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C4TXT hurt its push against the


Searching for placating men
This morning, eyes on Jim, Sodome announced the evening program. "I
need to get a man home. I wish my innards did not demand it but they do.
You are going to help me fulfill my needs. You four will be ready with a
small collation and nice clothing." Their faces, easily read after those
years under my control, showed a lot of perturbation. Jim was jealous and
feeling cheated. Jules was hoping that the new order would still have a
place for him close to me. He was no stud but he knew I needed cuddling.
Trish was calling fool: "The last thing we needed around is a claim to the
world that we lacked men power." Gabriella was reveling in the discovery
that Sodome, hit by the problem of cock generated orgasm, had set her
spirit on a quest for a body shaking out of control from the ministrations
of a male organ. The search will bring trouble and leave none of us the
same. As the leader if I do not respect my drive we will end up in a soup.
"Fun and reliability are our theme. He will be one and we are five. Jules
and Jim will wear their cock restrain to be non threatening while the girls features, in mid thigh dresses with only a Gstring and their boobs floating
freely in a large but decent décolleté, will bring sexiness. Let's match
the color of the underwear of one to the dress of the other for an extra
touch of class. The boys will don a tank top and very pasting tight with a
zipper on each side of the pelvis. Those offer me every of your muscle
movement and they triggers my juices."

I hugged my two men very softly to comfort them a little. They will do
my biding but Jim was in a shock. I watch him interrogatively. He kneeled
at my feet to kiss them. I promise a talk Sunday about all that.

After work I hooked up with Jules at Balook, a meeting place in border
of the SM world. A lot of people had never played before. It was pretty
crowded but the majordomo, noticing our entrance, pointed to a nice
discreet booth. Walking through the crowd, garbed in a long red velvet
dress, which V shaped black line all around my cleavage let me choose to
show more when necessary, I searched for eyes contact. My hand hold a
black satin leash attached to Jules red velvet collar. Following her back
curves stirred Jules emotions. His belly feeding on the interest created
by their passage sent a flow of blood unto his dick hurt in its uprising
against the cock strap she had forced on him, all honey and smile, for the
evening. He was fair game for her. His problem of enjoying excitation
while orgasm kind of depressed him was put to a good use. Still his cock
hurt in its push against the envelope. His genitals, under the thin
elastic clothing glued to his body, attracted the attention on the two
large zippers running through each side of his scrotum and penis leaving no
doubt about how accessible he was. The well-developed muscles of his ass
moving in view of the room, the line of his crack evident and the nudges of
his cock trying to harden fueled the expanding flow. This is my position,
what I choose; I wish something more honorable would turn me on although a
lot of men coveted my place. Some of the eyes made me feel pathetic while
others made me desirable. Where is the reality? At least I have warm
memories of her insides. A loving and generous mistress, she even sucked me once after I confessed it was one of my dreams. She played tough but
she was a sweet cake. Sodome was thinking trying to figure which male
could serve her purpose. I seek a large, long vivacious dick with a
trusting man at the end able to follow my lead while retaining enough
energy to pleasure me. A good-looking face caught my attention. Coming
down his body I was disappointed by his shoulders, too small for my taste.
He may have a perfect cock. He does not seem really trustful. He looks at
me as if I was a prey. That Lady is beautiful looking for a chance to
please with her modestly lowered eyes and long lashes but she obviously
lacks what I need. I got to my seat. Jules sat in front on me. "See this
guy with the black long hair and a torso of athlete. He is looking mainly
at submissive people. He looked straight at me but was afraid when our
eyes contacted. I will taste him first. Get him for me." Jules walked to
the man. He introduced himself as Jules, Sodome's slave, motioning toward
her, before informing the man that she would be pleased if he agreed to
come and talk to her. The man looked toward Sodome. She smiled warmly at
him. He agreed to follow. He extended his hand to her: "Hello I'm
Zladek." "Sodome, I'm glad you agreed to follow my envoy. I will be very
direct with you. I'm looking for a man with a powerful dick to pleasure
me. I do have a warm, wet pussy to offer. Are you entranced by the idea?"
