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C16TXT extreme pleasure his length moving


Raven's turn

The alarm birthed another dreaded Wednesday. Tonight, bending around
the stupid trestle to receive the swats from her Master lash, she will
wander why she did not quit, go back home and never coyly obey another
vexing order about keeping her butt high. It really hurt. The welt stayed
for days and her sore stump tinted her mood during the following days. If
only her hunger for sex would abate by an inch she would not meekly present
her butt on the post. Doula fresh hand on her hot butt or on her lucky
evening John hard dick satisfying her need for penetration, pry her into
coming back to the predicament. Her calculations, based on the coloration
of the other girls flesh, proved her lot as the worst of the gang. Every
girl got some but she got more at least every other week. The pain and the
pathetic reaction of her cunt stick with her week after week. The accruing
sexual reactions to humiliation, day after day, lead her to a deeper
acceptation of her destiny except on Wednesday. The advance knowledge of
the inexorable trashing created a cycle of acceptation and refusal of her
status. The unfairness of the blow, while, from her point of view, she
tried her best to anticipate her master whims, weight on her. Back from
work, gloomy about the ordeal in her immediate future, she hanged her
business clothes in her closet in the girl dressing room and naked, she put
her collar on. The buzz communicated to her chest. Marking her name on
the phone brought on Silvana voice demanding a trim less Sodome in the
entrance. Totally bare, Sodome waited brooding about the change, immobile,
at the door of the changing room until Norkad clipped a leash on the smooth
edge of her slit like her first evening at Raven, some month ago. The
leash, held into Norkad sweet hands, leads her to a slave bathroom. Norkad
engaged Sodome to thoroughly perform her anus cleaning and straighten up
her pubic hair. Sodome heart accelerated. She was going to be exposed.
Two fine lines of red exaggerated the depth of her labia and a touch of
rouge contrasted her areoles with the natural taint of her tits. Norkad
blindfolded her before putting manacles around her wrist and her ankle. In
her darkness a well shaped touch around her back hole prompt her to rush on
her knee, head on the floor, separating, with two hands, the volume of
flesh covering the requested point. The abundant lubrication carried
another rush of adrenaline into Sodome veins. Was tonight the time of her
first back penetration? Raven promised to take her cherry. Thrilled at
the idea, she volunteered her posterior to the workings hands. Norkad told
her: "What a slut, churning your butt for me!" Sodome did not take offense.
Norkad always talk the gather you route when alone with slaves she trusted
while she never missed an occasion to get a good licking. "Well I'm still
a virgin from there. Raven is supposed to open me. It may be tonight."
"Wait till you get there. You don't need to loose your effects on me.
Plus nothing is sure. Now stop talking. Just listen when I talk. Careful
I will move now." Following the leash blindfolded called for complete
concentration. After a short trek Norkad left her alone seated on a chair.
The pain flashing in her tits brutally interrupted Sodome hang over. Her
right nipple pulsed with the fire of a strong clamp. A burst of hate for
the tormentor flared. She hated being vulnerable. The cruel way they
played with her. In dread of the second one, she took a deep breath,
heightening her earring and the tactile sense of her skin to search for any
presence intend on outraging her second breast. A pull on the leash proved
the vanity of her effort. Still gasping in pain from the sting on her tits she moved cautiously. In the fearsome darkness the possibility that her
shepherd will push her into a wall to play took a terrifying reality. The
movement of the air on her bare skin and voices from a small crowd, marking
her entrance in a large room, probably the library or the dining room,
stopped the irksome fear. After a couple of steps the second clamp
squeezed her left tit. The pain took a low groan out of her and twisted
her face. The leash tensed when she stopped to recover surrounded by a
sudden silence. Hoping for Raven around she uplift her shoulders, which
open her bosom and heighten her two breasts, wearing proudly the two clamps
for only cover. Lead by a leash to punishment, nude, blind folded and tits clamped, she was crazy with a wild desire to touch her sex. Moisture,
spilling down the inside of her thigh, clamored the shameless submissive
nature of her being. The more humiliation she received the more her
insides expanded. How stupid had she been to listen to the whining of her
own slave in her time as a Mistress. Imagining herself in Silvana skin
enjoying the length her slave would go for her bring regrets. Jim bare,
except for his cock restrain, with clamps on his tits, following blind
folded a leash hold by Gabriella may have given her back a taste for the
dominating side. A burst of anger, for the ex slaves, exploded in her
guts. Their reluctance to feed back on her the pleasures of submission
turned her into a monster to enjoy their gift. On the other hand how could
their mouth have fooled her when the sight of their sexual organs gave away
the truth? Stupidity, her own stupidity had lost the occasions, now gone
forever. Her Master will learn the pleasure of her actual predicament from
her own mouth. Raven may make it worse but then if it hurt too much she
would say so. They liked it but they never said. She will be different.
