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C9 thick her belly strong


Sodome ask Raven for a maid position

The six weeks went away. Sodome, happy to find herself back in the
supplicant line, is left in without a touch. The decency of her clothing
in this mighty place boosts her confidence. Her report about those weeks
surprised herself as she goes uttering the words describing candidly the
state of permanent arousal and intimate dampness, obeying his command,
possessing her life. Raven, happy with her descriptions, invite her for
dinner the next Friday at seven fully clothed with covering opaque
underwear, a pantyhose and a long evening dress with an attractive but
dignified cleavage. Puzzling, she is supposed to be herself. It must be a
trap but the unrealistic hope of a better position at his side his filling
her. The Friday at seven Silvana welcome her with grace, as an important
guest before ushering her into the library, where some of Raven visitor
already are, to schmooze with the other guest. The dress feels so
comfortable, what a difference with being nude, full of yes Sir. Her dream
had come true and he will let her be part of his crowd on a better
standing. Some of these people must know all of her anatomy but everybody
respects her. She enjoys the gaze on her bosom while keeping control of
what she shows. The moment is less arousing than being nude but much
easier. Raven, calling her close before dinner, shatters any hope of such
a future. His tone does not let any space for her posture in front of him.
She walks towards him, her leg yielding under her weight. What is the game
tonight? She had been caught off guard. Her dominant self will have to
switch in public. When she reaches him his arm circles her hips: "Dear
friend let me present Sodome to you. I'm proud that such a glamorous
beauty has repeatedly stated her keenness to serve me. Tonight we will
witness her free decision to become my maid. Is it true Sodome that you'd
rather serve in my house than rule in yours?" "Yes Sir, I solicit that you
accept me as one of your maid." "Why do you care for it so much?" "Sir, it
is hard to explain, my mind is against it but my body betray me all the
time." "How is that?" "Sir, I get wet each time I think about the time when
you fucked me. I got very aroused by the game you force upon me." She
blushed heavily after her words. "Anything else to add?" "I hate the
submissive position you put me through but my life without you had lost any
savor. My pubic hair was a line in the sand that you easily crossed.
Often I turned my way but the magic you bestow on my body always brought me
back at your feet. I hoped that you would accept a more equal relation but
today I yield to your choice. For the last three month the motions you put
me through, despicable by my previous standard, kept my pussy moister than
it ever was. The worst humiliations are only a step toward a place closer
to you." "Before I accept you for my service I must be sure that you know
what is in store. Tell me what does it mean to be my maid?" She is red,
hot and sweaty while talking: "Sir, I will be catering to all the need of
the house." "Wild bush you must be specific. If you cannot say it here how
can you do it later?" She took a deep breath before delivering in a
complacent tone. "Renouncing any sort of privacy, I will be bare all day
doing house work ready to propose my sexual service to my Masters upon each
encounter. Every week my bottom will offer itself to your whip." "You know
where you go then. I have experienced some going back with you. You must
be totally willing before I take you in. Pride based resistance is not a
problem but without craving for submission you will not be happy here.
This evening is an occasion to claim your complete surrender. Any of your
manners will be judged against your compliance. We will strip you. You
will ask one participant to remove the piece of clothing I will tell you.
You cannot ask the same person twice. John will take care of the last item
for me. Between pieces you will come back to your seat and enjoy your
dinner. Always think that our pleasure derive from the way you expose your
feminine charms. Do you have any question?" "No Sir" "Let's start with
your dress." Sodome dress, bra, pantyhose, panties and shoes had to go,
five items, four persons because John was to get the last one for Raven.
They were eight persons to choose four from. On those three were women and
humiliation from a woman was too hard to take. The man to exclude from the
list was a middle aged, obviously successful executive that was already too
conceited with him. She strode to the oldest man, pretty well preserved
but far from its prime time: "Sir, would you please remove my dress?" "I'd
love to. I'm impatient to see more of the promise behind your cleavage.
