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C2C sucked out her Teri


Keywords: tg/f, oral, romAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Closer to Closure

Yes, this is yet another new story from me, the now-
infamous author of the Marilyn stories. Don't worry,
fair fans. She'll be back in due time. Meanwhile,
try this story out for size, and let me know what you
think. If you want to see more, check out Also, I reserve all
commercial and non-electronic rights to this story.
If you're not legally permitted to read this in your
neck of the woods, well, don't.

By Brett Lynn

Jenn Dyson slammed her apartment door shut, purse in
hand. After fishing through her purse to make sure
she had her keys, she went over to the elevator and
pressed the down button, ready to walk into the
neighborhood bar to drown a week's worth of troubles.
When the elevator door opened, she felt the eyes of
one of her neighbors pour over her body as she
descended the seven floors down to the ground. With
her shoulder length hair pulled up in a loose bun, her
lightly made up face and glossy candy apple red lips
stood out above her baby blue bubble jacket, which
conveniently hid the spaghetti strap silver lame top
held up by her somewhat pendulous DD cup breasts. Her
round ass peeked out from under the jacket, covered by
her form fitting black flares and peeking over her 4
inch black platform heels, which gave her 5'3" frame a
bit of stature. Shivering from the glance of her
neighbor on her ass, she was relieved when the
elevator door opened, allowing her to dart across her
building's lobby into the cold night.

She was tempted to fish out a Newport from her purse
to soothe her nerves, but decided against it,
remembering her desire to quit. Reflexively, she
smoothed down her hair, dying for some that sweet
nectar to wipe away her week's troubles. It was a
rough week for her at work, with the usual office
politics getting hotter than the heat they had in
there. Plus, one of her guy friends was getting on
her nerves more than usual, putting a slight sexual
edge to her ordinary frustrations.

When she got to the bar, Jenn pushed open the door,
fishing for her driver's license and unzipped her coat
for her cover charge, letting the bouncer get a good
leer at her chest. Jenn then strutted her way to the
bar, feeling all the eyes of the men in the bar
riveted to her ass. She slid her way up to the bar,
then called out the bartender through the din of the
bar and the Mobb Deep on the stereo.

"Can I have an apple martini, please?"

"Sure, miss, coming right up!"

Jenn fished out a five and a couple singles from his
purse, then placed it down on the bar just as the
bartender came back with her drink. As she took a
sip, she could feel someone looking at her face,
instead of the requisite body part as seemed par for
the course at the bar.

"Hi! Huh, um…how's it going?"

Jenn turned to her right and noticed a tall girl
standing next to her at the bar, a half-empty bottle
of Corona with a lime sitting on a napkin next to her.
Even though it looked like she worked out, she didn't
look butch. In fact, as she looked into her light
hazel eyes, she looked very much the scared girl.

"I'm fine," Jenn replied, lightly touching the girl's
wrist, trying to reassure her. "How are you doing?"

"I'm…I'm OK."

"So what's your name, there?"

"Teri," the girl replied, looking unsure of what to
say next.

"My name's Jenn." Looking into Terry's eyes, she held
onto Teri's wrist and asked, "What wrong? Are you

"Um, yeah, yeah," she replied, taking a gulp of her
Corona. "I'm just not used to hanging out in places
like this, that's all.

"Don't worry, babe. You're doing fine."

"So what brings you here?" Teri asked, regaining a bit
of her composure.

"You know, the usual. Drama at work, man problems,"
noted Jenn as she sipped on her drink. "You know how
that goes, right?"

"Y-yeah, I know."

"What about you?"

"Oh, um, just trying to relax."

"From what?" Jenn asked, peering over her drink.

"Just college. You know how that goes. I'm just
struggling to feel comfortable here."

"Really?" Jenn asked. "You seem like a nice enough

"I know, I know, but, I don't know. I just don't feel
comfy here. Doesn't feel like home, you know?"

