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CAMPING cum yet but she pushes


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\f0\fs24 \cf0 \ Archive name: camping.txt\ Authors name: Bettie Pen
(\ story title : Camping \ \
------------------------------------------------------\ \'a9 2002 Bettie
Pen - Please do not remove the \ author information or make any changes to
this \ story. You may post freely to non-commercial\ free sites, as long
as it is posted in its entirety.\ Thank you.\ \ Bettie Pen,\ 10/11/02\ \
-----------------------------------------------------------------------\ \
"What?"\ "Nothing, I just... I dunno."\ "Are you ok, babe?"\ Ok, how the
hell am I supposed to answer that? Am I physically ok? Well, I'm fucking
tired, but that's to be expected after hiking through the green mountains
all day. Am I otherwise ok? Well, yes... but there is something wrong,
well no, not wrong, but there's a problem of sorts. We met up three days
ago to go on a week long hike through the mountains. I hadn't seen her for
about a month beforehand, and we'd both been so busy we'd barely had time
to talk during that time too. But, we'd planned to meet up to go hiking
together as soon as school got out since she loved it so much, and it'd
give us a while to just be alone together and talk. So, here I am, with my
girlfriend, in the middle of the woods for the third day, sleeping next to
her in a sleeping bag, just like I did the last two nights, and that's
basically all we've been doing. Talking. Not that there's anything wrong
with talking, but its just...\ "Babe?" She'd sat up and was looking down at
me with a worried look on her face. I'd forgotten to answer her. Well,
from this angle she could probably tell what the problem was if she looked.
\ She kissed me on the forehead and rubbed noses. I've always liked that,
its just too cute, but right now any touch was just really teasing. I
don't really want to say anything, cause we're both really tired and
besides that I didn't think to bring any condoms or anything. I can't
believe I did that, it just didn't cross my mind. I'd never been hiking
before, I just didn't think to pack a box of condoms, I just followed her
list. It'll probably just bother her that I'm using every ounce of control
to not spring out of my sleeping bag and rip her clothes off, so I just
shrug. I don't think she buys it. She frowns and edges closer to me. The
stars above her head are so beautiful, it'd be such a nice setting for a
sleeping bag romp. She leans down and kisses me, stroking my face with her
finger tips and nudging my lips apart with her tongue. Damnit, this
fucking hurts. She kisses my cheek, and down onto my neck, and unzips my
sleeping bag. Why the hell didn't I bring anything? We're alone at the
campsite, in the middle of no where. We could have been fucking like
rabbits all night. She looks at me questioning, but I still don't know
what to say, what good is it going to do? I'm not going to risk it, so,
I'll just steal her away for another week to make up for all the insanity
this week is going to cause me. She stands up, and I think she's going to
get back into her sleeping bag, but then, she pulls off her shirt and drops
it on the ground. Damnit! \ "Baby, I...", what the hell do I say?\ She
frowns at me and looks really upset. I hate making her upset, I can't
believe I didn't bring anything. She bends over to pick up her shirt.\
"No, please just... I'm sorry..."\ "Why don't you want me?"\ "Huh?" What
the hell? Is she blind? Can't she see that I'm about to just fuck her?\
"Why don't you want to do anything? What happened? Why aren't you
attracted to me?"\ "What?! I *am* attracted to you, I'm so fucking horny
right now I...." Where's she going? \ She runs over to her bag (topless,
remember) and rummages around for a minute before she runs back. Let me
tell you, bouncing tits look fantastic in the moonlight.\ She jumps down
next to me and pulls my sleeping bag off me. Did she... and I've been
just dealing for two days? Fucking hell... \ "Why didn't you say
something?" She yells at me as she pulls off my pants, "I've been going
crazy cause I thought you just weren't interested." My cock springs up as
she pulls off my boxers and she suddenly stops her furious clothing removal
process. I'm about to try to explain when she leans down and softly
brushes her tongue across the tip of my dick. "I missed you", she
whispers, and then suddenly takes it almost completely into her mouth. She
slides back up and I'm disappointedly preparing myself to feel the cold
wind on it again when she slides back down, and I feel my cock go into her
throat. She keeps me there for a moment, and I feel the soft smooth
muscles squeeze as she swallows, and it feels so wet and slippey and
warm... She slides up my cock again, and twirls her tongue around the top.
She sucks me for a moment, bobbing her head up in down, and then gives it
one last sucking kiss before she pulls something small out of her pocket,
ungracefully rips off her pants and sits across my legs, covering my balls
with her warm pussy. She fumbles for a moment, and I can feel the breeze
across my wet dick, its cold. Then she puts it on me. I've always liked
feeling a condom go on. I know, its really weird. I think its just cause
we've always had sex with them, so that feeling means that I'm about to get
laid. Makes sense, right? If I associate something with getting laid,
then I'm going to like it. And 'lo, the lord made it so and in less than
half a second I was up to the hilt in a tight warm pussy. Oooohhh
yeeeaaah. I'd missed this. She loved being on top, and I wasn't about to
argue with her. It left me free to watch her as she got off on my cock.
She threw her head back and just kind of bobbed up and down trying to get
readjusted to me for a second. She was always so fucking tight, no matter
how much or how recently we'd had sex. This meant that the first minute of
every time was her bobbing up and down like this, eyes closed, quietly
moaning and telling me that she'd forgotten how big I am. Which sounds
cheesey, except that I really think she does forget how it always takes her
a minute. So, naturally, this is pretty damn nice. She looks down at me,
grins like she's drunk, and starts her little dance on my cock, moving her
hips like a belly dancer while her pussy squeezes me as hard as she can.
She moans and starts moving more up and down, making her tits bounce all
over the place. Holy fucking fuck. At this rate, and after not having
touched her more intimitely than a kiss for a long time now, I was
definitely not going to last long. She starts fucking me harder and
faster, panting and moaning my name. I love hearing her moan, but it just
makes it even harder to hold off on exploding. I can feel it starting. I
try to get her to slow down so I don't cum yet, but she pushes my hands
away and practically screams. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that not having been
touched for a month meant that she hadn't either. She threw her head back
and her pussy started milking my cock, squeezing it tighter and tighter and
releasing and squeezing and tighter and... it was so intense, (camping
generally is... "in-tents") I just exploded. She bobbed up and down on my
cock, squeezing and moaning as I became completely drained. She slipped
off my cock, snuggled up in my sleeping bag, and laid her head on my
shoulder. \ "Holy Shit", was about all I could say.\ "Oh yeah," she
whispers in my ear, "I brought a whole box... and I want them all used up
by the end of the week."\ Hell yes. \ Now... how the hell do I get rid of
a condom in the middle of the woods?}


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