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C2TXT split the base


Sodome's bedtime The commune apartment belongs to me. My room is large
beside a beautiful bathroom, colorful marble on the wall, carpet on the
floor, a massage bed and a whirlpool big enough for three at ease. Trish
helps me in the warm water before joining in. Her delicate attentions when
washing me stroke an amazing contrast with her anger subsequent to her
frustration which was apparent in the prominence of her clit at the top of
her slit. For some strange reason she always takes the best care of me
when she is frustrated. Some guilt, thought not enough to broach the
matter with her, creep from inside because I may exaggerate her need to get
the extra attention. Trish was sharing in the serenity she was giving
Sodome. The peace emanating from Sodome satiated flesh was permeating her
being. Her anger was directed at Gabriella. The engulfing love emerging
from Sodome absolute control of her in the beginning of her relation was
replaced by a soothing compulsion mechanic to get Sodome's skin perfectly
smooth with the brush. If Sodome got aroused she would while when she got
relaxed she was as well. Some remote part of her mind still hoped for a
gratification from Sodome at her being such a good girl. Definitely any
well-placed attention would trigger an enthusiastic reaction. Nothing of
the sort happened till she was done and went, her hidden fire between her
legs, to prepare the bed and get my nigh clothes while I was still relaxing
in the bath. The comfy king size bed loaded Trish with emotion relating to
all the nice time she passed in it holding Sodome. The blue drapes gave a
peaceful atmosphere while the yellow floor pulsed energy. Gloomy she put
her own bed at the foot as instructed. Away from the proximity of Sodome
peace she was disappointed and angry at being left with the itch which
impression she hated on the account that it turned her into a complete
puppet dependent and willing to please. Sodome was right not to allow her
in the bed. Her agitation would make for a bad sleep for both. A last
whiff of anger exploded. Sodome behavior was sadistic because she could
fix her so easily. Taking her time, Sodome liked to soak for a while, she
carried a transparent nightgown back in the bathroom and dried her loved
tormentor with a very plush towel to help her inside it. Her desire locked
her gaze on Sodome move. Noticing it, I turned to slap her bare ass to
discourage her to show too much interest and said: "I'm so sorry it is so
hard on you but this is my choice. I love you. Please just put me to bed
nicely. Gather yourself in three days it is your pleasure day. I will
keep you on your toes till then. It will be worth because that day you can
have it all." Mollified Trish smiled kissing my hand but the night will be
uncomfortable for her. Submitting to my will, as a good slave should, she
opened the bed for me and cuddled me a little bit, before going under the
cover to suck my clit. Slumber took me in the middle of her slow tonguing.
Trish was aching for relief. The smell of Sodome cunt as well as the feel
of her abundant pubic hair added to her misery. In the bed her swollen
clit was a powerful attraction to her hand but the punishment would be
swift if she indulged into that. Sodome may remove her pleasure day
privilege. Six month ago a very strong caning from Sodome punished her for
masturbating. She hated the fascination that forced her to offer her
tender flesh to the instrument. Her butt was burning for a full week. For
a long time Sodome was very controlling specifically imposing her to wear a
chastity belt and checking her sexual energy level. The memories induced a
burning sensation in her butt. Still, may be she could only rest her hand
on top of her pubis to cuddle it for a while. Just warm her a little bit.
As long as she did not move nothing will happen. She should not get
started. The sooner she got control the sooner she will be over it. I
must either get Sodome to respect my rhythm or go away that is why I have
to humor her one last time. One last push of her will get her hand off her
lower body. Gabriella pledge. The following day was the first Saturday of
the lunar month. Sodome was organized around the lunar month. Once a
month her suitors had to renew their determination to serve her more. Each
one of her lovers had his Saturday. On Friday's it was memory day when one
of them in turn had to be as nude as possible outside but decent, while
keeping one single article of clothing at home all along the day. The game
kept the atmosphere full of sexuality. On Thursday it was chastisement
day. Sodome made sure that they never forget than she could redden their
bottoms at will. Expressing feeling was fine but they must never forget
the real power situation. Otherwise she could not control the terrible
flare of jealousy between her lovers. They must be convinced that she
would not hesitate if they stepped behind certain boundaries. Each of them
had his assign week for each of those activities. On Wednesday it was
pleasure day when one of them received pleasure from the other three.