"I suppose," Jenn replied. Noticing that Teri's beer
was running low, she asked, "Mind if I get you another

"Sure, no prob." With that, Jenn pulled out a 20 from
her purse, placed it on the bar and called out for the
bartender. After ordering another beer for Teri and
an apple martini for herself, she took a glance down
at her new friend's shoes. She noticed that despite
her towering height, she was only wearing low heeled
Mary Jane's. Just as the bartender returned with
their drinks, Jenn asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

"S-sure, go ahead."

"How tall are you? You look like a big girl there."

"Like 6 foot 2."

"Wow! You're a big girl there! Ever thought about
the WNBA?"

"I dunno," Teri replied. "I never was really into
sports. I was always a bit too shy for that, I

With that, Jenn finally got a good look at Teri. Her
caramel coated face was attractive in a cute way,
along with her neck-length hair, but in a youngish
way. Her bright eyes and her soft lips projected a
vulnerability about her, but her body portrayed
something completely different, looking like it spent
a lot of time in the gym without looking mannish.
"Like one of those fitness pageant girls I see
flipping through on cable," Jenn thought to herself.

"Hey, do you work out?" Jenn asked before taking a sip
of her drink. "It looks like you spend a lot of time
there. I wish I had that kind of discipline."

"Thanks," Teri meekly replied.

"How much time do you spend there?"

"I dunno. I just go there every now and again to

Jenn placed her free hand on Teri's and squeezed it.
It felt nice and soft to her, but there was something
about the touch that she couldn't just place. As she
calmly caressed Teri's hand while sipping on her apple
martini, Jenn looked up into Teri's face and felt her
eyes bore into hers. There was just something about
Teri that made Jenn just want to hold her and make her
feel all better. She stood up on her toes and took in
Teri's scent, enjoying the fresh smell of her skin and
feeling Teri's pulse race as the result of her

"Want to go back to my place?" Jenn asked. "I have a
feeling you'll be more comfortable there."

"Sure! No problem. Just let me get my coat from the

"OK," Jenn replied. "Damn, she's hot. There's just
something about her that seems so sexy," she thought
to herself as she waited for Teri. "I dunno if she'll
go for it though. She seems really nervous and shy.
Maybe it's her first time being with a girl or

Teri came back wearing a black trench coat, telling
Jenn, "OK, um…"

"…Jenn. That's the name, Teri!"

"OK, sorry about that. I'm just nervous, that's all.
Shall I follow?"

"Yes, you may," Jenn replied. She then her new friend
out of the bar and into the cold winter night.


Teri nervously hung over Jenn as she fumbled with her
keys to open the door. Teri struggled to find the
key, but in short order, she was able to open the door
to her modest one bedroom apartment, with Teri
cautiously walking in behind her. The narrow hallway
opened up into the living room, with a nice view of
the surrounding neighborhood, a halogen lamp glowing
against the white washed walls and a simple black
leather couch up against one wall. Jenn turned and
looked up at her tall companion, looking for her
approval of the surroundings.

Catching the hint, Teri blurted out of her occupied,
"Nice place you have here."

"Thanks. It ain't much…"

"Um, could you tell me where the bathroom is?"

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, just gotta take my supplements. I'm pretty
religious about that."

"Sure, no problem. Just go straight down the hallway.
It's the door at the end of the hall."


Teri walked off into the bathroom, purse in hand,
while Jenn chucked her jacket to the side and sat down
on the couch. Glancing over at the stereo, she was
tempted to turn it on, but decided against it. "Don't
wanna seem to blatant. Besides, she's so nervous. I
don't want to scare her," Jenn thought to herself.
"Plus I get to break her lesbian cherry," she finished
her thought, leaving a goofy smile across her face.

Just then, Teri walked back into the room, looking
down at Jenn and shaking like a leaf. She looked
warily into Jenn's eyes, unsure of what to do next.

"Sit down," Jenn told her. "I won't bite…hard!"

With a chuckle, Teri sat down next to Jenn and placed
her purse by her feet. Jenn then placed her hand on
Teri's knee, trying to calm her down. Calmly, she
stroked her fingertips up and down Teri's thigh,
feeling her body heat through her jeans.

