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C7TXT sucking level Raven told that


First Audience

The following Monday, ten minutes before seven, garbed in a black dress
with opaque underwear and a collar of black pearl, I rang Raven's door. A
black ribbon illumines my auburn hair, giving me the look of a perfect
mondaine, but under my panties the neatly arranged fluff tells the truth of
my mind. A man let me in and took my coat before ushering me to Silvana,
Raven master of ceremony. She recognized me flashing an equivocal smile:
"I did not expected you today." "I came for the public audience" "I do not
see a supplicant there, my lady" I smiled thinking about my intimate
preparation: "My Lady I'm a total supplicant under." "You may have perform
your duty but I will not lead you to Raven in such a costume. Supplicant,
like you, must wear external evidences of their state of mind. The dress
is classy, too long and does not show much cleavage." Without any respect
for my pudor, nor any hesitation, she lifts the elegant fabric up to expose
my mid body and point her finger to the black knickers: "This is definitely
a no no. A mind ready for the treatment you will receive would avoid this
type of underwear. I cannot assess the neatness of your pubis under it.
Let me think, if we put you long garters and stocking one would see the
clips when you walk giving an impression of short to your too long dress.
That would send the right message at the bottom. Ridding you of the bra
will give your top this free-floating look that is always a turn on. The
hairdo also is impressive, although for you it will do. You can either
come back next week or remove your bra and panties. I will lend you a
garter belt and stocking." Her take over of my skirt overcame my entire
defense. I answered meekly. "That would be so sweet from you, Madam. I
appreciate your efforts." "Wait here." Soon, undecided about the next step,
my hands grabbed a frilly black garter belt with coordinated stocking. She
was watching me. "Dear, what are you waiting for to put them on? Would
you rather come back next week?" Stupidly, too uncomfortable to strip right
away, I went out of character holding on my dream of getting some slack at
Raven. "May I please go to the Lady's room to change?" "No you may not.
May I remember you that you come in this house to show your figure and in
particular your well groomed your private part. You have no right to
privacy in this house. A well-minded supplicant should offer it not let me
ask for it. In your future here you will be better off offering something
that embarrass you than wait till someone demands it." The pert response
came with an amused look on her face. She was enjoying my discomfiture.
The surge between my legs, familiar and impossible to ignore at this point,
guided my path. I unzipped my dress and lift it up before carefully
putting it down on the table. I removed my bra. I also put it on the
table. Left to my panties, I paused for an instant peeking at Silvana
smiling eagerly. I was bending to remove them when Silvana fondled my
crease stopping the hand pulling them down. Blushing again I welcome her
fingers. A spot appeared on the black fabric between my legs. She lowered
down the elastic with one finger to peek at my folds: "Lot of hair there my
dear but at least there is an effort. You are so beautiful. I was often
tantalize by the shape of your mouth, come here, just sit at my feet to
give my femininity the honors it deserves." The panties snapped back in
place on my way to lick her inner lips. Silvana taste was sour. Her clit
and lips were swollen. She was gently thrusting herself around my tongue.
Finally in character I was doing my best to please. Silvana was important
to Raven. My panties were taken down my legs without me stopping flicking
her nub. Totally nude in Raven entrance, I was hot and wondering how is
this possible when she released me. I rushed to my dress but Silvana
explain that, in my new situation, the most covering always come last,
except when specifically instructed against. Also should not I double
check that my grooming was acceptable before I covered the sector? I
complied submissively. "Madam do you discern the preparation of my sex in
anticipation of his presentation?" "It could be better sweetie but it is a
start, you may cover it." I put the stocking first trying to hide some of
my bases while operating, still extremely embarrassed by my situation in
those surroundings. The dress was a real relief. In the mirror there was
a submissive now. Very little changed a lot in the pecking order. My free
moving breast and some lace showing under the dress metamorphosed me into a
slut. I joined the other two supplicants behind Silvana. The bottom of my
dress discovered my moons pushed by her hand brushing my bare bottom while
