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C15TXT split for the punishment Inkta was


The competition

The following day, Wednesday, upon arriving at Raven in the evening,
Sodome, obsessed with penetration, hunted down Silvana to take off the
belt, which prohibited her, all day long, to quench a basic need. The belt
had spared her butt at the price of her nerves. Silvana, delighted to
witness the long term consequences of their evening together, obliged
Sodome. Entering the stage of her regular punishment during the weekly
meeting of John's group, the unusual circular disposition of the chairs,
flaunting large standing black godes, which wide cylinders, seven inches
height, made a deftly detailed reproduction of an erect penis up to an
ovoid dome on top, mesmerized her. In the middle of the dome an incision
enacted the real urinary tract. All along the shaft perfectly organized
irregularities contributed to an almost real aspect. Straps, attached to a
flat bottom without any balls, facilitated holding the object in place
inside its obvious target. The magnetic attraction exerted by the thing on
her most intimate part dismayed the poor girl. Grabbing one to feel its
texture she anticipated with impatience the occurrence of the fantasy that
had kept her on her toes all day long: A large, warm, needy, hard and soft
object voluptuously exploring the sensitive membrane lining her deep hole.
This one will unfortunately lack the vibrating aspect of a live cock but
her hot cunt will warm it soon enough. A girl name was engraved on each
base. Two females, already there standing near their chair watched Sodome
approach toward her seat. In front of Sodome's, Inkta, a pleasure slave,
safe under her skirt, which regular abuse at morning duty annoyed Sodome,
observed Sodome figure. On too numerous occasions Sodome honored Inkta
feminity without ever having a peek on her cunt due to Inkta insistence to
coerce her under the cover where it was pitch dark. Pleasure slaves took
vanity in keeping maids eyes away from their charms. John concurred to
this situation by whipping them away from the maid. Sodome's chance to see
a spot she had tasted had come. Wondering if Inkta had her panties on, got
Sodome even more excited when she fantasize about demanding Inkta to show
her bush. Sweet memory of Gabriella waiting for such an order suffused
her. Inkta will take them off to stuff the thing inside. They waited in
silence until the last missing girls of the group, Doula and Fella,
arrived. John entered a room fully staffed. He sat himself on the empty
chair. He said: "Sodome you are new to this exercise. We have it once in
a while. Each girl must lower herself on the gode. This panel shows the
depht of the instruments in your cunt. The ones that reach the bottom the
first and the last are punished with two extra blows. The one exactly in
the middle receive a double suck from the second and fourth. Do you
understand the game?" "Yes, Sir" "OK panties off, for the lucky one's."
Fella and Inkta the two pleasure slave of the group lift their skirt to
pull down their panties. Under the spell of her own fantasy Sodome watches
Inkta sex greedily: a small triangle of black hair on top of two prominents
rosy pussy lips covering the hood with only a line between them. John
continued: "Girls, sheaths on the edge. Let the top dome push your
entrance ajar." The girls, knee bend, legs well spread and their body
leaning toward the front, to position the domes at the entrance, displayed
a pack of breasts undulating with the strength of their breath. The
position extended Sodome pear shaped globe into long ellipses dotted by the
nipple. Inkta and Fella had kept their top. The poor Sodome, her genital
organs swollen after the vacuum of the last twenty-four hours, paiafully
controlled her eagerness to swallow her dildo, now pleasantly pressurring
beyond her lower lips, in one thrust. To stay in the middle, she must know
how the others were doing and hide her own turf. Alas, nothing blocked the
sight of her cunt eating the pole while the pleasure slave skirt concealed
the view of a key point giving them an unfair advantage. John glowed in
the sensation of his rocklike dick fuel by the show of all his females'
bodies unguarded working hard to keep themselves in balance on top of the
large pics. His memory of the deep throat noise exacted by fondling those
clitoris and the silky taste of each of those cunt alimented the reassuring
throbbing of his dick. His hand cupped Doula's breast. The hardening tip
contrasted pleasantly with the soft warm quality of the rest. "Are you
Girls, all wet and ready?" They responded in chorus. "Yes Sir" "Then push
it in" The first foray of the shaft inside her initated a shiver traversing
her spine. The filling rub screamed on her swollen organs for a deeper
insertion. The prize (a double suck!) blinked in her mind. Since two
month ago, when John locked in place the chastity belt, the receiving side
of a cunnilunctus belonged only to her fantasies. The appeal of a wet
