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C8 hurt him every week There


Home after first time at John's

At home I found Gabriella and Jules, which was perfect. My appetite was
open and there will be plenty of time later to get them to teach me how to
properly suck. Showing my eagerness to serve was a vexing but exciting
aperitif. I fancied relief, a simple and fast one. In no time I was
sitting on Gabriella's ardent mouth while Jules, with evident satisfaction,
was entering me from behind. I thought of sucking Gabriella but she was
already reacting too strongly to the touch of my hand to need any more
stimulation. Her tongue, a piece of velvet shadowing on my clit the moves
of my hands, gave me intense pleasure. Will I ever learn? Tickled in the
right places the need to go at Raven became eerie. Why do I need to go at
Raven to be the right mood? I reached my peak in a record time. Both
slaves came with me. We shared a hot bath. I took Jules to my bed.
Gabriella was sleeping at our feet. We were so peaceful.

Having decided to drop the all thing, I kept my visit and Raven's
activity under the blanket. Cuddling at home with real bodies was much
better than dreaming of being exposed. Still, I did wander around with
little to cover my gender traits and I humored Jim rod to get better
acquainted with the thing but nothing really serious. This spirit,
attempting to adapt my commune to an openly submissive me, carried me
through the weekend till Tuesday morning. My Monday date with the scissor
vanish from my watch. Sitting out beholding Trish or Jim organize the
game, offering myself to their whims but I could break loose at will, I was
practicing John advice although I was not going back. Somehow something
was working because the motion of being commanded around ripened with
repetition. The distress of roaming around bare hide behind the palpable
fascination of my housemates. My progress at sucking was evident in the
reactions of my charges. We did not talk to protect the peace. Nobody was
pushing for it anyway. On Tuesday after lunch, a compulsive urge goad me
into an underwear boutique under the pretext of a lingerie gift to
Gabriella. Once inside the shop I fancied John eyes on me in the sexiest
one, which made me furious, because John was a nothing, and worse,
heedlessly swoll my clitoris. Why did it not happen yesterday at home?
The tepidness with my own sexual ritual contrasted sharply with the actual
flooding of my panties occuring at a single thought inside Raven domain. A
fresh water lake after weeks in the desert could not be flatly ignored. If
I went to John once a week, each time with a flashier style of
undergarment, it may cure me. Given some time we may be able to
reconstruct an engrossing life. Raven himself did not demand that I go any
further than where I am now. I could satisfy my, freshly discovered,
craving for a subaltern position at almost no cost. This pattern pacified
my reason even if somewhere I knew that it was another small step toward a
welted butt lewdly offering itself to Raven. My attention revisit the
garments around for something that showed more than my previous visit while
keeping those damn hairs in check. Panties, with enough transparency to
let my buttock line appear and a very high cut above my hips to exaggerate
the elongated overhang between my legs, were my target. The image
connected to my stamina centers. The vision of something in tight contact
with my labia, like a pouch, with a crease all along to reveal the
underlying cut guarding the entrance of my secret cavern, guided me while I
rummaged through the choices. Opacity in front seemed a must: Raven will
be quite upset if any hair popped out of my panties. I tried various
models but the one that showed enough back were too skimpy in the front, or
not opaque. Without hair the task of distinctly showing the line in the
middle of the front pouch would be a nobrainer. The perfect match must be
hidden somewhere. My fancy stuck on panties, bordered in red satin,
transparent in the back, but covering a large part of my posterior, which
front was leaving some hair out. Refreshing my bikini was OK, I figured.
Lots of domina had a clean bikini. An added benefit was a coordinated bra
bordered with the same red satin, transparent in the same sheer bluish silk
than the bottom cover. The sight of my tits against the fabric overpowered
my anxiety about exposing so much of my bosom to John. Nothing was perfect
in life. I bought them and stored them in my gym bag. There will be no
question about them. Thursday night was my night out and nobody was to get
a word about it.