Would she dare say more to the whip one day? Tomorrow would she remember
the thrill? Probably not, her memory will keep mainly the bite of the
snaps and the misery of her solitude. A quiver traversed her skin at the
evocation of her master pleasure, sending her back into inviting
undulations. Someone, pushing her hands above her head, fasten her wrist
manacles a little bit above it. Her feet, separated and fastened as well,
left her leaning on her well parted legs, knees bent in response to the
bite of the lower clamp. The slack in her hands would not let her go down
enough to avoid any tension around her clitoris. The binding left no
choice for her position. A fire, roaming in her back, provides a warmth
drop of comfort and gives her a clue on her situation: the principal in a
pre dinner play in the library. Situating her ordeal in the order of Raven
distraction soothed her fears. The noise from the onlooker's conversations
reached her as a murmur, too low to assuage her curiosity for the topic or
the identity of the spectators. A powerful bliss spread into her body.
Raven attention was on her! Will, at last, the intensity of her love reach
him? Will her effort in learning the art of seducing a Master finally
seduce him to mellow her sojourn in his house? The restrains let space
only for muscle in the shoulders and around her belly to purple the
entourage of her feminine attributes. Endeavoring his attention on the
delta between her leg she shaped her lower belly, the upper side of her
thigh and the back curve of her luscious bottom into valleys preparing the
eye for meeting the deep double fold of her slit. The awkward position of
her legs and the tense binding of her clitoris to the floor forced the
portion of her divide bearing the main charms of her sex parallel to the
carpet. Her swollen clit and the shine sinking down the prominence of her
inner thigh clamor her hunger to endure his law. The last period of her
life, a detailed lesson in reading girls genital, taught her the level of
detail broadcasted by the subtle change in shape, more revealing than men tumescence in a much slower cycle. Joining her free will to the
uncontrollable she abandons herself into her Master hands. Steps, coming
her way above the voices, preceded the warmth of a body, which arrival into
reach of her disgraced tits produced a contraction of fear. A hand,
pulling out her clit from its hood to tickle it up and down with something
feather light, an almost unreal touch, fostered a swarm of shivers toward
her foot shaking her hips on the way. Relieved that his whish was
pleasure, her being tensed eagerly toward more. A warm hard thing was
posted at her entrance. The tight binding in her arm stopped her attempt
to lower her cunt around it. Wild laughter erupted following her failure.
She had been tricked. A man shouted "She is a hot brazen one. How
pathetic she looks in her effort to steal a thrill." She blushed. All her
face went red. Another meaning reached her: "Let's give her butt the color
of her face. " Holding still became the only way to stop the game. She
had shamed herself enough. They were laughing at her. The feather, back
at work on her unhooded clit, steamed intense emotions, nefarious for her
resolution, until a moan broke ground in her throat accompanied by the
minuscule rotation of her hips, toward the touch, finding its way around
the binding. The laughter picked up, freezing again her impulse, when
Raven voice thrilled all of her body: "Sensitive beauty, nude, blushing and
obedient, your fight to observe my rules through my obstacles, scored a
hard dick. I'm proud of the relationship you developed with Silvana and of
the gift you made to John. He keeps pitching me the eagerness of your
mouth. I will put you in my confidence. You are on the way to become a
great slave and to reach the absolute obedience I like. You crave
submitting to John and Silvana. Today I will bring you into submission for
me. You will stick on to a permanent search of your Master pleasure under
heavy condition. When you are there I anticipate lots of delight in your
arms. Tonight your back side will know the feel of the flesh. Are you
willing to belong to me?" "Master the unmatched tempest of my senses
guarantees my attitudes. I dream of cuddling your glorious cock deep into
my flesh whichever pocket you choose to honor. I cherish the rare moments
you expended inside me and those inhabit regular portion of my days. John
and Silvana coaching introduce me to your rule. Please honor your willing
slave, shivering to receive the whip from your hands, with your whish."
"Thank you, beauty, for the gift of your pain. Should you be aware of your
audience before the whip or would you prefer to ignore our faces?" Sodome
had learned with Silvana to never state a preference without resistance.
The feather, going all along her lowland insisting on her brown ring and
her rosy bud, obliterated any cohesion in her though except for not being
too obviously shameless to avoid more laugh. She feebly uttered: "Master,
do with me as you please" "Gentlemen let's hear what you rather see
happen." "Ignore her surrounding add vulnerability." As a sample of the
merit of a blind folded toy, the clamp on her right nipple opened. Her
prolonged scream was still going when it's closing back sprawl a new wave
of pain from in her torso from her nipple. "Seeing will license her to
prepare for the next affront. We will remove the blind fold when she has
exhausted her ability to withstand fear." Jim voice, carrying this awful
advice, angered Sodome. Raven call for this idiot to witness her misery
left her depending on Jim whims. Of all man Jim, full of revengeful
spirit, could burn pain in her by extending his hand. The sooner he shot
his load into her the better it was. They voted to keep her visionless.
