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C6 sucked on Belt his hand


Dinner at Sodome In the morning Sodome announce the big event of the
evening: "Raven, a dominant man used to perfect service, will be here
tonight at 8. I'm scared. He gets me in uncomfortable situations. You
must satisfy his commanding instinct so he sees me as an equal. Our future
is in your hands. Dinner will be ready on time in a harmoniously decorated
house and your properly presented bodies, coordinated in yellow, will bring
the final touch. Forget your complains to give your best. Our commune
will elect its destiny tonight. I wish I could handle it better but if we
do not succeed I may be forced into ugly things." Her tone, full of her
distress and her awareness of their dislike, even on the phantasm level,
had an opposite effect on Jules and Gabriella versus Trish and Jim. One
group concern was visible while the other joy at the chance of her being
topped was obvious. The emotions behind the faces were visible but there
was nothing to do. The scents of Jules dinner and a table set for two by
Gabriella, which missing skirt left the pleasant sight of her bottom
brighten the room, greet Sodome back home early from her work. Gabriella
supportive and tender greeting smile warmed Sodome on her way to dress for
her idolized torment.

A red silk dress, middle tight length, and crotch less fish net stocking composed the main part of my clothing. Removing my tights in our two
previous encounters had been so disastrous that I resolutely banned them
from our encounters. Fortunately panties were much easier to remove with
discretion. Still his expertise at transforming underwear into a disaster
should be considered. Should I avoid them as well or would it not be too
bad to remove them for him? Was it too much too fast? The ineluctability
of the repetition of the style of our two previous encounters taxed my
choices. Kidding myself, I hoped for a united front with my slaves bright
enough to ignite his desire. It was pleasant to dream but I was subdued.
He had the key to a somber and liquefying part in me, which I could not
resist. A sacrifice will mollify him. My accessibility if he rushes under
my skirt will smoothen his rage to provoke me into embarrassing extreme.
If some miracle moved the evening in the right direction I could even
change into another tight exactly the same with an incorporated panty. If
he groped for me, I'm lost. I cannot refuse him anything. It may be
better to put the covering one first, and then change if the evening called
for it. My longing for being there for him is evident but I'm not his
submissive. My odor at the evocation of me in Irma place had been
unveiling but my will stayed strong that I was receiving an equal. I
changed to the concealing outfit. The cover on my sex recalls the terror
of the pathetic time when my tight sat around my ankles. The least
embarrassing way, since I could not say no to him, was to grant his whish
for a humble attitude. My legs wide open, calling for his manhood the
previous time I had an occasion, must fill his memories. Where was my
pride when Irma was pinching my nipple? He played with my pearl twice and
brought me to orgasm at his will. I was copying Gabriella denying my lust
to humiliation and getting my kick out of being forced. I did not need to
be forced. I was in control even with my legs junction at hand reach. I
had the mean to get Raven manhood my way. I put back the uncovering one
almost like an act of power. While bare I had the idea of not putting
anything on my legs, only slippers at my feet but in the mirror the red of
the dress did not match the white of my legs. The stocking made me more
attractive although the idea of bareness had a definitive effect on my
interiors. This is not a game. This man is dangerous. I will eat in his
hand in no time if I'm not careful. He is the reason why I avoided too
dominant males since ever. I had to make a decision to get out of the
room. Spending the next hour removing and putting panties was no help. I
added transparent red lace panties while running out of the room. Trish
and Jim wanted to talk to me about the evening. There were afraid. I lost
my temper, yelling at them to get dressed or go away.