Sodome was directing the scene; sometimes when she was in the mood she even
put her hand or some other body part at work. Gabriella renews her
contract on the first Saturday. On the third Friday she usually kept
herself nude at home where her beauty tend to attract visitors. The best
looking of the commune she attracted equally both sexes. On the second
Thursday at the end of dinner she very precisely presented her bottom to
Sodome waiting for her decision. Due to Gabriella docile and eager to
please nature Sodome seldom used the privilege. She was craving for the
fourth Wednesday when she received pleasure from the other. This was the
only day when pleasure was sure. Any other time it was randomly
distributed. Sometimes, like today, Sodome had her wait for more than a
week till she could not think of anything else. Other periods she let her
come almost daily. Well today it was her turn to renew her contract. Some
people were invited to the ceremony. Her job was to beautify the house and
set the table. Preparing flowers bouquets for the evening, she considered
what to say this time, torn between the usual platitude of describing her
actual service and a more risky approach of opening her heart on her
frustration and the limitation of the relation but this was more for
meditation Sundays than for Saturday contract. She was asking herself: do
I have something special to say this month? Something I refused her or did
not give completely? Or on the contrary some part of myself I need to
protect. I'm definitely happy to serve in the house, to honor her body and
to participate in our sex games but I disrelish when too many people have
access to me or when I stay dry more than a couple days. I hate being
exposed blind folded in those big parties like last week. She was aware
how much I hated it. She was not even that hot from it. How could she
dare? All those sweet attentions after and before, even keeping me in her
bed, prove her guilt but I'd rather eliminate both. So I praise the
service she let me give in the house with the others members of the commune
and her personal service. I will not say a word on the rest of the world.
May be she will leave it there. If she insists I defend some privacy. If
she demands I comply. Should I complain about the bossy attitudes of Jim
and Trish? No, too dangerous. With that I felt better: I knew what to
say. So we have seven people for dinner. We will need to be all four ready
for service. By now I was setting the table with crystal glasses, green
ceramic plates, white mantel, blue plates and two large yellow flowers
bouquet. Sodome had put Marilyn at her left. I cherish Marilyn soft skin.
She is nice to suck: her taste is sweet also she knows how to thank me for
my services. The only negative is her mania to pinch my tits. I wish I
knew how to get the idea out of her without looking like moving away from
her grasp. Strange habit for someone I had to convince how much I
luxuriate in serving before she could accept it. It took at least two hour
at her home without Sodome to convince her that I actually enjoyed sucking her. I forgot to mention that after having spent half an hour in the
presence of an aroused body I was in need also. Now she pushes me around.
May be I should not moan when she pinch me. Well, if I look hurt she will
doubt my devotion hence Sodome will be unhappy. It may be better to just
endure. When thinking of it, it may even have a positive impact on my
sexual energy. At her right sits Sinwar, a sweetie with two adorable
slaves. He is so nice with them that I bet than he will make them babies
soon before going back to more normal sex life although polygamy. He is
such an intelligent man. It's a pity he never tasted me since I'm sure I
will enjoy it. I never came as a direct consequence of penetration but I
do enjoy the ride when I'm in the right state. Near Sinwar was Fooka, a
petite brunette dominant woman not interested by her own sex, that appeared
in the commune life one year ago principally attracted by Jules. Sodome
lent him to her at time. Her men slaves, totally passionate in the
beginning, do not stay long. In my eyes she burns them too fast while not
giving them enough. Tarpion, a submissive male, sat near Fooka. Sodome
was playing matchmaker. He must be all turn up at the idea of being a
guest. He probably knows the purpose but he will not have any doubt left
when he sees his neighbor. His hungry puppy looks on my legs tells his
dream of fucking me. I'm not in any urgency there. I will do it if Sodome
asks but I will not push for handing him that privilege. Firenze is on the
other side of Tarpion. Tarpion will have a choice. I never saw Firenze
doing anything with a woman. I wonder why he comes to Sodome's dinner.
One day I will ask Sodome. I had turn around the table, near Marilyn was
Taylor, an unknown guy. Lots of match making tonight. The table was set.