"Relax," Jenn said, looking in Teri's eyes and
bringing her face close to Teri's. "It's OK. Just go
with the flow, and we'll see what happens."

"OK," Teri whispered back in response. Jenn looked
into Teri's eyes, just letting herself feel Teri's
breath for an instant. Then, she closed the distance
between the two, pressing her lips firmly into Teri's,
then letting her tongue snake out and into Teri's
mouth, letting it glide all over. She reached up to
Teri's small firm breasts with one hand and squeezed
the firm numb with one hand, searching out the nipple
with her thumb and making Teri gasp into her mouth.
Suddenly, Teri pulled her mouth away from Jenn's,
huffing and puffing and still looking a bit antsy.

"What's wrong?" Jenn asked.

"Can I take care of you first? I mean, I don't wanna
seem like…"

"Nah, go on ahead. I don't mind."

Jenn shivered from the touch of Teri's fingers on her
neck, making little goose bumps stand out. After
that, she saw Teri descend her lips on her neck and
start sucking on her skin, licking whatever part of
her neck that was between her lips. As she laid
there, feeling the heat radiated off of Teri's breasts
and onto her, she felt Teri's hair brush against her
bare skin as she brushed it aside and licked her way
around her collar bone, painting her saliva on with
her tongue. Jenn simply closed her eyes as she felt
what felt like feathers on her outer thighs while
Teri's mouth was working its magic on her upper chest,
sucking her way down her breast bone. She felt the
top of her top being pulled just before she felt Teri
blow a warm breath into it, making her nipples perk up
as she felt her inner thigh being squeezed.

When she felt Teri pull at her nipple through her top,
she opened her eyes and decided to expose her breasts,
sitting up slightly and pulling off the flimsy shirt.
When she laid back down, she felt Teri's breath on her
stomach, next to her belly button, and her lips
lightly press on her skin. She shivered under Teri as
she felt the lips move up her body, brushing her
stomach before climbing over her breast and brushing
over her hard nipple over and over. Jenn felt Teri
straddle her leg and caress her inner thigh with her
fingernails, getting teasing close to her pussy, as
she gently brushed her lips in lazy loops around her
breasts, teasing her and eliciting a moan each time
she brushed a nipple or one of her sensitive areolas
with her lips. Eventually, she felt those strokes on
her thighs seem to home in right next to her pussy,
whose scent was slowly leaking in her pants and the
air around her. While that was happening, she looked
down at her breasts to see Teri's lips circle her
right breasts around the areola.

Jenn saw Teri look up into her eyes, then slowly lick
her lips, making them glossy with her spit. She saw
Teri rub her lips against each other, gently humping
against her calf in the process, then place her lips
on the areola, coating it with the wetness on her
lips. Jenn laid there, shivering from the cool
moisture on her nipple when suddenly, she felt Teri
gently take her nipple into her mouth and cup her
pussy through her pants at the same time, making her
scream. She moaned loudly at she felt her pussy being
squeezed and rubbed through the pants while feeling
Teri's lips embrace her nipple, her tongue licking a
circle on the top of her nipple. When she couldn't
take any more of the rubbing of her lips through her
pants, Jenn quickly reached down and started to
unbutton her pants. Taking the hint, Teri unzipped
her pants, then got from on top of Jenn and pulled her
pants down. After taking off Jenn's shoes and pulling
her pants off, Jenn saw Teri beam those hazel eyes at
her and take her knee-high encased big toe into her
mouth, making her push it deeper so she could feel
that tongue and moan in frustrated lust.