At seven forty five everybody and everything was ready. Gabriella
sported ravishing, coordinated translucent skimpy underwear, which bra
pressed her inviting tits against the light fabric. Her bottom roundly
filled panties, high on her thigh, small in the front and large in the
back. Trish covering underwear was an insult and a preoccupying omen but I
was at the end of my reserve. Hopefully thing will put themselves together
fine. Twenty minutes after the appointed time I greeted Raven at the door
and took his coat leading him to a bathroom to allow him to change in a
very comfortable inside robe. Then I ushered him toward the living room
expecting, all the way, his hand on my posterior but we reached the
gathering room without him knowing anything of the arrangement under my
dress. "Raven we hope to please you. Your hints are our desire." On clue
Gabriella offered a pirouette, lowering her panties within his reach. Her
back curved stance, arms above her head and rotating hips, pushed his
manhood out of the robe. "Thank you for the display, Beautiful." Trish
gave him a deep bow while kissing his hand. "You are not sure about your
whish my lady. Nor are you afraid of your Mistress." My stomach jumped
into my belly when I heard its stance. The battle was already lost. To
make matter worse, Jim pretty much imitated Trish, unsettled by his
ignorance of what the real Raven was. From those parties, where gangs of
females fought each other to get fucked first, he saw him as a kind of a
jerk. Sodome face, climaxing under the table for him, had stirred his
jealousy in contrast with the occasions when she stayed indifferent to his
effort. The explanation in his mind was that she saw him as submissive
while she imagined Raven as a master. Who knows how her fancy was
assigning one man to a group or another. Probably because Raven had a lot
of money and was a friend of the CEO of the company he was working for. It
had nothing to do with his capacities. Definitely angry, he was not
letting this man push him around, still he bowed. Jules danced from
shoulder to bottom, displaying the movement of his muscle as a support of
his readiness for Raven orders. Raven tasted his flesh. The touch of his
hand, sweet and firm, resulted in a tasteful erection. When Jules returned
to his place, I broke the ensuing short silence: "Raven would you like some
drink." "What about your own address my dear?" I blushed. The dreaded time
to bring public evidence of my agreement to a lower status had come. I
procrastinated, clinging to mystical hopes of being an almost equal,
although I would never think of asking him to present himself. I came in
his hand twice. His obvious preference for Gabriella and Jules behavior
reasserted his choice to be surrounded by submissive woman. If he
occasionally enjoyed a more equal relation once in a while, it was not with
me. Would he let me go one more time if I show strength and give him a
nice place to relax and enjoy? The silence was heavy. His gaze carried
his expectation to abase myself under the eyes of my commune. No gray line
that time, no reprieve, he was set on humiliating me. The warm moisture
seeping out of my lower belly made the final decision. Lifting my dress
above my waist delivered the degree of my dedication to his requests. To
make my surrender complete, holding my dress with one hand, I lasciviously
lowered my panties for him with the other. His hand around my wild bush,
grazed my intimate parts, made me hotter and hotter. Moaning softly under
the delighting contact revealed my situation in a stronger way than the
station of my dress. Summoning my last bit of dignity I evaded his touch
before cumming in front of my slaves. Raven manhood, erected out of the
robe, showed his interest in my struggle. The commune was watching in awe
my surrender. He lowered my panties down to my ankle, so I could easily
step out of them. He said: "Jim would you please bring a belt." Jim went
out to get the object. Raven thrust his cock a little bit higher. I took
the hint, kneeling at his feet, to get my first taste of his cock: the
livelier thing I had ever sucked on. Belt in his hand Jim stop at the
entrance of the living room mesmerized by the pleasure emanating from Raven
body. His face, illuminated by a deep smile, and his eyes, half closed,
spread some mystical erotic aura around him. Jim eyes scanned Sodome from
her knee (she was reposing on them) to her butt (smooth and round exposed
by her hand still holding the dress above the proper line) and finally to
her head bobbling up and down Raven erection. The blood rushed to his cock
creating a strong tension on the thin garment. "Why don't you attach the
belt around her waist so she can free her hands for a better task." The
blood pulsing, at the rhythm of his heart, in his trapped cock, Jim
approached the couple. "Let me help you young man" With that Raven pull
down the fabric above Jim's cock, relieving the aches of the torsion, to
caress gently the throbbing thing in his palm. The magic of the touch, not
lost on Jim, weaken his previous dislike without dissipating the
embarrassment of being pleasure by a man hand. "Enjoy my friend but finish
the job." My dress secured, by my ex submissive, well above my bottom with
the belt turned my vee into a permanent show. His turgescence grazed my
skin too often to be a chance. Satisfied by my figure Raven looked around.
"Sodome two of your slave love to see you where you are, another is quite
excited although guilty. Tell me, beauty, would you rather be where you
are or exchange place with me? Tell me with your moves not words. It
speaks stronger. Put your hands behind your head. Open your mouth for me.
