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C3TXT hurt but not too much My


Jim's Seduction This Saturday it was Jim turn to renew his pledge.
Ziltar was the only guest today. Sodome rarely got a lot of people when
Jim was pledging. Jim was vacuuming before the evening. He was almost
done. He needed to pick some attire for the evening. He did not like
Ziltar because Ziltar liked to fuck him and Sodome almost invariably let
him have his way. He had to avoid making a fool of himself like Gabriella
last week. He was not ready to confront Sodome. He will deliver himself
as unfair as this was. On his job he would not take Ziltar as a
deliveryman. A middle manager in a transport company, Jim met Sodome two
years ago Sodome at a party for a customer. He had been completely
seduced. She was so bright, powerful and well formed. He could not detach
his eyes from the junction of her leg under her close fitting pants. Her
very specific way to hold her lower body gave him the wish to suckle her,
not to use her. He was afraid she would notice his gaze on her private
part. He maneuvered to keep her in sight the all evening. He was
terrorized when she came to him. She could have him fired if she had
noticed what he was looking at. He was very deferent with her. Without
any anger she told him: "I saw you watching me. We can go for a dance if
you like but I warn you that things must go my way." He accepted without
even thinking of what she meant. Something was driving him wild. In the
car they had a relaxing small talk. Her profile was impressive too. She
parked the car and suddenly, asked him what was he looking at the party.
Something in her smell or her attitude made him loose his control. He told
her the truth about it. She smiled. You did not meet many dominant women
yet. That is a sign, I learn to emit meaning suck me if you want, but fuck
me when I grant. His heart was pounding. His cock was battling to grow
inside his pants. The immediate future was dreadful. Let's go she said.
He followed her inside a fancy club. They sat at a nice booth. She led
him to the dance floor. She was close in his arm emanating desire. He let
his hand move on her back toward her bottom. She talks to his ear.
"Remember that things goes my way. When I'm ready, I will slip my hands
into your pants to grope you." Electrified he blushed and apologized. She
said "You will get use to it. I sense you like it. Did you ever had a
relationship with a dominant women." "No. I do not even know what it
entails." "Basically a lot of humiliations and dangling witnessing very
ardent women reach their own pleasure. A powerful mix of patience, anger
and pleasure will fill you as a consequence of giving away control on your
sex life. Do you dream of being dominated at times?" "Not really, in my
dreams I'm more likely to imagine women gladden me." "Well you will decide
if you care to go for it." With that she abandoned herself against his
chest. He did not dare touch her but absorbed the elastic warmth of her
bosom. He loved the dance. The pat on his lower back, on the way to their
booth, came as an embarrassing surprise however not completely displeasing.
They sat and talk. Her view of the world fascinated him opening a full
realm that he was not really aware of. She had real power other a vast
organization. A long silence, punctuated by questioning glares, preceded
the landing of her hand on his fly. She smiled and said "Will you take it
out for me?" Frightened, he meets her amused and interested eyes watching
him like a kid would of a piece of chocolate. He was compelled to go for
it. It was not usual but he will never meet another Sodome. "Well, not
here. People will see us." She gave him some reassurance. "The light is
dim. We are hidden behind the table. Any curious will makes it even
funnier." He relented, opening his fly button by button, before plunging
his hand to exhibit a very swollen penis. Sodome took it between her thumb
and index slipping the foreskin down. The bulge emerged. She bent to
brush it with her lips producing a jolt from the very hard thing. She
moved her hand up and down. He was oozing. She pointed the drop to him.