Second Talk with John

On Thursday Sodome on time, fresh out of the shower and smelling a
special rose soap, toted her trimmed bikini hair, well hidden under the new
lingerie, at Raven. Undressing swiftly, as an old timer, to bestow her
tingling body, on the side of the room, reinforced the portent of her
destiny. The wait, part of her new condition, spun a long time taking a
toll on her patience. Around seven thirty more people were arriving
probably for some party that must be going on tonight. People familiar
with the place crossed the entrance, somewhat glancing at her exposed
figure. Quite uncomfortable about her posture she was trying to make sense
of whom were they, what were they here for, what kind of event this was.
Dressed for a relax evening, not much skin exposed, they displayed very few
attribute of master slave relations. It looked more like the crowd for a
bridge tournament than anything else. May be Raven organized bingo or
something similar. She felt very displaced, unsure about her skimpy
underwear, under this stream of people. If her display was inappropriate
she will incur Raven anger. The portier would have told her to go if this
was the case. She was merely a decoration: One more proof of Raven power
in the eyes of everybody arriving in the house. Inside there was a lot of
slave in more exposing attire. She calmed down. Still she wished John
would come to save her more embarrassement. His arrival was a relief. She
preceded him to his office. After all the effort to make her fanny
attractive she was hoping he valued the display. She sat in her chair.
She looked around her and at him, not very sure of how to get started, he
was not going to apologize for the delay, not even mention it. He was
obviously waiting for her to talk. Her legs were crossed. The deep breath
she took before jumping uplifted her bosom: "Thank you for receiving me
again. I could not decide to come on Monday but it was on my mind. You
said that my question were well received, I'm very curious to know more
about Raven house, like the typical day of his female slaves, their jobs,
the place their sit around." He was watching her chest. At least her tits had him interested. Gently oscillating her shoulders propelled her sphere
in a gracious movement. He was not in a very talkative mood, was he pissed
off? She continued: "Please John, let me know if I'm being improper in my
question." "No, not at all, I was enjoying your figure. The more I admire
it you the more I appreciate your beauty. The good news, for maids, is
that you know immediately if you do something innapropriate while the bad
news is that it is hard to accept the lack of respect this entails. I will
describe to you the days of a maid, I imagine this would be your first
concern?" She smiled to him, hoping he would just continue without further
encouragement, which he did: "Beginners maid are utterly nude all the time
helping with the house chores cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming,
cutting vegetables, gathering laundry and folding it. There is no privacy
in your life here. The door to your toilet has no lock. Your body,
uncovered everywhere at any time, will be used sexually and mentally all
along your chores. A maid adheres to a lot of rule and is trained in
catering to people desires. You will learn the basic in manuals. Imagine
your behaviors as a carress to your Master ego. Carefully listening to our
comments upon your practice will bring some depth to your contacts. The
more you know about Raven pleasures, the better you will be. Service
starts at seven thirty in the morning, clean and nourished. After that it
depends if you intend to keep your actual job." He paused. She had to keep
her job. She calms herself down to avoid a display of vulnerability. "Sir
I do require to keep my job. I make a lot of money with it. Can I perform
my duty to Raven while working?" "Working is a privilege that implies extra
chastisement. Overall it is possible; today we have seven female working
full time jobs outside of the house. We also have moneymaking operations
in house, which are easier to enroll into. Raven, an extremely rich man,
believes in economic success for all of us. Some house servants have
started new successful business entities. If you are working we will let
you out at eight thirty in the morning. You need to be back at six thirty
for the evening station that goes till nine. On weekend we will keep you
busy all day as well. Every week you get whipped for your privileges or
your errors. I will be delivering the blows except when Raven decides to
do it himself. picture it well, wild bush, on that path you will wave your
naked buttock to my whip every week." He stopped to measure the effect of
his words. Sodome, in difficulty to catch her breath and the blood beating
fast in her ears, was horrified by the idea but the warm sticky fluid was
there. She loathed the idea of being whipped but she was fascinated like a
mosquito running into the flame. She was overwhelmed. She was remembering
the time when she had used her privileges to beat on Jim bottom. It did
turn her on but it was only because he had upset her. Very often she would
pass her chance to give pain to her slaves. What was she doing here if she
did not agree to fulfill her Master need for her total surrender? Stunned,
not daring a word but pressed to express her reaction, she smiled, opening
her legs, to answer his silent question without compromising her internal
denegation. "Beauty you will have to search other ways to express your
assent than spreading your leg." I blushed all other. The heat of my skin
had reached my bosom. My legs coming back together kept my slit well
protected behind my thigh. It was hard to speak. I wanted to run away.
If only I was not drawn so powerfully toward this place. "I apologize for
my lack of imagination. I'm scared about being whipped. The only
experience I have on that side of the handle was when Raven belted me in my
house. I witnessed submissive doing the most humiliating things only to
avoid or lessen their share of it. Sir I will do my best to avoid it but
if it is too late I will take it from you." I had agreed! I could not
believe it. I had said yes to be hurt by him every week. "There is no way
to avoid it. Every week I will sting you. For the first two years,
working maids, receive a minimum of three blows each sessions. Every day
you will think about it. Every act you perform will be connected to it.