light touch of a tip of a tongue going rapidly along her front slit while
another one, warm and attentive, slided in her back hole, painfully
contracted her belly. Returning from the physical exasperation she scanned
the leg juncture of the other girls. None had reached the middle of their
trip but the view send another shiver in her belly. Lacking any confidence
in the sensation from inside herself sodome vie for a view on her own dildo
but the angle hide exactly how deep it reached. Rotating her hips to
figure out from inside the depth of the penetration yielded a wave of
shiver moving along the shaft but no information about its deepness. At
this point the shaft launched a vibration of its own while extending itself
inside. A strong Oho escaped from her lungs. Enjoying the ride dominated
her will. Another girl will receive that pussy eating. She will taste the
juice not the caress. The mechanical attack blows her out of guard. Her
naiveté in those sex games doomed her to loose. Still she hated to receive
those blow in addition of the five already scheduled for her butt that
week. Her skin showed a trace of last week welts, plus the four in the
lingerie shop, plus some extra she had earned in the laundry room. Her
inability to protect her plumpest parts made her cringe! Hoping for some
brainy solutions she scrutinized one girl, focusing only on putting her
full weight on the chair after her, so she would not be the first to reach
end. Alas the vibration in her lower belly confused her mental
capabilities. Something wrong lurked in this reasoning but she could not
determine exactly what. Anyway her frustrated body, unable to hold any
resolution, treacherously, pulled her toward relief. Obviously the
ploughing of the beam inside overpowers her might and she hated her own
meekness. The vibration radiated toward her clit menacing her last barrier
before orgasm. Her slit titillating along all its length absorbed all her
mental strength to control the build up leaving the competition to pure
luck. Her eye stopped on Inkta thigh where the black dildo staved itself
into her hollow behind the rampart of the skirt. Soon she will be
humiliated into sucking the hidden pearl. The work to stop the mechanic to
send her over the edge left no circuit to take care of winning the contest.
Nobody will kneel between her legs any time soon. Her sense abused saw
Inkta penetrator clenched to her. Unsure of how much of hers was still out
Sodome engage the delicious instrument to rub deeper against her membrane
when she sensed the cold of the plate at her very bottom against her labia.
It had touched. All vibrations stopped. Her weight went totally on he
chair. She had lost. John called on her: "Sodome you are first to finish
the insertion. Hold the gode in and come to stand next to me." She
complied annoyed by the straps hanging between her legs. Clenching her
muscle to hold onto the gode brought a peppery mix of sensation. The
competition for second seems to be still going. The huge presence inside
her awakens a festival of sensations during the walk but Sodome mortified
look hide the sluttish sensuality. Each step jiggles the invader in a
lively manner. When she gets at hands reach John secures a belt around her
waist then fastens the straps to it establishing her as penetrated whenever
she goes. Quickly John demonstrate the controls for movements or
vibrations deep into her cunt before enjoining her on all four in the
submissive position, eyes shut in the middle of the circle. She pins her
posterior obscenely in the direction of Inkta eyes until the end of the
competition. ABC. Inkta, the winner, complains to John about Sodome open
gaze at her cunt at the beginning of the contest. John agrees to two extra
strokes to discourage Sodome from taking advantage of such occasions and
offers Inkta to redress Sodome outrage herself. Inkta choice to flog the
inside of Sodome thighs leads Sodome to a presentation chair where her legs
split for the punishment. Inkta was definitely not stripping for her. The
first three lands on the inside of her right thigh and the last one in the
area of her pussy lips. Those are for her privileges. The shame suffuse
her mind but her body, over stimulated by the pain and the dildo, tell
another story. The following three lands on her left side those are for
the laundry she did not handle properly. Inkta spoke: "Give me a back
presentation and push your butt high my whore so next time you will
remember to look away when my intimacies are exposed." Sodome thought for a
second to rebel but she could not leave this house. She was addicted to
serve. She stood smiling and blushing for her lack of dignity turned
around to push her butt high for Inkta whims. "Higher and move it" Her
rounder part moving high for the blow Sodome experiments the exact
predicament Silvana described the previous day. Meanwhile the large
inanimate insider, reaching profoundly into her, connect an area of flesh
to the fire of the stings. If only she had refrain from watching Inkta
cunt she would be done. Anyone could see the intensity of her arousal.
