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CALGIRLS1 girls settle and get


Calendar Girls, part 1
by Kelly Adams (

It all began one day in early January when I received a call from
Tantra, a photographer friend of mine who I'd let photograph me a
few months back. "I've been showing some of your pictures around,"
he told me.

I started to panic a bit, remember what some of the pictures were.
"Oh shit. You promised no one else would see those!"

"Don't worry," he assured me. "I didn't show anything too risque.
Besides, there's good news."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going along as the assistant photographer for a swimsuit
calendar in a couple of weeks down in the Caribbean, and they want
you to come along."

"Me? What for?"

"To pose, of course!"

"Your shitting me. I'm no model!"

"Maybe not, but you're a natural in front of the camera," Tantra
told me. "And the calendar people agree with me. 'Very sensual, yet
fresh and innocent' is what they told me."

"Well, we both know that I'm no innocent!"

Tantra laughed. "True, but you play the part well! So, what do you
say? You up for it?"

"I don't know. It was fun posing for you as a lark, but I don't know
if I'd feel comfortable doing it for real. Besides, I'd have to take
time off from work..."

Then Tantra told me how much the job paid.

"No shit?"

"No shit," he said. "And that's just for going on the shoot. If they
use one of you photos, you'll get paid even more."

My resolve was waning. "Still..."

"Plus you get to spend a week on the beach in the Caribbean. Trust
me, it'll be fun!"

"Well, I'll have to run it by Gretchen first, but I'll let you

Tantra took that as a yes, which it probably was. "Great! But don't
wait too long; we leave in just a couple of weeks. You won't regret


Turns out my girlfriend was more excited about it than I was. "Just
think," she said with a wicked smile, "guys all across the country
jerking off to a picture of my own little Miss April in a bikini!"

The next two weeks practically flew by. Tantra put me in touch with
a booking agent who arranged my flight and hotel, I arranged for a
week's vacation, and spent all of my free time at the gym trying to
quickly rid myself of the extra holiday pounds I'd managed to put

The night before I was to leave, Gretchen insisted on helping me
shave for my bikini. Sitting on the toilet lid in the bathroom with
my legs spread apart, she sat down in front of me and shaved me
bare. "Mmmm, nice and smooth," she said, running her fingers along
my bare labia. "So good I could just eat it up!" She slid her tongue
up into my slit which, as always, felt very nice."

"Hey, don't start anything down there you're not going to finish," I
warned her.

"Oh don't worry, I'll finish you off tonight."

"I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow..."

"You can sleep on the plane," she told me. "You're going to be
spending the next week on a tropical island with beautiful girls in
bikinis; I want you to remember what you've got here waiting for you
at home!"

I reached down and cradled her face in my hands. "I could never
forget what a great fuck you are, my dear." We shared a long, wet
kiss, then Gretchen returned to my pussy. She wrapped her arms under
and around my thighs and buried her face in my crotch, clamping her
mouth around my pussy and fucking me furiously with her tongue. She
wasn't playing around--she made me come fast and hard, the way only
a long-time lover knows how to do. I wrapped my fingers in her long
blonde hair and lifted her head from between my thighs. She wore a
big shit-eating grin on a face smeared with my juices. "Proud of
yourself?" I asked her.

"Oh yeah," she told me. "Let's see any of those silicone swimsuit
bimbos be able to do that to you!"

"Is that some kind of dare?" I asked her.


Nothing was said between us for what seemed like a long time. "You
know, you're never going to lose me," I told her.

"I know," she agreed. "We'll be together until we're old and grey
and too senile to know which end of the dildo is up."

"We have a double-ended dildo," I reminder her.

"Exactly," she said, and we both had a good laugh. "C'mon," Gretchen
said, getting to her feet and pulling me up to mine. "Let's move
this bon voyage party to the bedroom."

Gretchen quickly divulged herself of her sweatpants and t-shirt
while I got out the aforementioned two-headed dildo. Getting on the
bed, Gretchen sat in my lap, facing me, and we inserted the each end
of the dildo into our respective pussies. I sucked on her ample tits as we rocked back and forth slowly building ourselves toward a
powerful mutual orgasm.