Jenn looked up at Teri with need as she saw her bend
her foot and knee down, then press the heel into her
pussy to tease her before placing it back down against
her ass. She then saw Teri toss her hair aside and
suddenly start nursing on her nipple hard, making her
grab onto Teri's hair and press her onto it for more
of that feeling. She moaned loudly and wordlessly as
she thrashed against Teri's body, feeling that much
closer to a cum. Then she felt two finger slide
inside her pussy, stretching her neglected pussy out a
bit and making her scream. Jenn felt her breath
sucked out of her as Teri kept sucking on her nipple
while batting it around with her tongue, while those
fingers were feeling out and stretching her pussy,
rubbing over her g-spot. Then, those fingers began to
tattoo a quick rhythm against it, and another finger
started rubbing on her clit, making her hump her whole
body into Teri, desperate to sent off her orgasm. As
she felt her legs on Teri's jeans, her nipple in
Teri's mouth and her pussy being played like an
instrument under Teri's masterful touch, she sucked in
a deep breath, closed her eyes and began to cum. She
shivered hard with Teri's body heat over her, not
believing what was just happening to her as wave after
wave of pleasure flooded her body, and allowed herself
to drop into the ocean of ecstasy.

She woke up dazed and unsure of where she was. Above
her face was a concerned Teri, looking at her features
to see if she was OK.

"Are you alright?" Teri asked in a low voice.

"Oh yeah. That was incredible."

"Thanks. I've never had that happen to me before…a
girl passing out that is."

"Nah, it's no biggie," Jenn commented. "I do that
sometimes after a really good cum. By the way, have
you done this before?"

"Uh, um, yeah, you could say that."

Jenn had a confused look across her face, wondering
why she was so afraid to say that. "Well, she is a
bit on the shy side," she thought to herself. "Maybe
that's what's behind this." She gathered her hands
under Teri, then pushed her off of her naked body.
She slid up a bit, then asked Teri, "Could you sit
back a bit? I want to repay your kindness."

While Teri leaned back on the couch, her long legs
stretching out past Jenn onto the floor, Jenn picked
up the hand that was just inside of her and took a
whiff of her juices. Sniffing up to Teri's
fingertips, she licked off her juices from Teri's
fingernails, then sucked gently on her fingertips,
eliciting a moan from Teri's lips. Gently, she took
Teri's fingers out of her mouth and kissed her way
across Teri's hand, lapping up the trail of her
moisture that remained on the palm. Then, Jenn
started kissing her way down Teri's arm, pulling the
sleeve of her long-sleeve t-shirt bit by bit to reveal
more flesh to lick and suck at, feeling her heartbeat
through her lips. She complemented this by stroking
her fingers up and down Teri's arm, making her shake
and purr under her touch.

When the material of the shirt could go no further,
Jenn politely asked for Teri to take off her shirt.
What she saw made her mouth water. Teri's caramel
coated scoops of breasts sat high on her chest, with a
pair of large chocolate nipples with even large areola
showing through her beige lace bra. The six-pack on
Teri's stomach was quivering with nervousness, with
just a bit of hips hinted at before the torso flowed
into her jeans.

Teri looked up shyly at Jenn looking for some
approval. "Am I OK?"

Jenn smoothly licked her lips, then replied, "you're
more than OK. You look so delicious!"

Jenn grabbed Teri's breasts through the bra and gave
them a firm squeeze, making Teri moan a bit. Then,
she traced her lips up over Teri's toned bicep to her
underarms and licked the skin there, making Teri
shiver wildly.

"Are you OK there?" Jenn asked.

"Yeah," Teri replied between breaths. "Don't stop."

Jenn tongue out Teri's armpit while running her
fingers over one of her breasts, teasing her nipple
with her thumb. She pulled down the bra strap over
her shoulder with her teeth, then kissed her way down
Teri's chest, making her moan and coo. Jenn took the
time to kiss over the breast closest to her lips
through the lacey cups, sticking the tip her tongue
through the tiny holes in the lace. She then dragged
the bra cup down with her teeth, grazing the hard
nipple with her teeth, and worked her teeth around
Teri's nipple, making her scream in half pain and half
pleasure. As Jenn kneaded the other breast with her
hand, she sucked hard on Teri's nipple, licking her
tongue around her nipple. While she coated Teri's
large areolas, she dragged her clit along the rough
fabric of Teri's jeans with her hips, making her
shiver just a bit as well.