she asked me in a mocking tone. "Isn't it better now?" Twenty minute later
our group of five entered the dining room. At this point there no argument
was left in me. Raven was having dinner with some of his friends. Silvana
announced: "Those five people request a public audience." Silvana aligned
us. I was third. The first person, a woman with a blue dress and green
deep eyes, asked Raven, bowing to offer her breast to his eyes, if he would
honor of his presence a tea party in his honor Sunday in fifteen at three.
Raven conferred with Silvana before saying that he would love to. The
second, a man of about fifty years old, asked Raven to lend him a specific
slave for a week of vacation. My turn had come I deeply bowed: "I'm ready
to serve you. Sir, I petition you to let me know what I must do for that."
"That is music to my ears. It will be unpleasant to you in a lot of ways:
boring, painful, humiliating, demanding and tiring. The only reward may be
some adrenaline rush plus a great come once in a while." "Sir, It took me a
long time to admit my defeat but I come to beg you to let me show my
feminity to you." "Come closer wild bush." I hated that name. Its
invocation made me blush. I stopped in reach of his hands. He patted the
inside of my left knee. I moved my legs apart. Silvana brought him a
belt. I contracted remembering the sting of the belt at my home but again
he used it to hold my dress above my hips. He played with my pleat chasing
the sensitive speck between my furrows. The light touch of his finger
sends me in a world inside where we would be alone. The audience
forgotten, I rotated my hips to encourage his actions subsequently giving
him an easy access to my vagina. He slipped his finger into my burrow. It
was good. I coveted more. His finger went out while his hand kept going
along my bottom line to reach my back. My hips advanced to let him reach
all of it. On his request I turned to present my back plunging my torso to
offer both slits to his hands. His finger migrated from vulva to anus
seeking a path into my backside. I was still a virgin from there. I beg
him, in my head, to finish with this game. He gave me his finger to lick
before going back there. The juice from my two wet cavern lubricated my
brown hole but still it would not open. I felt the pressure of a cold
instrument that easily pushed its way inside me: disturbing. He talked:
"We will have to work on this very closed back end. The longer you keep
the plug, the faster your will be open and pleasurable in this place. This
is your own judgment when to wear the plug." He also stuffed some ben-wah
balls inside my vulva. I had become a turkey. I almost laughed. "You
will have to keep those balls warm inside you for four days. Thursday nigh
at 7 you will come back to meet John. He will remove them for you. He may
also give you extra instructions. You will come back to me on supplicant
day without any hair under your waist, except for a small patch above your
clit, when you sense it is time for you. You will show us the area in its
every fold. I will then tell you the next step. That day from the moment
you enter my house you will not talk. If asked a question you will nod or
shake your head. Do you understand?" I was staggering. May be this was
too much. I had lost control of my insides but the memory of his cock
reactivated by his finger and the swollen heat between my legs were
commanding. I responded: "Yes Sir, I do. Thank you for letting me follows
that avenue." "Before you go talk to Silvana. Make sure she get some
picture of you with your hair." "Yes Sir" Dismissed, I had the nerve to
zing zag my posterior while leaving the room. I was nervous. I was not
that sure that this was the right path for me and furious at the idea of
loosing my pubic hair. Everybody will know that I was submitting. Nobody
will serve me anymore. Raven was right was it worth it? The balls were
moving with every step. The plug was rubbing something. Wow this was a
humbling experience. Nude in public, groped and exposed, my holes filled I
was searching Silvana, which sour taste filled my mouth. Her smell was all
other my face. Submitting was a strange thing. How could I be so excited
at the same time? I had a tingle in my sex when Silvana forced me nude and
another one when she groped my gill. I almost flooded myself when Raven
was playing with me. I had lost my underwear. May be the surprise is what
makes the excitement. When I found Silvana, the belt still holding my
dress above my navel, she gave me the address of a beauty salon. I was to
ask Olga; a live out Raven slave, to arrange my lower front the way Raven
liked it. I was then brought in a room where a man took a large number of
pictures of me as a last memory of my hairy period.