"This is much too early. You must control yourself better. Now you will
suck me. Before proposing to a man I taste his cock and experience his
tongue. Down you go" Under the table he helped her out of her pant to
reach the basis of his evening interest. Fascinated by her wild engorged
bush he was disappointed that there was nothing surnatural to it. Her
voice reached him. "Open tenderly the lips to discover the clit. It is my
pleasure button. Put your tongue on it to show me you found it. Yes,
touch it with the tip of your tongue. Follow the contour of it. Make your
tongue in a smooth sponge to lap it slowly." Her stream of order was hard
to accept. For a second he thought to ask to keep quiet while he was doing
it or even stopping altogether. Still her reaction was too special to stop
the experiment at this point. He let her voice take control of his
actions. "Start from under it. Let your tongue go up barely keeping
contact till you are at the top of the slit, then go back under the clit
through the air and come back up again. Give a light contact only grazing
me. Keep going for a while. Don't be afraid Trish, my roommate is coming
to say hello." A body sat down. Sodome, introducing him as her new
experience, mortify him. The legs of the other women occupy space under
the table. They chatted for a while. Hoping to never meet this Trish face
to face he put his mind on his task. Something in Sodome indulgence of his
activity produced a drive to continue. His cock was throbbing intensely
from the act of sucking her. Why does she continue to talk to him! The
discovery of today was that he craves for her voice to lead his tongue on
its way to please her. The unbelievable fact that he would rather continue
sucking her than fuck her burst in his mind when Sodome closing her legs to
pull back up her pants called him upstairs. Uncomfortable and glistening
from Sodome juices he met Trish face. Sodome was ready to propose him. "I
expect you to please all of my fancy's without any return. I reserved my
vagina for the best of my servants. I almost never suck. I will take
control of your orgasm. You will come only when I let you. You will
reserve all your sexual activities for me. If we stay together you will
come in my house and help with service." She was crazy. Alas the strength
of his hard on bounded him to her whish. "What do I commit to right now?"
"Not much, this is not a wedding. You will serve me this evening. Then if
you decide for more you will call me. Anyway anytime you can leave. If we
ever perform ritual bondage we will set the limit by then. The real
commitment is obey me or leave." " I consent." "Give me your underwear as
my booty for this evening. Also call me Mistress it makes me hot." My
brain had shut down. There was no path except her will. "Yes Mistress"
The embarrassment of fiddling with his pants under the table cloth to get
the underwear loose compounded by Sodome comments on his spar to Trish,
specifically how sensitive it was, turn the event into a very long one for
Jim. Relieved, when she finally let him go and he could buckle his pant,
he followed them to Sodome car. Sodome, sitting in the back seat of the
car with Jim, while Trish drove, peeled teasingly Jim clothes. I was
totally bare when we reached her place. Down in the parking she gave me
back my coat demanding graciously that I joined them inside with my clothe
in my hand. I relented. It was her building and if I was the ridiculous
one she was the known one. My cock had calm down as soon as she had voiced
her decision to let me out in this peculiar attire. The fright ended up
being for nothing because we made it to her apartment without any undesired
encounter. Inside Sodome deposed my clothe in a well conceived hanger.
Leading my dick after her, she drove me to the living room where she sat
with my growing cock in her tender hand. A slow expert move of fingers
bring it to its full size. Trish produced a neat band of satin that Sodome
playfully tied to my tumescent dick turning it a showpiece. My dome
pushing out of the foreskin quivered each time her warm hands grazed it. I
brought them some drinks walking preceded by my hard cock. In a very
upbeat mood, as long as the evidence of my interest was up, they drank and
talk for a while. The novelty of the situation wear on me inducing a
disappointing change in the geometry of my body. Sodome, obviously in the
mood to stir things, suggested for Trish to loose her clothing in a way
that uncovered the subservient relationship between them. My eyes were
glued to her nudity had communicated a new vigor to my cock when Sodome
slapped my buttock. "Never watch a nude woman unless specifically allowed.