I went to bathe and dress. Neither perfume nor make up: tonight was
natural mood. I could afford it with my vibrant smooth skin gleaming with
a rosy taint under the light. My lips were red enough naturally plus I
will not have problem with dropping lipstick on people sex. As mundane as
it seems it is an issue in those parties. Nor would I have to refresh
myself after performing. I garbed myself in well covering opaque bra and
panties. Well they were such for me although from a lot of people point of
view those were quite skimpy. One thing is sure: you could only guess my
crevices or my tits. I strived for some privacy. Sodome will understand
that it was not against her. The simple thought of Sodome made me change
to a strapless bra that let a touch of my precious tits visible. A carmine
dress, that let my shoulders discovered, completed my attire. In the
mirror my breast was very offered. I could not protect myself. I'm bent
toward looking available. At least I do have underwear under a dress going
to the middle of my thighs. The panty will not be visible even if I sat
providing that I push the dress down which may look very silly to many in
my position but still, for me, this is progress. I made it in time for the
evening assignment meeting. Trish was the majordomo. I was to be
stationed in the dining room, serving wine, bringing plate from the kitchen
and helping clean up. With me will be three other slaves belonging to the
guest. Orbone and Vosa, Sinwar slave, were good looking, sweet females.
They made a very close couple working hard as a team, Vosa always following
Orbone, to keep additional females away from Sinwar. They were very afraid
of Sodome's aura. Everybody could perceive the intellectual attraction
between those two. As I said I would not mind if Sinwar came live here as
well. We would have two masters. It would be a very rare set up but who
knows? I never had a real talk with them nevertheless I imagined that this
set up would not be their first choice by far. Milletin, Firenze slave,
was a middle aged tall men. I loved when he was here because he was so
efficient with the work. His master called on him pretty often but as soon
as he had a minute he would come back to moving the service. He seems to
enjoy the job. When away from Firenze eyes he is interested by my shapes.
I always gave him the best view I could to thank him for his contributions
only I would not let it go any further except under orders. We never had
even a word beyond work needs or basic politeness. Definitely he would use
me with joy if he ever has a chance to. Jules, the chef, will not come out
of the kitchen till after dinner when everything would be put away. Trish
and Jim will bring the food and move the bulk of thing between the kitchen
and the dinner room. For now Jim was helping Jules do the cooking. Before
dinner I was to usher the guests to Sodome in the living room where Trish
was serving refreshments. The guest arrived, drank, then Jules called for
Sodome to have dinner. The evening was flowing nicely. Everybody was
seated for dinner. Serving wine to Sodome offered an occasion to slip her
fingers under my panties, meanly pinch my clit and tell me with a harsh
voice: go ask Sinwar to remove them. Well here goes my protection though a
blushing me. Not wearing any would have save me an aggravation. The only
cheering event was the look on Orbone face. I turned to Sinwar asking him:
"Sir, would you please remove my panties for me." He grinned while
answering: "With pleasure, my Lady" Courteously I lifted my skirt to
facilitate the operation. He plunged his hand inside my panties, grabbing
me while pulling the clothing down to the cheers of the dinners.
Unfortunately for my honor I was rewarded with an influx of animation due
to the humiliation. After that I had to deal with much more groping
because everybody checked for themselves that I was definitely attracted by
the shame. Tarpion jump on his chance to warm his fingers in my cave while
I was serving him his meat. The evening was animated by conversation about
meaning of the world, the last sex toys, godes versus the real thing, the
last domination's parties extravaganza, famous houses and obviously the
study of what tickle submissive or dominant into this strange position.
Sinwar was explaining: "It is much easier for submissive female than
dominant ones' to have vaginal orgasm because when a woman came under a man she claims her need. On the other hand man's orgasm is so easy to obtain
that it is not altering the power balance. Often a man will give less
importance to the quality of the flesh that surrounds his organ at the time
of orgasm than a female to the intensity of what is filling her. As a
consequence when she comes hard by way of his energy she feels obligated to
him while when he comes with perfect surrounding she thinks that he can get
that anywhere. It could be an exotic consequence of the almost universal
belief that men are supposed to make woman come. What is easy to obtain
brings no power in. For example almost anybody could lick a person out of
their mind as a consequence it is used as a bounty from a top to a bottom
or a proof of love from a slave to a dominant." Sodome intervene: "If this
was true then the natural order of the world would be dominant men. A
dominant women could not have a satisfying coitus with her man slaves."