Stop moving except your tongue. Tell me with it. Let your answer be my
pleasure." Thrusting gently in my mouth while poking fun at my discomfiture
seems to load him with a conceited satisfaction. Before biting him to
answer clearly his question I took a moment to check out my reality. As
much as I hated it my belly was full of desire and I longed to suck more on
the subjugating vitality of his shaft. Embarrassed to proffer my mouth to
his will, but not willing to exchange position with him, I surrendered
giving all my tenderness to my tongue honoring his rubbing shaft. Shame
should never stop one from doing his whish. The dark place hidden inside
me, settling for more of the treatment became my choice although my mind
kept repeating that this was the last time I gave in. Why don't I just
give all up and behave like a good girl all the time! I despise too much
the meek and whining attitude of Trish to let myself push there but I'm
afraid that my future looks similar to her past. "Well thank you beauty. I
hear you. Let's have some drinks now." What did he heard of my confusion?
His cock popped slowly out of my mouth when I arose, eyes down, to perform
my duty. Trish must be feasting on my discovered butt delighted with this
pay back for the harsh treatment I imposed on her. The total absence of
impulse to avenge myself from Raven comforted me. I was his thing by
choice while Trish had felt stuck into her position forgetting the
possibility of freedom. Was he going to force me down on her? Would I do
it if he asked? If pulling up my dress was the last outrage I took from
him I should not. hidden behind the bar, while mixing his drink with
trembling hands, I recovered from the capitulation. Some nice retort would
have done more good than heaving my dress. Even now, not everything was
lost; Trish and Jim will never forget the display but I should have dumped
them or skin their butt long ago anyway. Their passive resistance had
allowed Raven to push me in that strait. If they had shown the right
disposition he may have let me my dignity. Unfortunately the time had come
to exit from the protection of the bar to give her another occasion to peek
at my puffed labia. My mind toyed with the idea of unbuckling the belt.
The proposal went the way the retort had gone. All four, seated around
Raven talking about our commune, ignited a strong jealousy. Shaky but
definitely sexual I tote the creamy skin of my butt marked by the red silk
of garters, sure sign of the obedience spell Raven had cast on me, into
view. Sodome arousal, intensely present in the stickiness of her upper
tight, flushed the anger out of her mind. Contemplating the abundant pubic
hair of his catch, walking bottom less, red and sweaty to bring him his
drink, magnified the feeling of power in Raven cock, still reeling from the
satisfaction provided by her suck. Sodome was in his hand to play at will.
As soon as he was gone the anger will control her again casting this moment
as a total foolishness. Twice already she had given him control and
relented on it. This time will not be any different. The ingenuous
movements of her thatch solidify his decision to fuck her this very
evening. His fingers had discovered a very appealing place in the deep of
her burrow. From his point of view every woman was totally different.
Like everyone identifies a face he distinguishes his females by penetrating
them. He never makes a mistake. The texture of their juices, the shape of
the tunnel and their way to move was unique for each. Tonight he planned
his first visit to Sodome very special home. There was no hurry nor there
was any need to let her know his choice. Powerlessness was his lever to
guide her through the difficult steps that will compel her completely in
his web. He was going to prove her again how enthrall she was to his
pleasure. He took his drink from her hands offering her a leather
armchair, protecting her nudity from Trish and Jim, right in front of him.
They talk while he drank. Her legs indecently separated for him,
testifying of the consistency of her whims, nourished his narcissism.