The fantasy of you stooping in front of me, so I can gorge myself on the
curves of your bosom, bother me since the beginning of the evening." "My
pleasure is to make it come true, Sir." The dress disconnected from her
body discovering her violet bra. Gaping at the round shape of the breast presented to his discretion, he slipped his hands between the dress and the
bra slapping gently her globes to give them a mild balancing. There were
so elastic. Exalted by the contact, his cock appeared in the opening of
his dinner robe. Her shoulders moved, encouraging the undulation of her
nipples against his hands. The nipple hardening in his palm, behind the
thin fabric, attracted his interest. He pinched it lightly between his
fingers. Her smile and heavier breathing spurred his assault, a strong
twist, on the other one. She cried faintly. Her reaction convinced him of
her dampness. She was very sensitive. In a short time his finger could be
sliding between her engorged pussy lips if he whished but there was still
too much layers between the public and her source. The front of his cock,
itchy for a silky contact, winched closer to her mouth with each
grunt-producing squeeze. Her mouth, ajar for it, would provide the perfect
friction. She had the service psyche but it was not the right occasion.
His hands flee out of her bust. "Stand up my Lady we need to get that
dress off you. You will get to taste it another time." "When you so decide
My Lord" "How do I unhook that dress?" "There is a zip in the back." Sodome
turn facilitated the operation. The dress unzipped, he proceeded to escort
the shoulder straps all along her back until its fall on the floor.
Casually she grabbed it to neatly stow it on a hanger before walking to her
seat all eyes on her violet satin bra. They could guess the color
coordinate panties under the tights. The sudden change in her standing,
the only dressless in the room, render her so uncomfortable that she could
not relate to their neighbors, which were enjoying without restraint the
sight of her well formed breast topped with tits pushing against the
fabric. What was he going to remove next? The conversation reached her as
a far away murmur. Waiting for Raven to call her name, she ruminated
exclusively about the next piece to leave her body: her bra or her
pantyhose. The question was obsessing her. Hoping for the pantyhose,
because her legs where hidden under the table and her breast will be
exposed, was quickly replaced by the fright of the stain, probably visible,
on her panties while she got back to her seat. The stupidity of the
argument, because soon her pearl on display in the middle of her pussy will
leave no doubt about her arousal, did nothing to alter her speculations.
Nibbling at her food allowed for an evasion from the other dinners. The
plate was taken away when his voice mutated her in a cheerful good girl.
"Sodome, will you discover to our guests the comma of your tits?" "Sir will
you please remove my bra for me? The clip is in front." "I aspired to do
so for some time now. After I'm done you will make them dance for me." Her
bosom advanced toward him. His fingers fumbled with the fastening of her
last cover. Her brown large nipple appeared topped by an upraised tit.
Their bountiful dance forced her neighbors' manhood out of their cases.
Taking back her seat, all the eyes focusing on her boobs in motion, she
whished they find some other interest. The pantyhose were for her other
neighbor. The shoes will probably be next. Could she ask a woman for
them? Would the Lady be sweet to her by deference to her sex or would she
be a bitch as soon as an occasion to embarrass a sister unfolds? May be
Raven had no intention to count the shoes. As soon as she looses her
pantyhose the groping will start and they will discover a very predisposed
place. In the meantime, to her relief, the interest for her offering had
settled. In the thick of her belly, a strong call for a direct contact on
her bud bubbled. The neighbor hand, on her tight very close to her sex,
prohibited a squeeze of her legs. If he moved upward she was in the mood
to give him a warm welcome but Raven would not appreciate anything above
passive encouragement. Also each of the surrounding male had a hand
holding her breast, grazing them. If only she could relax, moan freely and
get their two mouths at work on the neediest parts of her intimacy. The
smell of her juices invaded their group oblivious to the two layers of
fabrics. Again all the diners' attention reached her. The exposition was
too much and the only way out she could find was to close her eyes to let
the feeling of warm grazes on her tits engulf her. The food was away from
her mind. Overpowered by the stimulations, all sex and contaminated by the
atmosphere of this house, she waited for Raven to call the next move. Why
did it take them so long to get at her swollen and impatient pussy? He
assessed her as slut but she did not dare move her bud toward them,
controlling her passion, because a maid should not prod for pleasure.
Raven voice, requesting the pantyhose off, snapped her away from her
stupor. Turning to the left man, she stood. "Sir would you help me uncover
my panties?" "You will have to show me some moisture on them." That was
easy. If the spot of her juice was not yet visible by now it will be as
soon as the fabric of her last item will get in contact with her flow.