If she is bare watch her feet or her face." I made an honest effort to
comply but it was a permanent effort not to sneak up a look. The presence
of her nude body occupied all my thought. Anywhere my eyes would go she
was. My gaze on the floor would meet her feet and my eyes would come up
her legs till her face. On the way I got a glimpse of the little patch of
hair at the junction of her legs. The deep valley going down toward her
back, between those line was her warm thing. Sodome told Trish: "We will
have to blindfold him. He cannot control his gaze. All men are so
attracted by the sight of nice pair like yours. Also bring me a paddle to
help him remember that my orders are seriously enforced. We will redden
his butt before putting him to work." Was she really going to beat me? I
restrained myself to silence because it seems the safest attitude. Trish
came back. I did again catch a glimpse of her bare back faking it as an
accident. The throbbing in my sex organ was riveting me to my new
tormentor while my brain was shouting for escape. She talked to me: "Come
here and kneel." I hesitated a little bit. She was going to paddle my
back. It was a very long time since the last one. Let her do will define
our relationship giving her complete power. She could abase me when she
chooses. The reason she had pick was quite light. Sodome caught the
hesitation: "At this point you can either go or stay. If you go I will
have a gracious memory of you. If you stay you will have to take the
beating eventually. Tell me what you are thinking." Stay without paddling
was my choice but she would not let me. I was paralyzed for a while. She
was waiting smiling serenely. I answered very businesslike: "I'm concerned
that you could beat me without sense or reason. I did not do anything
really wrong. I was just watching her." "You kept looking even after I
forbad it. You must learn to respect woman body in general and my orders
in general. Each time ignore them I will take revenge on your butt. The
first times we meet it will be difficult to control yourself. If it does
not become easier afterward you will not come back anyway." Simple, I was
free to go away from her, but here she was the boss. She could redden my
butt each time I did not do her binding. What the heck, do I really care!
"Mistress I will comply to your word." "Very good knee right there then"
Upright on my knee, hearing her in my back, I was apprehensive of her next
move. She attached a blindfold on my eyes before pushing gently my
shoulders down: "Keep your head low and your ass high to receive your
spanking. On the next occasion you may remember to avoid ogling Trish. I
will not use the paddle because it is the first time. You will count five
whack for me." My head on the carpet, pushing my posterior the way she
ordered, I felt utterly ridicule. She brushed my testicles. My penis
jolted forward in the air. I was still moaning when the first blow came.
It hurt but not too much. My organ became harder if possible. My
excitement was growing with each smack. At the end my butt felt very hot.
"Stand my love. Grab your foreskin between your fingers and move them up
and down." Panting hard, I was a puppet in her hands. She was playing with
me on her rules. Other all it had not been that dramatic to satisfy her
need of control. She said: "At least you will remember me for some days."
She imagines herself much tougher than she really is. I definitely will
remember her but not because of the physical pain. I kept the thought for
myself. She pushed my head back to the floor before bringing the back of
her feet close to my head. "Suck me. Go slowly from here to my neck. Do
not forget my crack. Use your hands, your lips and your tongue to prove
how much you covet me. Trish is working on my front. Follow her speed." I
was doing my best warming Sodome feet and her shanks. I was coupling my
move to Trish. Our tongues touched at the very bottom of Sodome before
each of us separated toward our own side. Sodome was constantly
encouraging us with soft noises and exclamations. She told us what a great
treat four hands and two pairs of lips were. I had some difficulty with
the taste of her crack but her obvious enjoyment removed my hesitation.
She kept Trish tongue on her pleasure hub for a long time. She was
encouraging me to go as deep as I could. I was following her request
opening her anus with my tongue. Licking all around it. Holding her
buttock with my hands then squeezing them the way she was requesting. It
was difficult to plunge deep enough into her, but her skin was so silky,
her body so vibrating, that I almost forgot the meaning of this action.