Barely able to contain herself, she pulled down the
other bra cup and started tonguing that nipple as
well, loving the way Teri moaned as she worked her
tongue around her breasts. She stopped humping
against her friend's leg and decided to drag her
fingers along Teri's inner thigh, making Teri squirm
against her touches. Jenn then took Teri's other
nipple between her lips and sucked on it, pulling and
licking on it as it dragged out her mouth. As she
worked her tongue to the underside of Teri's breasts,
she decided to feel out Teri's pussy to feel how wet
she was. So, she dragged her fingers along Teri's
inner thigh and squeezed her crotch hard. What she
felt made her back her face away from Teri's body, a
bit surprised at what she just felt.

Teri, on the other hand, was shaking like a leaf,
blinking back tears from her face. "Omigod, omigod,
omigod…l-l-lemme explain…"

Realizing what she just felt, Jenn's look of surprise
turned into a smile, pleasantly surprised at what she
found. She kissed Teri's cheek, hugged her and
whispered in her ear, "don't worry. It's OK." She
then blew along the ridges of Teri's ear, making her
shake even more.

"C-can I explain?"

"Sure, honey. Got ahead."

"Well, like, b-back in high school, I was a normal
guy, but then I lost my virginity, you know? She felt
so good, and she was so happy with what I did to her,
and stuff, you know? I envied her so…much, that I
just wanted to be a girl. She was kind of like you,
all confident and all, and I don't know, there's just
something about you. Anyway, I decided that I had to
be her and started to find out stuff about guys like
me. Anyway, when I got to college and stuff, I
started taking hormones and stuff, because I wanted to
be a girl, but I dunno. I just wanted to keep my, um,
penis and stuff because it feels so good, and I dunno,
um, it just makes sense that I have one, and I don't
know what to do and um, um…"

As Teri kept talking, Jenn slid down between Teri's
legs, getting herself in position. Then as she kept
talking, Jenn licked Teri's jean covered crotch
slowly, feeling out the tip of her hard dick by her
asshole and licking all the way up to the button on
her jeans, bringing her to a complete halt. "It's OK.
Don't worry," Jenn said, trying to reassure Teri and
calm her down. She then reached for Teri's jeans,
unbuckling them and unzipping them. "Now let's see
what we've got here," Jenn remarked as she pulled down
the jeans down to Teri's ankles.

What she saw was at once surprising and fitting. In
between a set of soft, toned thighs laid a hard dick
coated in the same caramel skin as Teri's soft tits,
encased in a pair of lacey beige panties. Despite the
fact that Teri's dick was dripping a bit of pre-cum
onto the panties, the fact that the area surrounding
it was completely bare of pubic hair and that the same
soft skin was on it as the rest of her body gave it a
somewhat feminine look. "And to think that I was
willing to give up dick tonight," Jenn thought to
herself. "I got to give this surprise a try."

"I-Is it OK? I mean, it's not what you expected and
all," Teri asked, slightly less nervous that before.

"Don't worry about it," Jenn said as she slid up
between Teri's legs, stroking her dick through her
panties in the process. "I'll take care of it," she
finished, punctuating it with a lingering kiss on
Teri's legs.

She blew a trail of breath back between Teri's legs,
making sure to tongue her belly button just a bit to
make squirm. She kissed the base of Teri's cock
through her panties, then asked, "can I ask you a


"How is it that someone like you manages to have such
a big, hard cock for me?" Jenn queried while rubbing
her cheek against Teri's panty covered member.

"Well, it's a combination of genes and Viagra. I took
some before I came out here."

"OK," Jenn replied as she pulled aside Teri's panties
to spring her dick, now only semi-hard from nerves,
free. "Now that the wonder drug has done its magic,
let's see what my wonder tongue can do."