Raven continued: "Unfasten her feet and her leash. Hoist her hand until
she stands on tip toe." Raven whispered in her ear: "Your skin glistening
with sweat, your heavy breasts throbbing under your irregular breath and
the sticky mess all over your sex makes me impatient to enter that thigh
hole. I'm extremely lucky to initiate you to the thrills of this new venue
of your body. I was swayed by your failed motion to lower yourself on that
cock followed with the pathetic blushing under laughter. Get used of
people laughing at you. Shamelessness enhances my slaves and blushing when
doing it adds a nice touch. At my service you are ridiculed regularly.
Let them laugh at you. Your real brain capacity makes the show even
better. Give me power in exchange of the unique pleasure I give you. Thank
you for choosing me." His tender kiss on her mouth while holding her head
in his hand, his hard on pulsing on her belly and his hands nourishing her
scalp brew a medium of elation. He praised her. Her squirms had gained
his approval. He valued her search of physical thrills. He was kissing
her. She responded passionately to his contact. Her back hole, sensually
relaxed, tingled with impatience. She utterly trusted his promise to
create pleasure for her from there. In his palm, happy to be a drop in his
realm, she planned to lick the floor he was walking on. She dreamed of
closing her arm around his body. One day, peacefully sleeping against his
shoulder without any restraint, she will savor her prize. He had said so
sooner. She was in love. His mouth pulls out leaving his strength behind.
His approval still filled her with joy. Her analytical mind flashed the
word crazy regularly. Bare, manacled, laughed at and standing on tip toes
she was joyous due to an embrace. Submissive space was hot, crazy and
happy. He was talking to her for the audience. "Sodome why are you
there?" "Master my weekly punishment is due today. The pain projects the
awareness of your presence into every aspect of my life." "My whip will
help you. You have earned eight blows: three for your regular privileges,
two have been marked against you at Inkta request; three result from an
unauthorized climax. Do you agree to the count?" "Yes, Master" Today the
peculiarity of her position rendered the whip particularly frightening.
She hated bending to offer her butt and today she was standing straight.
Still all her body uncomfortably exposed in reach of his instrument, except
the inside of her thigh, gave her the shiver. His tool could target her
vulnerable breast and belly if he choose so. Her shoulder and her legs
muscle worked hard. Her feet could not get flat on the ground so her
weight pressed on her shoulder or on her tip toe. How to ignore the
quandary to give him the best of herself? Her breast and buttock must be
presented as the center of interest in the room. Who was there to see her
with Jim? What was he waiting for? "Let's get on with it. Slave shows
your willingness. Trish will you count them for me?" Those two bad news
replaced the joyful tingle in her belly with a distressing push. She
forgot the posture and Trish was there as well. Both Jim and Trish
reminded her powerful past when Raven's craving did not lock her in
servility. If she had put them through all the pain Raven heaped on her,
they may still suck nicely her clit. How could she have been so stupid?
Sweetness and frequent skipping of the weekly punishment snapped them out
of meek positions. On the other side of the whip, the strength of the tool
appeared in a bright light. The depiction of Trish butt at her disposal
for a good trashing added to the arousal. Was it only months ago that she
had pass the occasion? Well that was past. Tonight the trashing will pump
the fire in her own nerves. For Raven she will suck the bitch if requested
so. Raven words of love took other her spirit at the same time than a rush
of peace toured her body. Did he told that to all of his females? She was
kind of jealous. He loved her obedience, her willingness to walk his path.
He was waiting for her to answer his command and she was scared to loose
him if she delayed too long. She had to call for the whip now. So much
worst than waking up in the morning after too short a night. The impulse
reaching her shoulder, belly and hip, propped her body into the right pose.
The imminence of the lash changed the atmosphere. Sodome picture his arm
lifting the whip. Expecting the sound, she proudly exaggerated the jutting
of her breast and posterior to make her more desirable to his will. The
sound preceded the fire by a small instant. A line of pain on her belly at
the top of her hips, in the middle of her small patch of hair, kept the
second alive for ever. The flaring pulsed vividly, worst than John hit on
her thigh. What kind of instrument was he using? The contact line became
her all world. Hanging from her hands after she had lost control of her
feet, she let the scream die slowly on her stronger sensation. Her
controlled breathing allows her back into the pose. The swoosh happened, a
split second before she reached the pose, and the blow snaked along her
back at the same height than the first one, at the very moment in which her
body reached its commitment. A scorching circle flashes her middle while
she heard far away Trish voice counting two. Checking the bitch intimacy
in front of the room would humble her. She must be quite aflame by now
savoring her revenge for all the time when she was sent frustrated to bed.
