raven will get addicted to your
cunt. The stronger your need, the better your attentions become. The
previous suck you gave me does not compare to this one. See the vanity
case with the mirror. Wipe your sex dry and put some rouge on your breast and lips to enhance the modeling. Leave my juices on your face to remind
me of your talent. I will get the sales lady now. When you are done stay
here nude and willing. Do not move. Above all do not touch you. If
somebody drop by tell them that your are waiting for your Mistress to
return. Let them watch but not play with you." Silvana went out, leaving
the drapes open, to license Sodome full beauty at the mercy of wanderers.
Her pussy, pulsing with need, alimented her tension. Addressing herself to
beautify her feminity, she planned her plea, as soon as Silvana returned,
for the permission to masturbate. What was going to happen if someone
chance in? Will she be able to smile and tell to some straight women,
patronizing the place for its frilly lingerie but nothing more, that she
was waiting for her Mistress? What if someone got offended to see her
undressed? The rulebook about nude behaviors insisted on the
responsibility of the exposed person to make the dressed one at ease with
their respective condition. Silvana could assign her a class C mistake,
two extra blows, if she failed on that point. The beat in her belly
strengthens while she stood vulnerable. Hopefully Silvana will soon be
back. Her 'sweetie', resonating in her ear, made her loose any reserve.
In her aura the energy grows into her groin. Silvana legs, powerfully
holding her head against her bottom, represented her will to submit. Her
face, full of Silvana juices, hides her shame behind a naive expression.
Her nostril, full of her smell, left no escape. Silvana will offer to all
Balook patrons the image in the mirror. Soon those tits, this patch of
hair and this obscenely open slit will stir the general public arousal.
The maitre d'hotel, adding some nasty comment, will worsen her ordeal while
her body secretion will multiply the shame. Should not she go and run away
to avoid degrading herself too much. Nothing forbid her to clothe herself
and run away except for the fresh memory of Silvana's sweetie and her leg
binding her head to the ass more strongly than a rope. Footsteps coming,
two people at least and a man voice, sent adrenaline rushing to her heart
in an overpowering beat. Who were those? Smile to greet them in comfort
flashed in her head. The couple stopped at the sight of Sodome in the
changing room, ready to retreat, when instead of covering herself with
pudor, Sodome inviting face communicated the acceptance of her nudity. "My
Mistress asked me to wait for her." The man answered: "Her excellent
initiative brings your full figure to our attention. Would you turn around
for me?" Sodome, turning around, lifted her arms to value the curve of her
breast while imperceptibly oscillating her hips. Turning to his companion
he said: "Do you imagine yourself in her place, nude for stranger while
waiting for me?" "Certainly not." "Don't you want to serve me? Aren't we
here to get you some attire to express your whish?" "Today we will only
buy." "Move here my love let me check the situation under your dress."
"Stop it now." He asked Sodome: "Why do you do it? Aren't you ashamed of
yourself?" "If I disobey my Mistress will whip me." "Arresting marks
indeed. Why do you let her do it?" "In my Master home all maids present
their flesh to the whip. I hate it but I do it because life outside is too
dull. If she were afraid of your whip she would not be so remote. Once
she knows there is no escape for her fanny she will turn sweet like candy."
The girl looked at Sodome. "Mind your own business, girl, or your ass may
learn about my anger." Silvana's voice, calling, broke the following
silence. After a small hesitation Sodome put back her skirt and blouse to
meet her Mistress call. Curious the couple followed. Silvana and Linda,
in front of a pile of lingerie waited for Sodome curves. Silvana frowned
at the dressed Sodome: "What a disappointment to leave you bare and find
you dressed. Who allowed you to get dressed?" "I'm sorry Mistress. I
thought it improper to walk nude in the store. I did not know the custom
of this store. You told me to stay put and then you call me." "I told you
to stay put therefore I can tell you to move! I know the place and I know
the state of your clothing. You know the rule about getting dressed. You
cannot cover your virtue without a specific request. You earned a
punishment. Strip quickly before it get worse." Linda intervene: "Miss we
have a punishment room if you like to follow me." The girl from the couple
added: "I promised her that I will get at her butt to amend some rudeness.