The commune after first audience

At home Sodome found Trish. The state of Sodome clothing left no doubt
on her whereabouts. She needed to relate her adventures. "I went to
Raven. He had me in the most humiliating positions waiting with my dress
lifted above my waist in front of all his dinner party. I'm to remove my
pubic hair but I will not do it. I have some dignity left. I deserve an
affair with him on a better ground. I will not become a slave like you
were. You complain too much about it. It would not help me to spend my
night with my clit all swollen but this image of him here taking me,
filling me completely with this magnificently erected penis is so
appealing." Trish was very excited at the idea of Sodome compelled to
submit. She already had a piece of it. If she played right more will come
her way but she was not sure how good it would be to show her glee. "You
keep saying you have enough to go back two week later to show more of your
precious chip. Gabriella and Jules are desperate to serve you. We can
find a balance where you are sometimes dominant and sometimes slave when it
gets you turned on. Obey me or suck Jim. I could take care of you if you
let me play at will with Jules and Gabriella. They still are completely
attached to you even after the happening with Raven. You are more
beautiful than me, taller, thinner with lots of energy. Your job is also
much better. You know how to surprise and seduce people in a way I cannot.
You do not have to do it but face it: you are going back. Don't kid
yourself about it: you are hooked. You will submit to him. You will hate
it and love it. You will utter the word you heard from me. It will be a
good lesson. In the meantime let Jim and I play with Jules and Gabriella.
You will participate in the position you feel like depending on your mood.
Everybody will be delighted. We do not need you to crawl at Raven. I will
be so happy to have another go at your butt and you may get something of
it." Sodome knew something was missing but on the moment the scheme was
appealing. She answered: "Tonight I got enough of showing my butt. We do
not have to decide now but it may be the right way."

The following day Sodome told Jules about Raven request. Raven daring
demand shocked him. Sodome could have better than Raven to lick her own
foot. Jules loved to do just that, his stature may not be of Raven quality
but he was ready to help her find the men she needed. He will happily suck
their come out of her cunt while providing any support to enhance her life.
His unconditional love melted her. She told him the all story. How
moistening it was to be forced nude by Silvana. How the balls, moving
inside her with each step, brought her mind back to Raven. How the
prolonged scream, she had produced the evening Raven was here, haunted her
days. He told her that he could understand the thrill of being humiliated,
Sodome had given that to him, but he also saw her delighted by the sign of
him bringing her the paddle, or by playing with his scrotum. Plus she was
much too good for all the menial service work she will have to do. Most of
the time serving was being alone doing some clumsy repetitive task. Her
bright smart mind would fade doing that. She would be like a plant lacking
water. She answered that she though that too, before, but now she was
addicted. He begged her not to do it, to resist the evil of it. Sodome
told him about Trish plan. He agreed to go along. He will serve Trish or
Jim for Sodome sake. Sodome did switch often but it was her own doing.
She could stop at will. There was nothing to protect hence little to gain.
They could get her to play humiliation but not much beyond that. She used
Gabriella mouth every evening of that week to masturbate against. It was
relieving for a short time but soon in the morning the repeated contact of
the balls took her back to her plight. The reminiscence of her bending
over, to let him assert his ownership of her privacy in front of that
crowd, was putting her interiors on fire.