Her grin, eyes lowered, and her gift of the laces of her bra to ogle got
him on the edge. Surprisingly, her honey scent heightens his scare of her
attracting him to the safer harbor of his seat. Dominant woman were
impossible to manage except as a bottom but today something about her was
ambiguous and her eyes, intensely alive, called him irresistibly to her.
"What do I need to do?" "Well, I have some questions, intimate ones and we
will follow what comes out of it." "May I ask question as well?" "Sure,
when I'm done." "OK. Then shoot." She took his hand to caress it. "Relax
my man, it is only a new experience. You do not have to go for it. You
can go back, no harm done. I'm a beginner too. This is my first time
searching for a man with a powerful organ." His heart, caught off guard by
the sudden emotion switch, was beating hard. Her ability to confront
people's feeling was dangerous. He wished he had stayed home tonight but
right now her pull was too strong. Her deep blue eyes carried no meanness.
Her mouth was commanding but full of tenderness and warmth. He was scared
only by her stature. He said: "Please ask, I will try to be honest." "It
comes to no surprise that all of it is about sex. I want a man that can
pacify me with his cock and respect my taste while taking his pleasure at
the same time. First of all were ever standing nude in presence of a
dressed women?" "I do not remember so." "What would you think of it?" "It
is humiliating for the men that goes for it. It shows a lack of character.
You would never fall for a guy that accept that." "Did you ever suck a man or woman?" "Yes, it happened. I did sucked both sexes on a reciprocal
basis on various occasion." "Do you enjoy sucking?" "Well never completely,
I usually do it as a way to get myself sucked or to get women in the right
mood. There is always a bit of humiliation in this act." "Do you suck with
your tongue or only with the lips?" "Most of it is with the lips. Some
tongue action." This guy is a lost cause. He fancies himself sitting on
his butt while Dolly makes him come. Not for me. "Well, getting together
is going to be really conflicting because you will perceive the needs of my
pleasure as humiliating you. This is always a great hurdle to cross.
Let's leave it here" A pang devastated his heart. She had done it. He
looked at her, a tear in his eyes. "Miss I'm so sorry, this is the way I
was before I met you. A can of worms is dawning in my flesh. Help me
change, please; I suddenly desire to please you. I just answered
honestly." She scrutinized him for a long time. red and sweaty, he did
look sincere. "OK let's get more question on the future. Are you
interested by learning how to properly suck a pussy?" "Yes I would love
to!" "What do you think of Jules' position?" "I'm not sure. I always
thought submissive were lesser men. I quite despise them but now I peek
that it opens very special doors. I sure do not like it although I may,
one day, envy his position close to you." He was too perturbed by the
discovery of his attraction to a woman like her to deliver a good
performance but he sounded smart and who knows what the future will bring.