Would you allow me to deliver her due."? "Sure, let's get two bird with
the same stone. Or shall we double the ration?" The troop moved in a small
room where a low table covered in a velvet quilt was pushed against the
wall. "On your knee, Sweetie, bosom on the table and butt wiggling high
for our new friend." From a set of convenient instrument on the wall,
Silvana extracted a long thin cane. Sodome moons jutting outward offered a
perfect target. With her feet Silvana pushed against Sodome knee. "Spread
your legs and get your thigh straighter to let the light on the length of
your slit." Silvana finger traced the glistening, rosy crease leading to
Sodome burrow. "Very good, sweetie, the awesome state of the triangle of
your puffed lips proves that a horse could get in there without effort.
Two blows for getting dressed without permission and for being rude to this
Lady two more. The sweetness of your mouth, while she punishes you, will
confirm your acceptation. I will count for you. You know how it works."
Silvana, on the table, directed Sodome head under her dress. "Give her
four nice lines. We will display them at Balook tonight. The fresh mark
will add a nice touch to the show. Sweetie focuses on pleasing me not on
screaming your head out. Make it slow and light. The blow will be fast
and strong. Let's go." Silvana counted the four blows. The swoosh and
whack of the blows punctuated Sodome whine of pain mixed with Silvana moan
of pleasure. Four thin red welt on Sodome hard burning butt testified of
her ordeal. Back in the dressing room Sodome passed on the lingerie.
Silvana picked a set of white trim with a large ring around each nipple and
a blue garter belt with another ring in the back. So uncovered Sodome put
back her blouse and skirt to follow Silvana outside. "In the taxi, be
careful not to seat on your dress. When you climb inside I should get a
glimpse of your privy and the driver too if he is attentive although at
this point nothing is revealing the peculiar nature of your underwear's.
Your job is to be heavy enough. Getting in a car with your Mistress is an
art that you will learn. Here you go sweetie, show me talent." Sodome
lifted the back of her dress before mounting pushing it away from her body.
Her naked bottom found contact while the spread of her leg raised her skirt
above the decency point. Leaning on her legs while holding the fabric she
pushed herself deeper into the back seat. The driver did not miss the
interesting flesh between her legs. His face stifles the jolt from the
ring in the middle of her crotch. Silvana gave the address. The driver
said in a conspirator voice: "Are you Ladies going to Balook?" "Yes do you
know the place?" "Well I have been there sometimes, a place of weird rich
people, beautiful women half naked and even obedient men." "Yes power play
rules the place. Meet Sodome my slave. She will do anything I will tell
her. Did you see her naked butt when she got in the car?" "Only a flash: a
small plot of hair and a shiny ring there." "Care for another helping?"
"Miss I do not want trouble with my customers." "No trouble at all, If I
ask her to show it all for you, she will be happy to oblige." "I wonder
what she say about it." "Sodome, tell him." "Sir I will happily do her
bidding. It vexes me but I'm bound to her command." "Well Lady I haven't
met a man able to resist a full view of woman thigh." "Sodome why don't you
bring your dress around your waist." "Yes Mistress." "See: crotch less
panties and a ring, handy to attach her leash. Look how flush is her
labia!" "Well Miss I am not an expert but she does seem to appreciate being
vexed. Thank you for the display." "Would you be interested in seeing her
tits as well?" "Certainly worth the show." "Sodome pull up that dress
around your neck." "But Mistress the other car will see me." "Sweetie I
figured that much already. Get going our driver is interested in enjoying
the full panorama." "Beautiful. The curve of your breast is always an
enchantment." Silvana hand molded Sodome lower creases. "Would you let me
pierce you there for the convenience of a permanent ring?" "Well, removing
my down was extremely difficult already. Please Mistress do not push
there." "Beauty the rule protects you. Raven confers this decision to you
up to the end of your adaptation period. You have more than two years
before that. If you ever crave to make me a gift that would be a great
one. A permanent ring around your clitoris replace the labia clip
advantageously with much less hurt." "Pleasing you is at the center of my
mind, as today events already demonstrated and you are not finish with me,
but I'm not ready for that yet. Will you forgive me?" "Yes beauty I
forgive you although securely clipping you anywhere and anytime the fancy
takes me is a definite turn on. How shall I set the dinner? First I will
tell you the choice, then I will decide what looks the more attractive.