We stayed up half the night, fucking each other silly to the point
of exhaustion. I was still excited about my upcoming excursion, but,
to tell the truth, I also could wait to get back home!


We got up early the next morning so that Gretchen could drive me to
the airport; which, believe me, she was not happy about. Gretchen is
definitely not a morning person, and the last thing she wanted to do
was to get up early on a Saturday and take me to the airport so that
I could spend a week in the Caribbean. I told her that she was
perfectly free to go back home and sleep all day, but that didn't
seem to placate her much.

Tantra had told me to pack light, as I would be able to get clothes,
shoes etc. when we got down there. Good thing too, because there was
an accident on the expressway and I might not have had time to check
in my bags and get to the gate had I been taking more than a
carry-on and my purse.

We rushed through the terminal, getting to the gate just as they
were beginning boarding. Tantra was waiting for me, looking
accusingly at his watch. "I was starting to worry about you," he

"Sorry," I told him. "Traffic accident." I gave him a big hug, which
eased away any anger he might have been feeling.

Tantra turned to my beautiful blonde companion. "You must be
Gretchen," he said, taking G's hand and bringing it to his lips for
a kiss. "You're even more beautiful in person than you are in the
pictures that Kelly has shown me. When am I going to get a chance to
get you in front of my camera?"

Gretchen doesn't embarrass easily, but I swear that I saw a bit of
color flush to her cheeks. "Oh, you are a charmer," she told Tantra.
"If you play your cards right, maybe someday I will..."

"I'd better go get my boarding pass," I said, leaving the two of
them to talk while I went to the desk to check in.

It wasn't too long before they were announcing final call. I gave
Gretchen a big hug and a quick kiss before finally heading on to the

"Take care of her," Gretchen said to Tantra. "And keep her out of

"Aw, G, you're no fun!" I said.

"Don't worry," Tantra told Gretchen. "I'll make sure that she gets
back in one piece!"


Our seats were in first class; which I must tell you is much better
than traveling in coach. There's plenty of room in the seats, and
they actually treat you like a human being rather than cargo.

The flight down was pretty uneventful, with me reading a Sue Grafton
novel (Kinsey Milhone rules!) and Tantra making his way through the
latest Clive Cussler potboiler.

At one point, Tantra asked me if I was interested in joining the
MIle High Club. I laughed--probably not the reaction he was
expecting. "Sorry dear; I'm already a member!"


"Oh yeah. It was on one of my flights back home back in college," I
explained. "I met this really cute guy in the terminal when our
flight was delayed. It was a night flight, so about halfway through
we snuck back to the restroom. Let me tell you, there is not enough
room for two people to stand still in one of those things, let alone
have sex! We somehow made it work, with me kneeling on the toilet lid and he fucking me from behind. Wouldn't have been so bad, I
suppose, but then the plane hit some turbulence. He bumped his head
and I ended up with a big ol' bruise on my thigh. Not the most
pleasant experience--once is definitely enough!"

"I take it that's a no?"

"Yup, sorry. You'll have to wait until we hit solid ground before
getting into my pants!"


It was mid-afternoon when we finally landed on the island. In
typical fashion, I was about 20 pages from the end of my mystery,
just and things were finally being revealed, when I had to pack it
away and disembark.

Tantra and I caught a cab to the hotel. Even during the short time
outside and the ride in the cab, I knew that I was going to like it.
The air smelled of a fresh ocean breeze, there wasn't a cloud in the
sky, and there was green vegetation wherever I looked.

Tantra checked us in when we got to the hotel. "You'll be staying
with one of the other models," he explained.

When we got up to my room, my roommate was already there. And she
already knew Tantra as well, judging by the big hug she gave him
when we came through the door.

Tantra made the introductions: "Kelly, this is Kimberly, your
roommate for the next week."

"It's Kym, with a 'y'," she told me. You're the new girl, right?"

"Yeah, I guess," I told her.

"Don't worry. I know you're nervous, but this crew is a great bunch
to work with. Especially this guy here." With her arm around
Tantra's waist, Kym used her free hand to playfully grind her fist
into his stomach.

"I'll leave you girls to settle in and get acquainted," Tantra told
us. "Why don't we meet down in the lobby at about seven and I'll
take you both out for dinner?"