"You are not ready for my first proposal of using your dick on me but you
may serve me while I' m choosing a partner for the night. This is just an
occasion to slave yourself away for a moment. So next time something
similar happens, you may understand what to do." I was sad because she was
wrong. Although not ready not be her slave, I may have fulfilled her need
if only she would not be so bend into pushing me down to insure the top
position. Life is life and I needed to learn which way she swayed her
bottoms. "Let's do it." "That is not very enthusiastic." "Please Madam try
me for a moment." "Get your dick out of your pants." Her tone coupled with
the meaning of her words achieves destabilizing me. The touch of her hand
masturbating my dick was electrifying. I was oozing already. I had not
reacted so strongly to so little since my teen-age years. She got mad with
reason that time. "That is much too fast! I will first teach you how to
suck a man. Jules will go get me somebody else. When he comes back you
will have removed your pants and be under the table ready for a very
important job. Got it?" So this was the effect of accepting direct
commands. There was no way to get her to come for me in this position but
it was emotionally intense. "Yes Madam" "Jules go ask this guy, with the
green velvet jacket in the front row, if he agrees to meet me and come back
to get your suck. Zladek made you lucky. You can go out of that cock
restrain for a couple of minute. Remember he is learning. Do not forget
to guide him and instruct him." I was amazed at how happy he looked to take
her order but I now believed that I could be as happy as he was. She
continued for me: "For a good beginner suck you need to use your tongue and
you also need to make room for the cock inside. Your lips keep contact
with the dick while your tongue goes up and down inside. Sometimes you use
the tip of the tongue, at other moment you stick the all length of it on
his rod. sucking is a lot of work, tires the mouth and demands a precise
attention to the totality of the partner. You strive to give pleasure, to
get your honoree to squirm, relax and for a long time. You must feel what
he feels through his cock embellishing his sexual journey. OK. Down with
your pant and get under" Zladek got under the table. Her hand went down
with him searching for his tail end. His cock, rock hard, pulsed gently to
the rhythm of the quivering touch of her hand. He offered himself to her
caress without restriction. He was doing his part. She was having second
thought about him. Jules came back with his target, Rofad. Jules sat and
Zladek went to work. Zladek mouth was warm and pretty accepting. Jules
relaxed listening to the conversation. Being sucked watching Sodome
contracting a new slave removed all the doubts about the desirability of
his position. Sodome was questioning Rofad. "How do you feel when sucking pussy?" "It is a very mixed moment. The effect it creates in women makes
it a must but the difficult breathing, the strong smell and the hairs into
the mouth stifle the urgency to offer it. The humiliating side, like in
suck my ass type of expressions, is hard to ignore. The worst is that even
women prefer to reach their plenitude through a good dick than sucking. I
work hard to do it right but I rarely give it for very long. I sure prefer
to receive it than to give it." "What happens when you get your dick
inside?" "I'm a pretty good fuck. I search for her basic rhythm, the
deepness at which she reacts and the amplitude she is ready for and I do my
best to make her achieve satisfaction." "Can you contain yourself while
enjoying it? "Pretty much." "Did you have phantasm of serving a domina?"
"I harden when I think of being nude at her feet and how she will straddle
my mouth with her cunt. She may force me to suck her ass." "Were you ever
nude in the presence of a dressed woman?" "One of my girl friend, I was not
submitting to her, was much easier to lay if I paraded nude for a while.
She seemed not to notice it nor she commented about it. She also asked me
pretty often to eat her. She kept me at it for very long." "Show me your
dick." Unzipping his pants produced a long and large instrument. Sodome
dropped a quick kiss on the top of his shaft. She hold the instrument for
a while feeling the energy flowing through it. It was not grandiose but
there was something. At least he was not oozing at the first stroke. "Do
you like to come home with me? Three other slaves wait for us at home.
You will have to fuck me hard and strong. Do you feel up to the task?" He
had difficulty breathing. She was titillating his rod. "I would love to."
"You just need to put your pants down." He did and she attached a short
leash to the top of his dick. He was pretty red by now. Sodome
interrupted Jules beatitude to have him bring the car. His obstinate hard
on render the task of pushing his cock back into his restraint a long one
but she got the thing under control. Jules gone, she took Zladek cock
between her thumb and index, rubbing up and down a couple of times. She
caressed lightly the dome under the little skin and he exploded in her
hand. She let him have his pleasure giving him her hand to lick his own
sperm. He was quite depressed. She smiled to cheer him up. "May be next
time we will get further. You can write to me if you think you can hold it
longer someday." Sodome said while handling her address. Rofad forgot any
kind of protest he had while witnessing the event. He followed his dick to
the door. They rushed into the car. While Jules drove home, Sodome had
Rofad decent again. She assured him that now he will be pampered. In the
bar she had to make sure that he trusted her.