You will reveal your naked body. How do you feel about it?" "Mistress it
does make me extremely uncomfortable to be humiliated in those clothes."
"Would you rather remove them?" "Balook rules forbid walking in naked from
the street by day." "I have done it before. The taxi can get in the
delivery entrance. We cross the kitchen and get safely into the dining
room." "Please Mistress do not torment me." "Well then, it is settled, you
will remove them. You will be as pathetic without them than with
everything rolled up like now. Get used to it: the dress is going away.
Do you get that?" "Mistress may I beg you to, at least, wait for another
day?" "No today, it is. Your choice is to get naked at the beginning or a
little bit later. Get use to the idea. Your moist crotch calls for abuse
Honey. Your voice must tell me your choice." "The later possible, the
better Mistress. I will try it, for you, as a proof of the depth of my
deference." "Thank you sweetie. This being agreed, the next point is to
settle upon a dinner format, either we eat dinner together or you serve me
all along. I had rather being served except that I'm curious about you.
Open your soul to me and we will have a nice friendly dinner. You could
eat properly seated at least. You would tell me everything about your
life. Would you rather serve me from a distance or give me the tool to
enslave you even more?" "I will try my best to open my heart." "Well we are
all set." Silvana spent the rest of the ride toying with Sodome pleasure
button exasperating the intensity of her desire. Sodome, imagining her
image in the driver head: a woman dominated by her sex drive begging for a
stroke on her sex, her dress around her neck, working hard at limiting the
impact of Silvana fingers. "Here you are my Ladies. Here is my card in
case you need a discreet driver to go around town. I will not tell I will
not even look but I will take whatever you decide to give me." "Fine can
you be here at nine to pick us up?" "I will be happy although there is a
special charge for appointment." "No problem Sir. When you arrive go
inside and ask for Silvana." "We will do, enjoy your evening. Don't be too
hard on such a beautiful lass. The delicate shape at the junction of her
legs will inhabit my dreams forever." Before going down Silvana clipped the
leash to Sodome garter belt. Inside she took hold of the leash pushing
Sodome in front. Embarrassed, Sodome stayed near enough to prevent any
tension in the leash, which pulling effect on the helm of her skirt offered
broad view on the bottom of her backside to everyone, trying to avoid
enduring more than absolutely necessary. Playfully Silvana slowed down her
pace to nurse the tendency of the leash at raising Sodome skirt, which gave
the public a view of the fresh mark on her butt. The fabric enclosed the
round white flesh look like the curtain of a theater pulled open at regular
intervals. "Sodome keep moving or you are going into more trouble. We are
here to show it and it will happen when I decide not you." Subdued Sodome
allowed the tension in the leash to discover permanently the four fresh
marks on the plumpest part of her anatomy. "Well done Honey, progress
means acting like now without me prodding you into it. I leash you in the
back, under your skirt, to embarrass you by giving me the power to lift at
will. Get used to rush toward my choice. This is the basic of the
training you are undergoing." The maitre d'hotel approach them greeting
Silvana: "Good evening Mistress Silvana. What a treat to bring us Sodome!
The rumors of her new resolve have reached us without any chance for a
direct confirmation." "Well tonight none of her will stay in the dark.