"Sure," I said.

"Dress casual," Tantra told us.

"Sounds good," Kym said, giving Tantra a kiss on the cheek.

Jealous? Well, maybe a bit. Intimidated was more like it. Kym was
very, well, pretty is the only word for it. She wasn't small enough
to be petit--a bit too tall and a bit too curvy for that. She had a
slightly exotic look about her; I suspected that somewhere in her
ancestry there was some asian blood. Her dark hair was almost
shoulder length with a bit of wave to it, framing a face that looked
flawless without even a speck of make-up. The cut-off shorts she had
on showed off nearly every inch of her perfectly tan legs, and the
outline of her breasts and nipples through her t-shirt showed that
she was perfectly pert without needing a bra.

"You can hop in the shower, if you want," Kym told me after Tantra
left. "I'm sure you're feeling all grungy from the trip."

"Do I look that bad?" I asked.

"No, just a bit disshelveled and in need of a soothing soak under a
hot shower. Don't worry about unpacking," she said, taking my bag
from me. "I'll take care of that for you while you get cleaned up."

Kym was right: a shower was just what I needed. I don't know why
sitting in a plane for several hours makes one so tired, but it
does. I stayed under the water a bit too long, until I was just
beginning to prune.

I towelled myself dry, then wrapped one towel around my body and
another like a turban around me head and hair before going back out
into the room. Before me was a sight which, I must admit, I was not
expecting to see: Kym was on one of the queen-size beds, phone on
her stomach, apparently reading a book. She was facing away from me,
and with her legs bended up at the knees and thighs spread apart,
the denim of her cut-offs was pressing firmly against her crotch. It
was quite a sight to behold--a vision of innocent loveliness. I
walked around over to the second bed, where I could see that she had
on a pair of reading glasses.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were ever coming out!" Kym said,
looking up from her book.

I smiled and sat down on the edge of the other bed. "What are you
reading?" I asked.

Kym flipped up the cover of her book. _Quantum Theory: A Practical
Approach_. "Well, there shoots my theory of the lovely-but-dim model all to hell," I told her.

She laughed. "I'm just trying to keep a leg up on my studies," she
explained. "I'm working on my masters at UCI."

"Just how old are you?" I asked, seeing as she didn't look a day
over nineteen.

"Twenty-one," Kym said. "I've always been a bit of an overachiever.
I started modeling when I was fifteen, and with the tutor I finished
high school by the time I was sixteen. I took a year off to model around Europe and Japan, then pushed through the physics program at
UC-Davis in three years straight. After another eight months of
modeling I started grad school this past fall. I should be in
classes this week, but this calendar shoot was just too good an
opportunity to pass up. I'm hoping that it allows my modeling career
to really take off."

"Won't that put a cramp on your physics career?" I asked.

"I look at it this way: I can sit around in a lab coat all day when
I'm forty-five just as easily as I can now, but I probably won't be
able to get people to pay me to wear a bikini then!"

"Good point!" I agreed, and we both laughed.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Kym inquired.

I unwrapped the towel from my head, shaking my hair free. "Go

"How is it that you got to be here? I mean, don't take this the
wrong way or anything, but you're a bit old to just be getting
started in the model biz, aren't you?"

"Hah--only in modeling is twenty-six considered too old," I said.

"You know what I mean."

I told her I wasn't offended, just amused. "I'm not trying to make a
career out of it or anything; I'm just here mostly on a lark." I
explained the deal to her about the photos Tantra took and how that
led to my invitation.

"Well, I can't wait to see your pictures then," Kym said after I
finished my story. "For Tantra to get that excited about you, you
must really be something special in front of the camera."

"Oh please..."

"No, really. You probably don't think that you're model material,
but I can tell that you're going to be great."

"Thanks," I said, trying hard not to be embarrassed.

"Oh geez, look at the time," Kym said, looking at the clock on the
night stand between the two beds. "We'd better start getting ready."

Kym got off the bed and went over to the closet, while I went back
into the bathroom to finish cleaning up.

"'Dress casual,' he says. Hah!" I muttered aloud. "First he says not
to bother packing much, as I can get new clothes down here. Then the
first thing he wants to do is to take us out to dinner. The nerve of
that man!"