The only power you have is to reduce the number of blow to three." He
looked at me intensely. I was not coming back but I will tell him only
later. I found the guts to answer what he wanted to hear ignoring the dire
future consequences. "My ass will be where it must." "Are you hot when
talking about it? Tell me about the state of your creases." "Sir I'm more
wet than I'd liked. You hold me with that reaction." "We will teach you a
lot of different ways to say yes with your body beyond spreading your legs.
The training to become a proper maid is long and arduous. Your body and
your mind will end up perfectly attuned to Raven taste. Another important
piece of information is that nude girls must be leashed in most of the
house. You may sometimes get in a room leashed and assigned to a specific
spot but to move without close supervision you must pass the test." It was
worse than I had envisioned and he was not finished. It was not me
speaking any more but some other women which body I happened to inhabit at
that time. I was not committing anything real by agreeing to all those
horrors. "Sir, I will take the leash." "You have to honor your masters by
offering yourself every time you meet them. How do you imagine it?" "I
will come close to him to do a curtsy waiting for his approval?" "Pretty
much. It is then their choice to enter you or not but all three of your
orifice should be available if they decide so. After dinner beginner
station are, either preparing rooms for the night like warming beds and
cleaning toilets, or as decorations in the library where Raven spends his
regular evenings. On party days you will have some specific party jobs.
At any time you must be bring your soul to other people enjoyment. The
books just describes techniques, they will help you but the essential, the
spirit, is yours." His gaze was anchored on my panties. He had scolded me
when I had open for him that is why it was close now. He talked about
spirit. My spirit was to please him, while I was still here, but I was not
sure how. He liked me aroused and unfortunately for my sanity I was.
Today I had renounced to any dignity. It did not matter because it was not
me. Innovative I pressed my finger against the fabric of my panties before
splaying my legs to prove him my wetness. The juice of my cunt spread with
my finger rapidly soaked the thin band of fabric between my thighs. He
could pop in if he decided so. I was there for him, and I was kind of
hoping he would. I was madly blushing to my lewdness adding: "Sir I'm all
wet for your tortures." "Yes this is what I mean, be there for us." His
gaze stopped on her eyes forcing her eyes, not really daring watch him
again, on the floor. She straightened her body, moving her charms, hoping
he would spoke more. She had so many questions. May be she could ask
about her underwear being to skimpy, telling him how she felt with all
those straight people going in. She glanced at his face. He was smiling,
she said: "Sir, while waiting for you, a lot of people went coming in. I
was wandering if I was not misplaced, may be a girl with such a scanty
cover should not be in the entrance at that time?" "Again, wild bush, if
you do anything inappropriate you will know it immediately even when you
will not want to hear it. The concierge would have told you. A slave do
and don't are clear. This is why you must obey everybody until you
understand better our rules. You may balk, be confused or be unable to
comply but we like to believe that you are always aware of our preferences.
Everybody here follows Raven desire and he hates and love to teach it. In
doubt never hesitate to ask. Occasionally we may play with your confusion
that corresponds exactly to what you are: a plaything. As for your
clothing we have devised very precise words for the things that veil
feminine part. Underwear's covers completely the tits and the front split.
They may be either transparent or opaque. G-string belongs to underwear
because they cover the front clit though not the back one. We call trims
the one that do not cover the sex nor the tits. They are here to enhance
and point. You should not wear those for now. The concierge would send
you back home if you did. Raven requested that you keep your pubic hair
concealed due to its actual state of mess but except that you can wear
anything. Is it clear? " She knew what to wear next time, if she kept
delaying going to Raven. The tough of her in a transparent G-string in
this entrance got her tit pointing under the gauze. John noticed it: "What
do you think that your tits are hardening? " "Sir I was thinking of
wearing a G-string without bra next time." Anyway I was not coming back so
I might as well enjoy the game. "Suit yourself. Did you had a chance to
act submissively at your home?" He was probing into my private life and I
was going to answer his questions. Somewhere I could here a voice telling
me that I was seeking his help to create a training camp for me at my home.
"I try but it is very artificial because I submit on my own will. There is
no fire in the games." As soon as I said it I regretted. This was my exact
state of mind. He was going to use it against me. He waited for more a
long time. He was shrewd under his underling bully disguise. Then come
exactly what I apprehended but that I had given him all the reasons to say.
"You should give Trish and Jim two days a week to use you at their will.
It will prepare you for what we have in store. They will never bring you
the kind of fire that you find here but it will prepare some mechanics in
you. If you do not use this chance it is going to take a lot longer to
transform you into an acceptable starter maid." I had done it. His weight
was behind the new organization of my commune as a training ground for a
submissive me. The artifice of another person agreeing to the whipping and
the leashing was blown away. It must have shown on my face. "Sodome
removing your hair is definitely a miniscule step toward being Raven slave.
Trish will poke fun at you all the way. Other people will make it
difficult for you. What is coming after is much worse to stomach. There
is no snag in our intention. We tell you in advance where you are going.
You are attracted as much as you deny it to yourself. You will walk the
path at your speed. On your time you will come live here and proffer your
tender part wagging to my whip every week." John smiled while sending me
away with a pat on my bottom. Emotionally exhausted, I needed to be alone
to take the full impact of those revelations.