Playing with her is reserved for me but in response to your enthusiasm I
will make a small exception since you had to endure her arrogance for so
long. Sodome offer him to touch your bottom." Flushing red Sodome turned
herself to facilitate the approach: "Sir would you enjoy the contact of my
moons?" "She is so gentle. As gentle as she was an arrogant dominant. A
great positive change was brought to the world. Look at her moaning
without self-restraint, overjoyed by a finger. Well thank you for the
touch. I cannot brag that I fucked her yet but I sure appreciated having
her at my fingertip. What table has your favor?" "Can we be in the middle
of the main room?" "Sure, for you nothing is a problem." "We plan an quiet
dinner for two. Add a ring to her chair and erect this fake phallus on
it." "Follow me Madam." The leash still in Silvana hands bounds Sodome
behind them. The maitre d'hotel, preceded to the table by a waiter with a
chair already fitted with the needed material to erect upon it the silicone
cylinder, helped Silvana in her chair while his assistant fitted the
instrument in place. Sodome, extremely embarrassed by the attention the
company gave to the preparation, stood eyes lowered. "Sweetie your seat is
ready. Please be careful to give the cock, a model from Raven organ in its
best day, a pleasant surrounding. It deserves the best. Sweetie, severing
your lips with your hands will let you seat on it more comfortably. Yes,
people are curious about your act. Who would not be! The faster you are
seated the shorter the ordeal. Very elegant, go up and down a little bit
to lubricate uniformly the thing. Relax, I know first hand that you are
wet enough to skip artificial lube and needy enough to enjoy the fullness.
Let your weight go now. All in. Brava. One last thing before dinner
spread those knees for me to let me snap in place your clip on the chair.
Thank you, beauty." Sodome restrained lower body provided a well of
sensations. On the inside the silicone deep into her warmed itself pretty
soon and on the outside the ring pressed on her clit firing intermitent
pulse of raw energy. They had a nice dinner. Sodome told Silvana all
about her permanent excitement on the kitchen side. When both had finished
their entree Silvana scanned the full of her pet from the feet to the head
with hunger: "Sweetie thank you for your stories. Why don't you remove
discreetly your lower trim." The dreaded time of the complete strip had
come. The trim first, hopefully it will not get stuck in the rod, and then
the dress will go away to finish her misery. The heaviness, invading all
of Sodome thorax, holds her still, unable to move even a finger. Her belly
bubbled with the emotion. Her arms turned into paper. Her legs were
empty. No strength was left in her limbs. Sweat ran down under her arms.
Silvana watch her white face with an amused smile. "Such an helpless
beauty in a situation of muscular block! Breathe slowly sweetie. Take it
one step at a time. Removing that specific dress in that specific place is
hard on you, which is precisely why it is so funny to me. Nakedness is
omnipresent in your near past and will be in the future. I will help you
along, in this setting, so you your tongue will thank me like in this
dressing room. That is my prize. Listen to my voice. Breathe slowly.
Fill your thorax. Jut those tits out. Exhale now, more. Continue
breathing while feeling your butt on the chair. Focus your mind on the
ring binding you to the chair. Caress the shape cramming your insides.
Yes connect your breathing to the zone of the ring. Remember your reasons
to agree to disrobe. Your sheath calls, just there between your leg, full
of hope and matter, transformed from the hopeless need before. Recall the
physical peace after knowing Raven thrust. Forget your reason. Listen to
your hollow all along its length. This difference brought you here.
Continue breathing. Anchor your butt on the chair. Around that ring the
small swollen button demands. I witness that you definitely are aware of
it. How often did you squash the surge to touch it today? Put your hand
under your dress on its fringe but don't touch it. Tonight it is my
absolute privilege to reach there. Keep breathing my beauty. Color is
coming back to you. The weight on your stomach is lighter. Soon this
dress, folded on your chair far from your body, will prove me how much you
crave my actual behavior. We are making progress, you can think about
separating from your dress without fainting. Thank you for the laugh.
Soon you will do it. I await impatiently your thanks for it but first get
those trim on the table. Don't worry about the filling. The ring, in
front, should not interfere with the trim. Very good put your hand under
the dress, around them. Unclip the clip. Yes I see your preen slit but it
stays between us for now. Push them down. Lift your butt a little bit.