"The only way you could do so is by trusting so much your power on your
bottom that you can take from him at the time of your pleasure." "Why would
you have submissive males if females were so much in need of dominant men?"
Sodome choose to ignore the lack of completeness of her own pleasure via a
real man's organ because she was convinced that Sinwar was only taking his
dreams for reality. "Some men are afraid of their power but they like the
power play and the beauty of the scene. Look at what is surrounding us.
They prefer to be here licking our boots than outside living a boring sex
life. They also may have renounced to their capabilities of bringing woman
to orgasm with their penis in favor of their tongue." Sodome hated the turn
of the conversation: submissive males were wimps against the natural order
and submissive woman were at their place. What about her, a dominant
woman? "Then tell me what about me? I cannot reach complete pleasure then?
Did not you see me taking pleasure?" Sinwar noticed that she was pretty
angry with him but he liked to challenge her. "Well I'm not in your body
but who can be sure that a woman reaches her full potential?" He was
insisting for a good whipping. "Lots of men cannot make strong woman come
so they settle on easier one. Would not they find a much better place to
shoot into?" "Well I guess we have to settle that on the bed one day." I
died of putting my world into the why of submissive woman but I knew to
keep quiet when serving. I focused on the warm nice hand moving all over
me. Sinwar's slave must be devising some scheme to prevent that challenge
from happening. The chocolate mousse dessert was a big hit. The party
moved to the living room. We, slaves, finished cleaning up before joining
our Master's in the living room. It was my time to present my offering to
Sodome. I knelt in front of her till I got her attention. It took longer
than usual. She made me pay the panties. Finally Sodome noticed me: "Here
you are. It is definitely time for you to renew your submission but I
sense a hesitation. Are you sure you have the resolve for it?" My voice
was full of determination. "Yes Mistress." "Then before you do, would you
please remove your bra?" I blushed again but did unzip my dress to remove
the bra. Not daring to put the dress back I stayed nude at her feet
producing a bad start for my plan to preserve something. "Thank you, it is
more gratifying this way. I love the sight of your turf. It is usually
easier to get you there. You are so tantalizing completely nude that I
should have you more often in this state." Sodome was turned on. Gabriella
was radiating sexual shame, this mix of arousal and constraint. Marilyn's
eyes were brightening. Sinwar was focusing his glaze on Gabriella's leg
junction. Was there pearling moisture? She holds her knees too close to
be sure. men were much easier to read. This was a confrontation. They
all knew Gabriella. They never saw her in an aggressive mood but this was
it, she was going to confront her Mistress and receive her due. Nobody
doubted the issue of the showdown. Gabriella was dependent, her nature
deeply submissive. She had to get used to be shown. She was so beautiful.
"I rapture myself in serving your body in your house. I hope you will let
me give you pleasure. I will suit you on a single sign from you. I love
you and the members of your house. I'm proud when I can get my lips on
your person and ecstatic when present at your climax. I will serve you
well, with joy and attention." I was tense and sweating utterly
uncomfortable to confront her obvious wish of a complete submission. My
head lowered I waited for her answer. I should have given her the full
right. I was almost ready to talk again but she was first: "You choose to
cover too much this time. I'm not sure I can restrict your services to
myself. You do not have to serve this month. Take a vacation. You may
come back next month." Exactly what I was not ready to accept. I
staggered. I looked at Sodome pleading. "Please Mistress I must serve you.
I enjoy even my embarrassment when it arouses you. I got a kick when you
had me remove my underwear at the beginning of dinner and now when you
force me to bare my body. It stirs me up, please check me up." Opening my
knees, I advanced my hips, to ease the review of my plight. Her index
leisurely traced the split at the base of my body. "Well if you lust for
me to shame you, say it then. At this point honesty forces me to inform
you that if you do persist in requesting me as your mistress I will have to
punish you." "Sodome I love you, I will do anything you whish. I will
suck, present myself to be fucked or receive punishments, I will abase
myself in any way you suggest. Please take me." "Then you can serve me."