Would she dare say just that? Raven would like her to loose any sense of
decency. She stood to allow him to perform the operation. "Sir at the
point where I'm a short rubbing will get the moisture to traverse the
fabric." The laugh at her blunt remark and the two surrounding cock
hardening proved that this was the right track. He volunteered the
rubbing, on a rapidly marked crease, that bred a wet spot in the middle of
her legs. One hand slides under the pantyhose to pull it down while the
other hold onto the panties to stop them from following. She lifted her
foot out of the shoes to let the garment away. The operation was repeated
on the other foot as well. Her violet panties, the last remnant of any
pudor, were marked in the middle by a deep fold evoking the shape of her
smooth labia's. Her hand moved, above the silk, toward the opening of her
vagina deep between her legs. She pressed her finger rubbing the fabrics
against her skin. She could feel the moisture on the finger. The spot was
visible enough from the front side. Her hips moved while she flexed her
knees to bring the evidence out of the cover. They applauded. She sat
back on her seat. Dessert was on her plate: chocolate cake, light and
deep. She was eating it. The men had finally discovered the way to the top
of her legs. The chocolate in her mouth was bringing back memories of
Jules licking her with devotion while she was eating dessert. The touch
itself was lacking in quality but the lack of control, associated to the
novelty, was transforming a clumsy graze into a jolt worth a perfect tongue
stroke. Jules stroke were so elaborated going from under to above while
smoothing the pressure. Here it was just fingers roughing her but she was
so wet by now than her juices silken the contact. Raven call for her
panties interrupted her delight. The way to John, an opportunity to
augment the sexual load of the dinner, was a flash of skin and curves. She
asked: "Sir would you help finishing the exposure of my intimacies?" He
responded with the hand signal requesting a back presentation. "With
pleasure my dear." Remembering what he meant, she spreads her legs
flattening her back with her hands on her knees. His hands wafted under
the panties rubbing against the crease of her labia. The cream was so
thick that he commented how greasy she was. The panties rolled down
blocked half way at her knees by the large spread of the legs. The side of
her well-parted labia, smooth and puffy on the top, was glistening. Raven
two fingers, sliding inside her source, made her shiver. Refraining from
asking for more, she clutched her warm walls on them. Was he going to
finally take her? It had been much too long since the last time. He said:
"You did well my new pet. I own your pleasure completely now. You are
betrothed to me so you must refrain from orgasm until I explicitly allow
it. Until you come live in my house I will witness any of your squirm. You
may please people at the activities we sponsor but wait for me. Next
Friday you will serve at a dinner where the participant will be your own
witness. In the meantime those pleasure balls inside your vagina will mark
my ownership. Keep them all day long every day. You can take them out
only when going to bed. Do not move now John will come to you when it is
time to go. He will have some last instruction for your week and a small
gift." Sodome, extremely hot, was very disappointed but he was right, there
was no way she could hold it if she was penetrated or caressed on her soft
spots. Squeezing the ball inside her was very thrilling. A lot of the
girls, waiting at dinner, took their clothes away to go around offering
services. Soon the room was full of moaning and soft cries. The arrogant
man entered her vision field preceded by fully erected his organ. He took
her chin in his hand: "See you are going to suck me nicely although you do
not like me. This is because I succeed in my endeavor. I'm strong and
powerful while you are a loser. Nobody can escape this fact of life: some
people get fucked while others fuck them. You choose your side so now get
on it girl." The feel a rush of adrenaline into her lower belly confirm his
announcement while anger invaded her chest. Instead of whipping him for
his insolence she opened her lips invitingly saying: "Sir I'm honored that
you choose my services upon all the other available for your pleasure." "Go
for it lass." His short response preceded a thrust of his dick deep into
her mouth rubbing the front of his tube against her astir tongue. He kept
at it for a long time giving Sodome a hard time keeping her space
comfortable and vibrating for him. He pulled out saying: "You are not very
well trained yet. Another time I may punish you for this performance but
you are so new that I will forget it. Rest assured, we will have another
occasion." He went away. The sounds of pleasure from all those body
aggravated her loneliness. The distraction of one female and another male
requesting her services was welcome but none went to the end. Things were
winding down when John fingers brushing against the full length of her
cleft eliciting a strong reflex and a wave from her hips to call for more
but he move his hand away saying: "You may masturbate yourself."