She said: "Give me a little rest before the final. This is a great
position, we will unquestionably return to it for tonight zenith." Trish
moved up a little bit meandering through her belly. I could hear Sodome
breathing. Her muscle coming in contact to the warmth of my mouth filled
me with gratitude. I was ecstatic to give her such a good time. I
imagined with jealousy Trish hands holding her breast, grazing her tits. I
was holding her back. She could rest on me. I was kissing her neck and
ears. I was doing a good job of balancing wet and dry, suckle and light
bite, lips and tongue. Sodome thought he is a good catch. She bathed in
the arousal of her two servants sensing Jim's cock throbbing around her and
seeing Trish flower opening to reveal the pistil. She unquestionably would
like to be sucked. I was trying my best. I was very impressed by Sodome
power. She could get more sex than what she could take. I was deeply
jealous because I was always dreaming of more access to women. I was
seeing every women enjoying men's frustration, holding onto their treasure,
scrooging. Her periodic touch, warm and electric, kept me in high spirits.
I hope she would not stop. Would she let me come in her hand? I push
myself stronger against it but she move out of my reach. I lost contact
with her body. It was hard to keep balance with this blindfold. She
guided me gently toward the floor. I could smell her buttock before her
words. "Jim lick slowly from the top to the bottom. Thank you for your
touch." My tongue could feel a hand directing a gode at the bottom of her
back cleft. She was panting strongly. It was stretching to get my tongue
caressing her inside membrane when she was trashing her butt. But she was
pushing against me. I was part of her pleasure. I never had seen such a
level of intensity. She was ooing strongly then told us she was about to
come before she shuddered and agitated herself for a long time. Her
buttock was so contracted that I could not get to her anymore. I moved
away. She tapped me asking for more. She offered herself to the caress
again. She had another two long orgasm before she relaxed. A benevolent
aura emanated from her satiated body. I was very jealous. It had never
happened to me to give pleasure without receiving anything. It hurt physically because of my throbbing cock and morally because I felt she did
not care. After a while she stand up. I heard her: "Wait a minute while I
dress." I waited for at least twenty minutes lying on the floor before I
could hear them moving around. The blindfold went out. Sodome, garbed in
a robe, was seating in an armchair. Trish was still nude. My hot butt
crying fool could not control the compulsion driving my eyes to her round
shape. "Jim do you remember me the rule about nude women? Go to Trish and
present your bottom." I blushed, hesitated but went. She whacked me
various time. My butt was hot and I was ready for a good come. Would she
be mean enough to leave me in that state? She may have been serious about
that. Trish sat down, Sodome ordered me to pleasure her. I went to my
task. Trish was guiding and directing me. I did learn a lot about
tonguing in one single evening. She was very excited from the onset. She
came two times. My penis was hurting. I imagine that if Sodome just
breathe on it will explode. Sodome pointed to my obvious ache eliciting
Trish opinion about a remedy to my symptom. Satiated Trish answered "He
tried his best on me. More experience will help next time but other all it
was pretty enjoyable." My sentence came from my new Mistress lips: "You
have performed well enough for a small recompense. Grab your dick and make
you come for us. As a bonus you can watch Trish while doing it." Lacking
of enthusiasm for her gift, never having masturbated for anybody, I made a
puzzled face. "One day you will beg me to witness you sperm flow before my
eyes. So now you should just enjoy the occasion. Get your hand around
that dome." Her voice got me. I took my penis between two fingers
reconnecting to the past when her hand was on it. It was good. She was
watching, her gaze moving from my face to my hands between peek at Trish
breast line. I was glaring at Trish mound unfolded by the previous arousal
imagining that I was thrusting in there surrounded by her warmth and she
was shaking her voice like Sodome at her peak time. Her sheath exuding
moisture from the licking was so close. I inclined to keep at it for long
but it was too urgent. In less than a minute the sperm, spurting from me,
relieved the urgency. She let me finish my enjoyment before asking to
clean up the mess. I licked my come from my hand and on the floor.
Nothing mattered at this point. She had me kiss her feet. She gave me her
phone number telling me to call for more torment.

Jim's pledge

This was history now. For the past three years I had learned that
serving Sodome meant having a hard on in presence of a hot pussy instead of
the same thing without the pique. The lack of a tender sheath was
persistent all along my life. What was I suppose to pledge tonight?
Wishful thinking was to play with Gabriella but Sodome would never let me.