Trish and Jim abuse the occasion to vent their frustration with Sodome
while Gabriella and Jules protect their Mistress. Raven loves the endless
possibilities of this situation. He had stumbled upon Sodome at the
perfect time. Before dinner he unbuckles Sodome dress. As soon as her
butt got safe from unwanted glances she went out of submission offering
ideas and demands to her slaves. Raven request to add two cover for Jim
and Trish. Sodome argue but Raven, belt in hand, shut her up by evoking
the charm of such instrument on Lady's dresses. Jules and Gabriella served
dinner. Sodome, brilliant all through the evening, seduced Raven with her
intellect and battled Trish negative opinion of the commune with wits. The
dessert was on their plates when Raven asked Sodome: "How would like me to
call you." "Sodome seems good enough to me." "My slaves always choose a
special nick name for me. It needs to represent you and remind you of your
situation." "I do not remember having accepted you as my master." "You went
pretty far on various occasions." Raven gaze, zeroing on my cleavage, make
me strongly aware of the agitation in my lower belly. Bending at its
demands was crazy but major source of sexual energy. What was next? He
was right. One hour ago his cock was butting against the back of my
throat. There was no pride to preserve. A smile on my face hid my
inability to resist the hypnotic thread in his gaze while my being is
engulfed in his command. He was controlling me all along without me
noticing it. My dress went down for dinner only for the pleasure of
stripping me again later. Nervously, I played with my shoulder strap. His
expression encouraged me to continue. He did not need to ask me. The
devilish force of love had taken over my body opening the door to an
endless stream of humiliation. I could not fight it. Blushing, I pushed
the strap down on my shoulder discovering my red bra. Jim removed it on
his suggestion. My breast surfaced ready for his fondling. Foolishly,
after what he already had forced on me, I was wondering when to stop him
but the impossible to ignore warmth seeping in my intimate folds stopped
any concerted action leaving space only for more blushing. He said: "You
are smelling cunt juice my wet play thing. You are so beautiful when you
get angry. Don't you like it?" Not expecting an answer he grabbed my tit
to pull closer my meek body after the distressed bit of flesh. Under his
spell, my belly soft like jelly I submitted to being his plaything. He was
so right about the plight of my insides. I hated it. My dress had stopped
under my breast. "Show us your wild bush!" I unfasten the clip that was my
last protection. My abundant pubic hair, hiding the slit of my labia,
appeared surrounded by my thighs. Jim hard on was pulsing under his slip.
Torn apart Jules could not keep his eyes away from Sodome triangle. "In
your actual posture the need for a slave name is more obvious. Don't you
think so?" No name came to my mind in this situation. I told him
respectfully: "Sir I have no idea right now." He beamed of contentment with
the implication of my words. "Well we will find one later. Usually my
girls present a more orderly sex to me. Henceforth you will do a better
job with grooming this place. Next time you display your crotch to me you
will be better showing evidences that you thought in advance about the
event. Would you go out without combing your hair? " Upset and wandering
why did I not throw him away. I muttered: "No Sir" "Better than that wild
bush ..." I mustered all my control to speak with deference. "Sir, I will
trim my pubic hair for our next encounter." His eyes were locked unto mine
when he added: "Strip totally wild bush!" I removed the stocking without
any pose before taking a place at his feet sucking his cock with all my
might. Satisfied with her entry in character, Raven received her best
effort to please him while scanning the room for inspiration. On his
standard she needed more practice to be a real asset at sucking. His face
flush with jealousy, Jim cock pulsed, at the sight of the place where
Sodome lips surrounded Raven, discerning in the oval of her cheek the blimp
where the organ was filling her. If only he knew how, his own dome would
be rubbing the softness at the back of her throat. The love expressed on
her face was the worst to take. How could she be so turned on by sucking him? Unfortunately the response was in the intensity of Raven presence.
Raven, reading Jim like an open book, planned how the man could help. He
will be easy to get on board. Any piece of Sodome coming his way will turn
him into a stout supporter. Surrounding his new acquisitions with people
from their previous life, in a novel power situation, was one of his secret
tricks. He moved his eyes from Jim eyes to Jim cock. Eagerly Jim thrust
it forward toward the confluence of Sodome lower limbs, coveting an
invitation to use her exposed vagina, but to his disappointment, Raven
asked him to turn around to present his back side. Raven stood, clearing
his body from Sodome tender embrace, to direct her to the task of
lubricating Jim's brown hole. Here was another moment of truth for her,
worst than sucking on Trish clit. She was at his beak and call. Blushing
all over her body she lapped heartily Jim brown hole. "Go deep inside
beauty to make me comfortable when I will be there. Soon I will appreciate
the quality of your job. Move a little bit to let me push my cock into
him. Let your tongue in contact with my sex while I go in and out." Jim was
very pleasantly surprised by the events. He bucked back to exacerbate the
pressure in his insides. Raven directed Sodome mouth to take care of Jim
cock: "Suck nice and light. Do not let him come yet." Soon Jim was bucking
wildly under the double stimulations. Raven enjoyed the ride for a while
before the call for Sodome burrow overcomes him. A good fuck, followed by
a long overdue first whipping to imprint the full consequences of her
choices, was the next step. He came out from Jim. He disposed Sodome and
Gabriella bending one against the other to give both tongues a practical
access to his cock. They got the point. He secured a condom for Jules
because he granted him Gabriella, while preserving her freshness for his
own use later, if Jules was coming too early. Standing holding both girl head against his pole he was watching with interest the movement.