Leaving the pleasant dream to return to the immediate reality, she took the
position. He had been waiting for her. As soon as she smarten, the blow
cut in on her front in the middle of her thighs a little bit under her sex.
Another strong scream helped her to regain her footing sooner. Afraid to
displease him when using too much time to regain her composure she claimed
the intensity of her passion with a speedy return to an amiable pose. The
following blow, on her lower belly, cut through her labias almost on her
clit sparkling unbearable sensations. Overwhelmed, she screamed and
wiggles trying to escape. Her love switched into a frantic search for an
immediate escape from the next blow. Like a fish on a hook her helpless
body jerked around to free herself from the restraints. Getting away from
his whip prevailed. The sting, pulsating violently on her clit, sponged
away her determination to give him total power on her. Holding her body,
exposed to his whip, still, was unbearable while calling his abuse with a
jutting bottom would be pure folly. Some part of her stopped her mouth
from voicing her choice to go away leaving her shaking body as the only
evidence of her distress. The agony, concentrated on her sex, erased the
sting from her nipples and the other sign of abuse she harbored. Breathing
heavily she coerced her mind upstream toward the pain letting it scatter
through all the area between her bottom and her hips. It worked somehow.
The pain diffused on a large area reached a known level. The uncontrolled
jerks smoother down on her way up. The worst had been overcome. It did
take a long time. Frightened with the awareness that she will get back
into the pose and reassured that he will hit only when she show her assent,
she finished composing herself. He was enjoying her. Her temporary
weakness overcome, she jutted out breast and posterior calling out for his
gift and bracing for the pain. In response some hand, may be his, searched
access to her deep tunnel beyond her stuck legs. Willing to please she
used her athletic body to lift her legs from the floor. The people
applauded her feast. Raven congratulation phrase, whispered at her ears,
switched pain and elation in a snap. He was helping her on the way
revealing her taste for performance. The hand uncovered an eager pit,
which hungrily accommodated three fingers in its depth. The level of
excitation came as a surprise. The sensations in her lower part gained
strength, against her tiring shoulders calling for her feet to get back on
the floor. Enduring the effort, to let him continue the immensely
pleasurable manipulation which secondary effect was to interrupt the
vicious beating, was a no brainer. His finger, tickling her seed around
the fire line, produced thrill as strong as the burnt, rendering her unable
to separate between pleasure and pain. Intensity without polarity
dominated her nerves. Protected from the direct view of the string of hard
cock in the room, waiting for a chance to pin her, by the darkness of the
blindfold, the exhibitionist part of her being, which had peek out at
various time in the recent past, reached a potent and sudden maturity.
Intuiting the forest of pole, pointing toward the ceiling or well cared in
the depth of luxurious cavities, stirred by the multi polar intensity of
her flesh, brought her close to eruption. The hand left her bud. Her feet
reposed again on the floor. Raven voice, expressing his admiration,
replaced the physical contact. Full of apprehension for the unavoidable
pain to come and on the brink of orgasming at the single sound of his
voice, she took the pose again recalling John spelling Raven ability to
produce orgasms with his whips. One day, her turn will come. Her body
reached the pose, calling for his toxic gift, without any immediate
consequences. Again full of love and confidence she imagined him fair to
her, letting her recover, checking her state. The lapse in her intention
uncorked by the previous blow was forgotten. Taking his beating solidify a
power struggle between them where her only mean, as the ultimate female,
was to absorb his desire. They both win if she was as high as possible
while in some sort of control. They would loose if he did not push her
enough or if she lost it too long or too soon. His ability to renew
endlessly the intensity of her fire awed her. Her responsibility was to
pump energy into her body while his was to awaken her desires. Suddenly
the fifth blow crashed in the lower part of her plump rear compounded by a
simultaneous release of the clamps on her nipples. Three stabs competing
for her resistance at the same time broke loose all of her barriers.
Fighting against her restraint and screaming her head out, she chaotically
begged for pity. The pain took over too strongly for her to absorb it all.