Could it be that the whip attracted her in a perverse fashion? She would
stop it immediately if it did not meant loosing Raven. The sting blazed
twice. Crying while her swollen cunt flashed her need to cum, she
remembers Trish rage when forced to wait, her despictable pathetic display
of weakness. How stupid and selfish she had been. The swell in her pussy drummed like a need to pee. Without any dignity, like yesterday in the
taxi, she was going to beg her tormentor. As soon as her butt finished
receiving its due, Sodome crouched in front of John and kissing his feet
begged him to let her come. Smiling with content John leaves the choice to
Inkta. Still on her knee Sodome nears Inkta feet. The girl glows in
Sodome humiliation at her feet kissing her toes one by one aspiring each in
her mouth. Sodome vagina on fire all over its full length insures her
total devotion. With a fierce gaze Inkta establishes Sodome humbleness and
obsequiousness in the future. Sodome promise to never take advantage from
Inkta nudity. To seal the agreement Inkta install Sodome, in place of
another girl, at the entrance of her back hole. Without hesitation Sodome
tongue licks deep in her. Inkta, panting heavily from Sodome sweet hand
plays with Sodome clit while heavily panting due to the ministration of
Doula and Sodome. Inkta remove her hand from Sodome to fully taste her
prize. Sodome licking deep into Inkta asshole imagine Inkta face filled
with satisfaction and pleasure. Inkta put Sodome hand on Sodome mound
telling her to wait for Inkta words. The large dildo filling her deeply
multiplies the delight of her fingers grazing her sensitive area. The
awaited occasion nullify her reluctance for public masturbation. Soon the
explosion will relive the long frustration. sucking with attention her
actual Mistress ass mix well with the shivers bustling through her body
from the action of her fingers. Inkta butt pushes faster and faster
against her agile tongue. Suddenly she shudders violently leaning on
Sodome. High-pitched moans resonate in the room for a lengthy moment.
Sodome, freed from the crack of her victor, peek at the relax and satiated
look on Inkta face with a terrible envy, offering her swollen clit, exposed
by its own turgescence, in the middle of her parted pussy lips as a
reminder of Inkta promise. Her finger gently moving around the burning
organ, she plead, full of humility, with her eyes. On her widely spread
knee, she proclamed her arousal to remind Inkta of her promise. With two
words, cum now, Inkta release her. The immediate shaking of her body
humiliates her while relieving the worst of the tension! John asks her to
stay behind. He removes the dildo before laying her down a large table.