The bitch enjoyed the sure sign of my frustration in the sight of my
towering organ plus she must be jealous and afraid to let Gabriella taste
my dominating style. Gabriella would prefer me and Sodome would loose us
both. It was not real but my cock hardens with the fantasy. I may
suddenly turn into a man with magnetic power if I was given the chance to
get past the permanent itching of my cock. A satiated me would not be
whinny on sex matters nor unable to control itself. Gabriella loving and
beautiful body will open the door on the good life without an unsatisfied
hard on. We may even have children. She will take care of everything for
me. Gabriella loved to serve. Sweet dreams now what do I do for tonight.
A tank top, uncovering my shoulder, will cater to Sodome crush for my
muscle. A crotch less, closely fitting elastic pant, with a gash in the
back to offer what she wants to this idiot of Ziltar, will fill her with
enough power to wet her panties. The ridicule of a ribbon around my
bourse, to present the image of her most devoted servant, may please her
enough that she will play with my genitals. I love it when she touches me.
The more she mistreat me the more servile I become but I will complain
about not enough orgasm. Apologies for my lack of stamina inside her and a
petition for another chance will close my submission statement. Let's
forget all complaints till talking time. Alone to serve an eventless
dinner to the complete commune plus Ziltar, I went gracefully to my job,
working on erasing the negative of my behavior. Greedy Ziltar grabbed an
occasion, an erection started with the trek outside Gabriella's blouse of
her right breast, to caress me bringing shiver in my loin as much as I
despise his touch. After dinner I brought liquors in the living room and
faithful for the protocol knelt for Sodome relaxing in her armchair. Her
stern look was seeing behind my exemplary surface. "Have you decided to
renew again your pledge this month?" "Yes Mistress. Let me serve you. You
know me. You bring intensity in my sex life and peace in my heart from the
harmony of your house. Your wish is my command. I will be servile and
polite. I'm so tingled by the satisfaction you give me that I wish they
would be more often. I apologize for my lack of stamina on the last time
you demanded me inside you and I beg for another chance." "Jim, my love, my
dreams are full of you gorging my vagina more often. If you fulfill those
needs nothing could stop me from giving the best to your maleness but when
you offer only the mechanics you feel the itch. You will serve me and I
will test the limits of your desire. Please use your tongue to grant my
femininity the honor it merits. Let see if your mind will not fail me in
the middle. I will have the men and Ziltar the females." Trish and
Gabriella, taking the hint, sat at Ziltar feet kissing them while waiting
for his directions. Jules volunteered his hands full of energy on Sodome
back and neck. If only some of it would transfer to his pole. She was
softening engulfed into her lover's delicate attentions. Ziltar, his
maleness rising under the simultaneous ministration of Gabriella and Trish,
was watching with an evident interest Jim's buttock. He had seated himself
for that. It seem that, for once, Jim was playing the game: he was waging
it. Was he hard? She could not see but he was doing too good a job to
stop him now. He usually profoundly disliked being feasted on by a man.
This was pure seduction due to the promise to give him yet another a chance
to show his prowess with his dick. That hope kept him on his toes. Her
hand searched Jules cock to bring it against her breast. There was power
flowing in it. The smooth contact of a man virility in her palm
contributed to her well being. He did not miss the occasion to rub himself
against this mighty place like the warm and tender puppy he was. Pushing
her bosom against him and basking in his ardor she was aroused by her power
to stop or stir up, at will, this magnificent organ. Playing with his
epidermis and skimming its skin with her nails produced such a strong
reaction. Jim must have heard the muffled sound of Jules throat because
his tongue became less attractive. He was jealous of Jules's cock
treatment. He had forgotten to take care of me when Jules got something.