Gabriella tongue was more experienced than Sodome but Sodome had more fire.
Their rear ends were shamelessly moving to call for attention. Sodome was
keeping the right mood tonight. It was definitely time to penetrate her.
He came behind her. Her onion was peeled. The entrance to her deep hole,
visible like the nose in the face, called his penis unequivocally. One
strong fast push got him all the way in. She screamed her pleasure after
the long wait for him. All three were requested to wait for his signal to
come. He told Jules to move with him. Holding one of Sodome breast in one
hand he kept her in balance with the other on her shoulder. Deep inside
her he rubbed laterally the tip of his engine on the bottom of her vagina.
She was adding to the movement. He enlarged his move going over a bigger
surface of her membrane step by step transforming it toward in and out.
Massaging her insides against his stick and enthralled by its magical
property, she was full of pure vibrant vitality. His hands, now solidly on
her hips amplified the very slow in and out motion. Entirely soft,
receiving each stroke as a caress to her vagina, she craved for a wilder
impetus and she trusted him to get there later. Her previous humiliations
were forgotten under the charm of this man power. She would do it again to
get there again, surrounded by warmth, her insides nurtured by an energy
rod. It was five million times better than a gode because of the human
vibration and human warmth. Impatient, because she was afraid he would let
her in the middle, she tried to get him to accelerate but he was holding
her firmly. He even slapped her butt telling her to let herself be taken.
The mark of his fingers must be visible. Vexed, she brooded as long as the
heat of the whack lingered on her skin but the continuing stir inside urged
her back on the pleasure side. Hit stronger and stronger in perfect
places, she forgot to be pissed off, in the discovery of being his
plaything, an instrument that only he had the skill to operate. That was
the pleasure of submissive: trust your Master to lead you to your own
summit. Gabriella lips against hers were adding a touch of familiar
comfort. It was so good to have her encouragement at those times.
Gabriella and Jules were drinking from Sodome satisfaction. They were
having a good time too. This man had magic in his flesh. Jules was
smiling to her half seeking her help to contain himself. Gabriella was
happy but not any close of Sodome level. Raven was enjoying the ride but
she was closer than him. Coming with her will give its due to her
extremely pleasant inside but he anticipated that she would not go for much
longer before exploding. Sweating, moaning and panting under his fast and
deep piston she was ready for harder thrust. The perfect contact grows a
frenzy bringing her on the verge of her crest. She thought about
controlling her but no man had ever hold his sperm in the tempest of her
climax. The moment was perfect for her. No part of being was resisting
the upside wave except for the though that dominant needed a pretext to
chastise their slaves. Perversely the idea removed the last barrier.
Raven perceives her engagement on the path to relief. He let her push her
own ways and she veer his probe on her main point. He had a great time
with all her body participating around his manhood: everything was
connected. Her erratic movements made him breathe heavily. All plans
forgotten in the intensity of the moment, he let the bodies play enjoying
the pleasure. Disposed to come if she gives him enough attention, although
he was not totally ready yet, he became a blossom of pleasant fine threads
of electricity. If only she would slow herself down. He spanked her
agitated bottom with all his strength hoping to vex her again but instead
she went over the edge. Something stirs inside her. Her muscle tensed,
rhythmically around his erection, like a small ball exploding deep inside
her belly. The sphere was propagating into all her body getting stronger
with each muscle it touched. The first one had almost reached the limit of
her flesh when the thump of his large dome started another explosion
creating wave after wave dwindling while crossing her. She was shuddering,
her throat uttering a strong, hoarse sound. She was ululating to the plain
strength of her lungs for almost a minute. Raven enjoyed the last drop of
it. Her insides during the climax were fabulous but he had a lot of
occasion in such places and he was not completely ready yet. One day he
will be in her again with all her attention on him. She was so sensitive.