Jenn stuck her tongue out and make a series of light
licks on Teri's tip, trying to get used to her taste
and scent. After wrapping her tongue around the tip,
she licked her way from the tip to the base over and
over, coating Teri's dick with saliva as her tip
rubbed against the fabric of the couch and her shaft
filled with blood. Jenn took the shaft in her hand
and stroked it lightly as she held it up, then nuzzled
Teri's hairless balls, making Teri suck in her breath.
She licked Teri's shaft from the base to the tip, then
held up the shaft as she looked into Teri's eyes and
let her tongue circle Teri's spongy tip. When she saw
Teri roll her eyes, she inhaled half of Teri's thick
shaft into her mouth, sucking slowly and focusing her
eyes onto those eyes that were barely focused on her.
As she bobbed her head up and down Teri's dick slowly,
she teased her tongue all over Teri's shaft and
screwed her lips over Teri's tip, all while reaching
up to pinch and tease her hard nipples. While she
pinched and rubbed those sensitive nipples, Jenn felt
Teri pump her dick into her mouth, and she kept her
head still, not wanting to startle her too much or
take more than she could swallow. She decided to take
advantage of this, rubbing the flat of her tongue
against the ridge of her friend's tip while her hands
pulled and squeezed Teri's breasts and her eyes never
let that serene face of Teri. When she felt Teri
about to go over the edge with her mouth, Jenn pulled
her mouth off her friend and gave Teri's tits a few
more quick squeezes.

"I'll be right back," Jenn said. "Let me get
something so I can play with your little surprise some

"OK," Teri breathily replied. "Come back in a hurry!
I love what you do to me."

Teri darted out of the living room and into her
bedroom without bothering to turn on the lights, then
rummaged through her nightstand drawer. When she
found the condoms, she pulled a package out, then ran
back into the living room.

"Look what I got here," Jenn said with a bit of a
lecherous smile, holding the condom between her

Teri's eyes looked up with surprise and admiration as
Jenn walked over to her, then gave her hard dick a few
strokes. "Trust me," Jenn said before unwrapping the
condom. "You're going to enjoy this!"

She placed the condom on Teri's tip, then unrolled it
down to her base, stroking a bit, then rubbing her
balls just a bit. Jenn then climbs up Teri's long,
lanky frame and positions her pussy right above Teri's
dick. She pushed the tip of Teri's dick inside of
her, then tells Teri to push the rest of it in,
allowing her bare lips to make contact with Teri's
shaved skin. Suddenly, she feels Teri wrap her arms
around her and start pumping into her wildly,
stretching out her sugar walls to their limits, but
not feelings particularly pleasurable as her big tits
are squashed under her onto Teri's breasts.

"Teri….TERI! Stop!"

"Wh-what? Did I do something wrong? Am I OK? I
mean, I'm sorr…"

"Shhh," Jenn responded, placing her finger over Teri's
lips. "Relax. I can take care of this." Jenn softly
pressed her lips to Teri's, then kissed her gently and
firmly, letting her tongue linger over Teri's lips.
"Don't worry. I'll take care of both of us. Just put
your arms down."

Teri did as asked, and Jenn wrapped her hands around
Teri's, feeling out those soft yet strong hands. She
raised her chest just enough so that her nipples
brushed against Teri's, then started rolling her hips,
letting the dick slide in and out of her while her
clit rubbed against Teri's soft skin. She buried her
lips in the nape of Teri's neck and felt her shake as
she rolled her dick on and off of her g-spot, driving
her wild. As she kept fucking herself on Teri's cock,
she squeezed on Teri's hands harder and played her
nipples across Teri's getting both of them hotter with
each other's body heat. The positive feedback drove
the two of them wild, making them moan aimlessly in
pure pleasure.

Jenn raised her head out of the nape of Teri's neck,
then looked into her face, with her eyes glazed, her
mouth hanging open slightly, her breath coming hard
and fast. As she looked into Teri's eyes, she rolled
her entire body over Teri's in waves, starting with
her big, soft ass, moving her pussy stirring Teri's
cock, then to their bellies and through to their
nipples. Slowly, she rocked her body back and forth,
teasing herself with the way Teri's thick dick hit all
of her nerves. When she felt Teri's body respond to
her movements, she pressed her lips to Teri's and
tried to suck the breath out of her, their tongues
snaking around each other. As she got hotter and
hotter, Jenn lost a bit of her coordination, now
lightly sliding her body back and forth over Teri's,
feeling Teri's soft flesh spark a fire with her clit.
When she felt that she was about to cum, she moved her
hands to Teri's tits, rubbing them hard, trying to get
Teri to cum with her. Finally, she rolled her hips a
couple of times over Teri's dick, then shook as she
came, screaming into Teri's mouth. As she came, she
released her juices over her friend's latex-covered
cock, feeling it pulse with the familiar twitch of