Bravo, you got them! Here there are. Put it on the table between us. Do
not show your treasure yet. Soon, in a grand movement, your entire curve
will appear. People are waiting for the unveiling. Congratulation sweetie
we passed the first hurdle. Now shall we expose you with or without your
upper trim? I value the way it embellish the curve of your breast but the
idea of nakedness is quite strong. What would you prefer sweetie? Tell
me." Sodome had lost her voice in the ordeal. Shrugging her shoulder she
indicated her total compliance to Silvana whish. "Well you must proffer an
opinion. Shall you remove your dress with your trim on or shall you remove
the underwear first? Talk to me." Silvana hands brushed tenderly Sodome
mouth. The silence went on for a little bit. The hand was still there.
Sodome took another breath. "Mistress I'd like to keep them on if you
whish." "I do not, you will remove them without complain. It is easy. No,
do not argue now. Tomorrow, at about this hour, you will present your ass
to John whip. Now you have the power to shorten the shame with your things
up in the air but tomorrow it will be too late." Sodome, happy of the
strapless nature of her upper trims, slides her hands under the blouse to
unfasten the thing. Fetching them from under the blouse she added them on
the table at the side of her lower trim. Silent, Silvana warmed her with a
smiled. Sodome, a spectator in her own body, relied on her Mistress voice
for all her basic functions. People at the surrounding table noticed the
trims on the table even if they had missed the previous maneuvers to
extract them from their places. Those incongruous, frilly intimate ladies
things sitting on the dinner table, anticipated some imminent event. The
other girls defenselessly exposed in the room did not remove a bit from her
torment. The feeling of power that her clothes gave her in the past puffed
up her shame at rejoining their group. From now on her business suits will
recall this moment when her personal apparel, still warm from her own body
heat, proved to the world her need for obedience and protection. How could
she then bend the environment to her visions to reap the benefit of
success? What was the use for success if her pleasure was to cocoon herself
into someone else realm? The wetness all other the inside of her tight,
associated with the memory of the shock waves running all over her flesh
under Raven cock, compounded to the hypnotic effect of Silvana voice were
the ultimate proof of the need to rethink her definition of success. The
trims, skimpy white lace fitting in the palms of her hand, sat on the table
as the evidence of the upheaval in her life choices. Desesperate to obey
Raven rules, she streamed herself into Silvana voice. Better be a slave at
peace, ironing her master shirts, than a business leader unable to fulfill
her sexual craving. How can she call her actual state peaceful? The
blood, pumping hard in her labia, consumed a lot of her will to top her
drive to finger herself. Her sheath pulsated around the huge rod squeezing
her insides. No, peace was not the point, at least for now. The
excitement was the motor. Let's rephrase it. Better to stay nude, feeding
myself from a select set of people pleasure, with a motor between my legs
than to push other around to get the last of my whims satisfied. I'm
waiting for her to say it. A couple of hours ago I was convinced I could
not do it. I almost feinted minutes ago when I knew it was coming. I
can't believe how fast I change. So go for it Mistress, say it I'm ready.
She makes me wait. You savor the moment. It is worst than if I was
already nude. The trims on the table reveal the meek while the attire
reveal the strong. I will serve you. I wanted it since the first day.
Your eyes, like Raven eyes that first day, told me that there was no
choice. I will wait eyes lowered for your world. You are in complete
control. "Slave" "Mistress I'm all yours." "Thank you for your attitude.
Stand up." Sodome stood sweating under her arms. The rod popping sounds at
leaving its warm surrounding punctuated the movement. Silvana was going to
say the words and she was going to lift up that dress. "Take off your
dress." Usually Sodome arched herself to unzip the back of that dress but
today she found solace with asking her beloved tormentor for help.
"Mistress will you help me with the zip?" Silvana curved her lips upward to
communicate her willingness. Sodome turned around and the zip open up to
the bottom of her camber. Sodome unhooked the buttons on each sleeve with
a purposeful attitude. The dress free of any attach was hauled above her
head in an elegant adjustment of her upper limbs. Her magnificent freely
floating breast appeared. The curiosity burned her to watch around but the
etiquette called to keep her gaze toward the floor. "Fold it and put it on
your chair." Bare in the middle of the floor at Balook, except for her
garter and tight, her female feature broadcasting to any knowledgeable
observer her high level of arousal, Sodome meticulously folded the garment,
relieved to focus on a mundane task, unsure if she was gaining time before
the next order or only performing at her best like in Raven laundry.