"Thank you Mistress" "Get me the nipple clamps tray." I walked through the
room all eyes on me. I had made it. This was much worst than a pinch here
or there. She was going to clamp my nipple. I hated it. It really was
hurting. Now there was no way to escape. I was going to be wet, and then
people will pinch my tits even more. Well let's stop bitching. I will
focus on the need of it for now. She may let me come. I will give her the
best a slave can give. With that resolution my heart was comforted. I
undulated my hips holding my head straighter to enhance the volume of my
torso. Sinwar clapped. He said aloud. "Now she is ready to give us a
really good time, congratulations Sodome." Bowing to present the tray to
Sodome, I accepted my shame, offering the best curve on my breast. I was
undulating, the image of pleasure, wagging my swollen front slit for the
crowd. They discussed of the merit of each clamps while various hands held
my breast. I had some pinches. Someone was working my clit. I crave to
moan. I was going to leak ignoring whose hand was there. The cunt reaction was the proof of the wrongs for each bitching. Finally they
decided for a pair of large black clamp. Marilyn, enthusiastic since the
change in Gabriella's body posture, was to place them. The first one had
its claw around the delicate protuberance. I was getting ready for the
sting. Stop said Sodome; we need to blindfold her so she cannot anticipate
when the clamp is going to sting. There is more fun like that. Marilyn
ebulliently laced her scarf around my eyes. Exposed, standing and
surrounded by an ecstatic crowd but sightless, my lower body was irrigated
by subtle current ending in my clit, probably swollen to the size of a
football. Some hand was tapping my breast. Sinwar felt a charge of energy
arising from Gabriella body into his groin. Her face contracted when
Marilyn hand stroke her whole breast. Suddenly there were so many hands on
Gabriella that she went wild. She had forgotten the punishment. A
question came to her mind. How come I hated so much to be offered to the
crowd last time? The sting happened. I screamed as an animal reaction.
It really hurts but the gush of feeling in my breast spawn another gush
lower. After a while the sting was less stringent but my stupid sex was
giving even more. Recovering from the sting, priming myself for the
second, it was just strokes. They may have decided that one was enough.
Surrounded by their joy at my posture the click to submissive space become
total and I craved for my Mistress in my mouth. I smelled those hard
dicks, those enlarged pussy lips and vulvas. I heard a voice: "I have to
take her." I was guided to some place. Responding to a tap on the back of
my knee, I was half way to kneel, when the other clamp stung. Again,
caught totally unprepared, I screamed. I was crying under the scarf. That
was what I hated but the memory of my Mistress pleasure kept everything
upside down. I bent and offered myself to the hands whose pressure moved
my bottom cheek apart to gently grease my anus. The smooth handling heaved
me back in a warm space filled by the charm of having my back hole brushed.
The light touch around the muscle at the core of my fluttering posterior
washed away the pain on my tits. The playing went on for a little while
till some hard cold tool was inserted. I was disappointed, where was this
guy which wanted to fuck me? I did not wait long. My cleft was open for
his penetration. I squalled when the thing made its way toward my center.
I must be on a presentation chair: A specific sort of stool which purpose
was to make it easy for multiple people to use simultaneously various body
apertures while displaying properly the subject. It was lower in front,
higher in back. A well-padded armature was supporting my suitably
separated legs and the sides of my body. Some straps were holding my belly
leaving the breast hanging in air. Some were for front presentation;
another sort was bent for back, like the one I was on now. My mouth, well
positioned for somebody sitting at the front although with little liberty
for a good suck, met a very eager clit smelling like Marilyn's. I did the
job with gusto. I loved being where I was and I remembered hating it ten
minutes ago. I was so full, stung and excited by Marilyn noise than I was
going to loose my mind. Sodome was such a good domina to have me go crazy
with sensations while being abused. If only she was interested only by me.
May be this is why I had to revolt so she could set me back in place. My
butt and vagina muscle worked together to keep the dick warmed, sucked and
engulfed. Who ever it was, it was very agile, well sized and vigorous. I
fantasized Sinwar thrusting in me. He had never fucked me before. Orbone
must be crazy with jealousy. For him I was giving my best making my vagina membrane tight velvet around this large cock. Still he was not coming, may
be he was reserving himself for later. I was disappointed. I was not
going to come through there. He may be waiting for me. I never had found
my G-spot nor had a vagina launched orgasm. Should not I be more faithful,
may be this was my day? I rarely had been so excited by a dick. Marilyn
too was not coming but she was swollen, full of slippery liquid and
jiggled. I entered a down slope. Pitiless the sexes left me for some
better target. I was made to stand. My hand, on a chair, kept me in
balance. The clamps, a nasty pinch for now, made me fear the future moment
when someone was going to open them. The party kept going around. I was
alone in a crowd having fun. I could not keep up. I burnt too fast.