She was doomed to be his slave. He had given her the ultimate choice and
she will remember forever his hard cock, hungrily caressing her appeased
love tunnel, conveyed the message that she belonged to him from now on.
His victory turned his rod into flint. A great new recruit now; she will
become a great fuck after she was trained to take better care of the man.
He foresees a series of delightful night with her in a year or two. First
she had to learn his ways, plus she obviously yearned for being controlled.
He let her taste her pleasure till the end plucking him out only when she
was spent. Sodome was so grateful for his performance. This was what she
had waiting for. I yearned to thank him, to kiss him and to sleep on his
shoulder. I was in love. His hard cock calling for more was threatening
but I had heard his excitement and sensed inside his flesh full of
high-level sexual energy. Will be enough to build some respect for my
sexual being? I turned to face my new master, which erected penis,
spelling trouble, moved toward me. His face expression was filling my
belly with terror: he had a motive to punish me. Something from deep
inside my being took control sending me to kneel in front of him like a
good slave and beg for the permission to suck his treasure. He shook his
head. Gabriella joined me asking with humility the same thing but Raven
answered her to wait a little bit for it. "You were not very attentive to
my pleasure nor was Jules. You will indeed get your first punishment.
Bring me the belt." What could I said. I was in love. Jules, choosing to
enhance my standing, offered to take the blows but Raven stick to his idea.
"Let me give you one so you will commit yourself as a knowledgeable person.
Bring the belt and present your bottom." I picked up the belt to put it in
his hand then turn around bending my back to bring forward my posterior at
his disposal. His full erection vouched for his vigor. He whacked my butt
with the belt. I found the energy to cry. Jim saw the red line on her
cheeks with a mix of satisfied vengeance and pity. "You will have to take
five more of those: three for your own lack of attention and three because
you could not get Trish to behave for me." Gabriella interrupted: "Please
Sir let me prove how much my Mistress is well served. I will take all the
punishment. One for one for Trish and two for one for my Mistress." She
really wanted to erase Trish impudent attitude with her completely
attentive one. Raven watched her for a moment. Her totally humble pose,
with those wet eyes in the middle of her face, testified of her total
dedication to Sodome. The hard part was going to have Sodome serve her.
Attracted to the reaction of this beauty when lashed, he agreed to let
Gabriella get Trish share. Sodome may be tired after her orgasm and there
was no requirement to push her yet. Beating both girl together was an
amusing way out because they could not know the target when they hear the
swoosh. With both girl butts close from one another expecting his whish,
he turned to Trish. Her eyes brightened by the availability of Sodome and
Gabriella moons: Sodome and Gabriella ajar from behind. Noticing her
interest Raven offered her the belt adding that each of them needed three
more blows. If she could be sure to get as red a line as the one already
adorning Sodome, she could give those herself. This was one of Trish most
hidden phantasm. She grabbed the belt with greed. Each contact with
Sodome tender flesh brought a gush of juice in her panties. She had
perfect lines. Under his spell, she went along when he lowered her panties to seat her on his pole summoning Sodome to suck her clit while he was
fucking her. Trish was going to be a perfect ally. Her longing for being
on top will help him get the most possible fun out of her ex-Mistress.
Strangely, after all those gratification, Trish was bitching in her head
but the action of Sodome tongue and Raven shaft mollified her very fast.
She succumbed to the attraction. He was so alive in her, so knowledgeable
of her hot points. He was going faster and faster always at the place and
speed where she wanted him. Taken by him and craving for more she was on
course to one of best climax of her life. Screaming more, please more, do
not stop, she exploded around her vagina. Raven still full of lust
replaced Trish with Gabriella, very eager after witnessing the extreme reaction of her two intimates, but as soon as he entered her he told her
that she was never satisfied from there and she was not ready for it yet.