At home Gabriella lead Rofad into a hot bath and dressed him in a
comfortable white robe. The three women and Rofad ate a stylish dinner
served by Jules and Jim, which removed zipper piece unveiled their
controlled penis and well shaped bottom, bringing to Sodome a subtle power
inundating her inside. Jules was working his bottom the proper way. Jim
was still sulking. She though about giving him a lesson but nothing
stirred in her intimacy at the idea. Gabriella and Trish breast deployed
in front of her offered on certain moves regular glimpse of tits to their
host. boy did she love her commune! Sunday will be the time to appease
all those background grumbles. The conversation was about the master slave
relationship. Gabriella was talking: "I really enjoy being controlled,
told what to do. By myself I come too often and it turns into something
very blend. The parts I cannot get used to in my position are the
humiliation, the frustration and the eyes of pity. Everything is mixed,
the exposition turns me on, but at the same time I do not like my body
betraying my wish. The physical pain is very exciting up to a certain
point. May be even the humiliation." Inside herself she was thinking. Do
I enjoy pleasing this alien guy almost nude under Sodome orders? The boys serving on me with their pathetic dicks hoping up are a much more probable
source for my secret fountain. They are excited otherwise they would not
do it. Would I be happier running my hands all other them like Sodome is
doing? They react strongly to her attention but would not them rebel
against mine? I may like having others under me provided they look very
satisfied. I would hate giving any sort of pain to another body. How can
I tell to Sodome the real frustration of being always the last, of being
grabbed or fucked in the mouth? She could not be my master if I ever tell
her how hard it is on me at time. Like when she exposes me for the all
evening or when she lets me days without coming. Sodome cut in: "I'm not
the type of dominant bent on humiliating their slave or pushing them to
their limits till they break them. Some dominants just enjoy humiliation.
I value the service, the good food, the fire and the massage. Everybody is
going to be happier if the slave is left with a realm of dignity. I'm a
gentle kind. My pleasure does not steam from your humiliation but from the
task you perform, although those boys, standing just there, stirs my
fluids. As you said humiliation is an ambiguous topic. May be it is like
lemon or salt, needed but not too much. Or there is something that
accumulates, it creates energy both ways but some deposit stays." Trish
said: "There are all sort of abasement. Some get a positive physical
reaction from me, others do not. The obedience does not suffice to get the
response, constrained obedience is more efficient, and also it must be a
situation that I can accept. If I find the request sick it is just
disgusting. Constraint obedience without arousal is rape. The line is
clear but sinuous. I may forgive a rape because I love or I'm afraid of
loosing something important or to feel grandiose at giving unlimited powers
to my master. Rofad's eyes on my body, trying to catch more skin when I
move, please me. I sure enjoy the boys moving around in their cuties, that
is part of my own enjoyment of showing myself." "I do not really mind a
little bit of humiliation specially if it brings around the nirvana of
sexuality: an excited female. It is worth doing whatever they need to
reach this point. I get my share in the coit. The rubbing of my erected
cock inside an embracing vagina gives me enough power to compensate for the
subservient station in the forefront play." Jim was sardonically thinking
the fool will have a hard time when he got Sodome sucking vagina pushing
him over the edge before he can get her satisfied. Unfortunately he had to
keep his wisdom to himself during service. Sodome took the bait: "Rofad,
this is exactly what I'm seeking in a man. This willingness to let me
enjoy the premises that stir me up coupled with the power to glow his rod
in my tunnel. Let's get to it" Sitting on a large couch, Jules and Jim
blindfolded at his feet taking turn brushing his dick with their tongue,
Rofad watch the girls strip. Sodome was uncomfortable to strip for Jim or
Jules hence the blind fold came in handy. Trish and Gabriella synchronize
with her moves. All three of them, dancing languorously on the music,
produced a show of legs, shoulders and breasts. Lace bra, pussy lips
glowing under the transparent G-string and bare bottom punctuated the large
move of their dresses around their bodies. Sodome freed her dress strap to
let it fall on the floor followed by Trish and Gabriella. While Gabriella
was putting the clothing away, Sodome and Trish, with only a small triangle
of their anatomy out of sight, got into a more frantic dance. Then they
all three got close to Rofad handing him the privilege to remove the last
piece of garment from all three body. He did so with lot of gusto. Sodome
was wandering if he could deliver the fucking. He seemed not to be afraid.