He had already overdone her and he had three more to go. Seriously
pondering a way to implore for some reprieve, she decided to not take the
pose again. He may stop. After a couple of minutes screaming and jerking
around, her mind regained control on the flesh. She focused on her heart
beat for some more minutes. The fire, which light noise was punctuated
with an occasional pleasure moan from the onlooker, warmed her skin and
sprinkled a drop of peace on her spirits. The distress receded in small
wave. The sensation in her tits back to a mere tingle, her clit, subject
to the ministration of the feather, emerged as the stronger sensation
amalgaming again pain and pleasure. Three quarter of the chastisement,
already inscribed in her tender flesh, made it stupid to renounce at this
point. Nobody could be cocky with his whip. He could hurt her beyond her
endurance if he chooses to. Her throat constricted as she exaggerated her
curvatures for the pose. His hand, flattering all her body, rewarded her
victory. Its warmth brought a marvelous peace in the surrounds of her
stomach. Her breathing accelerated in response to his gentle playing with
her tits. The air of the room chilled her breast when the magic of his
touch ended. Frightened she braced herself for the next one. What
surprise will it bring with it that time? The last two had been
devastating but he already got her clit and her nipple was now free. Would
he put back the awful clamps or whip her breast? She hoped for mercy in
the delivery of three simple blows. He could build four circles on her
lower belly. The blow rejoined the back of the second circle reinforce her
hope. The pain almost did not registered. Back into the pose almost
effortlessly for the next to last blow, which landed across on her front
cutting into her labia, Sodome had to scream for a while to diffuse the
pain of that one. She took the pose for the last blow. Exhausted and
exalted to have made it with only one big revolt, she let her nerves carry
around the powerful mix of sensation emanating from her battered body. The
four neat circles around her lower belly, which must be funny to watch, her
back leg, quite sore of the tip toes and her shoulders tired from the
thrust claim her trust for her master. Silvana played with her pudor.
John educated her. Raven exalted her. Her misery provides a trampoline to
his pleasure. Craving to give him as much pleasure as she can and
impatient for his penetration, the foray into her back hole that will
reward her gracious acceptation of the beating, lead her to arrange again
her curvaceous body. Laboring to attract his attention on the right zone
in her actual predicament she arrange some tension around her thigh, while
keeping herself as far as possible from the pose in case he gets the wrong
idea. The brutish beating propelled her to a new level of vitality
although she will never expose herself voluntary to one. Every cell in her
body cringes to obey his whish to avoid the repetition of such pain. A
whir in the background manifested some secret conference. They are trying
to cheat her out of her pleasure. Probably some ploy from Jim and Trish
but Raven will not let them get their ends. The blind fold, removed,
revealed a semi circle of arm chair filled with Silvana, Trish, Jim,
Marilyn with some shape under her skirt, and three other men. The
satisfaction on Marilyn face makes me so angry. Not only my ex-friend
relied on my relationship with Raven to get where I dreamed to be but my
pain boost her to heaven. My face must have shown some of it because her
warm and admiring smile conveyed that friends make better masters than
enemies. I smile back, in proper submissive garb, but the unfairness of
the situation stroke me. The meanness of newly anointed Master exposed
again! My emotions as a slave are so unstable. Anger and love alternate
endlessly with my total lack of power at its root. The bitch good time
spurs a raging envy. Will I ever be comfortably seated with a tongue
brushing my own slit instead of always tasting sperm and female juices?
The rest of the crowd, obviously aroused male, are unknown to me. Raven
decrees to keep my eyes low, blocking my curiosity, make me forget the face
of my male tormentors at Raven parties. I would gorge myself of the view
of those men if I could gaze their faces. I mainly see manhood's into my
peripheral vision. The personal relationship with Marilyn allowed eyes
contact but in our customary quick eye contact those men did not show any
interest outside of my shape. I had become an expert at judging their
interest. Plus I may use my gaze as a way to limit them if I could. Any
of them could discharge his load into me without the need of responding to
my gaze. Could I recognize male organ like Raven does with female?
Altogether a lot of them watch, waiting for me to get the show going. I
must do something! The negative coloration of my screaming on the fifth
blow lingers. I had an inspiration. Using my most inviting smile,
enhanced by the tip of my tongue circling my lips, I stared at the erected
domes. Raven lowered my hands to above my head bringing my feet firmly on
the floor. The small comfort relaxed me. I was careful to use the support
to keep my thigh far enough to make the most of my vee. "So you are
finally ready to give us more now than you are familiar with your
surrounding." "Yes Master. I crave to please you. I endure the pain, my
only gift left for you, in the hope of your sex. Your attention quivers
me. I do not have the words. Please use me as you like." "I'm pleased with
you but some people judge the disrespect you showed, when we removed the
clamps, inappropriate. Your good will after you had regained some control
swayed me although you must be aware that it hurts my standing in front of
my guests. I will forgive it, as a mishap due your lack of training, so I
get to taste sooner the warmth of your back hole." "Master I'm impatient
for the first foray of your brawn into this well prepared slot but nobody
should think that my devotion to you is limited. I could not stand
embarrassing you in any way. I'd rather receive some extra punishment."