Commune after second visit at John's

Days after day Sodome postponed calling the beauty salon. Trish and Jim
call the games. She was not very attracted but she honestly practices her
skills half hoping of weaning herself from Raven in this limbo. Her place,
a sweet setting to discover safely her new attraction to the submissive
position, was a cocoon. Raven only revealed her own impulsion. Satisfying
herself at home, without any need for being regularly whipped, nor
compelled to loose her privacy, nor dance attendance on her masters upon
any casual encounter, was a better course of action. At home she could
pleasure herself at will or relax in her cozy chair surrounded by her decor
and her people. If only she could be subdued by Jim touch or Trish voice!
Jim frequent exercise of his newly gained right to her insides pacified him
but he was gorging his libido on her. Sometimes he looked like if he had
eaten such a large dinner that he could not digest it. He had to lay down
resting for a long time before he could muster a sparkle of desire.
Lifting her dress, getting on all four with her ass high and moving all the
time was a rehearsal for the same chain of motion under Silvana orders.
Her cunt was sparing its juice. Her visits to John, wearing smaller and
smaller G-string, materialized a slow trimming of her bush and resulted in
an irresistible crave for Gabriella mouth upon her return. Jim, hoping to
arouse her, pointed to her diminishing pubic hair but his weakness in front
of her anger took all the spirit out of the game. A friendly relationship
with the plug, now a common presence in her bowels at work, exposed Raven
first long standing victory. Nobody knew she had it. The more it filled
her bowels, the more pleasant it become. Regularly sucking Gabriella and
Jules enchanted them giving her a lot of needed practice but divert them of
their effort to save the commune. They were calling on Sodome to get back
to her real self, to being pampered; they tried to move her with clothes,
no clothes, and display of service, caress, and warmth. It was not
working. The irreversibility of her change had turned her into somebody
else. Her sexual vitality as a dominant was gone and going through the
motion of a submissive for her commune had no conviction. Sometimes the
idea of John reaction to the limits she was putting on her new tyrants push
her on the submissive side but she could always refuse herself without
effort. Nobody was able to stop her from escaping out of the yolk. Her
butt was safe from the lash but she was missing the overwhelming emotions
brought by Raven presence.

They called on Sinwar to make her to change but to no avail. Six week
went by since her visit as a supplicant.