The boys were still licking him. She had Gabriella take care of her front
while Trish was servicing her back. One tongue moving alertly in and out
of her back ring, another lapping greedily her clit, she was an icon of
lust declaiming without word her gratitude and her pleasure. Jim was
really pissed off by all the fun around. The ferocious push of his dick
hardening under the restraint was hurting. He could not understand the
mysterious force preventing him from leaving the room. He was thinking
about the conversation on humiliation. Jules and him were the humiliated
ones tonight. Jules did not really care. He had accepted everything. The
dumb bell could not get anything better anyway but he could. Oh hearing
her pleasure shouts turns him inside out. That is the problem. I'm stuck
with it. Even only hearing or smelling her excitation makes me mad. It
hurt also when I remember how I couldn't appease her. This is why I stay
but now it is enough. It is my turn to play with the pussies and watch
strip tease. Sunday I will tell. I will put my conditions. I'm sure the
idiot she brought home will not deliver. On Sodome's orders Gabriella had
Jules and Jim laying flat on their back with two pillows around their head.
Sodome installed Rofad in such a way that there was a small circle of two
heads and a very erect manhood. Rofad head was close to the boys' feet.
The boys unaware of the general setting understood what was expected from
them when a wet cunt rubbed against their lips. Get on it said Sodome; we
girls are coming hard tonight. To Jim she added to make it right otherwise
she will be merciless. Sodome sat on Rofad manhood. Trish was on Jim, a
whip in her hand, in case he was not doing a proper job. Gabriella was
helping an eager Jules to find the perfect spot and speed. She was
impatient, expecting a good one. It was almost a week since her last
orgasm and Jules tongue was always a treat. Plus sharing the eruption with
Sodome and Trish in a desirable sorority multiplies the effect. She often
had to be content with her hand. The three women hold each over, rubbing
their breast and touching their neck, exchanging kisses. At the beginning
Trish had to give some light lash of her whip to keep Jim in line. They
were following Sodome deep throat shouts, the move of her hands and her
smells. She was close of it. They let themselves closer too. Sodome was
moving her hips furiously and rubbing her clit on him. It was great but
something was not right. The guy was not giving hundred percent. He
stayed hard but he was not there. He was not giving back. It was going to
be OK come but the usual hunger will be there. She hesitated to replace
the dick with a gode and a tongue but she ruled it out. Furious she just
let it go almost surprising her partners. They scramble to rejoin her;
both enjoyed a very nice orgasm to the lips of her fellows submissive.
Sodome took her anger on Jim making him clean her cunt with his tongue.
Then he was so stressed that she was afraid he would burst so she had him
put her to bed to give him some warmth but he would not take anything. He
was suckling her to put her to sleep in a very tense way. She hesitated to
smack his butt but she had brought him to soothe him, and also it was
tiring. She had him stand close to her bed using both hand to pacify his
manhood. In a minute he was panting. He came in her hands. She gave them
to him to clean. She sent him to bed. She was really tired.

Venting Sunday

The Sunday was a venting Sunday. They met in the meditation room. Jim
started: "I'm very frustrated. I hate to have a cock restraint and sucking a stranger blindfolded while he enjoys watching you three women strip. I
was full of rage and my cock was hurting. In these moments I assess
quitting. I will if this happen again. Worst I had to suck his come from
Sodome cunt when I should have been myself in there. You know that I
rather be in. Why do you do that to me? Jules has a much better treatment
than me. You must at least let me lead the group on my pleasure day and
you should give me free access to Gabriella." "Don't you like to suck my
cunt?" said Sodome with an angelic smile. He was diverted but still he
really needed to say something. It was the perfect moment to expose his
heart, happen what will happen. "I love to suck you, to serve you but I
need help to deal with frustrations that I do not know how to spell or
organize. Hear me, all would be better if we found a way to remove those.