The restraint, forcing me in a standing position, postponed my impulse to
throw me at his feet." "I accept your offer. The punishment, five blows
between the thighs, will be delayed to next Wednesday as not to keep me
waiting from your virgin pit. Somebody here, eager to give them to you,
will make a perfect surprise whip holder next Wednesday. For now make sure
that my entire guest completely enjoy your presence, specially my friend
Jim. Rest assured that I would ask him about your relationship. Now let's
set up for the big plunge." "I will do my best, Master." I was angry. Five
blows between the thigh for next weeks and Jim installed as my judge for
the evening seemed like another deep unfairness. I was keen on serving
people for Raven sake but me, fawning to Jim was giving jam to a pig. He
will always complain about me whatever I do, if only to satisfy his old grudge with me. The familiar presence of my previous life enjoying Raven
luxury, plumply installed in soft arm chair, because of me burning under
the fire of the whip, started a ball of anger in my stomach. I dreaded
that anger. Raven will discipline me if any awareness of it came to him. I
must hide it behind an extra layer of obedience or diffuse it in my
intractable choice of living at Raven's. Somebody brought a table covered
with a neat firm padding to lay me on it. A large girdle holds me on my
back flat on the table forbidding big moves. Each of my ankles ring was
bound to a nylon thread going into sheaves in the ceiling. The height of
the table matched adequately that of a standing Raven instrument. A motor
pulled my legs high spreading them to discover the deep of my plump gully.
The work with butt plugs and my cleanliness produced a small ring totally
relax and ajar deep into my crack. Spreading apart my moons with his hands
Raven pushed his rod effortlessly through the oiled ring between my strong
muscles. The warmth and vitality of the instrument made all the difference
with the previous times something had been inserted. Well lubricated, I
trusted my contact and he moved cautiously sparkling a new set of
sensations. The tickled parts of my body were similar, but different, from
the previous insertions on the other side. The friction against the ring
allured and the deep insertion awaken a slew of nerve ending. A slap on my
back side spawns a terror in my loin! I had let myself drift again away
from the phallus of my master demanding his space in my backside.
Feverishly, carried by the burns around my belly, I searched for palpate
bud in the depth of my bowels, until to my own stupefaction I found them,
surrounded by suction point willing to follow his skin. My being reduced
to his penetration, I saw than his flesh had not reach its full potential
nor was he completely in yet. My first task was to engulf him, make sure
that he knew how much I wanted him, and give him this impression of
timelessness availability. My will traveled in my abdomen around his beam
coaxing my soft insides into a cozy welcoming space for him. He went
deeper building on its way something mysteriously potent somewhere within
me. I chased my pleasure away making a little more space for the last bit
of him still outside. The touches of his skin against my innards enliven
my own personality but I knew that for him the smooth glide lacked for some
firmer touch against his dome. I had recently noticed a pulsion in a lot
of men to rub this part against some firm velvety convex space. Some liked
the front of their shaft to be rubbed as well but other lost control almost
instantly at it. His cock, which I craved for so long, filled me like none
other. My chance, to erase the bad impression of our last encounter, lays
in a perfect cuddling of his manhood already deliciously stirring my being.
I must give him my best. The newness of the way called for quick
adjustment, fortunately a lot was similar about keeping a complete line on
the contact. His search for a firm enough convex portion to rub his tip, I
could feel his attempts, become the center of my attention. Responding to
them in the middle of the extreme pleasure of his length moving smoothly
into my depth brought us slowly into convergence. He got something he
wanted and the place he had elected, a fresh hot spot deep into my flesh,
pulsed to the rhythm of his powerful shoves sending juice in the rest of my
body. My tentacles moved upward up to the middle of his staff making it
homier. His accelerating piston carried me higher by the second. Again I
was about to loose it. Ferociously I turned my energies on our contact. I
imagined my tunnel bordered with an active silky layer. Still the
burgeoning unauthorized orgasm was gaining vigor almost formed into a ball
and his satisfaction sat out of my view. If the ball closed I would be
done. I was mortified. Today intense pain and humiliation added to the
long and hard wait for his cock could not keep my explosion at bay. I was
going to be forced to cancel his pleasure or come again without his
permission. The ball almost solid, I withdrew all sensation concentrating
on polar ice. He stopped moving watching me with a question in his eyes.
"Master I'm so sorry. I was on my edge. Your overwhelming fucking breaks
my control. Please give me the whip that it may dominate the surge.