His deep push into her widely calling tunnel provides the soft, alive,
instrument Sodome craved during the long day. Her insides clamor their
satisfaction with his penetration rubbing against him fiercely. His
manhood soft and vibrating, powerfully thrusting inside her, revel in her
excited cavern. A sphere of pure pleasure, forming high in her belly,
repays the nerve wrecking day. Her clit push fiercely against him. The
next orgasm may come very soon. She calm down. The way to her pleasure
transit through an exceptional ride for him. She focusing her palpitating
membrane on welcoming his organ. He notices the change. He smiles to her
sporting an exalted look. "Yes my beauty this is it. Keep going like
that. Show me how important I'm for you. After I'm done you may let you go
but if I feel any pressure I will revoke it. Kiss my sex with your cunt all along it for top to bottom." The delicious titillation resonating in
her body with each thrust answer Sodome devotion to the occupant of her
cunt. Outside of time, without any impulse to push or delay her pleasure
she enjoys every instant of her Master path to his plateau. Rewarded with
a strong and fulfilling incantation of her dream of the last twenty four
hours she whish for the vigorous pounding, keeping her on the edge of a
titanic wave, to go on forever, tasting for the first time the effortless
nature of pure pleasure. If he were never to explode she would happily
spend her life on this threshold. His breathing more rugged and the higher
pitch of his moans preceded the first spurt of his come that send her over
the edge. They both shake for minutes. Exhausted, relieved and free of
any jealousy for Inkta, she craved to give him everything, to be his slave
totally, completely and forever. How could she have waited so long to
discover her place? Walking nude in front a roomful of people for the
glory of her Master brought her satisfaction. Glory brought frustration.
The surge, to thank him deeply for his gift, bites at her. Sodome brought
John hand to her mouth: "Sir presently you have satisfied me so profoundly
that I will give you a token of my desire to serve you not only because of
Raven but merely for you." "This moving suggestion, beauty, will aggravate
your level of abasement." "Sir I know that I will hate the consequence of
my choice but I do experience the surge to thank you for the actual well
being of my body. I must give you something. In my position my only money
is shame." "Well the rule said that you must propose your gift." "Sir I may
either humbly present my sex on each of our encounter for a month or,
instead of offering my intimacy to your eyes, I may propose to suck you, or
I may bore on my breast a tattoo claiming that you possess me." "Would the
tattoo be permanent?" "No Sir it is also for a month." "Show me how you
would exhibit your sex for my eyes." Sodome arched her back till her hands
were on the floor. Her unclosed knee let her slit first in line. "I will
wait in position for your acknowledgment." John took her left tit between
his finger pressing hard without hurting. "How would I release you?" "You
could pinch my tit like you are doing now. Do you have another
suggestion?" "Not now, how would you offer to suck me?" "I will say, Sir
would it please you to use my mouth or some variation on that line." "What
would be your body posture when you propose?" "I will bow enough to let the
gravity take my breast down but not enough to hide my bush." "Let see that
then." Sodome finished carrying her body above her head offering a
beautiful picture of her anatomy in an upside down state. She bowed: "Sir
in memory of the complete satisfaction you gave me I offer you my mouth to
fuck." "You may proceed, beauty" She knelt mouth open, hands on her head,
for his, still flaccid shaft, to find its place between her lips. He fuck
her mouth for a while for a while then interrupted: "Definitely my first
choice. I need to go now. Don't forget to register with Gorba." "I will.
Thank you Sir for accepting my gift." I'm really crazy though Sodome as
soon as he left. Why do I need to make it worst? He is not such a great
man in reality. The only reason he gave such a good fuck is because he was
there the day after Silvana made me mad with desire. Even Silvana the only
reason I obey her is because I'm afraid of the whip and I take the whip
because Raven turn me inside out with his cock. In the last two days I
added three Masters to my life. Definitely slaves hate to serve but they
are compelled. Could I get the same fuck if I was walking behind, enjoying
the reflection of the light on the preceding spheres, offered to my lust?
She recalled exciting part of her life as a top. She had discovered a
totally drenched Silvana too each time she had honored her feminity. No it
was arousing to dominate, to bend people to your will, to embarrass them
and to dispose of their whishes. Her men could not control themselves but
she had learned to control her own need as a bottom. Why her men could not
do it? Was it all those beating she took when she did not hold herself
appropriately? Was it the instructions about listening and receiving? Was
it temporary so soon she will be back to be taken away by the balls at the
wrong time? Was it the intensity of the need, the intolerable frustration
itself that created the capability to wait in the delicious state she
enjoyed today? The rewards of being a bottom were scarce but so intense.