"Who's that?" Kym asked from the other room.

"Who do you think? That no good snake Tantra, that's who!"

"I'm sure you have something perfectly fine to wear," Kym assured
me. "Hey, what about this?"

"What about what?"

"This dress."

"What dress?"

"This one." Kym tossed a pile of fabric in to the bathroom and onto
my head. I pulled it off of me to see that it was my all-purpose
lilac dress: high neck, short sleeves, mid-thigh, flared skirt, made
of poly/lycra spandex so that it wouldn't hold a wrinkle even if you
kept it wadded up in a ball.

"I'd forgotten I'd packed this," I said.

"I think it'll look just fine on you," Kym said.

"Thanks. Why don't you toss in a bra and a pair of panties for me
while you're at it?"

She did, the bra landing on my shoulder while the panties bounced
off my back and onto the floor.

I got into my clothes, brushed my teeth, and put on a bit of
make-up. Checking myself out in the mirror, I had to admit that I
didn't look too shabby.

Kym, on the other hand, looked absolutely stunning. She had put on a
very little flower-print cotton dress, shoulderless with a hem line
so high that it was probably illegal in many states, wrapped very
tightly around her hot bod. "You look great!" I told her.

"Thanks," she said. "You're looking pretty hot as well."

We grabbed our purses and headed down to the lobby to meet Tantra.


The meal was fairly uneventful. Tantra took us to a place a few
blocks from the hotel that served wonderful grilled beef-kabobs and
had a better-than-average steel drum band playing.

Through the dinner conversation, I learned that Kym's grandmother
had been Korean. Her grandfather had met her during the war, brought
her back to the states, and the rest was family history.

When not sitting with us at the table, Tantra spent a good deal of
time flirting with the cute young woman tending bar. I had to admire
his taste--she had short, curly auburn hair and a very sweet smile.

Tantra wouldn't let us stay out late; we had a fairly early
breakfast meeting with the rest of the models and the crew the next
morning. So once we finished our after dinner drinks he escorted us
back to the hotel.


Once back in our hotel room, Kym and I were too tired to stay up, so
we decided to get some rest. Opening the drawer where Kym had placed
my clothes, I saw that Gretchen had slipped my emerald silk camisole
into my suitcase. It was a piece of lingerie that she had gotten for
me for my birthday last year, and she obviously wanted me to think
about her. And the silk did feel good sliding against my skin. I
pulled it on and slid into my panties before heading over to the

As I was getting under the covers, Kym came out of the bathroom,
completely naked. "I like to sleep in the nude," she told me as she
crossed the room to her bed. "I hope you don't mind!"

Mind? She was heavenly. Hers was a body that was meant to be naked.
I thought that she looked great in her dress earlier, but now I
decided that clothes on her body were a bastardization of all that
is holy. I tried not to stare, but it was hard. Damn hard. Her
breasts giggled lightly with each step she took. The vee between her
legs, covered with a trimmed short dark patch of pubic hair, was
like a magnet to my gaze. When she leaned over to turn down the
covers, her sweet ass yearned to be touched, caressed.

"Good night, Kelly," she said, turning off the light on the
nightstand, then sliding her naked body under the single thin sheet.
She turned over on her side, he back facing away from me, the sheet
molded lightly to the exquisite curves of her body.

I was so totally in lust with this woman.


Two hours later and I still hadn't fallen asleep. I had an itch that
needed some serious scratching, and my fingers just weren't going to
do the job. Luckily, I knew someone nearby who could.

Quietly, so as not to wake up Kym, I pulled on a robe and exited out
the door into the hall. Tantra's room was just down the hall and
around the bend, so I quickly made my way there in my bare feet. It
had been years since I'd made a 'booty call'--since my college days,
and in fact I felt like a college girl again: sneaking through the
dorm in the middle of the night to visit a willing male friend.

I stopped momentarily at Tantra's door, listing to make sure there
wasn't something going on inside, then I knocked. Several moments
passed, so I knocked again. I probably should have figured that he
was sleeping, but I was too horny to care.