As embarrassing as the proposal was, it was better than begging for
relief, while waiting a week was out of question. The absence of Trish or
any of the people associated with her previous life made it easier to go
along with the fingering although it, definitely, was a difficult reversal
from her previous positions. Her weeks in bottom position had
metamorphosed her into a meek individual taking any relief anytime no
matter how humiliating. To make matters worse the arrogant guy came close
to watch her full of contempt. His despise of her must be the same that
she had for Trish begging for a quickie and at this point she would do
anything for a spasm. Well she is not sure how she got there but the
decision inhabit her own body. At this point anybody could make her come
in second, even Jim. How stupid she had been those days when he was
thrusting his best in her. Why did she not took her pleasure them? If she
had she would not be reduced to finger herself in front of those two
overbearing males. red with shame she direct her finger on her pleasure
point agitating it with vigor. The balls inside add to the momentum. The
man spanks her butt while telling her "Go for it girl, it is better than
nothing. Looser get the left over." Even his gibe does not stop her. In
less than ten strokes she reached a powerful and noisy end. John smiled to
her while petting her back. "We will see you next Friday." The last orgasm
was intense but it did not carry peace for long. The following day the
need was vigorously swelling her lower lips. The guilt of having
frustrated Trish reverberates on her obsession. Nervously she keeps Jules,
eager to serve her, away. The balls, moving with each of her steps,
exacerbate the sexual pressure making it hard to withstand. On Wednesday,
at the exit of her apartment a woman, waiting for her, presents herself as
Doula. "John sent me to check on you. Would you please lift your skirt
for me?" Sodome is very reluctant to let her have her way. Her voice
trembling Sodome said: "Someone may come in the hallway." "I will have to
tell John that you refused to comply." Sodome heart beat very fast in her
chest when she lifts her skirt. Doula hand quickly finds the balls inside
her. They go down the elevators together. Doula's hand stay deep inside
Sodome flesh until the last moment. Sodome wander if the doorman has seen
something although he greets her with his usual: Good morning Miss.

Sodome Witnesses

When she visits back her will belongs to her arousal. Silvana spell the
instructions: make sure all her witnesses have a chance to possess her and
insist if they resist the idea. One orgasm for each is the top mark. So
determined Sodome, in skimpy tank top, high heel slippers and a short blue
skirt held high on her tummy with a belt, memories of the day her master
consummate her, entered the library to serve cocktails. Raven, satisfied
by the exterior aspect of her sexual organ specially the rosy button
pushing under its hood at the top of her crease, felt the energy flowing in
his cock. This glamorous ex dominant, abasing herself for him, with the
sacrifice of the privacy of her desire brought him the thrill of his
dreams. Her breast, coming out of the top almost on each step, got his
attention on her way toward him. He grazed her delicate hood. She moaned.
His cock throbbing he smiled to her. "See the effect you have on me.
Aren't you happy?" "I know what to do, Sir" "You are a fun person to play
with. I'm impatient for the evening of your official submission, there
will be an occasion to take you again." "Why wait, Sir, I'm not eager
enough for your malehood?" "Your craving is the center of the attention
tonight and I love it. You are finally submitting for real. I rather you
go the long way because you will remember longer how difficult it was to
establish yourself as my submissive." "Sometimes I cannot stop me from
resisting still." "You will get to the point I choose for you." His eyes
called a serving girl that rushed to take his erection in her mouth.