John pulls the balls out

Thursday, at Raven door, she had panties, a belt and garters. A man opened shortly after her ring. "Good Evening Sir, I'm Sodome." "Julian,
Welcome Madam." "I'm here to visit John at seven." In his book, Julian
found Sodome appointment at seven with John. Her clumsy attitude told that
she was not sure about the proper behavior. He read the instructions left
for her. "John requested that you strip to your underwear, specifically
your panties and bra without any stocking nor garters, and wait for him
here. Leave your clothes on that rack. When you are undress, if you have
your butt plug on, you should proceed to the Lady's room to remove it (he
pointed the right door) before beautifying the room with your outstanding
figure while waiting for him to pick you up." He was deferent just
transmitting a message. A small panic invaded her at the idea of not
finding her clothes to go back home. Raven would not force her naked
through the town! Posing in her fine white lingerie, chosen for that
purpose, brought some warm wetness in her sex. The bra had two main parts.
One, made of white linen, upholds the breast by going all around the bottom
of the main volume of her bosom. It was attached to a lace going above the
shoulders. The other part, an ellipse tangent to her areola was covered by
translucent white chiffon presenting the cleavage on its best day. The
lines of her pear shaped attributes were suggestive of her wish to please.
The transparency in the back of the panty, well filled by buttocks, let the
eyes distinguish the deep of her crack. The cut around the waist was
enhancing the camber of her lower back. The front, silk embroider with the
design of a rose centered on the vagina entrance, was narrow enough to give
her labia a puffy volume. Her memory vagabonding to the time she was
forced to strip bare, only four days ago, stumble upon two distinct layers,
one of brutal arousal, the other of all the unfairness and complains she
could make about it. Her eyes stopped sensually on the seat where she
tasted Silvana. Two presentation chairs triggered the image of herself
nude, on one of them, tongue licking her slightly open lips with invite,
loin pulsating languorously and the entrance to her love funnel unearthed.
Her cheeks were red and her breathing heavy. Oh man I'm lost she though.
Her future emerged as an endless line of people ordering her to strip to
fill her mouth with their sex. Before Raven I was getting the same shot by
putting my men on those chairs and watching their lips call for my button
while their pole were vying for my attention. I'm not going to resist
long. Soon I will roam this place in my Eve costume. John came to show her
into his office. Without a word he manipulated her into bending forward,
legs apart with her hands reposing on her knee, the torso almost horizontal
and the tail vulnerable. It took a little bit of patience for her to learn
how to follow the injunctions of his hands but it was not displeasing. It
become very easy when she remembered the position in which Raven took her
at her home. He told her that anytime somebody asked for a back
presentation she should take this position and taught her the hand sign for
the pose. She was hoping she would not forget. Very delicately, his
finger, following the line of her gully, pulled her panties down her back
curves till it stopped well above her knee due to the tension imposed to
the elastic waist by the parted legs. Troubled by the lack of knowledge
about his whereabouts and the smutty nature of her stance, she stayed
perfectly still until he inserted his fingers inside her vagina to remove
the balls. After observing them he seem satisfied that she did kept them
in all the time. One ball, well lubricated by her love juice, rubbed
against her anus pushing it apart. It was easier to relax thanks to the
familiar presence of the plug. He pushed stronger. Something opened,
hurting a little, to absorb the ball. He was moving it by pulling on the
cord, letting a little bit out till her muscle sucked it back in. To her
definitive surprise the game produced pulses all around her belly. Her
clit welcomed his hand against her will. There was no way to hide her
craving for it. Her hot red cheek testified of her shame when she eagerly
rubbed her pelvis against it. The movement of the ball in her anus
synchronized to the clit was strong. When he was done he stuffed the ball
freshly out of her back hole into her mouth encouraging her to suck on it.
That was annoying but she had no fight in her. He tested her obedience.
She was a plaything. It was the way Raven had said: vexing, annoying and
may be a little bit of a thrill. She had learned that any refusal would
only bring more delay to her definitive submission. Raven made her a
favor. She could access John any Thursday to ask question about a maid's
life until she was ready for the next step. On the moment Sodome could not
see any favor in that but she thanked him anyway.