Thanking her Masters, unlike her own slaves, will help them in their task
even at the price of a worsening condition for her, hopefully it will not
be more whip, only more vexation. Even now it hurt so much and those
unequivocal crude words higher, turn, present, open, move did not left her
a single millimeter of face to keep. Silvana was right. How could her
mistress play her role if she could not palm her posterior at whish? How
could she be a slave if she was all the time protecting some pudor? tits and pussy in the open at Balook there was nothing left to protect or was
it? They will always find something she cared for. How to change, from
protecting herself, to offer her embarrassment to her Master? The desire
for a special thank to Silvana inhabited her also. Would she be able to
accept the ring in their pussy? Was it possible to take it away later or
would it create such a big hole that she will be marked forever? The path
to walk in advance of the ring, spelled in the rulebook, must be pretty
painful too. She vaguely remembers something about satisfying at least
three requests from the one she submitted. Well she still had some time to
prove her commitment to Silvana. In the mean time she will cringe to her
every time she will have the occasion. She definitely was going to spend
even more time showing her. She went back to the kitchen to perform her
duty. The following morning Sodome discovers that Silvana specifically
requested Sodome to bring breakfast. Sodome is happy with it. She longed
for contact with Silvana although she still hadn't had reach any conclusion
about the pussy ring. Give Silvana something beyond thanks will soon
become compelling. With coffee and juice on a board she tote to Silvana
room for the well rehearsed morning ritual. She enters. Put the tray on a
commode. Open the curtain and great Silvana with a joyous "Good morning
Mistress." Silvana opens her eyes responding: "Good morning slave. Let me
drink my coffee." Sodome does it in a lascivious way. She then cleans the
bathroom and gathers all the clothes for the wash putting back in the
closet what is still clean. When she is done she asks permission to leave
but most of the time Silvana calls her to play a little bit. Today Silvana
advanced her hand with her fingers disposed in an obvious shape. With an
inviting Sodome buried them in the adequate place. As soon as the fingers
embed themselves in her burrow Silvana exclaim: "Sweetie your cunt is
relaxed. You got properly filled up yesterday! How did it happen?"
"Yesterday I was crazy with need the all day. The puzzling part being that
I inclined much more toward thanking you than hating you. You were so
right that all men where attentive to the least of my request. At the end
of my chastisement, Inkta was holding the whip and I hated it, I begged
John to let me come. He let Inkta choose. I had a large gode filling me,
making me even crazier. I grovel at her feet long enough that she let me
cum with my finger. It was pleasant but too little. John kept me around.
He gave me one of the best fuck I never had. I was so full of gratitude.
I'm sure it is because of the challenges you put me through. I want to
give you special thanks. I know you like me to get pierced on my labia but
I'm not sure I'm ready for that ring yet. I was so happy to be able to
thank you with my lips yesterday." "It is OK sweetie. You will think of
something special for me. Anyway your love, when you strip and when you
sucked me, talked directly to my identity. You do not have to give me any
extra. I will ask you for your efforts and get you punished when it is
needed." "Oh Mistress, it was so rude of me to refuse you access to my
buttocks or get dressed to respond to your call. I'm awfully sorry." "Well
all is good. Give me a kiss before you go. We will go out together again
sometimes." Sodome went to her day activities.