Finally the door opened. Tantra stood in the doorway, wearing
nothing but a silk robe. "Kelly--it's late. What are you doing

"I'm feeling frisky," I told him, using my best 'bad little girl'
voice, "and I'm hoping that you are too." I looked down to see that
Tantra's cock was erect, making his robe push out. He opened his
mouth to say something, but I stopped him, placing my mouth over his
and probing him with my tongue. I reached my hand down between the
part of his robe to his cock, which I found to be long, hard, and...
damp. Ooops.

I stopped kissing him and pulled back, just as a female voice came
from back in the room. "Tantra... Who's at the door?"

"It's my friend Kelly," Tantra answered.

"One of the girls you were with at the club?"


A pause, then: "She can join us, if she wants."

Tantra's eyes met mine. I did want. He ushered me into the room, lit
only by a large flickering candle on the dresser. In the warm,
wavering glow I saw a naked woman sitting up on the bed. she was,
not surprisingly, the bartender that Tantra had been flirting with
earlier. The air was heavy with the smell of sex, mixed with the
odor of the burning flame. It was intoxicating.

Silently, Tantra led me over to the bed. He slid the robe off me
from behind, then squared my shoulders, as if presenting me to the
other woman.

"Hello Kelly," the woman said, getting up from the bed to stand in
front of me. "My name is Sasha. I'm pleased that you came to join us
this evening." She was nearly my height, with B-cup breasts that sat
high and proud on her chest. I watched as they moved up and down
with her breathing, her nipples large and hard. She kissed me, once,
a lingering kiss that remained on my lips even after she had parted.

I felt a transformation taking place. My need was still there, but
it had transformed into something richer and deeper. No longer an
itch, it was a craving. I no longer needed to be fucked for the sake
of getting off and getting to sleep--I had a deeper desire that
needed to be filled.

Sasha pulled my camisole up over my head, then leaned in to suck on
my breasts. Her tongue danced around my nipples, causing me to emit
small gasps of pleasure.

"You are very beautiful," Sasha told me. "I can see why Tantra
enjoys fucking you." Instantly, my mind traveled back to the first
time Tantra and I had had sex: in the Sheats House, upstairs on a
canopy bed, his tongue expertly licking me close to a climax and
then finishing me off with his cock.

Sasha kneeled down in front of me, pulling my panties down with her,
dropping them at my feet. She placed her face in front of my crotch,
pausing to smell the perfume of my sex before licking along my pussy with her tongue. Slowly, achingly, she licked along my slit. I
spread my legs apart and Sasha moved her head underneath, darting
her tongue up into my vagina. I began to lose my balance, but Tantra
was right there behind me, catching my arms so that I would not

"I think she's ready," Sasha said, standing up. Together, Sasha and
Tantra guided me up on the bed into a kneeling position. They joined
me on the bed, Sasha facing me, Tantra sitting behind me. Tantra
lifted my thighs, positioning me to slide down on his erect shaft.
His hard cock slid up into my pussy, filling me. He wrapped his
right arm around my waist and in front to my stomach, while his left
had slid up and down my thigh. We began to move together, two people
joined as one in passion.

Sasha resumed her attentions on my nipples, this time occasionally
biting them lightly. Normally I am a fairly vocal lover, but this
night I was silent except for my heavy breathing. There were no
sounds, save for flesh against flesh, flesh within flesh.

As the intensity increased, I pulled Sasha up against me, wrapping
my arms around her and placing my head over her shoulder. We were
now three-as-one, united in passion as Tantra fucked me closer and
closer to an orgasm. When it finally came I did not cry out, instead
internalizing it as the warm sensation travelled through my body.

My body went limp in the aftermath as Tantra removed himself from
me. Gently, he and Sasha rolled me over onto the bed. Through an
orgasm induced haze, I watched as Tantra and Sasha began to
copulate. Tantra fell onto his back and Sasha mounted him, impaling
herself on his erect, swollen cock. As if in a dance they moved
together, making love with a grace seldom seen. I saw as she arched
her back as she came--the arc of a circle while Tantra emptied his
seed inside of her. I was in a trance, a dream, watching two gods
making love in front of me.

[to be continued...]

The Fine Print: This story is copyright 2000 Kelly Adams. All
rights reserved. Permission is granted to distribute via and
archive in in accordance with a.s.s.m.
guidelines and policies.


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