As soon as she got outside the arousal felt like a giant hand grabbing
her sex. She had at least ten days to wait. All along those days she uses
the free instants to rush back, in her mind, to those moments at Raven
house in the entrance, alone except for some people passing by, the feeling
of dependency, the contact of her underwear on her skin and the eyes
lingering on her attractive figure. Showing herself in Raven home was a
turn on. Soon she starts resisting the train of though but it was an
addiction. The image of the room of her first public humiliation was
arousing her. She kept wandering why did John did not removed her bra as
well. Was he not interested into her breast? Was it Raven instruction?
That was definitely a stupid question but she was curious. At home she was
often on the side only watching not knowing where to be but resisting any
attempt from Trish or Jim to force her into a position submissive to them.
She would strip at time of her own choice. She would pleasure them at
other time. Gabriella or Jules, in the warmth of her bed, satisfied her
basic surge with a long suck. The anticipation of the mocking expression
in Trish face stopped her from making the statement of removing the hairs
from her sex. Being exposed at Raven attracted her but she could not give
her old slave such a victory. Without her pubic hair she would become the
prey of Jim and Trish. It was not only the smell of their sex than she did
not want on her face but their expression of triumph that was unbearable.
She may even loose the small pleasure that Gabriella and Jules were still
giving her. Somehow removing her hair meant letting that go as well. On
that path he was going to ask for control of her orgasm. She had vividly
in her mind the meekness of Trish in need and she could not strand her in
that place. She could stop him on the line of her pubic hair in advance of
the demand of reporting any sexual contact. Worst she may loose what she
had without any gain. Raven will not penetrate her because of her need.
How often did he take his slave? How many did he have? She had seen more
than twenty already. He would take each one only one's a week if he
entered three everyday but may be he had his preferred one. May be he
entered ten everyday. He had taken all three of them on that day when he
came home without finishing himself.