Someone was doing something to my breast. I braced for the ache of the
clamp removal but nothing happened. Were Sodome? I was trying to hear
her. Just a moment ago I was at the center of it. Now I was lonely. Some
other body must be on the chair. I had no groping, nor pain. The
exclusion brought tears to my eyes. Somebody was fastening something to
the clamps. I braced for the added weigh. It was not that bad, probably
something light. It was good to have attention. I felt refreshed.
Suddenly my nipples were jolted, I screamed. They got me again. It was a
chain. I heard Marilyn voice: "You are so sweet when you suffer. I'm all
aroused playing with you." She guided my hand toward her genitalia
encouraging my finger within her to discover her obvious interest. She
whispered: "Just for you. Come with me" I was so relieved. She still
whish to play with me. Strange how the same breast pinching can be for the
worst or the better. Marilyn dragged me with the chain. I followed my own
bust wincing with each bump. The tension stopped. I was directed toward
the floor. I knelt again; a pillow was under my knees. Her soft hands on
my head steered my kisser toward her needy bud. She told me: "It is much
better like that. You can better suck me and I feel much more comfortable.
I did not know that I could be so attracted to women. Go for it Gabriella,
Give me a good suckle." I worked on it with all my gallantry. The frenzy
she went into was a big reward. She clamored for a large gode. Some
people grouped around us to share the happening. I felt so good again. I
had forgotten the clamps. Marilyn removed them at the height of her
pleasure, drawing a highpitched scream out of me which high notes mixed
with the deep grunts from her orgasm. She came powerfully abandoning her
clit to my lips and her vagina to my hands holding the gode. Why did not I
bite her instead of caressing her? How strange it was to give pleasure to
somebody that give you pain in exchange! How trustful Marilyn was to
abandon her body to me while hurting me. She was totally sure that I was
not going to bite her or force the gode stronger! She was totally sure of
my submission in the face of such a pain. It was very wild. I thanked
Marilyn for the attention she lavished on me. I was kissing her feet and
her shank, letting her relax after her come. Marilyn hand was resting on
my head. The tumult was winding down; most of the coming must have been
done. I was left with a swollen area. I heard Sodome voice: "All slaves
go freshen up. Get out of any clothes you have left. We demand total
nudity. Wait outside of the room till the door opens." Marilyn took the
scarf out. She smiled and hugged saying: "Thanks to you for my best come
in a long time. Sodome won't be jealous. She lent you to me while you
were waiting holding that chair." I went to the kitchen sink, all bathroom
were busy, to pass some water on my face. My tits were still very
sensitive. They will be for at least a couple days. The arousal was
fighting with exhaustion for control. I went back to get my place in the
line up. The doors opened for our seven bodies three males, four females
totally nude. Seven pair of eyes fixed on us. Sodome said: "You have
served us well. We, dominants, are satiated. Our hearts burn to give you
some of the peace if only you can receive. I will lead you on the path we
know to physical serendipity. Use my voice to traverse the ether toward
the body bubble. Not only can I show you the way only if your desires
carry me but we must stay together all along. Dance on the music, people,
dance, move those articulation, let the light play its magic on those
gracious limbs, the supple muscles of your thighs and bottoms, those smooth
skins and let the sexual energy fill those swollen pubic areas and those
hard dicks. Imagine the reflections, the aggregate of submission, hope and
fear that you are sending us. Look at us to see how much we need you.
Bare your real feeling beyond your bodies so we can pour our thanks onto
them. We know who you are. We see your weakness and your strength better
than you can ever conceive. Show me your secret place in your mind. Give
me expressive faces: lewd, annoyed, angry, tired, baffled, frustrated, sad,
hopeless or excited. Whoever you are show it to me at the same time you
exhibit your blossoming sexual intimacies. Yes I detect some good thing,
more, move your body in the same tone of feeling. Reach harmony between
your faces and your bodies. Use your throat to talk or to groan. Tell me
your dream or shout your state. Yes, more, more. Larger move, exaggerate
your face, exaggerate your move, hold your hands. Thrust your hips toward
me. Now is the time to be shamelessly promiscuous. Face yourself two by
two. Mimic lovemaking. Move those dick, full of juices, thought the air.