That was a bad augur for the soon to come penetration. If he cannot
concentrate on my pleasure when another man was moaning how was he to keep
going when he will be overwhelm with sensations. Some anger crept in my
mind, but punishing him had lost it luster sometimes ago, leaving as the
only open choice to give his cock some attention. Those days I even let
him feast on woman nudity without a pip. What a difference with our
beginning. He was less and less my devoted slave. Our master slave
relationship reduces itself to appearance. What a strange power did he
have on me that I give in to his whim instead of calling him back to his
duty? I called him to my other side. His organ upright, awake but not
crazy added to my anger. How could he be so lukewarm when I was so high?
Kneading himself against my breast produced a much stronger effect than
having me melt under his tongue. Playful, I let the two cocks touch on my
chest. Both were getting closer to an interesting state. I crossed their
hands on their cock letting them hump freely my bust. My own hand went to
my clit. Soon eyes half close, an enrapt expression on her face, she was
moaning. The two manhood's, flinty from watching her so excited from so
close, had finally reached the boiling point. They were like bones. She
was hollow rubber. She smiled to Jim: "How about taking me now?" "I will
be very honored." Thrusting him slowly into her embracing intimacy sent
tingles traveling along his spine. Her excited sheath, endowing the
perfect friction on his mighty flesh at the epicenter of her undulating
hips, impersonated his wildest hope, a rare moment of superimposition of
reality upon his phantasm. If only he had known sooner that it was enough
to ask to enjoy a Sodome offered, begging for his manhood to pleasure him.
Her voice brought him back to reality: "Please, take me strong and hard,
move, use me, and enjoy me." He was totally immersed in his cock. All his
body was touched. The push from the bottom of her vagina against his dome
was irresistibly sending him over the edge. A weakness came to his
stomach. The last straw came from her mouth: "More, don't go, give me
more." He could not do it. He had to go out or come right away. His
one-second of paradise broke on her endless demands. Can't she let a man take his pleasure for once? Paradise was so short. She felt him evading
her pressure. His chance had passed. His meat inside her, still
voluminous, had become inert. Furious against him she sighs and let him
go. She was so ready, so eager. What was the point to clamor to fill her
more often when he left her in the middle of it? Jules would deceive her
as well, no need to dispirit him by putting him to the test. Ziltar was
useless on those grounds. At least Jim was going to take her wrath. She
stood her face hard with anger. She hated Jim servility in front of her.
How could she have desired this weakling so much only one minute ago? If
only she could grab a whip to burn his butt till the anger vanished. Jules
was a puppy but Jim was an attack dog that must be kept under control. She
had him lay down on his back his thigh toward the ceiling clearing the
access to his brown hole. Trish lubricated him till he was all glittering.
Ziltar was ready to thrust himself into Jim. Sodome had Jules sit on Jim
chest his cock plunged in Jim mouth. His hands hold Jim neck. Well at
least the men were all set at their pleasure and Jim will hate it. The
though released some of her frustration. Sitting on a presentation chair
she watch the show with a filling large warm black gode manipulated by
Trish which was tickling her indulgence dot with her tongue at the same
time. Gabriella was warming her breast. She was following Ziltar. To
defeat Jim she let him touch himself to come with Ziltar. Jules also could
come with them. The faces of the three men were getting tenser under Jim
mouth, hand and bottom attention. Sodome contracting herself around the
gode lacked the deep spirit. She was swaying her hips, rubbing herself
against Trish tongue. It was good but a substitute. Ziltar was now moving
faster. Panting, getting closer, he was talking: "Get ready, soon but not
yet, it is so good, Oh Jim you are so tight, so warm, so present, thank you
for offering this pleasure, it is even closer, just some more thrust, yes
buck back, oh yes, it is coming yes, stronger, Wow" The tone of Ziltar
voice sent Sodome other the edge. Sperm spurt out of Jim. Trish was
extremely swollen and angry to have to stay with it one more time.
Gabriella was snugly remembering her previous climax. Upset with him Jim
swallowed Jules sperm before licking his own sperm at Sodome demand. He
could not say anything. He had to do something. There was a wall: he
could not propel Sodome into orbit.


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