picture day That Sunday the picture session with Vardu, I expected since
my first day, when he delighted in the qualities of my figure and the
display of emotions, will happen. Vardu assistant, Tinde of bad memories,
the owner of the pussy I was forced to lick on, greet me. Today I would
not be so foolish as to refuse mouth service to a fully clothed woman and
my fawning attitude completely communicate this new state of mind. A slew
of sexy attire is arranged for me. Underwear's are the first order of
business. The occasion to cover my slit, although transient, refreshes my
spirit. Tinde promotes the semi transparent uniform gray or dark blue
attire because, in her view, they enhance the glow of my skin while
focusing more the eyes on my curves. Her pick of bra exaggerate the space
between my breasts while my preference amplify the pear shape of my boobs.
Tinde value the curves while I advantage the cleavage. She knows how best
to show it all while I cling to the mentality of a girl that chooses how
much she shows. In matter of panties we rejoined for a shape grouping the
labia in a heavy line and building my mound in to a long contrasting
outline with a strong delineation at the junction with my bottom. The soft
touch of silk on top of my hairless labia provides a gracious impression
since I hadn't had anything there for months. Tinde select a teddy built
around two lines of green satin joining around the neck, at the bottom of
my cleavage and in the depth between my legs, separating to cover my tits and discover my sex and the middle of my posterior. A piece of transparent
yellow gauze, sown on the back, hazes my camber. In front another piece
cover my belly. The garment frames my uncovered cleft and teasingly hides
my breast. We ended with three set of coordinated and two delicately
transparent G-strings. Then we moved to stocking. Tinde reserve herself
the right to put and remove the clothing fondling me abundantly in the
process. The stingy consequence of any refusal, strongly present in my
mind, and the electric quality of her touch direct me to never forgot to
advance my sex toward her hands and to smile invitingly when she
specifically touch any of my female part. Her pick ruled us. Hopefully
she knows her job. I hide any discordance: She had the power to make my
life more difficult. Each coordinate comes with its own pair of stocking and garters. One dress with a large décolleté in front and stopping half a
centimeter under my bottom in the back will become part of my closet. One
must be very careful when sitting or lifting her arms to avoid obvious
indecency in it. When I bow my nipples uncover themselves. Tinde, with
evident pleasure at the telling, informs me that I will roam the city in
such an attire when I'm requested to wear the slut dress. The idea seems
ludicrous but I know it will happen. A mini skirt, which top, glued to my
bosom marks my nipples, make another unwanted addition to my clothes.
Vardu showed up when all the attire was selected. He first shoots me with
the clothing carefully avoiding the critical point of my anatomy. Then I
got stripped to almost nothing. He teaches me a series of pose moving from
one position to another while varying my expression from sad to happy or
angry to curious or sluttish to serious. One move starts standing and
continues bending my back until my head reach down to my ankle. In this
position the spread of my legs present my breasts hanging upside down
appears under the well open vulva. Vardu guide my facial expression and
the tension in my muscle. Turning all around my flesh to get all sorts of
angles of my flexing curves he capture shot of my warm smile and my warm
hole on the same picture. Another move starts lying on one side with one
leg on the chin while the other, straight against the floor, flaunt the
treasure at their junction. The move consists in exchanging my legs
positions to finish on the other side. Vardu must have good shots of my
slit bulging from behind through my legs. My extreme flexibility comes
handy to keep my face toward the lens. All along the moves Tinde special
attention to my pleasure buds contributes to the disorganized aspect of my
intimacy and the lewd expressions of my face. Tinde index, sliding
expertly along my fissure, spreads the juices to give a glistering
impression and make me moan inevitably. The graze moistens me while
tensing my face making the picture more vivid. The session with the
attention given to my beauty and its flurry of light touches made me mad
with arousal. So many weeks' nude and pudorless have definitely separated
me from the normal reserve of women. How crazy was I to refuse the
position. For the final shot I' m on all four, knee well spread, on the
podium. I turn my head toward the lens, directed to the crudest part of my
body, to smile invitingly to the camera. My tongue slides between my lips
to give it all. I hope that a lot of men will masturbate themselves on the
picture. Tinde turn me around so I lie on my back and claim on the table
to sit on my head, hiding the world with her skirt. I got to work without
any reluctance. The bitch can get my ass and she did give me some pleasant
sensations. While laboring on her I felt Vardu inserting himself into my
vagina. John and Norkad had used me in the exact same way. For some weird
reasons, couples, in this house, cannot directly fuck each other!