I long to serve you, Mistress, but it does not mean that I cannot make you
come as a man on occasion. At time I become confrontational shooting for
your position. Yes I do, still I discern I could not deliver. I'm all
confused. I speak negatively about you. I think negatively about you
meanwhile I love you so much. My thirst for your love is hidden by your
obsession to push me down. You enjoy so much teasing me that I seek to do
the same. May be this is the source of this impression that I win and you
loose if I make you come. May be Sinwar is right and the best way for a
woman to come is in the submissive position. Why don't you cuddle me on
occasion? Also running the show will give me strength that I will use to
enhance you not to topple you. The itch in my pants is the main culprit.
At times it occupies all my days. I cannot think of anything else. Then I
dream of when it will go away, when somebody will love me enough to take
proper care of it. Before serving you I was masturbating the itch away but
with it went all my aspirations and energies. Now that you control my
peaks I just hate you when the itch creeps in. I quest to overthrow you
only to be able to satisfy myself but my love render my drive aimless. I
want to get rid of you to run to a porno shop and give me a hand." He was
almost sobbing. Everybody was breathing slowly allowing Jim's heart to
diffuse in. It did shed light on his attitudes and behaviors. Sodome
responded: "Thank you for telling us what is bothering you. I enjoy
observing your struggle, seeing you hard, full of desire multiply my
pleasure. The power I receive when you suck other men's sperm out of me
binds all of us together. I must be able to follow my fancies but I do not
choose you to suffer from it. I limit your climaxes to save you from
boredom. Letting you play sometimes with my other slaves will help your
immediate frustrations but I'm not sure whether you can properly handle it,
nor if it would not bring more problems along the road. My own frustration
is that I need to be filled by a man. I wish you could deliver. I will
help you deliver. If you fulfill my female need like a man I will give you
more but then will you still accept to suck other's man sperm from my
cunt?" "Yes Mistress I will do better when I'm full of confidence." They
were silent for a while then Trish said: "Mistress I do feel wasted at
time. I could enhance the house if given more leeway. You could let me
experiment with some domination time. I will provide a plus, especially
when we get new people. I could get my need satisfied. It is very painful
to stay with a sexual tension, specially, in the atmosphere of this
commune. I know that your amusement rebounds on us but it is too much to
bear." "If she let you have your way life will be bland. If we ask for a
reason to our Mistress choices we will just split. I know it is good to
talk. I hope it will also help Sodome assure her domination upon us versus
trying to make her feel guilty to get one extra climax." Said Jules.
Gabriella continued: "I sure could use more orgasm, also I do not like
being exposed. I almost always get hurt; I 'm completely ashamed, all
those hands playing with my breast and my sex. It is true that at the same
time I'm totally wet. I also do my best to moan when pinched and rub the
part they touch. I moan when they enter me. I give great heads with lot
of attention but when venting the word comes that I really hate all of it.
I often react as if I liked something I hate but the juice flows from my
vagina. Could I get the kicks without it? This is what I do not know. I
like to serve without reserve; I love to be exposed when relatively free to
move. I love to give pleasure and uncomfortable when tied, exposed and
powerless." "Anyway you both are Sodome unconditional. You are happy with
where you are, doing what you do. Nothing could be better, no way lead to
a better life than blindly obeying any of her whims. I'm a man that needs
to express anger and violence from time to time even when I go back to
being a sheep under her governance. I serve in her house but I also
participate in defining the future of the commune. I will not break it.
The power is hers anyway. She may loose control but it will not be because
of me. It may be because of you not letting your emotions out. The
Mistress can take my anger without melting that is why I serve her. We
will all be better off when you show your anger and your negative
emotions." "Gabriella did told her negative emotions but I do need
unconditional and provocateur. Without Gabriella and Jules to enhance my
drive for domination I may have renounced it long ago. You would not be
here anymore. I will not melt under your criticism but I it does consume a
lot of energies. If we could accommodate you it would give all of us more
strength but it has to be in a way where you follow my lead."

At the end of the conversation Sodome remind them that there are all
going to a dinner party the following evening. It is an exchange party
where dominant each put four slaves in a pot that is then randomly
distributed. The dress code for slave is neither underwear nor pants. She
was going to check before leaving that she could get at their sex by just
slipping a hand under their clothes.


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