Please trust me for producing every effort to get rid of the urgency. I
spend so much of my time lusting after your throbbing. I dream of your
sperm, spurting deep in me. If only I could satisfy you." "I want to fuck
you now not whip you. Your lower holes being too sensitive, I will fuck
your mouth. Meanwhile you will call somebody else to stuff both cavities
between your legs." Climbing on the table to sit on my bosom he pushed his
hard cock toward my lips. Repulsed by its provenance I turned my head. I
could not stand the way he was treating me. He was raping me. I did not
want to be a slave anymore. He slapped my face twice telling me: "Girl,
take good care of it. Remember who is boss. Your Master uses you as he
sees fit. I will not accept any of this rebellion non sense any more! "
The violence shocked me. Why did I swear him total allegiance? Did not I
know the sure advent of abuse. Crying, I opened my mouth wide to engulf
him completely, glad of all the attention to the cleanliness of my anus. I
hated the way he reduced me to a fucking mouth. My cheek was burning. My
butt was burning. My mouth was forced. My orgasm stopped in the making
left me frustratingly swollen. He was rubbing himself against my lips. I
was stuck. I could not go. I loved him all the way even when I hated his
doing. Defeated, I was defeated. Yes, he could slap my face and fuck my
mouth at his will. He broke any limit I try to set. I decided to give him
a good suck at least. I offered the deep of my throat to his tip till he
found his place there. This was the first thing he had wanted to establish
in my back hole as well. My tongue explored the rest of his shaft gliding
it up and down searching for a reaction until I made contact with his mood.
He was now enjoying it. I was again on the high side of it. When will I
become a controlled slave? I should know now that denying anything to my
master only made things harder for me. I have to call someone in my lower
holes with the little movement left in my hips. I could not see how to
direct it but I carry on twisting my hips hoping this bait will catch
someone interest. My tongue, finding a good circuit on his flesh, made him
moan softly. The raping forgiven, I craved for the taste of his sperm.
Again my master had asserted his will on me. His loving caress on my hair
had me purr like a pet under the soft touch of his owner. When I was
completely offered he was tender but ferocious at the least sign of
rebellion. When will I find a balance in a perpetual offering? The
intensity of his switch broke me. I had to get rid of my need to keep at
least some dignity. Anyway he could carry out anything he wanted on me.
He could have me going bare at the opera if the fancy took him. He had
proved it repeatedly. He was now more using the top of my mouth to stroke
himself. He was also going swifter. I made my tongue larger and faster
not using the tip anymore but getting all of it in contact with the front
of his cock pushing the foreskin away meanwhile my bait had taken hold.
Some warm flesh pushed against the outer lips of my vagina. It was
pacifying to be filled there. I could see Marilyn approaching. A finger
electrified my clit. I still could climax in a second if I let go. I had
to come soon. The only path was to use the skills of my mouth. The owner
of my climax was using it. I brought all my love and need into it. The
other would have to wait. Unexpectedly they both pulled out. Raven wanted
to triple fuck me. He called Jim. I was unbound to stand on the side of
the table. Jim brought in front of me his well dressed organ. He lifts me
to impale me while my legs surrounds his hips. The other man came behind
me. His shove gain him easy access to the space well prepared by Raven
which now stood on the table I engulfed the ticket to my orgasm with
contentment. He whispered to my ear: "You can let go after any of us had
shot." A joyous tickling of my tongue, which made his eyes blink, responded
to his words. Accommodating all three cock called for hard work. First
find each of them a comfortable place for their indulgence. Raven was
rubbing his tip at the entrance of her throat while her lips took care of
the bottom part of her conqueror. Her tongue lavished large flat stroke
where it was called. Jim, already, had found his preferred place in her
most used hole, making slow motions, ravished by his license to enjoy her
slick cavern at his taste. Present in front of his move, she was cautious
to refrain from any demand that would transmit any pressure to come. The
third man, more difficult to welcome, would need all her attention but she
was fearful of ignoring Raven for too long. Slowly she got to it, the
three of them synchronized. Three sticks sank in her together. The two
rods, cramming her adjacent burrows and powerfully massaging the thin
separating membrane, titillated the all area under her waist. Each of the
cock course seem to end in the spot recently awaken by Raven, bringing a
strange tickle to her belly and a moan to her throat. She needed to cum now. Hopefully Raven cock, ramming her throat, will keep fresh the memory
of the humiliations resulting from ignoring her Master demands even without
meaning so. Wait for one of them to shoot before letting go tweeted the
burning lines around her belly. She draws on the fire of the blow to
increase her patience, no more punishment, nor slap, nor humiliation for
her, only the embrasement of a long awaited orgasm. Three living cocks
pounded her harmoniously and her orchestration of their vibes keeps her on
an enchanting plateau. A significant pride for her stamina bathed her
emotions although the splash of a drop of sperm would send her other the
edge. The balls, fizzling all over her lower belly, contributed to the
magnitude of her enjoyment without endangering her duty. There existed a
place where her pleasure moved freely expecting for her master pleasure.