When she finally came down, she kissed Teri one last
time, pulling at her bottom lip as she broke off the
kiss. She eased herself off of Teri's dick, then
rubbed off some of her juices onto her fingers and
offered it to Teri.

"Wanna taste me?

"Sure," Teri replied as she took Jenn's fingers into
her mouth. After licking the fluids off of her
fingers, she commented, "Mmm…nice and sweet. Kinda
tangy too."

"Gee, thanks food critic," Jenn chuckled, then smiled
at her innocent friend. "Can I taste you?"

"Sure, I guess," Teri replied.

Jenn carefully slipped off Teri's condom, then played
a finger around Teri's tip to collect some of her cum.
Seductively, Jenn placed the finger on her tongue and
licked it off, letting her finger rest on her lips for
a bit and smiling too.

"You're not half bad yourself there, Teri."


Smiling coquettishly, she continued, "Tell ya what.
Wanna sleep here tonight? I wanna cuddle with you for
a bit."

"Sure. I don't mind."

Jenn slid off Teri's body, she stood up off of the
couch and offered Teri a hand up. When Teri got to
her feet, she held Teri's hand in both of her hands
and gave her a kiss on the hand. Jenn then led Teri
to her bedroom door and turned on the lamp on her
nightstand. The bedroom was a mess, strewn with
clothes and other junk. However, the bed was
thankfully clean, with the bed sheets out of order.
She jumped in the bed, then pulled down the sheets to
reveal her huge ripe breasts and a belly still
quivering from orgasm.

Looking up from the bed, she looked up at Teri's naked
frame filling up the doorway. The slight glow from
the living room lights framed her tight, naked body
perfectly, with her small, perky breasts with the huge
chocolate nipples, her hard, toned body and those
narrow yet fleshy hips framing that soft, spend cock.
Those hazel eyes of hers went back to the same shyness
she'd exhibited when they'd first met a few hours ago,
unsure of what to say next.

"Are you sure it's OK to come in here? I mean, I
didn't bring anything to sleep in, and my clothes are
out in the living room."

"Don't sweat it. We can get it in the morning. Now
spoon in behind me."

While Jenn finally let her hair down, Teri walked over
to the bed, climbing in behind Jenn. Jenn raised up
off the bed and reached behind her to pull Teri's arm
around her, and Teri, getting the hint, wrapped her
other arm around Jenn's body, leaving both of her
hands to cup Jenn's large breasts. When Jenn took a
glance down, she finally took a good look at Teri's
nails as they idly scratched her breasts.

"Nice nails you have there," Jenn said. "That
burgundy matches your skin so well."

"Thanks," Teri replied, her face half buried in Jenn's
hair. Jenn, enjoying the warm of Teri's body, decided
to play with her a bit more, slowly grinding her ass
against Teri's soft dick As she kept working her big,
soft ass over Teri's dick, she was a bit surprised to
feel it twitch and stir.

"Hey, Teri! I thought you couldn't get hard without
that…um, stuff."

"Well, actually I can. It just takes a long time,
like 30, 40 minutes."

"Oh really," Jenn replied, grinding her ass even
harder against Teri's dick. "We're gonna have to try
that sometime. Meanwhile, let me make a call while
I'm thinking about it."

"OK," Teri drowsily replied.

"Sweet dreams my dear," Jenn said before taking one of
Teri's hands off of her breasts and giving it a kiss
before letting it drop back down. "Feel any better

"Yeah, I feel a lot better…now that I'm here."

"Aww, that's sweet," Jenn replied before closing her
eyes, drifting off to sleep in Teri's arms.


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