We thank your snake of sweaty bodies for the plenitude inhabiting our gang.
We, who likes to receive, would be nothing without you who strive to give.
Be together. Search for a common ground. Watch your moves and
expressions. Copy your neighbor exaggerating the intention. Yes you are
synchronizing. I can read lechery, lust, anger, self-hatred and
disappointment. Let our orgasm carry you. Call back the memories from the
pleasure of giving, the smell, the moans and the urging pushes of your
masters' sex. Yes it is coming. Focus on that side of your condition.
You are givers: dance the giver dance, move the giver body. Give us
submission, nudity and shame. Make a line again. Touch the sex of your
partners on the right and the left. Move, give, receive, enjoy, burn,
ooze, and leak. Let those two hands agitate your juices. It is coming.
Present your intimates folds. The beauty of those small rosy buttons
piercing under the junction of those female labia's is pure lust. Advance
them for us. It makes you hot to offer, to be available and obedient. Yes
keep moving together. Don't leave anybody behind. Think about your
bystander need. Move those hands in the right place at the perfect speed
with the perfect touch. Yes you are doing it. We are past non-return
point. You will come all together. Hold your hands again. Keep your
energies. Gabriella has a special treat because a grateful Marilyn
demanded to suck her. Put one hand on your sex and use the other to link
with the masturbating hand of your neighbor. We still have some way before
the explosion but trust my voice to lead you there. It will happen. We
have time and gratitude to bestow upon you. You immensely pleased us. You
have surmounted the negative to turn the humiliation into pleasure. Enjoy
the positive. You have earned that sensation. Stay together; move slowly
on the rhythm of the music. Find your fiery button, that spot where it is
really hot. Wet your hands, grab those dicks between your thumbs and index
and rub, brush them, scratch them, smooth them. Love your own sex and
surround your neighbor. Move the foreskin, follow the other hand. You are
a beautiful line beamed toward pleasure. I hear your breath and savor the
ascent of the energy deep into my groin. We are getting closer. Do not
accelerate yet. Let your hand follow the music lightly on your pleasure
sticks." Gabriella was in heaven. One hand, close to Marilyn mouth playing
with her, helped direct the tender attention that was definitely worth any
pinch of any sort. Her radiating face and dripping cunt pour satisfaction
into Sodome. Gabriella other hand was turning Jim masturbation act into a
shared love event. They had a good deal there. She was moaning. He was
too. Her weak knees call to the floor Marilyn was holding her while her
tongue was lapping Gabriella clit. It was the plateau before climax: a
long harmonious one. Sodome was still leading. "Yes you are ready.
Incorporate a little more energy. Move faster. I love the sight of your
eyes and mouths under the mounting wave. Stay together. It is hard to
stay together and share when the volcano is bursting from inside. It is
near but still the lava has not reach the bottom of the outside canal.
Givers do not close yourself. You take with one hand but you give with the
other one. Yes deeper, slowly deeper with each beat of the music.
Stronger, push stronger, rub stronger, pat stronger jerk those hips. We
thank you for the obscene beauty of all this desire. Ready to wait, it is
going to be great we are almost there. Don't fret; I will know when you
are all ready. I know you all. I can read you like a book. I'm your
Mistress. You show yourself to me all the time body and soul. Keep
moving, touch the other too, get on the organs, share your fingers, let me
hear more, more, faster, faster, soon, one more minute for me, I like it
too much. It is one of my dreams. Chef d'orchestre of your bodies,
waiting for my words, craving for my permission, for my lead, wait, please
I like it too much, your hunger ripple through my stomach, soon you will
come. Imagine that lava accumulating into the deep of your bellies. You
are ready, faster, closer, oh Yes, Yes, let it go. Award me with sperm,
convulsions, spasms and tremors. I want you to enjoy the lava flowing out
thought your sexes. Yes you followed my voice. Rejoice. Thank you."


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