Fingering Sodome, hearing her heavy breath and feeding on the exigencies
between her legs, communicated through his hands, multiplied the pleasure
of the tongue grazing his cock. A nice soft prolonged suck without any
goal of immediate orgasm. There was plenty of time for that. Sodome
previous life Jim, Jules, Gabriella, Trish, Sinwar and Marilyn watched
Sodome shiver, so dependent on her way to the deep end. Sodome, thrilling
on his finger while they failed to satisfy her with all their might, was a
delicate reward. The jealous adoration he imagined in them comforted his
ego. Well it was time to set Sodome on her task. His hand discharged her
but he let his manhood encrusted in its actual homey place. "Sodome it is
time that you take care of our guest." "With pleasure, Sir." Jim accepted a
glass of orange juice. He encourages her belly to lean on the armrest of
his easy chair that was made with this use in mind. Her legs, straight and
spread brought the onion, in the center of her well-separated posterior,
under his hand. Her bosom lay on his pants. Jim other hand was caressing
Sodome hairs. Her white ass cheeks, contrasting the blue velvet of the
furniture, called the attention to the crease line with the brown ellipse
in the middle. The sprawling legs presented a back view of her slit to
Trish standing behind her. Raven heard Trish comment about Sodome
elongated clit. They opened her labia conjointly commenting how large they
were. The removal of her abundant hair let one notice their shape. After
all those years of sucking it with awe it was their turn to call the shots.
Sodome exalted reaction to his finger sliding along her labia provide Jim
with an intense hard on. Even pinching her clit tensed her butt. Somehow
he cannot believe the incredible luck Raven visit brought him. The evening
was still long. They released her. Sodome offered her services to Sinwar
but he shied away, furious that Sodome abase herself in such a way and
regretting being here. Sodome tries to soothe him but he goes to Raven.
"Why do you allow yourself to treat her so badly?" "She chooses to become
my bond maid on her own will. She goes at will. I'm not forcing her.
Have you seen her in such an excited state before today? Sodome tells us."
"Sir I will fight to do your binding. You are right. I never was so
intensely aroused although I hate it all. I thank you for helping me
discover the deep submissive side of my identity. I hope my friend Sinwar
will let me serve him." On her knee in front of him, yielding a magnificent
view of her breast, Sodome plead her case: "Please Sir in memory of our
past let me serve you tonight." "Sodome don't you remember your words about
submissive shaming themselves by lack of control. Offering their most
precious part only for a cheap shrill." "Sir I remember but since then I
discovered a volcano that erupts when forced to abase me. Master Raven
took me and I cannot resist his will. My destiny is in the clan that
offers not those who take. Please help me satisfy my Master. My only goal
is to make him proud of me. He can whip me or please me at will. Whatever
he gives is my satisfaction. Let me please you. I'm impatient for your
cock pushing against my throat, full of lust and pleasure." Sinwar guided
her to a sofa where he sat. She kneels between his legs swallowing up his
manhood. He relaxed, letting her doing her performance. "I coveted that
for so long. You could have given it to me without going so far in
submissive space. I should have force you there that day when we last met
and it was impossible to have you change your mind about all this. I whish
I had known how to beat the need in you then instead of him doing it." His
cock, filling her mouth, received the only answer available to her in that
position. It was dinnertime. Raven chartered Sodome: "Get under the table
and offer your attention to each of us in turn. If you turn twice without
anybody wanting you return to me and stand till you get called." Sodome,
under the table, recognized where each of her witness sat by the sight of
their legs. Trish flashed her underwear to her attention. Sodome crawled
to her to kiss her knee to make Trish aware of her presence. Trish
directed Sodome head toward the meeting place of her legs. Sodome pushed
aside the panties to gain a good access to the proper tract for her job.
Sodome remembered Trish taste as very sweet but today she had a very
peppery aftertaste. Her smell too was different: stronger and more
pervasive. Was the dominant position changing even the quality of her
hormones? Sodome own juice flows to the rhythm of Trish crotch. It would
be so nice to switch for a minute and have somebody taking care of her own
fire. She would exchange any sort of punishment for only five minute of
attention to herself. There were so many people eager to please around.