Sodome's hair

This Monday morning Sodome arrived at her office to find that a day free
of major engagements. Raven had become the salt of her life. His choice,
for her capitulation, was to present him an hairless legs seam. What was
there to preserve? Trish and Jim already made fun of her reduced bush.
Nobody would name her wild bush now but the name had stuck to her. She had
to cut her losses loose and the sooner the better. The memory of the
orgasm brought to her by Raven thrusting into her obssessed her and was her
only turn on. The phone ended in her end. Olga, Raven recommendation for
the preparation of her fork, found a spot for her in the afternoon. Most
her pubic hair was gone glued to Olga instrument with the fluff inside her
ass check. Her incredibly smooth creamy labia in the open activate the
gush. Olga left only a small turf above her leg chasm. The contact of the
skin against her panties made her feel so nude that it seems than everybody
was aware of her secret under the cover of the fabric. The next suck was
going to be a big feast. Olga recommended an enema to cleanse her anus.
The attire proving to Raven the extant of her preparation was carefully
choosen: A short skirt, which underside could be attached to the waist with
a clip, avoided the need of a belt to keep her bottom and her freshly mowed
lawn in plain view; a coordinated tank top shirt loose at the waist with a
deep cleavage; a garter belt and fish net stocking perfectly coordinated in
yellow point lace. She was perfectly in character. Silvana won't have
anything to change. It had been laborious to accept this future of nudity,
boredom, frustration and humiliation but buying the instrument of her
submission brought back the wet twitching associated with Raven. At five
she went to the gym to be in shape for the evening sport. After the
exercise, in the locker, she studied other woman expression when their eyes
crossed the exhibition of her new grooming but there was nothing beyond a
small twick of surprise until one woman moving her eyes from the pared
labia to her face smiling wickedly with obvious interest heated her cheeks.
She changed in her new outfit publicly putting panties and a bra. hidden in the toilet she removed all the underwears and added the garter and the
plug for good measure. Men's in the street followed her silhouette the
long way and some engaged her. Sitting was a dangerous operation for her
modesty because the skirt unchecked would her cleft in view. Her wetness
was a gift to Raven, a small tribute to appease him after those six weeks
wait. Again the 'how can I like that' question erupts into her head at the
door. Shaking her shoulders she rang the bell. Silvana looked at her,
from top to bottom without a word, then moved her index up. Deprived from
her word, Sodome had no choice but lift her skirt. Silvana smiled. "You
have become a good girl. It took a while to turn the chrysalis into a
butterfly. Today, Sodome dear, you are perfect. The plug in your butt
adds an interesting touch but I'm afraid that we will have to remove it
before you enter. Get on all four and turn it into a sensation, that way
we will not forget it." Removing Sodome right to talk had squashed any
impulse to oppose the status she was given. On the contrary she felt very
warmed up by Silvana welcome. She was part of the family. Down on her
knees, leaning her head on the floor, she offered her butt high. Silvana
pulled back the skirt on her camber. Without any hair Sodome felt more
than nude. "One more thing, when exposed always keep your body moving.
Remember you crave for people to use you. Your actual posture is a claim
that you like being abused: go for it; free yourself from your limits.
Create attraction, you will get interest: The air you, slaves, breathe."
Taken by the energy posted on Silvana speech Sodome propelled the plug into
a rotating trajectory, followed by all her lower body, providing a very
appealing scene to those present until Silvana removal of the plug signaled
the time to post her surrender to Raven. The group went in the library.
Sodome was first. Without a word, as instructed, she put her head on the
floor to make a headstand. The skirt and the shirt simultaneous fall
discovered all of her feminine attributes in an upside down mode. Slowly,
her legs opened wide straightening her balance and offering unobstructed
views of the creased flat at the bottom of her torso. Leaning only on her
head freed her hands to further divide her ass cheeks bringing onto light
the brown circle, in the deep of her crack, still ajar from the plug
invasion. Obviously not one single hair was left. The valley on the other
side, metamorphosed by the arousal, discovered the inner pink lips between
the obscenely widen gap of the external lips. At the top of her intimate
fold the pearly button was unmistakably swollen and close to the bottom of
it the entrance to her wetness was clearly marked. Her hands, back on the
floor, allowed her to rotate her legs and hips in a complex pattern.
Raven, his cock fully erected, applauded: "Bravo wild bush. You sure turn
the shame of being exposed into a feast. I wonder what strange forces made
you hide this pleasant trait of your character in the past. The moist
state of your flower without hair to hide is an ode to sexuality. Now you
must imbue yourself with your permanent availability and adopt the
attitudes that go with it. You will stay in the mind state that is yours
now without any need for tricks like not talking. To let yourself permeate
by the major change in your life, you will not block the access to your
holes. It means that a determined hand should always find a plain access
to any part of your body. Your immediate future implies no pants nor
covering bras. Large cleavage and easy access to your female attributes,
at every instant of your life, will become your motto. You will expose
yourself bare three evening a week, at your home on Tuesday, in my entrance
on Wednesday and somewhere else in this house on Thursday. On Monday night
John will instruct you about the week program. You will not give nor
receive from anybody any sexual satisfaction from that moment till the
Friday morning. If you think that you have reached permanent availability
after six weeks of that experience come back to me. You will tell me the
story about being on display." Sodome humbly kiss his hand for response.
If he had tried to whip her right away she would have run and be done by
now. He was too subtle for her. Letting her choose to come back on her
timing and each time pushing her further toward this picture of a welted,
decorated butt tensely moving in expectation of his attention. The end was
despicable but the path was so surprising that she failed to trace a line
in the sand. Her pubic hair was supposed to be it but he had waited long
enough. Today she had agreed to let anybody reach under her clothing and
to give him control on half of her time, another step toward complete