One of her own ball hovered around the man in her anus while another
touched Jim. The world was reversed. She was amazed, holding, in wants of
Jim will. He saw it and told her in her ear: "You want me to come, don't
you?" Glad for the occasion, she confirmed. "Yes Sir Please fill me now
with your seed. I crave the pulse of your sex in my pussy." That did it.
He accelerated the speed of the tip of his wand deep inside her. The ball
centered on his cock exploded throughout her nerves in response to his
first spurt. Another center arose from the cock filling her other side,
immerging her into a marvelous sequence of concentric waves riding from her
belly toward her extremities her whole set of nerves. Shaking madly she
exploded again on every touch of the domes at the bottom of their tender
trajectories. The contraction increased without end. The other man shooting his sperm produced another peak in her climax. Her whish
conjugates upon taking Raven into her swirling orgasm. Magically twisting
the wave to come through her mouth communicated them to Raven skin. Each
one jolt his penis from which heat come to her mouth. Some happening
transformed her mouth. Her tongue conveyed, without words, to his flesh
her complete acceptation of his domination with all the force of the waves.
Raven groan reverberated into her orgasm and his come gushed in her mouth.
Raven throat was ululating. She had done it. They hold each other for a
long time indulging in the tender closeness following the storm of passion.
Well tamed, Sodome recovered her composure as soon as Raven penis exited
from her mouth. She thanked him profusely for her pleasure. He
complimented her for her performance. His approval elated her but to her
dismay he asked Jim to escort her to her room. Defensive she mastered her
anger to volunteer Jim a back presentation to allow for the setting of the
leash. Before going out she turned to bestow Raven a curtsy but the sight
of him playing with Marilyn stopped her. She was so angry with her
traipse. Hoping that nobody could read her aborted move, she controlled her
tears. Jim saw it without awakening any desire to build upon her distress.
Sodome, still dripping his sperm from her cunt, angry and at his mercy
satiated his ego. Her jealousy of Marilyn provided a great pay back for
all the vexation she had poured on him. Well other all he remembered
fondly his time with her as a Mistress. After today no grudge was left
against her and having her on the wrong side of the whip came as a great
treat. He propped her out to hold the leash behind her, concentrating on
the appetizing moves of her lower back. The clip at the very bottom of her
torso, between her thighs, forced her legs to part a little for a
comfortable walk, tempting him to assert immediately his right to her
private divide. She would stop and offer the place to his finger as soon
as she would sense him but before moving his hand he asked himself. Why
touch her now? Any pure excitement had been quashed in the finished
gratifying encounter with her deep hole. Her behavior tonight leave no
doubt about her mind states. The future will bring plenty of occasions to
assert free access to her feminine attributes. They warm us during the
training about showing to a slave uncertainty of master position. Let's
wait a little bit, surprise her. She must be waiting for it right now.
She cannot imagine me, Jim, missing an occasion to touch her butt. Let her
discover Jim her Master who waits for her to apply for it. The elaborate
move of her bottom explicit her will for my interest there. Let's enjoy
that. Sodome did plan for that contact to establish her as a valuable
prize to him. The fruitless wait intensified the concern that he kept a
grudge for her which related abuses may made her everyday life more
difficult. She had to fawn to him. She moved her jewels with attention
for exactly that reason. Jim notices the subtle change in her attitude
from a contrite lover to a seducing bottom. A rush of adrenaline found its
way to his cock bringing it back to a fulfilling state of hardness. The
sensation of power irradiating from his throbbing cock, following her
dripping pussy, and the ability to plunge it there any time made the
throbbing pure pleasure. At the door of her room, she propped more vigor
into my maleness with the parade of her bobbling breast throwing her self
at my feet. The sight of her imploring face from up there plainly rewarded
for the restraint during the trip. Her expression reflected the impact of
the size of my organ and my restraint in asserting my right on her secluded
part. She spoke: "Jim I hope you will not take revenge of me now that you
can use me. Please forgive me and be assured of my determination to please
you." "I have no grudge. You were a good Mistress but I like better the
actual setting. We will see each other pretty often. I'm very impatient
of those encounters. If you serve me well I will not abuse you." His
certitude to have her at his disposal in the near future scared her. The
sight of his gorged manhood attracted her, half from the arousal it strewed
and half from the propitiating effect it will generate. "Sir may I,
Please, suck you?" He had dreamed that scene for so long! Should he make
the distant Master or just enjoy. He looked at her to assess the strength
of her desire. Genuine in her servant position she added: "Please Jim, let
me taste you. It will seal our respective position." "Got for it baby."
She lavished on him all her new talent for a long time. He enjoyed the
ride for a long while before saying: "A good ride my dear. We will finish
next time. Thank you for settling at my feet."


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