Ancillary activity helped relieve pressure moment. Folding the dress she
was not nude, she was busy. "Thank you sweetie for the great trust you put
into me. Everybody is looking at you irradiating sexuality. Your sexual
pheromones saturate the air. Turgescent male organ are popping up
everywhere. To make my glory complete one Mistress chastises her male
slave because he was looking hard at you. We have ten's of males ready to
fuck you right now." "Mistress thank you for helping all along the way.
I'm at your call. I'm impatient to suck on you to give you pleasure." "Get
rid of the belt and the thigh and come handy. I will ornate your lower
lips." Sodome performed the move needed to separate from her last items of
clothing and tote her sex toward Silvana hands. A clip, fastened on her
sensitive clit, hold a little golden chain diving to the middle of Sodome
tight. Silvana honeyed voice spurred: "See my slaves choose a permanent
ring there to avoid this stingy clip. Go to the kitchen to bring my
dessert back to me. Nobody will touch you because tonight you are reserved
to me but they would kill to do so. It gives me glory." Sodome never felt
so bare. The open view in this environment, compounded by the condition of
her mounds, splayed pussy lips discovering an almost violet clitoris,
driven out of its hood, at the top of a glistening area extending up to the
inside of her thigh, made all her being into a tornado of confused
emotions. The dangling chain added a vexing touch to her travel thought the
dining room toward the kitchen. The center of attention of the room Sodome
craved for Silvana presence, her only protection against all those people.
The cocks grew in her vicinity like mushroom after the rain. Her eyes on
the floor avoided crossing gaze with the watchers. Raven instruction book
insisted at various places that bare slaves should not use crossing gaze, a
hindrance for unknown watchers, as a protection. Looking down on the floor
made it as easy as possible for people to enjoy her features and protected
her modesty at the cost of her curiosity. The thought of Silvana looking
at her buttocks, posting the four fresh welts, accentuated the lateral
movement of her hips to fawn to her as a thank you for her push. The curve
joining her buttock to her back was one of her main attraction. The chain,
rubbing between her thighs, was probably visible from behind as well. Each
step resulted in a tension in the flesh around her gate that could only be
alleviated by walking with her thigh a little bit spread. One man,
standing at the entrance of the kitchen, definitely welcoming the sight of
her traits, dispose her to wait for the dessert in a place where all
kitchen hands could profit from her curvaceous aspect. Was it only six
months ago that she refused to remove her pubic hair to hide the slave in
her heart? After the first step it develops so fast. Here she was crazy
with the infliction of many gazes on her swollen clit expecting, bare, a
plate to bring it back to Silvana, that she had snubbed on her first visit
to Raven. Far from her Mistress, tense and tautened she was getting more
and more uncomfortable when John voice, asking for her to move when
exposed, resonated in her head. The best way to handle the delay was to
move her body like the Raven's manual for domestic demanded. The move
worked like a cover to loosen her muscle. The exhibition turned the nudity
into a purpose and some relief came from the grace going into her limbs
provided than she never cross anybody eyes. The flow of her cunt juice was
the last reminder of the public. Eventually the plate appeared. The
journey back to the table invoked the same flurry of invisible head turning
toward her. The plate placed in front of her adulated tormentor with
extreme attention on her hands movement, she stood behind eager to
anticipate any of her Mistress need. The emotions raged under Sodome skin.