Hopefully it will not be as hard as the first time and I will be able to
please those two. At Raven old alliances ganged against new arrivals.
Enough bitching, I thought, let see if I can get those two to a nice place.
Vardu, obviously extremely shy, did not even touch me before my sigh was
obstructed by Tinde skirt. His strong petting of my breast contrasted with
the timidity of his organ inside me. Providing my best encouragement,
making my sheath available to any of his moves and amplifying them to
insure him of my welcome warmed him up. His small rod took a little bit of
volume and intensity. Waiting for those two looked like a piece of cake.
Anyway If came without a specific permission from John yet, I would get
another trashing, totally unacceptable. My collar showed that I was in a
dry spell. A hand, probably Tinde's, impelled the right trend around my
clit. That got at me. It was never easy when you had no control. One
would think I had already learnt that. I craved to make both come. It was
an important goal for me. In this house people had a choice of females to
climax into. I had to learn how to be a popular source of orgasm that was
my only chance to get some protection while being under Raven roof. I
should let no stone unturned. Those two, using me now, were the most
important people of the house. When I let my tongue follow the rhythm of
the finger on my clit Tinde melt in my mouth. A lot of juices were
dripping down. She had a sweet taste today not at all as sour as the
previous time. Tinde's uplifted mood communicated to Vardu penis, those
two were obviously exchanging a lot. I gave the same contour to his shaft
inside me. It tingled. I was on a good way. I was pretty high as well.
My last come had been outstanding but it was already four days ago. I was
permanently in need of orgasm since I was nude all the time at Raven. The
pervasive atmosphere of sex was not helping her either. I focused on my
charge condition. My tongue got faster and stronger around Tinde button
while giving him an even better contact. It would help avoid an accident
if only the bitch would remove her hand from my clit. This idea brought
back the fire on her butt and I see myself meekly offering the part to
Inkta whip. It does help pushing away the non return point although
creating a higher level of excitation. They were pretty much there anyway.
He was taking the fullness of his bar out and furiously backs in. Each
shove sparked a tingle into her lower body. Fortunately the bitch had lost
interest in stimulating my clit when she had reach her plateau. I hold on
keeping the ball away, enjoying the tingling, while looking for what he
liked. He seemed to push himself along the easiest way. I opened myself
in advance of his push while lightly retaining him on his way out and that
did it. He gave three more violent shove, groaning forcefully and stay
buried in me to spurting his sperm with his tip hugging a muscular wall in
my depth. He was ecstatic. Tinde orgasmed with him. The balls were a
hair away from my belly but I could keep them away. They gave me a blue
stick. Other all I was pleased: I had been used but I had been able to
find pleasure in it even without the final orgasm. I bowed and kiss their
hands while taking leave. I was learning to give respect. I spend weeks
digging deeper into my submissive position. It was funny to greet John
with a novel way to offer my mouth to fuck. Most of the time he did take
the chance. It was heavy but I was accepting the arousal created by my
humiliations. I ignored the anger to concentrate on the flow. I was worst
than Trish, begging for any attention to my engorged sex, crawling for a
tickle. I did not care. I was Raven slave and I was learning. I had no
pride. Soon Silvana hand, sliding under my skirt in the street, will be
encouraged by a wiggling posterior. On the other side of the divide, I
volunteered occasion to be humiliated. I cringed at trekking through the
town with the low cut dress while hopping she would send me. I imagine
those numerous penises erected at my sight. I had such a fantastic day
after Silvana stripped me at Balook. It was so true that every male
attitude was peculiar. It was worth being uncomfortable. I was wondering
if could reach the same level without the whip to frighten me into it? I
could not get used to the pain.


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