First talk with John

Burdened with too many questions I took the Thursday offer. I planned
to wear the exact same underwear than for my first visit to John but in
violet and blue. The transparent part and the laces were blue while the
rest was violet. I'm so confident in my sex appeal with those. I will ask
him about the circumstances and the time when Raven entered his female
slave. That would always be good to know. I may even have a go at the
real question on my mind: when could I expect his attention? I will not
tell anybody where I'm going. They all think that I have two weeks to wait
anyway. After my daily exercise I garbed my underwear selection to head
toward Raven's home. I repeated the drill: take off my dress to wait. The
titillation was mounting bringing to my mind the image of Raven escorting
me to one of the presentation chairs to slip down my panties. There I
would be groped and used. Gabriella always said she hated it, but each
time I thrust my finger in her at those times she was vibrating. Now I
plainly understood the all story: nobody should know that I'm excited about
something so sluttish and weak. They all will rush to take endless unfair
advantage of my pervert taste. A phantasm of my old friend Marilyn forcing
me nude to serve her sent a gush at the right place. Jules will take care
of me if I'm still in this state when I get back home. John appeared:
"Good evening beauty" I tendered a nice curtsy with my greeting: "Good
evening Sir" "Please precede me to my office" The weight of his gaze on my
backside stirred my hips all the way. I was seated in front of him. He
said: "I'm pleased to see you in this mood. What brings you here? " "I
will take your offer of answering some questions while I sort out if I'm
ready to submit to Raven demand" "Do you have any specific in mind?" My
face got very red. I could not casually utter the word fuck in underwear
in front of him. The question was more difficult to ask than I had thought
at home. I produce a fancy enough phrase: "I must confess that I'm
attracted by the way Raven made love to me. Do you think you could tell
me, if I decide to submit, how often does Raven use his female slaves?" "As
of today in the house Raven has thirty two live in women slave and twelve
men slaves. There are at least three times as many live out. On his last
birthday he was honored with a tableau of one hundred and five female
intimate fold. That is a lot to choose from. The men mostly help him with
the women. As Raven maid, I will penetrate you, at my will, more often
than him." His eyes were lingering on my panties. I opened my legs, giving
him a better view, to signal my acceptation of his last words. He was the
next face in the line of my users. He continued: "Raven himself has a lot
of sexual energy. He enters at least four or five of his female every day.
He obviously has his favorites. He rarely spends a month without tasting
each one of his live in servant. Me and the other men keep his pets hot
for him. I will manage all the petty aspect of your life here. I will
assign you to your jobs, control your climaxes and give you your weekly
punishment except when Raven decides to do it himself. He is usually much
harsher than me. Somehow you girls like it. I saw woman climaxing under
his whip. He built this house on his magical talent to unravel powerful
sensations in females, some reach orgasm at will for him." I sure could
believe that much. "Sometimes I wonder if he cannot make it just by
looking at them in the eyes. He likes his cunts really hot. He can smell
the flow of woman juice without any help from his eyes or his hands. His
sixth sense keeps him informed about your state of arousal better than you
are yourself. He will use this gift to surprise you into deeper love.
Don't be fooled: the simple reason why are going so far so fast is that you
all are completely in love with him. You would not give me the time of the
day if it was not for him." His eyes focused on my lower part again. I
rejoined with an inviting hoop of my hips. He was right. He had this
clean, short hair, weak, aggressive look that I despise but in my new
position you always send yes signals. If he is to be in control of my
orgasms I better please him. Next time I have to get something less
covering. I manage to produce a loving enough face that insures him of my
good will at least. After a moment John continued on my favorite topic:
"Some choose to come only for him. They would never have a peak without
him in person participating to it. It limits their occasions but he
appreciates the attitude. I believe the level of excitation is one of his
main attractor. I also recognize that a lady in need is more enveloping
than one half replete but she had a more difficult time to control herself.
Haven't you notice that in your domination practice?" "I mistakenly thought
that men always came too early and men in need were even worst on that
level. I did not really insisted on it. I'm not sure if I will have a
good chance to fix it in the future. I hold on removing my hairs yet
because the next step, being in need, will be worst." I choose not to speak
about the hurdle of my own slaves. His eyes were on my breast. I opened
my bosom to value my beauty and moved a little bit to show myself more
bustling. He smiled to me. I smiled back. He said: "Your body language
is applying for a submissive position. You haven't had any hesitation
today about that. The next step will be worse or better depending on how
you look at it. You know where you will finish but do you like yourself as
a submissive?" "Submissive choose the position because of their incapacity
to be Master. The need is for the perversion of mixing sex with power
while the dream is for mastery. They got the need by renouncing the dream.
Raven refuses to give me his attention on an equal basis. I'm forced into
submission because of my incapacity. I cannot be proud of that. If I had
the guts, I would send him to hell but I cannot do that because my swollen
clit call too strongly so here I'm, in underwear, in front of you." "Beyond
the reasons of your choice there are the habits of bottom behavior. You
should work on that at your home. You have to play mock submission to Jim
or Trish. Give all the pleasure you have hold before and learn how do you
fell. It will help you when the time come to do it for him." The mention
of Jim and Trish made me spill my guts. Almost crying I confessed my
predicament. "They are the sore point on my path for now. I cannot stand
to give them the pleasure of my defeat." "A lot of worse thing will happen
to you on this path. Use them to learn the trade of giving pleasure:
Parade nude for them, bring them small item to taste, and go down them by
surprise for fun... I'm sure they could help you a lot especially on the
sucking level. Raven told me that you were full of juvenile enthusiasm but
a little bit of experience would help." This was the plan we had decided
and he was giving it an extra push. I was angered. He coldly told me that
I did not how to suck and should fawn to my ex. It was more difficult to
take than all the previous vexations. I lowered my eyes to hide the fire
while waiting for him to continue. I need to learn how to take that as
well. The silence was getting heavy. I had to answer. "I will follow
your suggestions. I'm sure that they will be delighted to teach me those
tricks." "Next time we meet each other you can tell me more about that. I
hope you will be ready for Raven next Monday, but if you are not, you can
come back to me on Thursday." Dismissed, I bowed before moving out. John
made his report to Raven: "Sodome, very eager to show submissive manners,
came to talk this Thursday. Splitting her legs arouses her and I suggested
that she practice at home with Trish and Jim. I thank you and congratulate
you to send this beauty my way. It was very merry to have her here. She
is so anxious to please me. She will submit to your will sooner or later.
Let me know your instruction about her." Raven answered: "In the entrance
the concierge notices her obvious enjoyment during her public time in
underwear. We will wait for her to take the plunge. Our patience will
match her stubbornness. Let her enjoy her discovery of submissive space as
a stripper. We will let go at her pace. The only limitation is that her
pubic area must be properly groomed before it is seen in my house. Imagine
the game as a long-term strip tease. Push her on the line of using her own
environment to learn the life of a bottom. We will make direct contact
with her ex-bottoms. Answer as freely as she talks to you. Let her
exhaust her questions. The more she knows about where she is going the
better for us all."

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