Monday, at Raven entrance, the concierge stripped her to her trims.
Meekly seating uncovered in front of John, Sodome listen to his comment
about the past week performance and the festivities of the following one.
On Tuesday's she was the hostess, at her home, for the guests John had
chosen. At seven utterly nude, she was ready to greet the flock at the
door. It was always a pang when he gave her the guest list: Marilyn,
Sinwar, Silvana, Jim, Trish, Fooka, Doula or some total strangers. She
enjoyed creating an atmosphere of perfect comfort for them. Using all her
sensibilities to anticipate their pleasure. Always the only servant she
worked like three never missing an occasion to flash on them some sexually
appealing curves. Because they could not touch her, she had no qualm to
behave as a perfect submissive, unaware of the long-term impact of that
attitude on the next encounter with them. Each time she opened the door,
at her home, she was afraid that it would be somebody she knew coming for a
surprise visit. Her instructions were to welcome whoever come although
most of the time John had her help organize the visits on the phone.
Sodome learned how to project a humble and satisfied image to make her
guest comfortable at perusing her. The rest of the week the guests would
expect her to stay in this character. They all knew that her marching
order was to let hands go inside her knickers. Marilyn used the leverage
to force her into submissive position on various occasion. Sodome was very
upset of the way her old friend was treating her. Marilyn was affirming
herself as a dominant at the same moment Sodome was switching. Sodome
could not resist her demands. Sometimes a guest comes with a surprise item
for her like a gode to stuff in her vagina or a leather ornament to adorn
her. Gabriella and Jules, often around, proposed to bare themselves as
well to make Sodome more comfortable but John specifically requested that
Sodome be the only bottom less in the house those evenings, at least till
the end of dinner, under the assumption that it will help her get beyond
some barrier . Neither Gabriella nor Jules ever let their gaze on Sodome's
intimate part. Sodome will not be ashamed by them. The Friday evening
after work Sodome took her pleasure straddling one or the other, a very
rewarding activity after all the sexual load of the previous evenings.
Every Wednesday for two hours, she lay idle but not board on display in the
entrance. When her time was done she was reluctant to leave and her
swollen clit, calling her hand, rendered slumber difficult to reach. The
torture was probably worst than a good whipping. On Thursday John would
lead her on a leash, wearing perfume and a collar, to a room, a fact not as
terrible as it sounded (mostly a mental element, another pointer to her
play thing status) where she was exposed on a furniture. The new angle on
the pool of serving girl fascinated Sodome. They were completely shameless
guided only by the desire of the guests. Was it fear or desire that drive
them? Was she going to get there? A small red dot at the top of front
slit and another one on her right ass cheek were the sign that nobody
should touch her. It was respected, a more efficient technique than having
some bitch guarding her. Keeping her eyes low to let everybody watch her
without restraint she imagined the gaze scanning her delicious curves while
she was seeing the dicks harden and soften all along the evening. Her
pride was to keep herself undulating. John complimented her about her
behaviors. She was happy with the exposure. Creating desire with her body
without any danger of being touched was a revelation, a major turn on. She
was always reviewing the evening with John. He gave her feed back on the
attitudes that were expected from a maid at Raven home. Overall it was
extremely vexing but enjoyable. It was new.

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