He definitely was a mage. "You may make me come because you know how to
take care of others but you will not come from my action. Sodome lips will
help you reach your peak though." I stay there between Raven legs my tongue
brushing rapidly Gabriella bud with all my love. She came rather intensely
but Raven kept his load for a better occasion. He said: "For the end I
want Jim to spurt on Sodome face." Mortified I went in silence without
hiding my reluctance. I was auctioned. I was defeated by my own reaction.
Worst of all the heat was coming back in the secret place between my leg
while walking, still bare with my lower lips puffed and sticky from the
fuck, to place my head under Jim swelled cock. Raven took hold of Jim cock
skillfully masturbating him, in full control of my slaves and me. I had
jumped into the other side of the game. I was agreeing to receive Jim
because this was my Master wish. I caught some of Jim spurt in my mouth.

After Raven departure the commune, in shock, gathered in Sodome
bathroom. The three female were in the bathtub recovering from the evening
pleasures. Sodome encouraged a conversation. "The penetration was so
incredibly fulfilling. I was out of control. I hated being the plaything
for the evening but I could not stand the idea of loosing him. You could
have helped me there. His bidding was my doing because otherwise he would
leave. Now all of you have experienced the out rush of sexuality this man creates around him. Do you regret your evening? If you had regrouped
around me we could have kept him in check to get him back another time but
from the start Jim and Trish rebelled. That definitely made us weaker."
Sodome stops there waiting for an answer. After a lengthy pause Jim
continue: "It was worthwhile. This evening will change our ways. When he
said that he was waiting for Sodome salutation I got a rush of blood. I
loved every instant after that. When your dress went up to discover that
frilly underwear my cock shoot up. Your slit from behind, when you were
kneeling at his feet with his cock filling your cheeks, materialize an
image, which I had hold often in my head. The jealousy was hard to
withstand, I wanted so much to be in his place but I was also full of
gratitude because he gave me a chance to witness a Sodome meeker than we
are. I sure regret that I did not give Raven more mark of my gratitude but
I believe you deceive yourself if you think it is our fault that you submit
to him. You are giving in to his aura. He gave the orgasm of your life.
Exactly what I could not do." Trish went on. "The penetration was
exceptional. I haven't got that often but I doubt that I could serve you
any more. You were so pathetic panting under his finger while sending us
black looks because we would not fawn enough to him. I cannot respect a
woman that I saw abasing herself in such a way. The occasion to whack your
butt was a welcome surprise and I hope that numerous others will follow.
If you can keep your butt out of my hand, which you may not always be able
nowadays, I must find some other one. A main element in the greatness of
my pleasure was the preamble of your own butt wiggling for me. I had often
dreamed of such an occasion specially on those day while I was turning in
my bed with a swollen clit because of you." "Well you have a grudge against
me. I'm sorry. I'm glad that my last dominant act has been to provide you
access to such a quality man. I could not play dominant any more myself. I
do not know what I'm going to do but I'm going to sleep a good night. I'm
satiated and I' thankful to him for that. We can wind up slowly our living
together but this discussion can wait till tomorrow." Gabriella spoke: "I
will serve you as long as you still want me. I'm proud to have a Mistress
that know how to exhibit her submissive side to gain access to her inner
core." I smiled thankfully to her. Jules add: "I will serve you too for as
long as you want. I love you if you are my Mistress and I love you too if
you are a submissive. We will care for you while those two go their own
arrogant way." Sodome intervene: "Let's no fight now. Each of us has his
need and makes his choice. Let's sleep on it."

Sodome envisions forgetting the previous evening. Trish and Jim will
go. She will replace them. Yesterday was only a temporary madness but as
time goes by she cannot resist another try at an equal type of
relationship. She calls him. He does not readily returns her calls. When
Sodome finally gets Raven on the phone he demands that she begs to discover
him a well-groomed area between her legs but she refuses. After two weeks
she can't hold herself and eat her crow calling back. She can get only to
Silvana, Raven master of ceremony, which informs Sodome that she may come
at his public audience for supplicant all the Mondays at 7. There she will
be informed of the type of relationship they may have. Sodome decided to
forget about Raven. She has no space to receive him. Again time makes its
dent in her resolution. She could not stand to loose him. She still shows
on her face that she can have her commune and him but she gets into the
habit of carefully tending to the hair surrounding covering the large lips
around her feminine entrance.

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