She craved to oblige her victor and convince Silvana that there was no
limit to her devotion. On another front her lower belly, inflamed by the
desire she stirred in the room, clamored for a touch. Silvana was aware of
the omnipresence of the call from her sex. Sodome feared that the pulse of
her desire would ignite into her Mistress head the fancy of a masturbating
slave. The shame of fingering herself to orgasm for Raven guest still
burned her. She would do it because perfect obedience was the attitude to
thank Silvana for tonight discovery! The idea of exploding all her sexual
energy in the burst of her orgasm was appealing although confused with the
shame of the onlookers. May be later in the cab her mistress will let some
steam blow out of her devoted servant? In the taxi, with only the driver
watching, masturbate will be easier if the fancy came into her Mistress
head. May be Silvana own hands will satisfy Sodome if Sodome was a very
good girl. That tingled pleasantly in her sex. Silvana, eating very
slowly and occasionally sipping on the tea that Sodome had poured for her,
was almost finished with the chocolate cake when the maitre d'hotel
announced that her ride was there. Silvana took the leash from her bag
waving Sodome to turn around. Sodome spread her legs and bend her torso to
offer her back with grace to the clip of the leash proceeding toward the
private exit after taking her clothes from the chair. All along the trek
she was waiting for the assault on her butt, calling for it with obscene
movement, eager to compensate her Mistress for the moment when she had
protected her posterior. She recalled the first walk in front of Raven on
his first visit to her home on that day with its thrill of incertitude
about what to do if his hand slipped under her dress to uncover her pride.
Silvana enjoyed the fawning movement of Sodome lower back, doing her best
to provide her Mistress with the most servile show of beauty. They reached
the exit and Sodome opened the door of the taxi, for Silvana, in the
private entrance of Balook. The driver bedazzled by Sodome mien in her Eve
costume complimented Silvana on her success with Sodome reluctance. As
soon as the car moved Sodome kneeled in the car kissing Silvana foot
performing the ritual deed, for a slave, to request a personal favor.
Silvana said: "What is your pleasure slave?" "Mistress, please let me cum.
My swollen button is so uncomfortable that I cannot think of anything else
beyond touching it. Please Mistress forgives my shortcoming in the
evening. Next time I will stick to my attitude after the end of dinner. I
only needed a little of time to adjust. Please let me come." "My poor
dear, you did touch greatness toward the end of the evening but what would
you think of a Mistress that give you any relief when two hour ago you
flatly refused to let her touch your posterior and had to be whipped you
for gross misunderstanding of your instruction. It offends me that you ask
on the same evening where I had to chastise you to dress without
permission. If I must remind you, you started shouting at me as well, only
because I informed you in advance of the fact that you were to lift up your
skirt for me. Often enough tonight you have tried your best to be a good
girl that I will not add to your regular trouncing tomorrow but there is no
way to go as far as rewarding you today. So keep being a good girl. Focus
on pleasuring me and may be next time you will earn some reward. Present
your pussy, beauty." "Please Mistress forgive me. My only excuse is the
beat under my waist." Abjectly compliant Sodome kneel on the seat, curving
her back to submit her soaked and bloated intimacy handy to Silvana. "You
definitely are totally out of control. We will need to make sure no
accident is going to happen." Silvana called the concierge. "Joel, please
have Sodome chastity belt ready with one of my lock in ten minutes. Also
tell Fella to wait for me in my room." The belt, in the hand of the
concierge, finds the way around Sodome crotch stamping out any hope for a
peaceful night. With sorrow all other her body Sodome supplied her sex for
the attachment of the device. Silvana send a last quiver in her body
playing with her sensitive part to torment her a little bit more. After
forbidden any access to Sodome pleasure zone Silvana added: "You have
discovered some times ago submissive space. Tomorrow you will discover
desire space. Any man crossing your space will be craving to please you.
Nobody will know anything but they will be crazy to fuck you. It is
definitely funny albeit a little bit uncomfortable. Now go to my room.
Make sure your buttock swing heartily to welcome me after I fetch Fella."
Silvana got a bath and massage before a great come driven by Sodome sucking her clit with all her love while Fella licks her back hole. A large gode
made the satisfaction complete. Silvana felt so relax that she could not
stand Sodome tension. She was sent back to her room in a terrible state of
excitement. All along the night and the following day any male sharing her
space get full of desire because of her pheromones. At work all men are
even more obedient than any other day. She dreams of undressing them to
sit on there erect penis.


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