If only Raven would offer her a way to satisfy her lust but there was
nothing to do except please Trish to her best. She was getting close. In
the world upside Raven was watching his guest. Trish, her lips half open
in a smile of rich satisfaction, was obviously being worked on. A small
regular move was coming from under the table. Her face reaches a beautiful
expression a mix of satiety, relaxation and achievement. It stayed for a
while then she noticed his gaze and blushed to have been discovered. Raven
follow the image of her plump body nude offering a glass of old wine with
an adoring smile but for now she was better used in getting Sodome where he
wanted to. He smiled gently to her communicating secretly his admiration
for her liberty. He was wandering where Sodome was now expecting his turn
soon. Sodome was the only bottomless. Even Gabriella that had finally
choose to come as Marilyn slave was properly clothed standing behind her
new mistress. Raven was curious to know if Gabriella had told Sodome in
advance of that fact. How much those two were telling each other. They
definitely were very intimate living together at this stage of Sodome
entrance in submissive space. His visitor had told him that Gabriella was
always there on the evening when Sodome was nude in her home. Finally
Sodome got to him. It was almost the end of dinner. She will not have to
stand behind him. He let her suck him. She was extremely attentive to his
pleasure, not yet an expert but much better than at the time of her first
fellatio. She will get a lot with training but her intensity was almost
unique. Her whole being conveyed the message that this was one of a most
important time in her life. All her drive was in her burrow. The
beautiful welcome attracted him to give her some gratification instead of
his plan for more hardship but she was not yet ready for rewards. She will
have to wait till she was living here. Some of his very rare failure to
bring eager applicant into their submissive destiny had been about giving
too early gratifications so now he was very stern on that. At the end of
dinner he called her from under the table. She still had her top and her
skirt hold by the belt. He took the belt away and proceeds to remove the
skirt and the top. He grabbed her hand to sink the index under the crease
between her legs encouraging her to pleasure herself. She hesitate, all
her closer friends are watching her, to move it. sucking under the hide of
the table had been natural but moaning in the center of their attention was
uphill. Sinwar words still resonate in her ears. She had turned them down
in front of Raven but she had been impressed. "Sir I can control myself.
You do not have to let me come now. I will wait till a more appropriate
time." "Slave it is not for your comfort that I want you to masturbate. It
is to exaggerate your shame. I have decided that this is the right step
for you. You must masturbate now. You have two minutes to make yourself
come." Trapped, she stands still. She cannot humiliate herself in such of
way in presence of those people. Holding tight to the idea of not abasing
herself for relief, she has forgotten how furiously she had waited for an
occasion to let go. Raven tell her "So this is how you obey me. You are
not ready yet to serve me." He spanked her nude arse twice really hard
leaving the shape of his hand imprinted in rose. This moves her. Closing
her eyes to erase the audience she motions her fingers furiously. "Very
good my pet. See you are my thing now. You do my bidding and only it.
Enjoy it. I want to see the pleasure on your face." She breathes harder.
He pinches her nipple. She climaxed sweaty and eyes kept low to avoid
other people judging gaze. Shame and excitement was the part of sex
slaves. She had imagined being above it but now she was right in it. From
now on how could she refuse them anything when they had witnessed her at
such an intimate moment? Because she had almost renegade to masturbate,
Raven ask her to come back the next Friday. She leaves a little bit
depressed. Her orgasm was not very satisfying. It was a long time since
her last deep orgasm. The weeks went back to the previous rhythm except
than on Friday's, at the end of dinner, Raven had her masturbate by
thumping herself against a mold attached to a sofa. She will have to come
every Friday till he is satisfied with the look on her face at her peak.
This was to be her only relief. After four weeks of it she does reach a
deeper pleasure. Raven calls her to a private meeting. His cock
comfortably filling her mouth he reminds her the life style of his servant.
"You must be free of any exterior relationship except your job. You will
be naked all the time in the house working on the necessary chores. Your
last step, before moving in, is to wear my chastity belt for three weeks.
You have two free weeks to make sure this is your decision. Use your free
time well because it will be long before you get another chance." Her
tongue and her lips responded to his words by giving all the love to her
master. "Yes you are on your way wild bush. Vardu, my designer of slave
clothing, will take your measure today for the chastity belt. Deal with
your apartment and furniture's. Present yourself wearing only stocking and
garter Friday in fifteen. John will prepare you. He is your master. He
can do whatever he wants with you. Fuck you. Beat you. Bare you. Be
sure that John reports to me every aspect of your life in the house."

End of the commune

Sodome told Gabriella that she was leaving the house in five weeks.
Raven had accepted her as his maid. Gabriella stays as long as Sodome is
here to help her through the ordeals before going to live at Marilyn's
afterward. Sodome's last two weeks of freedom are spent joyously with
Gabriella. Her wits to chase man came back to her and they pile adventures
upon adventures, disrobing Gabriella in all sort of amusing places for a
chosen set of beautiful muscular young men. They top it with a competition
for the best pussy lover with both as judges.

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